Six Saturnian Sisters

In my morning meditation on June 16, 2022, suddenly, six Saturnian sisters descended and stood all around me, more or less in a ring, reminding me of the seven prominent rings around Saturn. I was thrilled to welcome them into Hilarion House here at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation. I was so happy that I cried like a baby.

These spiritual, solar system citizens from Saturn were cherished friends or family members whom I had not seen in a long time, really all this lifetime. They seemed so familiar, for I had known them during my sojourns of Saturn. They are my beloved Solar System sisters, who were happy to once again be with their “little brother.” The joy and thanksgiving I felt were beyond incredible.

They appeared in their space clothing and I was able to discern the faint outlines of their bodies and the features of their faces. But more than this, as typically happens with me during such interplanetary visitations, mostly what I sensed was at a deep, intuitive, inner-knowing level. I felt their presence deep in my heart. I recognized their vibration, their energy signature. The forms in which they showed themselves to me were not how they appear on Saturn. Rather, they presented themselves in more typical, Earthly human ways that I easily could comprehend and absorb.

Six, Six, Six

When I asked these six special ladies their names, they replied together: We are Six Saturnian Sisters. There are six of us to represent the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification. We originate from and live primarily on the Sixth Ray planet of Saturn. We burn together as one, as sisters in the violet, Sixth Ray flame.

We come with one purpose: To guide and aid humankind on Earth in his-her ongoing cleansing and transmutation of his-her feminine soul or subconscious. This prepares the way for the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus the Christ, as well as that of our solar system sister, Sol-O-Man/Mary. We are here to awaken all Earthlings from their mortal-soul slumber so that they all have a spiritual awakening. There are many more of us watching over and helping humankind –we represent all of these feminine Saturnian sisters.

Via my clairsentience, I knew that these six sisters are leaders of six separate Saturnian spacecraft that are here with Phillel and me at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation property. Way back in 2007, in a dream with Nada-Yolanda, she had shown me five individual spacecraft high in the sky above our property, four of which were Uranian and one was Martian. Now, in similar fashion, I consciously, psychically could “see” and accept that six Saturnian spaceships were there. SSS: Six Saturnian Ladies, Sixth Ray Transmutation, Six Saturnian Spacecraft.

Double Up

The next morning, June 17th, I started off with the intent of linking anew and in greater depth with the six Saturnian sisters. I could hardly wait to start. But, upon doing so, to my amazement and delight, this time there were six more Saturnian sisters with them. Their combined, twelve-fold group forcefield was double or more that of yesterday. At first I had trouble holding it. My respiratory and heart rates accelerated. I tingled all over and within every part of my body. But eventually, I got adjusted to and reveled in their twelve-fold presence. 

Then, a vision of what looked like an Earthly geodesic dome appeared over them and me, including all of Hilarion House. This structure, originally conceived of by R. Buckminster fuller, is composed of a large number of six-sided hexagons, but also has twelve five-sided pentagons in it that make it possible for the hexagons to form more or less a globe or round structure. I long since have loved geodesic domes. (See image to right of the large geodesic dome at Epcot, Florida, called Spaceship Earth, lit up at night.)

This dome that I saw was multiple shades of violet, illumine from within like some extraordinary light bulb. Yesterday, the forcefield of the six Saturnian ladies was primarily around my head. This time its core was in and around my chest and heart, especially my heart center or chakra.

The dome was representative or symbolic of a small Saturnian space ship, but also of the planet Saturn. Inside it, I was deeply immersed and imbued in Saturnian consciousness, which burned away the residual dross in my heart. The twelve sisters said that I was not to let anybody with negative intentions into my geodesic, violet forcefield, that the dome would shield and protective me from those on Earth and in the astral planes who wanted to invade my sacred space.

Five and Six

The geodesic dome with its hexagons and pentagons also represented the overlap and interaction of the Fifth and Sixth Rays, with the primary emphasis on the Sixth Ray of Transmutation and Purification. In such a dome, numerous hexagons exist, but whatever the overall size of the dome, there are always 12 pentagons. When we work primarily on the Fifth Ray of unity, integrating and healing, we begin at the same time to move into Sixth Ray cleansing and transmutation. When we are mostly in the Sixth Ray or sixth step of growth, deeper parts of our soul come to our conscious attention that need further Fifth Ray healing.

