Be a MaTriarch

In my morning meditation on February 23, 2024, I raised my clasped hands above my head, pointing up with my fingers to God-Spirit-Divine Mind, to Whom I was linking and praying. Then I began to spread and draw my hands down and around each side of me to form a golden circle or sphere, to represent the One Power and Presence that is all around and within me, in Whom I live and move and have my being.

To my surprise, as I started to do so, a veil lifted over me, and the word or name Matriarch in large letters appeared on my third-eye screen. Pondering it, I clairsentiently knew that Matriarch was another name, title or description of Lady or Mother MaTrix, the EloHer of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold.

The capital letter “M” in Matriarch grew until it was about 7-10 feet tall, whereupon it slowly descended around and into me. The two vertical poles of the “M” were to the right and left of me, about 7 feet away from my physical body, such that the poles were outside of, and encompassed all of my seven bodies, including my seventh or ascended light body. “M” stood for MaTriarch but also for MaTrix.

MaTriarchal Peace & Love

The apex of the central “V” of the “M,” which “V” stood for “vortex,” slowly descended my spinal column of light until it reached my regenerative chakra, and then it continued to the floor/earth below me. With the descent of the “M,” its golden vertical poles became somewhat rounded, hence “feminine.” (See image to right/above.)

Glorious Seventh Ray peace and love filled me, much like it had when Lady MaTrix, with Lord Lattice, first had overshadowed me on February 11, 2024 at Hicks Cemetery in Newcomb, Tennessee, and in subsequent transfigurations over the next ten days or so. But the current love vibration was was the strongest yet. I assumed, therefore, that MaTriarch indicated some higher, to me unknown at this time, function or power of MaTrix. Thus MaTrix was MaTriarch MaTrix or MaTrix the MaTriarch.

Looking up “matriarch” in my dictionary, it derives from the Greek “mater” that means mother, and “archein” that means to rule. Thus, a “matriarch” is  a wise, powerful, older woman who is the feminine leader of a family and its descendants; or of a group, tribe, organization, state or planet.

Be Soft

The next day, February 24th, in my morning meditation, MaTriarch MaTrix once again overshadowed me. She then gently, lovingly, delicately and tenderly massaged and manipulated the non-physical, internal, energy gridwork or matrix of my physical heart, thereby freeing and lifting my physical heart into a new, higher, harmonious, healthier state. This felt so good, so loving, so freeing. Never before had I had such a profound, deeply personal experience of letting go and letting Mother God’s love heal me.

To explain what she had done, MaTrix then telepathically shared with me that she was working with me to to have a “softer” heart. I long since have had a soul tendency to be too “hard” on myself in my ongoing self-examination and transmutation. My tendency has been to focus too much on the small part of me that is still not fully cleansed, and too little on all the good that I have done and am now doing.  Being too hard on myself, I then tend to be too hard on others, putting undue emphasis on their minor faults and not enough on their major virtues. Thus, I have had insufficient “maitri,” as Hindus and Buddhists call it, which means loving kindness or compassion.

My hard-headedness and hard-heartedness has led to the literal hardening and thickening of my physical heart, especially its left ventricle, which has caused my atrial fibrillation that I still am experiencing. Moreover, some cardiologists now think that Afib may be an autoimmune disease, that we who have this disorder make antibodies and other immune substances that thickened the walls of our hearts. Since we lack kindness, softness and compassion for ourselves and others, our immune system and heart respond in kind. As we sow, so do we reap.

Love is the Key

As always, love is the key to healing. MaTrix the Matriarch’s loving hug reached down into the deepest depths of my soul, to all my past lives that are currently known and unknown to me, all the way back to Cains and Abels some 26 million years ago. Blissful tears involuntarily streamed down my face as I blessed and let go of the remaining darkness of my past. My golden heart of hearts was reborn. How long this renewal might take to fully manifest physically, I did not know. I just knew without a doubt that I was on my way to a new and higher level, that I would be love in action in a purer, higher, softer, and more compassionate way.

