Be a Sun Temple

Be a Sun Temple. Be a Temple of the Living God, a Temple of your God or I Am or son-sun Self, a Temple that is composed of your mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies; foursquare on Earth, one with the Sun-Son.

Welcome Vesta, co-leader of the Sun or solar logos, in your heart and in your feminine subconscious via which your emotional and astral bodies express. Welcome Vesta in your loving Home.

Welcome Helios, the masculine solar co-leader of the Sun, in your head and in and through the conscious aspect of your one mind, via your mental and physical bodies. Welcome Helios in your loving Home.

Welcome your I Am or Christ Self and light body especially into and through your hands and feet. Let Helios, Vesta and your Son-Sun-Daughter-Moon-Light shine in and through your physical actions here on planet Earth, which is but one of twelve planets that orbit the sun in this solar system.

Be the Sun Temple that you are. Be Love in Action!

Tour the Sun Temple

Our key focus this week is our physical body in and through which we manifest and demonstrate our solar love-light — as above, so below. In these 7 days, we shall take all that we have studied, learned and experienced in the last three weeks about the sun and solar consciousness, and find specific, practical, physical ways to apply and express it here on Earth; thereby transmuting it from being the Earth to the Heart center for the whole solar system.

On day 1 of this week, start this physical focus and aspect by concentrating on the physical sun that is the star at the center of the solar system, around which the 12 planets move in elliptical orbits. Nine of these orbs or planetary spheres are physical and three are of a higher dimension, and thereby not seen by our physical eyes through a telescope or by physical space probes; just like we cannot see our light body with our physical eyes but only with our all-seeing, cosmic, third eye.

The sun/star is a nearly perfect ball of hot plasma, heated to incandescence by nuclear fusion reactions in its core. Plasma is an energetic state of matter made up of ionized gas. There are said to be four states of physical matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Thus, we have solid ice, water as the liquid, gas in the air, and plasma. Plasma is a soup of positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons).

We can compare these four states with our four lower bodies. In one such comparison, our physical body is solid, our astral body is liquid, our emotional body is gaseous, and our mental body is plasma-like.

Another symbolic way to frame this is that our physical body is solid and liquid, our astral body is gaseous, and our light or etheric or electrical body is plasma-like. Thus, our light body is like unto the physical sun of our solar system, which shines its light in and through each of our four lower bodies. This week, we are to physically shine like the son-sun of Father-Mother God that we are!

Hydrogen & Helium

The physical sun is composed primarily of the elements Hydrogen and Helium, with Hydrogen comprising about 73% and Helium being about 25% of the mass of the sun. The remaining 2% is mostly heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon, neon and iron. Hydrogen is the lightest element, whereas Helium is the second lightest (think of Helium-filled balloons that float). This is the same as found throughout the known universe, wherein Hydrogen and Helium are found in about the same amounts as exists in the sun of this solar system.

In the Periodic Table of all the elements, Hydrogen is number 1, whose symbol is an H; whereas Helium is number 2 whose symbol is He. The word “Hydrogen” comes from the Greek “hydro” and “genes” meaning water forming. Thus, 2 atoms of hydrogen (H2) burn with one atom of oxygen (O) to form H2O or water.

The word “Helium” comes from the Greek word “Helios” that means sun. On and in the superheated sun, there is no water. But water comprises about 71% of the Earth’s surface, just as water comprises about 60-70% of our physical body. Our brain is about 73% water.

Note that these two most abundant cosmic elements start with the letter H. This is the letter or symbol that we used in our visualizations last week to connect with Helios of the Sun, its coleader with Vesta. In Greek mythology, Vesta is called Hestia, another word beginning with an H; hence the two H’s of Helios and Hestia (Vesta). Each of us is the O of oxygen, the spark of life and light, that combines with the 2 H’s to form H2O, the water of life that pours out from Heaven in the New Jerusalem on Earth, which we take into our physical form.

Solar Light & Heat

In the core of the sun, when atoms of Hydrogen fuse together to form Helium, tremendous amounts of energy are released. Hydrogen is composed of a one proton and one electron. In the fusion of two Hydrogen atoms, the electrons of these two are freed from their orbits around the protons, and thereby release huge amounts of energy that comprises the light (photons) and heat of the sun that radiate throughout the solar system and beyond. It is estimated by today’s physically-oriented scientists that every second, the sun fuses about 600 tons of Hydrogen into Helium, thereby converting 4 million tons of matter into energy.

This conversion of matter to energy, and energy back to matter, follows the famous Einstein formula: E = mc2. Hence, “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.

In like manner, Christ Jesus as a spiritual scientist proclaimed, “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I Am in the midst of them.” Thus, when our conscious (physical body) and subconscious (astral body) link or fuse with one another, they become the receptacle for the redescent of one’s superconscious (light body), which consists of vast amounts of etheric, magnetic energy. This I Am love-light anchors in us and radiates out to one and all, to all kingdoms everywhere on Earth, from our I Am Sun Temple to all the other 12 Temples, one for each planet.

When we pray and meditate and “dance” with one other person, our fusion produces double or even quadruple the power of our combined forcefield. When 2 of us link, bond, fuse and marry one another, when 2 fuse together as 1, Helios and Vesta can shine their solar light in and through us; as can various ascended masters, angels and space visitors from within this solar system and beyond, out into the galaxy.

Color It Clear

Typically, when we think of the sun, we think of a yellow-orange-red sphere like we see in the morning and evening, when due to the sun’s low position near the horizon, the sunlight that emanates from the sun travels through more of the Earth’s atmosphere than during the day. This often causes the rising or setting sun to appear in yellow, orange and red hues.

Thus, pictures taken as seen through telescopes or via space probes, such as the one to the right, commonly are shown as being in the yellow to red range.  However, this image is a false-color imag   as seen only in ultraviolet light, such that it looks like a flaming ball of light.

However, with our physical eyes, we cannot see either ultraviolet or infrared light. What we see of the sun during the afternoon is pure, clear, so-called white light that is composed of the seven major colors, such as seen in a rainbow. See the picture to the right of this clear/white appearing sun, which is a true-color image taken in the entire spectrum of visible light, using a solar filter.

Thus, in the middle of the day, when the sun reaches its zenith, sunlight comes straight down through the Earth’s atmosphere, it appears clear or white to our physical vision. (However, please do not stare at the midday sun, or its light may “burn” your retinas and destroy retinal cells.)

On Earth, sunlight is converted by the chlorophyll in plants into energy that empowers every physical reaction on Earth and in our Earthly physical body. Thus, if there was no sun, we would not be able to have a physical form. In this way, we on Earth and all life on the entire Earth are directly interconnected with the sun. Even at a cellular level, we are solar beings.

Solar Magnetic Field

The sun has a magnetic field around a north-to-south bar pole or magnet of the whole sun. (See image below and to right.) This magnetic field radiates out from the surface or photosphere and corona of the sun; it streams out, into and beyond the whole solar system. It is composed of plasma, whose radiations are called solar winds.

Thus, we have a beautiful analogy to help us understand how the solar logos extends throughout the solar system and encompasses it. All twelve planets are bathed in and surrounded by the solar logos, whose center is the physical sun, but whose magnetic vibrations and energies, and its heat and light extend in all directions.

Thus, the solar system is one, whole, holy system; just as our physical body with its 12 Christ or I Am powers and corresponding physical organs is one, organic whole. Without the Sun’s magnificent magnetic field, the Earth and the other planets would spin out into the galaxy. The magnetic field of the Sun holds all twelve planets within its radiating boundaries.

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The Earth, like all the planets, likewise has a magnetic field, with it having a bar-or-pole-shape magnet in its core, from the North to the South Poles of the globe. This Earth’s magnetic field interacts with the solar magnetic field, and shields the Earth to some degree from the potential harmful effect of the solar winds or solar magnetic field, even as the Earth benefits from solar light and heat, not to mention love. This magnetic field symbolizes and expresses the Earth logos, which is a spiritual entity that surrounds, interpenetrates and manifests the Earth.

