Have Helios in your Heart

Beloved friends, fellow light beacons of I Am son-sun light, starting today, Monday, January 3, 2022 (yes, it is now officially 2022!), our key focus will be on Helios, who with Vesta is the co-leader of the Sun or solar logos. The Sun is the master coordinating focal point for all sons-daughters of God in this solar system.

Our central theme this week is: Have Helios in your Head; Have Helios in your Heart; Hug Him with your whole being, with your whole Heart, even as he gives you a Divine Masculine Solar Hug that suffuses you with Solar consciousness and citizenship.

HHHH: Have, Hold and Hug Helios, so that your 4 lower bodies — mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical — fill with his solar love-light that together, with Vesta, you receive and radiate to the four corners of the Earth.

Together as one in the One, we Heal Humanity! We see Earth transmuting into the golden Heart of the solar system that it is destined to be. (Take the letter “h” at the end of the word Earth and put it in front of the remaining letters “eart” and you have Heart.) Then, Sananda and Sol-O-Man will return to our Heart Home. Joy of joys!

Helios & His 4 Horses

In ancient Greek mythology/religion, Helios is depicted as the sun god whose four horses carry him in his golden chariot from the East to the West, from dawn to dusk, during which he lights and heats up the sky and the whole planet. (See picture to left of Helios with a dazzling sun halo-aureole around his head, and being drawn by his four horses; from early 4th century BC, Athena’s temple, Ilion.)

At night, aboard a golden barge that flowed under, or some say on, the water (Oceana), he returns, sight unseen, back to his starting point in the East. During nighttime, Helios’ sister Selene, goddess of the Moon, rules the sky. His other sister is Eos, the goddess of dawn.

Helios’ Home

Helios’ primary home and approximate starting point for his daily journey across the sky is the Greek island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea; near the southeast coast of Turkey.

This island is not far from the Isle of Patmos where John the Divine  was taken up in the spirit and shown the revelation of the New Jerusalem descending to Earth. In this new city, there is no night, just the sunshine of day.

Helios (Greece) and Vesta (Rome, Italy) symbolically and literally shine in the New Jerusalem that now is descending to Earth. Together, they light the Way.

On Rhodes, in honor of Helios, in 280 BC, a huge statue of Helios was constructed at the entrance to the primary harbor of the city of Rhodes, which is the principal city of the whole Island of Rhodes. This statue was approximately 70 cubits or 33 meters (108 feet) high, about the height of the modern day Statute of Liberty in the NYC’s harbor. We can think of the statue of Helios being about 120 feet tall, given the additional height of his halo, hence representing the 12 powers of the light body, with the light body symbolizing the sun in our solar system.

An earthquake in 226 BC toppled the statue, which never was repaired and repositioned, although there currently are plans to do so. Because of its destruction, little remains of it, so modern scholars only have theories as to how it originally looked and was placed.

The modern drawing of it that I like the best is the one to the right, with Helios holding a torch that lights the local area and the world, similar to the torch that Vesta carries and uses in the Temple of Vesta in Rome.

Homeric Description

The earliest references to Helios and his four steeds are in Homeric Hymn 31 to the Sun: “As he rides in his chariot, he shines upon men and deathless gods, and piercingly he gazes with his eyes from his golden helmet. Bright rays beam dazzlingly from him, and his bright locks streaming from the temples of his head gracefully enclose his far-seen face: a rich, fine-spun garment glows upon his body and flutters in the wind: and stallions carry him.”

Homer of Greece, who lived sometime between the 12th to the 8th centuries BC, named only two such horses: Abraxas and Therbeeo. He did not describe them as being white or gold, or with wings, as later Greek authors did.

Homer’s description of Helios and his dazzling sun light is best depicted in the painting to the right by S.P. Panasenko in 1993. In it, Helios’ head is a round ball of brilliant, bright light like that of the sun. His body is so filled and radiant with sun-son light that its physical features can hardly be seen, although in the original painting they may be more visible (the above image is not of a high resolution).

Eumelus of Corinth

Eumelus was a Greek poet who lived in the city of Corinth in the late 7th/early 6th century BC. Corinth and its Sun Temple devoted to Helios were located about 50 miles west of Athens.

In Eumelus’ poems, he listed the 4 horses of Helios’ golden chariot as being: Eos (by him the sky is turned) and Aethiops (as if flaming, parches the grain), both male; Bronte (thunder) and Sterope (lightning) who were female.

In this symbolic depiction, the 4 golden horses represent the four lower bodies of man, under the direction, guidance and power of the I Am, sun-son Self and light body, hence the gold color. Thus, the mental and physical bodies are said to be masculine, of the conscious mind; whereas the emotional and soul-astral bodies are feminine, hence of the subconscious mind; all four of which are lit up, inspired and empowered by the sun-son-daughter Self or superconscious mind.

The four horses also symbolize traveling to the four corners of the Earth, thus to the entire planet. The number four represents the Fourth Ray of Crystallization and Manifestation. Thus, Helios’ light is manifested throughout the surface of the planet, down and into the water and solid land masses. Sunlight gets converted by plants into energy, which empowers all animal life on Earth, including man’s physical body.

Horses likewise represent the I Am or Christ attribute of power that expresses via the vocal apparatus, muscles and four limbs — 2 arms and 2 legs. Thus, Jesus’ apostle Philip, with “Phil” meaning love of and “ip” meaning horse, portrayed spiritual, I Am power and mastery. In I Am, Helios or son-sun-power consciousness, we are to work masterfully and rightly in and through each of our four lower bodies, radiating through them the power of the One Power, our Father-Mother Creator.

