Hello Elos


God is Good. God is Grace.

God is One, Indivisible, Whole & Holy.

God is Spirit. God is The Prime Architect. God is I Am Who I Am.

Wherever God Is, I Am. Wherever I Am, God is.  All are one in the One God.


From out of God’s Head and Heart comes God’s Two Polarities in order to create and manifest all forms, creatures, kingdoms and entities. God the Father (+) ideates or thinks things into expression — he thinks Divine Thoughts and Images, speaks the Word, and radiates His Light and Power.

God the Mother (-) receives the Word, adds Her Love and Feeling to It, and nurtures and nourishes It in Her Divine Womb. After a sufficient gestation period in Her Void, Nothingness, Divine Darkness or Cosmic Uterus, the Beloved Christ Child or Offspring of Father-Mother God is born.

This Child of God may express more so on the positive (+), male, conscious or active polarity as a Son of God; or more so on the negative (-), feminine, subconscious or passive-receptive polarity as a Daughter of the Divine. However, all Sons and Daughters have positive (+) and negative (-) polarities in their conscious (+) and subconscious (-) minds, which are one with their superconscious, I Am, God-Like Mind.

Holy Trinity

Thus, in this Cosmic Trinity Formula or Spiritually Scientific Equation is explained the Cosmic Law or Divine Principle that exists through all of creation. God is One. One expresses via Two Polarities. Father God ideates and speaks, Mother God receives, feels, protects and grows the Divine Fetus.

By way of God’s Two Polarities, He-She creates Man-Woman in His-Her own Image and Likeness, male and female He-She creates them. Then Father-Mother God instructs His-Her Sons and Daughters to go forth and multiply, and to have dominion over the plane, dimension or planet where they have incarnated; on the Sun and/or on one of the Twelve Planets that revolve around the Sun that is the source of light and love in this Solar System.

This initial description or reinstatement of the Holy Trinity, of the Creator and His-Her Creation, was given to Sananda/Moses after he twice climbed up Mt. Sinai to its peak, which visits are described in the Books of Genesis and Exodus in the Holy Bible. First, God revealed that I Am Who I Am is His-Her name and nature. Second, by way of an Elohim, who later became translated as an “Angel of the Lord” or just the “LORD,” God spoke to Moses from out of the burning bush about the Ten Commandments. The First Commandment was the most important: We are to Love God with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul.

Two As One

As originally given, these Ten Commandments, Principles, Guidelines or Laws were expressed primarily in metaphysical terms. Eventually, however, Moses’ brother Aaron, who led the Aaronic Priesthood under the guidance of Moses, removed most of the symbolic/metaphysical aspects and made the Commandments primarily literal and physical.

In other words, Aaron hid the higher, spiritual, cosmic teachings from the masses and the common man and woman, rationalizing that they were not capable of understanding them and thereby would pollute and misapply them. Thus, Sananda as Moses acted in Abel consciousness, whereas Aaron, his brother,  acted in Cain, superior, master-slave consciousness. They played out the Abel-Cain conflict going back 26 million years ago.

Aaron’s version of the Commandments was the one that finally made its way into the Book of Exodus in the Holy Bible. Since then, scholars, priests, rabbis and other spiritual leaders worldwide have mostly interpreted the books of Genesis and Exodus in literal, physical, down-to-earth terms. But in reality, these two books as given to and written initially by Moses were perhaps ninety percent metaphysical, symbolic and multi-dimensional; and only about 10% literal

When Sananda later reincarnated as Christ Jesus, he brought forth the whole story of Creation and the Laws of the Creator, using word pictures, symbolism, metaphors and analogies to present the entire, holy imagery of the Creative and Co-Creative Process. Sananda-Jesus added a Second Commandment: Love One Another. Herein is the summation of the Old and New Testaments of the Hoy Bible. Whether living in the East or the West, as a woman, man or child, we are to Love God and Love One Another. All the rest is commentary and elaboration of this One Dual Truth.

Seven Rays

To create manifestation, God the Creator works via Seven Rays or Flames of Life, which are the Divine Powers, Attributes and Qualities of Father-Mother God. These Seven are:

  1. First Ray of Will and Power; whose corresponding color is blue.
  2. Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom; with yellow hues.
  3. Third Ray of Personal Love & Dedication to a Higher cause; feel pink.
  4. Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization; colorless or crystal clear.
  5. Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration; harmonizing/healing green light.
  6. Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation; via the violet flame.
  7. Seventh Ray of Peace and Love; whose colors are white and gold.

