Be Zealous for Niacinamide

For this final blog on the I Am Power of zeal, our focus is the B-vitamin called niacinamide, which helps the hypothalamus and other organs at the base of the brain to function more harmoniously — it is a form of vitamin B-3 that normally is formed from another such form of B-3 called niacin that ideally we get in our diet and are able to convert into niacinamide in our body. But this ability diminishes as we get older.

Here’s our key question: How can we burn not too bright, not too dark, but just right? So that we can rightly do all the things that we ought to do, no more, no less? And what can we do to enhance this middle way of zeal in a physical fashion or method? What physical method or treatment can we follow?

Hilarion Heals

As so often happens with me, my initial guidance about how niacinamide relates to, and balances, our zeal-hypothalamus, came in my dream of February 3, 1976. Significantly, from January 12, 1976 to May 24, 1976, Nada-Yolanda received a weekly series of channelings and intuitive guidance from Hilarion, Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and healing; and who is the etheric director of Healing Haven. His past lives include Plato the Greek philosopher, Paul the Apostle, and Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.

In these communications, he laid down the basic groundwork and core themes and methods for healing the whole person — mind, body and soul — under the supervision of the I Am Self and light body. These weekly Monday messages from Hilarion were called Healing Haven Conclaves, much of which later were published in our three volumes of Healing Haven Journal.

In his dictations and discussions, Hilarion gave core healing principles but then said that he would work behind the scenes with each one of the United Staff of Mark-Age to give them specific guidance as to how to apply them. And that was what happened in my dream, as given below, quoted from my spiritual diary (thank you, Hilarion!):

DREAM. February 3, 1976.  I was riding in the back seat of a car driven by people whom I did not know, but who appeared to be less spiritual and intelligent than me. I realized that I had a problem with the spiritual quality of zeal, because I was feeling so tired. I looked out the back window of the car and saw a church steeple with a Star of David on it. Inside this symbol was spelled in neon lights, “You need niacinamide.” I knew that I needed this B vitamin as a physical remedy for my zeal-hypothalamus-medulla oblongata complex. There was a beautiful young lady in the back seat whom I found very attractive, and about whom I began to have sexual desires. She was most gracious and loving to me, and we eventually began kissing. We rolled down on the floor of the car at which time she began to touch my genitals. END of dream.

Be Zealous and Repent

The car represented the vehicle of my four lower bodies, with each wheel of the car symbolizing one of the four: mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical bodies. To heal myself and others, I Am to be the commander or driver of my vehicle, rather than to allow my lesser thoughts and feelings, and those of others, to take over this function, hence those of lesser spirituality were driving my dream car. The girl was my “younger emotions” as well as representing the possible influence of those in the lower astral planes.

I was tired, thus lacking in zeal. Not stated in the dream, but I knew this was because I had been overzealous and overextended, and thus had burnt out. The church steeple is that part of the church, or congregation of spiritual thoughts, of my four lower bodies, which reaches up to the heavens, up to higher consciousness, including those in higher realms, such as Hilarion. His etheric guidance was like “bright neon lights” flashing in and through my subconscious mind.

The Star of David portrays the symbolic positioning of 6 pairs of two spiritual powers at the star’s 6 apices, such as faith and strength, will and power, order and zeal. (See the drawing and explanation of this in Birth of the Light Body, page 9 — and read this entire chapter on Zeal.) In my case, my order and zeal characteristics are not being rightly and healthily expressed. My thoughts and feelings are out of order, as someone else drives my car; and as a result, my zeal flags and fizzles, instead of sizzles; and I lust after the flesh, symbolizing all the temptations to seek temporary, mortal, physical solutions to my soul problems.

Take Your Vitamins

One physical remedy for this is niacinamide, a form of vitamin B-3, because in every cell of our body, niacinamide is an essential, key component for the production of energy, with energy being like unto zeal. Niacin, found in high concentration in numerous foods, ideally gets converted in our body’s cells to niacinamide, our energy vitamin. However, when we burn too bright, we become deficient in both niacin and niacinamide. Without sufficient niacinamide, we have all kinds of symptoms, from nervous inflammation to osteoarthritis to anxiety and depression, to memory loss, to confusion, to skin disorders.

And why the lusting after the “young thing” and getting “down and dirty” with her on the floor of the car? First of all, this occurs in the back seat, hence the subconscious — it is a carryover over from past lives, not just of mine but of the whole mass consciousness, which has been addicted to illicit, inappropriate sex going back millions of years.

After all, as given in Genesis 6:4, twenty-six million years ago, the golden giants, those of Cain consciousness who were still mostly in the light body, descended at times and slept with the daughters of man, those who had fallen into matter and taken on animal bodies. And so this enslavement of mankind to physicality has continued and multiplied in seemingly ever expanding ways down through the ages. Mortal man is driven by his preoccupation of physical sexual exchange.

Second, sexual desire, the genetic urge to reproduce after our own kind, is programmed right into our very brain, as it is in all animal bodies; and thereby is regulated and monitored subconsciously by our hypothalamus and medulla. As such, it is appropriate and good, for how would we procreate and bring forth children without it. But, the point is that we have misused, abused and overused it throughout history here on Earth. Sex, like every other aspect of our life, is by itself not good or bad, but rather it is how we use our regenerative power and reproductive organs that brings forth creations of good and evil.

