I Love You, Anna

In my last blog, I shared with you my two dreams of Patti, my first sweetheart, and about the four communions I had with the Elohim of the Sixth Ray.

Just the afternoon after posting this last blog on December 6, 2021, another clear insight suddenly came to me about the meaning of the two Patti dreams: Patti partly was a representation or aspect of Anna, who is the twin soul of Lanto, Chohan or Director of the Third Ray of Feeling, Personal Love and Sacrifice to a Higher Cause. His only known incarnation is as Paolo Veronese, an Italian Renaissance painter.

The color that corresponds to and carries the Third Ray emanations is pink. Thus, we can think of Anna as being a Pink Lady, even the foremost Pink Lady of many pink ladies. She is Third Ray feminine personal love personified. She is a pink Venusian.

(See the picture to the right of the Third Ray planet of Venus, whereupon exists the Temple of Love. More about this later.)

Setting the Scene

In the first Patti dream on February 26, 2021, she appeared before me, clothed and gorgeous, in her twenties while I was in my 40s. She snuggled up to me and kissed me on the lips. She said it was her relationship with me, our love of one another, that had been the key in her remaining balanced during the last, very difficult and challenging six weeks of transmutation. I loved Patti but felt ambivalent about my love being too romantically and sexually personal, rather than as teacher to student.

(To the right, see her picture from 12th grade in high school. What a sweet smile and presence this young lady had! And still had, in my two dreams of her.)

In the second Patti dream, on December 3, 2021 (please note it was a 3-day for the 3rd Ray), Patti was again before me, but naked this time, wearing only white panties. And she had a gorgeous body that reminded me of paintings and statues of the Roman goddess Venus, known to Greeks as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sex.

(Note the modern statue of Venus to the left, with pink flowers in background. The two hands are those of Father-Mother God who created her, whereupon He-She lifted her out of the ocean as an adult, as per Roman/Greek mythology.)

Patti then took off her panties and seemingly beckoned me to have physical sex with her, if I so wanted. I declined. Again, she was in her 20s and I was in my forties. And I properly was her mentor and healer, not her personal lover. Although God knows, I was tempted.

So, I interpreted the dream mostly as being about lusting after the flesh, and its/my long, ancient history on Earth. And to the degree that I understood the dream at this time, this analysis was mostly accurate and on point. But, as I would soon discover, it was not the whole story!

Numinous, Luminous Anna/Patti

What I failed to mention in the above account was that especially in the second dream on December 3rd, although Patti was physically naked and beautiful, she emanated a glorious, sparkling light that filled her aura, extending out a couple of feet or more from her physical form. In fact, this light literally shone on me. It startled and confused me, but also uplifted and quickened me.

Thus, Patti apparently was in her light body, while expressing via her astral and physical bodies. She was not just a Roman/Greek, physical, soul Venus, but rather she was a Venusian queen of a higher dimension, a veritable Pink Lady! But, I had not understood this at the time, and would not until after I wrote my last blog. As Jesus said, there are none so blind as those who do not see.

Even when I initially awoke from this second dream, I was not entirely sure it was Patti that I was dreaming about, or if Patti just represented somebody else, some other woman who was filled with light.

But, with my being in a physical form, I was somewhat blinded about, and not comprehending of, this higher pink-light frequency. Moreover, it was not pink in the dream, but more so white light that radiated from her. For whatever reason, I did not even write about her light-filled aura in my spiritual diary when I initially recorded the dream.

To use a Jungian term, therefore, this was a “numinous” dream, which means it was spiritual, mysterious, light-filled, almost beyond mortal comprehension. Patti, actually Anna, was luminous. It was Anna shining through her, revealing herself to me, even to removing her panties, hence symbolizing the removal of my lust for young ladies at a physical level, her removing any remaining blockages in my soul to see the naked truth of who she truly is as a Pink Lady. Oh my God!

First Dream Communion

So then, who is Anna and how did I come to know her in past years in this lifetime, long before this current dream? Well, if you have read my prior blogs, you know that she first revealed herself to me in a dream in 2010, prior to when MariLyn and I went on our first, Costa Rica Mission in November 2010. In that dream, MariLyn and I had one of our periodic spats, whereupon I went to chill out into my office in Hilarion House here at the I Am Nation. Only, I discovered that adjoining my office was another room, which however was not there physically, in waking consciousness.

