Cross over the Threshold

Today, Monday, December 6, 2021, we enter our fourth and final week of focusing on our I Am power of elimination-renunciation-denial. This Christ attribute externalizes by way of our sacral chakra in the astral body as the urinary system and colon in our physical body. These two systems remove liquid and solid wastes, respectively.

Jesus’ apostle Jude Thaddeus portrayed this power of elimination and cleansing. Other than the metaphysical interpretations of his name, we know little about him from Biblical accounts. But we can think of him as having a violet aura and a heart of gold, as per the image of him to the left.

The color that carries the vibrational energy of the I Am power of elimination is violet. This color is a range from deep purple to light violet.

In visualizations, we picture ourselves and our eliminatory organs surrounded in the violet flame that burns away and replaces error in our four lower bodies. I Am a violet flame of fire that purifies my mortal desires.

Sixth Ray Gem

In the Seven Rays of Life, which are the seven divine attributes of our Father-Mother Creator, violet is the color of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. The Chohan or Director of this ray is St. Germain. The Archangel of the Sixth Ray is Lord Zadkiel. We connect with them in our meditations and visualizations, as well as with the Elohim of the Sixth Ray of Purification and Transmutation.

The gemstone that crystallizes and manifests the violet flame is the amethyst. This week, we shall express our power of elimination and transmutation in all that we speak and do. We will be loving transmutation in action! In so doing, we will cross over the threshold into being I Am golden light in our rebirthed and resurrected, golden light body.

Focus on the Physical

In week one of elimination, we focused primarily on our mental body, our thoughts about and transmutation of remaining vestiges of old, outworn, error-ridden ideas and attitudes; focusing on 12 sweeties. In week two, our renunciation focused on removing the imbalances and imperfections from our emotional body; concentrating on 6 sweethearts. In week three, our concentration was on our soul-astral body and the memories of this and past lives, some of which had to be denied any more power over us and then shed away; we fixed our soul power on 2 remaining sweet ones.

And finally, now in week four, our concentration is on our physical organs of elimination, which comprise our urinary system and colon, via which we urinate and defecate, which more commonly are called “pee and poo(p).” Maybe we discover that we still need to work primarily with one more sweetie, one who still tempts us to be less than loving.

We love our organs of elimination. We love the power of elimination to let go of the old and make way for the new. We get “high” when we go to the bathroom, especially when we take a big “dump.” We love dumping the debris and letting new God life flow into and through our four lower bodies. And our bodies actually release endorphins when we do so, physically and spiritually (details to come!). After all, God is great! He-She is our ultimate High!

Urinary System

Our two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra make up our urinary system, which in regards to the urethra has a different place in males or females. (See drawing to right and below.)

The urinary system uses some of the same organs as the regenerative organs. In men, the urethra passes through the prostate and penis; whereas in women, the urethra is shorter and opens into the vagina that releases urine through the labia during urination.

Thus, anatomically and physiologically, the powers of elimination and regeneration work together as two equal poles.

Regeneration is the positive, masculine, Father aspect of this pairing; whereas elimination is the negative, feminine, Mother polarity. The two work together as one. We pro-create and then release anything remaining from the birthing process, like in removing the placenta, the so-called afterbirth, from the womb of the mother.

Liquid Wastes

Every cell in the body produces metabolic by-products that diffuse into the blood, which carries them to the two kidneys. Shaped like lima beans, the kidneys are located laterally to the spinal column in the low back area. In addition to removing metabolic wastes such as urea and uric acid from the blood, the kidneys also filter out excess water and minerals, bacterial toxins, degraded hormones, toxic chemicals and other unneeded substances. However, red and white blood cells, platelets, needed minerals, proteins and other nutrients are retained in the blood.

(Thus, we are not to throw the baby out with the bathwater! We are to retain our positive thoughts, feelings, memories and physical expressions that lead to health, wholeness and unified balance. We are to retain and to be the immortal Christ child, even as we renounce and remove the lesser vibrations and negative conditions in our four lower bodies.)

The filtering of the blood by the kidneys produces urine, which is approximately nine-five percent water and five percent solutes. Urine travels down the 10-to-12-inches-long ureters to the bladder, which is a muscular sac capable of extension. During urination, the urinary sphincters open and the bladder muscles contract, thereby expelling urine through the urethra to outside the body. Blessed relief!

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are one of the most common urinary tract disorders, and they are nothing short of agonizing for those who suffer from them. About two-thirds of all cases involve calcium oxalate stones. Conventional medicine tries to prevent these by calling for dietary calcium restrictions and sometimes diuretics. But nutritional treatment is just as, and even more effective in considerably reducing or even eliminating, calcium oxalate stone information.

The following information and recommendations come from one of my favorite nutritional/holistic physicians, Jonathan Wright, MD at his Tahoma, Washington treatment center in the Northwest; and in his book, with Alan Gaby, MD, titled Natural Medicine, Optimum Wellness. I highly recommend it, with its scores of nutritional approaches to treating a vast range of disorders. You can order it at It costs $22 plus shipping.

Here is an outline of the basic supplements to take to treat and prevent two types of kidney and bladder stones, as given in Dr. Wright’s earlier newsletter for May 2002:

“Calcium oxalate isn’t the only type of kidney stone. The less common type are uric acid kidney stones. As with the calcium oxalate, cutting back your intake of animal protein while increasing bulk and fiber in your diet can help prevent them from forming.

“And, in addition to the problem refined sugar can pose for you, we know that fructose can also increase uric acid excretion in the urine. Eating whole fruit doesn’t cause this problem, but drinking fruit juice or drinks sweetened with “high fructose corn syrup” does.

