Welcome Ariel & Uriel

Friends, fellow light workers, for the next few days to a week, to wrap up our focus on re-birthing the Earth Temple, we are going to link with Lord Uriel, the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest; and with her masculine angelic counterpart and co-worker, Lord Ariel. The two of them and the feminine and masculine Seventh Ray angels who follow their lead serve as our protectors. They show us the way in our ongoing re-evolution of love/heart/peace consciousness, sustain us as we keep moving forward and upward, and help us to dissolve any remnants of our past patterns that still are not fully loving, harmonious, tranquil and compassionate.

In my last blog, I shared my ascended light body communions with Sananda, the Seventh Ray Prince of Earth. At the end of these communions, plus my recall of my past incarnation as a woman in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1700s, Sananda contacted me again and proclaimed that the Earth-Heart Temple in modern-day south-central Vermont had been re-opened and re-empowered. All that remained to do now was to transmute any loose ends, to fully anchor ourselves in our own newly reopened Heart-Earth Temple, to be love in action here on Earth. This solidification, grounding and demonstration process would take as much as a week to finalize. Then we would be fully resting in the peace of our I Am Self, one with the newly re-opened, re-freshed and re-empowered Earth Temple in south-central Vermont.


After posting this last blog on the morning of Tuesday, July 19th, still feeling in the glow of the recent contacts and connections with Sol-O-Man and Sananda, I was happily standing at the counter in my kitchen, taking my vitamins and food supplements and then preparing my breakfast. Suddenly, an extraordinary, higher, loving energy came over me, filling and quickening my heart so much that I had to bend over and grab onto the counter top so as not to fall to the floor. Sananda and Sol-O-Man had descended and now stood on either side of me right there in my kitchen; Sananda to my right, Sol-O-Man to my left. They had come to have breakfast with me. Oh my God!

The outlines of their redescended light bodies were clearly visible to my inner vision as were some of their features. Also discernible was the energy substance of their light forms. It was like a beloved Earthly father and mother had come to join me. And yet, in Sol-O-Man’s and Sananda’s presence and vibration, it was as if it was no big deal to them or me. Rather it was normal and natural. After all, what mother and father would not want to visit their beloved son and break bread with him? Talk about manna from heaven!

It took several minutes for me to get accustomed to the reality of their Earthly, though transcendent presence. Sananda and Sol-O-Man said that this was the new beginning of their Second Coming. He and she now had appeared and shown themselves to me right here in Hilarion House, but shortly they would begin doing the same thing with all others who welcome them in their pure hearts, who long for and visualize their return.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man were still with me when I took my breakfast to and sat at my dining room table. They were so present, so obvious, so distinct that I pulled out two chairs for them to sit with me around the table. Now, that was some breakfast!

This was the grounding, the finalization, the clearing away of any soul impediments, doubts or fears in the anchoring of the Earth Temple, in me and in Vermont. The way down from the etheric through the astral planes to Earth was clear. Sananda and Sol-O-Man literally were on Earth, at ground level, standing right next to me. They were demonstrating their divine love for me.

This was the capstone of the three-to-four weeks of focusing on the opening or the Earth-Heart Temple. My heart was filled to overflowing. My joy was beyond mortal belief or feeling. And yet, I managed to stay reasonably balanced and grounded.

Live It

That morning, I worked for an hour in my ongoing project to clear and build my upcoming wildflower garden, getting all dirty and sweaty, pulling up weeds and cutting down small trees. (See below the picture of my statue of Mary in my garden.)

Then I went into town to eat some delicious Chinese food for my lunch at my current favorite restaurant. I had several opportunities to smile and say hello to people there, including the Chinese owners and workers. I was in the world, but not of it. I still felt more in the higher dimensions than on Earth.

Afterwards I went shopping at Wal-Mart. Typically, by the end of doing so, I feel like I have Wal-Mart “cooties”, even though I have wrapped myself in protective love-light. Today, most of the people there looked stressed out, unhappy, caught up in their current dramas, hardly a smile or warm face to be seen. In small ways, I tried my best to brighten their days. As a result, by the time I finished and left, I was tired but did not feel like I had “cooties” or lower energies in and around my auric field.

