Be a White and Gold Lotus

On February 2, 2024, I dreamt that I was observing a man and woman who were having trouble walking, because neither of them were physically coordinated or fully in command of their bodies. In the next scene, two large spacecraft appeared in the sky above me here at the Sun Temple, neither of which I had seen before. One was primarily oval in shape. The other one had some flat surfaces and sharp angles in its overall form. However, the two ships were interconnected and worked together as one overall unit to produce a powerful, loving forcefield that they radiated to Earth.

Interpreting this dream, the two people symbolized the ongoing descent of the female and male Pleiadeans on Earth, including Mama and Papa Pleia. They have to lower their vibrations to do so in order to appear to light workers who have the eyes to see them and to intuitively feel their presences. I, in turn, am having some challenges in welcoming them and working together with them; of walking the walk of a hybrid Pleiadean/Earthling.

The two spaceships are from the Pleiades. One being oval indicates that it carries and is directed primarily by feminine Pleiadeans, whereas the flat sides and angles of the other ship symbolize that mostly masculine Pleiadeans are aboard it. However, both ships have female and male Pleiadeans aboard them, who work together to form one, united, integrated Pleiadean forcefield of peace and love.

This dream helped me to transmute my ongoing doubts about the symbolic and literal Seven Sisters and Seven Brothers coming to Earth. These doubts, wonderings and questions are part of the natural, normal and needed one step backward in learning how to do our Pleiadean dance. Afterwards, I felt more grounded and confident that all was in divine order, that I was ready to take two new steps forward in this Pleiadean project.

Papa Pleia

One week later, on February 9, 2024, just one day after Mama Pleia and thirty-four feminine Pleiadeans appeared to me, deep in my morning meditation, before me appeared the nearly palpable presence of Sananda, the Prince of Peace for Earth. With him were Papa Pleia and his thirty-four (34) masculine Pleiadean co-workers. These 35 male Pleiadeans formed a semi-circle around the right or conscious side of me.

I had expected that this might occur, but not this soon. However, enough spiritual groundwork had been laid, my spiritual centers now were opened enough, such that I could quickly adjust to and lovingly welcome the appearance of the 35 male Pleiadean members.

They completed the 70-member circle of feminine and masculine Pleiadeans:  35 ladies mostly to my left; and 35 men mostly to my right, with some overlap between them. Together as one, they have come to Earth to assist me and all light workers worldwide in fulfilling the Second Coming program. As I clairvoyantly saw and welcomed them, and felt their extraordinary Seventh Ray vibrations of peace and love, my whole being, especially my heart chakra/heart, glowed with personal and divine love.

About ten minutes later, the Pleiadeans dissolved and ascended back to the etheric realms. Then, suddenly my right foot felt hot. Peering at it via my third-eye clairvoyant vision, golden liquid-light was pouring out the sole of my foot into the earthly elements below me. The right side symbolizes our conscious mind and our physical body. Thus, the golden Pleiadean light flowing through my foot confirmed that that my connection with the seventy (70) Pleiadeans was now anchored and secured.

Bloom Anew

After my absorbing and feeling comfortable about my above experience with the masculine Pleiadeans, Lord Maitreya descended and stood to the right of me. Maitreya is the Christ of the entire solar system. He is of the kingdom of man, and is a Seventh Ray worker. He and Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray, are the co-titular heads of the spiritual Hierarchy that governs the solar system. Maitreya, who is the master teacher of Sananda, is our spiritual “grandfather” whereas Sananda is our spiritual “father.”

Maitreya now placed a gorgeous, light-filled, white lotus flower in nearly full bloom in my heart chakra, filling about half of it. The pistil in the center of the opened lotus was golden in color. (See image to right.) To me, this lotus placement put the Hierarchy’s stamp of approval on what I had experienced with the seventy (70) Pleiadeans. White and gold are the colors of the Seventh Ray.