Opening the door to and entering this adjoining room, a loving, sweet, normal-looking grandmother was there and said hello to me. I was dumbfounded. When I asked her how she got in this room and who she was, she told me that she was MariLyn’s master teacher and that she had come to help both MariLyn and me in our ongoing healing work.

Yeah right, I thought to myself! But, this granny saw my disbelief, opened her eyes wide and looked penetratingly at and into me, and from out of her eyes poured so much light that it literally knocked me backwards and on the floor. Then she turned around and walked out through the wall!

OK, OK, I thought then, I “get it.” You are some powerful, ascended master, maybe even MariLyn’s Third Ray master teacher, since MariLyn is a Third Ray worker.

Multiple Following Dreams & Communions

Moreover, MariLyn that same night had a synchronous dream about an older woman standing close behind her while she waited in line to sign up for new courses at the university — she had MariLyn’s back. In following dreams over the next few years, MariLyn dreamt about Anna being her college teacher, a female medical doctor in a mental hospital, a friend, a sister, a restaurant owner, and other roles.

I likewise had several such dreams, but mostly felt this female master teacher’s contact in my meditations, during which I always sensed her unique Third Ray love vibrations in my heart — she had the sweetest of Third Ray hearts. Such communions with her were especially evident when MariLyn and I undertook the Teton Mountains Mission in fall 2013, where in ancient days the Temple of Venus was located.

From 2010-2014, I received only the name of Lady Lanto for this Pink Lady master.  Not until 2015 did she reveal her name to me in multiple, verifiable ways. She was/is Anna.

Have a Good Sense of Humor

I had to chuckle when I recalled the original dream contact with granny Anna, she with her powerful, piercing eyes, as it applied to my current dream of Patti, my symbolic, naked, physical Venus. I thought to myself that in this second dream with Patti, if I actually had tried to have sex with her, she probably would have “given me the look,” sent forth light beams from her eyes, and knocked me on my butt!

By the way, I looked online  for Patti’s current email address and phone number, but did not find them. But, that was just as well, since when I thought if I actually called her on the phone what that conversation might be like.

Such as: “Hi, I’m Bob Knapp. We dated once or twice when we were in the 8th grade. Oh, you remember, well that’s good. Because I just dreamt about you yesterday and you were naked and invited me to have sex with you. And then she would hang up the phone and wonder what kind of deranged nut I was. Ha!)

Ancient History

Back to being serious, where were the “golden giants” of ancient, Cain-and-Abel days, banished to for their ongoing Third Ray transmutation? That’s right, it was to Venus, which is the Third Ray planet or center in this solar system. So, that is where I and all other golden giants were banished 26 million years ago. And if I recall it accurately, it may have been Anna way back then, or perhaps in later times, who served as a female mentor to me on the Third Ray during my sojourns on Venus.

The depth of my loving feeling for her, therefore, goes back a long way. I love this Pink Lady with all my heart. She is the very first on my list of 12 personal sweethearts, those on the Third Ray.

In my communions with Anna after receiving that she was revealing herself to me in my second dream of her as Patti, I had the strongest feeling that I was back on Venus with Anna, with her teaching and showing me how to purify my Third Ray love aspect and heart. What an incredible feeling/recall this was!

Temple of Love

Moving forward to 32,000 years ago, Nada-Yolanda writes about her development, training and refinement in the Temple of Love on Venus, as given in her Autobiography of a Prophet on pages 15-17. Here are some pertinent excerpts:

“As the priestess-teacher Nona, I have many recalls of experiences in the Temple of Love on Venus. It is in this temple and school that many of the aspects of the Third Ray — personal love and devotion of the I Am or light-body Self — are perfected for service in this solar system. Many times, after a life on Earth or service in the etheric, I would return to a life period on Venus to perfect my understandings and to teach personal love.

“Here the soul learns how to use spiritual energies of personal love and understanding in all forms of human relationships and interchanges of energy. Proper utilization of love between individuals, families and social groups is taught and expressed. Many great artists of Earth are Third Ray entities [such as Lanto as Paolo Veronese], for it is from this Temple of Love that beauty, culture and personal love devotion are exemplified and purified within the soul experiences in this solar system. . . .