I did not get to talk with Phillel until late afternoon. This was the first time this day that I told him my amazing dream recall about being a woman in revolutionary Boston, Massachusetts, when I was honored for my total devotion to helping the colonies break free from England. Phillel marveled at the dream, as he never had heard me talk before about this past incarnation or any other of my feminine incarnations, since I had no specific recall of such.

However, I was so tired after this sharing that I did not mention my contacts with Sananda and Sol-O-Man in my kitchen that early morning. Besides, I still was adjusting to their visitation, and wanting some confirmation of it.


The next morning, July 20th, in our phone call together, Phillel said that he had hardly slept the previous night. He had some stressful personal events going on in his life, plus he had read my blog and had reviewed his own seventh initiation in regard to his demonstrating in his seventh body; this had filled him to overflowing with higher energies. He also remembered key passages in the channelings by masters and angels through Nada-Yolanda, which helped to further explain the names and natures of the seven bodies.

In the short time he had slept that night, he had dreamt that he had visited me at Hilarion House, seeing and talking to me in my kitchen. I was a woman in his dream, the first time he ever had dreamt of me as a lady. This was a remarkable confirmation of my dream recall of having been a woman in the Boston area in the time of the Revolutionary War. Moreover, the fact that I was in the kitchen reminded me that this was the very place where Sananda and Sol-O-Man had redescended and met with me the day before.

At this point, I shared that experience with him, and we reveled in our co-receiving. Time and again over the years, we have had confirming, complementary experiences and dreams. We have been two as one who are gathered together in the names of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, St. Germain and his twin soul Lady Violet.

Lord Ariel

Since Phillel had barely slept, and thus was tired while feeling “jazzed” by the higher energies, I offered to do some healing/balancing work with him. Three weeks or so earlier, he had helped me to adjust to and ground the higher energies after my communion with the seven Elohim. Now it was my time to help him. Give and receive.

While he sat in his chair next door at Trinity House where he lives here on our I Am Nation property, I tuned in to Spirit and all of Spirit’s helpers in the higher realms who would guide and work through me. For the previous two hours, off and on I had felt heart chakra activation without discerning who was overshadowing me.

Starting the hands-on healing/auric balancing work, I swept away and released the excessive higher energies in Phillel’s aura, which were compacted around his body, but especially his head. My attention was drawn above his head, where I came into communion with Lord Ariel, Lady Uriel’s angelic, masculine counterpart or co-worker. He had been stimulating and activating my heart chakra in the last hour or so.

Image of an Ʌ

Then I was shown the figure of a large, golden Ʌ over Phillel, which is the sign or image of Ariel, which he first had shown to me on July 5, 2014, during the two-week period of the download to I Am Nation headquarters of the higher energies that had been implanted in the newly opened Earth Temple in south-central Vermont during the mission there from June 12-24, 2014.

In my meditation on July 5, 2014, my high Self, Soliel, strongly overshadowed me. Plus, another higher force appeared above me that I thought was an angel, but who did not introduce himself or herself by name. The strong inspiration came to lift up my arms  over my head and put my hands together, with my fingers pointing upward; thus forming a Ʌ with my elbows out to the side of my head and my hands joined together about a foot above my head. Then a tube or Christ column of light appeared that went up from top of the Ʌ through the seven astral planes to the three etheric or Christ planes.

Up I went through this passageway, with my upward pointing Ʌ leading the way. As I ascended in my seventh body, I also dilated the opening of the tube or column, gradually expanding and widening it. Then, after resting a time in the lowest of the three etheric planes, I redescended or came back down the newly widened tube, pushing its walls still more open. Two more times, I ascended and descended, each time widening the tube still more. It dawned on me that this was analogous to the slow opening of the cervix during a woman’s labor to give birth to her child. 

