See & V & Be

Friends, starting today, Monday, December 27, 2021, and continuing for 7 days, our key focus will be on Vesta of the Sun. She is the solar partner of Helios. Together, Vesta and Helios are the co-leaders of the Sun, like unto Sol-O-Man/Mary and Sananda/Jesus being such dual leaders of Earth.

To commune with and feel the presence of Vesta, we first open our all-seeing eye via which we peer into the solar system. We open our mind and heart to the possibility that Vesta has come here to Earth to shed her solar light and love upon and within us; and the whole planet.

What we see via our new I Am imaging faculty is what will be. What we See is V, Vestal of the Sun, who will descend into our mind, soul and physical body, such that our heart, hearth and home will be aflame with fiery, eternal solar, Divine Feminine love and light. Then, we will Be love in action. See & V & Be!

Vesta and the Vestal Virgins

In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home and family. (To the left, see a modern picture/painting of her.) She was the keeper, along with six or more Vestal Virgins, of the eternal flame in the Temple of Vesta. (Her closest Greek goddess equivalent was Hestia.)

Only a few statutes and depictions of Vesta from Roman days remain, since she was considered to be the flame itself, which came from the fiery light of the Sun that lit up and heated the whole planet. (The word “Sun” in this instance is capitalized to indicate the solar logos, not just the physical aspect of the sun that we see with our physical eyes.)

Moreover, the Temple of Vesta was round in shape, not rectangular as were most of the other temples to the gods and goddesses of Roman mythology and religion. (See picture of the temple to right.) This round shape portrayed not only the round shape of the sun but also the Divine Feminine representation, whereas the rectangles indicated the Divine Masculine aspects/places of worship.

Home in our Heart(h)

The hearth was at the center of Roman homes. The hearth is a brick- or stone-lined fireplace, with or without an oven, used for heating and originally also used for cooking food. For centuries, the hearth was such an integral part of a home, usually its central and most important feature, that the concept has been generalized to refer to a home-place or household, as in the terms “hearth and home” and “keep the home fires burning.” In fireplace design, the hearth is the part of the fireplace where the fire burns, usually consisting of masonry at floor level or higher, underneath the fireplace mantel.

Thus, symbolically, fire is at the center of our lives, for fire symbolizes the classical element of fire that relates to the sun and to the etheric realms, that of our fourth-dimensional, light body and superconscious aspect of our one mind. Air corresponds to the astral planes and the astral body, and to our soul and subconscious. Water and earth denote the physical, third dimension; our animal body and conscious mind.

Vesta was the keeper of the flame. Once a year, on March 1, about at planting time at the start of spring, the Vestal flame was extinguished and then relit, hence to reinvigorate anew the earth elements so as to produce good crops.

Symbolically, it also was the renewal of one’s soul and spirit, of one’s devotion to the Sun and to son-sun consciousness. Thus, in the above modern painting of Vesta, she is holding the torch via which she transfers the I Am flame of the light body and etheric realms to the round receptacle (the soul or subconscious) in which the eternal physical flame was kept in the temple. Vesta lights up our vessel, our whole life!

Be a V

To begin our linking with Vesta, we follow in the footsteps of Nada-Yolanda of the Sun. Her given name was Pauline Sharpe, hence representing her personality and physical, conscious self. Following her spiritual awakening in 1956, in 1960, she received her soul name, which is Yolanda of the Sun; this portrays her subconscious level and astral body, which is the go-between from the conscious and the superconscious aspects of our one mind; and the bridge between the etheric and physical dimensions.

Note that the name Yolanda starts with a capital letter Y. This letter symbolizes her role and function as the subconscious-soul representative in the Mark-Age trinity of El Morya/Mark (conscious), Nada-Yolanda (subconscious) and Sananda/Jesus (superconscious); as representatives for all men and women of Earth.

Thus, the letter Y indicates Yolanda’s soul mission, going back to the days of Atlantis, when at the peak of her soul development on Earth she was the high priestess of the Sun Temple that was located between present-day Miami, FL and Bimini. The Sun Temple represents and acts as the receiving of the emanations and consciousness of the Sun. It is one of thirteen such temples or focal points, vortices or power centers on Earth, one for the Sun and one for each of the 12 Planets.

The letter Y also symbolizes Yolanda’s soul or astral body. The bottom, vertical pole of the Y represents her spinal column of light, her physical body. The V formed by her two upraised hands represents her reaching up to, and receiving, the sun-son-daughter light of the solar logos, including that of Vesta and Helios of the Sun. The triangular pyramid in the drawing to the right and above indicates the Sun Temple itself. The upward pointing triangle also is the symbol of Atlantis.

In 1962, Yolanda received her I Am or high or superconscious Self name, which is Nada. This name means the all-encompassing Nothingness or Womb out of which all manifestation comes. Nada reigns as the Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray, with Sananda, throughout the solar system. Nada is the name of her sun Self.

First Contact

Needless to say, the names of Vesta and Helios are not the original solar names of these two solar beings. Rather, they are code names that help us in Earth terms, descriptions and history to understand who these two solar leaders are, and what their functions entail.

On December 18, 1963, when Nada-Yolanda was in the sixth phase of her second major initiation of baptism with fire and water, just seven years after her spiritual awakening, she had her first and only contact with Helios and Vesta, who sang in and through her and channeled their message via her pure vessel. Thus, this was some fiery baptism!

Below is what she received as a song, one of the hundreds of such I Am or soul songs that she received in the sixties and seventies; plus a channeled communication from Helios and Vesta, and Yolanda’s commentary about it. (Photo to left is of Yolanda in 1960.)

These songs were recorded on a real-to-real recorder, which tapes we still have in our Mark-Age archives. A number of these songs were produced on a 90-minute cassette tape that is called My Soul Sings, but which did not have this particular song.


Our Lord is God, hallelu-hallelu-jah!
So be it for eternity.
Shun the way of man
And rejoice in the Lord God.
So it is done on high;
So it must be
In Earth consciousness.

Our Lord is God, and hallelujah!
It is the way of eternal strength,
It is the way of divinity.
My own, hark, My own. My own,
Which thou art in Me, hallelujah.
Hallelujah. All in one
Law of God, all beings in Me.

Strengthen thy will to be
One, one, one with Me.
Sons, suns, sons,
Ye are sons of the Light,
Ye are children of Love,
Ye are Mine own creations, cre-a-suns,
Of Light, cre-a-sons of Love.

I Am the Lord.
Holy Lights, Holy sons of the Light
Art thou, art thou.
Hail to thee, Mine own.
I Myself salute Me in you.
Lord, Lord, I Am thy Lord,
Love and Light.

Helios and Vesta greet thee, sons of Light creation. In all Divine Soul art thou one part of beingness. Sums of Light become sons of Light, and so ye are evolving to become not only individuals but bodies of Creative Energy in higher and higher spheres of evolvement. Be-come Light; as you are Light and Love deposited here in this era, time immemorial. Be Light. Be Love. Be One in Love-Light forever. So speaks Creative Energy to every singular soul and cell of Itself. Beingness is all in all; holiness is complete in itself. Child is one solar system, and cells of it are your own becoming.