At the head of each Ray as it comes into expression are one of the Seven Elohim, who are created by God. As the “first born,” they are said literally and symbolically to be of the Godhead — in other words, their “heads” are one with God the Good, and their other centers and bodies work together to express Father-Mother God in creating the Child and all other manifestations of God.

So, starting today, the start of the New Year, January 1, 2022, the first day in the Gregorian Calendar that is the primary calendar followed around the world, we begin to say hello to the Seven Elohim and to welcome them more fully into our minds, hearts and souls, down unto our physical, third-dimensional forms.

Thus, herein is the title for this blog: Hello Elos. We are welcoming anew our communion with, and understanding of, the Seven Elohim. We joyously and sincerely ask them to come on down, even as we rise up to them, so that we may more powerfully re-birth peace and love on Earth, which is the primary heart, love or Seventh Ray center in this Solar System.


In the twelve months of last year, 2022, in symbolic fashion, we, like Sananda/Moses, climbed up our imagery mountain to its summit. We took 12 major steps up the mountain as we slowly ascended and expanded in consciousness. Along the way, we more fully used our indwelling, twelve I Am Powers that express in twelve ways the Seven Rays here on Earth.

During our upward journey, we linked with each of the 12 planets in the Solar System, nine of which are visible to our eyes, telescopes and space probes; and three of which are invisible to us, except via our all-seeing, first or single eye, what commonly is called the third-eye chakra. Then, from the top of our own spiritualized mountain or Λ, with especially the aid and guardianship of Lord Ariel of the Seventh Ray, we ascended to the Sun of this Solar System.

Thus, it took all 13 steps to complete our upward journey, to ascend in our 7th or ascended light body into cosmic oneness with the Sun and our own Sun-Daughter Self; into our own I Am Self that is one with I Am Who I Am, Father-Mother God, the One Power and Presence.


This year, after having already remained atop and above the mountain in I Am Son-Sun-Daughter consciousness for about the last 12 days, for two more weeks now, we will remain in I Am or solar consciousness, basking in the light, love and light of the Sun. Therein, we will link anew and become more at one with the Seven Elohim. Then we will begin our redescent, traveling first to the highest vibrational planet, that of Vulcan and the Temple of Vulcan in southeastern Vietnam; and from there all the way down to Earth, which is the lowest vibrational globe in this Solar System.

In so doing, we will have an entirely new perspective and orientation. We will not be seeing things from below to above as we did last year, but rather from above to below for all of 2023. During these twelve months, we will anchor our Sun Light down, into and through the astral planes to Earth, into and through all the kingdoms of Earth, into all of the planetary temples or vortices of sacred light around the globe. We will let our light so shine that all will know that what we say is indeed true and good.

Last year we more so talked the talk. This year we will mostly walk the walk of one who is full of life, light and love. By the end of this year, the Earth will have morphed more so into the Heart that it has been created to be. We will be love in action, as God has created us to be.

First Conscious Contact

My first two communions with any of the Elohim occurred during the Shasta-Alaska Mission in 2014. On August 31st of that year, in our cabin in the foothills surrounding Mt. Shasta, Lady Mariel (feminine angelic counterpart to Lord Michael of the First Ray) and Sol-O-Man/Mary (twin soul of Sananda/Jesus on the Seventh Ray) overshadowed me and beckoned me to come into the Holy Womb of Mother God, into the Void or Nothingness. Then Nada appeared to me, who is the Co-Chohan or Chohan-in-training with and under Sananda. She removed a veil from my all-seeing, cosmic eye, such that I could perceive the presence of a brilliantly lighted being.

In time, the realization came that this was the Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, which is my home Ray on which I was originally created. During this contact, I remembered that in a few prior experiences in the past few years I had felt the extraordinary vibrations/energies of this Elohim, but had not known this Entity’s name or nature. Thus, Spirit previously had prepared me subconsciously for this current conscious recognition of the Elohim of the Seventh Ray.

From One to Two

The next day, September 1st, MariLyn and I drove from Mt. Shasta to San Francisco, CA, where we stayed overnight in a hotel. The following morning, September 2nd, we flew from San Francisco to Seattle, Washington. During our layover there, we sat in a deserted corner of the waiting area/room, prior to boarding our next flight to Anchorage, Alaska. Once again, the Elohim of the Seventh Ray appeared over and around me, lifting me into exquisite peace and bliss, at a new and higher octave than in the first contact.

