Square the Circle

In the Western Hemisphere, Protestant and Catholic Christians celebrate Epiphany on January 6th. In the Eastern Hemisphere, however, Orthodox Christians, who comprise 12% of all Christians worldwide, celebrate Epiphany on January 19th. This is because Westerners follow the Gregorian Calendar, whereas Easterners follow the Julian Calendar.

Therefore, we in the West are still in the overall planetary Epiphany cycle until the 19th, during which we will link West and East, conscious with subconscious, male with female polarities. In the West, Three Wise Men came to worship the newborn Christ child. In the East, we can think of and picture Three Wise Women doing the same.

Be Crystal Clear

On January 7, 2023, one day after Epiphany in the West, Sol-O-Man/Mary contacted me. With her was one of her beloved spiritual sisters, Clar-I-Ty, who is the twin soul of Serapis Bey. He is the Chohan or Director of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, whose corresponding color is crystal clear.

In his most recent lifetime on Earth (dates unknown), as he channeled via Nada-Yolanda, he was an East Indian spiritual teacher and leader whose name was Serapis Bey, which consists of four syllables; hence he was grounded in the Eastern Hemisphere. None of Clar-I-Ty’s incarnations on Earth have been revealed, but as the feminine counterpart of Serapis Bey, she symbolizes the Eastern Hemisphere that is of the passive, receptive, feminine polarity.

“Clar” means crystal clear, bright, sparkling. “I” stands for the I Am Self, plus the connection from above to below. “T” stands for a spiritual temple, power center or vortex of light. “y” is for the receptive, feminine polarity, reaching up to God and the agents of God, just like in the name Yolanda. Clar-I-Ty sees clearly and interdimensionally into the core or truth of any person or situation.

The Fourth Ray is the doorway between dimensions. On the physical level, we see and understand with our five physical senses and our analytical, masculine, conscious mind. At the soul, subconscious, feminine, astral level, we see with our Elementary Spiritual Powers or ESP, such as with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clair sentience. When our conscious and subconscious minds work together as one, we see and know in our I Am, superconscious mind. We see and feel in crystal-clear fashion, from above to below, from within to without.

Symbol & Science

Prior to Serapis Bey’s lifetime in India, he was the Greek philosopher and spiritual scientist, Pythagoras (570-495 BCE), whose name also has four syllables. (See painting of him to the right.) Being in Greece meant he was in the West, hence of the West and primarily of the mental, conscious mind and physical body aspects. He was a master mathematician and metaphysician who taught about the eternity of the soul, hence of reincarnation.

He also was a master of sound and music. He used sound to stimulate and align his followers’ chakra centers, and to stimulate their ongoing spiritual awakenings and harmonizations. He perceived and taught about the “harmony of the spheres,” the harmonic sounds made by the twelve planets and the Sun; as well as the harmony of our chakras (spheres) and physical organs when they are healthy and aligned with our I Am Self. He said that each planet had a sound that we could consciously sense here on Earth.

Today, Pythagoras is probably best known for his Pythagorean Theorem: a² + b² = c² that shows how to determine the length of the hypotenuse or longest side of a right triangle. Thus, the two sides of a right or 90-degree triangle might be 3 feet by 4 feet, with the hypotenuse being 5 feet. 3 squared is 9, 4 squared is 16, which when added together equal 25. And, 5 squared is 25.

Interpreting this theorem and manifestation metaphysically and symbolically, Clar-I-Ty, with an “a” in her name combined with Serapis Bey with a “b” in his name bring forth full Fourth Ray Manifestation and Crystallization, hence with a “c.”  To put it another way, he is father, she is mother, and they manifest, crystallize (c²) and birth the Fourth Ray talents in their sons or daughters.

Be a Temple of Mars

Moreover, in the Solar System, Serapis Bey and Clar-I-Ty are the spiritual co-leaders of the planet Mars (see image to right), which demonstrates and radiates the Fourth Ray to all the other planets. They also are the co-leaders of the spiritual, fourth-dimensional Temple of Mars, whose epicenter is located in and around Jerusalem, Israel.

At this Jerusalem power center or vortex of crystal-clear light, Serapis Bey, Clar-I-Ty and space brothers and sisters from Mars are inspiring light-workers in the Middle East and around the world to bring forth, manifest and crystallize the New JerUSAlem; the new Temple of Mars that symbolically was described in John the Beloved’s Revelation as being in the shape of a cube that is composed of six squares. A two-dimensional square and a three-dimensional cube are symbols of the Fourth Ray.

