Welcome Lord LaTex

As I shared in my prior blog, Love Lord Lattice (click here), on February 17, 2024, I first came into communion with Lord Lattice, who is the masculine counterpart of Lady (Mother) MaTrix. She is the feminine EloHer of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest; whereas he is the masculine EloHim of this Ray.

Over the next nine days, Lord Lattice contacted and transfigured me several times, explaining his name and demonstrating how he works with Mother MaTrix to hold the Seventh Ray gridwork, lattice or template for the Sun Temple here in northeastern Tennessee, and for the entire Earth that is destined to become the primary Seventh Ray center for the entire Solar System.

Then on February 26, 2024, Lord Lattice descended and surrounded me in his loving forcefield in what was his strongest, most powerful, most evidential appearance yet. I was in the core of him, with im being all around me; wherein I felt the deepest love yet for im and from him. He seemed to be about seven-ten feet tall. Then, telepathically he conveyed that he had come to give me another name for himself that would further help me and others to understand and experience who he is and how he functions. This name was Latex.

This new name was a total surprise. From the first with Mother MaTrix, the only name given for her was MaTrix. So, naturally, I supposed that the same would be true with Lord Lattice. But, here was a second name for him, representing another aspect of his spiritual nature and function as the EloHim of the Seventh Ray.

First Insights

From the start, however, the name Latex felt “right” to me, with it resonating deep within the core of my being as Soliel. Shortly thereafter, as per his prompting, I started spelling his name with a capital “T as LaTex. He was the counterpart of Lady MaTrix, whose name also is spelled with a capital “T.” She was MaTrix and he was LaTex, with their two similarly spelled and sounding names symbolically representing their co-equal spiritual partnership.

Moreover, the name LaTex started with the same three letters as in Lattice. “L” stood for EloHim. The bottom horizontal line of the “L” pointing to the right represented the coming forth “physically” on Earth of the higher energies of his EloHim consciousness, hence the conscious polarity or masculine aspect.

“A” stood for the “All”, with LaTex being of the Godhead or the All. “T” was for Temple, Template and Transfiguration. Both MaTrix and LaTex end with the letter “x” that shows the interlinking and interaction between her and him.

Moreover, this same afternoon, Sananda/Jesus with Sol-O-Man/Mary strongly contacted me. Speaking for the two of them, Sananda lovingly but authoritatively proclaimed: “Well done.” In part, he was giving me his evaluation and approval of my blog Be a White and Gold Lotus (click here2), which I would post the next day. But more so, he was assuring me that my receiving of the name LaTex was indeed accurate. As usually happens with new inflow or insights, I do not fully accept them until Sananda and/or Sol-O-Man put their stamp of validity and verification on them.

Protective Covering or Insulation

So, what does the word “latex” mean in its common usage on Earth? What clues does this name or description hold for our further understanding the name LaTex and his spiritual talents and powers?

As described in an excellent, but somewhat technical, Wikipedia article (click here3), latex is an emulsion of polymer microparticles in water that can be solidified to form rubber. Latexes are found in multiple flowering plants, but synthetic latexes are common as well.

In nature, latex is found as a milky fluid that coagulates on exposure to air. It usually is exuded after tissue injury. In most plants, latex is white, with white symbolically representing the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love. The name “latex” is derived from the Latin word for liquid. In plants, it serves mostly as defense against herbivorous insects that try to suck out the sap of plant.

However, latex is not to be confused with plant sap, which carries water and nutrients up and down tubes (xylem and phloem) in a plant or tree. Rather, latex is a distinct substance, separately produced and with different functions. It flows by way of its own tubes or channels.

Rubber Trees

The name latex most commonly is associated with the whitish latex produced by, and extracted from, rubber trees. (See photo below/right.) Such trees are found around the world in tropical climates, such as in the Amazon Rain Forest, but especially in the countries of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia that produce 90% of the world’s natural rubber. These trees are “tapped” to drain away the white-liquid latex, which when exposed to air forms natural rubber.

This rubberized latex is used to make multiple products such as latex gloves, latex condoms, tight-fitting latex clothing, latex catheters and latex balloons.

Such natural latex also is used to make tires for cars, trucks, airplanes and other vehicles. When it is heated to high temperatures, a process called vulcanization, it hardens. Today, manmade synthetic rubber also is used to make such tires, which typically are about 30% natural rubber and 70% synthetic rubber, with other additives and components to make the best, longest-lasting tires.

Originally, natural latex also was used to make latex paint. When applied, the water in such paint dries and leaves a thin coating of latex rubber on the surface of the painted object. However, over the years, multiple other additives and substances have been added to paint, which still however is called latex paint that is water-based, which differentiates it from enamel paint that is oil-based.

