Love One Another

A little over thirteen years ago, on September 28, 2010, I dreamt that my now ex-wife, MariLyn, became overly annoyed with me over a simple, minor manner. This irritated me, but I tried my best to soothe her feelings and to help her come back into harmonious balance. Nonetheless, she persisted in her angry, agitated state, so I walked to the back part of our house and into my personal office, where I hoped to calm down myself, which was the best way to help MariLyn regain her composure and serenity.

To my total surprise upon entering my office, a little old lady with white hair and ordinary clothes was sitting in a chair there. I never had seen her before. I blurted out: Who are you? How did you get into my office? This sweet, smiling, cheerful grandma said that she lived in the adjoining apartment that abutted the back of MariLyn’s and my house; which made no sense to me because such a physical apartment did not exist. I thought she was nuts.

However, Grandma then calmly and lovingly explained that she was watching over and helping MariLyn and me, especially Marilyn. In a matter of fact fashion, she further revealed she was MariLyn’s master teacher. Then she added that MariLyn and my nerves had been on edge this day partly because she had been in our forcefields.

Seeing that I did not believe her, she stood up, put her hands on her hips and opened her beautiful, glistening eyes wide. So much pink light emanated from her eyes that it knocked me backwards and down onto the floor. Then she turned around, walked right through one wall of my office and disappeared. I woke up wondering who in the name of God was this loving, powerful, lady? And thinking, don’t mess with this Mama or Grandma!

Hello Anna

As it turned out, this dream was my first conscious communion with Anna, who is the feminine twin soul or counterpart of Lanto, the Chohan or Director of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a Higher Cause or Principle. (MariLyn is a Third Ray worker.) Anna and Lanto, who in a prior incarnation was the Renaissance painter Paolo Veronese (see his self-portrait to right), are the spiritual co-leaders of Venus that exemplifies and radiates the Third Ray to the whole Solar System; and the co-leaders of the Temple of Venus located in the Teton Mountains and Yellowstone in northwestern Wyoming, USA.

This dream of meeting Anna and the dream two years later of meeting Ella in the forest are amongst my favorite dreams of this lifetime. After these two contacts, my residual male arrogance about the co-equal power of ladies and lady ascended masters began to be transmuted anew and to a higher degree with personal love. Only Sol-O-Man/Mary, my master teacher, had loved me more and had more contact with me than Ella and Anna did. I later would realize that it was Sol-O-Man who had introduced these two lady masters to me.

In both dreams, Anna and Ella were grandmas, hence older than me. Thus, they were more so like mothers or beloved aunts to me. Whereas Ella introduced herself right from the start, it was not until February 19, 2015, a little more than four years after my dream of the pink-eyed grandma that she as Anna grandma/mother overshadowed me while I was fully conscious and gave me her high Self name. Until then, I had called her Lady Lanto.

Seven Sisters

Looking back now, at some point I began think of Sol-O-Man, Glo-Ria, Ella and Anna as being part of a group of seven spiritual sisters. Along with Clar-I-Ty of the Fourth Ray, Harmony of the Fifth Ray and Violet of the Sixth Ray, whose names would be given years later than the two contacts with Ella and Anna, they were the feminine twin souls of each of the seven masculine Chohans of Directors of each Ray. To me, these seven ladies were more like seven spiritual mothers or aunts, each of whom was so special to me. Over the years, I had multiple contacts and experiences with all of them, verifying for me that their identities and names were indeed as they were given to me. Nada-Yolanda had confirmed the names of Glo-Ria and Sol-O-Man, but the names of the other five were given to me.

The name Anna is a palindrome, spelled the same forwards or backwards. Whatever our movement, on this or other planes, love is the key to healing our mind, body and soul. When we fall down, we get back up. When we regress, we remake ourselves and move forward. No matter what happens, we put our love into action.

The “an” and “na” symbolize Anna’s twin soul relationship with Lanto. The two “As” in her name represent I Am, Abel or ascended consciousness. In the apocryphal books of the Holy Bible, Anne was the name of the mother of Mary the Mother. This name Anne was probably more so symbolic than literal, as their is no indication that Anna was Anne. But surely, Anna watched over and visited Mary many times throughout her life. (Painting to right is by Leonardo da Vince, of Anne, Mary, Jesus and a lamb.)