As Serapis Bey has telepathically told me (Dr. Robert), this core or epicenter of the New Jerusalem or Martian Temple can be thought of as being four miles tall, wide and deep, but its Fourth Ray emanations and energies flow about 400 miles all around it, thereby encompassing and uplifting all the Middle East nations in its forcefield. (Click here1 to read my 4/11/22 blog about Serapis Bey, Clar-I-Ty and the Temple of Mars. Click here2 to read my 4/15/22 blog that is more about the Temple of Mars at Jerusalem)

Thus, in and around Jerusalem, which has long been beset by war, is where a new heaven or Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination is to descend, manifest and crystallize on the new Earth.

Welcome our Martian Mama

When Sol-O-Man/Mary brought Clar-I-Ty with her, as described above, this Martian Mama first appeared to me as a blazing sphere or ball of light. However, as I adjusted to her presence, the outline of her light body became clearly evident, but inside her fourth-dimensional form, she was brilliant, sparkling, crystal-clear light, hence formless. While she looked deep into my mind, heart and soul, via thought transference, she powerfully proclaimed: “I want to make it unmistakably clear that I love you.” This had such a profound effect on my heart chakra/heart that I thought that it had to be true.

Then, Clar-I-Ty explained: “When you were on Mars, you were my cherished son. That is why you have been chosen to make my name clearly known to all light workers worldwide. You know me from your time with me and my training of you. I Am one of your seven planetary Moms. So, do not hesitate to share this with others, such that they also can come to know and love me. Have abiding, rock-solid faith in this truth and it will set you free to be your Martian Self, to rejoin your Martian family in full conscious, psychic, spiritual awareness and exchange.”

Eagles are Gathering

At this time of Clar-I-Ty being before me, I was sitting at my dining room table, doing my best to take all of this into my thoughts, feelings and soul remembrances. Once grounded in this, I quickly washed my dishes and then went into a deep meditation in my meditation room. Clar-I-Ty now showed me a vision of a tube, column or river of liquid-light coming down from the etheric planes through the astral planes and into my crown chakra/cerebrum and third eye/thalamus.

In the column were four eagles that were aligned vertically, one atop the other. Two were male and two were female. As they descended, I inwardly heard the song Eagles as written and sung by Corinne Thorsell of Canada, a longtime Mark-Age family member and my dear friend of about fifty years.

I took it to mean that “Martian” eagles, who symbolized light workers, were gathering and descending. Inwardly hearing Corinne singing the song lifted me to this quartet of Fourth Ray eagles coming down to the Sun Temple and from there to the four corners of the planet, thereby lifting me into being more of the Soliel Eagle that I Am.

Singers & Scientists

I especially heard and was moved by the chorus of the song: “Eagles soaring, we are pouring, out the one light, the truth, the love; eagles flying, blue sky diving, white light gliding, up above.” The sounds and the lyrics lifted me out of my head into my ascended light body and higher astral and etheric planes, where I was “blue sky diving.” Click below to hear this song, which never fails to quicken and uplift me when I hear it.

Upon my coming back down to Earth, Clar-I-Ty revealed that Corinne had been my sister on Mars. I was more so aligned with Serapis Bey and his scientific works with sound in his Martian scientific laboratory. Corinne was more so the songstress, with Clar-I-Ty being her Fourth Ray vocal coach. Thus, Corinne was a “sister singer” and I was a “brother scientist,” with singing and music being more so feminine and science being more so masculine expressions of the Fourth Ray. Corinne was more so a circle or sphere, like unto how Clar-I-Ty first had appeared to me; whereas I was more so a square or cube, like Serapis Bey showing me the Temple of Mars being a crystal clear cube.

Be Both

This revelation about Corinne and I being a Martian sister and brother went a long way to explain why since the first time I met Corinne this lifetime, I felt at one with her, like unto her and me being friends or family members, as if I had known her for a very long time. It felt like a reunion, which it was. I still feel this oneness with her, but now at an entirely new, crystal-clear level. As shown in my above vision, we are two of the eagles soaring, and Clar-I-Ty and Serapis Bey are the other two eagles.