Two days later, on July 7, 2014, once again I placed my hands over my head to form a Ʌ. Up I went through the tube or column above my head, widening it some more and then redescending through it. This time after I came all the way back down to Earth, the Ʌ morphed into a golden pyramid of light, with its four triangular faces or sides, and its square base on the ground. This grounded pyramid represented the full anchoring and grounding of the newly opened Earth Temple, in myself and in south-central Vermont.

Ʌ in Ariel

In the above two experiences, I still did not know that the Ʌ symbolized the letter A in Ariel, and hence was his sign. That occurred about three weeks later on August 1, 2014, when Lord Uriel (who I sometimes call Lady Uriel, to emphasize her feminine polarity) overshadowed me. I knew her vibration from numerous communions with her over the previous two-to-three years. 

In this current visitation by Uriel, she was with another angel who was similar in vibration to her, but was masculine. Uriel said that he was her masculine counterpart or co-worker, the leader of all Seventh Ray masculine angels. He conveyed telepathically that his name was Ariel. He explained that the letter A in Ariel stands for Ascension, our I Am Self and Abel consciousness. As used by Ariel, the A has no horizontal cross bar — it is just an Ʌ. This upward pointing Ʌ is “masculine,” with two straight lines  and a pointed, sharp top; whereas the U in Uriel is “feminine” with its rounded bottom, with the U representing the Cosmic Womb or the Uterus in a feminine body.

Following this introduction to Ariel, many times he overshadowed me in a huge, golden letter Ʌ, with it being about 10 to 12 feet tall, with me enclosed and surrounded by it and thus Ariel. Then, he would lift me into the higher realms, as the A grew higher and higher. (See image to right of my being encased in Ariel’s angelic form/symbol.)

I especially felt his presence when my ex-wife and I were on the Shasta-Alaska Mission in August-September 2014; such that I came to trust my identification and connection with him. (Neither Nada-Yolanda or Phillel had conscious communions with Ariel, so the responsibility of identifying and working consciously with him was entirely on my shoulders.)

Angels Lift Us

As Jesus said, I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me. Metaphysically, personally, this means that when we are lifted up by our guardian angel, all of our other six bodies (physical, astral, emotional, mental, light or etheric, resurrected bodies) are lifted into full I Am or Abel consciousness in our seventh, ascended body. Our head is in heaven, but our feet are fixed on the ground.

Please note that Jesus did not say that I, when I lift myself up. Rather, he proclaimed that I, if and when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me. In other words, it is the angels that lift us back into our seventh body, from which originally, millions or years ago, a segment of mankind descended all the way down to, and took on, the form of a physical body. In so doing, mankind in following eras lost their conscious awareness of their three higher bodies: the light body, the resurrected body and the ascended body. Mankind became third dimensional, of the three lower kingdoms, still a spiritual being but expressing in an animal, physical form.

Angels for eons have been guarding our three higher bodies (5th, 6th and 7th bodies), until these angels, with our cooperation and co-participation, lift us back into our light body, then to our resurrected body, and finally to our seventh or ascended body. In our seventh body, we become an ascended master on Earth. We return to being a golden giant. We are peace personified. We are love in action.

Moreover, in conjunction with the angels, ascended masters and space visitors with their hieronics electromagnetic space beams also co-participate in our ascension, even as we retain connection with and through our four lower bodies when we redescend.

Be Lifted Up

Returning to the present time and the healing/balancing work with Phillel, above the Ʌ over Phillel, a Christ column of light appeared. Ariel, with me as the grounding, co-participating agent, lifted Phillel up, into and through this column, through the astral planes into the etheric planes. The tip or apex of the Ʌ led the way, widening the column as it ascended. Meanwhile, I continued to guard and protect Phillel, to be his grounding agent.

To enhance this grounding, Ariel guided me to have Phillel take off his shoes and socks, and to lie on his back in his bed. Upon doing so, I massaged his feet, pressed acupressure points on their soles, and then just held his feet in my loving hands. In so doing, I was helping him to ground his seventh or ascended body into each of his other bodies, all the way down to his physical form. My heart/love center was strongly activated while I did so. I felt a deep, transcendent, abiding love for Phillel in his Motah or I Am Self, in his function to link all the 12 planets together under St. Germain’s Sixth Ray guidance; for the Earth to join the Federation of Planets.