Ovid of Rome

Ovid was a famous Roman poet who lived from 43 BC to 17 or 18 AD. In Roman mythology, the Greek god Helios became known as Sol, and toward the end of the Roman Empire as Sol Invictus (“unconquered or pure”), with Sol being the Latin word for “sun.”

Ovid gave Helios’ four horses fire related names: Pryois (The fiery One”), Aeos (He who turns the sky”), Aethon (“Blazing”) and Phlegon (“Burning”). These four horses apparently were masculine, which fits with the description of Helios being the masculine co-leader of the sun. They are the four names most commonly given as being those of the four horses of Helios.

In Greek and Roman times, Helios/Sol is depicted with a sun halo-aureole around his head (such as shown in the image to right of a red-figured calyx-crater, from about 430 BC, now in the British Museum; the two falling bodies beneath the four winged horses that fly through the sky represent the disappearance of the stars in the sky as the sun rises).

From Helios to Apollo

During the later history of ancient Greece, which carried over to ancient Roman times, the Greek god Helios morphed into or was “conflated with” the Greek/Roman god Apollo.

In Greek mythology, out of the empty space of Chaos came Gaea, the divine Mother Goddess that manifested the earth; Tartarus, the underworld; and Eros, desire. Gaea gave birth to the mountains, the sky and the sea. She took her son the sky, Uranus, as her husband, and with him, she mothered the 12 Titans, the very first gods and goddesses, taller than the mountains they used as thrones.

Helios was the son of 2 of the 12 Titans named Hyperion (the God of Light) and Theia (the Goddess of the Sun & Light). Hence, Helios was a Titan.

The original 12 Titans were the ancestors or grandfathers and great grandfathers of most of the 12 Olympians of the following third or fourth generations, whose headquarters were on Mt. Olympus.

One of these 12 Olympians was Apollo, who has been depicted as the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing of diseases,  poetry, and especially of the Sun and light. Eventually, Apollo became the most prominent Greek god — Helios and Apollo merged into one being of light.

In time, with the war between the Titans and the Olympians, the Olympians were the victors and became the leaders of the Earth. Zeus was the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who ruled as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. His Roman equivalent was Jupiter, hence the name of the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

12 Planets, 12 Powers

So, what are we to make of this complicated, multi-leveled, Greek-Roman mythic description of mankind’s history on Earth? As related to, and based upon, the clear channelings and intunements  by Nada-Yolanda of mankind’s history on Earth and throughout the solar system (see Evolution of Man), Helios is the name given to Yolanda as being that of the masculine, co-leader of the Sun — Helios in mythology was a Titan, meaning a tall, powerful, Godlike figure.

Sananda-Jesus is like unto Apollo, the god of the Sun and light, with multiple talents and powers; thus, Sananda-Jesus is the masculine co-leader with Sol-O-Man/Mary of Earth. Sananda/Sun-Anda and Sol-O-Man are like unto children of Helios and Vesta of the Sun.

Note, too, that there were 12 major Titans and 12 primary Olympians, hence referring to the 12 planets in our solar system (9 physical and 3 of a higher dimension), and the 12 spiritual or I Am powers that express via 12 major organs or systems in our physical body.

Purification Period

The battle of the Titans and the Olympians reflects the Earth’s ancient history, going back 26 millions years ago, of the Cains and the Abels, with Sananda having been the leader of the Abels. In recent history, in Sananda’s lifetime as Jesus, he prophesied that, in the Latter Days, End Times or Purification Period through which we are presently transiting, father would fight with son, mother would war with daughter, and brothers and sisters would clash with one another. Look around the planet and this fighting, competition and jostling for personal/national, selfish power is clearly evident, in individuals and nations worldwide.

In time, with good (Abel) winning over evil (Cain), with the Earth’s purification and transmutation, Sananda and Sol-O-Man will return to Earth, and will honor and follow Helios and Vesta of the Sun, their cosmic, solar parents. The Earth will come out of its self-imposed, self-centered isolation within the solar system and join the Federation of Planets.

Therefore, all the above Greek-Roman history of the Gods, with the mix of truth teachings but also lots of confusing, mortal representations and interpretations, would seem to fit and to make sense, once it is looked at in the light of the truth of our solar system and the Earth’s  history.

Surya the Sun God 

Moreover, a similar symbolic representation of the sun-son God likewise occurs in Hindu mythology and religion, as expressed primarily in India. There, the sun god is called Surya, which name means sun. Surya is portrayed as riding in a chariot drawn by seven white horses.

Each such horse represents one of the Seven Rays of Life: 1) will & power; 2) understanding & wisdom; 3) personal love & feeling; 4) crystallization & manifestation; 5) unity & integration; 6) crucifixion-resurrection; 7) ascension & redescent.

In ancient Western Hemispheric, Grecian and Roman times, the remnants of Atlantean history were reintroduced following the downfall of Atlantis. In India, the remnants of Lemuria rose anew in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Socrates and Helios

In Plato’s Republic, written around 375 BC in Athens, Greece, Helios is the symbolic offspring of the Form or Idea of the Good. In the image to the right and below by the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael, who was named after Archangel Raphael of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, Plato is depicted in his philosophical School of Athens.

