Love Lord LoGos

As I (Dr. Robert) have shared in my recent past blogs, especially in Meet Mother MaTrix (click here), my first communion this year with the EloHer and EloHim of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest took place on February 11, 2024 in nearby Newcomb, TN. During the next five days, the feminine EloHer, in a series of communions, revealed that her name was Matrix. Moreover, she eventually directed me to spell her name as MaTrix, thus with a capital letter “T.”

“T” stood for a spiritual temple, template and transfiguration. Earth is destined to become a divine Temple in which we learn in new, higher ways to Love God and Love One Another, and to demonstrate and manifest this love. Thus, Seventh Ray peace and love are spiritual matrix of planet Earth.

Meanwhile, even as I focused for days primarily on MaTrix, my prevailing, intuitive impression was that the name of MaiTrix’s masculine EloHim counterpart might be Logos. However, He did not give me any confirmation or explanation of this, so I let this possible name gestate within me, to “sit on the shelf.” Nonetheless, I began once more to thoroughly research the Greek word logos that is found at the beginning of the Gospel of John in the Holy Bible, and is used in more spiritual ways in Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and intunements.

Lattice & Logos

In my morning meditation on February 17th, I again felt the descent and presence of MaTrix and her EloHim counterpart, whose powerful energy/light was all around and uplifting me. He conveyed telepathically that I was to call him Lattice.

After my meditation, I researched this word/name online. The most significant description was that a physical, earthplane lattice is composed of a series of two strips of plastic, metal or wood that cross one another at right angles, thus forming a series of the letter “x.”

MaTrix’s name ends with an “x”, which symbolizes how She and Lattice work together as one feminine-masculine, MaTrix-Lattice team to anchor their combined energies from the Elohim realm into, around and through planet Earth-Heart. (Details are in my blog Love Lord Lattice, click here2.) This was symbolized by a physical lattice being located beneath the elevated porch of a house, with the lattice extending down to the ground.

After a short rest/nap, I drove east about thirty miles to Oneida, TN to have my lunch at El Rey Azteca, my favorite local Mexican restaurant. On my leisurely drive there on this beautiful, bright, blue-sky day, I took the back roads and saw only a few cars along the way. About midway there, I entered into a “driver’s high.” My mind was clear, my heart was open, and I was in the flow, just enjoying my drive and the marvelous scenery, feeling at-one with Mother Nature.

Suddenly, I felt a strong, powerful, nearly tangible, masculine, EloHim presence filling up my heart chakra and entire upper body. Pondering this, what came to me was that I had been right from the start, that the EloHim of the Seventh Ray was named Logos, and that it was His presence that I now was sensing. This revelation about, and presence of, Lord Logos totally overrode my own prior preferences, analyses, conclusions and questions. I could not get the name or Logos himself out of my mind or heart, no matter how I repeatedly tried to do so.

Two as One

By the time I got back home, I started wondering if the right name for this EloHim of the Seventh Ray was Lattice or Logos. Despite my multiple ponderings, nothing gelled. I was too tired to receive anything new or definitive, so I wisely turned the whole thing over to Spirit, watched a light-hearted, comedy movie while eating a big bowl of popcorn, went for a walk, and thankfully slept well that night. I was at peace — after all, Spirit knew the correct answer and surely would give it to me when the time was right.

Indeed, the next morning in meditation, I was once again sure that the best and right name for the Seventh Ray masculine EloHim, at least for now, was Lattice. And I remained of this conviction for the next nine days, during which Lord Lattice contacted me several times in unique, verifiable ways. Still, I had a lingering sense that Lord Lattice and Lord Logos were somehow interconnected, that the two names might be of one EloHim.

White Latex

Then, on February 26, 2024, in my morning quiet time, Lattice once again descended and fully surrounded me in his brilliant, white, loving forcefield in what was his strongest, most powerful, and most evidential appearance yet. From this, I clairsentiently knew that my connection with him for this current cycle was complete — Lattice and I were one in peace and love. Following this, however, to my total and utter surprise, He telepathically gave me yet another name for himself, which turned out to be Latex, which he later inspired me to write as LaTex, thus with a capital letter “T,” just like in MaTrix.

Researching the earthplane word “latex,” I found that it partly referred to the white, milky, liquid substance that some trees exude, which when gathered and let set turns to natural rubber. Thus, Lord LaTex gave me liquid-light-substance that enhanced my internal underlying lattice, gridwork, template or matrix, much like rubber might surround a wire.

Moreover, the white, spiritual, fourth-dimensional latex surrounded my brain and nerves, thereby protecting and enhancing my entire nervous system that symbolically is my tree of life. Lord LaTex also added fourth-dimensional, white-light, fourth-dimensional substance not only to my nerves, but also to all other parts of my physical body, as well as to my astral, emotional and mental bodies. This helped me to ascend into and rebirth my seventh or ascended light body. The white color of this spiritual latex represents Seventh Ray consciousness and energies. White and gold are the colors of the Seventh Ray.

Lotus Flowers

Just three days later, on February 29, 2024, while I was deep in meditation, a new, third name was given to me, following up on Lattice and LaTex, building upon their energies, functions, descriptions, talents and consciousnesses. This name was Lotus. From the start, this was the easiest name to comprehend, understand and apply.

For a physical lotus plant grows from the dirt-muck-earth at the bottom of a pond or in the shallow water along a slow moving stream, rises via its growing stem through the water, and then bursts into a gorgeous, multi-petaled flower atop the surface of the water. Our spiritual growth and transformation from the physical to the astral to the etheric levels of consciousness, from our conscious mind (physical body) to our subconscious mind (astral body) to our superconscious mind or I Am Self (light body) is represented in a lotus’ three-step development and flowering.