“Your basic kidney-stone prevention program should include limiting your intake of meat, sugar, salt, and fruit juice, increasing dietary fiber, and supplementing with 10,000 units of vitamin A, 300 milligrams of magnesium citrate and 100 mg of vitamin B6 each day. Even though studies have “dispelled the myth” that higher amounts of vitamin C promote calcium oxalate kidney stone formation, I’ve seen two such cases first hand. So, if you take three or more grams of vitamin C each day, have your doctor measure your urinary oxalate.” End of Dr. Wright’s quote.

(By the way, 300 mg of magnesium citrate may cause loose bowels when you first start taking it. If so, cut back to 100 mg per day for several days, then try 200 mg per day for several days, and finally if all is well, take the full 300 mg per day.)

Colon or Large Intestine

The colon is also called the large intestine because its average diameter of two and one-half inches is larger than the diameter of the small intestine (wherein the final steps of order-digestion occur).

The colon as an organ of elimination consists of the cecum, the ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon, the sigmoid colon, the rectum and the anus. Projecting from the cecum is a finger-shaped organ, the appendix, which averages three to four inches in length. It contains a large amount of lymphoid tissue.

Undigested food (including roughage or fiber), water, mineral salts, pigments and some toxic items move into the colon through the ileocecal valve, which is located between the end of the ileum (last section of the small intestine) and the first part of the colon, the cecum. Most of the water and mineral salts are reabsorbed in the ascending colon and the first half of the transverse colon. This leads to the solidification of the waste matter or feces, which is stored in the second half of the transverse colon, the descending colon and the sigmoid colon. With defecation, the feces are removed via the rectum and out the anus.

Other organs have minor eliminatory functions. The lungs have fine hairs, called cilia, lining their airways to catch dust and other particles, which then are swept upward and can be coughed out of the system. The skin releases small amounts of toxins through sweating. The liver, the spleen and the lymphatic system purify the blood. However, the urinary system and the colon remove most of the wastes and the toxins from the body. That is why they are the principal organs of elimination.


To restore healthy function to the small and large intestines, we can take probiotics. In the normal, average human digestive tract and colon, various bacteria make up the so-called microbiome that in total weighs about 4-8 pounds (depending on which authority you read). That’s right, we have 4-8 pounds of friendly bacteria in our gut.

However, taking antibiotics and medications, eating highly refined sugar and starches, and ingesting toxic substances all may disrupt the microbiome. When that happens, we not only have problems with our gastrointestinal tract but also in our brain and other parts of our body. Thus, our depression and anxiety may be caused partly by a damaged microbiome. For details of this fascinating new research and treatment, see the book Brain Maker by David Perlmutter, MD, a board certified neurologist.

This is because the gut is interconnected with the brain via the vagus nerve, the largest and longest nerve in our body. It carries so-called efferent messages from the brain to the gut, via the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. But 80% of the vagal nerve impulses are so-called afferent or sensory messages that transmit signals from the intestinal tract to the brain. Its like we have eyes, ears and touch receptors in our gut. So when something is amiss, this information gets transmitted to and causes various difficulties in what we think, feel and remember. Imagine that!

So, to make sure we have the right bacteria in our gut in the right amounts, it helps to take a daily probiotic. Many doctors and other health professionals promote a probiotic that contains only a small number of the estimated hundreds of strains of bacteria found in the gut. But, the best approach seems to be to take a probiotic that contains lots of strains, and also has prebiotics and postbiotics in it.

Such a probiotic, the one that Phillel and I take, and recommend for others, is Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. This product has had 30 years of scientific investigation and documentation. It contains 12 of the most important bacterial strains. It will help to straighten out any digestive difficulties or problems with your colon, whether it be constipation or diarrhea or cramping. Plus, overall you will feel better and think more clearly. You take one tablet twice a day, with or without meals.

You can order it from any number of online vitamin and nutritional supplements companies. I like the best, with its excellent, fast, economical service. But you can get it from Amazon,,,,  and many others.

Major Antioxidant

The second bacterial strain that is important is called Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3. In our body, the compound glutathione is its major anti-oxidant that prevents inflammation in all cells in the body. Normally, body cells manufacture this, but as we age or in sickness, or due to a toxic chemical overload, such production decreases.

Unfortunately, glutathione cannot be supplemented by mouth, because it is broken done in the process of digestion. However,  Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 produces glutathione in the gut, where it is absorbed directly into the blood stream that carries it throughout the body. So, our body gets a boost in its anti-inflammatory activity, thereby contributing to the health of our whole physical instrument.

This bacterial strain comes in a product produced by the Reg’Active Company, and it comes in several versions. Phillel and I, partly because of my Afib but more so to enhance our immune systems, take the version called Immune and Vitality, which includes various vitamins for heart health. You take one tablet twice per day, with or without meals. You can order it from Vitacost or the other companies mentioned above.

You also can obtain just the bacteria in Reg-Active Essential ME-3 that contains no additional vitamins or other nutrients. Vitacost does not carry it, but you can order it from Amazon, Healthy Planet and others. To see more places, Google Reg-Active Essential ME-3 and several more sites will come up. Essentially, the Immune and Vitality version and the straight Essential ME-3 version cost the same.

Plus, Reg’Active recommends that you take any of their glutathione producing supplements with Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.

Endorphin High

As mentioned earlier, when we urinate and especially when we have a large bowel movement, we may have feelings of near euphoria or at least pleasure, peace and happiness. How and why does this occur?