However, this time the Elohim felt more so masculine, whereas the previous time the Elohim had seemed genderless. However, during this second contact, it dawned on me that the previous contact had felt more so feminine, as compared to this present masculine energy. After all, it was Lady Mariel, Sol-O-Man and Nada, all of the feminine polarity, who initially had ushered in the Elohim to my conscious awareness.

So, I tentatively concluded that there might be a masculine and feminine pair of the Seventh Ray Elohim, as would befit the cosmic formula. Father-Mother God originally had created the Elohim as their “first born,” so it made perfect, logical, spiritual common sense that each of the Seven Elohim would likewise be a female-male pair.

Nonetheless, although this seemed like a proper analysis and spiritually scientific hypothesis, I still did not know if it was true or not. I did realize that at first the female Elohim’s vibration was so expansive and overwhelming that this Elohim seemed sexless or neutral. Only with the second experience did I begin to comprehend that out of the one may come the two.

So, I tentatively concluded that it is all a matter of what we on Earth in our limited consciousness focus upon. We can see the two Elohim as one, for they are the most highly evolved pair in all of manifested creation. When you see one, therefore, you see the other. They are Mother and Father who bring forth the Daughter-Son. So, you can see them as one, united team, or as two who function together as one, with each one being an individual, seemingly separate, creation.

Step One

With no further, specific contacts with this single-or-double Elohim during this mission, I put the whole experience on the shelf and awaited further contacts, explanations and confirmations. Still, my working scientific theory and construct was that there are two Elohim of the Seventh Ray, one masculine and one feminine.

On the other hand, I went back into Nada-Yolanda’s early spiritual diary in which she shared that in the early 1960s, she had had contact with the Elohim of Peace and Love. But in her experience, when she was only in the second of her seven major initiations, she had perceived and believed that this Seventh Ray Elohim was singular or neutral. My initial contact with the Seventh Ray Elohim did not occur until I was in my seventh major initiation. Little did I know then that my first contact with the dual Seventh Ray Elohim entities was but the first step in a gradual, multi-step, seven-to-eight-year-long enlightenment of the realities and nature of the Elohim.

Step Two

In the following four years, from 2015 through 2018, my primary project was to review, re-analyze and re-program all of my experiences wherein MariLyn and I had visited each of the 13 spiritual temples or power centers around the world, from fall 2010 to Spring 2015. This review included my systematically thinking about the two contacts with the Seventh Ray Elohim.

Each year, some new insight or revelation came to me about the Elohim, even though I felt so specific, individual contact with them. Looking back, I was pregnant with them in my Womb, but in Its Darkness, I could not discern the many degrees and steps of my coming into a re-birth of my I Am awareness of, and communion with, them.

My second major Elohim contact did not occur until June 24, 2022, almost eight years after the first one. In this current experience here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple HQ, Sol-O-Man/Mary overshadowed me. As my master teacher, she always has been present when some new contact or experience is about to happen with me. She now was with Dr. Hannibal and his twin soul, Lady Violet, of the Sixth Ray. In my ascended light body, I was lifted into Dr. Hannibal’s spaceship #1235.

Once settled there, a vivid image of a divine, loving, huge face appeared to me via my all-seeing, cosmic eye. This being was not an ascended master, a visitor from another planet or out in the Milky Way Galaxy, or an angel. Moreover, this entity seemed at first to be androgynous.

In time, it came clearly to me that this was the Elohim of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. Nothing further about this Elohim was given to me at this time. After coming out of meditation, however, I remembered and re-read about Phillel’s prior communion on May 9, 2012 with this Sixth Ray Elohim, who likewise to Phillel seemed to be androgynous (click here to read it; scroll to the bottom of this entry to see  his one-paragraph description.)

Phillel is a Sixth Ray worker, and I am a Seventh Ray worker. He represents and leads Sixth Ray Cleansing and Transmutation during these Latter Days. I represent and point forward to the Seventh Ray time and period of peace and love, the Golden Age of brotherhood and sisterhood to come after Sananda and Sol-O-Man redescend in their light bodies to Earth and usher in the New Age of Aquarius.

Seven Elohim

The next morning, June 25, 2022, after entering a deep place of peace in the first hour of my meditation, with the start of the second hour, my inner vision filled up with brilliant light that had no specific colors in it. It was pure light, neither gold or violet, the most dazzling, extraordinary, higher vibrational energy I ever had viewed or experienced. After asking Spirit to help me adjust to this, Sananda appeared in my inner vision and conveyed that everything was in good order, and he indicated that something new was about to come consciously to me. After this, I had the feeling that I was in contact with Father-Mother-God.