Cosmic Stars

About fifteen minutes later, suddenly an astounding vision came to me of a vast number of bright lights or stars in the heavens, out in the Milky Way Galaxy. They had a slightly red hue to them, which represented rebirth and regeneration, the rebirth of his seventh, ascended body. (But the reddish glow also represented the inflammation that is caused in the physical body when the higher frequencies are introduced into it, when one comes into communion with one’s seventh body. Following such experiences, it always takes time for the four lower bodies to adjust to and assimilate the frequencies of the three higher bodies, during which time some physical symptoms may occur.)

Often in visions, only a brief glimpse or flash is given to me, which is enough for me to get the message. But in this vision, I was able to slowly look around in the sky to my left, in front and high above me, and all the way to my right; and then back again. It was a vast panorama that I saw and scanned. What an awesome, cosmic view it was!

At the close of this expansive vision, I was reminded of Phillel’s experience on July 8, 1991 in which he had felt contact with his guardian angel; and then on July 12, 1991 and was taken to all the planets in this solar system, and then to the sun. After this, he had traveled all the way to the central sun of the galaxy, before returning back to Earth — click here to read Phillel’s account of this. (See picture to right of Phillel with the galaxy behind him.)

It dawned on me that although Phillel was in his fourth or fifth major initiation back then, still he probably was traveling in his seventh or ascended body during this incredible journey to the central sun and back. For only in that body could he have such an ascended, out of this world, out of this solar system experience.

See & Be

After the healing/ascending session with Phillel was over, he shared that when he had been sitting in the chair, he first had been suffused with yellow light of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, which outpictures physically via the spinal cord and nerves. His whole nervous system had been strengthened such that he could hold more easily the higher frequencies and energies of his seventh body.

Then pink light had suffused him, that of the Third Ray of Personal Love, which had quickened and opened his heart. Eons ago, mankind had fallen into physical matter and bodies due to errors on the Third Ray, because of his-her selfishness and feeling separate from God. To ascend in our seventh body, we have to retrace our steps, to love one another and all of God’s creations, and to feel loved by God.

During his time lying in bed, Phillel reported that he had been lifted into a deep feeling of Seventh Ray, golden love. By the end of our session together, he felt balanced, harmonious and at peace. At that time, he psychically saw and felt St. Germain, his beloved master teacher, standing at his head, right there in his bedroom. It reminded me of my seeing Sananda and Sol-O-Man standing next to me in my kitchen.

Phillel did not experience or share anything about being lifted out into the stars. It dawned on me that in my vision, I had not seen him being there. Rather, what I had seen was some future time when Phillel would be lifted by Lord Ariel and Lady Uriel, by Lord Zadkiel and Lady Zadkiel, into this cosmic space and place. My function was to see this happening in God’s good time and way. My task was to keep my eye single on this, to keep seeing Phillel in his seventh, ascended body. In time, this would happen more fully. After all, in ascended consciousness, what we see will be!

Phillel and I discussed all this and marveled in his past experience of traveling to the central sun of this galaxy. However, I did not share the details about Lord Ariel directing and initiating this whole new set of current experiences. Never before had I worked with Phillel in seeing the Ʌ over him. Since this whole experience was so new to me, I felt it best to keep it close to my heart and to see how things developed before I talked with Phillel about it. However, for the moment, there was enough overlap in Phillel’s and my experiences that I felt all was in good order.

Pyramid of Light

That afternoon at our 3 PM HBM, Ariel once again hovered over and surrounded me in his protective forcefield. With him was Lady Uriel. (In the Mark-Age channelings via Nada-Yolanda, she is always called Lord Uriel, not Lady Uriel. As I shared above, I sometimes use the title Lady Uriel to emphasize her feminine nature.)