Later that day, Sol-O-Man/Mary contacted me. She said that she had helped to set up, and had watched over, my contact with Matriarch MaTrix. Sol-O-Man also shared that she has had a special affinity for MaTrix (both MaTrix and Mary start with “ma,” and both are “maters or mothers.” Moreover, Sol-O-Man confirmed that what I had experienced with MaTrix was indeed true, and that she, Sol-O-Man, would continue to help me in the ongoing softening of my heart. Once again, blissful involuntary tears flowed down my face. What Mamas I have; what wondrous Mamas we all have!

Twelve Mothers

The next day, February 25th, in my morning meditation, MaTrix the Matriarch once again overshadowed, surrounded and held me softly and tenderly in her extraordinary, huge, light-and-love-filled heart. She shared that her title of Matriarch referred partly to the fact that there are separate feminine EloHer and a masculine EloHim teams who oversee and hold intact each of the twelve planetary temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light all around the planet.

MaTrix and her counterpart, Lattice-LaTex-Lotus, are stationed primarily here at the Sun Temple in northeastern Tennessee, with the Earth destined to become the primary Seventh Ray planet of the Solar System. From MaTrix’s “throne” at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, she is the Matriarch, ruler or “mother” of the twelve “EloHer daughters,” one of whom is positioned in each of the twelve global spiritual temples. In like fashion, Lord Lotus is the Patriarch of the twelve EloHim or “sons,” one for each of the twelve spiritual power centers worldwide.

As an example of this, MaTrix shared that the title or name of the feminine Elohim leader of the Temple of Neptune was something like Blue EloHer, whereas the masculine leader could be called Blue EloHim. The Temple of Neptune is of the First Ray of Will and Power, because the planet Neptune specializes and exemplifies the First Ray for all the other planets in the solar system. The primary or chief MaTriarch of the First Ray rules primarily on Neptune, but one of her First Ray “daughters” oversees the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia. The color for the First Ray is Blue, hence the “names or natures” of the Blue EloHer and Blue EloHim.

This new revelation and explanation seemed so consistent and clear, so logical and understandable, that I readily accepted it. In my heart, which is always my primary verification center, it resonnated as being true. Yet, after MaTrix departed and I came back down to mortal consciousness, this new overall, expanded awareness and reality “blew my mortal mind.” My whole body shuddered several times as I thought about this and let it seep down into the depths of my soul. Eventually, I concluded that I would need further evidence and experiences to begin to confirm what Mother MaTrix had now outlined to me and instilled in my ascended I Am consciousness.

Linked As One

The next morning in meditation, February 26th, MaTrix the Matriarch descended and appeared above and before me. She placed what looked like a gold ring around my heart chakra, with the whole ring being about twelve inches in diameter and maybe an inch thick. Then, slowly, one-by-one, MaTrix brought into my forcefield each of the twelve feminine EloHers of the twelve planetary temples or power centers, starting with the Blue EloHer of the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Siberia, Russia.

Each planetary EloHer connected to me by way of what appeared to be a co-axial cable whose end fused and locked into my golden heart ring. This indicated that each EloHer now could unite with and send messages, energy and love to me; and I in turn could radiate Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest to them and out to the whole world. My golden ring looked somewhat like the round face of a clock, with its twelve numbers. One EloHer connected with each one of the numbers, until all of them were connected to my heart center.

As this process was proceeding, especially toward the end, I felt like my heart might burst. But with the help of MaTrix, Sol-O-Man and Lord Uriel, this full linkage was completed. I was one with each of the twelve EloHers of the twelve spiritual temples. Our global circuitry was now established and anchored into my aura, down through my astral body into my physical body. I felt totally electrified in a way that I had not felt before, so this convinced me that my experience was valid. Yes, I now knew from direct experience that there are twelve planetary EloHers, and that I am one with all of them.