Partly, it is just physical, in that it is a relief to have our muscles contract and then relax — the pressure of a full bladder or colon is released. But, it turns out there is much more to this. Again, as mentioned above, the bladder and urethra, as well as the colon, are innervated by the vagus nerve. So, when we “pee or poop,” nerve impulses travel by the vagal nerve to the brain and cause it to release endorphins, so-named because they are like morphine that induces a “high” state of peace, relaxation and joy.

Our body has about 20 different types of endorphins with beta-endorphin being the most researched. Laughter, a friendly chat, meditation, exercise, sunlight, a hot bath, massage and yes, pooping, all cause beta-endorphin release from the hypothalamus of the brain and perhaps other endorphins from other cells throughout the body, especially in our digestive tract. Plus, pooping also causes the release of two neurotransmitters, serotonin and GABA, from brain cells, which lead to relaxation, uplifted feelings and happiness.

(What a body our loving God has created! This anatomy and physiology gives new meeting to our dictum that we are to love transmutation and cleansing. So, the next time you sit on your bathroom throne, say a little prayer of thanksgiving to our Father-Mother Creator, who has a great sense of humor!)

In his fascinating and clever book (see image to right), board-certified gastroenterologist Anish Sheth, MD (with co-author Josh Richman) calls this bathroom phenomenon “poo-phoria.” Here’s what the advertising and descriptive blurb says on about this hardcover book that costs $9.23 plus shipping:

“With universal appeal (everyone poops, after all), this witty, illustrated description of over two dozen dookies [an Australia slang term for feces], (each with a medical explanation written by a doctor), details what one can learn about health and well-being by studying what’s in the bowl. A floater? It’s probably due to a buildup of gas. Now think back on last night’s dinner, a burrito perhaps? . . .All the greatest hits are here: The Log Jam, The Glass Shard, The Deja Poo, The Hanging Chad . . . the list goes on. Sidebars, trivia, over 60 euphemisms for number 2, and unusual case histories all make this the ultimate bathroom reader. Who knew you could learn so much from your poo?”

Enter the Emptiness

It may be best to keep the lights off when you enter your bathroom, and to not take your smartphone or book with you. Dr. Sheth, and others, say that pooping in the darkness often enhances the poo-phoria phenomenon. So, why get distracted?
Of course, those individuals who are “addicted” to their smartphones typically take them into the bathroom to read messages, send emails and texts, watch YouTube, etc. Older folks may take in a book or newspaper. However, as noted in the article/post,, flushing the toilet ejects contaminated water particles about six feet in the air, spraying exposed phones [that are laying on counter tops or in special racks in the bathroom for phones when one wipes and flushes] with pathogens like E. coli and staphylococcus. Researches in the UK have actually found that 16 percent of cellphones contained fecal matter.”

13th Sweetie

Well, enough bathroom humor and explanation and enlightenment!

You might want to take a break now, walk around, get something to eat and then settle back in to read the rest of this blog. Because now, I am going to move on to something that is a lot more serious, important and transformative.

Here’s my latest heartwarming story about the final step in transmuting myself and my 12 personal sweeties, during which I discovered to my total surprise that I actually had 13 sweethearts. In my original accounts and thinking, I had somehow overlooked and left out perhaps the most important one of all, she who was my very first sweetie, my first actual date, my first heartthrob. Here name was Patti. Her name means “noble, patrician.” And she was certainly that.

Dream Date

This story recently started about nine months ago in my dream of February 26, 2021. In this night vision, I was with Patti, who was a young, beautiful, shapely woman, probably in her twenties (in waking life, she is my age, 75). Thus, she was not a skinny-minnie like she had been when I went out with her on my very first date of this lifetime, when I was 13 or 14 years old; even before I went to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Pam. Rather Patti’s body had filled out and she was lovely physically and emotionally. Her family had moved to my hometown of Dansville a couple years before this; her father taught chemistry and physics in our high school. Her family was Catholic (needless to say, my Presbyterian Mom did not like my dating a Catholic girl; but hey, young love knows no bounds.)

In the dream, Patti and I were standing out in front of her former childhood home, which was located right across Washington Street where I had lived with my family until about age 7, when my mother got severely depressed following the death of her baby, Rosalie, and had EST. I had decided upon her being taken away that I would never love anyone again, because it hurt too much when a loved one was taken away. And here in this current dream, I was starting my long journey on healing and transmuting my personal love nature, until this very day.

(Yes, originally, in my prior listing of my 12 sweeties, Tamara was number 1,  when I was but 7-8 years old, with whom I had my first kiss that led to getting “snot” on my face — it was a fun and funny way to start my series about my 12 loves. But being just 8 years old back then, I was hardly in love. I was yet to enter puberty. Patti actually  was my first serious teenage heartthrob, so my whole list should now be 13 such sweeties. However, with Patti’s addition, I still might make it 12 sweeties and have Sol-O-Man being my best or 13th sweetheart — she represents my own I Am Self.)

I was older in the dream, maybe in my forties. But Patti looked at me with romantic, loving, adoring eyes. She snuggled up to me and she kissed me smack on the lips. She said that it was her relationship with me, our love of one another, that had been the key in her remaining balanced during the last, very difficult and challenging six weeks. Our kissing was kind of sideways and I was not sure about my doing this with her. In fact, I was almost embarrassed about it, since I was like her teacher and leader, and thus should not be involved with her in this romantic, personal, sexual way. END of dream.

Multiple Dream Sweeties

This dream was but the latest in a series of such dreams that I started having in 2015-2016 when my marriage with MariLyn started to go sour. In each of these dreams, I would be with some young, loving, adoring lady, who made it clear to me that they would love to go to bed with me. I never acted upon such dream invitations, but I had such dreams about every 3-6 months, to the point that I would joke with Phillel about my latest young lady dream.