Lotuses grow from the mud and muck at the bottom of water in a shallow lake or pond, rise through the water, and then blossom atop the water. The muck/dirt represents the physical and conscious level; the water portrays the astral and subconscious level; and the flower symbolizes the light body and superconscious part of us. Thus, the lotus partly represents ascension.

12 Petals, 12 Temples

Lotuses are found around the world, but they are particularly abundant in Asia, especially in India where it is the nation’s flower. In Hinduism and Buddhism, different numbers of lotus petals represent the seven major chakras and their opening during seven major steps or initiations to I Am, Buddhic, Atman, Christ or high Self consciousness.

Thus, the anahata or heart chakra (see drawing of it to the right) is portrayed as having twelve petals around it. In like fashion, the image of the flowering white lotus given to me by Maitreya had twelve white petals.

The golden center of my lotus flower symbolized my I Am Self, as well as the Sun Temple here in northeastern Tennessee. The twelve white petals portrayed my twelve I Am powers (such as faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc.) and the twelve spiritual temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light around the planet.

Thus, in I Am or ascended consciousness in my seventh body, as directed by Lord Maitreya and Lady Maya, his twin soul, I am to radiate greater Seventh Ray peace and love to all such twelve temples. The seventy Pleiadeans who are particularly skilled at “opening lids” are enhancing my ability to do so.

Throughout this lifetime, I  have felt particularly attracted to, and comfortable in, the Eastern Hemisphere, with its six spiritual temples or power centers; including in India where as Rahula I had been the son of Siddhartha the Buddha and Yasodhara the Buddhi. These six Eastern temples are: 1) Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia; 2) Temple of Jupiter, Xi’an, China; 3) Temple of Vulcan, southeastern Vietnam; 4) Temple of Mercury, northeastern India; 5) 11th Temple, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa; and 6) Temple of Mars, Jerusalem, Israel.

For a map of all 13 temples, click here.

East & West

Thus, the lotus in my heart only filling half of my heart chakra partly indicated that I and other light workers were to focus especially on the Eastern Hemisphere in our ongoing prayers and projections. For this is where the greatest transmutation in consciousness is taking place in these End Times. In the East is the least love, the most power-mongering, the most crystallized negativity (such as in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran). Love is the key for light workers who live in the West as we hold steady while the East undergoes its thorough transformation. Love heals and conquers all!

Moreover, whereas I feel most connected to the Eastern Hemisphere and to Summalt/Peter aboard his city-sized mothership #7423, Phillel feels more so aligned with Dr. Hannibal aboard his spacecraft #1235, wherein he governs and works primarily through light workers in the Western Hemisphere. St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal is Phillel’s Sixth Ray master teacher. Here at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, Phillel and I as a Seventh Ray worker supplement and complement one another. As Jesus proclaimed, where two or more are gathered, there I Am.

However, these two above interpretations of the meaning of my half-filled heart chakra concerned mostly things that I already consciously knew. Visions and spiritual dreams almost always point to the future, which at the time of the dream is unknown to the dreamer. The primary purpose of the dream is to prepare the spiritual initiate at a soul/subconscious level for some future outer event or spiritual demonstration.

Therefore, as one additional interpretation of my flowering white and gold lotus, I wondered if even seventy Pleiadeans would be enough to help me/us to re-open and revitalize the six spiritual temples in the East and the six vortices of sacred light in the West. However, I knew that my speculating intellectually about this would serve no positive purpose. Rather, my prayer was: “Not my will, but Thy will be done. Amen!”

Across the Threshold

Back on January 9, 2024, when Sananda proclaimed that I had crossed over the threshold into a new day, he went on to say that Phillel was “fast behind me.” And closely behind us were all other light workers. To some degree, all spiritual initiates had crossed over the threshold. Below is how Phillel described his threshold crossing in his spiritual diary:

“January 10, 2024. DREAM. At the headquarters property in Davie, Florida, Nada-Yolanda charged me with the task of collecting, copying and archiving all the Mark-Age records. I got busy right away with the project. When completed, I had gathered, copied, archived and bundled a full flatbed trailer load of Mark-Age records. The records were neatly packaged in white canvas bundles, stacked about three feet high on the trailer, ready for transport. I performed a final inspection, then awoke.