Almost from the start, Lotus shortly directed me to spell his name as LoTus, with a capital “T.” This letter “T” was symbolic of rising up our central spinal column of light, hence the vertical pole of the “T,” into I Am or ascended or EloHim consciousness that is represented by the top, horizontal pole of the “T.” Then, we redescent our spine and anchor and express I Am or ascended peace-and-love-consciousness on Earth, via our thoughts, feelings and actions. We become an individual Seventh Ray temple on Earth, who uplifts all life forms on Earth and the physical Earth itself.

As Above, So Below

For about the next seven weeks, I stuck with the name LoTus for the Seventh Ray masculine EloHim, and had numerous communions with Him. However, some doubts crept into my mind about His name. How could an EloHim be named after a plant, no matter how wondrous and beautiful that plant was? Finally, it came to me that LoTus was not named after the lotus plant, but rather this plant was named after Him! Thus, he was not just Lotus, but rather he was LoTus, with a capital letter “T,” just as he had directed me to call Him.

In my mortal mind, I still had been thinking from below to above, from the physical to the spiritual. Now, in immortal, ascended, I Am consciousness, I viewed the name and nature of LoTus from above to below. The capital “T” in LoTus symbolized this viewpoint and focus. From the symbolic top of the “T,” I looked down through the astral planes to the earth level, and saw the reflection or outpicturing of LoTus in humans and physical lotus plants. As above, so below; as within, so without.

MaiTrix & LaiTrix

Then, on April 16, 2024, in my afternoon rest period/nap, suddenly the doorway between dimensions opened further and into my mind flowed a slight tweak in the name MaTrix and and a total change of the name LoTus. To start, an additional letter “i” was added to MaTrix, so that her name was spelled as MaiTrix.

The first three letters, “Mai,” was a code or symbol of Mother God spiritual consciousness that is expressed by a feminine EloHer. MaiTrix is of the passive, receptive, feminine polarity. Thus, when viewing the three letters of “Mai” from the right to the left, as many Eastern languages are written, including in Hebrew, “Mai” becomes “I Am.” Thus, MaiTrix is the feminine polarity of the feminine-masculine team of MaiTrix and LoTus. She is the mirror image of Him, that “Mai” is seen as “I Am.”

Given this name modification and refinement of MaiTrix, LoTus now morphed into LaiTrix. This masculine name of LaiTrix symbolized and showed the pervasive and ever-present, united, cooperative teamwork of MaiTrix and LaiTrix. (See the symbolic drawing to right.)

Furthermore, both names had seven letters, signifying the Seventh Ray, and both names ended in the letter “x” to indicate their teamwork. “M” stood for Mother or Lady MaiTrix. “L” stood for Father or Lord LaiTrix. “T” in both names stood for the descent of the Seventh Ray EloHim and EloHer into the consciousness of mankind; into the twelve planetary temples or power centers located around the globe; and into all other life forms and the planet itself.

Be as a Little Child

That following night, I dreamt that a bright-faced, smiling, happy 10-12-year-old boy sought me out and exclaimed how wondrous and exciting the new names of LaiTrix and MaiTrix were. In his own musings and dreams, he, too, had been given these two names and had to some degree felt the presences of these two Elos, but he did not understand what the names signified or who these beings were. Therefore, he had not shared anything about his thoughts and experiences with his parents, siblings, teachers, friends or others. Now he comprehended what he had been shown, so he treated me like I was his loving father. We gave each other a loving hug, for I was as happy to see and be with him as he was to be with me.

Upon awakening, I took this dream as confirmation that MaiTrix and LaiTrix are appearing around the world to those who are young at heart, who have open minds and hearts, and especially those souls of higher spiritual evolution who have come from other planets and outside our solar system to help with the Second Coming program here on Earth. Also the dream verified the two names of MaiTrix and LaiTrix. The young boy was my witness that this indeed was so.

Thus, to paraphrase what Jesus said, we as spiritual parents are to let the New Age children come to us, for they eventually will lead mankind into the New Age. Moreover, we are to become as a young, innocent, clear-minded Christ child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, including the realm of the EloHers and EloHims. Indeed, as Isaiah said, a little child, the Christ child within us, shall lead us. A little child is one who has only a little selfishness.

Sometimes, when I ponder above revelations about the EloHers and EloHims, I feel like I am a little child in kindergarten. You and I are only beginning to touch the hem of the garments of the EloHims and EloHers. But in time, we will enter grade school, high school, college and graduate school in the Seventh Ray spiritual classroom of life here on Earth, whereby we will come to know and experience our oneness and interaction with the EloHims and EloHers. For now, this journey is just beginning.

Lord Logos

Three days later, on February 20, 2024, deep into the second half of my morning meditation, without any prior expectation or conscious understanding, an enormous white mist, cloud or electromagnetic forcefield slowly descended around and into me. As “it” coalesced, I felt the most uplifting, soft-yet-powerful, masculine peace and love I ever have experienced, more than that of when I had communed with Lattice, LoTus, LaTex and LaiTrix.

Divine peace and love slowly seeped into every part of my forcefield, all the way down and into every single one of the trillions of cells that comprise my entire physical body. I felt this infusion and suffusion especially in my heart chakra and physical heart. I was reminded of what Christ Jesus said: My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives it, but as I, the Christ, give it.

But it was not Sananda/Jesus who alone was in and of the sparkling mist-light, although I did feel his presence off to the side and above me. Rather, it primarily was Lord LaiTrix, who via telepathy now told me that His core, final name for this current time was Logos, just as I had intuned it going back to the first time that Matrix and He had totally transfigured me in Newcomb, TN, and as He had strongly overshadowed and contacted me on the way to Oneida, TN.

On the one hand, this was totally astounding, beyond comprehension, seemingly beyond belief. But what I felt inside and around me was so powerful, unique, comforting and uplifting that I could not for a second doubt that it was Him, that his name was Logos, and that all of the last two-to-three months now had come to fulfillment.