Thus, Anna  was like unto a grandmother of Jesus. Anna is of the Third Ray whereas Mary is of the Seventh Ray. Sananda-Jesus embodies both rays. As Christ Jesus, he gave forth the key mantrum for mankind’s re-evolution into I Am or Christ or ascended consciousness: Love God (hence more so of the Seventh Ray) and Love One Another (thus more so of the Third Ray). The two Rays must overlap and work together for each person to birth his or light body.

Ring Around the Rosie

Fast forward now to yesterday, January 5, 2024. In my meditation then, Sol-O-Man contacted me as Mary, stimulating my heart chakra as she typically does to indicate her contact. With her was another lady master, who in time I realized was Anna. Before this identification occurred, pink light had flooded from the left of me into my third eye, which often is a way that Anna reveals herself to me. Plus, I always feel her unique, feminine, personal love vibration.

Sol-O-Man and Anna stood to the right and left of me, reached out their arms and held hands with one another, thereby encircling me in their combined forcefield. I was in the center of them as they then danced around me. Upon their doing, the nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosie played in my mind: “Ring around the rosie, Pocket full of posies, Ashes ashes, We all fall down.”

(Some so-called experts think this rhyme goes back to the Plague, during which so many people died in Europe, with their first having a pink rash (ring of roses), flower petals being used to treat their illness or placed on their bodies at their death (falling down), and with their bodies being cremated to eradicate any remaining disease causing agents (ashes, ashes). Others say this is nonsense, that it is just a simple nursery rhyme that developed in various ways throughout the world. To me, it represents the ancient and long history of our being on Earth, when a segment of mankind fell down into third dimensional matter, due to a distortion of Third Ray love; hence selfishness.)

Pink Rosalie

With Anna and Sol-O-Man around me, In my mind and heart, I was as a pink rose, basking in the love of my spiritual Mom and one of my favorite Aunts. However, I then found myself thinking about my baby sister of this lifetime, whose name was Rosalie. About three months before I turned seven years old, thus in early 1963, Rosalie had developed a digestive disorder, with extreme diarrhea. After being in the hospital for four days, she died of her gastroenteritis, which the doctors had not been able to successfully treat.

When Rosalie was still alive, I loved my baby sister. When she died, I as a near seven-year-old did not understand what had happened, but I still deeply missed her. Meanwhile, my mother, Aleta, became totally despondent. The death of a young child is one of the most painful things that a mother can experience.

Aleta ended up being so depressed that her doctor placed her in the State Mental Hospital to receive EST or electroshock treatments. Years later, when I was in my late twenties, I dreamt that I was back at the scene of my childhood home, when Mom was taken away to the hospital in an ambulance. A wise, loving, masculine voice, which much later I realized had been that of Jesus, said that I was so hurt by the loss of my beloved mother, who is my twin soul, that I decided to never love anyone again. It hurt too much to lose someone you dearly loved.

Many times over the years since then, especially after my spiritual awakening in 1967, I have focused on the re-opening of my personal love aspect, on loving others no matter whether they remain in my life or leave. Two wives left me during these times, as well as several other male and female light workers and friends, but I persisted in my personal love for and devotion to Sananda/Jesus and the Second Coming program. I learned to love those who went their own ways and to let them go, to get on with loving whoever was currently in my life at the time.

Full Circle

I often wondered what the family karma was that had contributed to Rosalie’s early demise. My recall went back to the ancient days of Cains and Abels. Rosalie’s death and our family’s upheaval was eons old. Her death represented the death of Third Ray Personal Love and Devotion in our family.

Rosalie is a Third Ray worker. The corresponding color that carries this Third Ray vibration is pink. Rosalie was a pink rose or rosie as it typically is spelled in the  nursery rhyme. In the past, when Rosalie, who we often called Rosie, had died, we had all “fallen down.” We fell back into the depths of our past selfish errors and mistakes; our lack of love for one another.

But death is not final. We go from life on Earth, to life in the astral planes, to life in the etheric planes, to life on or about other planets in the Solar System. We are eternal beings, made in the image and likeness of God.

Thus, Rosalie, following her death, went to Earth’s astral planes, where she evidently began the transmutation of her own past soul scars. I had almost no contact with her until December 12, 2020, when deep in meditation a vision of a newly published book appeared on my third-eye screen. The author of the book was Rosalie in her new, present life, whatever her name is now. On the back cover of the book was a picture of her, in which she appeared to be about forty years old. The book was a basic, spiritual primer, a self-help book. She looked happy and radiant in her picture.

