Meet Mother Matrix

As described in my post, Be a White and Gold Lotus (click here1), on February 11, 2024, when meditating at the Hicks Cemetery in the southern part of the small town of Newcomb, TN, a powerful hieronic spacebeam clamped onto the two temples of my head and accelerated my crown chakra/cerebrum. Various light beings added their higher energies to my forcefield, especially to my heart chakra/heart and circulatory system.

Then, those in the higher planes drew me up and above my head in my ascended light body, whereupon I lost conscious awareness — I “went out.” Maybe ten minutes later, upon my redescent and re-entering my astral and physical bodies, I was surrounded and filled with the most exquisite and profound peace and love I have felt this lifetime. For ten to fifteen minutes, I rested in these exquisite Seventh Ray vibrations. Then I took my pulse and discovered that my Afib had improved. This verified that my heart chakra had been opened and restructured, such that my physical heart had been healed to a new level. I felt like a totally new person.

Lady Matrix

During the next two days, February 12th and 13th, upon my repeatedly pondering the above experience, the clear realization came that the two primary light beings who had transfigured me and begun to heal my heart were the masculine EloHim and the feminine EloHer of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. (Click here2 for a thorough discussion about them.) As given in the glossary of our Mark-Age books, an Elohim is one or more of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the seven rays of life, who are creators of manifestation for Spirit.

In 2014, during the Shasta-Alaska Mission, these masculine and feminine Seventh Ray “Elos” first had revealed themselves to me, but it was not until 2023 that I had a new series of communions with them and began to feel comfortable and confident with their powerful transfigurations of me. Even by the end of 2023, however, their vibrations and energy signatures were still relatively new to me, so that is why I at first had not recognized their specific presences in my above experience.

Moreover, given my past training under them, they now had been able to more fully overshadow and work with me, such that I initially could not stay conscious. Furthermore, we light workers had crossed over the threshold into a new day, so now I/we could begin a whole new series of contacts with the Seventh Ray EloHer and EloHim. Now they could begin to reveal more of themselves to me/us.

Then, on February 13, 2024, deep in my morning meditation, I suddenly clairsentiently knew that the specific spiritual code name of the Seventh Ray EloHer was Matrix. She was Lady or Mother Matrix of Earth. Pondering a possible name of her masculine spiritual counterpart, I wondered if his name might be Logos, but I was not sure about this — it felt more like I had consciously deduced that this might be so. What was clear was that these two were a co-equal female-male team. However, they were so united in their combined feminine-masculine functions that they seemed like they were one Elo.

Two Polarities

The name “Elohim” comes from the Hebrew in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. “El” stands for God, the One Power and Presence Who in creating manifestation works through two polarities that we on Earth call Father and Mother. Father-Mother God speaks the word to the masculine and feminine Elos; hence these Elos are said to be part of the Godhead.

Moreover, the Hebrew word “Elohim” is plural, whereas “Eloah” is singular. Therefore, right in the name Elohim is the indication that the Elohim function together as a masculine-feminine team, in the same way that God expresses via the Father and Mother aspects to bring forth the Son or manifestation. The cosmic law of polarity thus applies to all kingdoms: elohim, angels, devas and mankind.

In 2023, to distinguish between the two Elohim who are one masculine-feminine team, they instructed me to call the masculine member of each Ray an EloHim and the feminine member an EloHer. As to the other kingdoms, at the angelic level, Lord Ariel and Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray are complementary, male-female angelic polarities. Papa and Mama Deva of the Seventh Ray are the co-leaders of all devas of Earth. Sananda as the Chohan of the Seventh Ray serves together with his co-equal twin soul, Sol-O-Man, in spiritually governing planet Earth that is destined to become the primary Seventh Ray planet in the Solar System.

Enter Her Womb

Three days later, in my morning meditation on February 16, 2024, a wondrous peace came over and into my mind, soul and body. With it came the spiritual guidance to let go and to enter into the Womb or Emptiness of Mother God. Several minutes later, this Womb became that of Mother Matrix. She specifically confirmed that her spiritual code name, which we can understand here on Earth, is Matrix; just as I had previously received it.