Human Magnetic Field

In like fashion, our physical body has a magnetic core or bar-shaped magnet, extending from the cerebrum at the top of the head (its north pole), down through the spinal column to the base of the body (its south pole), and extending to and surrounding the outstretched arms and feet. This magnetic field extends especially from the head (Helios) and the heart (Vesta), both of which are filled with electrical energy and activity. The spinal cord with its bioelectrical nerve impulses is the third most powerful part of the magnetic field.

Thus, from our physical body, to the EarthHeart planet, to the Sun, to God, we are one in the One.  We are one Holistic continuum that is Holy and Harmonious, that expresses the Harmony of Heaven, the Harmony of the Spheres, in which God dwells and manifests in His-Her Omnipresence.

The Earth logos is but tiny compared to the Sun logos, with the physical Earth being only about 1 percent as big as the physical Sun. The Earth’s magnetic forcefield is but a small part of the overall Solar logos that extends throughout the solar system.

From our Earthly vantage point and consciousness, the solar logos as a spiritual entity seems huge, almost beyond imagination. And yet, the solar logos is but a speck in God’s logos that interpenetrates and manifests the whole universe or cosmos. Talk about HUGE! So, in Reality, it is all a matter of perspective. Truly, as above, so below, in multiple steps, degrees and levels of eternal life everywhere.

Guidelines for Reading & Applying Blog

The above is more than enough to meditate upon during the first day of this week, January 10th. Or, if you wish, keep reading this full blog to get its overall picture, gist and presentation, and then come back to the first three-four pages of it, as given above.

You may also want to print out the whole blog, put it in a folder or notebook, and then read just a few pages each day throughout this week, without having to turn on your phone or computer. Scientific studies have proven that when we read the printed word on paper, we understand and grasp more of its content than if we read it on a computer or phone screen, or on an e-book on a iPad or other such device.

If you spend about 10 minutes or so each day in reading a few pages, that means you will only spend about an hour each week perusing and absorbing this blog.

Finally, you may want to read the blog on my blog site in order to see the proper placement of its drawings and pictures. When the blog gets sent out to you via email, it is broken up into pages, so if a photo is at the bottom or overlapping with the next page, often it will be moved to the next page and the photos after it also will be moved. 

Golden Dome

For the 1st day of this week, see yourself surrounded in about a 16-foot wide, 8-feet tall  dome that is the top half of a golden sphere or globe. (By definition, an upright dome is the top half of a globe.) Thus, the bottom of the dome extends about 8 feet to either side of you. See this dome positioned over and around you, such that the top of this dome is about 3 feet above the top half of your head, with your skull being like the “dome” of your physical body.

(See picture to right. You do not have to place your arms in a V — I used this picture of me because it is the only one I have that shows me standing up.)

If you are sitting down, the whole golden globe can be 1-2 feet smaller in overall size. Just make the dome fit nicely around you, at least 2-3 feet away from your physical body, such that it encases your astral body and auric field.

Whatever the size of the golden dome, be happy and harmonious inside it. It is your spiritual home here on Earth. It is your individual Sun Temple!

Be Grounded

The bottom half of the golden globe goes down into the Earth, which symbolizes the anchoring of golden, solar light into the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. In a sense, this bottom half is an inverted, upside down dome. Thus, when you are in the FULLgolden sphere, you are in a double dome.

The globe represents your magnetic light body, your I Am logos that surrounds and interpenetrates your four lower bodies that are electrical in nature. In I Am, solar consciousness, we sing the body electric, as Walt Whitman wrote in his poem, “I Sing the Body Electric.”

The top half of the sun sphere or globe, which is a dome, symbolically represents Vesta, the feminine or subconscious leader of solar, sun, I Am consciousness. The bottom half that is an inverted dome, represents Helios, who physically anchors sun-son light on and in the Earth and via our earthly, physical body.

Thus in the image above, I reach up with my arms in a V to receive Vesta. Then in a sense, I lower my arms, point them horizontal and then downward into the Earth, by way of my feet that stand on the earth elements, on the ground of my beingness.

As above, in and around the sun of this solar system, so below on Earth, via our conjoined subconscious and conscious, our female and male aspects. Superconscious, subconscious-conscious are one in the One.

Ask & Receive & Do

In this golden light-body dome/home, ask Spirit to show you some new, specific way to put your son-son, I Am light and love into physical action(s).

It may be a phone call; an email; taking a walk with someone; giving someone a hearty solar hug; laying on your hands with another; helping others to clean up their houses, apartments or yards; serving others delicious, healthy, life-filled food that is charged with your love; being a good listener; giving someone a gift (a gold rose, perhaps); treating your “enemy” as your friend; singing a “golden oldie” love song to carry your solar, harmonic, magnetic vibrations to others.

And then, be about your Father-Mother God’s business in small and big ways. Be a friend to one and all. Show each person in definitive, easily recognizable ways that you love her or him. Love up your pet or other animals. Walk barefooted and ground your love/electromagnetic energy into the Earth elements, even as negatively charged electrical ions move from the earth into your physical body and energize it. Give to the earth as it gives to you.

Have a love-in! A love-in-action demonstration, complete with music.

Healing Sounds

Do you know that Pythagarous, an incarnation of Serapis Bey who is Chohan or Director of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, experienced, believed and taught that each planet and the sun has its own sound! In meditation, we can tune into each of these sounds, which Pythagarous called “the music of the spheres” or the “harmony of the spheres.” We do not hear these sounds or harmonies with our physical ears, but with our spiritual, light-body ears. Via our clairaudient, superconscious, clear listening, we hear the still small voice of God, the planetary and solar sounds, within us.

In a channeling on February 26, 1969, as found in our Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius on pages 232-234, Serapis Bey via Nada-Yolanda explained that every atom, every cell, every physical organ in our physical body has its own unique sound. Thus healthy liver cells sound one way whereas cancerous liver cells sound another way.

We therefore are capable of using sound to decrystallize the cancerous cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. We also can enhance the health of cells, organs and the whole body by sounding just the right note or sound or song, or series of such sounds. We will do this especially in the New Age to come, but we can start right now.

We can sing a song that uplifts us and all around us. We can sing with power and grace, with peace and love, with I Am brotherhood and sisterhood in the one Family of Man, by having Spirit sing through us. Following this principle, in this blog I am including a number of songs that are uplifting, inspiring and healing.

Here Comes the Son-Sun

So, sing your solar sound or song that resounds and radiates to others, near and far. Intune it, let this divine music flow into and through you, maybe via an already known, favorite song or as one that is new to you; or as Oms that you sing from inspiration.

Below is a de-light-full song by the Beatles that you now can play to inspire you: “Here Comes the Sun.” Sing along with the Beatles, clap your hands, tap your feet, do your dance. Get somebody to dance with you. Share the joy, the love, the happy sun consciousness.

As Hilarion/Plato said: Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Indeed, here comes the spiritual son in you, the divine daughter in you. Here comes the sun each new morning to each and every soul on Earth, brightening their lives, warming their hearts, opening their minds. Here comes Helios and Vesta, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, You and Me. Sun-Son-Sun, here It comes. Thank You, Father-Mother God, our Cosmic Sun of suns!


Below is another favorite sun song, this one by John Denver, “Sunshine on my Shoulders.” Its photo images are especially uplifting, showing the sun in all its rising splendor. Sing it with him as the lyrics are also included. Let your son-sun shine on, and resound in, one and all!

Day 2: Baptism with Fire and Water

For this 2nd day, January 11, 2022, shift your focus to the second step of baptism with solar fire and soul-earthly water. Yesterday, in your 1st day, your focus was the first step or major initiation of birth. You birthed your weeklong practice to physically express your solar consciousness on Earth. Your key focus was your astral Crown chakra and physical Cerebrum at the top of the head, in and through which your redescending Christ Self and light body are birthed on Earth.

Here’s a way to dance in your 2nd step during your 2nd day, as given to and anchored via me at our HBM here at the Sun Temple (I Am Nation HQ) on Wednesday, January 6, 2022, just a few days ago. In my meditation, I came into communion with Helios and Vesta. They came down the 12-foot-in-diameter-column or tower of blue protective light that I first had visualized around me, traveling down through the central, top part of the protective, golden dome that I first envision over myself and then over our whole 89 whole 89 acres of land, and then into my head. (More about the dome follows several paragraphs below.)