Come, be Love! Come, be Light! Be-coming Light: be-coming is Love in you, as you are Love-Light in Mine own cellular structure. One Force is all Creative Energy, into many spheres, parts and external expressions. Find your Self in the self of your own cell; alive, alert, aligned in mankind, which is for ever and ever God’s Son, God’s only Son. Christ Light, Christ Love is your destiny! Child of the Light, I hail thee! Children in the Light, I salute thee! One we are, in recognition of divinity above all things. Sum of the sons of Light, sum of the suns of creation, cre-a-suns. This is All; for All is in the end and found at the beginning. One, one; let it be one victory in the Light, Love, Life! Life! Life. Amen. Amen. Amen.

#   #    #   #   #   #   #

Note by the channel, Nada-Yolanda: This is my first vocal communication from Helios and Vesta, who represent the beingness or identity of our own sun logos (positive and negative, male and female polarities united as one). Because of the unusual experience this entailed, I think it is worth sharing these realizations and impressions. (Photo to right is of a 12/23/21 sunrise over Pine Mountain, TN, shining its light on the Sun Temple here at I Am Nation HQ. The two-story blue house is Trinity House wherein Phillel lives on the ground floor; our public meeting room is on the top floor.)

The contact for communication was made by my master teacher, Jesus of Nazareth (Sananda), who always appears and blesses the initial contact of a new level of communication. It was he who gave me the signal to open for contact. On speaking, I was amazed that the names given were Helios and Vesta. [See picture below of the Greek god Helios in his sun chariot that is powered by four etheric, light filled horses–hence Divine Power–that take the sun across the Earth, from sunrise to sunset; his Roman equivalent was Sol or Sol Invictus, with the Latin word “sol” meaning sun.]

Because of the singular power that poured through my vehicle during and after the communication, making me transmute into a living sun from which divine healings poured through to the entire Earth and all on it, I realized that it is nearly impossible to believe that direct contact could be made from this Earth plane with the energy personalities of the sun logos itself. This must of necessity be phased down through an ascended master in a higher sphere so as not to destroy the limited physical vehicle through whom this energy is being transmitted.

This does not necessarily subtract from the message or the healing power, depending on the clearness of the channel. But I sensed at the time that should the energy be stepped up even a single degree more, my three-dimensional structure would burst into millions of atoms. Later, studying the song and the message, I realized it is mostly mystical, symbolic and coded. Even the syllables have to be meditated upon for comprehension.

This communication is not designed to be a personal experience, but one which is to accelerate the present rate of evolutionary progress of every atom in and around our solar system. The ascended masters on the etheric phase it down to us; we, as living sons of God, in turn broadcast it to everything now manifested on this planet. Inherent in the contact itself is each one’s ability to tap into the original experience that I had in receiving it. So be it.

#   #   #   #   #

Reach Up to the Sun

Please pay special attention to the last sentence of the above diary entry, in which Yolanda says that each of us has the ability to tap into the original experience that she had in receiving it. Thus, what Yolanda has done, we too can do.

In other words, each of us, no matter what major initiation we may be in, have the ability to commune with Helios and Vesta. In our soul record are the memories of our times on the sun when we first came from the central sun into the sun of this solar system. Therefore, as an original solar being, we can communicate with the current leaders of the sun or solar logos.

Reach up as Nada-Yolanda did to worship and to receive the vibrations of the sun or solar logos. Be a Y as she portrayed, with your arms being a V, representing Vesta of the Sun. The vertical line of the Y is your spinal column and physical body.

See & V & Be! Be one with your son-sun consciousness. Shine with the light of your light body and with the solar-light body of Vesta. Be I Am love in action on Earth. Radiate your love-light to one and all, which warms their hearts and hearths!

Be a Vestal Virgin

Reaching up with your arms and hands represents reaching up to the One Power of God, of calling forth the flow of Divine or Sun Power in and through you, with which as a cocreator with God you can do all things. Spirit can and will do all things in and through you.

Frist, however, you must be a “virginal vessel” like unto Vesta and the Vestal Virgins. Thus, you first have to forego your attachment to the selfish power plays of this physical, third dimensional world, including sexual exchange that is only for the personal pleasure and power of it, not as a proper from of SEX or Spiritual Energy Exchange in a good marriage.

You have to be a pure vessel to clearly receive the sunlight and sunlove of your own I Am or sun-sun Self, as well as the son-sun Self of the various ascended beings who overshadow and pour their etheric energies in and through you.

That is why you begin your visualization with connecting with Vesta instead of Helios. It is because Vesta represents the soul or subconscious, the feminine side of your nature, that which receives the implantation of the new images and higher thoughts, those of the etheric and celestial realms. Such etheric or Christ input anchors first in your soul or astral body, your auric field, and only then into your conscious mind and physical form.

So, first Vesta, then Helios. Therefore, this week we will focus primarily on Vesta, our Divine Feminine nature, then next week we will connect and communicate with Helios, who represents our Divine Masculine aspect of our one mind.

12 Vestal Virgins

The downward V that you make with your arms is the receptacle for the inflow of Vesta, whose name starts with the capital letter V. When she appears and anchors into you, it is like you are a Vestal Virgin, who receives her and follows her solar guidance and energy. (See picture below of Vestal relighting the eternal flame as the Vestal Virgins watch and add their sun energies to the ritual.)

In the early days of Vesta the Roman goddess, she was said to have only two Vestal Virgins in her retinue. Then, they became four, then six, and finally toward the end of the Roman Empire, Vesta was said to have 12 or 16 such feminine, virginal co-workers/disciples.

These historical Vestal Virgins were chosen as young women from patrician Roman families. They took a vow of chastity for 30 years, which if any one of them broke, she was buried alive. They carried out the numerous rites and rituals of the Temple of Vesta, under the direct guidance of Vesta herself.

As women in the Temple of Vesta, the Vestal Virgins had powers and privileges that other women of Rome did not have. They were honored and beloved, with the Temple of Vesta thought to be the very center or most important spiritual focus in Rome and the whole Roman empire; that which energized and sustained the vast empire.

12 Pure Powers

What we can take from this alleged Roman history, which is as much myth and symbol as it is literally true, is that we have 12 such virginal vessels that correlate with our twelve I Am or spiritual powers; in other words, the pure receiving and expressing of our 12 Christ attributes, by way of our transmuted, purified soul. So, this number is symbolic and literal.

When we first start doing this visualization with the V, it may seem that we have just two such virginal, pure powers: faith and strength, which externalize as the cerebrum of the brain and the spinal cord and nerves, respectively.

Then, as we become more acquainted with, and powerful in applying, these Christ attributes, two more potentially pure powers are added: love (heart and circulatory system) and wisdom (pituitary and other endocrine glands). And so on as we add all 12 powers in one continuous mixture, flow and expression. We become as Vesta of the Sun, whose light and love shine in and through us as a son or daughter of the Divine, of the solar logos of cosmic, fiery light.

