Be a Gold & White Flame

Today, June 8, 2023, we begin the first of three days for rebirthing the Earth Temple within ourselves and in south-central Vermont, USA (see map). This planetary temple, power center or vortex of sacred light comes primarily under the auspices of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose corresponding colors are white and gold.

Earth is spiritually designed and destined to become the principal Seventh Ray planet of our Solar System; to radiate peace and love to all the other planets. But presently, Earth is the lowest vibrational planet, the only one that still wallows in third-dimensional, mortal consciousness.

As light workers who serve Sananda and Sol-O-Man, the Seventh Ray co-leaders of Earth, we have incarnated here to lead the way in lifting men and women of Earth back into the fourth dimension. To do so more effectively, we first have to become more thoroughly centered and masterful within our own individual, unique Earth Temple; to be Seventh Ray love in action on Earth.

Be White and Gold

In meditation(s), start by saying the Lord’s Prayer to align yourself with Father-Mother God, to affirm and decree that His-Her will be done. Ask the Cosmic Creator to show you a new I Am image of a white-and-gold flame that is all around you, encompassing and suffusing your entire auric field and your physical body. See yourself in the middle of this fiery yet cool, dual light.

Sometimes the image will be almost pure white, like the one pictured to the right. This white flame lights up any residual darkness that still exists in your mind, soul and body, so that you can let it go and move forward. The match stick represents your physical form that symbolically is horizontal or earthbound in nature. The flame is vertical, indicating your ascension into heavenly peace and love.

At other times, the flame will have some gold in it, like unto the image to the right. Gold is the color of the light body. Gold relates to the golden giants in the days of the Cains and Abels. Physically, the element gold is the most healing of all elements.

So, be some combination of white and gold, peace and love. Become more of the enlightened golden giant that you are in I Am consciousness. Be a golden Abel who loves one and all, who loves being on Earth in these End Times prior to the New or Golden Age.

Love the Second Coming Program

Then there will be instances when your third-eye, clairvoyant, visual image is mostly gold, but with some white in it (see the drawing below/right). Rest in this gold-and-white flame. Be like Sananda and/or Sol-O-Man; like Maitreya and his twin soul MaYa; like Archangel Uriel and her masculine angelic counterpart, Ariel; with all of them being of the Seventh Ray.

In your flame, be one with them, with their white-and-gold light that enhances and quickens your forcefield. Know that they are with you always, in all ways. Become pure peace and enlightened, deeply heartfelt Seventh Ray love. Be reborn as the individual Temple of Earth that you are.

I Am a white-and-gold flame. I, when I be lifted up, draw all others unto me. The entire Earth is becoming golden. Thank You, Spirit. Hallelujah. Amen. So be it. It is.