Vesta came down in her own pole or cable of solar light/energy that anchored into my left cerebral hemisphere, whereas Helios anchored his pole of divine light down and into my right cerebral hemisphere. It took all my concentration and energy to hold their dual presence in my crown chakra/cerebrum, my body’s central computer. In my inner vision, orangish-reddish light appeared, indicating that their combined presence was “heating up” my head and all my 4 lower bodies. As I became more comfortable with their powerful presence, after about ten minutes, this yellow-to-red solar/Christ light slowly morphed into gold and white hues.

In time, Vesta stood to my left and Helios to my right. I was in a solar or Christ column of light that was my baptism with fire. This higher energy released and surfaced some old doubts and wonderings from my subconscious into my conscious mind: Was I really, clearly experiencing this or perhaps coloring or shading it, even making up parts of this. So I had to dismiss these age-old thoughts and feelings, these soul memories; to face and overcome my temptations in the wilderness of my soul. This was baptism with water.

Two as One

In the previous two weeks, in my daily meditations and communions, I had felt mostly communion with either Vesta or Helios, but not with both of them. This time, the two of them came together, like the two vertical poles of a letter H. I had to hold their combined forcefield in order to express it physically in practical, uplifting, healing ways; to be their healing, solar channel; three as one. 

After about 10 minutes, Helios pronounced: “It is done.” This meant that their combined presence was anchored solidly in and through me. I now consciously could hold both of them at once. Even my feet and toes tingled with their magnetic/electrical presence and power.

Then, several people came to mind, to whom I radiated healing, love and fiery light. I saw each of them within a 16-foot globe of golden light, which then expanded so as to cover and encase their house, property and/or apartment. I envisioned each such person being whole; aflame with the light of their I Am Self, even as they shed and dispersed the remaining soul darkness within them.

Upon coming out of meditation, I felt balanced, grounded, at peace. And yet I felt like I was walking on air. I was above and below. I was in my light body but still also partly in my physical body.

It was not until two days later that I grasped more of the full significance of this dual anchoring on Helios and Vesta on Earth. For, then it came clear that I would share this experience in this blog as an example of the second day or second step in putting our solar, Christ love into action.


In 1960, Mark-Age moved from a small cottage in Miami into the second Mark-Age headquarters at 327 NE 20th Terrace, Miami, which had a two-story house and a two-story complex of six individual apartments on a Miami city lot that about about 1/4 of an acre in size. Mark and Yolanda called this new headquarters Mark-Age Metacenter. Mark Age is the “age of marks” in which mankind on Earth is cleansing and transmuted the errors of the past and present in order to move into a New or Golden age of peace and brotherhood on Earth.

This Latter Day or Purification Period was originally scheduled to last the literal and symbolic forty years, prior to the Second Coming. But due to so many light workers aborting their soul missions, the Second Coming of Christ Jesus currently is estimated to occur sometime between now and 2040 AD. However, no one knows the exact time it will occur.

The name “MetaCenter” is two fold: 1) Meta means “metaphysical,” such that this center teaches and demonstrates metaphysical truth principles that all are to practice on Earth; and 2) Meta also stands for “Lady Master Meta,” who has been the primary guide and protective overseer of light groups on Earth for the last 2500 years. She is the twin soul of Hilarion, Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration, who was Plato, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore.

On February 19, 1959 (see MAPP to Aquarius, page 228), Sananda explained that MetaCenter is a thought form superimposed over and expressing through the physical buildings and individuals living there: “MetaCenter, then, is a focus that is built by thoughts and by energy and by works and by faith that produce what is the end result of Mark-Age which is an idea on the etheric plane, and MetaCenter which is a form on the physical.”

Sun Temple

Sananda further said that MetaCenter served as a primary focal point, temple, portal of light or spiritual vortex of light into and through which descended visitors from other planets, angels and ascended masters in the celestial and etheric planes, solar beings, and emissaries from the galaxy and beyond.

Metacenter served as the primary example for all other centers or focal points of Christ, I Am light. Thus, MetaCenter served as the Sun Temple, whose radiations extend out to all 12 planetary Temples all around the Earth; such as the Temple of Venus in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, USA and the Earth Temple on central Long Island, NYC, USA.

No particular shape was given to symbolize the etheric thought form or sun temple of MetaCenter. However, time and again, Sananda and other masters, as well as angels, called upon Mark, Yolanda and all Mark-Age associates to surround MetaCenter in spiritual light. This was to protect it from intrusion by lower, negative astral beings and those of lower, mortal, dark consciousness here on Earth. This forcefield also would uplift and spiritual nourish all who lived and worked there, plus all who came there to learn and apply metaphysical truths, as channeled via Yolanda by those of the Hierarchal Board of this solar system, and as given forth by El Morya/Mark.

Helios & Vesta at MetaCenter

Nada-Yolanda had been the high priestess of the Sun Temple in Atlantis, which was located between present-day Miami, FL and Bimini that is a chain of islands about 50 miles due east of Miami. She reprised this role in Miami at MetaCenter, picking up the Atlantean soul threads and moving forward to rebirth her Nada or I Am Self. Miami was the new location of the Sun Temple.

On April 2, 1961, Yolanda explained the hieroglyph of her name (drawing at left):

“The sun is the energy transformer for our solar system and physical existence and is also the origin or home of my soul, as it is for many others.

“The name Yolanda is broken down as follows: Y represents the proper position of man worshipping God, both hands upraised in thanksgiving and for receiving; the left hand represents the subconscious or negative aspect and the right hand the conscious or positive aspect of his triune Self; the stem of the  is his body, in clear line and communion with his high Self but rooted to the Earth. O is for the sun or Sonship. Land is for the Earth planet. A, in the form of an equilateral triangle, is the symbol of Atlantis.”

[Note that Yolanda’s two arms form a V, partly for receiving Vesta and other feminine solar beings, the symbolic Vestal Virgins.]

On December 18, 1963, Helios and Vesta of the Sun first contacted Nada-Yolanda, sang their cosmic song in and through her vessel and then channeled a vocal message. Both the song and message gave primarily symbolic imagery and elevated metaphysical principles, and very little in the way of specific details or delineations. (Later, I would think of the song as partly being a higher version of the Lord’s Prayer. Both the song and the prayer cover/express the same cosmic, universal laws and principles.)

Commenting about her experience, Nada-Yolanda said: “This is my first vocal communication from Helios and Vesta, who represent the beingness or identity of our own sun logos (positive and negative, male and female polarities united as one).” Helios and Vesta never contacted Yolanda again throughout the rest of her lifetime. Apparently, their anchoring of their vibration and energy in and through Nada-Yolanda and MetaCenter was sufficient for those years. (See my previous two blogs by clicking on Vesta and Helios for a detailed description about, and my communions with, these two solar beings of light. The one of Vesta also contains the song and channeling given by Helios and Vesta via Nada-Yolanda.)

I Am Nation Pyramid of Light

On May 10, 1974, Sananda announced the I Am Nation: “You have come to this area [southern Florida] for planting a new spiritual nation. Now it unfolds to your conscious minds and memories. Let it begin.”

On May 15, 1974, Sananda elaborated: “Our new spiritual I Am Nation can only be based on a solid foundation and core of absolute truth, understanding and love.” He instructed Mark and Yolanda to move Mark-Age headquarters to southern Broward County, north of Dave County in which Miami is located, by the end of 1974. However, Mark was not able to find suitable property there for five years. Finally, he did so and on December 31, 1979, Mark-Age moved its entire operation to 20 acres of land with two houses and a trailer in Davie (Ft. Lauderdale), FL, about 40 miles north of Miami.

Yolanda first saw a pyramid of light being anchored over the I Am Nation on January 16, 1980. One week later, on January 23, 1980, Sananda with Lord Michael channeled this message.

Drawing of pyramid of light is by Ross Feldner

“The pyramid of light is being built gradually and slowly over the I Am Nation properties. This is both literal and figurative in its symbology. To us on the etheric and celestial planes, this pyramid is a solid energy, a wall of light. It must be built up from the Earth level. Therefore, it has no apex which can be discernible to your mortal visions and extrasensory perceptions.