Interpreting this vision, it seemed that Rosalie had been incarnated on Earth for the last forty years or so. However, in my visions and dreams, someone who has died and progressed in the astral planes often appears to be about forty years old. In the astral planes, one is able to look at what is inside your book of life, your so-called akashic record. In these Latter Days, light workers on Earth also can consciously recall their past lives and transmute any leftover negative karma.

So, was my vision to be interpreted literally or symbolically, or maybe even both? It did not matter that much. The key point was that she was not only alive, but was happy, healthy and spiritually oriented and devoted. She was my spiritual sister! I loved my spiritual sister, Rosalie, which I sometimes spelled as Ros-A-Lie, to indicate and symbolize her high Self identification.

Nonetheless, I asked for any input from the ascended masters as to the right interpretation. Four days later, on December 16, 2020, I dreamt that I was in a conference with Hilarion and and his twin soul Harmony in the etheric planes, with him being the Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration. Harmony specifically told me that Rosalie was now on Earth, and that at some soul level she was in psychic communion with me, and feeling my love radiations to her. The point of the dream was to say that the circle of my relationship with my Mom, Dad, brother and Rosalie was now completed. All was in divine order. I felt incredibly moved by this announcement. I had a couple other meditations about being with Rosalie, but nothing specific was given. Until now!

Move Forward

In my ongoing communion with Sol-O-Man and Anna, as described above, I stepped out of the circle and held hands with these two lady masters. My former mother, Aleta, whose high Self name is Serena, appeared and joined our four-fold circle. Rosalie, in her forties, was in the middle of us. We were the ring around her.

As happy and as uplifted as I was about this, however, I still wondered why all of our family trauma had occurred, if there was any revelation I was to have about this, especially my part in it. But before I could even ask Sol-O-Man and Anna about this, they told me to stop looking to the past. It was over, ashes to ashes. It was dead and gone. I was not to fall down again, but to rise up. That was the new fourth verse of the nursery, healing rhyme about personal love.

Sol-O-Man and Anna assured me that I had transmuted the karma of the past. It was if now they closed the door behind me, and directed me to focus on the present. Rosalie was right in front of me. I was to focus on the love now restored between us. Serena likewise was given the same directive by Sol-O-Man and Anna. Serena, Rosalie and I are to love one another in an interdimensional way, proving that love conquers all. In time, my former father now in the astral planes and my brother on Earth will join more fully into the new love circle.

The inspiration came to plant a new, pink rose bush in the garden area off the side of my front porch, where I will see it bloom everyday in the spring, summer and fall. In a sense, I am already this new rose bush. Its pinkness fills my whole, holy, happy heart and suffuses my entire aura. I am one step closer to the full healing of my heart. The final healing will come as I love others and lay down my life for them as my friends. Anna and Lanto will continue to light up my pink candle.

At this point, Lanto joined the circle. He gave me one simple but profound instruction: Love the earth/Earth. It is what he had told me back in 2014 when MariLyn and I were on the Teton Mission, where the Third Ray Temple of Venus is located.

We as light workers are to give our love to our beloved home, Earth which can be spelled as Heart. We are not to take from Her, but we are to give Her our love and devotion that will lift her back into the fourth dimension. We are to love all others who now have landed or incarnated on Earth.

Upon so doing, Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary will redescend and return to Earth in their light bodies. The planetary circle will be completed.

Love One Another

Friends, fellow light workers, fellow pinksters in the making, today and for days to come, take whatever inspiration from my sharing and apply it in your own unique way to your ongoing Third Ray transmutation with personal love.

Ask Anna and Lanto to light your pink candle. Radiate your pink light to one and all. Live in the moment of now, looking forward to the Second Coming. In whatever way comes to you, love one another, love the lower kingdoms, love the earth elements and the planet Earth. Ring the whole planet with pink love that will transmute and erase millions of years of karmic selfishness.

Have a happy Epiphany today, January 6th, which most Christians celebrate as the right day for this. How appropriate that we will be focusing on Third Ray pink love this day, given the Earth’s history. Have an epiphany today about how you are to think pink, feel pink and act pink. See others having this pink revelation.

Love God and Love One Another. Be pink and gold love in action!

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  1. I spent the first four years if my life living in my mother’s family home which was 110 Rosalie Street. It is still not far from where I have been living since moving to Mt Claremont in 1996.

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