Gradual Unfoldment

Looking back on the previous four names that all started with “L,” which represents conscious, physical manifestation of love, I realized that I had felt some of Logos’ higher vibration in each of these names and identities. Moreover, I could see how his revealing Himself to me was in a long series of steps, such that I gradually could be with Him as Logos; such that I would not “freak out” along the way. All of this was so wondrous that I could barely think, speak or move. I was humbled own to my toenails. All I could mutter was: God is Good!

However, on another track, in my cosmic, I Am or Christ mind, in the most astonishing way, all this seemed so normal, realistic, obvious and tangible. All of my previous contacts with Lattice, LaTex, LoTus and LaiTrix had prepared me for this current communion. All I could do now was to rest in the peace of it; to rest in the love and peace of Lord/Father/Patriarch Logos; and to rest in the abiding peace of my own, newly ascended and redescended I Am, Christ or Soliel Self, one with MaiTrix and Logos, and via Them, one with Mother-Father God.

In His-Her Hands

At first, it seemed in my above clairvoyant vision of Logos that he gradually took on and appeared to be a seven-to-ten-feet tall “body” or form that looked somewhat like a human physical body and auric field. Then, as I became more and more accustomed to, and intuned with Him, he grew in size until he was at least seventy-feet tall, and then still much taller; like his expansive, nearly borderless “body of light” went up and into the heavens, even as just a small part of Him was down here with me on Earth.

My initial impression of his somewhat humanlike physical appearance was that it represented that he had lowered his energy and showed Himself to me in such a way as I could see, comprehend and handle being with him; such that with only a little trepidation I could rise with Him into heavenly, I Am or EloHim consciousness in which he was huge beyond my imagination.

Near the end of this communion, Logos instructed me to lift my right arm and hand, such that my hand was to the front and right side of me, with its palm being up. Logos’ “hand” was around my light-body/astral/ physical arm and hand. Then He placed the entire Earth in my hand, with this globe being about seven inches in diameter.

This indicated and foretold that in I Am ascended consciousness, I eventually would be able to hold the entire planet in my powerful hand, to touch it with love, thereby to quicken and heal it. To paraphrase the Gospel song, I would have the whole world in my hand/hands. Moreover, this experience showed me that the forcefield or “body” of Lord Logos was so huge that he could hold the whole world in his right hand.

Symbolically, the right hand is of the conscious, masculine polarity. So, Lord Logos as the Seventh Ray masculine EloHim had the power to form, manipulate, “massage” and lovingly touch every part of, and every life form on and around, the planet. Symbolically and literally, Lady MaiTrix held the world in her left hand. Together, Mother MaiTrix and Father Logos formed the whole planetary matrix, lattice or gridwork, and were working with it and as it. They were the Matriarch and Patriarch of Earth. To say the least, all of this was rather mind-blowing to me.

Logos to LoGos

As one last input from Lord Logos to help me better understand and comprehend who He truly is and what his name Logos represents, He directed me to transform the lower case “g” in Logos to a capital “G” that stands for God the Good. This capital “G” was in the center of the five letters that comprised LoGos. LoGos thus is God-centered, is of and connected to the Godhead. “LoG” in LoGos reveals that first and foremost, LoGos loves (“Lo”) God (“G”).

This shifting and elevation of my Christ mental focus and comprehension from Logos to LoGos was similar to what had occurred when Lotus had morphed into LoTus. Now I saw Logos from above, where he is LoGos. This totally shifted my understanding of everything I previously had read and studied about the Greek word logos, which has been translated to mean word, idea, logic or purpose. Thus, LoGos was not named after the Greek word logos, but rather the word and conception of logos was named after Him. LoGos was/is centered in God, whereas logos as used by the mortal, mentally-oriented Greeks and most other humans, was centered in one’s intellectual mind.

In the Beginning

The term logos is best known from the opening verses in the Gospel of John in the Holy Bible. In the King James Version, this text reads: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made through him; and without him was not anything made that hath been made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness apprehended it not.”

Right away, if one has metaphysical, truly-spiritual training and is in ascended consciousness to some degree, this depiction starts with the wrong emphasis, for it says that in the beginning was the Word. However, as El Morya/Mark, Chohan of the First Ray of Will and Power, and the master of metaphysics, has rightly stated in his classic text How To Do All Things, the first cosmic truth is that “God is.”

God is Indivisible, Whole, Holy, Complete, All One, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Everywhere Present throughout the Cosmos, All-Peaceful and Loving. Thus, in the beginning, God is.

God Speaks the Word

To create or bring forth manifestation, however, our One God works through two polarities that we in English call Father (positive polarity) and Mother (negative, receptive polarity). This does not mean that there is a separate Father God and a separate Mother God. Always, God is One, but God expresses via His-Her two polarities. This is the cosmic law of polarity found throughout the created Universe.

Thus, Father-Mother God speaks the word, thereby giving expression to His-Her ideas, images and cosmic conceptions. Therefore, clearly, in the beginning was God, who speaks the word, who wields the sword (words of truth) to bring forth manifestation in all realms and dimensions. In the first book of Genesis of the Holy Bible, it is said that in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. Then it goes on to say that God said “Let there be light, and there was light.”

“God said” is the same as speaking of the word. Sananda in his lifetime as Moses wrote Genesis from his own inspirations and communions with God, and probably incorporated and refined the best of some of the other spiritual teachings of his day. The first divine commandment given to Moses was to love God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul.

Greek Logos

So why did the Greeks, in their translation of John the Beloved’s Gospel, say that in the beginning was the word? It is probably because the Greeks were highly mental, intellectual and philosophical. As Nada-Yolanda intuned when she and Mark were in Greece in 1975, during the first European Mission, Greeks worshipped the mind, but they did not link that personal mind with God’s Mind. They did not believe in One God/Creator/Divine Mind; rather they believed in multiple gods and goddesses who in many ways acted as imperfect humans.