“As a matter of solid fact, from our score, you must realize this energy force field has a substance from which we rebuild and restructure the entire Earth plane vibratory rate for the new incoming fourth dimensional frequency. You must try to visualize this with us who remain in the invisible planes of action, guiding and guarding you in this joint endeavor.

“It works from the ground up in layers, such as the stories of a huge building. Therefore, we ask you to secure all four corners of the foundation stone of this I Am Nation literally. Seal it in your consciousness. Seal it also with some Earth plane substance, such as plants, shrubs or trees. Visualize it as the base of the pyramid.

“We will work with you in building the etheric substance in mind materials. But that will take a long period of time; no less than ten years, and not more than twelve to fifteen years at most. Thus, as you now comprehend in Earth terms, we are speaking of building the pyramid of light for an extended time.

“Specifically, we are conveying to you that there is no closing to the top of the pyramid. The top is open for the incoming light vibrations, which shall affect all who come to visit and to work on this land and in this holy site.

“You have to work from the ground up. We have to work from the opening at the top. That remains beyond your imaginations and mortal understandings. If you build with us cooperatively and express confidence in your missions of which we speak, the security of our land grant is secure.

“The I Am Nation is a reality. The peoples of this Earth planet will come to have confidence in it, based on the confidence you plant. A single seed can and fill feed the entire Earth.”

Solar Beings of Light

Seventeen years later, on July 12, 1991, Phillel was taken in his light body on an extraordinary visit to the sun and the central sun of this galaxy. In his blog titled “Journey to Son/Sun Consciousness”, he wrote: “In my light body I was drawn magnetically to the sun. At one with the solar logos, I realized how the precise balance of the entire solar system emanates fundamentally from this stellar sphere. Melding with the logos, my vibration was raised another notch and clairvoyantly I became aware of solar beings of light, moving rhythmically as they went about their cosmic tasks within the sun. . . .

“But my cosmic journey to this point was just the stepping-stone to the remarkable experience that would follow. Through a connecting tendril of light, I was drawn from the sun of the solar system to the central sun.” – – – To read this full blog, please click Son-Sun.

Healing Haven Retreat Center

From November 1 to 15, 1973, Yolanda and I traveled to northeastern Tennessee, about 40 miles north of Knoxville, for what we thought would be a two-week retreat and vacation. However, during our stay there, we established Healing Haven Retreat Center (HHRC) in Elk Valley, TN, which area before this, neither of us had visited. Following the guidance of El Morya and Hilarion, Mark-Age purchased twenty acres of property and installed a double wide trailer on it, complete with utilities. Moreover, on November 12, 1973, Yolanda received from El Morya, Sananda and Hilarion that she was to move the entire I Am Nation/Mark-Age organization to Elk Valley before the year 2000.

On November 22, 1973, after Yolanda flew back to Florida, I stayed at HHRC to oversee its ongoing development and anchoring. Then in mid-December 1973, I flew back to Florida and Yolanda came back to HHRC with another staff member, for a two-three week stay there  After returning to Florida, she did not physically return to Tennessee for the next five years.

A Band of Angels

However, about two and one-half years later, on April 6, 1997, at our Davie Headquarters, while I was giving Yolanda a foot rub and doing pressure point therapy on other parts of her body, after having taken her blood pressure and finding it greatly elevated from her previously normal level to a high, unhealthy reading of 170/90, Yolanda perceived the following via her all-seeing third eye: “A band of angelic forces, along with my body deva whom I still do not see . . . in a distinct form, surrounded the capsule or force field around me. They said: ‘We are increasing the light energy to the peak of what you can handle at this point in the process. We want to see what your maximum tolerance is.'”

Yolanda’s blood pressure rose to 190/95. She received clearly and repeatedly, however, that she was not to take the blood pressure medication I had recommended. She was given the analogy of a diver in a diver’s suit going through decompression, with the instruction that those working with her, particularly her body deva, would make the necessary adjustments to help lower the blood pressure.

Dome of Light

Elk Valley as seen from atop Pine Mountain

Under the guidance of the angelic band, Yolanda’s light body then expanded and she was bilocated from Davie, Florida, to HHRC in Elk Valley, TN. She hovered about 1000-1500 feet over the central portion of the entire valley (whose elevation is about 1100 feet above sea level) and created a protective dome of light there and around the mountains that surround the valley. (Elk Valley lays in a northeast line. It is about 5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. Pine Mountain is located the east of Elk Valley; its elevation where it adjoins HHRC is about 2400 feet).

The south border of this dome was at about Buffalo Mountain, which is the highest peak in that area at about 2600 feet above sea level. This mountain is about five miles from HHRC. Yolanda had no conscious idea of why this south border of the dome was where it was. The reason for that would not be clear until two and one-half years later.

Once the dome was clearly and solidly anchored, as directed by the angels, Yolanda gradually returned to her physical form in Davie, at which time the angels disconnected from her force field.

About ten minutes later, her blood pressure had dropped to 170/90. She rested the remainder of the day. At 8 P.M. that night, her blood pressure was 158/78. The next day morning, it was normal at 135/65; and it remained normal in the ensuing days. Thus, she and I concluded that her blood pressure had risen due to the increase of the etheric energies via the angelic band. In just a day’s time, it was back to normal. Had it not returned so quickly, she probably would have taken the blood pressure medication.

(All of this reminded me of the time in Talkeetna, Alaska in September 2014, when Helios and Vesta descended over me and down to either side of me, creating what felt like a fiery furnace. Afterwards, my temperature had gone up to 104 degrees. I had not taken my blood pressure then because I did not have a blood pressure cuff to do so; but my heart rate was accelerated and beat more strongly than usual. But by the next day, my body’s temperature was back to normal, as well as was my heart rate. So, as a general guideline, unless your symptoms abate quickly, in a day or two, please always see a physician.)

This placing of the dome over Elk Valley was the first time that Yolanda had been guided to use this dome imagery over a specific area.

Geodesic Dome

Two months later, on June 1997, Nada-Yolanda had this vision: “The entire United Staff were in a field with dark clouds everywhere, facing a geodesic dome that on the outside was very brownish, dark, dull. The door opened and light beings of the most elevating vibration — almost formless but shimmering individuals without individuality, a host of invisible helpers — beckoned us to come inside the dome.

“All of us were hesitant because the exterior did not look the least bit inviting; although the beings were extraordinarily inspiring, the building itself seemed forbidding. But we were compelled, drawn as a magnet, into the dome. All of us moved as one body into the dome.

“When we entered the building, the light beings closed the door. We turned around. Inside was the most exquisite, light-filled, fully equipped home, a biosphere (see Montreal Biosphere below and to right). Everywhere there was light, there was music, there was beauty beyond Earth material décor. It had every facility for full and comfortable living, with full operations as a business. All our responsibilities as the Executive Committee for the I Am Nation could easily be executed within this magnificent structure.

“The light beings drifted through the wall to the outside. We could see what they were doing. They were sealing every crevice: every crack in the door, every window, the underground, the roof. It was impenetrable by any force whatsoever, hermetically sealed. Then they moved back into he building with us.

“They said: ‘Resist not evil. Those who have chosen not to serve the light cannot penetrate here. They will swirl around this dome in order to shake, shatter or destroy your being and purpose and function. They will create a whirlwind, a tornado, a hurricane, beating against this dome. We have sealed it off; nothing can penetrate or disturb this environment and the functioning within this dome.

“‘Those dark forces or error choices that mankind has made . . .will fight against themselves with such a fury that they will destroy themselves. You will do nothing; you will say nothing. You will just pray and mourn and project for peace, love cooperation and coordination for the light workers everywhere on the planet. The 144,000 must be saved. That is your function; that is your security. That is why you are in here, fully protected, in order to perform your mission.

“‘The choices choices that are being made and will be made shall reflect the consequences in individual lives, in societies and in the world itself. Those consequences are of no consequence to you. You did not choose them. They are the consequences of the choices that others have made. Let them make their choices and face the consequences of their choices. . . .

“‘God bless you all. God is protecting you all. God is in you all. So be it in truth.'”

