See Saturn Shining

On June 8, 2022, I dreamt that I was filled with light and was standing solidly on the ground. From the left side of my chest/abdomen extended what looked somewhat like a 2-foot-long 2″ x 4″ piece of wood that was painted light violent. A wise, all-knowing voice above me said that this structure was going to get bigger, that it symbolically served as a bridge of light that extended all the way to Saturn. It now being about 2 feet long and on the left side of my body indicated that at the soul-subconscious level, I already had begun this process.

I awoke knowing it was time to start writing this, my first blog, about the re-opening and re-empowerment of the Temple of Saturn, which is located in Alaska, with its central core being in and around Mt. Denali there. Moreover, each of us who work with these blogs would now begin to reopen our own individual Temple of Saturn.

Sixth Ray Saturn

Saturn exemplifies and demonstrates the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation for the rest of the Solar System. Physically, it is known for its multiple rings (see image to right.) It is the second biggest planet in the Solar System, with its orbit being located between those of Jupiter, the biggest planet, and Uranus. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

Spiritually, Saturn is where the the highest ruling body of the Hierarchal Board meets. This Saturnian Council or Council of Seven is composed of the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays, and the Seven Chohans or Directors of the Seven Rays. Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray, and Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray and the kingdom of man, are co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board.

As the Sixth Ray planet, Saturn shines with violet light, the corresponding color that carries the vibrations and energies of this ray. Saturn is a violet flame that radiates cleansing, purification and transmutation to all the other planets. Its purple-violet hues light up the Temple of Saturn on Earth.

Archangel Lord Zadkiel

Lord Zadkiel is the Archangel of the Sixth Ray. To connect more deeply with him, please read the channeling by him via Nada-Yolanda on October 21, 1971, as found in our Mark-Age text Angels And Man, pages 31-40.

Lord Zadkiel explains therein that we are now in a time of Sixth Ray transmutation and cleansing, of purifying and releasing all the dross within our mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies, individually and collectively. These are the End Times, the Latter Days, the Age of Marks, the War of Armageddon between good and evil in one and all.

However, cleansing precedes and will lead to the Golden Age of sisterhood and brotherhood, to the Second Coming or redescent of Sananda/ Jesus the Christ in his light body, and to the spiritual awakening of all on Earth. Sixth Ray purification prepares us and all on and about the Earth for Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

The letter “Z” in Zadkiel stands partly for Sixth Ray cleansing. The top horizontal bar of the “Z” symbolizes the I Am Self and the etheric, electric, fourth-dimensional light body. The downward and backward tilting line in “Z” stands for cleansing, crossing out all errors in mind, body and soul; particularly in the feminine soul or subconscious. This prepares one to be the bottom horizontal line — love in action on Earth as a purified master. As above, so now below.

Lady Zadkiel

Neither Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or I have been given the name of Lord Zadkiel’s feminine, angelic co-worker who oversees all feminine Sixth Ray angels. However, in 2013-2015, I had a few contacts with her, enough to know her vibrational signature; but not really to know her directly and without doubt. Since then, I have called her Lady Zadkiel, which has sufficed until now. I awaited further contact with her to confirm my initial, somewhat indistinct, fleeting contacts with her; and maybe even be given her name.

Such confirmation began just 3 days ago, on June 8, 2022. As I was eating my late morning meal on the upper deck of Hilarion House, a tremendous power, energy and presence came over and around me. I could barely breathe, the forcefield was so strong. My heart and respiratory rates increased. Looking out around me physically, everything I saw seemed to melt and shimmer with light. At this moment, I was not of this world, although I was in it.

In time, it became clear that it was Lady Zadkiel who was contacting and enfolding me in her feminine, Sixth Ray violet energy and consciousness. She was not so much standing behind me, supporting me, but rather I was right in the center of her glorious angelic forcefield. Another way to say this is that it was like I was in her womb, wherein I was growing, changing and transmuting from mortal to immortal consciousness. She was lifting me into I Am or Soliel or Christ consciousness. I was in the violet flame of light that she is, which burned away my mortal dross.

This was so amazing, so uplifting, so divine that I was overcome with emotion as tears flowed down my cheeks. This was by far the most definitive and discernible contact I ever had had with her. It was the first time that I actually was sure that it was her; at least as sure as I could be at this time.