This time the Ʌ took on the shape of an upright pyramid of golden light, which was composed of four upward pointed V’s or faces, with a square bottom. I tried to lift up into the top or apex of the four inverted triangles and from there into the higher planes, but I could not do so. Rather, Ariel said that now it was time to ground my prior experiences, to focus more so on my keeping my feet on the ground. I was to let things settle in and to develop a deeper understanding and comprehension of what already have been given to me; and then to put it into practical, daily, loving actions.

Phillel likewise did not receive anything new, but felt his higher, seventh body coalesce around him, forming especially a hood or shield over and around his head. Both of us were just as happy to not have anything new given to us. It clearly was best to rest in our ascended I Am peace as we grounded this peace and love in our daily activities.


I slept deeply that night and for longer than usual. In my morning meditation, on July 21st,  nothing new came to me. I still felt connected to Ariel but he was high above me, watching over and guarding me, but not descending to be with me here on Earth.

During this meditation and the following day, I began reviewing my experiences in the 2014 Earth Temple Mission. In it, MariLyn, my ex-wife, and I first had stayed in the town of Lake Placid in the huge Adirondack Park and Mountains in northeastern New York. While there, it was revealed to me that in the days of Lemuria, the Earth Temple had been located in this approximate site.

The key recall of my past in the Lemurian Earth Temple was that in one or more incarnations there I had been the high priest or leader of that power center, with Sol-O-Man/Mary/Zolanda guiding me from her position in the etheric planes. However, I had allowed others in this temple to betray me, to the point that I could barely function. I had focused too much on Seventh Ray Peace and Love, and not enough on First Ray Will and Power. As I result, I was not sufficiently protected by the dark side of those who allegedly were serving me and Sol-O-Man, but who behind my back were disrespecting and planning to dismiss me.

The imagery of this was that these Judases had stripped the bark off, and thereby girded, most of my huge tree of life. I had not made them do this, but they of their own free will had become selfish and full of their own, deluded self-power. However, part of my mistake had been to want to be loved by others, rather than to love them and see them for who they truly were, their good talents as well as the dark areas in their souls. I have struggled with this tendency all through this present life, and finally feel that I am demonstrating a good balance between the First and Seventh Rays, both of which have to work together to bring forth healing, resurrection and ascension. I have learned to live the truth: One with God is a majority.


In Atlantis, I primarily was a disciple of Sol-O-Man/Zolanda who was the high priestess of the Earth Temple that then was located on central Long Island, NY, with its power radiations reaching New York City, Boston, southern Vermont, even to the Adirondack Mountains. My task was to integrate the physical sciences with the spiritual sciences, to be a holistic healer, to link the Earth Temple with the Sun Temple in the Miami area.

However, I got off on a tangent, did not follow Sol-O-Man’s lead, and did research to develop sound towers that looked something like today’s TV/phone towers or telescopes with their parabolic discs. The goal was to send out physical sound vibrations to uplift and spiritualize the people all around the area. But these sound towers were put into action before they were sufficiently tested and proven to be helpful. As a result, not so much by me but the group of scientists who later followed me and my incomplete research, much damage resulted that contributed to the downfall of Atlantis.

In Atlantis, science and technology were even more highly developed and practiced than they currently are. But the Atlantean mistake by scientists and healers was that they did not first serve God or realize and accept that it was Spirit working through them that created the instruments and practices that brought about the upliftment of the planet.

All this lifetime, I diligently have applied myself to integrating the best of all spiritual, mental, soul-emotional and physical healing techniques. And I have heeded and followed the advice of Sol-O-Man and Nada who in Atlantis had been the high priestess of the Sun Temple. I have integrated the Earth Temple functions and activities with those of the Sun Temple. I have finally learned to go slowly, cautiously, wisely, steadfastly and surely in all my healing and teaching activities.

Golden Soul

At the end of this morning’s meditation, Ariel relayed that everything was now in good order, with only some fine tuning to do for this current cycle. Then, Lady Uriel appeared to me in her feminine, motherly vibration, distinctly different from Lord Uriel, but complementing and supplementing him. She was to my left or feminine side. It was as if she had descended in the form of a huge letter U, with my now being inside the U.