I Am Nation HQ in Tennessee

In May 1998, a six-acre property in Tennessee became available, located in Elk Valley (Pioneer) about five miles southwest from HHRC. Nestled in a secluded mountain hollow, it included a two-story house, a barn and a large workshop/storage building that were built in 1993. On June 1, Mark-Age rented this property, with an option to buy.

After completing the sale of our 10-acre Davie, FL property in early November, Mark-Age purchased the 6-acre Tennessee tract on November 16, 1998. In Mid-January 1999, Yolanda and many of the staff arrived at the new site of I Am Nations quarters, which became the new location of the Sun Temple on Earth. She resided on the top floor of Trinity House (so named to honor the trinity of Sananda, El Morya and Nada), Phillel lived on the bottom floor, and other staff moved into nearby HHRC.

Meanwhile, I stayed in Florida for one year to complete work with Unity Ministers David and Gay Lynn Williamson in producing the five-part Twelve Powers In You presentation. To see the 13-hour video series of these powers, click on 12 Powers. (Gay Lynn worked long hours before finally getting this posted on December 21, 2021. Thank you, Gay Lynn!)

City of Light

At the new headquarters on February 1, 1999, Sananda channeled: “This is Jesus the Christ. This is my city of light. I have called each one here to establish the I Am Nation. . . . Long it has been established that this is my chosen area for bringing in the highest frequencies that the planet can tolerate as we transmute very gradually over the next two thousand years evolving into the fourth dimension. I have released those spacecraft commanders who can assist you for anchoring the new energies into the planet. They do this through their instruments called hieronics. . . .

“Use your individual I Am Self guidance. Accept each other with peace, love, cooperation and coordination, as the prime example of individual I Am Selves linked into one force field by which an entire planet can be raised into the fourth dimension. You have my unfailing support. I am available to you, each in your own ways and consciousnesses. Do not hesitate to seek guidance and fulfillment. Each of you has earned this, otherwise none of you would be here now.”

Please note that Sananda called the new I Am Nation HQ his “city of light.” This is yet another way that we symbolically and literally can refer to any of the thirteen spiritual temples or focal points around the planet.

Boundaries of the Dome

I did not return to Tennessee until December 1999. At first I lived at HHRC, then in spring 2000, I moved into the new two-story Hilarion House that Mark-Age had constructed on the I Am Nation property, to provide further living spaces for United Staff members. (See photo to left of Hilarion House in late fall of 2021.)

In October 2010, Mark-Age purchased an additional 31 acres of land that adjoined our original 6 acres; 3 acres of which we sold to longtime Mark-Age Family member Cathie Bird, who now lives in log cabin in the western part of our property.

Then in 2015, Mark-Age purchased another adjoining parcel of 55 acres, to make a total of 89 acres. This secured the protection and security of our property.

About 50-60 acres of our overall property, located in its western section, is undeveloped. Part of it includes sections of Braden Mountain. However, to the west of Braden Mountain is Buffalo Mountain. The western border of our overall western 50-60 acres is about a half-mile east of Buffalo Mountain, which at an elevation of 2600 feet is easily seen from the upstairs porches of Trinity and Hilarion House. Moreover I had climbed to its top in about 2008-2009.

In the above picture of Trinity House, looking west, the first, nearest mountain ridges are Braden Mountain; in the middle of the picture, above and slightly to the left of the central chimney is Buffalo Mountain.

Furthermore, abutting our property to the west and the north is Royal Blue Wildlife Management Area, which never will be developed such that no homes or public buildings can be erected there..

Thus, amazingly, all of our current I Am Nation property was within that original dome site that Nada-Yolanda had envisioned and anchored in and around Elk Valley back in 1997! Apparently, Spirit and the agents of Spirit had foreseen that we would move from HHRC to our current site. When we sold HHRC and moved to our current property in 2001, we consolidated all operations here at I Am Nation headquarters.

Golden Dome

While Yolanda was still with us here on Earth until she made her transition and ascended in her Nada light body in 2005, she did not receive any more particular guidance or description of the dome over the property. Rather, she, Phillel and I, plus other staff who came and left, worked primarily with this dome imagery over the property, particularly over the developed section in the hollow, which is maybe 700-1000 yards in its widest diameter. The periphery of this dome is in the region of the mountains that surround the hollow or valley.

Phillel and I have continued to visualize and reinforce this protective, light-filled dome for the last 16 years or so, and will continue to do so. It has protected us from intrusion of negative thoughts from those in the lower astral planes, as well as from those in unawakened, mortal, negative consciousness here on Earth. And yet, repeatedly in our dreams, we have been shown efforts by the dark forces to penetrate and destroy our protective forcefield. Time and again, therefore, we have worked in conjunction with, and under the guidance of ascended masters, space visitors, angels and higher astral plane guides to reinforce the dome of light.

At times, the dome we see is expanded such that it covers all of our 89 acres, and even beyond that into the surrounding, undeveloped acreage of Royal Blue. Other times, the dome expands and covers a region that is about 50 miles in diameter. In some other visualizations, the dome expands further and covers a vast area that is about 500 miles in diameter. Nada-Yolanda first had envisioned this circle of influence when she and I were at HHRC in 1973.

Moreover, from within the dome, especially here at I Am Nation-Sun Temple headquarters, our light and love radiate to all the other 12 Temples or cities of light around the planet. As representatives of the Sun Temple, we light up the 144,000 elect around the whole world.

We can liken this to the structure and functioning of the physical sun. Its core is where most of the fusion takes place, where the light and heat of the sun is generated. From the sun’s center, that energy travels through the radiative layer to photosphere that is the surface of the sun that we see. Above and beyond it is the chromosphere and corona, whose light and heat radiate in all directions to every part and planet of the solar system.

So, the dome of our I Am Nation property and Sun Temple is like the core of the sun. When we expand the dome, it is is like the layers of the sun around the core. Furthermore, just as the sun shines on the whole solar system, our I Am Nation love and light shine on one and all around the planet.

In like measure, the core, central part of the Earth likewise is comprised of molten, super-hot substance, whose vibrations radiate out through several layers to the surface crust of the Earth, and from there to the other planets.

Golden Globe

When Phillel and I envision the dome of light over the property, we see it as the top half of a ball of globe or sphere sphere of light, with the bottom half being under the ground, such that the solar, I Am light and love extend into the mineral and animal kingdoms which we have come to uplift. The top half of the golden sphere is the dome of light we see over the property.

There is a wonderful, allegorical, symbolic depiction of the creation and functioning of the Earth in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. In the second day of creation, God separated the Earth’s primal sea into two halves, such that in the bottom half, land masses could form and vegetables and animals could be placed and grow thereupon. The upper part of the primal waters was a “firmanent” in the shape of a dome! In later descriptions of the Earth’s formation, this dome was referred to as the “sky” which is a dome over the Earth. So, allegorically and literally, from the beginning of Earth’s creation, a dome has covered it and all of us.

In the same way, as you and I birth our light body, we see and feel and anchor a dome over our four lower bodies which protects them and suffuses them with I Am love and light and life. Once firmly ensconced within and spiritually protected by this dome, then we can radiate light beams to the area around us, to the city in which we live or the undeveloped and sparsely populated areas nearby, to our state or province, to our country, to the Western and Eastern hemispheres, both the northern and southern sections of them, hence to the four corners of the planet. As a golden globe, we encircle and encompass the whole planet in our light body.

Typically, when Phillel and I work with the dome of light imagery, its color is golden, hence representing the golden light body and the gold light of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. However, at times the color is clear or one of the colors of the other rays or of the colors of our 12 spiritual powers. So, we may see the dome as being sky-blue in color, representing the I Am power of will that comes under the auspices of the First Ray of Will and Power.

Crystalline Diamond Beacon

Other images for working with protection and projection of light and love to the planet have been given. For example, sometimes Phillel and I work with the image of a pyramid over the property. In another instance, Lord Uriel instructed Phillel to see himself as a diamond crystal beacon of light which was composed of two pyramids of light, one pointing upward and one pointing downward, with the bases of the two pyramids joined together. (See the image to right.)

Also, this diamond crystal beacon was placed over the entire Mark-Age/I Am Nation HQ, with the bases of the two adjoining pyramids being at ground level. Click DCB to read Uriel’s channeling via Phillel and his work with this imagery.