So, the Greeks did not say that God is in the beginning, Who speaks the word. Rather, given their collective conditioning and psyche, which was carried over from the days of Atlantis, they made the Word the beginning, and then linked it with God. They had it backwards, from below to above, not from above to below. They spoke of logos, and not of LoGos.

The Gospel of John was written by John the Beloved, who was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was an incarnation of Kut Humi who is the Chohan of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. As such, John believed in the central role of love, which is what the name John means. But he also fully believed in the logic or logos of understanding and wisdom. Furthermore, Kut Humi also had incarnated as the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who translated logos to mean logical, analytical, methodical, inductive and deductive thinking and writing.

Given all this, it seems highly unlikely that John wrote the first five verses of the Gospel of John. Rather, John’s original Gospel probably started with his reference to John the Baptist in verse 6. Moreover, the majority of highly regarded Bible scholars now believe that John did not write these opening 5 verses, because the structure, words, phrases, syntax and such of them are not like anything in the rest of this Gospel.

Kut Humi Speaks

Over the years, I have had multiple contacts with Kut Humi in has aspects or incarnations as Aristotle, John the Beloved, St. Francis, Leonardo da Vinci and Babaji, who is an etheric thought, yet life-like, projection of him in India. So when I was pondering all the above, the inspiration came to ask Kut Humi if indeed he wrote this first part of the Gospel of John. A few days later, he strongly overshadowed me.

I asked him if he had authored the logos descriptions. In turn, he asked me if I thought these descriptions were logical. I said no, they did not start with God and then go to speaking the word. He replied that this was the answer to my question. In other words, how could he as the Chohan of the Second Ray, who embodies Christ understanding, logic and wisdom, speak of the “word” being first and not second? And somewhat humorously, Kut Humi then asked me if I had recently read How To Do All Things, hence referring to El Morya/Mark clearly stating that that the first cosmic truth is that God is.

That did it for me. Someone else, some later Greek scribe or philosopher probably added this first section of the Book of John, thinking rather self-righteously and blindly that it was needed to “set the stage” and explain what followed. Such a later insertion or altering of the original Biblical texts was common during the early days of when the various Gospels were written and translated.

Remember, too, that John was not a Greek philosopher, but rather he was Christ Jesus’ Hebrew Apostle who probably spoke Aramaic. From Hebrew or Aramaic eventually came the translation of John’s Gospel into Greek, with the addition and description of the  term logos, which eventually was translated into English to mean “Word.” However, as Hilarion/Charles Fillmore wrote in his book Mysteries of Genesis, the Greek word logos cannot be adequately translated into English. (Hilarion also had incarnated as the Greek philosopher Plato, who was a disciple of Sananda/Socrates. Aristotle, Plato and  Socrates did their best to spiritualize and uplift the Greek emphasis on the mind.)

Multiple Meanings

Nonetheless, the Greek term logos, as translated to mean Word, made its way down through the centuries into the collective consciousness and minds of all Christians, metaphysicians and philosophers who have read and studied the Holy Bible. To fundamental Christians, Jesus is the Word made flesh, because they are taught and believe that Jesus was God incarnate. Of course, no one person can be all of God, or God Itself. So Christ Jesus was only a Son of God, who portrayed and taught the way for all other Sons and Daughters of God to attain I Am, ascended, Son-Daughter or God consciousness. Sananda/Jesus is the Prince of Peace and Love for Planet Earth. He and his twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Mary, are the spiritual co-rulers of Earth, which is destined to become the primary Seventh Ray planet for the whole Solar System.

Various Christian groups — Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox — have their own ideas about what logos means. They assume that what is at the start of the Gospel of John is literally true, because it has been authorized and presented by the church fathers. So, they have made up their own explanations and beliefs about what logos entails and represents. They have become the blind leading the blind.

However, significantly, no place in the current literature about the word logos is it spelled LoGos, with a capital “G” in its center. Rather, Logos or lowercase logos is said to mean “word, discourse or reason.” In other words, the vast majority of people and groups approach logos from below to above, not from above to below.

Planetary & Solar Logos

In Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and intunements, the word logos takes on new meanings and levels of understanding and description, hence from above to below. Thus, on January 30, 1963, Sol-O-Man, in her discourse about the First Ray of Will and Power, said: “This lesson [about the First Ray or Flame] I give unto you is the foundation stone for all that is done in the New Age upon the planet; or for our beloved planetary logos that we now have called our force and levels of consciousness around the planet.” [Robert’s bold.]

Thus, Sol-O-Man indicates that Earth is not just a physical body but that it has an auric field that she labels the planetary logos. In other words, in the creation of Earth, eons ago, it was given a particular logos or so-called word or cosmic thought-form, its reason for being. The Earth’s logos or matrix is that of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. On the physical plane, in its astral planes, and up into the etheric, angelic and Elohim realms, the Earth was designed by the agents of Spirit to be as a classroom or university in which its inhabitants learn how to be, and to demonstrate, Seventh Ray divine peace and love.

Then, on August 11, 1963, Glo-Ria, El Morya/Mark’s feminine twin soul, channeled via Nada/Yolanda: “I [have] visited as many planes and planets as would afford benefit to the Earth plane as it evolves into a higher dimension. . . . When all on Earth are in accord with the evolutionary process of what the Earth planetary logos or purpose is [Robert’s bold], then it will evolve to a higher plane. From that plane it will come into absolute harmony with all other planes and planets that are related to the original Creator for it.”

Thus, one of the spiritual, metaphysical, higher-plane definitions of the Greek word logos, upon its being translated into English, is that the planetary logos is its “purpose.” The purpose of Earth is to be the Seventh Ray Heart of the Solar System.

Then, one day later, on August 12, 1963, Glo-Ria channeled the following via Nada-Yolanda: “Each solar system is a sun or evolves from a sun or is allowable out of one sun (sun and son). That individualized form which we have come to call the solar logos [Robert’s bold] or the single sun of the Father-Mother Creative Energy, which has many suns (sons), is a particular brand for this individual entity.” Thus, the star that we call the Sun of our Solar System likewise has a logos, purpose or specific function to perform. Moreover, as Glo-Ria also channeled, each Son or Daughter of God is a miniature solar system, whose I Am or Christ Self also may be called its Son-Sun or Divine Daughter Self.