“Many others, of course, were expert and qualified teachers in the Temple of Love. Also taught were all of the creative arts, as we know them on Earth; but experienced to much higher degrees, and utilizing much higher powers of what we call the elementary spiritual powers of man: ESP.”

I have definite soul recall of being with and training under Nona on Venus as part of my preparation for this lifetime, in which I have been devoted to Nada-Yolanda and to the Second Coming program. Phillel also recalls having been trained by Nona in the Temple of Love on Venus. However, neither of us remembers having been there together.

Conquest of the Flesh

Here’s what Hilarion as Paul the Apostle channeled via Nada-Yolanda way back on March 25,1958 regarding continence and self-conquest of the flesh (see our Mark-Age text Facts of Life, pages 139-151):

“In order to arrive at the spiritual perfection which you desire, it is necessary to make this conquest. For the sexual drive is only placed in the animal part of man and the creatures of Earth for the purpose of reproduction. But man has elaborated and has emphasized it to the point where it is the single motivating factor in his life. This is especially true in your American country. It had been true in many similar cultures throughout history and was the main reason for their eventual downfall.

“This is not easy to accept. But underlying the falsity, the pretense, the false values of civilizations in this drive to satisfy the sexual urge is the root of all physical desires and greed, among them the drive for pleasure in eating, in luxuries for the body, the ease and comfort without the necessary enjoyment of using one’s native intelligence and talents to bring about such comforts and luxuries. Out of this comes the drive for power, the power which is the anti-Christ. It is as simple as that. Power as organized by man is the force which denies and protests against God Himself. For God is the only power in the universe. God power is the power through which all things are made manifest.

“Man is God’s creation, not God man’s. Whenever man realizes this and gives to God His rightful role and returns to God the power which is God’s and which God has given in His graciousness to His sons [and daughters], then there can be the true peace, the true salvation, the true union with God which all men yearn for in their experiences here on Earth and later in spirit.”

Sananda Speaks

Here’s what Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda on May 17, 1972: “Sexual prowess . . . is not the means by which one can prove his conquest over the light force, for this is not the purpose of the sexual organs or the act of procreation for which these things were created on the physical. They are means to an end of the physical and add nothing to the spiritual stature or to the spiritual understanding. Yet, no one of a spiritual nature will condemn or will look down upon the act of husband and wife in sexual intercourse, because this is the purpose of procreating the race as long as it remains in a third dimensional body.”

Question: Does the use of the sexual function in any manner help prepare one for Christ consciousness?

Answer: “There is absolutely no precedent for this upon the earth, at any time, that ever has been successful. In all the patterns I have given for man to follow [in my multiple incarnations throughout the history of the Earth], never once did I imply or give this as the means by which anyone could reach cosmic consciousness or Christ attainment. Christ attainment is a spiritual expression. The sexual use of the energies and the patterns used are strictly physical and will gain only physical adeptness. Nothing spiritual can ever be attained through physical means.”

(Note: This question was asked by a middle-aged Miami man who claimed to be devoted to Mark-Age teachings. However, he thought he spiritually had received that he was to have sex with one woman of each of the 12 Zodiac signs, hence twelve ladies, one of whom was his wife, which would “complete him” and prepare him for entering Christ consciousness.

Of course, this was mortal nonsense and delusion, as Sananda so clearly explained. It was just an excuse or rationalization for this gentleman to lust after the flesh of not one or two, but twelve ladies.

His alleged receiving was rather a mortal interpretation or variation of rightly using his twelve I Am powers in all his male-female relationships, to have Spiritual Energy Exchange or SEX with each of them; not physical sex. Such SEX is “out of this mortal world” and is of the heavenly spheres and levels of I Am consciousness. Thus, his false insights were a classic case of “reverse receiving,” as will be discussed below. But this gentlemen preferred his mortal interpretation and soon disassociated himself from Mark-Age. Go figure!)

Lessons Learned

Coming back to my two dreams of Anna/Patti, what were the lessons I learned and how do these apply to all light workers?

First of all, dreams, especially numinous, transcendent, spiritual dreams, are multi-faceted and thus have many levels of interpretation. Moreover, dreams are primarily symbolic, not literal. Therefore, in dreaming about Patti, I was dreaming to some small extent about her, but more so she was a symbol of young love, of young spiritual love that is still clouded over by romantic, physical, sexual delusions and feelings.