Initially, I took these dreams mostly as what Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychoanalyst, called “compensation” dreams. In other words, feeling lonely and unloved by MariLyn, I compensated at a subconscious level by dreaming of young, pretty women who loved me. (I once made the mistake of telling MariLyn about such a dream, and she did not take kindly to this. Oh my!) Mostly, I did not know who such dream ladies were, although in some cases they reminded me of past loves like Pam. I had no clue at the time what the overall theme of this dream series would be, or what it would indicate when seen in hindsight.

Revisit the Past

In the current dream, the significant setting is that of being back at the same place where my childhood trauma of losing Mom had occurred. (At age seven, my family had moved to Pine Street, a few blocks away.) When pondering this dream, I remembered that on my first date with Patti, after seeing a movie and getting a milk shake or Coke at the local dinner, we had walked back to her house and stood outside of it on the front sidewalk, where we had embraced and kissed, just like in this current dream. This past kissing session was the first such that I had experienced, and needless to say, I was thrilled. And then her Dad had called out for her to come into the house, and off she went.

Yes, I was in young love but it didn’t last long. Maybe Patti and I dated once or twice more, I really don’t remember. But then, she fell in love with a boy that was was a year younger than us. And his name was Paul! With Paul of course relating to Paul the Apostle, an incarnation of Hilarion. Patti and Paul became a serious item for the rest of high school, got married shortly after that, and eventually became devoted, zealous, born-again Christians. I never saw Patti again nor thought much about her over the years. (Given all the above, is it any wonder, therefore, that I didn’t list Patti in my original list of 12 sweethearts?)

And yet, here I was in the dream, recalling this whole episode in my young life, but now Patti was transformed into a young, vital, beautiful women in her twenties and I was in my forties. But what in the world did this mean? At the time of the dream, I had only a vague understanding of it. I wrote it down in my diary and promptly forgot about it.

Multiple Levels of Interpretation

One thing about this dream that puzzled me was Patti’s reference to the past six months of difficulty cleansing and transmutation, when our love lighted the way. Taking the dream literally, the prior six months were devoted to my blogs on the powers of faith and strength. In them, I summed up about sixty years of my spiritual evolution this lifetime in developing, explaining, demonstrating and teaching the 12 Powers approach.

Hence the sixty weeks mentioned in the dream may not only have been literal, but also was symbolic of even sixty years of ongoing transmutation, hence the number 6. And, sixty years is but a short time, like unto six short weeks, when it is considered in light of the millions of years that we have been transmuting ourselves and rising up again into I Am, fourth-dimensional consciousness.

Moreover, I not seen Patti in basically sixty years since we first dated. But, in all that time, my spiritual work with the Sixth Ray violet flame and the Seventh Ray gold and white flame of peace and love had radiated out to her. Via the ethers, despite our long physical separation, we were still in communication, even though I had little or no comprehension that this was so. What a revelation this was!

Of course, it makes me wonder, too, how Patti and I may have been incarnated together going back eons of time. How could I now have a dream and the following one without this being so? Then again, I guess I could say that maybe my experiences with her simply provided Spirit and the agents of Spirit the opportunity to teach me and others the basic principles involved in soul healing. In the big picture, it really doesn’t matter whether we had incarnated multiple times together, but rather that in this lifetime I have learned valuable lessons from our ongoing long-distance relationship.

Finally, what also dawned on me was that Patti represented those female light workers in the healing centers and hospitals in the fifth and sixth plane. They peer down upon me, love me, support me and want to express their admiration and partnership with me as their teacher and wayshower in Healing Haven. But, given their level of spiritual growth, they still are tinged with mortal versions of love, healing and service, hence in the long series of such dreams with younger ladies, they come across as wanting and offering to have physical sex with me; as if that might help me. What a trip!

Dream #2

Fast forward to about nine months later, on December 3, 2021, I dreamt that I once again was with Patti. As in the prior dream of her, she appeared to be in her twenties. But this time, she was naked, except for wearing frilly, white panties. And, she was even more gorgeous in this dream than in the prior one, with a beautiful body and a bright, loving smile. She was the prototypical young, voluptuous lady, reminiscent of the Roman goddess Venus, who in Greece had been called Aphrodite; the goddess of love, beauty and sex.

(See painting to right and above by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in 1484-1485 of Venus, who had just come forth and been born from out of the sea.)

Once again in this current dream, I was older, though vital, in my forties or thereabouts. Patti in this dream snuggled up to me and we kissed, with her initiating it.

Then, she stepped back and took off her panties, such that she was totally naked, welcoming me to have sex with her if I wanted to do so. But, somewhat amazingly, giving her young, sensuous, loving feminine presence, I did not do so. Even in previously kissing her, we had kissed almost sideways. And I had felt ambivalent and conflicted about even kissing her, as I was older, more so her teacher and mentor, not her adored lover. And then I awoke.

Temptation in the Wilderness

Upon awakening, I had two seemingly conflicting reactions. On the one hand, my heart filled with love for Patti, for this sweet lady, this Venus de Milo (see picture below and to left). It was an extraordinary feeling to feel loved by her.

And yet, on the other hand I was nearly overcome with guilt and shame, with a soul-searing pain in my heart chakra that nearly doubled me over. Yes, it truly hurt like hell, amongst the worse psychological pain I have ever felt. My God, I thought, how could I, after a whole year and entire lifetime of transmutation, still be dreaming about lusting after young women? What in the world was going on?