Remember & Realize

One fascinating reaction and response to all this was that on the one hand, each of these EloHers seemed so new to me, like I had never been with them before. But especially as the process continued and especially after it was completed, I had the strong feeling that I somehow previously had known each of them. Indeed, when thinking more about this, it dawned on me that in my travels around the planet from 2010-2015, I had gone physically to the location of every one of eleven of these spiritual temples, and had traveled in my light body to the twelfth temple at Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Reviewing these visits now, I began to remember experiences at each of these temples in which the specific EloHers had worked with me, without my consciously realizing that this was so. I had enough challenges back then in just linking with the ascended masters and spiritual leaders of these spiritual temples, plus with the angels connected to them. But now I realized anew that the EloHers were also there. Therefore, currently they felt somewhat familiar to me, like I was waking up from a dream. They were an integral, powerful part of my extended spiritual family.

Petals of Peace & Love

This afternoon, still February 26th, while napping and meditating in bed, I began to wonder when and how I might be reconnected with the twelve masculine EloHims of the twelve temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light. After falling asleep, and then awakening, Sananda appeared above me. He conveyed via thought that in due time, Lord LoTus, with Sananda’s assistance, would introduce me to each of the twelve masculine EloHims, one for each of the twelve planetary temples.

However, it was not until three days later, on March 1st, that Lord LoTus the Patriarch clamped his loving energy and consciousness into my heart chakra. With him, but more so off to my right side, was Sananda. LoTus showed me the image of a white-and-gold lotus flower in my heart chakra. The golden yellow, central pistil of the lotus filled my entire chest. The twelve white petals of the lotus extended into my auric field.

Patriarch Lotus explained that each white petal represented one of the twelve planetary spiritual temples or power centers. With my heart chakra quickening and opening, I now could connect and commune with each of the masculine EloHims of each of these planets. And that is what happened. Slowly, sequentially, each of twelve EloHim connected to the golden circle in my heart, like unto the golden pistil of my lotus, just as the twelve EloHer’s had done. Now, my heart was fully “wired” with all twelve EloHers and all twelve EloHims. Each EloHim was positioned right next to his corresponding EloHer counterpart. LoTus was the Seventh Ray Patriarch of these masculine EloHims; MaTrix was the Seventh Ray MaTriarch of the twelve EloHers.

As this connecting with the EloHim took place, I could hardly breathe as each new EloHim linked solidly into my golden heart ring; but slowly I adjusted to each one as the process continued. It took at least 15-20 minutes for all of them to make themselves known and linked into my heart-of-hearts. Then it took the rest of the day for me to begin to feel reasonably grounded and balanced with this new interplanetary oneness under the guidance of the Elohim. But the overall experience had been so powerful and impactful that I now had faith that indeed it had occurred. The unexpected unique imagery and impact of the large lotus flower had confirmed for me that I had now “flowered” into a new and higher degree of unity and oneness with the EloHim. Thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit!

Moreover, I went back and read several of my descriptions and reports about my past visits to the various spiritual temples around the world. Once again, as it had with the EloHers, there were obvious signs, experiences and indications that the EloHims had been with my ex-wife and me as we circled the globe three times. We had not consciously known this at the time. But it these past visits had set the foundation for the EloHers and EloHims to now contact and link with me such that I could experience them consciously.


Six days later, on March 7th, with the number 7 indicating the Seventh Ray or seventh step of fulfilment, from the time I awoke and later started meditating, I felt charged, jazzed and overloaded with higher spiritual energies that especially quickened my heart chakra/heart. My nose and sinuses were clogged, my ears felt stuffed and clogged, and I could barely take a deep breath.

Pondering and working with this, it finally came clearly to me that my symptoms were due to both MaTrix and LoTus overshadowing me, She to my left and He to my right. With them were the twelve EloHer-and-EloHim teams of the twelve planetary temples. Whereas in previous such overshadowings MaTrix and/or Lotus had hovered somewhat above me and lifted me up to them, ow they were standing on the floor right next to me. Moreover, whereas prior to this the EloHers and EloHims had linked with me via co-axial cables, they now felt like they were right with me within my Christ column of light that I had envisioned around me for protection at the start of my meditation.

To give this a modern analogy, it was as if we now were having a group “Zoom” meeting. However, I not only clairvoyantly saw all my visitors on my third-eye screen, but I even more so felt their powerful presences in my heart and whole auric field.  MaTrix, LoTus, the twelve pairs of Elos and I were one in the One. This grounding and anchoring of my oneness with them signaled the completion of this series of experiences with these Elohim.