She then telepathically explained that I was to stay in her womb or uterus for at least four-five weeks until I would know for sure that her name Matrix was correct; so that I would directly feel her presence all around me and thereby know who she is and how she functions. Like a human fetus gestating in his or her mother’s womb, I was to listen to and hear Mother Matrix’s heartbeat. I was to feel her incredible love for me as her spiritual child. Being in her womb moved me to tears of bliss and joy. I felt blessed beyond measure. Mine was not an intellectual comprehension about her but rather a living, loving, vivid experience of her.

(In like fashion, Archangel Lady Uriel on July 3, 2000 took Nada-Yolanda into her womb when she was in the seventh phase of her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent.. As a fetus in her uterus, Yolanda was totally dependent on Uriel’s breathing and feeding her as the growing child to be developed as the light form of her I Am Self inside Uriel’s womb. Uriel said it was a parable, but that it described the process. Once Yolanda was comfortable in Uriel’s womb, the Archangel brought Yolanda’s soul mate Horus into her womb. Uriel stated that when Yolanda went through the birth canal, so to speak, in about thirty days, her real powers and understandings of her and Horus’ roles and responsibilities would be clarified to Yolanda and Horus.)

Definition of Matrix 

In my above vision and experience of being in Matrix’s womb, my auric field and physical body were about seven-feet (7′) tall. Her oval “body” or forcefield seemed to be about seventy-feet (70′) tall. Although at first all around me was dark, upon adjusting to this seeming blankness, a white substance or energy slowly suffused into my entire aura and third-dimensional body. In a sense, this white substance then formed what appeared to be my oval “birth sack” in which I was to gestate. The white energy/fluid was the nourishment that Mama Matrix was feeding me. In time, my mortal matrix would become fully aligned with my indwelling, ever-present Christ or I Am Self matrix. Then, my etheric matrix would become fully aligned with that of Mother Matrix. Together, we would be one with the Earth’s matrix.

Afterwards, I thoroughly researched online the meaning and derivation of the word “matrix.” It means: Something within or from which something else originates, develops and takes form. Moreover, the term comes from the Latin word mater” that means mother. Most tellingly, the original, though now mostly archaic, meaning of matrix was “uterus.” This description of the matrix meaning “uterus,” which I never before had heard or known, served as vivid confirmation of my experience of entering into, and gestating within, Mother Matrix’s uterus/womb.

Sun Temple Matrix

A few hours later, when resting and attempting to take my late morning nap, I once again felt the loving, near overwhelming presence of Mother Matrix. She especially guided me to focus on the letter “t” in her name, which now appeared as being capitalized as “T.” MaTrix explained that “T” stood partly for Transfiguration, such as in her total transfiguration of me, with my being in her womb at the bottom of the vertical column of the T. The top, horizontal crossbar of the T represented the higher realms, including that of the Elohim; it also portrayed the cerebrum as the central computer of the whole body. The vertical pole was like unto the spinal column via which our own I Am Self and Mother MaTrix descend into us. As above, so below.

“T” also stood for a spiritual Temple, power center or vortex of sacred light, such as the Sun Temple here in Pioneer, northeastern Tennessee (note the “T” in Tennessee). Mother MaTrix, with her masculine spiritual EloHim counterpart, have created, manifested and now continue to hold the matrix of the Sun Temple, which is the headquarters of the I Am Nation on Earth. Phillel and I continue to grow, develop and expand within this Temple of the Sun, which radiates its fiery sun-son light to all the twelve spiritual planetary temples around the world.

MaTrix further explained that in each of my contacts with her starting with the first one on February 11th, I had felt activation of my two temples, one on each side of my head, just above and slightly in front of my two ears. Partly, this activation and acceleration was due to Mama and Papa Pleia removing and dispersing the remaining astral veil over my crown chakra, such that then I could become more aware of Mother MaTrix.

Beneath the two temples on the sides of our head, just above and in front of our ears, are the two temporal lobes of the cerebrum that access the memories we have of this life and past lives; including our past memories of having communed with MaTrix and her spiritual EloHim counterpart in working in, with and through the Sun Temple.