Earth & Sun Temples

Three years later, on October 10, 1966, when Mark and Yolanda were in the midst of their Hierarchal Board Tour of the United States and parts of Canada from August 1966 through February 1967, they visited Mark-Age Family members in Holbrook, central Long Island, New York, about sixty miles east of New York City. There Yolanda first received that there are thirteen spiritual temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light around the planet, one for each of the twelve planets and one for the Sun. Nine planets are known, but three planets still have not been identified by physical scientists because they are fourth-dimensional in frequency, and thereby cannot be seen by physical telescopes or space probes.

Moreover, Yolanda received that Central Long Island was the approximate site of the Seventh Ray Earth Temple, whose high priestess was Sol-O-Man in her incarnation as Zolanda; and years later, I (Dr. Robert) recalled that in my soul aspect and identity as Zan-Landa I was her direct disciple in this Temple. The only other spiritual temple known at this time was the Sun Temple that in Atlantis was located near Bimini off the coast of Miami, Florida. Nada-Yolanda of the Sun was the high priestess of this Sun Temple. When Mark and Yolanda established Mark-Age MetaCenter, Inc., it was located in Miami, to pick up on the work and radiations of the Atlantean Sun Temple, and to purify them. Motah-Phillel later had soul recall that he was in the Sun Temple during the time of Atlantis.

Temple of Venus

Meanwhile, about two months later, on December 3-4, 1966, Mark and Yolanda visited Mt. Shasta in northcentral California, USA, on December 5th. There Nada-Yolanda recalled that Sananda as the leader of the Abels, about 26 million years ago, in the battle between the Cains and the Abels, had confronted the Cains at Mt. Shasta. These Cains were highly evolved, but they still had traces of selfishness, superiority and self-power.

Thus, as given in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, some of them had sex with the daughters of third-dimensional men and women. Moreover, the Cains treated the fallen humans or so-called sub-humans who had devolved into physical/animal bodies as slaves. Sananda and the Abels wished to lift mortal men and women back into spiritual consciousness in their light bodies

Nada-Yolanda also recalled that prior to this, Sananda was at the Temple of Venus that is of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication/Service to a Higher Cause, with this spiritual temple or power center being located in the area of what is now the Teton Mountains and Yellowstone in Wyoming, USA. From there, he and his small band of fellow Abels, including his twin soul, Sol-O-Man, traveled to what is now is Alaska, and eventually from there to Mt. Shasta. Sananda wished to lift the fallen humans back into spiritual consciousness and expression. To do so, he had received the mantrum of Love God and Love One Another.

Thus, love was the key to the transmutation of Cains and their residual selfishness. However, the Cains, whose headquarters was at modern-day Lake Tahoe, were in the vast majority and thereby defeated Sananda. As stated allegorically in Genesis in the Holy Bible, Cain slew Abel. But, Sananda was able to embed the mantrum Love God and Love One Another and records of the Cain-Abel conflict in etheric crystals that were placed and buried in caves in the Mt. Shasta area. Moreover, due to Sananda’s demonstrations as the leader of the Abels, the spiritual Hierarchy designated him as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, and eventually as the Prince or Christ of Earth.

No further identification of the location of the other ten planetary spiritual temples would be given until my ex-wife and I (Dr. Robert) traveled three times on twelve spiritual missions around the globe from 2010 to 2015, including to the sites of all the other spiritual temples.

New JerUSAlem

In November 1967, Mark-Age first published the above and other correlating revelations via Nada-Yolanda in two booklets titled New JerUSAlem, with the United States being the New JerUSAlem. Then, in 1971, the material about mankind’s past history was included in the first chapter of our Mark-Age text, Evolution of Man.

What follows are pertinent excerpts from the first booklet of New JerUSAlem, as concerns the thirteen spiritual temples:

“There are on Earth thirteen foci of spiritual light, one each for the twelve planets and the Sun in our system, each radiating its own frequency. To date, three planets in our Solar System have not been determined physically [because they are fourth dimensional, as mentioned previously above].

“Each of the thirteen major bodies has its own unique specialization, based on a divine decree or idea that is its word or logos. [For examples, there is Earth and its Seventh Ray logos; Mars and its Fourth Ray logos; etc.] As each is part of a whole system, it therefore must radiate something of itself to all other parts in some measure, affecting and influencing each of the others.

“When the Elder Race, the golden giants, operated physically on Earth they naturally gravitated to these anchor points [temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light]. Consciously they would use the specialized radiations for transmutation purposes, and even erected temples or sacred shrines to that quality, aspect or function; sometimes even going so far as to personify them, as recorded in mythology.

“As of yet we have not been given fully which planet is the home of each of the Seven Rays in our Solar System, nor where on our globe each of the special radiations is anchored. We do know these special functions affect the body of each person as well as the collective consciousness of man and all species on the Earth; also the Earth itself and all its elements.” [End quote.]

Divine Chain of Command

About two-and-one-half years after Nada-Yolanda received the information about the Cains and Abels and the thirteen spiritual temples, on March 19, 1969, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda the most definitive description of the Elohim, angels, devas and ascended masters, and how they work together to form the logos of each planet and the Sun. If you have our Mark-Age text, MAPP to Aquarius: Mark-Age Period and Program, please read this channeling on pages 242-245. However, for this blog, the following are key parts of it:

“Maitreya, the counterpart of Lord Michael in the hierarchal positions of this solar system, is the symbolic head and representative figure of individualized Christ consciousness for the sons of men evolving into the Son-of-God consciousness. In other words, he is the pattern by which ascension into the light body takes place.