It took me all day to begin to sort this out. I did not even record the dream until  the late afternoon, but even that did not bring any new clarity to me as to the depth and meaning of this dream. I ended this dream recording and interpretation by asking Spirit to show me what the dream truly met. I especially called upon help from my master teacher, Sol-O-Man/Mary. Then, after getting a snack, after which I was at the kitchen sink washing my glass and dishes, I suddenly and totally unexpectedly had a revelation: I was focusing too much on the dark side of my dream, and not enough on the light expressed in it! As so often is my tendency.

And with that, I could breathe again. An utter peace came over me, my neck and shoulders stopped hurting (from trying to shoulder the shame of my past), my heart felt free and open in a way I had never felt before. And I pondered anew how in each such past dream of young lovelies, I never once had succumbed to my desire to have sex with them. Not even to this present Venus, who above all tempted me with her version of personal love. Now how amazing was that!?

And then, it began to dawn on me that all this long series of dreams represented past, soul episodes with various women, going back to Atlantis (when Pam was my young, gorgeous, sexy mistress) and to Lemuria (I had two or three dreams set in ancient Hawaii, hence Lemuria, in which I not only had one young mistress, but two of them, one who I saw and slept with on Friday nights, and the other with whom I romped on Saturday nights).

Coming Full Circle

In fact, this whole temptation and mortal misapplication of our ability to have Spiritual Energy Exchange with those of the opposite or even the same gender, goes all the way back to the days of Cains and Abels, 26 million years ago. As given allegorically in the Biblical book of Genesis, some of the “golden giants” descended and had sex with the daughters of physical men.

And it has continued through the ages until now, that those in positions of power, including healers and light workers who know better, shack up with their followers and students and patients. And see nothing wrong in doing so. Fools. For their attitudes and feelings will one day come back to haunt them. I do not envy them the pain they will feel in their heart chakras or the illnesses of their hearts that they inevitably will experience, unless they change their ways.

In my current dream, all of this past history was being summed up, showing the progress I had made until now. In the dream, like Christ Jesus following his baptism when he went out alone into the wilderness to face his temptations, my dream Patti-Venus was my ultimate temptress. She totally offered herself up to me, with adoration and personal love, which however was her mortal and misguided desire to please and love me.

She was as the mortal goddess Venus, not the immortal Venus of the planet Venus, the solar system center for the Third Ray of Feeling and Personal Love. Patti thus was noble and patrician in a Roman, personal, physical sense, which in and of itself was laudatory. But, it was still a physical, mortal, third-dimensional love, as the Roman and Greek civilizations had misconstrued and demonstrated it; carrying over this error from the days of Atlantis. Such Roman and Greek lusting after the flesh, power, prestige and money had led to the downfall of their empires.

Third Ray Transmutation

When Patti took off her panties, of her own personal free will, and exposed her full nakedness to me, this represented the further rending of the veil over my sacral and regenerative chakras at the base of my body. I was thus at the rock bottom of my barrel of soul healing, back at the original causes of my sexual downfall in past lives going back eons of time. There I was, face to face with the original temptation to throw myself down into personal, sexual exchange with someone of lesser spirituality, with whom I rightly was to be her teacher, leader and healer. And I did not succumb! As I now realized, this was the major message of the dream.

Yes, of course, I was tempted. Yes, I could feel the residual lust in my heart. But who wouldn’t? But, I did not act on it, but rather said to Satan, get thee behind me. I was as Christ Jesus who did not succumb to having sex and getting married to Mary Magdalene, who loved and adored him as her wayshower. His kingdom was not of this world, but rather transcended it even as he still expressed in a physical body.

Jesus did teach that if we lust after someone in our heart, we already have committed adultery with him or her. So, yes, we have to transform not only our physical actions, but also our thoughts and feelings, as well as our soul memories. But, as long as we are in a physical body, it seems to me that there always will be the however subtle desire to lust after the flesh, to have sex with some pretty, voluptuous young women or some handsome, virile young man. (Or to lust after power, fame, glory, money or any of the other physical temptations that lead to our downfall.)

After all, I watched Nada-Yolanda spend thirty years transmuting her personal desire to have a physical, married relationship with her soul mate Edward, until she finally transmuted and rose above it in ascended consciousness.

Thus, the only way to finally overcome such mortal, personal sexual desires and expressions is to ascend, as Jesus and Nada-Yolanda did, back into our light body, wherein we have no sexual organs. And even then, as the Cains demonstrated, we still can fall yet once again back into the hellhole of the physical dimension with its carnal desires and pursuit of sexual pleasure for its own sake, not as an expression of abiding love for one another, which married couples demonstrate.

Sex is not the problem, but rather it is our limited ideas and conceptions about it that may trip us up. However, in time, in the next 2000 years, all of mankind will rise again into their light bodies, and physical, animal, third-dimensional sex will be just a fleeting memory of the past. Yes, let us imagine that!

Begin Anew

Late afternoon on December 3rd, as I sat at my computer writing the above revelations and cosmic insights, Sol-O-Man with Hilarion overshadowed me. They had been guiding this whole process, this healing of my soul, this healing of the soul of man, especially that of fellow healers. I felt incredibly blessed and thankful for their presence and guidance. Sol-O-Man then telepathically conveyed to me: “You have crossed over the threshold.”

This proclamation was like a bolt of light. I knew it was tremendously important, especially given that I never would have come up with such a pronouncement myself. “Crossing over the threshold” was simply not in my vocabulary or common use. It was not something I would say or make up, so I felt comfortable that it was truly coming from Sol-O-Man.

But what did it mean? I eventually looked up the word “threshold” in my unabridged dictionary. I already had a fairly good idea about its relevance, but I expected that by reading the official description of it, some new insights would come to me.