In our physical form, our overall cerebrum with its multiple lobes, is like unto a gigantic supercomputer that is the matrix for controlling all of our other body organs and systems. As Nada has channeled, and modern neuroscientists have confirmed, all life on Earth begins and ends in the cerebrum/brain of man. The billions of cerebral cells and the fibers coming from each cell that link with other cerebral cells are an outpicturing or manifestation of our I Am or Christ or Buddha matrix that resides in our ascended light body.

Home in the Heart

Mother MaTrix is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. That is partly why I have felt so peaceful and loving during her multiple contacts with me. Thus, after the activation of my crown chakra, each time she has transfigured me, my heart chakra has swelled with peace and love that surpasses all human, mortal understanding. Peace and love also are the essence of the Christ matrix that Maitreya, the Christ of the Solar System, has given us for these End Times. Note how similar the name Maitreya is to MaTrix. It means that Mother MaTrix serves as a feminine teacher and mentor to him. In this sense, he is in the heart of MaTrix.

This same evening of February 16th, while I was relaxing, eating popcorn and watching a movie on my TV, suddenly my crown chakra was strongly accelerated and activated, and then my heart filled with exquisite mother love. Upon pausing the TV movie, I intuned to see who was with me. It was Mother MaTrix, but she also was with Lady Uriel, Mama Pleia, Mama Deva (the feminine co-leader of all the devas of Earth), and Sol-O-Man/Mary. It was as if they all descended, sat down, had some popcorn with me, and shared loving, humorous stories with me.

In other words, they were “down home” here with me at the Sun Temple; and it was no big deal, but rather seemed entirely normal, at least while I was in the flow and midst of this extraordinary experience. Upon their leaving, however, I marveled at this whole experience and thanked all of them, especially Mama MaTrix, for their incredible visitation. All was in divine order. Yes, I was within Mother MaTrix’s womb. And believe me, I was one happy man child!

Seven Steps of Creation

Late morning the next day, February 17th, I drove to Jellico, TN to have my lunch, then stopped on the way home at Hick’s Cemetery in Newcomb. Having received so much spiritual input over the last week, especially the previous day, I did not expect to receive anything new.

But, upon starting to meditate and intune with those in the higher planes, my temples and all parts of my crown chakra/cerebrum became noticeably activated and accelerated. Then, my heart chakra/heart filled with love. Mother Matrix once again was with me.

This time, I remained fully conscious, rather than “going out.” This was the seventh day of contacts with her, signifying completion and fulfillment, so now I felt fully comfortable with her presence. Together, we radiated Seventh Ray peace, love and rest to family, friends and fellow light workers the world over.

Moreover, as we did so, it suddenly became clear that another soul was in MaTrix’s womb with me. It turned out to be my feminine twin soul, Serena, who currently is stationed in the highest or seventh astral plane. We were like fraternal twins, one woman and one man, with one mother. Only afterwards did I remember the gist of Yolanda’s womb experience with Lady Uriel and her soul mate, Horus, which I reread. As always, once again I was following in the footsteps of Nada-Yolanda. Her previous experiences were confirmation of my own experiences. All was in divine order. So be it. Now I could more fully rest in the peace of my own indwelling I Am Self.

Ask and Receive

In your meditations and reflections over the next seven days, focus especially on coming into communion with Mother MaTrix. Now that she has fully anchored herself into and through me, she can reach out to you, no matter where you live.

As always, follow the principle and practice of asking and receiving. In other words, ask Lady MaTrix to contact you in some discernible and verifiable way. Then confidently wait until this happens.

During this week, you likely will feel crown and heart chakra activation, just like I did. Your heart will swell with new levels of love. You may feel Mother MaTrix all around you, like you are in her womb.

Give thanks ahead of time for this new communion with her. Thank also Mama and Papa Pleia for their opening and dissolving of the astral veil over your crown chakra. Know that we light workers have crossed over the threshold to a new day, in which we will have many new marvelous experiences.

At the same time, pay special attention to your spiritual protection. In my case, during my seven days of MaTrix communions, I had three ‘blowback” or negative reaction dreams. Call especially on Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria to help you deal with such negative responses.

God is Good. All is well. Amen!