Moreover, the 12 Vestal Virgins represent the 12 planets in our solar system. The Roman goddess Vesta is the feminine aspect or leader of the sun or solar logos. Each of her twelve disciples/associates/helpers represent one of the 12 planets, nine of which are physical and three of which are of a higher dimension and thereby invisible physically.

Vesta, as portraying the Divine Solar Mother, thus has 12 Divine Daughters, who are her off spring, who are nurtured, loved, taught and uplifted by Her. Whether we currently are incarnated in a male or female body, we have a feminine side of our consciousness, as represented by our soul or subconscious.


My own remembering of my solar past and re-connection with Vesta and Helios began in a channeled communication from Nada via Yolanda way back on April 12, 1972, when I was in my first major spiritual initiation of birth.

In it, she shared that I had evolved throughout the solar system and the highest etheric planes of all the planets, as well as beyond this solar system. This was an astounding revelation to me at the time, beyond my mortal comprehension, yet it felt right and true. Indeed, this was the birth of my awareness that I was/am a solar system citizen.

God bless you and thank you, Nada-Yolanda for helping me to remember my solar past! You are beloved of my heart of hearts. (Picture to right/above is by Anne Pace, 1974.)

Lord Maitreya, Solar Christ

Fast forward to my seventh major initiation that began in 2007-2008 and is now continuing. On January 21, 2008, I dreamt that four Chohans took me to see their teacher and leader, who they said had me in his heart. Upon meeting this extraordinary being, he was at least seven feet tall, and radiated incredible love and power, yet his presence was peaceful and heartwarming.

After expanding in size, he beckoned me to enter into his heart, which I did, entering a sacred, protected, cave-like, round room therein. When I turned around and looked out, I could see many of the planets in the solar system that were orbiting around the huge sun, which is 110 times larger than the Earth. (See picture to left of sun and 8 planets, minus Pluto.)

It was not until two years later that this master of masters revealed that he was Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ matrix (hence the name Maitreya) for the solar system. In Eastern terms, the name Maitreya comes from the Sanskrit word “maitri” that means loving kindness. He is of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, and is the master teacher of Sananda-Jesus. He serves as the Christ or leader of the whole solar system and all its planets, just as Sananda is the primary wayshower and Prince of Peace for Earth.

Under Maitreya’s power and influence, I started to recall more details of my solar history, in service to him and others of the Hierarchal Board. Maitreya is the co-titular head, along with Lord Michael, of the Hierarchal Board, whose governing Council of Seven meets on Saturn.

 Sun or Solar Cross

On November 16, 2010, when MariLyn and I were in Costa Rica, which we thought was to be our honeymoon but turned also into a spiritual mission, Hilarion projecting a sun or solar cross onto my third-eye screen. (See image to left.) Before this, I had been asking for guidance as to how to unify North, Central and South America.

Now I realized that I was at the center point of the solar cross, which was the area of Costa Rica, and was to project out sun-son light to the entire Western Hemisphere; to radiate the four step Christ matrix that Maitreya had given in 1993 of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. This would heal, integrate and unify the whole hemisphere.

Before this, I had known nothing about such a solar cross or symbol. But, when I looked it up online, I learned that this equilateral cross in a circle is a symbol found in ancient cultures around the world. The circle represents wholeness, completeness, harmony; as well as the circular, fiery globe of the sun. The cross also portrays the four primary directions, north, east, south and west.

Moreover, the cross represents the shape of Sananda’s ship  #10, which serves as the Earth’s etheric headquarters for the Hierarchal Board. (See picture to right/above. ) This city-sized spacecraft was seen when Jesus was born, appearing as a star in the sky, the so-called Star of Bethlehem. The solar cross also serves as the astronomical symbol of planet Earth

Thus, from Costa Rica, MariLyn and I, under the direction of Maitreya, Sananda and Hilarion, in conjunction with Lord Uriel of the Seventh Ray, projected golden, solar light to the whole Western Hemisphere (see picture to left). In time, it was to be united and linked with the Eastern hemisphere (see picture below), to make Earth the golden globe of peace and love that it is destined to become, the primary heart or love center of the Seventh Ray in the whole solar system.

The image of the solar cross imprinted deeply into my consciousness, bringing me to yet another level of, and opening to, my solar beingness, as well as that of all other children of God. Using this solar-cross imagery gave me a definitive expansion of my spiritual, solar consciousness — it stimulated some long ago recognition of having used it in the West and the East, in Atlantis and Lemuria, and having been trained to understand what it meant. In some undefined and not readily understood way, I felt not only earthly but also solar.

Solar Disc

At our weekly Hierarchal Board Meditation (HBM), after MariLyn and I had returned from Costa Rica, on December 1, 2010, Sananda and Sol-O-Man overshadowed and instructed me to raise up both my hands in their characteristic J sign; a J for Sananda in my right hand, and a reverse J in my left hand for Sol-O-Man. With and working through them were two higher beings of light, whose identity and nature I barely glimpsed and felt. Only much later would I realize that these two were Helios and Vesta.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man then guided me to lift up my arms and hands in a V shape that extended up above my head, such that my hands were about 3 feet apart. Into my hands, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, as well as the two seemingly solar beings, placed a vibrant, sparkling, brilliant golden disc of light that was about 3 feet in diameter.

Around its interior perimeter were placed 12 symbols that were written in what appeared to be space language letters and signs, like unto those channeled via Nada-Yolanda back in the late 1950s. (To the right is a sample of such space language given via Yolanda by Zolanda, who had been the high priestess of the Earth Temple located during Atlantis on modern-day central Long Island, NY. Zolanda was an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, my master teacher, who I had served at the Earth Temple in Atlantean times.)

Each of the twelve space symbols represented or portrayed one of the 12 planets in this solar system. In the center of these 12 planetary symbols and the whole solar disc was a space glyph or figure representing the sun.

The foursome of masters then directed me to gradually lower the solar disc, which became more like a golden globe or sphere, into the crown chakra of my astral-soul body, then down and into the circuitry of the cerebrum of my brain, which is the central computer for the whole body. From there, the solar, golden vibrations, images and memories began to pour down my spine, on their way to the rest of my physical temple with its 12 major organs or systems that are externalization of my 12 Christ or I Am powers.

(Picture to right/above is of me holding such a sun sphere. This sun disc or globe represented my I Am Self, whose name later I would receive is Soliel. I have trained on the 12 planets and the sun of this solar system, hence the space language. Each such space image in this drawing was taken from Yolanda’s space channeling from Zolanda as shown above. However, these 13 images were chosen randomly by me, and do not mean anything specifically about the sun and each planet. They just give a pictorial image of what I received in meditation.)

See and Be

Take a few minutes now, stop reading, and visualize yourself as being in the form of a Y. Before doing so, however, see yourself surrounded in a citadel or tower of First Ray power. This column of radiant, multiple-blue-Christ hues protects you from any negativity coming from those in mass consciousness or the lower astral planes. This tower extends up through the astral planes into the etheric and celestial realms, home of ascended masters and angels, respectively.