“Interpretation: My immediate impression upon awaking was that the past is done, closed. Leave the past behind. The soul records have been put in order, “archived,” put to bed. I can move ahead now from the past record.

“The former Florida headquarters not only represents the past soul records of my experiences there, but also collectively the Mark-Age records in these Latter Days, as picked up, evaluated and sorted through, going back to Atlantis (since the spiritual capital of Atlantis was in the Miami area, and I also was associated with Yolanda in the Sun Temple there). So, I took it as a positive sign of completion of that part of the past, individually and collectively, as I enter the new year.

“January 17, 2024, HIERARCHAL BOARD MEDITATION. In meditation, I was linked in consciousness with Sananda and St. Germain, the two ascended masters who primarily guide my spiritual evolution and service in the Second Coming program. As my clairvoyance opened, I had the following palpable vision: Sananda stood next to me on my left, and St. Germain stood on my right. While I held their hands, together we crossed into a realm of solid gold light. I was transformed.”

Love Lights the Way

Coming back again to my (Robert’s) experience, still on February 9, 2014, to celebrate my new step of aligning with the 70 Pleiadeans and experiencing the flowering of my white lotus, I went to my favorite Italian Restaurant that is six miles south of Shoney’s. (It has the best pizza in the area.) I sat in a back, secluded, quiet corner and planned just to relax, enjoy my meal and listen to some uplifting music on my smartphone. I had no expectation whatsoever that anyone from the higher realms would visit me, for it never had happened before at this eating place.

Low and behold, however, upon finishing my meal, my heart chakra filled with love that felt like it was coming from Sananda/Jesus. Indeed, upon intuning with this, Jesus appeared before me in my inner vision. He telepathically conveyed to me: “I have come to tell you that I love you.” His sharing this totally surprised and blew me away. It was so unexpected, so personal, so intimate, so down to Earth. Yes, I knew of course that he loved me, but to hear him say so in this public setting and way moved me to tears.

He now explained that his contact, unlike the one earlier this morning with the male Pleiadeans, was not “professional,” but rather personal, like a father with his son — he was being less so Sananda and more so Jesus. He went on to share that indeed, as had been revealed to me in my past dreams and visions, I had been the younger brother of Mary, his mother, and thus I had known Jesus and played with him when we were kids growing up, with my being about 7 years older than him. And I had later been his devoted disciple.

Until now, however, this incarnation with Mary and Jesus never had been fully confirmed to my satisfaction, so Jesus’ sharing about it was deeply appreciated. Nonetheless, I still wanted and hoped for more confirmation.

Spiritual Sister & Brother

Jesus then informed me that Corinne Thorsell, longtime Mark-Ager and former Mark-Age United Staff member, likewise had been present when he was Jesus. He gave me no details, however, in what capacity Corinne had been with us. In my own mind, I wondered if she had been my sister, aunt, friend or fellow disciple, but nothing seemed to click.

When I came home, I emailed Corinne and told her of my experience. She promptly wrote back that Nada-Yolanda had intuned that Corinne was not on Earth at the time of Jesus and Mary, but rather had remained in the etheric realms with the large group of light beings who had interdimensionally assisted Jesus at that time. In that sense, she was indeed with him and thus with me. From the time I first met Corrine some fifty years ago in this current lifetime, I have felt a spiritual kinship with her, like unto us being a spiritual brother and sister.

Here, then, was my confirmation of Jesus telling me that indeed I had been Mary’s younger brother and Jesus’ friend and disciple. I had no idea whatsoever that Corinne had been in the higher planes above Israel in her association with him and Mary at that time. That is why I could not figure out what my relationship was with her back then. I profusely thanked Sananda/Jesus for this whole experience and revelation.