She took what looked like a two-foot-square bandage or “skin graft” made of gold and placed it over my entire solar plexus and abdomen. This “patch” could now be placed and secured there because I had transmuted and removed the errors in my soul record, going back to Lemuria, Atlantis and my experiences this lifetime. In time, the gold patch would be fully incorporated and solidly secured in my astral and physical bodies.

It represented my solar plexus center in my seventh, golden, ascended body being lowered into my astral and physical solar-plexus centers. With it in place, I was  protected anew from those who try to strip off my bark or outer layer, like unto the skin around my physical body; whether the attempted intrusion was by those in the astral planes or those competitive, selfish, negative souls on Earth. I was protected anew, because of my love for Ariel and Uriel, and their divine love of me.

Uriel Uplifts

In my meditation the next morning, July 22nd, Uriel once again descended and surrounded me in her divine feminine, angelic forcefield and consciousness. She appeared in and radiated multiple hues of white, brown and gold. At first, it felt like I was in her womb/uterus, but eventually it was more so like I was in her expansive Seventh Ray, golden heart.

I felt entirely at peace and suffused in her angelic mother love. Her vibration lifted every single cell and organ in my physical and astral bodies. I especially felt a soothing, healing, loving vibration in and around my heart, which was the next step in the healing  of my Afib, my heart’s fast, irregular heartbeat. More of the soul scar tissue and the thickening of my heart’s left ventricle was dissolved and melted. My heart was the most golden I yet had experienced it.

Uriel’s Transfiguration of Yolanda

This merging within Uriel reminded me of Nada-Yolanda’s communion with Lord Uriel on February 19, 1975, when Yolanda was in the fifth phase of her fifth major initiation of transfiguration. Here’s Yolanda’s account of this: “Clairvoyantly I received, as clearly as anything of this nature I ever have received, the presence of Lord Uriel, who had been with me, off and on, all during this day.

“The outline of the form would be as a butterfly. The features were not clear, nor was the form itself detailed enough to describe appendages. The colors were of another dimension but there were light and dark shades: black, brown impressions, to gold and white auric fields.

“As she descended, she completely absorbed my entire being, all levels: physical body, astral and auric fields of radiation, and the etheric, I Am body. Sananda/Jesus was present but in the role of my master teacher, stepping aside for the work of the celestial forces to transmute all elements affecting the development of the light body. I recognized that all in the room would be greatly affected, whether or not they were aware of any of this experience. I was acting as the transformer for the group. . . .

“I was aware of some transfiguration process and/or changing of the physical appearance while this transmuting of elements was being done from the celestial. [Dr. Robert and another staff member] confirmed this in the sharing period.”

Rebirth the Earth

Currently, once I was secure in Lady Uriel’s loving, feminine embrace, with Sol-O-Man as my master teacher observing, a vivid image appeared on my third eye screen of a green tree surrounded by the color blue, with the whole image being encased and surrounded in a circle. (See the image below that approximates my vision. The white areas of this picture were blue in my vision, and were much larger.)

The green tree with its trunk, limbs and roots was symbolic of my tree of life that is comprised of  all my incarnations on Earth and in its astral and etheric realms. The blue color surrounding the tree represented the oceans all around the Earth that comprise about two-thirds to three-fourths of its surface. The circle represented the entire globe, with its Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Interpreting this vision as it applied to me personally, I was in I Am, Abel, Soliel consciousness in my seventh or ascended body, one with the Earth as the heart center for the solar system. In this ascended state, I was to lift myself and the Earth, and in particular the Earth Temple, fully into the fourth dimension.

The tree also represented the entire plant/vegetable kingdom with all its myriad forms and shapes. The blue light represented all the elements and minerals of Earth that are to be imbued with the First Ray of Will and Power, whose color is blue. Although I was in my seventh body, my physical body was still on Earth, such that it represented all the animals on the planet.