So, the Y that you see is inside the citadel of blue First Ray lights. The Y itself is more so golden in color for you are seeing yourself, your soul, as being a golden giant. Your feet are firmly on the ground, whether you are sitting or standing. Then raise up your arms, your instruments of I Am power, in the shape of a V. Your two hands are about 3-4 feet apart. The downward pointing apex of the V is at about the level of your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Your hands reach up to the sun or solar logos, to your own sun-son-daughter Self and light body.

To represent this, see a golden sun that is about 3-4 feet in diameter, whose base is in your uplifted hands, and which has space language symbols for the 12 planets around it and for the sun in its center. This symbolizes that the solar logos or sun disc/sphere is being lowered into your reach and power, such that you can bring it down and anchor it into your mind, soul and body.

Vesta is here with you to lower the Divine Feminine aspect of the solar logos/sun into your four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical; into and empowering your 12 I Am or son-sun powers.

Feel the heat, the glow, the light of the sun sphere above you, radiating down into you. Be one with the sun! Be the solar citizen that you are and always have been.

Two Vestal Virgins

Looking back now with hindsight, I also see that this 2010, solar-disc imagery and experience was like unto Vesta calling forth and working with her first 2 Vestal Virgins, the first two of our Christ or I Am powers, those of faith and love. Each such power has a feminine and masculine expression, like unto our subconscious and conscious aspects of our one mind.

Thus, most of this experience took place in the subconscious or feminine aspect of my overall mind or beingness. In other words, I had little conscious awareness at the time of what this solar-disc redescent meant or how I was to use the solar powers that were being remembered and reintroduced into and through my soul.

I did not know who the two solar beings were, those who were guiding, working in and through Sananda and Sol-O-Man to anchor solar consciousness in my vehicle. Only 4 years later did the realization come that these two solar beings were Helios and Vesta of the Sun.

Note how closely my imagery and experience were to the drawing presented earlier in this blog about Yolanda of the Sun reaching up her arms in a V to the sun or solar logos during the days of Atlantis. My arms likewise now had reached up in a V and received an image or energy of my solar consciousness, what later I would receive was my I Am or Soliel Self and its transcendent, solar powers. I was following in Yolanda’s footsteps, just as she had followed in the footsteps of Sananda, her master teacher; and of Sol-O-Man, my master teacher.

In the next four years, I had several meditations and visualizations of the solar disc or sphere transfiguring over and around me. In the initial visualization, as given above, this disc only was lowered into my crown chakra/cerebrum. In following contacts, the solar disc descended to my third eye, and down my spinal column to my throat and heart chakras.

On several occassions in the latter part of these four years, the bottom of the solar disc descended to just below my heart center, such that the golden sphere or ball of golden light was about 5-6 feet or so in diameter, with the top of the globe being about 2-3 feet above my head. (See image of this to the right).

Thus, it was like unto Vesta’s Vestal Virgins going from 2 initial such Virgins to 4-6 such feminine vessels of solar light and worship. Thus, perhaps I was halfway in anchoring and expressing publicly my golden, sun-like, fourth-dimensional vibration and consciousness of my light body.

This descent of my light body, however, did not occur in a straight line, but rather in a series of steps wherein one time the fiery light might be focused mostly in my third eye, the next time in my heart, a further time in my throat, and/or sometimes still primarily in my cerebrum. As always, this descent was two steps forward, one step back, then two more steps forward, or downward as in this redescent of my etheric, golden, light body. During all these four years, however, I still had no idea that it was Helios and Vesta who were overseeing this redescent of my solar consciousness.

Shasta-Alaska Mission

On August 25, 2014, at our weekly HBM, the day before departing to go to Mt. Shasta in northern California, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, with two solar beings, overshadowed and anchored their son-sun light into my forcefield. This time, I was more aware of these two solar beings than I had been in their initial contact with me four years previously. The outline of their solar bodies of light were faintly visible to my inner vision.

They focused primarily on my heart chakra, filling it almost to overflowing with divine love. This love was to be as a solar shield in front of and over my heart and whole body, such that I would be protected throughout the Shasta-Alaska Mission that occurred from August 26-September 13, 2014.

On our August 26th flight from Denver, CO to San Francisco, CA, Sol-O-Man and Sananda once again brought into my force field the male and female solar beings who had contacted me the previous day. Addressing me as “Soliel of the Sun,” they said they were the coleaders of the sun–its “president and vice-president”–with whom I had trained during my sojourns there. As partial confirmation, MariLyn felt a unique and powerful acceleration throughout her being, especially in her heart.

From San Francisco, we drove 50 miles north to Fairfield, CA, stayed overnight there, then the next day drove north for 230 miles to Mt. Shasta and the nearby town of Shasta, where we stayed for 5 days.

Helios and Vesta

The next afternoon, August 28th, Phillel emailed us. In response to my email sharings with him about my communion with the two solar beings, he attached a copy of the spiritual song and message that Helios and Vesta, coleaders of the sun, had channeled via Yolanda on December 18, 1963 (which I shared earlier in this blog).

I was totally astonished by this information, for seemingly I never had read about it in our Mark-Age booklet “Birth of the Christ” in which it was published in 1964. Or, if I had read it, I had no conscious memory whatsoever of it. And it is such a remarkable experience that it seems likely that it would have stuck in my mind if I had read it.

In any case, upon perusing it now, the immediate realization came that Helios and Vesta were the two solar beings who had been contacting and working with and through me since 2010, and particularly in the last 3 days. In each of my prior contacts with them, it had been Sananda and Sol-O-Man who had introduced them and served to step down their extraordinary vibrations and light such that I could consciously receive and hold it. Even then, with each new contact, I had felt that my physical shell might burst, much like what Yolanda had described in her 1963 communion with them.

I felt their presence and input several times while we remained in the Mt. Shasta area, which is where Sananda, 26 million years ago, had traveled in order to confront the Cains, with their selfish attitudes and desires to treat the fallen human subrace as slaves, rather than to lift them up back into I Am consciousness and light-body expression. It was here that Sananda radiated the all-encompassing mantrum of Love God and Love One Another to transmute Cain selfishness. But the Cains were in the vast majority and they subdued Sananda and his small band of followers.

Nada & Elohim of 7th Ray

Visiting and being at Mt. Shasta was an extraordinarily uplifting experience, with communions with Lords Michael and Maitreya, co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board, and numerous other ascended masters, higher astral guides and visitors from other planets. MariLyn and I focused on implanting the mantrum of Love God and Love One another, and on broadcasting the four-step matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Moreover, I began to recall inklings of my own past history in these ancients times.

In my morning meditation on the last full day at Mt. Shasta, August 31st, Sol-O-Man and a feminine First Ray angel overshadowed me and beckoned me into Divine Feminine Darkness of the Cosmic Void or Womb. They confirmed and sealed what had been given to me in the last few days. The Shasta aspect of the Mission was now complete.

Then, Sol-O-Man and the angel tilted back my head and guided me to peer into the heavens. There I perceived Nada’ brilliant light and energy. With reverence and love, I thanked her for all she had done for me and the Second Coming program, and was continuing to do so now from her perch in the etheric realms.

Behind and above Nada was a light even brighter and more powerful, beyond anything I had experienced in this lifetime. Several times in the past, I had felt some contacts and communions with this being of light, but never knew who it was. This time I realized it was the Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love.