(Nonetheless, since this was just the first revelation of our Martian past, I wondered if this brother-sister relationship was to be taken more so from a symbolic level, not as literal truth. But in the final analysis, it did not matter. We were a spiritual male-female, sibling team. The point of the revelation was primarily to show that we all are spiritual brothers and sisters in one spiritual family, and that our family extends out into the Solar System. However, after pondering this symbology, I still felt that I had been her actual brother on Mars. The way and manner that Clar-I-Ty had specifically shared this with me seemed to indicate that this was indeed true. Plus, it felt true in my heart, which is my rock-bottom verification method. As always, however, time will tell.)

Two Cerebral Hemispheres

In our cerebrum, it is our left cerebral hemisphere that we hear sound and the spoken word. In this part of the brain, we scientifically, logically and consciously analyze the sound to get its meaning and content. Music on the other hand is perceived and heard primarily in the right cerebral hemisphere, which is the soul, astral or feminine part of our brain. Hearing good, spiritual music uplifts us beyond our conscious reasoning. It lifts us as eagles into the sky and the etheric realms. And yet, we still have to keep our feet on the ground, and hear and rightly deal with all the sounds around us. Even eagles have to land at some time, as well as to fish in the waters.

Thus, whether we are now in a masculine or feminine body, we are to be both a scientist and a singer, with the two working together as one. These two Christ talents are symbolically like the two wings of the eagle that we are. But on Earth, for the most part, scientists and singers seem to be miles apart. Moreover, Serapis Bey is known from Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and that of other channels. But, nowhere expressed is the name and identify of his co-equal, feminine counterpart, Clar-I-Ty. This is largely due to the prevailing masculine bias and dominance on Earth, which thankfully is being decrystallized and recrystallized. I am humbled and grateful to introduce this Fourth Ray Mama to the world. I love her so much! I know you will, too.

Clear Cortex

After my being an I Am Eagle soaring and coming back to Earth, Clar-I-Ty placed a crystal-clear cube around the upper part of my head. It was about one foot in all of its three dimensions. It clamped especially onto my two temples, but I also felt it interconnected with the rest of my cerebrum. I had the feeling that my brain was being observed and measured by an electro-magnetic or hieronic beam by those aboard a Martian spaceship who were working with Clar-I-Ty. Martians have perfected the use of hieronics to both diagnose and treat disease, dysfunction and damage of the brain.

When I mentally questioned Clar-I-Ty about this cube around my head, she just instructed me to relax and to be still, so that is what I did. It felt kind of like when I had had a MRI exam of my brain some years ago. After about 5-10 minutes of this current “reading” of the health of my cerebrum, Clar-I-Ty reported to me that there was no longer any residue of brain damage in my two cerebral hemispheres. My cerebral cortex, which is the top, outermost layer of the cerebrum, in which most of the brain neurons and computer-like circuitry are located, no longer showed any darkened, compacted, burnt-out, inflamed, blocked or dysfunctional areas. My cortex was clear and filled with light. My whole brain was a Christ crystal.

This was a wondrous and deeply welcomed report. From ages 12-20, I had had four traumas to my head, which I have described in detail in my past blog (click here3 for my blog that describes hieronics and my brain damage). None of the blows to my head had been so serious as to cause major damage, but all had affected and damaged certain areas of my thinking and feeling. From a soul level, these traumas were caused by the carryover of my past soul errors or blockages in Atlantis and Lemuria. When we have a knot or soul block, we typically attract those situations to us in which our brain is damaged in the area where the knot exists physically. This is the law of cause and effect. Sananda had explained this via Nada-Yolanda during one of our Healing Haven Conclaves in 1976.

Scan Your Brain

About sixteen years ago, on December 4, 2007, I had a SPECT scan of my brain that showed damage in each of the places where my head had been hit, as well as on the opposite side of my brain due to what is called a contrecoup impact. Thus, if one is hit on the forehead in a car accident or when falling down, the brain lurches forward and hits the front part of the skull, then rebounds back and hits the back side of the skull, thus a contrecoup or opposite reaction that likewise damages the brain.

Getting this SPECT scan confirmed what I had known for a long time about my brain. As I had grown spiritually over the years, I could sense and feel the impacted, damaged areas. Plus, there were certain tasks that I had trouble doing in an orderly, balanced fashion. And I had enough soul recall of my past lives to know the past sources of these current dysfunctional brain conditions. Moreover, in my Healing Haven research, I had used radionics to measure such damage in myself and others.