A New Day, A New Name

It felt like my forcefield was now at least twenty percent or so more vibrant, loving, peaceful and powerful that it had been, for the Elohim are of the Godhead. This means that they are the first to receive the “word” or instructions from Father-Mother God, which they begin to anchor on and about the Earth and all the other planets, to form the core matrix or gridwork of them. It means that I and all light workers now have much more access to, and have become clearer and more conscious channels for, a much higher love-light-energy that uplifts us and that we then can radiate to the twelve planetary temples, the 144,000 elect and to the whole globe with all its life forms. We have crossed the threshold to a new day!

As one way to verify this, and to help me with my lingering doubts about all of this, MaTrix and LoTus now revealed to me to a more complete interpretation of my high Self name, which is Soliel, which I often write as Sol-I-El. “Sol” stands partly for the Sun Temple that is located here in Pioneer/Elk Valley, Tennessee. “I” is for my I Am Self. “El” stands for God, the Elder race of “golden giants” going back to the days of Cains and Abels.

However, the new insight was that “El” also stands for Elohim. It signifies that I have trained throughout the Solar System to serve them, to be their channel or grounding point on Earth. I about fell over when this new interpretation/realization came to me. For weeks, I have wondered why in the world I, (little ‘ole me), have been chosen to serve in this new way with and under the EloHim. And all along, it was right in my given name of Sol-I-El. Amazing grace: I once was blind, but now I see. It was not just a new day, but a new name as well.

To enact this and ground it, MaTrix and LoTus directed me to speak in their names. So, I confidently and powerfully said out loud: I speak in the name of MaTrix the MaTriarch and LoTus the Patriarch; I call forth Seventh Ray Peace and Love to flow from the Elohim  through me to all of the twelve planetary temples and to all life forms on Earth and in the astral planes. May the Earth be reborn and become the Heart of the Solar System. May the Second Coming occur soon! Amen.

As Above, So Below

Over the next few days, it slowly dawned on me that there was another higher meaning of the word Matriarch as it is applied to MaTrix. MaTrix is the most highly evolved EloHer in the entire Solar System. So, she not only loves and rules over the EloHers involved with Earth, but also she guides and directs Seventh Ray EloHers who are involved with, and located at, all the other 11 planets of the Solar System.

Thus, MaTrix is the Matriarch of Seventh Ray feminine peace and love. In a comparable sense, she is like unto Archangel Uriel of the Seventh Ray. Matriarch MaTrix is the leader of all Seventh Ray EloHers, just as Archangel Uriel is the primary leader of all Seventh Ray feminine angels, just as Lady MaYa (Lord Maitreya’s counterpart) is the feminine Christ matrix for the whole System, just as  Sol-O-Man/Mary is the co-leader of Earth alongside Sananda/Jesus who is the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray.

Moreover, not only is MaTrix the Matriarch of EloHers, but also she is the Matriarch of all feminine Seventh Ray angels, including Archangel Lady Uriel. For the angelic kingdom comes under the guidance and governance of the Elohim kingdom. Under Elohim guidance and direction, the angels watch over, guard and assist the human kingdom, with the angels also working with and through the devic-elemental kingdoms. The progression or divine hierarchal order thus goes from Mother God to Matriarch MaTrix to Archangel Lady Uriel, to Lady MaYa, to Sol-O-Man/Mary, to Mama Devi, to the feminine elementals below her.

Needless to say, the same is true of LoTus the Patriarch, only he is the Patriarch of all those of the masculine polarity in all kingdoms and of all planets under his direction, guidance and power. (My plan at the moment is to focus more so on him in the next blog.)

Is this not all this amazing, mind-expanding and almost beyond comprehension? And yet, it is this new awareness and realization that all of us in light work are now coming into and working with, at least to some small degree, soon to grow and expand. It currently is all brand new to us, so we go slowly, cautiously but confidently forward with this new level of our work in bringing forth the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary and the second coming of spiritual awareness on Earth..