When we focus primarily on the Sixth Ray, the overlapping Seventh Ray of peace and love begins to be activated. In my case, suddenly a golden sphere of light appeared in my inner vision, dazzling in its Seventh Ray, molten, golden light. It was centered in and around the left side of my heart chakra, including in my physical heart that still is in Afib, an irregular, fast heartbeat. Peace my heart. Love heals all!

12, 12, 12 

The twelve Saturnian sisters also represented the radiation of violet light to all the other 11 planets, so that the whole solar system can glow with violet energies and frequencies. This Solar System violet flame is under the direction of the Saturnian Council or Council of Seven that meets on Saturn, it being the highest governmental body of the Hierarchal Board.

The twelve sisters likewise symbolize our twelve I Am powers that express in and through our seven major and five minor chakras as various organs and systems: Faith anchors through the crown chakra and manifests via the cerebrum; strength outpictures via the spinal cord and nerves; love anchors into the heart chakra and materializes via the heart, liver and spleen, plus the body’s blood: etc.

In the sixth of the seven astral planes, this twelve I Am Powers approach is emphasized and employed — here then is another number six. In our sixth major initiation, especially, we experience and pass through Sixth Ray crucifixion and resurrection. Our etheric or Christ body is reborn. (See symbolic violet cross to right, with the planets and stars around it.)

Galactic Grandma

While finishing up my meal at about noon this same day, June 17th, I felt additional heart chakra activation and overall body acceleration. My guidance was to shortly lie down in bed in order to receive new spiritual input. When I did so, the twelve Saturnian sisters were once again around me, but this time I became aware that Lady Violet (St. Germain’s twin soul) and Lady Zadkiel (partner of Archangel Lord Zadkiel of the Sixth Ray) were above them and me.

This group lifted my right hand over my heart and guided it to make a circular motion around my chest. With this came the image of the Milky Way Galaxy with its swirling, spiraling shape (see image to right). A huge, brilliantly violet lady then lowered herself into my heart chakra  and solar plexus. She was from beyond the Solar System — she was a galactic visitor who had come to assist my and the planet’s transmutation into ascended I Am consciousness; to especially cleanse and heal mankind at the soul level.

Fifty years ago, on April 12, 1972, Nada had channeled via Yolanda that I had evolved beyond this Solar System into a place in the Milky Way Galaxy. It now dawned on me that this present galactic lady was someone that I knew from my times with her in the past in the parts of the Galaxy that I had visited and lived at times. She was family. She was like my Galactic Grandmother or even my Great Grandmother. She was an incredibly wise and loving, Elderly, great woman. So to approximate her identity and nature, I called her Galactic Great Grandma.

Her vibration was powerfully exquisite, beyond anything I have experienced with those in this Solar System, for her home world was much more highly evolved than Earth or even the other planets. She still was of the kingdom of humankind, but of a much higher dimensional frequency. It took all my concentration to be able to anchor her vibration in and through me, and then to radiate it out to others.

Galactic Coordination

As I was doing so, Sananda and Sol-O-Man briefly contacted me and assured me that what I was receiving was accurate and in order. Being the two co-leaders of Earth, they authorize, oversee and assist any such galactic visitations here.

They explained that when galactic visitors first enter the Solar System, they initially go to the Sun. Then, they travel from there to Saturn, since it is the site of the Saturnian Council that oversees the evolution of all the planets. From there, they visit Earth and coordinate with Sananda and Sol-O-Man — Sananda is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, and thus a member of the Council of Seven. Then and only then do the the galactic visitors contact receptive folks here on Earth.

In my current case, the twelve Saturnian sisters, Lady Zadkiel and Lady Violet helped to pave the way for Galactic Great Grandma to overshadow me and radiate her extraordinary transmutation energies in and through me to all on Earth.

Previous Galactic Contacts

Twice before in prior years, galactic visitors had contacted and worked through me. Both were masculine. The first time was just prior to when my ex-wife and I went to Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, which is the site of the First Ray Temple of Neptune. This galactic visitor showed me how he was trained and able to open up the veils over the various spiritual temples or power centers worldwide. To illustrate this, he showed me an image of opening the lid of a paint can. So, I ended up calling him He-who-opens-lids-of-paint-cans; or just opens-lids. He was with us throughout our trips to Russia, China and Vietnam, and other places/temples around the globe during the four years we traveled to these destinations.