However, it turned out that more specifically, all of the Seven Elohim appeared above and around me, suffusing me in their one, combined, cosmic presence. I could not discern each separate one, nor any indication that each of the Elohim was masculine and feminine. It was instead simply cosmic oneness that was of God the One Power and Presence.

As this occurred, I felt like I was in a fiery furnace, with flames all around me. My whole body heated up, and my skin in every part of my body itched. I first had felt such a sensation when in Alaska in 2014, Helios and Vesta, the co-leaders of the Sun had overshadowed me. At the time, I also had sensed that at least some of the Elohim were with them, adding their energies to the fiery light and love divine. Also, some angels were part of this team.

Linking the Thirteen Temples

Now, in my present experience, eventually I was able to hold and radiate this light of the Elohim from here at the Sun Temple to all of the twelve planetary temples around the globe. As I did so, it came to me that guardian angels likewise were working with and through me; and that higher astral plane guides were guiding and protecting me.

The next morning, Phillel dreamt that I needed his help to assist me in grounding the new energy influx, to adjust to it and come into a new level of harmony and balance in my seven bodies. We talked on the phone about this, then he came over to Hilarion House and did auric balancing and laying-on-of-hands with me that definitely helped. As he did his healing work, I transferred my overload of Elohim energies to him, which felt the most healing of all. Afterwards, I only “burnt” half as much as before he started. But it took three more days before I felt mostly “normal” as the new being that I had become. I was Soliel on Earth, from the Sun to the Earth, via all the other planets.

Two Cosmic Eyes

A little over two weeks later, on July 11, 2022, in my morning meditation, Spirit and the agents of Spirit, especially Sol-O-Man, lifted me in my seventh or ascended light body into Sol-O-Man’s huge spacecraft. Upon my getting adjusted to being there, the image of a supernatural, out-of-this-world, huge ethereal face appeared to me via my all-seeing eye. This magnificent, glorious, light-filled being was mostly featureless, except for the fact that this cosmic entity had two very large, prominent, sparkling, brilliant eyes that peered lovingly upon me and blessed and welcomed me. I felt like I could swim in either one of them, to travel via them into another, higher dimension.

Then, it dawned on me this entity with two eyes felt very familiar to me. Slowly, the realization came that it was the Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love. Now, at first, there was only one “head” that I perceived. This was a symbolic play of words on the description that the Elohim are part of the Godhead. However, slowly I perceived that the two eyes symbolically represented the two Elohim of the Seventh Ray, the right eye being masculine, the left eye being feminine; with the all-seeing, single or cosmic eye being the merging and inclusion of the two, with the two physical eyes coming into manifestation from the first or all-seeing eye that encompassed the two separate eyes.

Also, it dawned on me that the Seventh Ray is defined not as one quality but as two. Thus, it is the Ray of Peace and Love, with two corresponding colors, white and gold. Herein was yet more symbolic indications of the one-to-two symbology of God as One Who creates via Two Polarities: Father and Mother to bring forth the Son-Daughter. Being with Sol-O-Man was yet another symbolic and literal indication of the dual Polarities — Sananda’s ship is #10, but she has her own, co-equal spacecraft that is incomplete harmonization and coordination with his craft.  She and Sananda are the spiritual, Hierarchal co-leaders of the Earth. They are the Earth’s spiritual Father and Mother, and we are their children.

Meaning of EloHim

A little over five months later, on December 18, 2022, I began reading and researching everything I could find in the Mark-Age literature about the Elohim. The best overall description was given by Sananda/Jesus via Nada-Yolanda on March 16, 1969, which is in our Mark-Age text MAPP* To Aquarius on pages 242-245. But Sananda only spoke of the Seven Elohim, not of two pairs of each Elohim.

I also reread Charles Fillmore’s account of the Elohim as found in his Mysteries of Genesis, which added additional information but still no account of male and female Elohim. However, in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, he did write: “Moses says in Exodus 3:14,15 that Jehovah told him that His name means: ‘I AM WHO I AM.’ Hebrew students say that the original word is JHVH, which means the ever living male-and-female principle.” Thus, JH is masculine, VH is feminine. (Or it may be vice versa, since Hebrew is written from the right to the left.)

For a couple days, I also started researching online all that I could find about the Elohim, including the derivation of its name. What I found was fascinating. It turns out that in the original, ancient, Hebrew language, the word “El” means God, Supreme Being, the All. So, the word Elohim starts with “El” but adds “ohim.” Furthermore, the word “Elohim” is plural, so that originally it meant two or more gods. And “im” at the end of the word was masculine in gender.