Plato’s right arm, hand and forefinger point upwards to the heavens, to God the Good, even as his physical eyes are focused here on Earth. In other words, via his Fifth Ray all-seeing eye, he sees into the invisible realms even as his two physical eyes see and understand the third dimensional forms.

In other words, Plato sees new I Am images that are what he calls Forms or Ideas of the Good God. These new Christ or son-sun images get pressed out as physical forms, including the round, global form of the Sun — what we see will be. Helios as the masculine coleader of the Sun or solar logos is the offspring of the Idea of God — our Father-Mother Parent who has created all of us in His-Her divine image and likewise.

Sananda & Hilarion

In Plato’s Republic, in the conversation between Socrates and Glaucon, Socrates analogizes the form of the Good with the sun, since the sun is what allows us to physically see — no sun, no light, no vision; no God or God Self, no light within and around and expressing as us. (See drawing below of Socrates based on the physical description of him in the Republic.)

Socrates was an incarnation of Sananda, whose name means “son of God, son of the Sun, peace and love) whereas Plato was an incarnation of Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, whose name comes from the Greek word hilaros, which means “cheerful, joyful, happy, humorous”). His other two major lifetimes were as Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity Church of Practical Christianity, both of whom followed Sananda-Jesus, just as Plato followed Socrates.

Socrates’ life, with his willingly taking hemlock, was a preparation for Jesus accepting crucifixion in order to demonstrate resurrection, which changed the entire history and vibration of earthly, mortal consciousness.

Thus, we might refer to Socrates as Socrates of the Sun, just as Jesus was as a son of God the Good, hence the symbolic Sun. Jesus’ light in his resurrected body lit up the whole globe and all upon it. We are to go and do likewise.

Vesta and Helios

Last week, we focused first on Vesta, the feminine co-leader of the sun, who lights up the soul of man throughout the solar system. First, we have to purify and transmute our soul-subconscious, and only then can we consciously see and understand the truth and apply it in our everyday, physical actions. Only then, in following and being like Helios, can we become the conscious master of both our astral and physical bodies, to link our subconscious and conscious as one unit, and gradually reabsorb them back into our superconscious and fourth-dimensional light body, out of which they originated.

Remember, Vesta is a Roman goddess whereas Helios is a Greek god. Vesta’s Grecian equivalent was Hestia, about whom much less is said than of Vesta. Helios’ Roman equivalent was Sol, who again is not described in much detail, but more so just like the Greek Helios. Perhaps this is partly why the two sun co-leaders chose their respective names: Helios and Vesta represent the clearest, most understandable, symbolic and historical ways in which we on Earth can come to know who they are in I Am Self consciousness on the sun, which they bring with them in their visitations to Earth.

See & Be an H

All seven days of this week, we are going to commune with, and feel the powerful solar presence of, Helios. One way we can initiate this process is to see a large letter H in our meditations and visualizations. H stands for Helios.

H also stands for harmony, health, haleness, (w)holeness/holiness and happiness as a son or daughter of our Father-Mother Parent. Note also how solid, grounded and masculine this letter appears. It represents standing solidly on Earth in I Am, Helios, son-sun consciousness, in conscious command and control of our four lower bodies (our symbolic four horses).

The vertical pole on the left side of the H symbolizes our feminine or subconscious aspect that expresses primarily through our emotional and soul-astral bodies. The vertical pole to the right portrays our masculine or conscious aspect that expresses mostly via our mental and physical bodies. Both left and right, conscious and subconscious are aligned vertically, straight up to our superconscious or High Self and light body, and via it to the Harmony and Holiness of our Heavenly Creator.

The horizontal cross bar of the H symbolizes the linking of subconscious and conscious, of the female/receptive and male/active parts of our Being. This crossbar represents the marriage of subconscious (woman) and conscious (man) to form one unit, which then merges with and marries our superconscious, Helios-like, I Am or High or son-sun Self that expresses in and through our fourth-dimensional light body. Indeed one with Spirit, we are happy and whole, filled with joy, laughter, cheerfulness and good Humor, that of God HimselfHerself.

Be Protected

As you start each morning meditation this week, as you have done many times before, surround your aura and physical body with a 12-wide Christ column of blue First Ray hues. Royal blue (faith) encases and protects your head, especially your crown chakra/cerebrum. Sky blue (will) is in place around your throat chakra/chest, particularly your two lungs; and also flows around and protects your heart (love). Blue-green, aqua light (power) extends from your solar plexus down to your feet on the ground. Affirm: I Am a citadel or tower of First Ray Faith, Will and Power.

See this tower extending up above your head into the sky, into and through the invisible astral planes, to the etheric and celestial planes. Link especially with Lord Michael, El Morya and Glo-Ria of the First Ray. Affirm, know and feel: I Am ensconced within, and protected by, a multi-hued blue tower of the First Ray flame of blue light. I am that I Am. I Am that I am.

Helios in your Head

To connect with and welcome Helios’ presence and overshadowing, first commune with your own I Am Self and light body. To do so,  visualize a large letter H above you. The H stands for your own High Self. So, link first with your I Am, son-sun Self, which prepares the way for your being overshadowed by  Helios. The comes down and around you. You are in It and It is in and through you.