With Uriel, and now also with Ariel, I was to transform, transmute and love all the lower kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral. What I now felt and experienced in the rebirth of my own Earth Temple, I was to see and help to bring forth for the entire planet and all who are on and about it.

The circle around my tree of life and the water that sustains and feeds it symbolized the seventh step of fulfillment and completion — the re-opening of the Earth Temple was complete. In I Am, ascended consciousness and expression, I am whole, harmonious, balanced, at peace and full of love divine. So shall the whole planet be in time.

Angels & Ascension

As I was visualizing this planetary rebirth, all seven archangels and their seven counterparts surrounded the entire globe. These fourteen angels were big enough that when they all “held hands” they completely surrounded and covered the whole planet. They radiated all Seven Rays into it and all its life forms: man, animals, vegetables and minerals. Seventh Ray peace and love predominated this angelic embrace, with the Seventh Ray being the fulfillment of all the prior Six Rays. The Earth as a spiritual temple was reborn. The Earth Temple in Vermont was in full operation, and radiated its light and love to all the other twelve spiritual temples worldwide.

Uriel then warned me and all light workers that as a result of this planetary implantation of fourth dimensional love frequencies, a new series of catastrophic Earth changes would begin. (This is analogous to the inflammation that occurs when the three higher bodies overshadow the four lower bodies, as depicted symbolically in my healing work with Phillel.)

These Earth changes would consist of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe weather changes like tornadoes and hurricanes. A new level of transmutation and decrystallization of mankind’s mortal consciousness would take place, under the guidance of the angelic realm, especially Lord Uriel. Each of us likewise would feel some degree of such decrystallizations and transmutation in our four lower bodies.

Ease On Down The Road

In my afternoon meditation, I tried once again to visualize the Ʌ or golden pyramid over me, so as to rise again into higher I Am consciousness. But nothing happened. I saw nothing except darkness and blankness, which was not negative but rather represented the need to rest and to be at peace.

Uriel with Ariel were high above me. They gave me a new image: I was in a new, large, white car that slowly was moving down the road away from Hilarion House, presumably to go into town. The car’s exterior evidently was fortified with impenetrable steel and bulletproof windows, such that no one could enter or destroy the car in which I now was riding. It reminded me of the fortified car or van in which the President of the USA travels when he goes someplace outside of the protected White House grounds, or overseas to various gatherings and meetings.

The car was moving slowly. The old song from the Wizard of Oz came to me as I pondered this: Ease On Down the Road. In other words, I was to relax, to take it easy, to slowly and cautiously move down the road in demonstrating peace and love, in putting my love into action. Nothing new from the higher planes and angelic realm was to be added. The work with reopening the Earth Temple in the last four weeks was now basically anchored and finished. What remained for me to do was to write this blog and to live its principles. I was to be love in action in earthly, specific ways in my everyday life and expression.

Jasper of the New Jerusalem

The next morning, July 23rd, to give this in another way, Spirit and the agents of Spirit inspired my dream in which a round, circular halo or crown encased my crown chakra and head, which was composed of several luminous jasper gemstones in multiple colors.  I dreamt this twice, in order that it be emphasized and confirmed. Each time, I worked to hold the jasper halo/crown solidly in place, to anchor and crystallize it in my forcefield.

Researching jasper in the Holy Bible, the walls of the New Jerusalem, as given in John’s Revelation at the Isle of Patmos, were composed of jasper. This gemstone also was one of twelve gemstones that adorned the four walls of this cube-shaped city of light, whose interior was crystal-clear gold.

Moreover, jasper also had been one of the twelve gemstones on the breast plate of the high priest in the days of Moses and in following times. This gemstone comes in multiple different hues or colors, depending on its various mineral contents; thereby representing our twelve I Am or spiritual powers and their corresponding colors. (See jasper gems to right/above.)

Jasper also came to be associated with one of the Three Wise Men who visited the newly born Christ Jesus. Jasper came from Persia. In the Persian language, Jasper means “treasurer.” To me, the “J” in Jasper stands for Jehovah (God) and Christ Jesus as the son of God.