Be LaTexed

Upon my reading and reflecting about the milky-white latex tapped from rubber trees, I thought back to numerous experiences I had since first coming into communion with Mother MaTrix. From the start, she had placed a white oval sphere around my entire auric field for my spiritual protection; and to indicate that I was to see myself in her cosmic womb that is more-or-less egg-or-oval-shaped. (See outline drawing to right.)

Then, on almost a daily basis, in my meditations, my crown chakra would be opened and an ethereal white, liquid-light flowed down into it from the realm of the Elohim. At first, I thought of this whitish liquid-light as being like “mother’s milk,” which MaTrix was “feeding” into my auric field.

However, in time, it became evident that the whitish, liquid-light also gelled around me, including all around my oval sphere, thereby providing an outer protective coating of love; but also down, into and around my various physical organs, starting at first with the cerebrum of my brain that is the manifestation of the crown chakra.

Be Love Centered

As days passed, my third-eye chakra next was opened anew, like unto the symbolic opening of a lotus, and more white, milk-like energy/substance poured into the organs at the base of my brain including my thalamus. They formed a protective film or rubberlike covering of my thalamus, such that I was protected from negative psychic images, thoughts and feelings being directed to me from those of lesser consciousness; and so that I might clairvoyantly “see” more clearly.

Most evidently and frequently, however, the white latex flowed into my heart chakra in my astral body, and then gelled around my physical heart and my thymus gland that is located behind the sternum (breastbone) atop the heart, in the upper, central part of the chest. (See drawings to right and below for the location of the thymus.)

In these love-filled communions with LaTex, I felt my heart being energized, uplifted, quickened and softened. Moreover, I especially felt the activation of my thymus gland, whose multiple hormones wisely regulate our immune system that keeps our body healthy.

In fact, this focus on the physical thymus seemed to be LaTex’s primary contact signal with me, alerting me that he was infusing my own matrix or lattice or love gridwork with his Seventh Ray white love. Being of the masculine polarity, it was partly his function to provide me with greater spiritual protection, such that I could be love in action on Earth.

T in LaTex

Over a period of about nine days, my other chakras or spiritual centers opened such that the white liquid-light filled my entire aura. By this time, some golden liquid-light also gelled in my forcefield and physical form, especially in the center of me, mostly in my heart chakra, physical heart and thymus. It was at this time, on February 26th, as described above at the start of this blog, that Lord or Father LaTex descended and totally transfigured me.

The imagery that came with his February 26th transfiguration was partly of his being like a huge capital letter T, as given in the center of his name as LaTex. The top, horizontal line of the T represented the highest realm of the Elohim, even above the celestial realm. The bottom of the horizonal pole of his T first descended into my crown chakra, then slowly down and along my entire spinal column of light, all the way to my legs and feet, and the earth elements below me. LaTex completely encased me in his white energy and substance, which pressed into and surrounded my entire nervous system, which included my brain, spinal cord and nerves.

In other words, right from the start, he demonstrated his higher function and power to me, the ability to anchor himself into and around me, to enhance the invisible “nerves” or lines of force that make up my own nervous system that comprise my individual matrix, latticework, gridwork or template, my own spiritual Temple. As yet one more symbol, the “T” in LaTex also stood for the thymus gland that is a physical manifestation of the astral heart chakra.

However, at the time of this first conscious communion with LaTex, I only was able to discern his powerful presence all around me. It was not until doing research about the latex from rubber trees that I began to comprehend what had happened and continued to occur.

Tree of Life

In a symbolic sense, a tall rubber tree with a tall trunk is symbolic of our own spiritual tree of life that is like unto our nervous system. This tree of life contains the record of all our past lives going back eons of time. Thus, “T” in LaTex might also represent our spiritual Tree of Life.

In ancient times, when we first came to Earth, we were in conscious communion with the Elohim who had designed and manifested this planet. We knew who they were, how they operated and felt their presences. But with our falling into third-dimensional matter and taking on animal bodies, we lost conscious contact with the EloHers and EloHims.

Now, our ancient awareness is re-flowering — Lord LaTex is helping us to “tap” back into it. As Sananda/Socrates taught, all major learning is remembering. So we are not creating for the first time our conscious communion and interaction with the Elohim, but rather we are remembering it, a little bit at a time so as not to disrupt our equipoise and equilibrium, our ability to function on this Earth plane. We are being “latexed” as part of building in and birthing more of our fourth-dimensional, ascended light body; and of protecting us from negative psychic or physical infiltration at each step of the way.