So, here’s what I found in the dictionary: 1. A doorsill, a plank, stone or timber placed under a door; 2, The place of pointing or beginning; an entrance; as on the threshold of a career.

Thus, my third eye or psychic doorway was now opened to a new degree. I have walked through this “doorway,” over its threshold, into a new and higher level of ascended consciousness. I no longer will primarily look backwards to the past, to review and transmute it. This has been completed for the time being. Now I will stay focused in the present, with an eye to the future.

Come out of the Tomb

Goodbye crucifixion, hello resurrection! I have come out of the tomb or womb of my soul, and into the light of a new day and a new expression of Third Ray Feeling, Personal Love and Devotion to a Higher Cause, that of the Second Coming program in both its aspects. This is why Sol-O-Man used the phrase “cross over.” It indicated the “crossing out” of my past and “crossing into” my resurrection of the divine present, with glorious views of the future.

Being with Sol-O-Man and Hilarion symbolized this new degree of soul purification, soul healing and resurrection into I Am, ascended consciousness. Now, I and all who follow in my footsteps, will work with even greater harmonizing power to heal humanity. I, now that I have been lifted up, will draw all others unto me in these Latter Days of healing and transmutation, prior to the Second Coming. Thank you, Sol-O-Man. Thank you, Hilarion, who in his past lives as Plato, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore repeatedly had demonstrated the right application of the powers of regeneration and elimination.

(For further guidance and inspiration, please rend the chapter titled Spiritual Understanding of Sex in our Mark-Age text Facts of Life, pages 139-151, which contains channelings by Hilarion/Paul, John the Divine, John Mark and Sananda. You can order this book from our I Am website, as described at the end of this blog.)

Moreover, starting December 21, 2021, for one whole year, our focus will be touring the thirteen temples or power centers located around the Earth, with one such temple representing the sun and the 12 planets. This is an entirely new level for me, and for you. From out of the past, we look anew at the future, when man of Earth will enter the fourth dimension and rejoin the Federation of Planets in this solar system.

Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Sol-O-Man’s proclamation also served to confirm the new level of interdimensional communion I had begun having with the Elohim of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification, starting on the evening of November 29, 2021.

At that time, I was meditating in bed, before going to sleep, on fire with the higher, spiritual, etheric energies. That prior day I had published my latest blog titled Soar in Your Soul, a long account of the healing journey of my soul in healing my 12 sweeties, including MariLyn; and healing my heart with its Afib. I was still “soaring” as I tried to let down so that I could go into a deep, peaceful sleep. But my neck and back hurt, something I had been feeling for several weeks or even months, off and on.

While I lay there, without having much of any success about letting down or relieving my shoulder pain, suddenly, out of the clear blue, a beautiful, soothing, vibrant violet light came over and around me, mostly at first around my head, neck shoulders and upper back, but eventually encasing my whole body. The violet light was like a grouping of multiple violet clouds that enshrouded me and released my physical discomfort and my mental/soul over-acceleration; that brought me into a much higher state of divine balance and equilibrium. It was the most delicious sensation of being in the violet flame that I had ever experienced.

At first, I thought it might be coming from some Sixth Ray ascended master, probably a feminine one as the sensation seemed so soft and soothing. But upon deeper reflection that did not seem to be the case. This current vibration was beyond even that of a feminine ascended master. It was in a sense, “out of this world,” beyond my current comprehension or understanding of it.

It was not until the next morning in my meditation that it came to me: This violet being was the Elohim of the Sixth Ray, with whom I never had had any known contact in this lifetime. (In the past, in the Mt. Shasta-Alaska Mission in 2014, the Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love had overshadowed me; and on April 30th of this year, I had been contacted once again by this Seventh Ray Elohim.)

There are seven Elohim in the Godhead, who head the seven rays of life. The Elohim are the creators of manifestation for Spirit. For the best discussion and description of them, see our Mark-Age text, Mapp to Aquarius, pages 242-245.

Phillel’s Communion with the Sixth Ray Elohim

Nine years earlier, on May 9, 2012, Phillel, who is a Sixth Ray worker, had communion with the Sixth Ray Elohim of Purification.

Here’s what Phillel wrote in his diary and posted on his blog: “Entering meditation, I linked with Robert and MariLyn, who are still up north on the Minnesota Mission. Once I became centered, my Motah Self fully transfigured me, manifesting my etheric space form in its purest Venusian aspect. In rapture, I was transported into solar system consciousness. I received the phrase ‘port of entry.’

“Thereupon I was connected hieronically with Conrad. He and his space team, in etheric station above our headquarters, began a concentrated download of all the the energies thus far collected and congealed during the Minnesota Mission. Into my force field and body, operating as a physical anchoring point, the magnificent frequencies of light streamed into our I Am Nation headquarters focus, the ‘port of entry’ for the Hierarchal Board. The protective etheric dome over our property shone as a white electromagnetic sun.

“The energies comprised all vibrational frequencies necessary to be implanted at this time: celestial; etheric; higher astral, including astral Indian; interplanetary space factors, both from our solar system and our galaxy; the unified brigade of light workers on Earth; and devic-elemental forces. My own body deva also assisted in the incorporation of the energy into my physical, third dimensional form. The hieronic download lasted about an hour and a half.

At the end of the transfer, the Elohim of Purification overshadowed me. Instantly my own light-body form, ten or twelve feet tall, took on the appearance of an exquisite violet flame, the quintessence of my home ray. The Elohim, in coordination with the Archangel and the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, Zadkiel and St. Germain, then purified the entire conglomerate of downloaded frequencies. With a mighty onrush of light, the Transmutation Flame swept all things clean, brought every particle into its purest alignment for the next step of fulfillment: love in action.”