Be at Home in the Dome

All of the above many paragraphs and pages of this blog have prepared for, and fleshed out, the use of the golden dome imagery. In this blog’s section that was titled Day #2, I initially shared the visualization of a golden dome being anchored over you, and then you being contacted by Vesta and Helios. Now, you can fill in some details and depths to this visualization.

In meditation, take time to relax, to be still, to become one with your I Am Self and those ascended masters and angels who are guiding and working in and through you.

Then, via your third-eye imaging faculty, once more see a golden dome like the one you used on the first day of this blog, coming down and over you. As before, the top, central part of this dome is about 8 feet in height, such that it is about 2-3 feet above your physical head. The bottom of the dome is below your feet, at ground or floor level; it is about 16 feet in diameter, hence 8 feet to either side of the the central core of spinal column within your body.

Of course, if you live in an apartment in a multi-floor building, do not make the top of the dome so tall as to have it extend into the floor and space of the apartment above you or below you.

In the image to the right and above, a horizontal line separates the top half from the bottom half of the golden globe. This line is just below your feet. Golden light flows from the top half down into the bottom, into the physical Earth. This represents your anchoring solar consciousness into the planet itself and all is myriad life forms.

Affirm: I Am in a dome of golden light that protects, uplifts, inspires and grounds me in sun-light and son-love. Nothing of a lesser, mortal, negative nature can enter into this dome, either from those in the lower astral or on the physical planes. I Am firmly, solidly, fully anchored here on Earth. I am Home in my Dome

Helios and Vesta

On this 2nd day of this week, think about, welcome and see Helios and Vesta, 2 who are 1,  coming down from above, into and through the top, central portion of your golden dome, and anchoring themselves into your cerebrum. From Helios extends a pole of light that enters into your right cerebral hemisphere. From Vesta comes her pole of light that anchors into your left cerebral hemisphere. From the crown chakra-cerebrum, which is the uppermost or top or first chakra/organ of your astral and physical bodies, the solar light and consciousness and bodies of Helios and Vesta descend into your third eye chakra, in the center of your head, with particular stimulation of the area in front of your forehead.

This 2nd chakra/center area is our key focus for this 2nd day. (Typically, we talk about the regenerative and sacral chakras being the number 1 and 2 centers, but that is only true for the rising or ascending of your kundalini-electrical fire up your spine. What you now are experiencing is the redescent of that fire down your crown, third eye and spinal column. Before, it was as below to above, but now it is as above so below.)

Ask Helios and Vesta to give you a new I Am image that forms or takes shape on your third-eye screen in front of your forehead. This image is the next step for you to take in your 7-day journey down your body and chakra system. Maybe you “see” nothing but rather have a strong intuitive impression or flow of new thoughts. Perhaps you hear a song playing in your mind and head, which carries its message and vibration to you in a new and deeper way.

Meanwhile, be sure that have not set up preconceived images or ideas about who Helios and Vesta are or about what they are about to give to you. Otherwise, you will cloud and distort your third eye mirror or window or doorway between dimensions. So, if your conception is that they are extraordinary beings of light without any discernible body or that they are beyond your ability to perceive them, then they cannot show themselves to you as they are. Or, if you feel “little,” unworthy, blind as a bat, incapable of having communion with them, then how can they contact you? They may call you on the phone, so to speak, but you will not be able to hear them or speak back to them.

Be clear! Let go of your personal perceptions and beliefs. Ask them to show you the way, to show you who and what they are, not what you expect and want them to be. Thy will be done, the higher will of Helios and Vesta, who are of higher consciousness and oneness with God. Ask and then receive.

Take Your Time

Please do not be in a hurry or expect something to happen in a single, magnificent flash or cosmic idea. Take it as it comes. In my own experience of this, once I became aware of and felt the two poles of light being anchored in my two cerebrums, I pondered this new image, something that I had not received before or conceived of in specific imagery. On the one hand, it felt so natural and right, their presence in my brain was so powerful, that I was sure I was receiving it clearly or mostly so. On the other hand, some doubts and concerns, even fear arose that I was “making this up” or coloring it.

However, after ten minutes or so, when I had become firmly convinced that all was in order, the next images were of Helios and Vesta slowly descending until they stood to either side of me. From above, now so below even unto the bottom of my feet. Symbolically and literally, they were here with me like they were my grandparents or great grandparents. Inwardly, I felt this baptism of fiery light all down my spinal column and body. Slowly, I underwent baptism with water in flushing out and eliminatory my residual doubts. Then the whole imagery faded in the mist, and shortly after that I came out on meditation, still charged to the gills, so to speak, but with no more new ideas and images presenting themselves. I was full to overflowing with solar light and consciousness. Thank you, Helios and Vesta. I love both of you!!

Maybe you receive little or nothing in your meditation, but rather the flow of ideas and images comes later during the day or in your dream that night. Whatever happens, it always helps to write it down in your spiritual diary and journal. Then you can go back to it and see how things progress and get verified over a period of time. Even if you consciously did not receive anything, thank God and Helios and Vesta for their abiding, loving, light-filled presence. Have faith multiplied by strength that they are with you and for you, radiating their love to you. Amen.

Here’s your/our song for today: “I Can See Clearly” by Jimmy Cliff. I try to listen to this at least once a day. It always lifts me with its lyrics, music and rhythm. Whatever doubts, fears, worryings, wondering I have simply vanish and I am lifted into seeing the sun-son on a clear, sunny, blue-skied day. All is in harmony and divine order.


And here’s a second version of this song by Bobby McFerrin in concert, with his inviting the audience to sing the song while he presents a veritable orchestra of sounds, words and rhythms that accompany the song. He is a marvel to behold and experience. He is truly one of a kind! So watch and sing, move and dance, clap your hands, enjoy yourself. Be one with your Self and him, two as one, singer and audience. En-Joy.


3 as 1 on Day #3

Now that we have got things going, heading into our third day, we recap our first and second days as we start our morning meditation. Then, we await the next new image, experience, upliftment and/or communion with Helios in Vesta, in consciousness if not fully in actual, specific overshadowings by them or their solar associates.

This time in my third-day meditation, Helios and Vesta once more came down via my brain and body, and stood beside me, warming me up, quickening my mind and heart, nearly bringing tears of cosmic joy to my eyes.

Then they morphed into another new, totally, unexpected form and vision. Each of them became a golden globe, with each globe being a slightly different color with various different patterns and etheric substance in them. Then they prompted me and moved me to see myself in my light body as a similar, though smaller, golden globe between them. Again the temperature within me rose another notch, my inner vibration accelerated, I had to do all I could to stay here, to be grounded and to not fly off into space.

It took ten minutes or so. In this passage, I came to realize anew that I was a son or grandson or great grandson of them. We were family. And what parent, grandparent or great grand parent does not love his or her son or daughter!? What a totally delicious, delightful, divine feeling this was to be encased in, protected by, and love unconditionally and purely by them.

Growing Up

Gradually, as the imagery and feelings and inner knowings progressed, my golden orb grew in size until it was nearly as big as theirs. He and she and I were one. We were 3 who are 1. It was like I was not so much a child as I had become a young adult in solar consciousness here on Earth. In I Am consciousness, we all are equal, equally created by our Father-Mother Creator. Helios-Father, Vesta-Mother, and Soliel/me were one. We were a glorious triune family of light and love.

Even at the end of this visionary experience, however, my globe was still not as big as theirs. I was still their son, younger, lesser experienced, lesser evolved in consciousness. A son never catches up to his father, who is older and wiser, nor does a daughter do so.

Yes, in one divine, cosmic sense, we are one and equal. But, still we recognize our particular level of expression and growth. We recognize that all of us are together in this grand awakening of Earth, that there are always those before us and those who follow us. But we are not, as men on Earth like to be, competitive, always trying to figure out who is the “top dog” and who is the “bottom dog.” Rather we are cooperative, friends as well as being parents and children.

In this third day and step, our key focus is our throat chakra, in and through which our I Am attributes of will and power pass and then externalize via our vocal apparatus, muscles and limbs. So that means that it is time to dance, as a way to welcome the rising sun. So, it is definitely a good time to dance! So let’s dance! You with me, you with others. You seemingly by yourself.