A corresponding, analogous process takes place physically when a fetus is in its mother’s womb and after it is born. The brain, spinal cord and nerves, as well as the heart, are amongst the first organs to develop in the fetus. At the start, the nerves are composed of neurons or nerve cells that have long axons that are like wires that carry electrical impulses. (See drawing below.)

However, such bare axons can only transmit nerve signals at a slow pace. They require a process called myelination before they become highly effective nerve transmitters. This process does not start until about the 7th month of gestation. It is then that the baby begins to “kick” in the womb. But only a few nerves are myelinated before birth. Most myelination occurs after birth, with the growth of the baby. With ongoing myelination, children are able to develop their cognitive and motor skills; including speech, crawling and talking. Myelination continues through adolescence and early adulthood, and is largely complete at this time.

Myelin is a lipid-rich material in Schwann cells that surround nerve cell axons to insulate them and increase the rate at which electrical impulses pass along the axon. Myelin is whitish in color, thus reminiscent of white latex. However, unlike the plastic covering on an electrical wire, myelin does not form a single long sheath over the entire length of the axon. Rather, myelin ensheaths the axon segmentally. This allows nerve impulses to travel up to 100 times faster than in bare axons. (For a in-depth discussion of myelination and nerve transmission, click here4.)

Be Spiritually Protected

So, in similar fashion, as we grow spiritually, Lord LaTex “myelinates” or “latexes” our nerves, surrounding them in a whitish “lipid-like” spiritual substance that strengthens and protects our nerves such that we can commune with, and hold, his powerful, loving, peaceful presence.

LaTex also adds a protective covering or insulation to our entire white oval sphere that encompasses our aura and physical form. With this protective layer, no one of lesser consciousness ( no “herbivorous insect’) can “bug” us; no power-monger can invade our forcefield or psychically “suck out” our energy. Symbolically, the white color of latex or myelin represents and expresses the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. Love is the mantle of protection from first to last in our learning how to commune with MaTrix and LaTex.

At first, with contact with MaTrix or LaTex, the contact can feel overwhelming, undiscernible, or more than we can handle. So we may “go out” (sleep) or lose conscious awareness, as I often have done at each new stage of this ongoing series of communions. In meditation, we may feel little or nothing at all except perhaps a new sense of peace and love, but that night we may have a significant dream that symbolically alerts us to the presence of MaTrix and/or LaTex, who work together as a team.

However, with each new inflow and solidification of white liquid-latex-light, we become better able to serve as a conscious channel or conduit via which the various EloHims and EloHers can anchor their higher frequencies into us and through us to the the entire whole world, especially to the 144,000 elect. More I Am or Christ love can pour into and through our heart.

Steady As She Goes

Please remember that we now are entering into a whole new realm of cosmic energy and consciousness, that of the EloHims and EloHers. Therefore, it is best to proceed slowly, cautiously and without major expectations that communion with them is suddenly going to burst forth full-blown within and around you; or let go of any fear that you will not be able to handle this or have any experience of it. Mostly for now, we are just getting started in this process. We are like children in first or second grade, just learning the basics. But we have to start somewhere and sometime. That time is now!

Please do keep your mind and heart open to the possibility of your having your first inklings of contact with MaTrix and/or LaTex, your first recognition of them. They are here to help, to love, to strengthen your own light-body matrix or lattice or gridwork. They are your Mother and Father Elohim. So, ask them to show themselves to you in the way that is most fitting, appropriate and accessible to you. Then confidently wait for this to happen.

Perhaps you begin your meditations by seeing yourself within a white oval sphere that surrounds your entire auric field, which sphere signifies your being in the precious cosmic womb of MaTrix. Then envision the downpouring and infilling of white, liquid-light-latex into your crown chakra, then eventually to your third eye center, then down your spinal column and into each of your other chakras; with special emphasis on your heart chakra, heart and thymus gland.

If you are not visually talented, simply affirm that this descent of love-filled latex is happening or will happen. It does not have to occur during meditation, for it can happen when you are taking a walk, watching an uplifting movie, or reading spiritual literature; anytime when you are mostly at peace, feeling centered, and in a spiritually protected place.

Most importantly, feel the inflow of love and peace that surpasses all mortal understanding. Feel it and radiate it out to others: to friends, family, fellow light workers around the world; even to your so-called enemies who are still trying to “bug” you.

Remember that weeks ago we crossed over the threshold into a new day, a new way of being love in action. Part of that newness is communion with MaTrix and Lattice-LaTex.

Amen. Thank You, Father-Mother God. Hallelujah.