As given in our Mark-Age texts, an elohim is “one or more of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the Seven Rays of Life; creators of manifestation for Spirit.” In the early 1960s, as shared in my previous blog, Yolanda had had several contacts with various elohim. But this was my first conscious communion with one who identified itself.

Fiery Furnace

Five days later, on September 5th, in our cottage in Talkeetna, Alaska, which had a view from its porch of Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley), the tallest peak in North America, prior to going to sleep, Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain clamped a space beam on me. It accelerated especially my heart, wherein he lowered a foot-wide sphere of intense violet light. He explained that he was implanting in my love center the matrix or logos (“word”) of the new Temple of Saturn. (Central Alaska north to the Arctic was the ancient site of this Saturnian Temple back in the days of Cains and Abels.) Whatever came into my heart would be purified by the transmutation flame that burned brightly within me.

In meditation the next morning, September 6th, I was enveloped in a fiery furnace of etheric light. This experience reminded me of the astounding biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the book of Daniel, Chapters 1-3. These three Hebrew men were placed in this furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar for refusing to bow before and honor him, but rather only bowed before the One God.

When the King came to witness their fiery execution, he was astonished to see them still alive in the furnace, and with them was a fourth being of light, who was like the son of God, hence Christ Jesus (Daniel 3:19-25). With his help and empowerment, the three men survived and walked out of the furnace!

In time, I realized that the intense flame in my light-filled, fiery furnace was the combined force fields of Helios and Vesta, the coleaders of the sun, standing to either side of me, inside my golden globe of light that was expanded such that they could be in it with me. It was by far the most definitive, power-packed contact I had yet had with them, and I could discern more of their unique vibrations and consciousness.

Despite the formidable spiritual heat of their solar consciousness and energy, I felt entirely comfortable with them, as if they were my cherished spiritual parents whom I long had known. In a symbolic sense, they were the “fourth person” in my furnace.

Remembering the Ancient Past

All of a sudden, I started moaning and groaning, from the depths of my soul, crying uncontrollably. So powerful was Helios and Vesta’s love and presence, so acute was my soul recall of time spent with them on the sun, that all I wanted to do was to leave Earth and go back home to the sun so that I could be with them and others of my spiritual family. All-consuming passion flooded my being, to the point that I forgot momentarily where I was. It seemed I was on the sun!

Then I remembered: I had had these same feelings eons ago when I had traveled with Sananda from the Grand Tetons and the Temple of Venus, in current north-western Wyoming, Sananda’s spiritual headquarters, and had gone to modern day Alaska, where Sananda had rested, rejuvenated and prepared himself to travel south to Mt. Shasta to confront the Cains, whose spiritual headquarters was nearby in what is now Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. (See our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man.)

In that ancient time, I had had the very same feelings as I had now: I wanted nothing more than to go home to the sun. I had done my duty, I erroneously concluded, I was totally fed up with dealing with Cain selfishness in the golden giants of those days. And as a result, I “flinched.” I did not go with Sananda, my beloved leader, to Mt. Shasta. Moreover, by not joining him in “laying my life down for my friends,” I became a selfish Cain.

How much of this soul recall literal and how much was symbolic, to this day I do not know. But the modern version of this drama was played out again in the life of Jesus. In the Garden of Gethsemane, praying all night while his disciples (thus representing me) fell asleep, Jesus confronted the horror of his possible upcoming crucifixion, hopefully to be followed by his resurrection. But although this was so frightening and painful–the Biblical accounts say he “sweated as blood”– he affirmed “Let this cup pass, but not my will but Thy will be done.” And early that morning he was arrested and began his three journey from crucifixion thru entombment to resurrection of his light body. In other words, he did not “flinch” as Peter and his other disciples did, as I had in the ancient past.

So, in essence that day in Talkeetna, I prayed the same prayer, I decreed the same result, that if this cup of my past horrible mistake could pass and I could without pain return to I Am consciousness, then so be it. But not my will, dear Lord, but Thy will be done, which I know is crossing out this past memory once and for all, transmuting it in the flame of transmutation, and rising again and forever into I Am consciousness on Earth, and throughout the solar system. Amen!

Karma Transmuted

That evening, after taking a long shower to shed and release the excessive accumulation of higher energies in my force field, and ingesting lots of vitamins and food supplements to support my nervous system and whole body, I slept deeply for 5-6 hours. However, when I awoke I still was on fire: My physical body had a temperature of 104 degrees F, with some respiratory congestion.

This was not a cold or flu bug ravaging my body, but rather was a temporary elevation of my metabolism in response to dealing with and incorporating the higher electrical, fiery energies of my light body and the fiery light of Helios and Vesta. With a long, centering, soothing meditation, I started to cool off, but still throughout the day my temperature was elevated. However, it came down enough that MariLyn and I went out to eat a local restaurant. By evening my temp was 100 degrees, and the next morning, September 7th, it was normal.

That afternoon, Helios and Vesta contacted me again, with this time my being much better able to hold their combined solar force field. They then encased MariLyn in their solar energies and she subsequently developed a fever and respiratory symptoms, that gradually decreased over the next couple days.

The next morning, September 8th, I communed with all the higher plane Seventh Ray forces: the Seventh Ray Elohim, Lord Maitreya and his feminine counterpart, Lord Uriel and her masculine angelic co-workers, visitors from Saturn and other planets, Nada, Sananda and Sol-O-Man. It took all my power and concentration to hold and radiate their combined force fields.

Sananda stepped forward and asserted: “Your karma with Sol-O-Man and me, going back 26 million years, now is purified, transmuted, decrystallized and released. You are free to move forward into your next step or higher level of I Am consciousness, to demonstrate Soliel peace and love and healing.” My entire body shook as he announced this karmic completion. From the depths of my heart, I thanked him and the others for their eons of help. “How can I repay you,” I asked? They responded: “Be Soliel and light the way for others.” Amen. And so be it!

Temple of Saturn Reopened

On September 10th, Lords Michael and Maitreya overshadowed me and announced that the mission to reopen the Temple of Saturn was successfully complete. On etheric, astral and Earth planes, all who had been involved with the mission had undergone transmutation of the Sixth Ray; all the “major players” were now in the right place for the next step forward. Much more had been accomplished on the inner planes than MariLyn and I were aware of consciously

The two lords added that the reverberating effects of the temple reopening would be more extensive and dramatic than we currently comprehended. For the 144,000 elect on Earth–indeed, all humanity–are imbued with new Sixth Ray emanations that will accelerate change, cleansing and renewal worldwide.

Decrystallization & Healing

Little did I know that, after MariLyn and I returned from Alaska to Tennessee and our Sun Temple focus here at headquarters, I would go through a dark, four-to-five year period of transmutation, decrystallization and dispersal of the remaining imbalanced remnants of the past, with an overlapping primary emphasis on Fifth Ray/fifth-phase unity, integration and healing. As I have shared in my blogs in the last 3-4 months, this period went from 2016 through 2000.