New Coming

Two days later, on February 11, 2024, I drove about fifteen miles north to have lunch in the small town of Jellico, TN that is at the southern border of Kentucky. All the way there on Rt. 297, Pine Mountain was to the east of me on my right, with it being about 1200 feet in elevation above the road. After my lunch, on my way back home on Rt. 297, about five miles south of Jellico, I came through the unincorporated town of Newcomb. (See image to right of Newcomb, as seen from atop Pine Mountain. The road is I-75 that travels along the top of this mountain)

In 1973, when Nada-Yolanda and I visited Tennessee to establish Healing Haven Retreat Center (HHRC), she intuned that the center of this 50-mile-wide-healing forcefield was in the southern part of Newcomb. Symbolically, the name “Newcomb” stood for the new or Second Coming of Christ Jesus and Mother Mary. After Yolanda and I established HHRC, she received that at about the end of the century the whole I Am Nation/Mark-Age, Inc. operation would move to Tennessee, within the fifty-mile-forcefield, which took place in 1999 when we moved to Elk Valley, TN, about seven miles south of Newcomb.

Fully Filled

About a hundred yards from the actual spot where Nada-Yolanda had received this intunement about Newcomb, I now stopped at the Hicks Cemetery that is located on a hill above Rt. 297. In my meditation there, I felt strong activation and quickening of my head and heart, as well as of my whole body. The vibration was primarily of Seventh Ray peace and love. Eventually, the spiritual inflow was so powerful that I “went out” and appeared to fall asleep. When I came back to conscious awareness some ten minutes later, I felt the most peaceful and loving that I have felt at any previous time during this lifetime.

It took a good ten minutes for me to fully realize where I was, as I was so much in my seventh or ascended light body, now redescended to Earth. At first, I could not even move any part of my physical body. In fact, I was barely aware that I was once again in a physical form. Moreover, I did not want to move but to stay in this state and experience of cosmic consciousness.

When I finally started to feel grounded, I took my pulse. To my total delight, It had the most regular rhythm of any time since my atrial fibrillation had started about five years earlier. Moreover, my pulse rate was in the low 60s, which also was new; usually it is at least 80 to 100 beats per minute. My Afib was not fully healed, but for many heart beats it was regular, hence normal, only to skip again; and then go back into another stretch of sinus or normal rhythm. This never had happened before. Indeed, a new step in my heart healing clearly had taken place, reflecting my new state of peace and love. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit!

It was not until I returned home and relaxed in bed, however, that the realization came that the symbolic white-and-gold lotus in my heart now filled all of it. That is why I had felt so at peace, so filled with love, so able to rest so fully in the peace and love of my I Am Self. Not only in my heart, but in my whole being, in all my seven chakras and corresponding physical organs, I was a symbolic white-and-gold lotus flower in full bloom, or at least as full as I could now experience such at this time of my spiritual evolution.

EloHim & EloHer

Pondering all this the next day, it dawned clearly on me that it was the masculine EloHim and the feminine EloHer of the Seventh Ray who had totally overshadowed me and lifted me into Seventh Ray peace, love and rest. I had felt their contact and light-filled vibrations several times in the past, but this was the most definitive experience yet. And still, it took me one full day to finally realize what had occurred, for it was a new and higher step.

God is One, Indivisible, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Omnipresent. However, when God creates, God does so by two polarities, which we on Earth call Father and Mother. Father and Mother God “speak the word” to the EloHim and EloHer of each of the Seven Rays of Life, who are said to be part of the Godhead. Given that I am a Seventh Ray worker on a Seventh Ray planet, it was the Seventh Ray EloHim and EloHer who received the “word,” the so-called logos as the Greeks called it, as it pertained to my new step of ascension and redescent in my seventh body.