Third, when our life is out of order, when we are over the top, burnt out, too excited for too long in too many ways, we seek relief — why not have a little fling with some young thing, male or female? But, if our life is in order, we know this is counterproductive and self-destructive, both for the “young” lady or man, and for us. Nothing good, nothing that is helpful to others in their healing efforts, comes from such a downfall into darkness. All we do is end up being anxious and depressed, filled with guilt and shame, and hence have no joy in our life. And then we try to forget and suppress the whole thing, so that we can go and do it again.

Be Holistic

And niacinamide is to help heal all of this? Yes and no. When we take sufficient niacinamide as a vitamin (“vita” means life-giving or enhancing) supplement, it powers up all the cells in our body. As a result, we think more clearly, we are more calm and relaxed, we sleep better, our joints get lubricated, our eyes see better (we have less of a chance of having glaucoma), and our skin becomes healthier — all of which has been carefully documented and proven by scientific, medical, controlled studies. Such investigations show that if we take niacinamide we do not experience memory loss or progress to Alzheimer’s.

Of course we can take niacinamide until it comes out our pores, and unless we change our mind and heart, unless we transmute our soul record, we are not going to be healed. But taking niacinamide as part of an overall holistic program can be a key physical component of successful reharmonization and renewal and regeneration, rather than for example taking the various drugs for arthritis or those for depression or those for anxiety. These drugs all work to some degree, but every one of them has side effects, some of which are major. On the other hand, niacinamide works as well or better than these drugs, and has no side effects if taken in the right amounts. After all, niacin and niacinamide have been in our bodies for millions of years. Modern drugs have not. (And yet, most doctors believe primarily in drugs and scoff at vitamins. Go figure.)

Your Prescription

Below are the basic guidelines for taking niacinamide, which is readily available at your local health food store or via various online companies, like,, and others. And it is very economical, especially given its overall benefits to all parts of your body.

These guidelines come especially from the work, research and newsletters of Jonathan Wright, MD, one of the foremost nutritional physicians here in the USA. I first had read his articles in Prevention Magazine in the early to mid-1970s, then subscribed to his newsletter (his current newsletter can be found and subscribed to at — it comes out once per month, online or in printed form.)

To treat osteoarthritis that causes pain in the knees and shoulders, plus other joints, due to the wearing away of the cushioning cartilage there, take 3000 milligrams of niacinamide per day, typically 1000 mg 3 times a day. (Note, please, do take niacinamide, not niacin. Niacin is the precursor of niacinamide. If you take large doses of niacin, your body will have a “niacin flush” characterized by a hot, prickly, red rash that suddenly develops and is painful to boot. Niacinamide does not cause this flush.) Typically in a month or two, even three or four, the arthritis pain goes away.

The only potential side effect of taking niacinamide may occur if you take more than the 3000 mg /day –you may develop some nausea and even vomiting. But even at 3000 mg/day, some folks develop nausea. However, this is temporary. Just cut back to 2500 or 2750 mg/day, and the nausea will go away in a day or so.

Help for the Whole Body

I also take the 3000 mg daily dose of niacinamide for my periodic bouts of anxiety and depression, my inability at times to shut down my mind and relax, for my sleep difficulties (too much or too little), for my minor memory difficulties at times (senior moments), for helping to calm and empower my heart. Even though I also take Red Star Nutritional Yeast, which is supplemented with all 8 of the B vitamins, I add the niacinamide 3000 mg dose to this.

(Nutritional Yeast is a special type of yeast, much better tasting than standard Brewer’s Yeast, which most people do not like due to its bitter taste. I take Nutritional Yeast to get my overall B vitamins. To order Red Star Nutritional Yeast, go to Amazon carries jars of it, as do other online sites that provide food supplements and vitamins.)

Or you can take a pill form called B-100 that many vitamin companies sell, which includes all the B vitamins. However, neither Nutritional Yeast or B-100 pills have any niacinamide in them, but rather just niacin. And by the way, B vitamins are so-called because they are water soluble, whereas Vitamin A in its various forms is fat soluble. Both are essential to health, as are Vitamins C, D, E and others.)

The usual niacinamide pills have 500 mg in them, although you can get them in 1000 mg pills. At whatever dose, it is usually suggested that you take them with food, although many times I take them just with water. Most of the time, I put a tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast in a glass of water, and use that to take my niacinamide and other vitamins and supplements. That way I get all the B vitamins, which work best when all are present.

(If you want to read more in depth about using niacin and its many treatments, email me at [email protected] about this, and I will send you two pdf files on niacinamide supplementation, which are written by Dr. Wright. If you subscribe to his newsletter, he will send you the pdf file on niacinamide, plus pdf files on lithium and potassium iodine (for skin disorders, primarily).

Know Them By Their Fruits

What I typically feel when taking niacinamide is that I relax and mellow out. The rough edges of my highs and lows drop away, and I am more so in the middle of my zealous flame. My mental gyrations more or less stop, but at the same time I think more clearly. Also, my emotional fears and physical desires, which are threatening to swamp me in their negative energies, likewise abate. And usually then, I can even take a nap or meditate. Plus, my overall energy level goes up. It seems contradictory, this relaxation and re-energization activity, but that’s the common experience of those who use this supplement.

Hence, you could say that it balances out our power of I Am zeal such that we do not burn too bright or too dark, but we burnt just right.

So may it be with you!!!



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