With decrystallization, all the remaining tendrils of my past, which I had mostly risen above and overcome in Alaska, now slowly but surely made their way down and out of my seven chakras and corresponding 12 Christ or I Am powers that manifest via the body’s 12 primary organs and systems.

During this thorough dispersal of darkness, I was tempted to identify with the past, to stay focused there, to fear it, to throw myself down from the temple, to worship Satan, the Evil One, with evil being defined as “lessons learned backwards.” But I persisted, kept my eye single on healing and ascended into a new level of I Am peace and love here on Earth.

During those dark days, I pondered repeatedly what I had done, received and expressed during the 12 global missions. What was accurate? What was colored by my uncleansed past? Which of the 13 temples had been correctly identified? Which ones needed to be upgraded, rethought, repositioned?

Was Soliel even my high self or solar name? My remaining doubts about this were about the bottom of the barrel of my decrystallization and dispersal of deep doubts. Thus, nothing escaped my review and reprogramming, the transmutation and healing of my mind, body and soul.

As I went through those four years, one major thing became crystal clear to me: My suicidal thoughts and feelings during this time stemmed all the way back to Cains and Abels. Back then, I had wanted to return to the Sun, to be done with all the trials and tribulations of Earth. That is why I had flinched.

Here I was now remembering, reliving and reprogramming this ancient soul debt that had reverberated through all my incarnations in Lemuria, Atlantis and in this modern era. Finally, my heart was healed of my longing and desire “to go home to heaven.” Rather, I recommitted my whole, happy, healthy heart to restoring heaven on Earth! Goodbye Afib. Hello I Am, Abel rhythm and functioning! All in God’s good time and way.

Here Comes the Son-Sun

Starting on December 21, 2020, I began a yearlong program of focusing anew on the birth of my light body, on writing blogs about each of the 12 Christ or I Am powers to help all others who subscribed to these blogs to do likewise. This was my next step in healing my mind, body and soul; and in healing humanity. As we do unto and for others, so is it done unto us.

Halfway through this solar year, on June 20, 2021, the summer solstice, deep in my early morning quiet time, I was overshadowed by my I Am, Soliel Self and light body. Aflame with light and love, I pondered everything from the past about the thirteen temples or power centers on Earth, one for the sun and one for each of the twelve planets. I had thought very little about this for the last 4-5 years.

Now, however, the I Am guidance came that I was to devote my blogs in the upcoming year, starting December 21, 2021, to “Touring the Thirteen Temples.” I was to focus for four weeks on the sun and the Sun Temple, then four weeks on each of the other twelve temples, starting with the First Ray planet of Neptune and the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia. Then I would move through each of the other rays and associated temples.

Moreover, to do so, I currently was to spend two weeks on reviewing and receiving any new information about each of the thirteen temples, to read all the past reports about MariLyn’s and my travels to such temples from 2010-2015. Here was my glorious opportunity to upgrade, refine and represent this thirteen-temple paradigm and network of light, from my new state and plateau of holy, healthy consciousness; as a solar system citizen.

I had some trepidation about this, as always occurs at the beginning of any new project. But, mostly, I was happy, even jubilant about doing so. The timing was just right. The next step was to be taken. And then there will be more new steps to follow.

As Soliel, truly here was the opportunity to let my light shine, to prove anew that I Am Soliel of the Sun, to share my Soliel love with others, to light up the planet, to prepare the way for the return of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, to be divine love in action. Herein is my I Am Soliel, son-sun rise. Thank You, Spirit.

Helios & Vesta

When I starting focusing anew on the thirteen temples, I started with the First Ray planet, Neptune; and on the the Tempe of Neptune. In doing so, I researched our I Am News reports on MariLyn’s and my two visits to Russia in 2012 and 2013. One focus was on President Vladimir Putin, about whom I had two vivid dreams showing his spiritual quickening.

In the midst of my centering upon this Russian focal point or power center, on June 28, 2021, in my morning prayers, an incredible sense and vibration of power came over me, such that my head, neck, shoulders and upper back all tightened up and hurt. My questions was: Why in the world was I so “uptight” when things seemed to be going so well?

Finally, it dawned on me that the sensations were due to being overshadowed and contacted by Helios and Vesta. What a total surprise this was! For 4-5 years, I had not felt their presence or input. At first, in this present contact with them, I could not even remember Helios’ name.

Still, what an incredible feeling this was, to be again in their combined son-sun light that had been so extraordinary, especially in the Mission to Alaska. During that Mission, however, I had been so busy, so engaged with multiple ascended beings and angels, so stretched to my outmost, that for the five years afterwards I wondered if I rightly had received the power and love of these two solar beings during the contacts with them in Alaska.

Now, here they were again, and this time I was back home in TN, securely protected within the I Am Nation forcefield, healed to a much deeper level of my soul, free to take all the time that would be required to more fully reconnect with them and to prove to myself that they indeed were working in and through me. It was the time to take two more steps forward with them. And I was ready and willing and able to do so. Thank You, Spirit!

Helios, Harmony, Healing

For the next week, each morning in meditation and during quiet times during the day, I made attempts to commune with Helios and Vesta, during which I was more successful in linking with Helios than with Vesta.

With him, the guidance came to see a large letter H superimposing over me. The H stood for “Helios” and for “Healing.” The horizontal cross bar of the H went through my heart chakra and physical heart. Divine love from Helios poured down into and through me, especially into my heart. It was Divine Masculine love, that of the son/sun that lit up and energized my whole circulatory system and all other chakras in my astral body and organs that comprise my physical form.

I felt such a delicious, vibrant, palpable sense of oneness with Helios. Yes indeed, I concluded it had been Helios who had contacted me multiple times in the past. His son-sun energy and consciousness was distinct, unique and easily identified and verified. So, I went back and scoured my diary and past I Am Newsletters to reread about all the prior contacts with him, which had led slowly but surely to these present ones.

Vesta, Our Friend

My attempts to commune with Vesta, however, were not as successful. I used the letter V to represent her, to see the huge letter V descending into my crown/cerebral center, then down my spine into each of the other lower chakras. But it just did not jell. The V felt too sharp, too pointed, too masculine. Vesta is feminine, hence more so round rather than angular, more so of our higher feeling nature, more like a mother than a father.

So, on July 6, 2021, in my early meditation, I asked her to show herself to me in some unique way that would feel right, that would help me to receive and incorporate her Feminine solar energies. I had tried my own way of reaching up to her in a V, now it was obvious that I had to wait for her to descend down to me in her chosen time and way. But nothing came that morning in my following meditation.

Afterwards, in my kitchen, taking vitamins and preparing breakfast, without any aforethought,  I found myself inwardly hearing and singing an old popular song, whose refrain is: “Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and I’ll be there, yes I will, you’ve got a friend.” At this time I did not remember who sang it or when it first was published, although I seemed to remember James Taylor doing it, as well as a woman whose name I did not recall.

In any case, in a minute or two, even as I now felt overshadowed by a loving feminine presence that quickened especially my heart, suddenly it came clear to me that this song was being stimulated from my memory and sung to me by Vesta. Oh my God!