One with your I Am Self,  focus on Helios. With your physical and light-body left hand, reach up to the bottom part of the left vertical pole of the H that represents Helios. With your physical and light-body right hand, reach up and grab onto the lowest part of the right vertical pole of the H. Hence, your two arms form a V. Your whole body is in the form/shape of a Y.

As you then lower both arms and hands, the H slowly and steadily descends down and around your aura and physical form. Your V-shaped arms widen, as does the H, which also becomes somewhat taller. Your hands are now to either side of the top of your head, about 2-3 feet away from each side of it.

Keep lowering the H until its horizontal crossbar transits through the entire top part of your head, in and through your two cerebral hemispheres that are externalizations of your crown chakra.

Day #1

This top section of your head and brain is your faith center, your central computer station for your entire body. You anchor in the H first in this supercomputer of your brain. And you hold it there. This anchoring on day 1 of this week may be sufficient in your meditation/communion for this day. Take sufficient time to feel the presence, the power, the flame of the fourth-dimensional vibrations of Helios.

(Yes, that’s me in this picture; my arms should be more so spread out, but this is the only such picture I have, so please use your imagination to see them so.)

Think of Helios. Affirm that he is present and perceivable. Hold his forcefield in your two cerebral hemispheres that monitor and govern both sides of your body. (The left cerebral hemisphere controls the right side of the body; the left hemisphere directs the right side of the body.) Realize that it takes time to feel, to process, to have faith that it is indeed so.

In this first visualization and meditation, Helios may not be actually present — of yourself, you cannot make such a communion happen. But via this imaging and affirming process, you open your mind, your faith-filled, mental perceiving power, to experience his Sunlit Presence and Solar Power when indeed it does happen.

It may be after the meditation that you feel him above you, anchoring down and into you. Perhaps this occurs when you are preparing food in your kitchen, or when you are out for a walk. Maybe you have a dream about this in a daytime nap or the following night. Always know that Spirit is in command of this whole process of communing with Helios and anchoring his Sun-Power in and through your cerebrum, which will and does light up like a high-wattage light bulb, a veritable sun, more brilliant than you have ever seen or felt before.

Always give thanks ahead of time to Father-Mother God for this upcoming communion whenever and however it does happen. Moreover, always thank Helios both before and after he has contacted you. Thank him from the bottom of your heart, for now you truly, consciously, are a solar system citizen, one with Helios and Vesta.

Divine Day #2

On the 2nd day of your Helios week, do the same visualization, go through the same steps as above. Only this time, lower your hands until they are at the level of your third-eye chakra and forehead region, just above your physical eyes.

Place your fingers of both your hands at the area just above and in front of your ears. This is the area of your cerebral temples — you are a temple of the living God, a Sun Temple of the  Holy Spirit, into which Helios descends.

The crossbar of the H goes through both temples and extends out 3-4 feet to either side of your head. It lights up your I Am powers of imagination (thalamus), wisdom (pituitary gland), and zeal (hypothalamus and medulla). These three powers and correlating physical organs are at the base of the brain, below the two cerebral hemispheres, in the center of your head.

Begin to receive new I Am images on your third eye screen, or new I Am, clairsentient inspirations and ideas. The H appears more vibrant, more electrified, more filled with son-sun light. Your inspirations and intuitions are more uplifting and power-packed. So, keep your eye single on these images and ideas, and your whole body will be filled with their light and power.

See that indeed you are a H and become that H in all its symbology and presence; particularly at the mental and physical levels, with the lighting up of your conscious mind and third-dimensional form. Begin to project and radiate such new I Am images and ideas to those around you, and around the world.

Sunlit Day #3

With the dawning of day #3 of your weeklong communions with Helios, welcome the rising of the physical sun, which represents your rising into I Am or son-sun, High Self, Holy consciousness. It represents yet another, brighter, more powerful day of seeing, feeling and experiencing Helios’ sun-like presence. He is radiant light personified.

This time, the crossbar of the H travels through your throat chakra, your will and power center that expresses via the respiratory system and the vocal apparatus, muscles and limbs’ respectively. Breathe in God’s will. Feel His-Her divine power in your throat. Be charged anew in all your body, in every muscle, in all four limbs. This cosmic will and power is enhanced and accelerated by the presence of Helios who now anchors still more deeply and powerfully in and around you.

(Picture to right is of Jesus on the dome of Sacre-Coeur, Paris, France. The crossbar goes through his throat center; just like through your will-power center.)

Speak the word via affirmation, decree, visualization and realization. Affirm that you are one with Helios. Decree that he is visiting you in your heart, hearth and home. See him with you, above you, around you, lighting up your whole being. Realize anew that you are one with him, one with God the Good, from which Helios has sprung and Who he represents. He is Helios of the Sun. You are Soliel (put your own name in here instead of mine) of the Sun. Thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit who have brought you into this new realization of your Reality as a solar being!

Weight of the World

A word of caution and explanation: For the last couple days and including this day, while you are feeling and adjusting to Helios’ presence and power, your shoulders may hunch up and into your neck, the back of your neck may tightened or even hurt, your arms may tingle, throb, swell or ache. This is because at first, with each new descent of Helios, his increasing power is hard to welcome, to hold and express, to absorb and anchor. But in time, with practice and dedication, with your expansion in consciousness, you can and will do so! Then your mysterious symptoms will disappear.