Eventually, after I had adjusted to her powerful presence, she telepathically said to me: Soliel-Robert, you still do not really have a high or clear enough appreciation and acceptance of who you are as a unique child of God, a clear channel for the Hierarchy. You still tend to feel insecure and inferior, partly out of your fear of becoming superior as you have been at times in the past, in this life and past lives, going back to the days of Cains and Abels; and your history of giving in to those who are of lesser evolution than you, who have more self-confidence than you but who tend at times to be arrogant.

This is what you are to cleanse and transmute as part of this work with your individual Temple of Saturn. Be your Self. Know your golden Self for who you truly are: Soliel of the Sun, the spiritual son or disciple of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Be in the center of your Beingness, feeling neither inferior or superior, but rather confident and positively poised in your utilization of your I Am powers.

Lady Zadkiel said that her being able to contact me so distinctly and clearly was evidence of the high degree of my own soul purity. I was not perfect, but then no one still in a physical body is. Rather I had reached an elevated state of purification. I thanked her profusely and already felt like an entirely new person.

Purify the Planet

Later that same day, at our 3 PM Hierarchal Board Meditation, I was engulfed in the violet flame of transmutation that Lady Zadkiel was projecting to and holding around me. I was securely centered in this Sixth Ray flame in a state of divine equipoise. Midway through the meditation, Lady Zadkiel took me in my light body with her into the center of the Earth, into the Earth logos. My spine was aligned with the central axis of the planet, with my head at its north pole and my feet at its south pole.

My violet flame expanded such that it imbued and surrounded the entire planet and all life on and around it. All of the lower kingdoms — animals, vegetables and minerals — were suffused with violet light. This flame especially engulfed and transmuted the 144,000 elect around the globe, who would be the most receptive to it. However, the violet energy also suffused those negative individuals and groups of people in the many trouble spots around the world.

Lady Zadkiel telepathically relayed that this was the final goal of the upcoming four weeks of focusing on the re-opening of the Temple of Saturn. The violet flame would start within each person, build a bridge from him or her to the Temple of Saturn in Alaska, spread to and engulf the whole planet, and align and link Earth with Saturn.

Sol-O-Man/Mary Shares

The next morning, June 9th, from the time I awoke, I felt Lady Zadkiel hovering over me and making even a deeper connection with me. I was dizzy, discombobulated and unsteady on my feet. After a light breakfast, in my early morning meditation, her presence became even stronger. This time, I was better able to handle her glorious, feminine, angelic, violet presence. It took about an hour, however, to become poised and centered within her, until we were two-as-one.

As always when new contacts with the angels, ascended masters and space visitors occur, last night before I went to sleep, I had called upon my master teacher, Sol-O-Man/Mary to authorize and confirm my communion with Lady Zadkiel. As strong and definitive as it had been yesterday, I still had my doubts about it. It was just too new for me to feel sure that I had received it correctly, or at least mostly accurate.

Now Sol-O-Man lifted my left hand in her reverse J sign to indicate her presence. I’ve had so many verifiable contacts with her in the past that I highly trust and am confident of my connection with her. Sol-O-Man conveyed in thought that Lady Zadkiel had been most helpful to her when Jesus had been crucified and entombed. This was a horrendous time for Mary, to lose her son, her twin soul. Lady Zadkiel had surrounded her in her feminine, motherly light, to steady and support her, until such time that Jesus resurrected in his light body on Easter morn.

Moreover, Sol-O-Man, at Lady Zadkiel’s request, explained further that Lady Zadkiel had been amongst those angels who had administered to and aided Jesus when he was in his tomb of darkness. This was part of Jesus’ sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. In the tomb, Jesus reviewed the remnants of his mortal consciousness in his present and past lives, and transmuted and released them, such that he could then resurrect. Lady Zadkiel, as the primary feminine, Sixth Ray angel, had assisted him in this final soul transmutation; preparing him for his extraordinary light-body resurrection.

Needless to say, all of the above was a mind-boggling revelation, something I never had considered or read about, even in Nada-Yolanda’s channelings. However, it made perfect sense, so much so that I felt it was indeed accurate. Sol-O-Man’s input in this unique way confirmed my own communion with Lady Zadkiel. She was saying that if she and Jesus had been guided and guarded by Lady Zadkiel, then so could I. So could all men and women who are receptive to her presence and aid.

From Dross to Gold

Lord Zadkiel now showed me an image of my head being golden in color and vibration. Today, she explained, my throat and chest would turn into the golden light of my golden light body, all under her guidance and guardianship. She explained that she did not create the golden essence or center of me, but rather she removed the outer tarnish on the gold that I Am and always have been.