This bowed me over, blew me away, made it hard for me to even breathe, brought copious tears to my eyes, and was so impacting and moving, that I had to go into my living room and sit in my recliner to try to absorb and think through what was happening. Even then, I had to get up and walk around my apartment, as a way to move with this new feminine energy, this divine love vibration.

Goodness, Vesta was my friend, our friend, everyone’s friend. She was the best of Feminine Friendship, of friendly love, that of one who was now laying down her life for me as her friend.

Yes, she was a cosmic, solar being, almost beyond mortal/soul comprehension, an incredible feminine being of solar light and love. At the same time, however, she was just like me in the sense that she was a child of God, in which consciousness we are equal though unique.

She prompted me to recall yet once again that I had been on the sun with her in the past, that I knew who she was, because I was a fellow solar being. In that consciousness, even though I was here on Earth in the third dimension, a very low vibration, she was first and foremost my friend, our friend, the friend of every soul incarnated on and around every planet in this solar system. And she was using my vessel to convey this cosmic truth to one and all.

Sing your Song

Needless to say, over the next two days, I did my best to understand, anchor in and express this new image and reality of Vesta as my friend, as well as being my solar Mother. As part of this, I went online and Googled the song, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

It turns out that Carole King wrote this song in 1970, and recorded it that year on her album “Tapestry” which went on to sell over 35 million copies. Her close friend, James Taylor, also recorded this song as a single. Carole King won the “Album of the Year” award that year, while James Taylor won “Song of the Year.” No wonder I still remembered some of the lyrics of that song that I now associated with my friend Vesta . I had called on her and she had come to show me the way of solar friendship, by way of this song: “You’ve got a friend!”

On YouTube, I did a search for the song, and twenty or more versions came up. But the one I like the most was sung by Carole King herself in her concert called “Welcome to My Living Room.” In it, she pays piano, sings and is accompanied by two male singers. Here’s the URL for this song:

V is for Vesta

Two days later in my morning communion with Vesta, imagine my total surprise when she first appeared to me as a large, 7-8-foot-tall V. How could this be, I thought. Previously, I had not been able to use this imagery as a way to contact her, but now here she was contacting me as a V. Nothing could have been further from my conscious mind or expectation. No way could I have made this up.

The point of the downward-pointing V entered the top central part of my crown chakra and cerebrum. After I welcomed, adjusted to and incorporated her solar light-and-love vibration that she brought into my brain, the V descended such that’s it apex entered into my third eye chakra and my thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and medulla oblongata at the base of my brain, below my two cerebral hemispheres.

Then slowly, she lowered herself, with ever greater power and love, into each of my other centers, until the V’s apex was in my regenerative center. At that time, I felt completely enclosed in Vesta’s womb, in her Divine Feminine forcefield that was a globe or ball of light and love.

Step-by-Step Descent

Vesta now explained further the meaning and symbolization of the letter V. As the feminine solar leader and representative, when God the Father speaks the Word, it enters first into Vesta as the subconscious vessel into which the Word gets anchored and gestates. The Word gets implanted in her Womb (note the two V’s in the letter W for Womb.) But this implantation and growth takes time. Eventually, like in physical women whose pregnancy last 9 months, the Word is born as the flesh of the Child, the son or daughter of the Divine.

Thus, this insertion of the Masculine Word into the Mother Womb takes place slowly; the Christ fetus grows slowly. So when Vesta has overshadowed me in the past, she only has introduced so much of her solar power and light. Anything more at each new step would have blown my body’s circuitry, especially that of my nervous system. So it takes times and lots of experiences to get adjusted to the presence and power of Vesta.

Now, with 11 years of communions with her under my belt, she shows herself to me in a unique, Earthly way, via the song, “You’ve Got a Friend.” This song applies to the Earth as well as to the Sun, and all the other planets. Everyone, everywhere in the solar system potentially is our friend. And we are to befriend them as well. In other words, the Word becomes fresh in our Earthly, friendly, loving exchanges.

Everyone on and about the Earth, even in this third dimension that is transmuting into the fourth dimension, is potentially our friend. We are here, therefore, to lay down our lives for our fellow, Earthly friends, some of whom mistakenly and blindly are acting as fools and foes. We are to be a friend, just as Vesta is our friend, just as Helios is our friend.

Therefore, now, following my footsteps, you too can commune with Vesta. Certainly, if I can do it, then you can too. I have followed Yolanda, she who had first contact in 1963 with Helios and Vesta, who sang their song, who spoke their words, who received that all on Earth were capable of having the same experience.

Go Slowly

Here’s a caution: To my utter surprise and disgust, at the end of the above communion with Vesta, my body became sexually stimulated. My God, how could I be feeling this?

Then came the flow and remembrance of the Biblical allegory that was based upon ancient history that in the days of Cains and Abels, some of Cains as golden giants descended and had sexual exchange with the daughters of the human, fallen, subrace. This racial memory remains and has to be transmuted. This is another reason why solar masters like Vesta and Helios can only invest so much solar energy into our forcefields, into us who still have third dimensional bodies, who are not totally pure in our souls.

In my case, a couple months later, the inspiration came to focus on my 12 spiritual sweeties of this life, on healing all the remaining vestiges of inappropriate, unhealthy sexual exchange with them. This culminated with focusing on Patti, who was like a Venusian goddess to me, who in my dreams tempted me to the nth degree to have sex with her. Thank God, I resisted and did not fall back into negative ways, but rather radiated love, healing and forgiveness to her; and to all women on the planet.

So, please be careful about how you proceed, about how you ingest and absorb the higher spiritual energies that are now coming into the planet during the remaining of the Christmas energy cycle, which goes through January 6th that is the day of Epiphany. Forewarned is forearmed.

Take it slowly, as it comes, put your life in Spirit’s hands and order. Vesta and Helios, amongst others in the higher planes, will show you the way, not too fast, not too slow; not too overwhelming, not too commonplace; but just right for you as a unique child of God, a unique solar being who is remembering and re-anchoring your I Am, solar consciousness on Earth.

I Am Golden Light

Even with all of the above experiences, even though how mind-opening and expanding they were, some doubt still remained in my mortal mind as to the validity of what I had received. Again, I asked Vesta for further verification.

In answer to this request, following my morning meditation on July 7, 2021, in which nothing new came to me, after I laid down and rested on my back in my bed, a brilliant golden light descended upon and around me, such that is encased my entire auric field. I was in my golden light body, like inside the golden disc or sphere of my earlier visualizations, wherein all twelve planets and the sun were located.

I was thus Soliel of the Sun, a golden, solar being of cosmic light and energy. I was about 7-8 tall. And for at least 15 minutes I stayed in and glowed with this golden consciousness and vibration. Even when I opened my eyes, look around, and then closed my eyes and went back into meditation, the golden light was there, almost palpable, as real as anything of a physical level.

The previous day, Vesta hand invested herself via a V into all my chakras and corresponding physical organs and systems. She had left her cosmic imprint and vibration in my forcefield, which served as a grounding rod for the redescent of my own golden, light body. It was the most expansive, uplifting light I had yet experienced. In it, I felt utterly transformed, totally at peace, knowing in my heart-of-hearts that I truly was a solar citizen. Thank You, Vesta!