This set of possible symptoms is like being the Greek god Atlas, who holds up the whole world on his shoulders. Only, you are holding the sun on your shoulders, held there by your arms and hands. Is it any wonder that you may have physical symptoms when doing so, until you can absorb and anchor the powerful presence of the Sun, the powerful solar light of Helios as the coleader of the sun, and even more so at times when both Helios and Vesta both overshadow you?

But, remember always that God-Spirit-Divine Mind can do all things through you. Ask and receive!

Remember also, that as in your imagery, the golden globe or presence of Helios gets bigger and bigger as it descends further over and around you. More and more sun-suffused power flows into and through you. That is why it will take a whole week to feel, to adjust to, and to gradually incorporate Helios’ sun fire as it descends into your four lower bodies.

You may also have contributing physical causes of your symptoms, which you treat in physical ways, via vitamins (especially B vitamins for your nerves), massage, chiropractic, pressure-point therapy and such; but especially through your use of I Am mind power. However, you also may feel guided to see your medical doctor to make sure you are not overlooking some physical cause or treatment of your difficulties. But, generally, unless there is a distinct physical component, as you adjust to Helios’ fiery presence, the symptoms slowly go away! TYG.

Heart-Centered Day #4

During your 4th day, the horizontal crossbar lowers again and passes primarily through your heart chakra and physical heart, liver and spleen. This is the midway point in the descent of your H for Helios. This is when you feel him anchoring securely in your heart center. (See picture to left of Jesus by Warner Salmann with the crossbar of light traveling through Jesus’ heart chakra and physical heart. Ideally, his arms would be straight out to the left and right, but I could not find a suitable picture of this.)

First came the descent of the H into and through the first three chakras: crown, third eye and throat. The fourth chakra in this linear descent is the heart center. This is when you begin to demonstrate Helios sun light-and-love pouring through your vessel, when you put your love into action. This fourth step is under the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, and the corresponding fourth major initiation, when you demonstrate your newly discovered and experienced solar system citizenship and power.

By now, the bottom part of the vertical poles of the H is firmly settled upon and slightly down and into the floor/ground. Now you not only talk the talk but you walk the walk, when you do your divine dance with Helios; as above so below, as below so above.

Final 3 Days

On day 5, the crossbar descends to your solar plexus, abdomen and digestive system. In this 5th step under the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration, you integrate your light body with your astral and physical bodies. The bottom part of the two vertical poles push down a foot or so into the ground/floor. You have a better, bigger, yet simpler view of your solar healing powers under and with Helios.

(Picture to right is a painting of Sol-O-Man when she appeared as Mary in her light body in Beauraing, Belgium in a series of visitations/apparitions in 1932-1933; when she was known as the Virgin of the Golden Heart.)

On day 6, the crossbar enters and crosses through you sacral chakra, which externalizes via the colon and urinary system. You crucify or cross out any remaining feelings that you are separate from Helios, not worthy or capable of having communion with him, not able to hold his forcefield in your forcefield. Then, you resurrect into a new level of I Am oneness and purity with him. This involves the Sixth Ray of Crucifixion-Resurrection. You rise anew into solar system citizenship even as you still are a citizen of Earth that is part of the whole solar system.

The base of your H is about 2 feet in the ground; this signifies still greater anchoring of your High Self and light, of Helios with his solar light, on and in and through the Earth and the lower kingdoms: vegetable, mineral and animal.

On day 7, you complete your journey, your linking for this week, with Helios, with being a co-creator with him of son-sun I Am consciousness and light-body expression here on Earth that radiates to the sun and back, throughout the solar system. This is when everything finally falls into place.

The bottom portion of your two H‘s is now three feet into the ground — as above, so now below. Your light body, astral body and physical body are fully aligned in one united whole. Helios is in your whole mind, soul and body.

The H is now about 12 feet tall. You are like unto the Colossus of Rhodes, where the statue of Helios was built and placed at the entrance of its major harbor. At times, your feel so lifted, so filled with son-sun light that it is like you are 120 feet tall in your light body. Your light up the whole world, West and East.

All is well. All of your twelve powers work together as one in shining like the son-sun that you are. Now, you are fully divine love in physical expression. You are love in action, one with Vesta and Helios, who shine in and through you. Your subconscious, conscious and superconscious are fully aligned and integrated. Vesta is your friend, Helios is your buddy. The are as much here with you as you are with them in your holy light body.

Thank You, Spirit. Thank you, Vesta and Helios. Thank you angels, ascended masters, higher astral plane guides, space visitors and body deva who have contributed to, and made possible your 7 days of becoming 7th Ray of Peace and Love in action.

My 7-Day Journey across the Sky

On day 1 of focusing on Helios and writing this blog, all I did was to get started with the blog. I was still tired from having written the previous 25-page blog on Vesta, perhaps the longest and most in-depth blog I have yet produced. I did ask Helios to guide me, and seemed to feel his somewhat distant presence, which accelerated my cerebrum. But nothing new in the way of new images and inspirations came. Rather, I wrote about 500 words that introduced and laid the basic groundwork for what was to be covered in this full blog. (500 words equals about 1 printed page.) That was enough.

During day 2, my focus was on the explanation and description about who Helios was as a Greek god, and how that Greek mythology compares to and elucidates what we are to experience when linking with him as Helios of the Sun. Again, there was little in the way of new inspiration, guidance or actual, definitive new contact with Helios. I just integrated and presented the gist of all the many versions of the history of the Greek god Helios. I wrote about 750-1000 words about this. As I did so, more and more I felt one with Helios, like he was right with me, watching over me, shining his fiery light on me. But still his presence was mostly not discernable.