The SPECT scan also showed that my my two thalami in the center of my head, below the cerebrum, were inflamed and overactive. Our ESP or psychic senses work in and through these two thalami, which serve as a way station that receives both psychic and physical sensory information and relays it to the cerebrum where it is noted and understood. The thalami are one manifestation or outpicturing of our spiritual quality of imagination that functions in and through our third-eye chakra. To receive clearly, our two thalami must be healthy, balanced and free of defect or blockage. Otherwise we distort the input that we receive from our I Am Self and those in higher planes.

Brain Remodeling & Revitalization

Needless to say, I was depressed after learning of the degree of the brain damage still remaining in my cerebrum and thalami. Four days later, however, on December 8, 2007, Serapis Bey transfigured me for the first time. He appeared in a large, crystal-clear cube of Christ light. He told me that he and others of the Fourth Ray were overseeing and directing the de-crystallization and re-crystallization of my brain. In a second visit two days later, Serapis Bey via thought transference reminded me that when Jesus had been crucified and died, his brain had been dead for three days; yet, he was able to bring it back to life and to resurrect. My brain damage, by comparison, was minor. Therefore, I, with Serapis Bey’s help and that of Sananda and other masters, plus angels and devas, would be able to heal my brain. The relief I felt was extraordinary. My faith was restored.

Then, the next day, December 9, 2007, a tall, muscular woman glowing with dazzling light appeared before me, whom I did not know. She explained that my two thalami were overactive because of the skull and brain traumas. The shock of these impacts had carried into and damaged my two thalami, thereby scrunching and compacting each thalamus together. She then proceeded to place her light-filled hands on and around my head, “stretched out” my skull, remodeled it and my cerebrum, and thereby released the pressure on my two thalami, as well as on multiple areas of my cerebrum. I felt much better and clearer after this marvelous interdimensional healing. As confirmation, my next SPECT scan six months later showed definitive improvement throughout my brain.

Astral Brain Healing

When this unknown Lady of Clear Light worked on me in her first and later contacts with me, it often felt like she had not only worked on my physical brain, but that she also and more importantly had decrystallized and released the negative, crystallized, knotted soul programming that had caused the physical problem. Thus, in Atlantis, I had gone off on my own instead of following the Hierarchal chain of command. In the days of Cains and Abels, wanting to be loved more than to be loving, I had allowed various allegedly superior Cains to convince me that I was not to follow Sananda and Sol-O-Man as Abels when they went from Alaska to Mt. Shasta to confront the Cains. In other words, I had flinched, fallen from grace and “hit my head” on the ground/rocks on these two occassions; and many other times as well.

Still, by 2007, as I was starting my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, I already had corrected most of this karma. Now the final ten percent of it could be made new. The Christ in us, and the Christ in others in the higher planes, make our brains new. With God, all things are possible. Only with our cerebral-computer healing and reprogramming at a soul and physical level can we fully anchor and manifest the Temple of Mars on Earth, within ourselves first and then the Temple Mars in Jerusalem.

It was not until months later after my above first contact with this light-filled Lady healer that she revealed that she was Serapis Bey’s twin soul on the Fourth Ray. When I asked for her name, she said that for now I was to call her Lady Crystal. It was not until six years later in 2013, when my ex-wife and I were in Taiwan, that she gave me her specific name as Clar-I-Ty. In the meantime, from 2007 to 2013, I had numerous dreams and visionary communions with her, as she in conjunction and partnership with Serapis Bey, in step-by-step, gradual fashion restored more and more of my brain to normal. However, it always was a two steps forward, one step back process, a healing following by my remembering, de-crystallizing and re-crystallizing more of the errors of my past.

Blue Sapphire

Now, just four days ago, on January 7, 2024, Clar-I-Ty announced the findings of my hieronic examination. She said that the test showed conclusively that my brain damage was gone, that my brain was now “hitting on all four cylinders” so to speak, meaning at a mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical level. This glorious diagnosis and revelation had an incredible impact on me and I burst out crying. I could hardly believe what I was being told. I had been working on this for this entire incarnation, especially after my spiritual awakening. And here was the fruit of my healing. All I wanted to do was to hug Clar-I-Ty to thank her.

However, with my still being partly mortal and in a physical body on Earth, later on, I doubted to some degree what allegedly had occurred. In response, Clar-I-Ty reminded me that my cerebral and thalamic healing had already been demonstrated when El Morya, at the start of the current Christmas cycle, had implanted a royal blue sapphire crystal in my crown chakra. This etheric gemstone was about four feet in diameter. Royal blue is the color of First Ray faith that functions especially in and through the cerebrum of the brain. I could not have held and anchored this new, large blue crystal in my crown chakra/cerebrum unless my brain damage had been decrystallized and re-crystallized.