“Under Maitreya in this hierarchal form and pattern is myself, the Christ in Jesus. Stepping up the ladder, the angelic realms override the pattern set by Maitreya, a form and formula by which this becomes possible for all men in and through Earth plane matter. Beyond the angelic realm are the seven flames of life or Elohim, the lights or the light of God seven times manifested, each giving expression to one or more aspects of the God Force.

“In this rhythm and change of mastership and chain of command we begin, in all evolution, with the Elohim, who speak the word, who hold the force, who are part of the Godhead, the magnificent Mother-Father Divine Self radiation. This is unmanifested glory and the opposite polarities and perfect balance and perfect expression of impulse by which each thing is derived. . . .”

Above To Below

Sananda continued: “It begins on the realms and in the consciousness of those that are the Elohim, out of the Godhead. It is entrusted into the hands of the angelic, celestial planes, whereby all the elements are in divine control and creative form [as the angels work through the devic-elemental kingdom]. It is held under the guardianship of the celestial realm until the special creation of God, the Son-[Daughter], the race of man, can comprehend that service or area of performance. Under the sons [and daughters] of God, all lesser forms of creation which are in the process of evolution, the animal and the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms, are held in balance and in supervision.

“You are witnessing this upon the Earth in these latter days. When you step into the ascended consciousness of the light bodies and recognize this responsibility and have returned unto the power of your station in life, you will see the ranks in proper sequence and order and will begin to work in concerted action, all together as one race, the sons [and daughters] upon the planet Earth, in its relationship to the rest of this Solar System.

“Whereby each man, who is a spiritual son [or daughter] of the Godhead, created out of the word of one of the seven aspects, he or she must serve upon that aspect or flame. You call them the rays of life.” [End Quote.]

God & Godhead

The above channeling apparently is the primary source for what El Morya/Mark  summarized and precisely stated in his short, compact, all-encompassing, clear and multi-leveled definition of the Elohim. His description or depiction is found in the glossary of several of our Mark-Age textbooks, starting with its publication in 1970 in Map to Aquarius: Mark Age Period & Program. Thus, as El Morya/Mark wrote: “Elohim: one or more of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the seven rays of life; creators of manifestation for Spirit.”

However, as I have shared in several past blogs, the original Hebrew word “Elohim” was plural, not singular, which is Eloah. But over time, the term Elohim came to be viewed as being singular, such that there is said to be only seven Elohim, and they are viewed as being masculine or androgynous, beyond masculine-feminine polarities. However, as shown to me (Dr. Robert), the word Elohim can also mean a masculine-feminine team that heads up each ray of life. Thus, the team of MaiTrix and LoGos are the collective head of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Moreover, in Mark’s definition and multiple other channelings via Yolanda where the EloHim are said to be in, part of, or out of the Godhead, no definition of the word Godhead is given. In general use, the word “godhead,” as given in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, means divinity, godship, God. In several Wikipedia articles online about the meaning of “Godhead” in various religions and religious sects, multiple other variations or definitions are given for Godhead or godhead.

What MaiTrix and LoGos have given to me is that the term “Godhead” refers primarily to the two polarities via which God brings forth manifestation or creation. Thus, note that “God” is just one syllable, denoting our One God, One Mind or One Spirit Who is Indivisible. The word “Godhead,” by contrast, is two syllables. Thus God is One who expresses or creates via two polarities, which we on Earth call Father and Mother. As Father-Mother God, He-She creates Elohim, angels, man and devas, all of whom are of dual polarities, male and female God created them. All of the Creator’s creations are thus part of the Godhead.

Heads Up

Thus, note that in the above channeling by Sananda via Yolanda, he says that “each man is a spiritual son of the Godhead.” Thus, even humans are a part of, or come from out of the Creative Energy of, and remain ever connected to, the Godhead; for God is Eternal and everywhere Present, throughout all of the Cosmos and in all life forms. As it is stated in Genesis, God created humans in God’s own image and likeness, male and female God created them.

Moreover, the English word “head” has two levels of meaning, both literal and symbolic descriptions. In literal terms, as it pertains to the human body, the head is the top part of the body wherein is located the cerebrum of the brain that governs, monitors and regulates every other part, organ and system in the rest of the body. However, the whole cerebrum is composed of two cerebral hemispheres, one which is symbolic/subconscious/feminine in its function and the other is literal/conscious/masculine in its programs and workings. Herein on the physical realm is the manifestation of the Mother and Father God polarities.

Moreover, the word “head” can also refer to the head of a corporation (its CEO or Chief Executive Officer), the head of a church (the Pope “heads up” the Catholic Church), the patriarchal head of a multi-generational family, or the leader of any group of people.

So, comparing these Earthplane, third-dimensional definitions of head with the description of God as expressing via the male and female polarities of the Godhead, we could say that God is the Head of all Creation. In God’s symbolic but not literal head is God’s brain or cerebrum, that is dual in its nature. Out of God’s Mind and Brain comes the ideas and images for all Created forms. The first of these forms or so-called kingdoms, the closest realm of beings to receive these ideas is that of the Elohim. Thus, EloHers and EloHims are said to out of, part of or in the Godhead. They are the “first born,” the leaders, the heads of creation and manifestation, just as the oldest male or female child is typically the head of all his or her siblings.

This does not mean that El Morya/Mark’s definition is wrong or inadequate. It just means that there are multiple, at first hidden to us, layers of it. Had Mark not made his transition (died) in 1981, and Yolanda had not had to function on Earth by herself, linked only in communion with him in the higher astral and etheric realms, he and she very well may have come up with my above received delineations and variations, or even something better. In fact, El Morya and Nada have guided me to this my current discussion and way of thinking, and have put their stamp of approval on it.

But, please, see what you think about this. Give it a test run or two and see if it passes muster for you. You may receive and come up with some other variation, or want to change or adapt some part of what I have shared. Most importantly, go with God as you pursue this, for God has the best answer for you. No one on Earth has all the answers, although some may be more clear minded than others.