So, in the patriarchal, male-dominated society of the ancient Jews, the word “Elohim” basically meant “two or more male gods.” However, as time passed over the centuries, the word Elohim came to be known in the singular, as a word describing God, who however was spoken of as being a Male Being. God, the LORD, became a HE.

The singular word from which Elohim evolved was “Eloah.” One Eloah became two Elohim. Eloah has no gender attached to it, at least that I could discover. Eloah therefore refers more so to “God” and not to “Father-Mother God.”

Architect Analogy

However, in these word derivations and how they came to be described, there is no indication that God created the Elohim as a separate kingdom. Rather, the word “Elohim” became a singular word meaning just God, not the dual Elohim who are part of the Godhead, of Father-Mother God.

As Nada-Yolanda repeatedly had received in her channelings from the angels and ascended masters, God via His-Her polarities first created the Seven Elohim at the head of the Seven Rays. In my evolving interpretation of this, I received from the Elohim that God as Father-Mother had created the Elohim in His-Her image, hence they were male and female Elos.

So how did all of this work with the other multiple kingdoms? What started to come to me was the Earthly analogy of architecture. God is The Architect. God is The One and Only Creator. However, God expresses and externalizes via two Polarities, Male and Female, Father and Mother. From Him-Her come the Elohim.

Father-Mother God gives the Elohim the Big Picture, the ultimate Design for what is to be made manifest. Let’s say that God wants to create a spiritual temple or power center or vortex of sacred energy; or even a whole planet. He-She has the whole, holy image of this, of how it is to be formed. He-She gives this to the Elohim who then create the architectural drawings or blueprints of this new form. They are called “blueprints” because originally they were printed on blue paper with white lines. Today, architectural blueprints are on white paper with black or dark blue lines.

Angels, Devas and Elementals

So, we can say that the Elohim create the blueprint, matrix, gridwork, skeleton or what the Greeks called the logos for the new form, whether it be the Sun, one of the Planets or one of the thirteen spiritual temples on each planet. Note that the letter “e” in Elohim has three lines pointing to the right. The left pole of the “E” stands for one God. The three lines represent the creative process first coming into manifestation, in the etheric, astral and physical realms.

Thus, the blueprint or matrix is not a two-dimensional drawing on a flat sheet of architectural paper. Rather, it is a three-dimensional drawing or depiction. Thus, it is a global structure, gridwork, “skeleton” or matrix, not a flat map. (Look at a flat map of the world and then look at a globe, and it is easy to see the difference between the two depictions.)

Then the Elohim direct the Angels to carry out the plan or blueprint or matrix, to bring it into manifestation. Thus, in creating a planet, the Angels come before the planet exists, create it by following the Elohim’s orders, and slowly manifest it until it is stabilized and ready for occupation as a spiritual schoolroom for men and women of the kingdom/queendom of man.

The angels work by way of the devas, who are etheric beings or entities under the direction of the angels. The devas further shape the ideas and matrices of the angels and begin to bring them into manifestation. The devas in turn oversee the elementals that control the elements. Thus, the flow comes from God, to the Elohim, to the Angels, to the Devas, to the Elementals, to the physical elements of Earth that comprise all matter and life forms, to all the atoms that form the elements.

Man’s Devolution & Re-Evolution

In the original plan, as described in Genesis, man was created to have dominion over the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Once the Earth was created, humankind came to inhabit it and oversee its spiritual growth and refinement. Instead, due to selfishness, self-love and self-power, a segment of mankind descended into, and became entrapped in, animal bodies. Angels then had to take over mankind’s rightful, proper functions, to become guardians of man’s light body and the Earth’s other kingdoms until mankind could rise again from the third to the fourth dimension, from the physical and astral bodies to the light body.

I love this whole architectural analogy and description. It explains in simple, readily understandable terms the enormous complexities of the interaction of all the kingdoms/queendoms of expression. First is the Idea, then the Blue Print, then the beginning Building of the manifestation of mankind, down and through the devas and elementals. Herein is the basic understanding or Christ matrix of how all of this works together as one cohesive whole.

And still, even with this new insight and comprehension, I was not convinced that the Elohim were dual in nature. I needed more proof, verification and explanation. I asked for it and knew that it would come in God’s good time and way.

White and Gold

Three days later, on December 21, 2022, which is the winter solstice and the start of the new solar year here in the Northern Hemisphere, deep into my morning quiet time, a golden sphere or ball of light appeared to the right of my third eye and aura. What’s this I thought to myself? I had no clue.

