Be a Blue Sapphire

Today, March 22nd, the 2nd day of focusing on the First Ray Temple of Neptune, our blue flame is going to manifest and crystallize as a large, blue, etheric sapphire gemstone that encompasses our four lower bodies.

Four First Ray Friends

Sit in the silence. See yourself once again within the Blue Flame of the First Ray of Will and Power. Several feet before you, picture Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray (see image of him to right). With Lord Maitreya, he is the co-titular head of the Hierarchal Board.

However, he also is your friend who watches over, inspires and guards you. Welcome him. Feel his powerful presence before you. Breathe in his brilliant blue light and blue power. Feel his blueness soaking into every part of you.

Several feet behind you, note and feel the presence of Lady Mariel, who is Lord Michael’s feminine angelic counterpart (see image to right). She has your back — she protects your from negative astral infiltration. Her auric “wings” touch and grace the backside of your auric field.

She helps you to sit up straight so that your spinal column is open and free flowing. Her feminine blue presence is particularly empowering and uplifting, stimulating and yet calming. She is your angelic blue Mama.

With Lady Mariel is Glo-Ria, who is the twin soul of El Morya, with the two of them being the co-rulers of Neptune. See and feel her several feet to your left in her redescended light body. Revel in her glorious electric blue feminine light that quickens your soul, astral body and subconscious.

As you commune with Glo-Ria, your own blue forcefield, especially on your left side, glows even brighter. But it is not too powerful or too stimulating. Rather it is just the right amount of feminine power. Your soul glories in it, even as your feet stay firmly and solidly on the ground.

Finally, to fully anchor I Am blue faith, will and power into your four lower bodies, imagine El Morya descending from the higher astral and etheric realms, and standing to the right of you. He is the Chohan of the First Ray, who currently is stationed in the higher astral and lower etheric planes.

Look into his extraordinary blue eyes that see right through to the core of you, that see you for being the gem that you truly are as a beloved child of God. Your right, masculine, conscious side lights up anew. Your four lower bodies are aligned and balanced. I Am spiritual power flows through and as you.

Blue Crystal

Watch now as your four fabulous friends (two angels and two ascended masters) reach up with their “wings” and arms. In their combined hands is a huge blue sapphire gemstone that is etheric or fourth dimensional in its vibration. It is about 10-12 feet in diameter. Slowly, the two angels and two masters lower this brilliant blue gem over, around, into and through you, until the bottom of it is about 2-3 feet below your physical feet, and the sides of it encase your entire auric field.

Give this anchoring sufficient time to slowly take place. The gem gradually moves down, into and through each of your seven chakras and your spinal column. You adjust to its magnificent presence at each step of its descending journey.

The blue sapphire may be round in shape as shown in the above/right image, or it make appear more so as being oval, like unto your auric field and physical body. Moreover, in either case, the gem may appear as having multiple facets on its surface or as being smooth and even. Just see what happens. Let the new image of this blue gem come into your conscious awareness by way of your all-seeing, cosmic, third eye. Or just get a sense of its powerful presence without any visual imagery.

The blue sapphire represents the anchoring, manifestation and crystallization of your own, unique I Am Temple of Neptune. Your blue flame has now become a blue edifice or structure or temple. In this temple or power center, you worship and express First Ray Will and Power.

I Am Blue

Affirm and realize: I Am a Temple of Neptune right here on Earth; others may not see my brilliant blue light but I see, feel and know it to be within and around me; and my Neptunian power center or vortex is now re-birthed to a new and higher degree on Earth. Thank You, Spirit, my four fabulous friends, and all other Neptunian visitors who have assisted this re-birthing and re-manifesting process.

In time, the blue etheric sapphire grows in size so that it encircles your entire meditation room, your apartment or home, the property around your dwelling place, and even further. As the blue gem of an I Am being that you are, radiate First Ray Will and Power to all those around you, and especially to those of the 144,000 elect that live somewhat near to you.

God is the ultimate Gem. As children of our Father-Mother Creator, we are individual, God-like Gems in the making. So be it.




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