Lady Zadkiel further explained that she had worked with, taught me and transmuted me on numerous occassions this lifetime, such as when I went through the 2-3 years of the dark night of my soul from 2016-2018. She was there with me, in the darkness, though I knew her not. Looking back now, I know this is true. I distinctly remember feeling what I now perceive as her feminine, angelic, Sixth Ray energy.

And it was not just me that she had helped, but rather numerous other light workers worldwide, including you who read and work with these blogs. She has been with us, helping us, along with multiple other Sixth Ray feminine angels under her command. She has been in the background, but now she is coming out into the open via these contacts with me. These communions are not for me alone, but are for all who serve in the Second Coming program. We are at the stage of the spiritual program wherein she has been authorized to make herself known to one and all who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Ask her to show herself to you, and see what happens!

Lady Zadkiel concluded her sharing by answering my doubts about why in the world I was the one to give forth this information? Who was I, a Seventh Ray worker with a Fifth Ray mission, to do so? Why not Phillel as a Sixth Ray worker? Lady Zadkiel said it was because I had trained with her in my sojourns on Saturn to do this very thing. I just had not remembered this until this very moment. Moreover, it was part of my Fifth Ray mission, to work not only with Lord Zadkiel of the male polarity, but also with Lady Zadkiel of the feminine polarity, for the two are as of one whole unit.

Now her contact in and through me made more sense. I thanked her profusely, and told her time and again how much I loved her and was blessed with her now-evident presence. Talk about transmutation!

Nada Knows

While in the communion with Lady Zadkiel, I felt fully comfortable and confident that the above information was of a high degree of accuracy. But, when I came back down to Earth, so to speak, the doubts kicked in again. So, I asked Spirit once more for additional confirmation. Was I really to shortly share this new series of revelations? Would it not make more sense to wait at least several more days before doing so? The left (subconscious-feminine) side of my neck and shoulder knotted up under the weight of this responsibility to share accurately, for the good of all.

I went out for a late breakfast/brunch at Shoney’s, where I sat in the separate back room, with no one around me. I hoped that someone, especially Lady Zadkiel, would contact me there, but nothing happened until I finished eating. Suddenly, above me was Nada in her glorious light body that looked like the sun. She was Nada-Yolanda of the Sun. She said simply to me: Go for it! In other words, share this new information on your upcoming blog. It is accurate.

She then reminded me of all the times that she had gone through similar experiences, when she had received new information, such as when she channeled each of the archangels in 1971. Nada said my wonderings and desires for confirmation were entirely normal. I was not doing something wrong, but rather it was just part of the process of building a bridge from the Earth to the astral planes to the etheric level; from Earth to Saturn. How could one possibly not have such doubts? The point was to deal with them, to ask Spirit for confirmation, and then to see what comes.

Like with Sol-O-Man, I have had so many contacts with Nada since she made her transition and ascended in 2005, not to mention having trained under her for 30 years when she was incarnated here on Earth, that I trusted what she now said to me. An immense wave of relief, reassurance and Mother Love flowed from her to me.

Then, she held a golden sphere or ball of light in her hands that was 3-4 feet wide and lowered it into and around my head, until I shone like the sun, as Soliel of the Sun. What a feeling and experience! It sealed the deal. I finally relaxed, although my neck and shoulder continued to be somewhat tight, which lasted all day. It was not until this morning, June 10th, that I felt nearly fully relaxed and comfortable in my own transmuted body.  Thank you, Nada. I love you!

Ascended Masters

As to the kingdom of man, St. Germain is the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray. His present function in the hierarchal plan for the Mark-Age period and program is as Dr. Hannibal, commander of etheric forces in the Western Hemisphere. His city-sized mothership is #1235, which houses thousands of space visitors from planets around the Solar System, as well as those who have come from beyond the Solar System. Dr. Hannibal’s hieronic sister ship is #1236.

St. Germain’s previous incarnations include: Rama Tault of early Egypt, Apollonius of Tyana; Matthias, replacement for Judas as a disciple of Jesus; Count Rakoczy who called himself St. Germain; and last, Francisco Marto, one of the three children of Fatima.

The name of St. Germain’s twin soul has not been revealed. However, she has contacted me on a few occassions, especially when my ex-wife and I were in Alaska on the Shasta-Alaska Mission in September 2014; enough so that I more or less know her vibrational energy and presence. She will be the subject of my next blog after this one.

Violet Flame

As noted above, violet is the color that carries the Sixth Ray energies of cleansing, transmutation and purification. This colored light is commonly called the violet flame.