Second, it takes time to peer into each of the many dream facets and levels. That is why I typically wait seven days, at least, before sharing them with others. In the above instance, Sol-O-Man and the Elohim of Sixth Ray Transmutation instructed me to share my second Patti dream just 3 days after having had it. They said it would be a teaching tool, that when I had more insight into it, at a higher level, I would be able to give a clear description of how the dream perception and interpretations evolve to ever higher levels and realizations, until one sees the whole, holy picture.

Reverse Receiving

Three, obviously Anna via Patti was not lusting after me, not wanting to have sex with me. That is ludicrous to even think about. Rather I was dealing with my own remaining lust for young, beautiful ladies. Thus, Anna, as my feminine mentor on the Third Ray, is showing me via the Patti imagery how it is that I initially interpreted the dream upside down, backwards. This is called “reverse receiving.”

Why does this occur? It is because any message or idea coming from the superconscious, light-body realm, from an ascended master, first must go through our subconscious mind and soul-astral body. At the soul level, if our subconscious is not clear and cleansed of past imperfections and lusting after the flesh, then these old memories and feelings are what first come to the surface, prior to our seeing and hearing the I Am message that is given in the dream.

Therefore, when these subtle, ancient memories, including those of this lifetime, come into our conscious awareness, instead of receiving clearly what the master teacher has given us, we instead turn it inside out and upside down. We mistake our own impure soul yearnings for the original pure ideas that have been given to us. Herein is reverse receiving, which every light worker experiences to one degree or another.

Another way to explain this is that we may be tempted at first to interpret the dream from bottom, mortal, physical level to the top, immortal, etheric level; to see the dream from below to above, rather than from above to below. Our view from below necessarily is limited, partial, not complete — we see through a glass darkly. Only by rising into I Am consciousness and seeing things from there on down through the four lower bodies do we see things clearly and rightly.

Seven Steps to Clarity

So, in my case, I originally thought that my dream with Patti was about the vast amount of lust I still had in my heart for young ladies — this is what I feared, so this is what surfaced. However, in reality, the two Patti dreams, like the many such dreams before them, showed that I had come a very long way in cleansing my lustfulness of physicality. In other words, I initially focused on the dark side of my interpretation, because that is my soul tendency — to worry and fret about how bad a person I am. Having failed repeatedly in the past, I am deathly afraid of failing again.

It is this soul residue that still has to be transmuted and healed; hence the violet flame of the Sixth Ray and the communions with the Elohim of Purification to transmute my whole soul record. Then and only then, I will have a happy heart that no longer has Afib, as it still does now, despite all my evident healing progress thus far.

Then, as a second instance of reverse receiving, I thought that Patti actually was Patti. But why in the world would I be dreaming two such significant and power-packed dreams about Patti, when I only had dated her once or twice in real life and had not thought of her hardly at all for sixty years, or dreamt about her? It made no sense to me when I actually, carefully thought about it. Why would she now be communing with me in dreams, telling me she loved me and as much as offering herself up to me to have physical sex with her, or so I thought?

Well, in a symbolic sense, Patti represented all young ladies whom I am to love unconditionally, not as sex objects. Patti is every woman, every sweet young lady, even past improper experience with young, lovely, sexy ladies.

Moreover, as I eventually came to realize, Patti represented the early years of this life and the early part of my soul evolution going back millions of years. She was a symbol, not a physical reality, although perhaps she and I still are connected through the ethers in some small way. I still have fond memories of my first young love with her.

As the old saying goes, you never forget your first love. Just thinking of her and seeing her picture now brings a bright smile to my face. I don’t remember or emphasize the fact that she chose someone else and broke my heart, but instead focus on the good love between us as young teenagers. That was so sweet!

Love One Another

Then, with the realization that Patti was an aspect of Anna, given on day 4 of my ongoing dream interpretation, I took the next step in deducing and understanding the deeper depths and breath of these two dreams. And it may be that more now will come to me, to complete seven literal and symbolic steps/days in rightly seeing what these two cosmic dreams have revealed to me. Typically, with such numinous dreams, I have a series of follow-up dreams that give the remaining pieces of the puzzle in seeing what Spirit and the agents of Spirit are showing to, and teaching, me.