Initial Confirmation & Explanation

One day later, after my first contact with the Sixth Ray Elohim, on November 30, 2021, in two dreams, more insight about and confirmation of my communion with this  Elohim was given. In the first dream, I watched as an invisible force drew horizontal lines on a piece of paper that was about the standard size of 8 -1/2 by 11 inches. The top line was about  two inches wide. The line just below it was four inches long. The third line was six inches long. All three lines were violet in color.

Interpreting this, I deduced that it represented the stepping down of the higher Creative Energies to the Elohim, then the angels and finally to man. These energies were violet, the color for transmutation. I, as the representative for all men and women on Earth was being transmuted, hence the six-inch line. It was horizontal to indicate that this process was now coming into my conscious awareness and understanding. And it was and would be taking place in step-by-step, orderly fashion

In the second dream, I watched as some higher force carefully and slowly removed the seal that was over, or at the top of a brown bottle, like a vitamin bottle. The work went around to the left, slowly lifting the seal off of the top of the brown container. By way of interpretation, this represented the opening of my seven seals or chakras and the seven veils that cover each such spiritual/psychic center in our astral body. To facilitate the communion with the Elohim, it was necessary that my chakras be opened another degree, that the veils over my seals would be removed or rent.

This especially involved my sacral chakra, the center of elimination and transmutation at the base of my body. The bottle was brown to indicate the Earthly level, plus the removal of brown feces from my physical form. In my upcoming dream with Patti on December 3, 2021, this seal opening process of the sacral and regenerative center would be represented by her removing her panties; of myself, I did not remove her panties, but rather Spirit and the agents of Spirit oversaw and guided her, my soul, in this reopening of my sacral (sacred) transmutational center/chakra.)

Second Contact

Still pondering the above two dreams, I began massaging my neck, shoulders and upper back. After doing so, even before I stopped, once again violet light shone down upon and around me, especially my upper body. Once again, it seemed like multiple balls or spheres of cloudlike energy, all of which moved together and interconnected and aligned with one another until a full Sixth Ray balance was achieved. The cloudlike appearance represented the astral level, that of the sky, the need to purify and bring balance into my soul.

It also represented the balancing of my mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical bodies. This was the work of the Elohim of the Sixth Ray, who worked in conjunction with Archangel Zadkiel and Chohan of the Sixth Ray, St. Germain. However, I only barely sensed their somewhat distant presence, with most of my attention going to the Elohim.

In St. Germain’s channeling about the Sixth Ray in our Mark-Age booklet Seven Rays of Life, he explained that transmutation equated with balance. Cleansing, transmutation and purification bring balance to our mind, body and soul, such that this triune mortal self comes into balance with our overshadowing I Am Self and light body. The two become as one, whole and complete, in harmony, balance and co-operation.

This is represented by two equilateral triangles that intersect one another, forming the Star of David. The lower triangle that points upward is the mortal self ascending into higher consciousness. The top triangle pointing downward is the the immortal, I Am Self and light body redescending into each of the four lower bodies, into the mind, soul and physical form. The two become one. Each balances the other other. This leads to a state of purity, of transmutation, of being in and expressing the violet flame of life.

Yet another explanation that St. Germain gave was of the violet color. He pointed out that violet is not one of the three classical three colors of red, blue and green. Rather, violet is the balance of red and blue.

Purple has more red in it and violet has more blue in it. But the two sides are as one light, one balanced equation or radiation, sometimes a little more purple, sometimes a little more blue, sometimes a little more yang, sometimes a little more yin. (Note the various shades of violet in the four amethyst gemstones to the right, which represent violet light crystallized into and expressed via the physical, mineral level, within and without us.)

This is why when we psychically see the violet flame, we realize that it has a range of colors, rather than one precise color, all the way from dark purples to light lavenders, with violet at its center.

When we are centered in the violet flame, whatever its hue or shade, we feel a delicious, transcendent, uplifting, empowering sense of balance that is not of this world but which radiates into it.

Third Contact

One day later, on December 1, 2021, at our weekly, 3 PM Hierarchal Board Meditation, about three quarters of the way through my meditation, I “went out” and when I came back to conscious awareness, in my third-eye vision, I was shown what once again looked like multiple, overlapping violet clouds. These were so soft and comfortable, and first soothed my whole brain, throat and upper body; and then encompassed my entire aura and physical form. They purified and refined all my four lower bodies, and brought them into a new, divine state of balance, one with my I Am, Soliel Self and light form.

The amazing thing was that the violet-color vision lasted several minutes — it was not just a quick flash like some visions I have. Even after a couple minutes or so of looking at and feeling the power of this violet flame, when I stopped viewing it and came out of meditation, and then closed my eyes again, it was still vividly there. Thus, there was no way that I was making this up.

Once again, still more powerfully this time, what came to me was that this violet light emanated from the Elohim of Transmutation and Purification. This Elohim was overseeing the depth of my soul transmutation and healing, and had been for several months. That is why I periodically had felt so much power and energy in my neck, shoulders and back, like a huge ball of light was transfigured over them; and in my resistance to this, I had pain, discomfort, cramping, and tight muscles. Until now, I had had no idea that this was so. And even now, I hesitated about fully believing this. It simply was so new and so previously unknown to me that I felt that it was best to watch and wait, to see if it continued to unfold, to see if Phillel might independently receive confirming information about it.

