Be a Loving LoTus

On February 29, 2024, just three days after my first coming into conscious communion with Lord LaTex, deep in my morning meditation, it came clearly to me that there was a new, third name for the masculine counterpart of Lady (Mother) MaTrix, who is the EloHer of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. To my astonishment, this new name was LoTus! First, he had called himself Lattice. Then he had given his moniker as LaTex. Now his name was LoTus.

It was as if my communions with him as the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray had now come full circle. For, way back on February 9, 2024, Lord Maitreya, the Seventh Ray Christ of the Solar System, had placed a sparkling white-and-gold lotus flower in my heart chakra, which filled half of it (click here1 to read my blog about this). Now I began to realize that Lord Maitreya had been working under the direction of Lord LoTus to help anchor LoTus’ presence in me, without my being consciously aware of this. Thus, Lord LoTus had been with me since February 9th. Amazing!

Three in One

So why were there three names for the masculine Seventh Ray EloHim and only one for the Seventh Ray EloHer? Perhaps this is because “matrix” is a common word, easily understood and readily accepted; thus, since 1993, we have spoken about and put into action the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination that was given to us by Lord Maitreya via Nada-Yolanda.

By contrast, the names Lattice and LaTex take some getting used to before we feel comfortable and confident about them and what they represent. (Click here2 for my blog about Lattice; click here3 for my post about LaTex.) Remember, too, that we are using earthly, third-dimensional names to describe the various Elohim, who are of the most evolved and powerful of all the known kingdoms, thus they are said to be of the Godhead. So, to think that just one earthplane name for an Elohim is going to describe his or her totality is probably not reasonable.

Moreover, even we humans on Earth potentially have three names. Thus, Pauline Sharpe was Nada-Yolanda’s given name, representing her conscious mind and personality; Yolanda was her soul or subconscious name, referring to the high point of her soul evolution as the High Priestess of the Sun Temple in Atlantis; and Nada is her superconscious or I Am Self name, with her being Nada of the Karmic Board of the Solar System and Co-Chohan with Sananda of the Seventh Ray throughout the Solar System. Nada means “the Nothingness out of which all things manifest.”

So, perhaps we can think of Lattice as representing the physical or “conscious” aspect of the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray; LaTex is more so of the soul or “subconscious” level, with the word latex coming from the Latin word meaning “fluid”; and LoTus is the “superconscious” name, the fulfillment or completion of Lattice united with LaTex to birth LoTus.

Interpretation of Name

“L” in LoTus stands for the physical, masculine manifestation of LoTus on Earth. “Lo” symbolizes his “love” nature on the Seventh Ray. “O” is for completion, wholeness, coming full circle. “T” is for transfiguration, temple or template. “U” is for unity of LoTus with MaTrix; together as a “U,” in conjunction with Archangel Lady Uriel and Lord Ariel of the Seventh Ray, they lift man of Earth back into I Am or ascended consciousness. “S” is for Spirit, and for Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who as the spiritual co-leaders of Earth serve Spirit only.

Our goal is to be a loving LoTus, like unto what LoTus represents and demonstrates for us. One with LoTus and MaTrix, we are lifted into I Am, Christ or superconscious awareness and functioning, wherein we uplift others and the entire planet. This goes along with Christ Jesus’ statement: “I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me (John 12:32).”

Be Reborn

As one way to begin to commune with Lord or Father Lotus, and to welcome him into your heart-of-hearts, visualize yourself as being as a physical lotus plant on Earth. The lotus seed, with its DNA, contains the matrix from which this wondrous plant grows. This seed is implanted in the dirt or muck below the surface of the water that is in a pond or mildly flooded area, or a shallow region or cove alongside a river.

Lotus plants originally grew mostly in China, India, southeast Asia, eastern Africa and Australia. However, with the shipment of lotus seeds to the West, they now grow around the world. Thus, wherever you live, you can think of yourself as being a “lotus seed” that now is about to flower anew. (Click here4 for a Wikipedia article about lotus plants.)

A physical lotus seed opens and sends it roots down deep into the ground to gather the nutrients it needs in order to grow. Your lower body, from your regenerative or reproductive center, down through your legs and feet, is like unto the lotus’ roots. This part of you is symbolically akin to your being like Lattice, thus one who lays the conscious structure or foundation for rebirth, development and re-manifestation of peace and love via your fourth-dimensional, ascended light body.

Rise & Shine

In time, a stem grows from the lotus seed and begins its journey upward to the sunlight above the water. In some lotus plants, in deeper water, this stem can be six-to-eight-feet tall. (See image to right/below of a pink lotus with its tall green stem; some stems are straight whereas others are curvy or spiral.)

The rising of the stem is like unto the description of kundalini fire at the base of our spine rising up our spinal column and opening our seven chakras or psychic centers, thereby purifying our soul or akashic records that go back millions of years on Earth. In this process, we are still “under water,” meaning involved with reviewing, transmuting and healing our soul or subconscious records and memories. Herein, we are like unto LaTex.