On day 3, the cloud over my head dispersed and sunlight came unimpeded through it. The previous day, my head was still in this symbolic cloud in the sky, my inner vision was still somewhat dimmed, although brighter. Now, with 2 previous days of rest and writing mostly about what I already knew, I was ready to receive new input and specific contact with Helios. I wrote about 1200 to 1500 words that morning and added some wonderful new pictures and drawings to illustrate and enhance the written words. I began to dance, to be in the flow, to let go and let God via Helios flow through me.

After writing 3-4 hours and having some breakfast, Phillel and I went to our nearby Post Office where we send and receive our Mark-Age and personal mail. While Phillel talked with Aaron, our Postmaster, about sending out a package to another country, I stood back and off to the side, keeping my social distance. While there, I felt a huge ball of powerful, higher energy and light come over me and down into my head and neck. It was like I was in another dimension, my head and consciousness in the sky/ethers/fourth dimension while I looked outwardly like I was just another customer at the Post Office. I felt like I was in two places at once, not at all well-grounded or understanding of what was occurring.

Only after getting back home to I Am Nation headquarters, in this quiet and protected and powerful forcefield, did I comprehend that Helios had been overshadowing me at the Post Office, hence out in public, and that was why I felt so overshadowed and discombobulated.

Later, while I was resting in bed, came intuitive flow through about how to structure this overall blog, along the framework of the seven steps of the descent of the H for Helios in seven days. Man, was I relieved and excited. It was so easy, so concise, so clear. I could hardly wait to get back to writing the next day. And there was no doubt that this guidance came directly from Helios.

Moreover, the pain and discomfort in my head, neck shoulders and down my spine that had been there off and on for the last three days (which indicated Helios’ invisible, not yet consciously discerned presence) disappeared for the rest of this day. Thank God, I thought, Helios is actually with me, about to show more of himself to me in unique ways that I then can share with you on this blog as an overall, general roadmap for communing with him. Glory be! Thank you, Helios, you glorious solar being of light and love.

4 New Images

Day 4’s early morning writing went smoothly and fully. The writing came easily, with ongoing inspiration and guidance as I wrote, new ideas seeming to come from out of nowhere, but which were prompted by Helios’ presence and power. 2000 words or more poured almost effortlessly out of me, were written through me, along with new ideas about adding additional drawings and pictures, or adapting and refining the one’s I already had used.

I just love this feeling, when part of me is above and part of me is below and they flow together as one, when Helios and I as Soliel are one, dancing our divine, glorious dance. And with that, so many of the remaining residual doubts about my communion with him flowed out of me. I had no neck and shoulder pain whatsoever as I wrote or afterwards.

After my writing session, I took my usual late morning, approximately 1-hour nap, expecting to go “blank” and to sleep. But, Helios proceeded to give me 4 new I Am images, 1 about every 10-15 minutes, that helped me in further understanding, grounding and expressing his presence, one seeming for each of my four lower bodies, four of them on my 4th day.

My Buddy

In the first one, I walked into my living room, where to the right (conscious side) and before me was a man in perhaps his thirties, sitting in what first appeared to be my white recliner, but which turned more so into a large, upright, white chair that was like a throne. He looked entirely normal in human terms, smiled lovingly at me, made me feel entirely welcome in his presence. Somehow, I was not even surprised to see him. In fact, from the start I was happy he was there with me.

He wore a gray T-shirt with the large number 13 on the front of it. This image was of Helios as my friend, buddy and teacher/leader, like unto the captain of a high school football or basketball team of which I was a member. The gray T-shirt was like the gray shirts that that my teammates and I wore at basketball and football practices. Moreover, the gray color indicated his being down to Earth, not brightly colored or standing out in a crowd, certainly no halo or aureole around his head.

Pondering this further, the realization came that the number 13 represented the 13 temples, one temple on Earth for each of the 12 planets, and 1 for the sun. He was the 1st or Sun Temple temple on this 3rd-dimensional planet that is transmuting into the 4th dimension. He was in the Sun Temple here on Earth, at I Am Nation HQ, as well as in my individual Sun Temple, in the “living room” of my personal apartment here at the I Am Nation headquarters. But he was so down to earth, without any airs, just one of the guys who was however more advanced than me, hence the captain or leader of the team.

What a classic set of images! Vesta six months earlier had prompted in and through me the song “You’ve Got a Friend” to alert me that she, too, was down to Earth, she was my friend. Now Helios had given his version of being my friend. He was my guy buddy! Wow!!

I thought, well that is it, I am not going to receive anything more. Then somehow, from out of my buddy’s heart chakra, love poured as liquid light, dissolving this section of his T-shirt (thus out through his physical shell and appearance), and flowing into my heart. What incredible love came from him to me! Yes, he might look and act like a normal Earthling, but he had the golden heart of a sun-son God! (In analogous fashion, Jesus looked normal but acted in a divine way, healing one and all.) I just basked in it, felt so expanded in love consciousness, melted into loving oneness with him.)

My first vision of Helios being a basketball coach, captain and teammate was directed mostly  at my mental body. It was my new image to help me mentally perceive him in all his splendor and normalness as a fellow child of God. The second vision accelerated primarily my emotional body, my heart center, my feeling nature. I felt loved and loving. However, I had no idea at the time of this progression in and through my 4 lower bodies on my 4th day.