Transmute All Kingdoms

Then, two days later, on December 3, I had the above dream about Patti, my soul Venus. Putting two and two together, the realization came that the Elohim of Purification was present and was empowering me in the deepest depths of my ongoing soul transmutation. This is what made the process possible. For, all manifestation, as initiated by God the Good, begins with the work of the Seven Elohim of the Godhead, who function on and express the vibrations of each of the Seven Rays of Life. From there, the power steps down to the angels, who in turn work with and guide mankind, and who direct the devas and elementals in working with the upliftment, healing and transmutation of all the lower kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral.

Mortal man, via the misuse of his-her regenerative power, has abused not only one another, but also all of the lower kingdoms. Rather than rightly watch over, guide and work positively with these three kingdoms, humanity has created all kinds of abuse and misuse of them, from its mining and selling of minerals for profit without any concern about the resulting damage to the land; with wantonly killing and mistreating animals; with polluting the entire earth with toxic wastes and chemicals.

All of these misapplications of our regenerative and transmuting powers reflect back upon the human perpetrators and lead to all manner of illness. So, to heal humanity, under the guidance of the Elohim, the angels and the ascended masters, we must focus not just on ourselves and our fellow man but also on our animal brothers and sisters, our vegetables that supply us with food, and the minerals that are vital to physical health.

All kingdoms are one in the One.

Fourth Contact

My fourth communion with the Elohim occurred following Sol-O-Man’s pronouncement on December 3 that I had crossed over the threshold. That night, lying in bed, reviewing and reveling in all the new information that had been given to me, I once again felt the violet flame around me, which soothed my soul and settled me down into the peace, rest and balance of my I Am Self. Once again, my soul felt healed and purified, as much as it could be at this new step of my spiritual growth.

This fourth communion sealed the deal so to speak, it symbolized the anchoring and expression of transmutation in my four lower bodies, my connection with the Elohim. I was now grounded. manifested and crystallized in Sixth Ray vibrations.

However, since these four experiences started just a few days ago, on November 29, I usually would not share them this early on this blog, but rather would wait at least a week or even seven weeks to do so. But both the Elohim of Purification, and even more strongly, Sol-O-Man my master teacher, insisted that I do so.

They said it was necessary in order for all of us who have worked with the 12 I Am powers in the last year to take this final step, to be in the violet flame in order to step and cross over the threshold into the golden light of a new day, the birth of our I Am, golden light body.

Be Prepared

They reminded me that regardless of where you are now in your evolutionary spiritual growth via taking seven steps or seven major initiations to Christhood, you, too, are capable of having communion with the Elohim, and particularly now with the Sixth Ray Elohim.

After all, way back in 1960, when Nada-Yolanda was starting her second major initiation of baptism with fire and water, she had a series of communions with the Elohim, one in particular with the Elohim of Peace and Love. At this time, she had been spiritually awake only since 1956, for just four years. Of course, Yolanda was a master in the making, already a master in her spiritual evolution. But she represented the soul or subconscious aspect in each of us. So, we too are a master in the making, capable of connecting with and feeling the presence of Elohim, angels and ascended masters.

So, please take whatever inspiration that has come to you from reading this long blog, and apply it in your life. As always, it concerns me that this missive is so long, but frankly there is no short, compact, simple way to tell the story that Spirit has given to me to tell to you. My experience is as much for you as it is for me.

Be a Beacon of Balance

For this week, put your power of elimination and transmutation into physical action, into specific deeds that manifest your transmutation on this plane.

Begin by being a beacon of balance. In other words, start with your mental powers, your I Am Christ powers, in receiving and projecting out the violet flame to one and to all, by way of your physical form.

Maybe, like me, you still have one sweetie that needs your loving care and transmutation. Maybe there still is this one person who tempts you to see things sexually in primarily physical terms. Maybe this sweetie is still a thorn in your flesh. Whatever the situation, beam balanced, violet beingness to him or her. Then find some way to share something outward with this beautiful soul. You may do this via email, in a talk, with the present of a violet rose or amethyst gemstone, by telling a good joke or story to brighten his or her day. The ways are endless. Ask Spirit to show you what to do and how to do it.

Maybe you see yourself inside a huge amethyst. Its violetness crystallizes around you and transmutes you. In turn, you see this amethyst around someone else or some group of people. And again, you find some way to act on this inspiration. Do something. Be transmutation in physical action.

Who is your soul Venus, your soul Adonis? Who gets your heart and other parts of your anatomy stimulated? How are you to love this person with pure love, with balanced love, with your whole heart and soul? Yes, ask and receive.

Let your I Am Power of elimination flower anew. Be the violet flower or rose that you are. Share violet flowers with others, whether they be roses or other kinds of flowers. See love flowering in one and all, which will transmute the whole world.

Wherever there is anger, wherever you see lusting after the flesh, after the power, fame and fortune of this world, see the renewing and transmuting violet flower within this soul, in this country, in people of a particular religion, in anyone or anyplace that Spirit directs you to transmute and uplift. Remember, you have the power of the Elohim of Purification with you, around you, and in and through you. Therefore, all things are possible in the transmutation and rebalancing of humankind.

Finally, below is an image you can see at the base of your spine, once your day or week is done in focusing on the violet flame. Note that the flower is violet. But look also at its center or inner core that is yellow or golden. This is the golden light of the indwelling I Am Self and light. Which now that you have crossed over the threshold is born again, in solar system consciousness. So be it.

#   #   #   #   #   #   #

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You and I, and all of us who read and work with these blogs, are a beautiful violet flame this week. So be it!

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  1. Complicated, unique and simultaneous transmutation events happened to me this past month, especially in the past 6-7 days!!! This blog really works and helps and amazes me. We who follow it are REALLY GRATEFUL. Whatever level or place where we stand, we are doing our part and more will be done. Wow and thanks, Soliel, Motah and the Spiritual Hierarchy!

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