This rising up the spinal column is similar to rising up the vertical pole of the “T” in LaTex and LoTus. But, we of ourselves, cannot make our kundalini rise or open our chakras or psychic centers in our astral body. Rather re-evolution and rising anew into I Am consciousness is under the direction of the ascended masters, the angels and particularly and most powerfully the Elohim.

So, at each new spiritual step we take, we call upon our mentors and teachers in the higher planes to guide and work with us. We especially call upon MaTrix and LoTus. They gradually lift us, even as we coordinate and cooperate with them, and seek only to do God’s will, which is to love God and to love one another.


Now, see yourself, feel your core Christ energy, rising all the way up your spine and into your crown chakra and cerebrum at the top part of your head. This is where the I Am lotus flower that you are begins to open and bloom anew. This lotus flower is so wondrous and beautiful, so pure and bright, that in the East it is often called the “sacred lotus.” It is the national flower of both India and Vietnam.

Call upon Lord LoTus to help you to bloom. His love lifts you to a new level of peace and love. His light helps you to cross over the threshold into a new realm and realization of I Am or ascended consciousness, wherein you rest in the peace and love of your I Am, Christ, Atman or Buddhic Self.

In a physical lotus, its stem does not stop at the level of the water, but rather it extends up several inches, such that the lotus flower is above the water level. (See image to right.) Depending on the plant and how deep the water is in which the lotus stem grows, its lotus flower can be 12-14 inches in diameter.

Its petals are delicate and reflect shining light. The whole flower can have from a dozen or so petals, but some lotus species that grow in parts of Japan and China have from 2,000 to 5,000 petals.

The color of the lotus petals may be white, yellow, pink, red and to bi-color, most often of white petals with pink tips or highlights. Our focus on a lotus this week will be primary on a white lotus, given that white symbolically represents the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, whose colors are white and gold. The center of the lotus flower, its pistil, is a golden yellow in color, regardless of the color of its petals.

Start off by seeing and feeling your lotus flower having about 12 white petals, one for each of your twelve I Am powers. These twelve petals also represent the twelve spiritual temples and power centers around the world, to which you radiate your love-light-peace after you have bloomed and secured your sacred lotus. But, over the next seven days, maybe the petals will be multiplied to indicate the radiation of your love-light to the 144,000 elect and others around the globe.

Ask, Seek & Knock

As to how to make contact and commune with Lord or Father LoTus, follow Sananda-Jesus’ guidance, as given in Matthew 7:9-11: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

“T” in LoTus may stand for “Take your Time.” In other words, please do not be in a hurry. Rather, discipline and devote yourself anew to sit serenely in the Silence each morning or during the day. Ask that God’s will be done. Have faith that in some way LoTus will make contact with you. After all, what loving Father does not give his son or daughter what he or she asks for?

Visualizing your lotus flower opening is one way to ask for this to happen. But remember that you cannot force this. See it and then let it occur in God’s good time and way. Or, affirm that this is or will take place, and know therefore that it will. Lord LoTus is here to help you. As your EloHim Father, He wants only what is best for you.

In nature, a lotus flower only lasts about four days. Then new lotus flowers open nearby. In like manner, your upliftment into I Am consciousness, your rising into and above your crown chakra may only last four minutes in one meditation, or perhaps longer, even forty minutes, but just for the right length and power for you to safely handle and absorb. You rise up, then in time, as assisted by Lord Lotus, you redescend back down your spinal column, bringing new love and light into each of your chakras and physical organs.

When you redescend, bring your sacred white-and-gold lotus with you, and see and feel it anchoring into and around your heart chakra or love center. As you do so, welcome Lord LoTus into your heart. His exquisite, expansive and wondrous love will prove to you that indeed you are communing with Him.

Be a Loving Lotus

Then, put your new love into action, which is the whole point of this exercise and experience. Love not only God but also one another, in some new way, in some new degree of clarity and power. Love heals, not only yourself but others. See love flowering in those around you and in the 144,000 elect worldwide.

Rest anew in the peace of your I Am Self and the peace of MaTrix and LoTus. No matter what the current challenge or disturbance in your life, be at peace. With a peaceful, loving heart, you are best able to lift others into I Am consciousness, just as Lord LoTus has lifted you.

Thank You, Spirit. Thank You, MaTrix and LoTus. Amen. All is in divine order!

#  #  #  #  #  #  #

Addendum: As one way to work with this blog, on day #1, read all of it to get its overall gist, and use this to begin your meditation. On day #2, go back and read just pages 1 and/or 2 of the blog, to see what in it/them now speaks anew to you. Then on each following day, read another page or two.

Our focus on this blog will continue for at least 7 days. This daily re-reading is helpful because this material is so new, so expansive, so all-encompassing. Remember, too, that you will get out of this what you put into it.

Of course, on other days, all you may be guided to do is to ask that God’s will be done and then to go with the flow of what you receive. After all, there is no one right way for each person to work with this blog and its information. Trust in Spirit to show you how you best are to do so.

Remember always that Lord LoTus loves you!





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