Train your Dog

Given the 2 above new images, surely I thought, no more visions or experiences were to be given. Wrong!

This time in my 3rd vision, a young, golden-haired, frisky puppy, looking like a golden lab (see picture to left), perhaps 4 months or so old, appearing so adorable and lovable, wandered through the doorway between my kitchen and living room, and started nosing and exploring around this living room, chewed on part of my couch, and then looked like he was about to pee or poop on the floor. Oh boy!

Thankfully, Phillel then came into the room, suggested that I put a leash on the dog and train him. (Phillel had dogs when growing up and in the last twenty years or so here at I Am Nation HQ — his previous dog here was Cheyenne who was a mixed breed with golden-colored hair; his present dog is Shasta, probably a black lab/Great Dane mix; I never had a dog or wanted one; but I have loved being around these two dogs, even as he has taken care of them.)

Phillel’s given name is “Philip,” which means one who loves and rightly uses spiritual  power. Thus, I have to rightly use my I Am power in training my mind, emotions, soul and physical body. When it comes to communion with Hesta, I am just a “young golden pup.” As much as I recently have come into new communions with Vesta and Helios, I am but a young child of theirs, analogous to being a 12-year-old who has just graduated from grade school.

You, too, as you work with these blogs about Helios and Vesta, likewise are a “young golden pup.” Yes, you definitely are golden, coming into golden, I Am solar-system consciousness and citizenship. But you and I have the rest of this whole year to grow slowly into this new awareness and demonstration of spiritual, solar sonship and daughtership; not to mention the rest of our current life and for 2000 years or more in the upcoming Golden Age.

Thus, we need to be aware that at times with these communions with Helios, Vesta and other masters and space visitors, we may get too high, too excited, too full of our self with each new, glorious step along the way — these attitudes and feelings have to be leashed and reined in, we have to train ourselves to stay grounded, centered, practical-minded, even when we feel so uplifted into golden, solar light.

Heal your Soul

As part of our training, we still have old memories to decrystallize and disperse, to transmute and heal, so as not to “poop or pee” on the floor, or chew on the furniture or a old dancing shoe. Such memories go all the way back to the days of the golden giants and the battle between the Cains and the Abels.

Note how the word “God” spelled backwards is “dog.” Eons ago, part of the golden giants or Elder Race fell in love with the third dimension and took on physical bodies — now they were backwards, upside down, out of touch with fourth-dimensional, etheric, spiritual reality. They placed themselves first and God second; the Cains wished to enslave the fallen ones rather than leash and lead them back into their light bodies.

As golden light pours into us, all of this past “stuff” surfaces from our souls, as symbolized in this 3rd vision that relates primarily to the astral-soul body, the record keeper of our memories. Thus, we have to clean up our past “crap” that littered the Earth and made it into a hellhole. In doing so, we can transmute the crap into compost that adds nutrients to, and heals, the soil. We can learn from our past mistakes and do better now!

Phillel (Sixth Ray) and I (Fifth Ray soul mission) do this spiritual-soul transmuting and healing work together as two who are one here at the Sun Temple on Earth. We supplement and complement one another. Hence, he is in my living room to help me, just as I go to visit him physically in his living quarters and spiritually in my light-body exchanges with him, adding my unique talents, practices and insights to his.

We round each other out, we become one Sun that shines on one and all. We link with you in doing the same, for we are all one in the One. All of us are to love our fellow adorable golden “dogs” (all people on Earth and in the astral planes) so that once again they become golden children, even golden giants, of God.

One final interpretation: the golden puppy represents the entire animal kingdom on Earth, as well as the vegetable and mineral kingdoms which puppies and man in his physical body consumes. We are not here to misuse and mistreat the animal kingdom for selfish purposes, but to shed our golden light on all life on Earth, our current Home. Yes, we come into solar consciousness, in our golden light body. But we are not here to get off the Earth, but rather to illuminate all its kingdoms with golden, I Am, Helios-and-Vesta light, love and life. So be it.

Black Jack

By this time in my morning visionary experiences, I had given up all illusions that I was in control of the process, that I could predict what would come next. Sure enough, a 4th “video clip” appeared on my third-eye screen. In it, higher beings of light gave me a black jack, like the jack in a pack of 52 playing cards. This black jack was not a black spade or club but rather was just black. So what in the world did this mean?

It took some online research to figure this out, to get the full impact and teaching of this visionary black jack that Helios had presented in my inner vision. First of all, there are 13 such cards in each of the four divisions of the whole deck of 52 cards — black spades and clubs, red diamonds and hearts. Right away the number 13 struck me. In playing my hand in the game of life in and through my physical body, I was to be a black jack.

In order of power and position, the ace is the highest card, followed by the king, queen, jack, and then card numbers 10 down to 2. Thus, the jack is the 4th card in ranking.

The ace with a capital A represents the All, God the Good, the Great Spirit. The king is the male ruler here on Earth, along with his queen — e.g. Sananda-Jesus is the king, Sol-O-Man the queen of our four lower bodies, our “four suits” so to speak. I Am a Jack, one who serves the King and Queen, who is their son or prince/princess, just as Sananda and Sol-O-Man serve Helios and Vesta of the Sun.