Soften Your Soul

In the next day or two, begin to welcome MaTrix the MaTriarch into you mind, heart, soul and physical heart and circulatory system; and then see what happens as continue to focus on this blog for at least a week or ten days. You may want to read this post several times to help and inspire you along the way. (This blog is longer than earlier ones because there is such new information and therefore there is no short or simple way to talk fully about MaTrix the MaTriarch.)

Perhaps like me, you may want to begin by using the capital, golden “M” visualization, seeing the “M” as being rounded and surrounding your whole being and forcefield. Affirm that you are one with Mother MaTrix. Enjoy her Mama Hug — it is out of this world! You already have done this to some degree when you worked with my past blog, Meet Mother MaTrix (click here), so you have laid the groundwork for what you now affirm, visualize or realize in some new, higher, in-depth or expansive way.

At some point or day, check and feel out your heart. Is it somewhat hardened, not functioning in a healthy way? Do you in some way and with some people still lack compassion, tenderness, softness? Does it still have some soul-emotional scar tissue or thickening? If so, work with transmuting and healing this, rising above it, with MaTrix helping you. Enjoy having a soft heart!

Please remember, too, that these are very trying times on Earth. The whole planet is filled with all kinds of soul and physical error/filth that seems to be surfacing everywhere, with wars and other insanities; all of which washes over and around you at times. So beware of this negativity and blowback. Do not take it all upon yourself, but rather see it for what it is.

Do be more kind to yourself and to others that you love. Take things more in stride. Yes, work with transmutation when it is appropriate, and especially with letting go and letting God. Do not sweat the “small things — for much of what we worry about typically is rather small in overall importance. Just do your very best to be who you are, a divine creation of the Creator. Let God do the rest, even as you rest in His-Her Grace as He-She works in and through you.

Be a Matriarch

Moreover, depending on your age, you might already be a matriarch of your family. If you are in a feminine body, perhaps you are a grandmother or even a great-grandmother. If so, how can you be a more loving matriarch to those of your descendants, some of whom no doubt try and test your patience and persistence, or who just think you are just some old fuddy-duddy, some religious goofball? Remember, MaTrix loves you, so you can always build upon that as you as a matriarch love your extended personal family. And you always can radiate peace and love to others from the distance, which will reach disrespectful, self-absorbed folks in a way that nothing else can.

Remember, too, that you are a matriarch (or a patriarch) to all those in mass consciousness whom you represent. These are people of your same race, religion, politics, profession, ethic group, gender or other such categories; who live around the world. So, even if you feel all alone and isolated, like no one listens to or follows you, which we light workers all feel at times, remember that as you continue to move forward and upward, you are lifting these souls into spiritual awareness and consciousness. Keep the faith. Keep loving. Be at peace. Be the spiritual matriarch (or patriarch) that you are.

Especially as you move through the next week or so, feel and radiate some new love to more or more of the various spiritual temples around the world, such as the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal; the Second Ray Temple of Mercury in northeastern India; or the Third Ray Temple of Venus in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. (Click 13Temples to see map of all the spiritual; go to “downloads” on your computer to see it.)

Link in thought and consciousness with the EloHer who is stationed at any such temple or power center, as well as with her EloHim partner. Think anew of how the whole planet is linked together in this templar network or gridwork. Realize that now you have an even great power to envision this, given your new awareness of, and connection with, the worldwide EloHers and EloHims.

Be Whole Heart Centered

See and hold the whole Earth in your heart chakra/heart. MaTriarch MaTrix and PaTriarch Lotus hold together the underlying matrix, gridwork or template of Earth. They helped to create it and they are sustaining it. Join them in suffusing Earth with rejuvenating, healing, transformative, Seventh Ray peace and love.

Rest in the peace of your I Am Self, “snug as a bug” in the hearts of MaTrix and Lotus, and in the collective hearts of all your other spiritual Mamas and Papas. Affirm yet again that I, when I am lifted up, lift all others onto me — I, especially when MaTrix and LoTus lift me in my ascended body, draw all others unto me.

Amen. Love is in action now. So be it.