I took all of this to mean that the Earth Temple now had been re-opened and secured within me and in the Vermont Earth Temple. On a personal level, it represented my seventh body that had redescended to, and anchored in and around, my crown chakra and cerebrum, hence the halo or crown there. From the cerebrum, the higher frequencies radiated to every other chakra and corresponding organ and out to the world. The name Jerusalem means “the abiding place of peace.” Hence, peace now had newly descended and anchored into my mind, soul and body; and radiated to others and other kingdoms.

Moreover, the newly re-opened and re-crystallized Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, in the New JerUSAlem, radiated its energy to all the other 12 temples worldwide. The Earth is reborn as the Seventh Ray Temple of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. So be it.

Be Lifted by Ariel 

In your meditations, ponderings and reflections this week, welcome Ariel and Uriel into your thoughts, feeling, memories and physical body. Ariel represents being lifted up in your light body, your resurrected body and your ascended body. Uriel represents the redescent of your ascended body into your crown chakra, and then down and into each lower chakra and their corresponding organs; especially into your heart.

To get this process started, begin by centering yourself, by focusing on peace and love, by being tranquil and composed, one with your I Am Self. Then call upon Lord Ariel to help and lift you. Act out your welcoming of him by lifting your arms above your head, your elbows to either side of your head/crown chakra, your hands joined together about a foot above the top of your head, your fingers pointing upward.

Affirm: I am being lifted by Ariel into my seventh, ascended body. Make a Ʌ sign around and over you head, which helps to make your ascension real, tangible, visceral, something that you feel even as you visualize and affirm it.

You will know Ariel’s masculine presence by the new level of love and peace that you feel, your new conscious assurance that you are loved and blessed by his masculine presence and love-power.

Then, rise up a tube or Christ column above the top of the Ʌ, into and through the astral planes, until you rise above them into etheric, I Am consciousness in the lowest of the three etheric planes. Take your time in visualizing, feeling and doing so. Remember that all this time, Ariel is protecting you from outside infiltration by lesser, negative, astral entities; or negative thoughts and feelings emanating from those of lesser consciousness on Earth.

Rising in the Ʌ widens the tube or Christ column. In time, come on back down the tube, widening it even more. Up and down you go. three or more times, until you feel comfortable and skilled in this process.

Be in Uriel’s Womb

In other meditations, focus on Lord (Lady) Uriel. You are as a child growing in her Womb or Uterus. Perhaps she descends over, around, and under you, the bottom of her symbolic letter U being below your feet. She then uplifts you into the higher realms.

Maybe when you are within her U, you feel more so that you are in her expansive heart, surrounded and suffused with her feminine, angelic love. This divine love is what lifts you into your ascended body; that lifts you above your various doubts, fears and worries; that protects you from anything less that love. When in her golden heart, all that is less than love within you is decrystallized, healed and transmuted. 

Golden Globe

In this newly elevated and ascended consciousness, radiate peace and love to a fellow, beloved light worker, friend or family member. Then focus your love projections on an enemy, a thorn in your fresh. Remember that this person is a child of God, who is beloved by Ariel and Uriel, Sananda and Sol-O-Man; who is only temporarily deluded and self-deceived. See golden love-light within this person’s mind, body and soul.

Focus on the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. Shine your white and golden light on it, even as you receive its golden vibrations. See all spiritual temples or power centers around the Earth linked together in golden light.

Especially see the linking of the Seventh Ray Earth Temple with the Sun Temple in northeastern Tennessee, the First Ray Temple of Neptune in Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, the Second Ray Temple of Mercury in northeastern India, the Third Ray Temple of Venus in the Tetons, the Fourth Ray Temple of Mars in Jerusalem, the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus in Manaus, Brazil, and the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn in Alaska; with all of them being interconnected by peace and love vibrations, forming a single network or gridwork that lights up the whole world.

The golden rose of Earth love blooms anew. Ascended, Seventh Ray peace and love radiate throughout the entire solar system. As we see it, so it is.