Originally, the jack was called a “Knave,” meaning one who serves the king and queen. But the symbol of a Knave was “KN” that was similar to, and therefore sometimes confused with the symbol of a King, which is a “K.” Therefore, the Knave card was renamed as a Jack card. And then, later, such Knaves or children of the King and Queen misbehavior, rebelled against their Parents, even plotted against Them. Thus, now the word “knave” connotes a negative meaning, indicating one who is negative, nasty, not reliable, cunning, etc.

Jack of All Trades

“J” in Jack is for Jesus. Jack is a nickname for one called John, whose name means love, hence John the Beloved of Jesus’ twelve Apostles. So, I Am to be a John or Jack, thus to Love God and One Another in all my physical actions. I Am to be a “jack of all trades”, to utilize all of my 12 Christ or I Am Powers to heal humanity.

However, at times, all appears to be dark around me, just like in this above vision — the black Jack was all that was pictured, with darkness all around it. So, definitely, at times, we as pioneers of I Am consciousness feel alone on this dark planet. But, always we can feel All One with God, with Helios and Vesta, with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and other ascended masters. Thus, we are never truly alone — it is a delusion, it is impossible to be so, except in our mortal mind.

Furthermore, like when Phillel helped me in dealing with the golden puppy, we all have friends on Earth. Phillel and I are your friends, just as you are our friends. All of us who love the Lord and all of His-Her creations are friends, willing to lay down our lives for one another.

So, it is time for us to be a black Jack who lights up the darkness, who does not hide his or her light under a bushel, but rather lets his/her light shine. Then, Helios and Vesta can shine through us, amplifying all we radiate to one and all on Earth and in the invisible, dark to us, astral planes. So be it.

Helios & Soleil

Day 5 for me was another good-writing morning, maybe 2500-3000 words in 4 hours, plus some more new images and drawings. I was “cooking” and “hitting on all cylinders.” The overall feeling and intuitive knowing was that I was now in the “home stretch.” It was just that I had to keep going and get this blog right on schedule.

The primary new image to represent this and my growing unity and integration with Helios came during the day in my musings. I was just walking around the apartment, focused on other things, when in my mind came the comparison of the name Helios with that of Soliel, my high Self name. When I spelled “Soliel” backwards as “leiloS,” it was very close to Helios. Five letters in Soliel-leilos were the same as in Helios, although placed somewhat differently in part of them.

I felt Helios guiding me in this realization and new imagery, as I had felt his presence off and on for the last 2 days. These were not definitive overshadowings and specific contacts. It was more like he was standing or sitting in my apartment, in my living or other rooms as my buddy or captain, and subtly but specifically guiding me. By this time, I was so much more comfortable with his presence, such that apparently he did not have to overwhelm me with his energy to get my attention and to help me to shed my lingering doubts. I knew his vibration, his energy, his presence. I knew that for this week, he was often with me and working through me.

One in the Son-Sun

Finally, the idea and image came to put this new insight about, and conscious awareness of, our oneness into a picture of the Sun or solar logos.

The 5th day is that of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. So, Helios and I are one, he being above, from the Sun, and I radiating his and my sunlight here below on Earth.

My name in this image to the right is seemingly backwards, not because something is wrong, but because I live in the third dimension being transmuted into the fourth dimension. Man of Earth in mortal consciousness sees things backwards, upside down, outside in. Until mortal man awakens spiritually, he does not know, accept or therefore act as a child of God. Therefore, he (she) thereby is prone to “sin” which means to learn their lessons backwards. Yes, I can look backward into the darkness of my past, but in time I step forward, like unto Helios.

Thus, you and I are here on Earth to shine solar, son, I Am light and love on humanity, to lead the way for mankind out of their darkness back into I Am, solar consciousness and the fourth-dimensional, golden light body. Each of us lay down our life and therefore seem to mortal man/consciousness to be backwards when in fact we are one with Helios and Vesta, one with Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Forward we go!

Days 6 & 7

On day 6, I crossed out and released some parts and entries in this blog that were unnecessary or not fully accurate (like unto things in my mind, body and soul), and then made a final working draft. On Day 7, I did a final edit, put in some more pictures, spruced things up, and now am getting ready to send it out.

For your week, you can follow the above seven steps in seeing the H coming down into and around you, even as you know it will not necessarily happen in the order or way in which I have described it. You are an unique individual, who is entirely capable of using this framework but adapting and improvising it as you go along.

Some days, the crossbar may be in one center, some days in two chakras. Some days, you will get nothing in your visualizations and meditations, but rather have a rest and absorption time. Some of you will see visions, others will not. Just be your Self. Know that Helios and Vesta are guiding you. Go with the flow.

In like manner you may or may not have images like unto the ones I shared above on my 7-day journey in writing this blog. My personal experiences simply serve as one example of how your journey may likewise take place.

Hopefully, my example and this long, well-rounded, fully developed blog (hence its length), inspire you and light your way, and especially show that you, too, can and will have similar experiences; you, too, can feel the presence and power of Helios. He is shining his light on one and all in this blog network and for others in the upcoming 7 days, and beyond.

And please, enjoy your journey, be happy and harmonious, radiate your love-light to one and all, to the whole planet. See the planet as the golden globe it is soon to be. Love God and Love One Another. Dance the Divine Dance. And give thanks unto Spirit!


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  1. My Day #2 meditation and visualization led me to think about the acronym
    F.E.A.R. – “False Evidence Appearing Real” – and see it transformed anew into
    “Face Everything And Recover”.

    For me, at this moment, that means “transformation as love in action.”

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