My sharing of these two Patti dreams and their lessons is probably part of those 5th, 6th and 7th steps/days. For only in sharing them with you do I get to see the whole truth about them and how they apply equally to others, each in their own unique way. And do I get to hopefully inspire you.

In other words, in these three later steps, I get to love one another, hence the Third Ray. I expose and share my story, to be the cosmic comedian that I Am. And my story is your story and vice versa, for all of us are following seven steps to Christhood up the same mountain from Christ awareness to Christ consciousness, as seen and demonstrated via our visions, dreams and physical experiences.

Anna is amongst those higher plane mentors and sweethearts who are guiding us in this, as she and they so often have done in the past. What a fabulous teacher, mentor, mother, friend and lover Anna is! What a fabulous soul drama workshop she has presented to me/us in my dreams and her waking visitations!

Be Open to Anna and Lanto

So, please, these last 3-4 days of working with your I Am power of elimination and transmutation, call upon Anna, as well as Lanto, to guide you in cleansing and purifying your personal love relationships. She and he are there waiting for you to invite her or him into your heart, into your home and hearth, into your individual Temple of Personal Love.

Be open to the possibility that you have been with them before on Venus, in the school or temple of love there; that now after a whole year of working with the 12 Christ powers you are ready to cross over the threshold into a new awareness and demonstration of who you are as a resurrected being of light, who has traveled to other planes and dimensions and planets.

And this will prepare you for the upcoming blogs this year that will be devoted to visiting the thirteen temples or power centers on Earth, each of which represents or expresses the vibrations of the sun and and one of the 12 planets. For example, we will spend four full weeks focusing on Venus and the Temple of Love on Venus, and the Temple of Venus here on Earth in the area of the Grand Teton Mountains.

Rejoice and Be Joyous

And please, keep your sense of humor! Remember, that in your mortal consciousness, you are a “funny creature.” You do and feel and think all kinds of funny, dumb, silly things. So, be willing always to laugh at and with yourself, rather than being a sour pus or a serious stick-in-the-mud. Enjoy yourself. Convey your joy to others. Do not give too much attention to their dark sides, their funny antics, but rather see and call forth the Christ in them, whether they are old or young, gorgeous or ugly, male or female, rich or poor. Love each one of them for who he or she is, a beautiful, beloved child of God. Paint each of them pink!

And step up and be the adult, righteous, love-filled spiritual teacher, leader, healer and wayshower that you are, instead of succumbing to lesser feelings, emotions and sexual desires; instead of letting your fears rule you.

Thus, in my dream two days ago, I was with Pam, my second sweetie of this lifetime, whom I lusted after on Earth and in multiple dreams in the past. But in this dream, I stood tall. She was before me and looked much like she did in high school (see picture to right and above).  But this time, I dealt with her as the spiritual teacher and healer that I am.

Confidently, lovingly, whole-heartedly, I asked Pam if she could love me. And with her seeing that I was  a new person and righteous healer, she said “Yes I can, yes I will.” And without a scintilla of lust in my heart, I said to her, “I love you, too.”

Amen, and thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit who have painted her and me pink!

Keep It Light

Whenever possible and appropriate, tell a joke or two. Share your story with others and laugh together with them when they describe the funny parts of their spiritual journey, even as you are rightly sensitive and supportive when they share their past and present pains.

We are not put here on Earth to suffer. Rather, we have put ourselves in this sad, suffering, “funny-farm,” sexually-physically-addicted condition. Enough already. By loving God and loving one another, we resurrect laughter and joy on Earth, even as we attend to the serious business of being love in action.

And in your meditations and projections, do paint the planet pink! See each light worker smiling, filled with Third Ray love, suffused with pink light. Yes, Venus is the primary pink planet, but Earth too can become a pink planet on its way to becoming the Seventh Ray gold-and-white planet of peace and love that it is destined to be, with Sananda and Sol-O-Man as its leaders.

As we see it, so shall it be. It is already now so in our heart-of-hearts! As 144,000 see and feel it, it is.

#    #    #    #    #    #    #

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Lighten up, laugh often, and always Love God and Love One Another!

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