The EloHim and EloHer are like unto cosmic architects. They receive the word from Father-Mother God and then draw up designs or blueprints to initiate the manifestation of the word, such that the word will become flesh. Another way to describe this is that the EloHim and the EloHer form a spiritual matrix around and within us, an inner framework or lattice via which the angels then add various thought forms, and the devas and elementals add the various physical structures and elements to complete the process. In time, as long as we cooperate and work with the process, what God has spoken becomes manifest in and through us.

That is what I had felt. I had sensed myself in the matrix of the combined EloHim and EloHer of the Seventh Ray, in my masculine or physical body and in and around my feminine astral body and auric field. It was particularly like my being in the womb of my Mother EloHer, wherein I gestated. She especially was all around me, linking me back to the I Am matrix from which I, due to human selfishness, had fallen eons ago from my fourth-dimensional light body into my third-dimensional physical body.

It took me another day to begin to come out of Her womb, to be reborn as the beloved child of God that I Am, always have been, and always will me. Now as I write this post some two weeks later, it is beyond my ability to fully express how wondrous this ongoing rebirth feels, how I will never be the same again. And it is this inner knowing, the faith in this reality that will now power and enhance my projections from here at the Sun Temple to all the twelve planetary temples worldwide. These twelve spiritual temples, interconnected with one another around the globe, form the matrix of fourth-dimensional light, love and spiritual consciousness on Earth.


The word “lotus” comes from the Egyptian, Latin and Greek, and essentially means a flower. Worldwide, the lotus is associated with purity, enlightenment and spiritual rebirth.

Now is the time for you to experience your rebirth, this rising from out of your past and flowering anew in your seventh or ascended light body. To do so, first be still and know that God is within you and all around you, that in God you live and move and have your being. Be at peace. Be one with your I Am Self.

Visualize thirty-five (35) masculine Pleiadeans descending and standing in a semicircle around the right or conscious/male side of you. They interconnect with the thirty-five (35) Pleiadeans that are in a semicircle around the left/feminine side of you. You now are fully encircled by these 70 Pleiadeans.

Remember that Pleiadeans are masters of removing the veils that covers your seven chakras, especially your crown chakra. This rending, dissolving and dispersing of your veils allows you like a symbolic lotus to rise from the muck/mud of your past and to cross over the threshold into a new day, a new and clearer way of seeing and doing and being.

Peace and Love 

Especially focus on your heart chakra via which your I Am love externalizes and manifests. See a white lotus in it that has twelve (12) petals. To start, this blooming lotus only fills about half of your heart chakra. But that is enough such that your own inherent I Am, Buddhic or Christ love flows freely into and through you.

In time, as you meditate on this during this upcoming week, the lotus will gradually expand until it fills your whole heart to overflowing. When this occurs, radiate Seventh Ray peace and love to each of the twelve spiritual temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light that are positioned around the world.

As you receive and give love, begin to become more aware of Mother EloHer and Father EloHim who likewise encircle you. You may feel like you are first in Mother EloHer’s “womb or uterus.” In time, you are reborn and greeted by Father Elo-Him. You are one in their combined “matrix,” which has uplifted your own “matrix.”

Reborn Heart-Earth Lotus

Whether you clairvoyantly see all of this taking place or not, what is most important and essential is that you feel and realize a newly blooming level of peace and love that like a lotus has been reborn within and around you.

Moreover, you can think of the twelve spiritual planetary temples as being like lotus flowers of different colors. As you, in communion with the Pleiadeans project to each one of them, they open anew. Peace and love flows more powerfully and evidentially in and through the planetary matrix that is comprised of the Sun Temple and the Twelve Planetary Temples or power centers.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. Thank you for helping us to become a more loving and peace-filled white-and-gold lotus. Thank You and all your Godly agents for working in and through us to rebirth the Earth as the white and gold Heart Center of the Solar System. Amen.





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