We all can dance! We all can dance with Helios and Vesta and with one another, in our light bodies, whatever dimension we are in at the moment. Yes, let’s dance. Here’s the YouTube video to inspire us in this step, “Celtic Heart with Justin Hayward”, another one that I listen to most every day. It never seems to get old.

Day 4: Heart to Heart to Heart to Heart

This 4th day focuses on our heart chakra and heart, liver and spleen, which become aflame with love that dissolves and disperses any residual darkness.

For this blog, we are focusing on the seven chakras as being in vertical alignment, and descending down them one by one in our light form, as enhanced and guided by Helios and Vesta, who descend step-by-step in and through us.

There are other ways to see this ascent and descent of the spine. Moreover, it typically does not happen in such a logical, physical, straight upward and downward manner. Rather, on day 4, we might be inspired to focus once again on our throat center or on our solar plexus. As always, therefore, go with the flow. The schematic we are following as a framework is just that: it is a simple, straightforward formula, but life and spiritual growth hardly progress in this way.

Rather, we take two steps upward and forward, then one step downward and backwards, then two more steps upward on our way up the spine. Thus, our spiritual growth and ascension is an upward spiral, always moving gradually higher.

Then in our redescent of our spine, we take two steps downward, then one step back up, then two more steps down, always in the long run anchoring and manifesting our ascended light body on Earth. Thus, each time Helios and/or Vesta contact and anchor their vibration in and through us, they typically ascend back to above and beyond our consciousness awareness so that we can absorb what they have given us. Plus, they refresh their forcefields in the higher planes and levels of consciousness, perhaps aboard etheric spacecraft such as Sananda’s ship #10. Even parents do not spend every single moment with their children. Parents as well as children need “time outs.”

Remember, too, that Vesta and Helios are only manifesting perhaps one-twelfth of their overall solar power and consciousness in and through and around us. That is all any of us here on Earth, the lowest vibrational planet, can handle. Thus, to use the symbology of a 12-foot V for Vesta, she only anchors about the bottom one-twelth or just one foot of it into our Vessel. Moreover, she can not stay here too long, or she would lose her connection to her higher Self and consciousness. But, even 1/12th of her can be totally overwhelming until we get used to it. Steady as she goes.

Additional Solar Beings

Here’s my experience on my day 4, which occurred 2 days after my 3rd day, with a day of rest and absorption in-between. Once again, Helios and Vesta descended into my forcefield and stood beside me. This time I could see the outline of their bodies of light, but no more details. Moreover, their combined energy was greater than any previous time.

The guidance came, apparently from them, to expand the dome around me, such that it was 20 or so feet wider than previously, hence about 30-35 feet in diameter. At first, I thought that this was due the Helios and Vesta’s incomparable presences. But slowly, I began to realize that other solar beings of light had descended with them. At first, these were shown symbolically to me as being globes that that were smaller than those forcefields-globes of Helios and Vesta. Moreover, each globe had a different color and all of them moved around and intermingled with one another to form a cohesive but ever changing and adapting forcefield; with such movement and interaction being directed by Helios and Vesta.

To confirm these visionary experiences, my own vibration accelerated and expanded, I was even more so in my light body which knows no physical, set boundaries, but can expand and contact as the situation requires. Furthermore, I felt intense, deep love in my heart and throughout my other chakras and corresponding organs, which was new, unique, higher and more profound than any previous contact with Helios and Vesta.

Once again, per usual in any such contacts, doubts, wonderings, worries and mental-emotional wanderings and questionings eventually surfaced in my conscious mind and clouded my inner vision and experience. But in time, as I got used to the new communions, these dark, limited ideas, feelings and soul memories faded away.

1 Leader, 12 Followers

At first, it seemed like Vesta had 7 such feminine, solar associates or assistants who had descended with her into my globe; they represented the 7 rays of life, and were analogous to 7 of the 12 Vestal Virgins in Roman times. Likewise, Helios was accompanied by 7 masculine disciples and co-workers. This seemed to be literal, but may have been mostly symbolic.

Near the end of this entire communion, it became clear that there were 12 Vestal Virgins accompanying and serving Vesta and 12 masculine warriors of light and love following Helios.

By now, it felt like my forcefield had been expanded and multiplied 12 times, which was quite a leap, quite a challenge to hold and ground. Each of my 12 Christ or I Am powers and corresponding organs were accelerated, not just my heart. Once adjusted, I never before had I now felt so certain and comfortable with Helios and Vesta, so willing to share my experiences with them on my blogs, to be a spiritual leader and holistic healer. Never before had I felt more like I was Soliel of the Sun, one who shines as a son of God!

At this point, Helios announced to me: The healing of your physical heart has now begun. It will take 12 months to fully externalize and manifest. To which I responded: So be it in truth. Amen!

Put out your Welcome Mat

So, in your meditation this 4th day, affirm, see and welcome Vesta and her 12 “Vestal Virgins” and Helios and his 12 “warriors of light” into your dome and forcefield, especially in your heart center. See what happens. Go with the flow.

Let go and let Helios and Vesta and their associates surround you in divine love that lifts you heavenward. Ask them what they wish you to do, how you might work and exchange with them, how together you can project light and love, power and peace to others, what new physical actions you might now take to put your solar consciousness into action, how you can heal your heart and the hearts of others. Ask and receive and do as you are guided from within to do so.

Below is the song for this day: “We Can Build a Bridge” by Naomi and Wynonna Judd. This song is dedicated to Nada-Yolanda, who has been, and continues to be, a bridge of love to you and me, and to all light workers; from the etheric realms through the astral planes to us here in physical bodies on Earth. She has been a cosmic bridge between Helios/Vesta and us.

As my beloved spiritual teacher and friend, she has helped me immeasurably in bridging my past with my present, on the way to the future. The feminine light being coming across the bridge in the above picture represents her and other such ascended masters, including solar beings of light, coming across the bridge from the etheric realms, through the astral realms, to us on Earth.

The song’s title “We Can Build a Bridge” is wonderful. However, I also sing it as “We Have Built a Bridge” or “We Are Building a Bridge.” Sing and enjoy whatever version that you like, or make up some of your own words or phrases. Sing along, the lyrics are included. Afterwards, during the day, sing on your own. Think of someone else and sing to him or her: We are building a bridge, between your heart and mine. Lovely! Divine!

As the Judds sing so beautifully, love and only love can heal the tribes of man!


5th Day Transfiguration

During our 5th of 7 days of physically expressing and anchoring solar light and love on Earth, our focus is our solar-plexus chakra and our digestive system. This chakra is so named because this is where we digest and assimilate food that brings condensed solar light to our physical body.
Plants in their chlorophyll convert solar light into physical energy that we can ingest, digest and distribute throughout our body temple, thereby energizing every physical reaction and function in our entire physical form or vehicle. Thus, our body can be seen and felt as being sunlight congealed in physical form. Indeed, we are a solar being of light.

Our focus this day is on the 5th Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, whose Chohan or Director is Hilarion. His incarnations include Plato, Paul and Charles Fillmore. Hilarion is the etheric director of Healing Haven. Throughout our 5th day, our third-eye focal point is on healing, on becoming still more at one with our I Am Self and with Helios and Vesta of the Sun, as well as their solar associates and helpers and “apostles.” We realize anew that we are part of one big solar family.

On day 5 we also resonate to the fifth major initiation of transfiguration. In his 5th step, Christ Jesus was transfigured on the mount by his Sananda light body. When this occurred, his aura and physical body shone like the light of the sun, which dazzled the three apostles — Peter, John and James — whom he had brought with him. They were sore afraid of such powerful etheric light and fell to the ground, in awe and wonder and worship.

Then Sananda-Jesus, via his third-eye imagining/thalamus faculty, projected 2 holographic images, one of his lifetime as Moses, the second one of his incarnation as Elijah. These were so lifelike that the three apostles wanted to build physical shelters for them.