Moreover, on other occassions, various Elohim, angels and ascended masters had told me that my soul had been healed, and as such my brain had been healed. By my faith, I had been healed. By the longtime, abiding faith of the higher beings in my ability to do this, I had been healed. Most importantly, I knew without a single doubt that I could likewise help others to heal their brains. As Jesus proclaimed, “Physician, heal thyself.” As a spiritual physician or holistic healer, I had done this. Now I could better and more effectively help others, near to and far away from me, all around the word. God is Good!


Clar-I-Ty now gave me one final directive to seal the deal: I was to square the circle. At first, I only recalled that squaring the circle is a problem in geometry first proposed in Greek mathematics. It is a geometric challenge of constructing a square with the same area of a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with a compass and a straightedge. The area within the square and circle are to be equal. (See image to right.)

However, no one could do so. No mathematician could come up with an approach or formula to accomplish this. In the late 1800s, it finally was proven by one mathematician that it was not physically possible. Since then, the phrase “square the circle” has symbolized a task that cannot be accomplished.

So, how was I to square my circle, to see my square and circle of being composed of the same amount of fourth-dimensional Christ light and energy? Not until January 9th, two days later, following a communion with Clar-I-Ty in which she totally transfigured me such that I was completely inside her ball of light, did it finally and fully come to me that the circle/sphere was the sign or indication of the feminine polarity, hence of Clar-I-Ty, whereas Serapis Bey was of the masculine polarity and thus was a square/cube.

The key point was that they were co-equal, but opposite polarities, thus twin souls on the Fourth Ray. One may not be able to physically square a linear circle in some intellectual, mathematical way. But with our spiritual powers and the help of our higher plane teachers, we can square our own feminine circle. We can be a brother or sister to any other son or daughter of God.

Clar-I-Ty was round, of the emotional and astral bodies. Serapis Bey was square, of the mental and physical bodies. Together, they show us how to become a whole being that manifests our fourth-dimensional light body in and through our four lower bodies on Earth.

Above to Below

Clar-I-Ty as the woman, subconscious, receptive polarity is the first to receive the new I Am image or guidance of how to move forward and upward. She is like unto one’s astral body and auric field that like a woman’s physical body is round, oval, circular, hence feminine.

Serapis Bey as the conscious, masculine, physical polarity receives the input that has gestated in Clar-I-Ty and applies it to his functions on Earth in specific acts and manifestations. He grounds it. He squares the circle. (To the right/above is the drawing by Kut Humi/Leonardo da Vinci of how he envisioned a man’s squaring of the circle; the so-called Vitruvian Man.)

As above, so below; as within, so without. Herein is Father-Mother-Son Fourth Ray manifestation and crystallization on Earth, whether we are in a male or female body. It may seem impossible at times to get along with one’s sister or brother, one’s wife or husband, or one’s friend of the opposite gender. But no matter what the match, we can square the circle. What we see will be in God’s good time and way. It’s actually a simple matter: We just love one another! That is what squares the circle and heals the Earth’s heart.

Be Crystal Clear

Call upon Clar-I-Ty and Serapis Bay to help your find your own way to square your circle As them to guide and inspire you, to give you dreams and visions and intuitive insights, and to implant new I Am ideas in your soul and mind. Take today, tomorrow and a couple more days to focus on this, to decrystallize and recrystallize the negative soul programmings in your cerebral computer, to heal your brain damage.

On Earth, all begins and ends in this central computer station that monitors, regulates and controls every other part of the physical body. Have renewed, rock-solid faith that Spirit via you can heal and transform your brain. Be the blue sapphire etheric crystal that you are in I Am consciousness.

Also, give special attention to Jerusalem and the fighting there. You can sing the song Let There Be Peace on Earth. And yes, let it begin with you. Then, see it beginning anew in the Temple of Mars in the Middle East, where peace must begin that will light the way for global peace. See the New Jerusalem descending to the New Earth.

Give thanks unto Clar-I-Ty and Serapis Bey for making your I Am way clear to you. Bless them, honor them, welcome them as your Fourth Ray Mama and Papa. Give them a interdimensional hug with your whole heart. Feel them united with you in the four chambers of your heart (two atria and two ventricles).

Come full circle in your ongoing healing. Be crystal clear. Square your circle!






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