Let us start our work with re-opening our personal Temple of Saturn by imbuing our soul and astral body in and with the violet flame. As we do so, we are guarded and guided by Lady Zadkiel. For when the higher Sixth Ray energies initially come into us, they first enter our feminine soul or subconscious, our emotional and astral bodies; prior to their becoming conscious and expressed via our masculine mental and physical bodies.

Here’s the visualization of the violet flame for us to use in the next four days, as given by Nada-Yolanda in our text Birth of the Light Body, pages 199-200:

“The violet flame is an all-consuming fire which is not hot. It is comfortable. It is desirable to be in it. Deliberately rise into the I Am state of consciousness. Then visualize a violet flame at least two feet in front of the physical body. Place yourself in it with a sense of joy and expectancy; knowing it cannot harm, but only can help spiritually. From the third eye, look before you at your own aura. See it also encased by this beautiful flame of nonburning fire. Remember, the aura is the envelope around the physical body, and comprises all mental, emotional and soul-psychic patterns. It not only surrounds the physical sac but it influences all of its functions.

“Visualize all levels of your being as cleansed in this violet flame. If there is any condition, person or situation limiting full I Am Self externalization, renounce its connections to your body and auric envelope. Burn off the ties that bind you to mortal ways and thinking and which prevent the fulness of the I Am Self from expressing. One by one, and in different meditation sessions, place into the violet flame friends, relatives, soul patterns, limiting codes and philosophies, troubling dreams, memories of past failures. Burn off all threads impeding your progress. Properly motivated and activated this way, the violet flame harms no one, nothing. But it sets you free.

“Feelings and emotions, ideas and customs, associations and relationships, physical limitations and errors are eliminated, renounced, denied. They disappear. This is your rightful duty. . . .

“According to the results that manifest in your life and affairs, you are able to discern for yourself just how successful you are in flexing that function of the I Am Self. But if you should fall short of the mark, repeat the visualization with the violet flame of transmutation.

“In time, when the aura appears as pure gold, you will know all dross has been burned away. The golden aura is a reflection of your light body, the Godness of your efforts. The I Am Self is fully operative as an independent individualization within the Christ body of mankind. You are home, free!”

Re-Vitalize the Temple of Saturn

Once we have purified ourselves, we are ready to focus on the re-opening and re-empowerment of the Temple of Saturn in central Alaska, with Mt. Denali, previously called Mt. McKinley, at its epicenter. In the native Athabaskan language, Denali means “great one” or “tall one.” At 20,310 feet, it is the tallest mountain in North America. (See picture to right of the location of Mt. Denali.)

See yourself hovering over Mt. Denali, high up in the atmosphere. Commune there especially with Lady Zadkiel and her multitude of feminine Sixth Ray angels.

Angels create forms, maintain them and then dissolve them when they are no longer needed or in use. Thus, we call upon Lady Zadkiel to work in and through us to anchor an etheric thought form of a violet canopy or umbrella of Sixth Ray light into and around Mt. Denali, into the area of the Temple of Saturn. (See picture to right of Mt. Denali.)

Lady Zadkiel guides us in affirming and seeing this canopy being lowered from the etheric realm, down through the astral realm to the physical plane. In her angelic role and function, Lady Zadkiel also works in and through the devas and elementals of this region in order to anchor the canopy securely on and in the Earth.

To start, this canopy is about 50-100 miles in diameter. It is in the form of a hexagon, with hex being Greek for 6. So, a hexagon is a six-sided polygon. (The hexagonal canopy will expand over the next four weeks until it covers all of Alaska and beyond it.)

This canopy is like the top of a six-sided violet umbrella (see picture to right). The central portion of the umbrella top is elevated. Once the canopy is in place, it presses its vibrations and energies from the etheric realms down through the astral planes to the physical plane. This represents and facilitates the re-birthing of the Temple of Saturn on Earth.

For the next four days, in your meditations and thought projections, see this violent canopy becoming more and more anchored and secured on Earth. Keep your eye single on this violet canopy that represents the Temple of Saturn being rebirth and re-anchored on Earth. (See picture to right of a violet, hexagonal canopy over Mt. Denali.)

Give thanks unto Spirit and unto all the agents of Spirit who are co-participating in this project. Together with angels, ascended masters, space visitors and higher astral plane guides, including Amerindians, we are one team.

Keep visualizing the violet, ongoing transmutation. As we see it, so shall it be. Amen!