Both Moses and Elijah had been transfigured atop Mt. Sinai and had demonstrated their spiritual powers there and after their descent. They had been suffused with the fiery light of their light bodies, although they did not always express it in the best, highest way. That is what Jesus did — his is the demonstration of power that we follow as we talk and walk on the Earth.

Have a Peak Experience

So, during our day 5, we may have some analogous experiences. In my case, this came in a vision following communion with Helios and Vesta, in which the golden globe around my aura and physical body expanded several more feet in size and in fiery power. This was my “peak experience.” I felt a new mastery of being Soliel, with the spiritual power to commune with God, receive His commandments and to shine my Christ light on my remaining darkness and that of others, near and far; to transmute and destroy the symbolic prophets of Baal, man’s worship of mortal, personal power; to heal one and all, and all kingdoms.

Helios and Vesta seemed more real than ever to me. They were symbolically and literally on the mountaintop with me, in rapt devotion to the Sun that represents God Himself-Herself, which/whom we could see clearly from our elevated perch. More of my Soliel power was restored and expressed in and through me, especially via my imagination faculty in receiving and broadcasting out new I Am images of healing. See and be and do to the next degree!

Here’s one song for this week. It’s title is simply “Elijah.” It is in honor of Sananda as Elijah, and is sung by Anne Murray. I often find myself singing its chorus: “Elijah was a man just like you; sometimes happy, sometimes blue; he was a little bit impatient but he somehow knew; if he waited on the Lord, He would surely come through.” Amen to that! Plus the scenery in the video is gorgeous and uplifting, with multiple mountain peaks. And the song is a real toe tapper.


And here’s another song, this one in honor of El Morya/Mark, whose spiritual, First Ray will and power has assisted, guided, uplifted and empowered me from the time I first met him in 1970. I have leaned on him time and time again. He has always been there for me, and for you. He is our friend. The song is “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, live in Chicago in 1972. Let us lean on one another! Let us be a powerful friend to one another!


6th Day of Crucifixion-Resurrection

This 6th day is one of reviewing and crossing out remaining doubts, fears, worries, self-power and selfishness in all its various forms. Then, following entombment, we resurrect in our light body. We birth our light body on Earth.

Here’s my experience: In meditation, linked with Helios and Vesta and their 12 men and women assistants, I realized that one pair, one masculine and one feminine solar being, had traveled to one of the twelve temples or cities of light or power centers all around the planet. Each such temple had a pair of solar beings watching over, inspiring and enlightening it.

I felt a corresponding, planetary-wide expansion and visitation and tour of the twelve temples. These form a integrated network or gridwork of light via which the ascended masters, space visitors, solar beings and angels pour their light and love into the planet to transmute it into a new and higher vibration. This work of planetary transmutation comes under the auspices of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose Chohan is St. Germain. He serves Sananda/Jesus and prepares the way for Jesus’ Second Coming in his light body as part of his seventh step and demonstration of his seventh major initiation. He has ascended in his light body, now he is ready to redescend in his light form to lead the planet into a New, Gold Age of brotherhood and sisterhood.

During this current 6th day. Affirm, decree, visualize and realize that son-sun light radiates in and through you as an individual sun temple to all of the 12 planetary temples. The Temple of Neptune is located on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia (as  received by Phillel). The Temple of Mercury is located in northeastern India, including parts of Nepal (as received by me and confirmed by Sananda and Sol-O-Man). The Temple of Venus is positioned in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, USA (as realized by Nada-Yolanda).

You need not now know the location of all the other temples. Just radiate golden light around the planet and it will make its way first to the twelve focal points, vortices or power centers around the world. In months to come, we will visit each of these twelve temples, building on what we have initiated this day.

To rightly radiate son-sunlight to the temples, we first have to link with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who are the co-leaders of Earth. Once we are one with them, we are automatically linked with Helios and Vesta. So here are two songs dedicated to Sananda/Jesus:



7th Day of Peace, Love & Rest

Ah, yes, the 7th day of Creation, of creating and demonstrating peace, love, joy on and about the Earth. This is the day we put our full, divine, cosmic love into physical action. This is the day we ascend and descend in our light body. This is the day that we ascend into cosmic oneness and bring it back down to Earth.

Here’s my experience, that of just this morning, prior to finishing this blog and getting it sent out. (So, please take it with a grain of salt.) In my meditation, I traveled briefly through all the previous six days, steps and visualizations; all the ways in which Helios and Vesta had descended to and uplifted me, and therefore everyone, because we all are one. What one does, he or she does for all. Jesus ascension lifted all of us here on the planet and its astral planes into I Am, light-body consciousness, into oneness with the Sun or solar logos. I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me!

Then, to my total surprise, my head was tilted back and I looked up and into the sky and the heavens, to the Sun which was directly overhead. Coming down from it was a huge letter V, which was approximately 12 times the 12-foot letter V that I had been using as a way to visualize and become one with Vesta, to implant her feminine solar love in my physical body and on Earth.

Oh my God, this huge being identified himself as Vortran, he of the Galactic Centrex, near the central sun (core) of the Milky Way Galaxy. Phillel, in two extraordinary experiences had communed in 2014 with Vortran, who had channeled his words through him. Please read these now by clicking on the following two links: Vortran1 and Vortran2.

In my past communion with Vesta on day 7 of the week that was devoted to her (two weeks ago), she alerted me to the eventual, possible presence of Vortran. She said that her letter V not only represented her implanting feminine, solar light and love throughout this solar system, but also that she was a Vessel for Vortran and his group of fellow galactic beings to transfer energy from the region of the central sun into the sun of this solar system. Whenever any galactic being comes into this solar system, she said, he or she first stops and anchors his/her energy and presence in the solar logos/sun of this solar system. (Picture to right and above is an artistic depiction of the Earth and our solar system’s position in the Milk Way Galaxy. The core light of this galaxy symbolizes its central sun.)

Hence, there is a transfer from the central sun, to the sun of this solar system, to the suns and daughters on each of the 12 planets, including Earth. And not only that, but there are beings from other galaxies who visit the Sun and our solar system. (Scientists now estimate that there are 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe or cosmos. From them, galactic beings travel  to the central sun of this Milky Way Galaxy, then to our Earthly Sun, and finally to us in our individual Sun Temples. I will share such a galactic encounter/visitation that I had years ago during our upcoming four-week focus on the Temple of Neptune.)

The point is that we are one and interconnected with all life throughout the cosmos! This is truly cosmic consciousness. Whew!

So, hold onto your hats this 7th day, as you may have some cosmic experience that Spirit and the agents of Spirit have in mind for you. It may just be the thought, the idea, the realization of cosmic oneness, which you then translate down into some physical action. To know and experience cosmic oneness, we first must experience it here on Earth. Ask and receive. Let go of any expectations you may have. Be a V, as well as a H, and receive and broadcast and do whatever it is that you receive. Be cosmic love in action. and my friends, love is always cosmic!

Two Songs to Wrap it Up

There really are no songs that can rightly portray this cosmic perspective, reality and oneness.

But I have picked out a couple songs that I like and hint at it. The first is the song “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night (1971). Some of its lyrics are rather earthbound, but I love its chorus that says it all: “Joy to the world, all you boys and girls now, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.”


The second one below is the final chorus of Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, which along with the final Chorus in Beethoven’s 9th symphony (Ode to Joy), are my two favorites classical choruses. Be the golden, light-body flute that you are, whose music harmonizes the whole world.


Let us sing in one global chorus:, Joy, Peace, Love, Healing and Oneness to all on Earth and throughout the Cosmos! So be it. Thank You, Father-Mother God!

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  1. Day 3 – doing the dance! Dancing through the day, the cosmic shuffle of two steps forward, one step back. And ’round and ’round we go! Learn and relearn, live and be, keeping the faith, living to see.

  2. Day 5 – friends for sure! Today’s reading brought to mind a couple of verses from the Glo-Ria inspired song that I “wrote” a few months back:

    “If you want to know the truth of how I see,
    Then please, let me tell you who I Am;
    I don’t always be the one that’s me,
    But I promise to do the best I can.”

    “What’s going on I can’t really say,
    And that, my friend, is the very thing
    That’s bringing me to a brand-new day,
    Because love for life is the song I sing.”

    Your current blog posting is excellent!

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