Then the golden globe, maybe a foot or so in diameter, began moving towards my third or all-seeing eye in the center of my forehead and overall head, becoming lighter in color as it traveled. Eventually, my attention was brought to the left side of my head, whereupon a similar sphere was a brilliant white in color, and about the same size and diameter as the original gold sphere.

Finally the two spheres, now seen next to the right and left side of my head, moved toward one another, until they formed a seeming third, somewhat larger sphere in the central portion of my all-seeing eye screen. The two separate spheres disappeared. The one sphere was a combination of white and gold, in multiple shades. It reminded me of the yang-yin symbol of Taoism that originated in China with Lao-Tze.

Enlightenment by the Elohim

At this point, I was transfigured by two Elohim, one male and one female, who however at times seemed to be just one combined Elohim. They were of the Seventh Ray whose colors are white and gold. In a series of telepathic inputs and inspirations, they explained that what I had viewed without initially understanding it was a depiction of the two of them.

If I looked only with my right eye to my right, conscious side, I only saw the masculine Elohim, whose color was gold. When I peered via my left eye to the left, subconscious side of my head, I perceived the feminine Elohim, whose color was white.

When I looked straight forward with both eyes, at one with my first, all-seeing, cosmic eye, I saw the two of them as one male-female team, no longer distinguishable in their separate polarities.

What a brilliant, masterful revelation this was. It answered in a much clearer way my years of questioning as to how to see things when it came to the Elohim. Yes, they were one Elohim or one Eloah, but they also were male and female partners on the Seventh Ray, just as God is One but expresses and externalize via two polarities, Father and Mother God, Who when combined birth the Son or Daughter.

New Names

At the end of this exchange with the two Elohim, they directed me to call them EloHim and EloHer! In this word symbol, “El” stood for “Father God” and “O” in “Elo” stood for “Mother God.” “Him” was a male child or creation, whereas “Her” was a female offspring or daughter. The two of them are twins, one male and one female, born of the same Father and Mother at the same time.

“Him” was symbolized by the color white, whereas “Her” was represented by the color gold. Together, they formed a continuum from pure white to pure gold. They were yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) enclosed in and a part of one circle or Tao, which word means God or Supreme Being or Way

Keep Things in Perspective

Marveling in all of this, it now came to me that in seeing only one Elohim, it was like I was in 7th grade in junior high school. But when I had graduated to the 8th grade, hence into a new octave, I could also perceive the one externalized as two. The number “8” symbolizes this, being formed of two circles. The above circle is masculine/conscious and the bottom circle is feminine/subconscious. As an “8”, they are in vertical alignment with the One God.

However, If you put the two circles of the 8 in a horizontal position, you have the sign for infinity, meaning oneness. (See image to right/above.)

Moreover, by this analogy and description of the two grades, I am still basically a youngster, only in junior high school, which comprises the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades here in the US. So, a word to the wise is that all of us here on Earth, even with our current level of spiritual evolvement, are like junior high school students.

We may be more advanced that those in grade school, thus grades 1 through 6 here in the States, but as compared to those in the senior high, college and PhD programs, and to those in higher, etheric planes and on other planets, we are still just kids. But then again, we can think of ourselves as New Age, Cosmic Kids, not just typical, third-dimensional, mortal children. It’s all a matter of perspective. And what is wrong with being a Child of God? Let’s revel in our Godly Goodness, whatever grade or age we are in!

Be a V

Two days later, on December 23rd, the next revelation came. Once again, in communion with Elo-Him and Elo-Her (I had started using a dash between the “o” and “h” in the two names), another coded set of names came to me from them. I had been pondering what might be the meaning of the overall six letters of their names. It seemed to me from my intuition and inner knowing that the names had seven letters, like in Sananda and Sol-O-Man; to represent the Seven Rays.

So, what now came clear to me was that there was a capital letter “V” in the middle of both of the Elo’s names. So, the male was Elo-V-Him and the female was Elo-V-Her. The “V” stood for the vortex that they portrayed. In other words, Elo-V-Him and Elo-V-Her form a Vortex of sacred energy that steps down and conveys Father-Mother God’s ideas and feelings into manifestation creation.

Then the two Elo’s made a image/drawing for me to depict this. In this imagery, as shown above/right, Elo-V-Him’s name starts at the top of the circle, then goes down in vertical fashion to the bottom of the circle. The V in his name is at the center point.