Completion & Confirmation

The next day in meditation, July 8, 2021, in communion with Sol-O-Man who had been with me, helping me, assisting Vesta in each of her contacts with me, the inspiration came that I now was to “seal it and heal it.” In other words, the prior 10-day cycle of communing with, and anchoring in the vibrations of, Vesta was now complete. Nothing more was to be given. I was to “seal” everything in my heart, into my soul and body. I was to focus on healing and integration, to continue to incorporate and to put into other actions what already had been given. My vessel was full. Nothing more could be added at this time.

However, two extraordinary confirmations came a couple days later when I was rereading my spiritual diary, looking for entries that applied to my two visits to Russia and the opening there of the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Siberia; and to my visits to India with its Temple of Mercury in its northeastern section.

To my amazement, I came across my diary entry of November 18, 2012, nine years ago, in which I had recorded my communion with El Morya that morning. Here’s what I wrote: “El Morya overshadowed me, over my entire crown chakra, not just on the right side of my head, jaw and neck as he so often does. Once I had adjusted to his powerful presence and affirmed that his will and that of the Hierarchy be done, he very softly and lovingly sad, ‘I Am your friend.’ That did it: I was a ‘puddle’ as tears flowed down my face.

“It is extraordinary that he is my friend. My teacher and mentor, yes; Chohan of the First Ray, yes; but my friend — that is not my usual connection with him. It was so personal, so intimate, so loving and equal.

“The inference was that this is how I was now to view the Hierarchy: They are my friend(s). And no greater love has a man that he lays down his life for a friend. This is precisely what El Morya-Mark has done for me, time and time and time again.”

Two days later, on November 20, 2012, I wrote the following: “In uplifted, ascended, I Am consciousness as a golden giant in this morning’s meditation, it came clearly to me that ‘I Am your friend’ is the core interpretation of my I Am Self name as Soliel. Thus, Soliel in essence means, ‘I Am your friend.’

“The I Am Self is our friend and acts in ascended, friendship consciousness. What a friend we have in Jesus, as the song goes. If not a literal translation, ‘I Am your friend’ is my motto or code or spiritual identity. As in: I Am Soliel and I Am your friend. This affirmation goes along with, or accompanies, ‘Hail to the Christ in thee.'”

Pondering all of this, all I could do was to shake my head and give total thanks to Vesta and Spirit, to El Morya and Nada, to Sananda and Sol-O-Man for this “sealing of the deal” that helps me to “heal and integrate” it further into my mind, body and soul.

Prior to this time, I had no memory whatsoever of the two above diary entries about I Am friendship. Here, therefore, was yet another unlikely confirmation of what Vesta had shared with me. And this completed my 12 days of communions with her. All is in divine order. All is well!

One in the Sun-Son

Soon after the above communions with Vesta were completed, when I began focusing on Russia (Temple of Neptune) and then India (Temple of Mercury), the guidance came to see myself fully within and surrounded by a 12-foot-in-diameter, solar disc or ball of light; with it being like unto the previous, smaller images of it that also contained its 13 solar symbols, 12 of them of planets around the perimeter and one of the sun in its center.

(In other words, my “Vestal Virgins” had now reached 12 in number, one with the Mother Virgin, Vesta and her eternal flame.)

This 12-foot golden globe represented my total immersion in, and anchoring of solar consciousness within and around me, the resurrection into the new and higher demonstration of my 12 indwelling spiritual powers as a son-sun of God.

Each of us is a miniature solar system. Just as the sun has 12 planets orbiting around it, so do we have 12 Christ attributes that manifest via 12 physical organs, all under the control and guidance of our I Am, son-sun Self.

Vesta to Visit You

Some five months later, three days ago, December 24th, I finished the initial rough draft of this long blog about Vesta. The next morning in my early meditation, on Christmas, Vesta lovingly and totally overshadowed me. She was like a globe of golden light around me. I felt totally at peace and loved to the depths of my being. I was home in her heart!

Then she showed me a new symbol as a way to convey her Christmas greetings of rebirth to me and all on Earth. A golden, light-filled circle appeared in my third eye, which had a V in it that filled it up. The V was in white. (See drawing to right.)

She conveyed that the golden globe symbolized the sun and her solar Self, her identity and role and function as the feminine co-leader of the sun. The V stands for Vesta, but also for the total implantation of her Vesta consciousness in and through me on Earth as her “solar son.” The whole image also conveyed her full-hearted approval of what I had written about her and would thus share with you today, December 27th. Thank you, Vesta!

Starting now, or already in motion since the Christmas cycle began, she will visit you and others who read these blogs, as well as those who are members of the 144,000 elect. What has been completed to this point in and through me can now be multiplied and expanded. Through my Soliel forcefield, she is anchored here on Earth to a whole new degree and depth, here in the Sun Temple forcefield. My thorough acceptance of her makes it easier and more likely that others will have similar kinds of experiences, when she and her feminine solar followers, her “Vestal Virgins,” anchor a V in and through all those who call upon and welcome her into their hearts.

It is now officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so winter, then spring, summer and fall, she will anchor more and more of her solar peace and love on Earth. Even though it is the start of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, she will do the same there. After all, it always is the season to commune with her, to feel her loving presence, to know when she is around and with you because she feels like your very best friend!

Merry Christmas, everyone. What a special gift this is to all of us!

Seven Steps to Golden Godliness

So dear friends, we have seven days this week to focus on Vesta and on solar system friendship. And during this time the influx of Christmas energies will continue to ramp up. So, it is the very best time to start communing with Vesta, and then the following week with Helios.

First this week, you may want to read this blog a couple of times. It has lots of inspiration in it, as well as practical ways to put it into motion. Take it as it comes. Yes, it may take 20-30 minutes, or longer, to read it in one sitting; or you may want to read it in sections, a few pages per day. You may want to print out a copy of it so that you can read it during your leisure, sitting in your favorite chair or on your couch, without turning on your computer or smartphone.

Even on day one, you can use the visualization of a 3-4 feet wide golden globe above your head, which with your hands and arms you slowly anchor into your brain. Then, and in following days, see it descending down your body, settling in each day in yet another chakra or chakra, expanding in size as it descends.

By the end of the week, the golden globe, with the space language or symbols of 12 planets imprinted on it, as well as a glyph denoting the sun in its center, may have descended all the way down to the Earth below your feet. See yourself inside a 12-foot-in-diameter golden globe that is your light body. You are a golden giant, a solar system citizen, a friend of one and all. You are one with the solar logos.

Go with the flow. See how you are inspired in unique ways and visualizations. Take it one step, one day at a time. Every day, however, think of Vesta and welcome her in a new way into your head and heart, into your home and hearth, into each and every part of you. Receive her as the divine solar mother she is, but also as your cherished friend.

See the whole planet encased in golden light. See the whole globe, East and West, and all of its inhabitants acting as the friends that they are and can be. See each soul feeling loved and loving others. In this is the healing of humanity, the healing of our home here on Earth, soon to be the Heart Center for the whole solar system.

See and V and Be!


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