In December 2014, when the world travels were over except for the one to Mexico in March 2015, another masculine galactic being contacted and worked through me. He was the leader of a group of both male and female galactic visitors. I ended up calling him Galactic Godsend. (Click Godsend to read my blog about him.) This contact with him came about two weeks after Phillel had been contacted by a galactic visitor whose code name was Vortran, who came from the central region of the Milky Way Galaxy. (Click here and here2 to read Phillel’s account of this.)

Temple of Saturn Re-Opens Another Step

Currently, however, my primary galactic visitor was not masculine but rather feminine, and she had several female galactic associates and co-workers with her. She apparently is primarily of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation. It took me all day to adjust to and assimilate her Great Grandma galactic energies and consciousness. Thankfully, I slept well and fairly long during the night.

The next morning, June 18th, I awoke still feeling somewhat encased in and loved by Grandma, but reasonably balanced in a state of equipoise. In my meditation, she anchored still more firmly and solidly into me, this time in my whole body. Then, she and her female galactic co-workers suffused me and our entire I Am Nation forcefield with violet light. The golden dome that I usually see over our property became more so a violet geodesic dome that contained and radiated out its Sixth Ray transmutation energies by way of the large numbers of hexagons in the geodesic dome. Each hexagon was a violet broadcasting station.

Then she took me in my light body to high above Mt. Denali in Alaska, site of the Temple of Saturn on Earth. Over all of Alaska and the surrounding are she placed a hexagonal canopy or geodesic sphere of violet light, which burnt away the astral-soul impediments of those souls in the adjoining astral planes and of those now incarnated on Earth in the Alaskan forcefield. The whole state and surrounding waters glowed with intense violet light.

Finally, to cap off this series of transmutational implantations, violet light streamed from the newly energized Temple of Saturn to all of the other eleven spiritual Temples around the world. From there, the flame of transmutation shone upon and around all of the 144,000 elect, and from them to the rest of the world. The entire Earth vibrated and glowed with violet energy and light. The soul of man was cleansed anew, leading the way to the Second Coming in both of its aspects: the redescent of Sananda/Jesus in his light body; and the spiritual awakening of all on and about the Earth.

See and Be Violet Light

Friends, fellow light workers, for the following four days, see yourself time and again in the violet flame of transmutation, one with Lady Zadkiel, Lady Violet, and feminine Sixth Ray guides in the sixth astral plane. Be one with the feminine side of your Sixth Ray family.

Then, envision Six Saturnian Sisters coming to visit you. Remember that these six represent all of the Saturnian sisters who have come via their Saturnian spaceships to Earth to help you and all of humanity in this cleansing time of the Latter Days. Maybe one or more of them will show up in your dreams. You just may have an intuitive sense that these sisters are with you. Perhaps they form a ring around you.

They are members of your spiritual, Solar System family. So enjoy your reunion with them in whatever way it may occur. Maybe just thinking about them is enough for these four days — it sets the stage for their appearances at a latter time. Right now, to start, say unto them: Come on down, Saturnian sisters! You are more than welcome in my home! I love you!

Then, think about and link with our Galactic Great Grandmother, who represents multiple other feminine galactic visitors who have come to Earth to transmute mankind’s soul or subconscious. Welcome her into your hearth and home, into your heart and soul. This is our dearly beloved galactic Great Grandma, whom we revere. She has no airs, no sense of being special or unique. Rather, she is family, one of us. Imagine being hugged by your Great Galactic Grandmother, just as an Earthly great grandmother would lovingly hug her beloved great grandchildren.

With her and under her guidance and protection, see yourself over Alaska. Radiate and lower a violet canopy over the whole state. Call forth the next step in the reopening of the Temple of Saturn there. Give thanks unto Spirit for this happening.

Then, surround the whole planet in a violet geodesic sphere or ball of light, which interlinks all of the planet’s twelve Temples and its Sun Temple. All of the 144,000 elect, those who have elected to Love God and Love One Another, are uplifted in the global flame of transmutation. All of mankind is lit up in violet light.

See violet light linking the Earth with Saturn. See the whole solar system being imbued with violet light.

All is well. So be it.

#   #    #   #    #   #

To read Phillel’s marvelous account of his linking with a Sixth Ray feminine angel named Lu-Leana, click Lu-Leana: An Angel Revealed.