The E in Elo-V-Her starts at the left part of the circle (subconscious/feminine), with the following letters moving laterally and horizontally all the way to the right of the circle. Its V likewise is in the center of the circle, such that the two Vs of Elo-V-Him and Elo-V-Her become one V. It you only look at the one V, you do not see the rest of the letters!

Keep It Simple

Two more days later, on Christ Mass day, December 25th, came the final, condensed, simple formula and names for the two Elos. It came like a bolt of light that flashed in my mind and onto my third eye viewing screen. His name was “Him,” her name was “Her.” In these three letters in both of them was the Trinity Principle of Reality and Creation.

“God” is three letters. “Elo” is three letters. “Him” and “Her” each are three letters. “Father, Mother, Daughter/Son” are three divisions/letters. Via the Three, as above, so below. Done. Complete. Three in One. Thank You!

I was so tickled and moved by this that I burst out in joyous laughter. I thought to myself, can you believe how cosmically simple God is when we as a simple, clear-minded, young child sees Him-Her!? In all our subconscious and conscious complexity as mortal/soul beings, we see through a glass darkly, as St. Paul put it. Jesus said we must be as a little child in order to enter heaven. Well, I now felt like I was an innocent child in heaven, laughing and smiling along with the ascended masters, the angels and the Elohim/Eloher (Him and Her), in I Am ascend light body consciousness.

I had to get up, walk around and do a little jig. It was the best Christ Mass I ever have had in this lifetime. What a gift the higher beings had given to me and to all of us, their young child/children! And seven days later, now January 1st, I still feel the same way. That is part of my confirmation for now that what has been given through me is as accurate as an 8th grader could receive it. God Is Good. And so Am I and You. OM.


My last, lingering question for now was: Why did not Nada-Yolanda receive and describe the two polarities of the Elos? Obviously, as the Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray, who in two thousand years is to be the co-leader with her twin soul, Rama, of the Earth, she knew all about male and female Elos. But, apparently, due to how the spiritual Second Coming program had progressed, it was not the time for her to reveal this.

Here’s at least partly why: Thinking back on the history of Mark-Age, when Nada-Yolanda first was spiritually awakened, she learned that she was just one of four cornerstones for the Hierarchal Second Coming program. However, the other three incarnated masters of this quartet all made their unexpected, early exits from the Earthly program: Glo-Ria/Gloria of the First Ray died in 1962; WAINS/Jim Speed was dismissed from the Mark-Age Unit in 1973, due to his insubordination; and El Morya/Mark passed on in 1981.

From that time forward, Nada-Yolanda had to be the grounding point on Earth for the other three in higher realms. How she was able to do so and still continue to grow and accomplish as much as she did is beyond me. I so admire her for her tenacity, perseverance and moving forward until the day she made her transition and ascended in 2005.

Evidently, much of what the ascended masters, angels and Elohim had hoped to channel through her thus had to be slimmed down or eliminated altogether. She was capable of receiving such but there was not sufficient help from others to ground in and apply this information in practical ways. Many other light workers and Mark-Age staff members likewise aborted their spiritual missions.

Therefore, some of this other information now had to be given to me, as her direct disciple, with my being a Seventh Ray worker just like her. All that I have done is just to add a few new wrinkles to what she was given. It does not in any way negate what she received, but only adds incrementally to it, and helps to explain it in terms that everyone can comprehend and apply.

Time and again, Nada over the years, especially lately, has contacted me and told me that she approves of what I am receiving and doing, and sometimes correcting various things that need further refinement. So, hail to thee, Nada of the Karma Board, teacher of channels throughout the Solar System, Co-Chohan in training with Sananda to become the full-time Chohan of the Seventh Ray in the years to come. All is in divine order. You and I are one in the One. I Am your son and you are my Mother. I LOVE YOU. So be it.

End the Old, Start the New

Last night, December 31, 2022, I slept like the proverbial log. Twice when I got up to urinate, however, I could hardly keep my balance or otherwise function rightly in my physical/conscious activities and thoughts. Higher energies totally surrounded me. I could barely think coherently. At least, however, I did not feel on fire, nor did my skin itch except in a few places.

Rolling over in bed for one last time, hoping to get one final segment of restorative sleep, it came clear to me that my symptoms and lack of clarity were due to the fact that all Seven Elohim, with each being one EloHim and one EloHer, were surrounding and suffusing me in their cosmic forcefield. I still could barely breathe, my skin did itch more, but overall I felt reasonably grounded, clear-headed and filled with love.