Put Your Heads Together

The above entries and discussions serve as the necessary background for us to understand the next definition as written by El Morya/Mark. It is his description and delineation of the word logos. In and from which of Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and/or intunements this came, neither Phillel nor I know. But what we do know is that Mark would never make up something of his own, or knowingly distort what Yolanda received, but rather as the First Ray Chohan would only start with and rely on Yolanda’s clear channelings from the Hierarchy. Moreover, Mark was a master of inner knowing or clairsentience, of recognizing the truth as he knew it to be. After all, he was an incarnation of El Morya, the Chohan or Director of the First Ray.

Here is what Mark proclaimed and published: “Logos: a spiritual entity manifesting a stellar or a planetary body, such as a solar logos or a planetary logos.” Needless to say, this is a rather extraordinary leap or upgrade from what previously had been given to Yolanda, that for instance, a logos is the purpose of a planet or the sun, that it corresponds to the multiple levels of the forcefield around the physical planet or star-sun, that it is the word or idea that defines and suffuses each planet and the whole planet. Thus, in this new and expanded definition, a logos is a spiritual entity who creates and manifests a star (Sun) or a planet. Whoa!

To begin to understand what this might entail, first consider what a “spiritual entity” may mean on multiple levels. The term “spiritual” refers to the higher realms, with the Elohim being of the highest realm. “Entity” at first glance seems to be singular, for in English, “entity” is singular whereas “entities” are plural. So, like with the description of the Elohim, our first interpretation may be that a “logos” is a single entity. However, an entity may be a corporation, business, school, church or a man and woman who become wed, partly so as to bring forth children in the world. This married man and woman who truly love one another thus is a spiritual entity.

In like manner, an Elohim can appear to be one being or forcefield, especially when we initially come into contact with this Elohim. But in time, we realize that the term Elohim also connotes a masculine-and-feminine team, comprised of an EloHim and EloHer as a “married couple.” Seven separate EloHim-and-EloHer teams head up the Seven Rays of Life. Of all the creations of God, these EloHim and EloHer teams are the closest to, and most aligned with, Father-Mother God; hence each team is said to be part of, or from out of, the Godhead. As such, they are directed and empowered by God to carry out His-Her ideas for creating a star or a planet.

Put Your Heads Together

Imagine the following possible scenario or analogy: God realizes and sees that there is an empty space in the Milky Way Galaxy, an area that has been cleared, cleansed and prepared to bring forth a new solar system. So, Father-Mother God calls for a conference with the EloHims and EloHers of the Seven Rays. He-She-God first instructs them to create a sun, and then around this star to create multiple planets.

In regard to Earth, Father-Mother God meets with the Seventh Ray EloHim and EloHer to create a Seventh Ray planet, which serves as the Heart or Seventh Ray love center for the Solar System. So, Father-Mother God and the Seventh Ray EloHim and EloHer “put their heads together,” as we might say it in Earth’s figurative English term. Mother God instructs the feminine EloHer to draw up the “architectural blueprints” for the planet that is to become a schoolroom or university for learning how better to Love God and Love One Another. Then Father God speaks the word to the masculine EloHim, informing him that His task and purpose is to begin to manifest this three-dimensional, holographic blue print as a planet or schoolroom or university of Seventh Ray peace, love and rest.

Name or Nature

Mother-Father God, as earthly parents do with their newborn physical children, give the two Seventh Ray Elos their “names,” which convey and embody their functions and nature. So, the feminine EloHer is named something like MaiTrex, or a “word” that later in history in the English language will be called MaiTrix, because she is the one to draw up the holographic or three-dimensional blueprints or architectural designs that picture this matrix or template; she is the one to receive, feel and bring forth this matrix in her cosmic womb.

The Seventh Ray masculine EloHim is called something like LoGos, because His spiritual talent or power is to begin, oversee and supervise the initial steps in the actual building of this new structure or form or planet. His work might be likened unto his overseeing and directing the production of the framework (hence the matrix) of a building, including the wood or metal studs that will become its walls; its wood floor beams (or concrete forms); and the roof’s rafters.

Mother MaiTrix’s name represents that she loves Mother God and follow’s Mother Gods directives and promptings to create a new matrix. LoGos unconditionally and totally loves Father God (hence the three letters “LoG,” with “Lo” meaning love and “G” meaning God), but also loves all the creations of God (hence the “os” at the end of LoGos, with “o” standing for the word “One” in One Another and “s” standing for God-Spirit’s sacred essence or energy in all His-Her created forms).

“LoGos” means that loving God and one another is how we rightly create any new Seventh Ray form, including a planet; how we bring forth a planet’s matrix in the first stage of manifestation. Thus, as Mark wrote, a Logos (hence a “LoGos”) is a spiritual entity that creates and manifests a star (Sun) or a planet. Thus, LoGos, with MaiTrix, began to form planet Earth. Other planets were created and started to be manifested by their own MaiTrix and Logos, who however may have have their own unique names, but which perform the same overall functions as MaiTrix and Logos do on Earth.

In three of my (Dr. Robert’s) meditations and communions with MaiTrix and LoGos, when She and He have descended and stood or sat to either side of me, Her to my left and Him to my right, I have begun to sense, feel and experienced this astounding creative process; to see and believe that They have created and manifested planet Earth. Moreover, in each of these three communions with Them, I became more at-one with my own indwelling matrix and logos as a Seventh Ray worker, which MaiTrix and LoGos helped me to purify, uplift and energize.

Angels, Devas and Man

In the ongoing original creation of planet Earth, which perhaps originally was named something like Heart to indicate its role as the primary Seventh Ray love center of the Solar system, MaiTrix and LoGos next spoke the word to the feminine Archangel Uriel who heads up the Seventh Ray and all other feminine Seventh Ray angels; and to Lord Ariel, Uriel’s masculine angelic counterpart. These angels and other angels under their governance and guidance added their thoughts forms to the underlying matrix and logos of the planet, like onto and around the studs and framing of a house, hospital or school.