Looking back, I thought that I had made good progress in holding their whole, holy, light-filled Presence. Before, in June 2022, when the Seven had contacted me, I had been on fire and took four days to get grounded, with the help of Phillel. This time it only took an hour or so, with minimal fire, heat, twitching and itching.

They now gave me the formula for the visualizations and projections that they wished us who co-participate with these blogs to complete in the next seven or more days, finalizing and concluding the Christ Mass Cycle. Usually, the stopping point is January 6th, which is Epiphany that celebrates the coming of the Three Wise Men to honor baby Jesus and his parents. But the spokesperson for the Seven Elohim said that their projections through us to the entire world would go on at least through January 7th and possibly to the 10th, even the 12th. These projections will seal the work of the last year and begin the overlapping work of the new year.

Seven Steps, Seven Rays, Seven Elohim

In your meditations today, January 1st, begin by seeing yourself in a Christ column of sacred, cosmic, Christ light. We have practiced this numerous times, so it will be easy for you to do. See it around you. Then, to secure it, stand up, put your arms and hands palms-forward in front of you. Then slowly rotate your body around in a circle. From your hands pours light out into the Christ column around you, filling it to fullness, sealing off any possible infiltration from those of lesser consciousness. You not only see this, but you tactilely feel this protective shield/cylinder all around you.

Make the column about 12 feet in diameter, thus about 6 feet away from your heart chakra in all directions. This is literal but also symbolic of your 12 I Am Powers and the 12 spiritual temples or vortices on Earth, and the 12 planets of the solar system. The column this time is round without any segments. The roundness indicates wholeness, completion, the Womb, the Sun and the Son-Daughter Self.

Call upon the higher astral plane guides, the ascended masters, the angels and the Elohim to lift you up through the Christ column and into the etheric and celestial planes; into I Am or Christ consciousness, as a Son or a Daughter of God the Good.

Especially, focus on linking with the Seven Elohim who consist of male/female partners. This is the new component to add this whole new year. Before, last year, we focused more so on ascended masters, visitors from other planets and angels. Now we add the most powerful component of our team, which is comprised of the Elos. Whether or not you feel specific contact with them, know that they are with you, for you, helping you, guiding you, empowering you and loving you. They are not only with you but they are all around the Earth, bathing it in their unique energies.

1 through 7

On this first day, January 1st, especially link with Him and Her of the First Ray of Will and Power. The associated color will be shades of blue, going from light or sky blue to dark or royal blue. The Male Elo is more so hues of light blue, the Female Elo is more so shades of royal or even midnight blue.

Feeling at one with these two Elos, link next with Lord Michael and Lady Mariel of the First Ray, who are angelic counterparts. Then focus on and unite with El Morya/Mark and Glo-Ria/Gloria of the Frist Ray. Affirm your connection with your two body devas or group of devas who are of the First Ray. Then, as one team broadcast First Ray will and power to the whole world, starting with friends and family, neighbors in towns and cities, to states and provinces, to countries in the East and the West. See everyone being blue; not depressing blue but uplifiting, sparkling, brilliant blue, like unto blue skies and the clear, deep-blue oceans. Especially focus on the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

On January 2nd, focus on the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, with its shades of yellow, cosmic light. Link with the Him and Her of the Second Ray, the Elo-V-Him and the Elo-V-Her of this Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. Then, commune with and feel connected to Lord Hophiel and Lady Hophiel, the two angels of the Second Ray; Kut Humi and Ella of the kingdom of humankind; and the Temple of Understanding and Wisdom in northeast India and Nepal. Bathe it in yellow light in the hue that it comes to you to do so. Be yellow, have a yellow, strong, spine that can hold and transfer the higher energies to others via your cosmic nerves.

Do the same procedure on days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, linking with those on the Third to the Seventh Rays: the Elos, the Angels, the Ascended Masters and the higher astral plane guides. If you need to, check out the Mark-Age literature and my past blogs to get the various identifies of those of each such Ray.

On January 8th, I plan to publish my next blog, following up on this work, seeing what else needs to be done, if anything to complete the Christ Mass Cycle. And I hope to make an overall chart of all the various ones of the Seven Rays, so that you can simply refer to them. Wish me God Speed in doing so. Thank You/you!

Be Happy

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you a most uplifting and joyous New Year. What a wonderful year it is going to be as we come back down the mountain, applying all that we learned last year, bringing forth peace, love, cooperation and coordination for all on and about the Earth, for all kingdoms/queendoms.

So be it ! ! ! ! ! ! !