Thus, we might say that the angels oversaw and applied themselves to the making of the walls, ceilings, roof and floor of the building, plus the plumbing and electrical wiring on this classroom or structure; plus its furniture, paint, decorations and appliances. Under the direction of these two angels, devas worked in conjunction with the elementals (hence commonly called the devic-elemental kingdom) to provide the driveway, trees, grass, water and shrubbery around the building. In time, the new building or planet became ready for habitation by fourth-dimensional humans. That habitation started 206 million years ago, when humans came from the Sun to the Heart/Earth.

But, humankind gradually made a mess of this new planet or schoolroom of life, turning it from an Edenic paradise into an insane asylum, whose inhabitants do not believe that they are children of God. In conjunction with, and under the guardianship of Archangel Lucifer of the Third Ray, some men and women got caught up in their belief of their own self-power, separate from God’s power and the guidance and instructions of the Third Ray EloHim and EloHer. Together with the selfish humans, the so-called Luciferian forces formed an animal, physical body in which humans could function. A segment of humankind thus fell to Earth and took on animal form, separating themselves from their own light bodies. To use an analogy, the planet Heart became the planet Earth, that of earthly, mortal, personal, selfish consciousness.

Thus, from the EloHim LoGos of Love God and Love One Another, this fallen segment fell in love with themselves and their control and abuse/misuse of the animals, vegetables/plants and minerals that they were supposed to love and uplift into higher expression. Moreover, the Cains, who remained mostly in their light bodies, compounded the error, treating the fallen humans as slaves and even as sex objects for their personal pleasure. Thus, when all of this happened and since then, the word LoGos symbolically became the word logos, right up to this current era with the Greek word logos, developed by Greeks who did not believe in One, Loving God, but only in their own minds and mental capabilities.

Now, in this present time, we are returning from logos or mortal thinking to LoGos or I Am or Christ or God Self ideation about and love of all life, preparing the way for Sananda and Sol-O-Man to return to Earth.

LoGos Leads the Way Home

And here’s what LoGos has told me on several occassions in unique, verifiable ways: In the ancient days of the battle between the Cains and Abels, when Sananda prepared to confront them at Mt. Shasta, it was Lord LoGos who gave Sananda the mantrum Love God and Love One Another. After all, the name LoGos means love of our Creator and all His-Her creations. Archangel Lady Uriel and her angelic counterpart, Lord Ariel, added to this; as did Lord Maitreya and Lady MaYa, his twin soul.

Moreover, since the fall of Atlantis, in Sananda’s incarnations as the leader of the Noahs, Melchizedek, Moses, Gautama the Buddha, Elijah, Socrates and finally as Christ Jesus, Lord LoGos once again, in a series of steps, gradually gave the mantrum and directive of Love God and Love One Another to him. To Moses’ first commandment to Love God, at the end of Jesus’ life, prior to his crucifixion, as directed by LoGos and the whole Seventh Ray team and chain of command, Jesus instructed his Apostles and disciples to Love One Another. This was to finally correct the original Third Ray error of mankind’s downfall.

Love, Love, Love, Love

Now, it is our turn as light workers in the Second Coming program to love and commune with Lord LoGos, as well as with his counterpart, Lady MaiTrix. In ascended, I Am, Christ consciousness, as a child of God, each of us is capable of, and prepared sufficiently via past blogs about Lattice, LaTex and LoTus, to link with Lord LoGos, to receive the Word/word of Love God and Love One Another.

Our entire 206 million cycle of involvement with Heart-Earth is about to come to a successful conclusion, whereupon Earth once more will be called something like Heart. As Lord Michael once channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “The heart of God is the only place there is.” Planet Heart will be as one cell in that Cosmic Heart, and will be the primary Seventh Ray Love/Heart Center in our Solar System.

Starting today, May 7th, a 7-day of Seventh Ray peace, love and rest, we open our mind and heart to MaiTrix and especially to LoGos. To do so, as always, our approach is to ask and receive, seek and find, knock and the doorway between dimensions will be open to us.

So, ask Lord LoGos to show Himself to you, to quicken your mind and especially your heart, to fill you anew with Love of God and Love of One Another. Seek to be still, to be at peace, to rest in your own indwelling I Am Self, which will prepare you to feel the cosmic presence of, and to commune with, Lord LoGos. Knock on the doorway between dimensions and Spirit will rend the veil that has been over your eyes, such that the doorway will be opened anew and you will “see and be with” Lord LoGos when he walks through the doorway and descends to you.

Especially if you are a man this lifetime, ponder the fact that you, like LoGos, may be a Patriarch in your family. LoGos is the Patriarch of all Seventh Ray EloHims throughout the Solar System. You, on Earth as a human, are the patriarch of all the extended, multi-generational families, especially the men, below you.

Ponder how you can consciously better love all of your extended family members. If you are a woman, you no doubt have previously incarnated as a man, and besides your conscious mind is masculine in nature. So, you, too, can contemplate how you can consciously love your children, grandchildren, and maybe even your great grandchildren; and thereby elevate your conscious mind and quicken your physical body.

 Ascension & Pentecost

Two days from now, May 9th, here in the Western Hemisphere, we will celebrate Ascension Day, commemorating and celebrating the day that Christ Jesus, right before the eyes of his Apostles and others including his mother Mary, ascended into the etheric realms. Then, on May 19th, we will experience Pentecost, which is the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on all flesh, when the Comforter will descend to, and hold and love us.

So, take it one day at a time from now until May 19th. Read some of this long blog each day, if that works for you. Focus in all of these 12 days on ascension and on ascended communion with Lady MaiTrix, but more so with Lord LoGos, for they will be the ones to prepare you for, and assist and aid you, in your own rising and ascending into a new and glorious level of peace, love and rest.

So be it!






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