See Saturn Shining

Today, June 7, 2023, our third and final day of focusing on the Temple of Saturn, within and without, our key concentration is on transmuting, re-juvenating and re-birthing the Sixth Ray, violet, planetary Temple of Saturn that is located in and around Mt. Denali in southcentral Alaska. (This mountain previously was called Mt. McKinley.)

In the native Amerindian Athabaskan language, Denali¬†means “great one” or “tall one.” At a height of 20,310 feet, it is the tallest mountain in North America. Moreover, throughout Alaska are over a million lakes, such as the one shown above. Our violet light projections will anchor into these waters. Moreover, three sides of Alaska border on the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, which will carry the violet liquid-light to the western coast of the Americas and to the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Be Here & There

Be centered in your violet flame and amethyst crystal column of violet light. Then see yourself hovering over Mt. Denali, high up in the atmosphere. Become aware that part of you still remains where you currently live in your own, individual Temple of Saturn; but in your light form you bilocated to above the “Great” Alaskan Mountain. (See map to right of its location.)

Come into communion with the six primary members of your team of Sixth Ray transmutational workers. These include the masculine EloHim and the feminine EloHer of the Sixth Ray; Archangel Zadkiel and his feminine angelic counterpart, Lady Zadkiel of this ray; and St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal, Chohan or Director of this violet flame, who is with Lady Violet, his twin soul. Be aware that Dr. Hannibal is aboard his city-sized spaceship #7423, from which he oversees all light workers in the Western Hemisphere, under the guidance and directives of Sananda aboard his ship #10.

Connect in consciousness with each one of these six and their numerous associates. When linking with Dr. Hannibal, link also with visitors from Saturn and galactic visitors who are with him aboard his craft; and in their numerous spaceships located all around Alaska.

Divine Denali

From your perch in the etheric realms, look down at Mt. Denali and the lakes surrounding it. See this area being in the shape of a 6-sided hexagon that is about 60 miles in diameter (see map to right). In conjunction with your above transmutational team, link also with Amerindian guides in the higher astral planes who are overseen and directed by War Cloud and Black Cloud, his second in command.

Then pour forth your violet liquid-light into this entire sixty-mile, Mt. Denali region. See violet energy anchoring into the top of the mountain, then flowing down the sides of it; melting its glaciers and ancient embedded ancient thought forms; and then radiating out and anchoring into the light workers and multiple lakes located all around the “Tall One.”

If you are not visually skilled, then speak the word by decreeing: Let there be violet light in and around Mt. Denali. This is like unto the creation story in Genesis of the Holy Bible, in which God said: Let there be light–and there was light. Have the faith that you as a son or daughter of God, in your I Am or God consciousness, can call forth and anchor violet liquid-light into the Temple of Saturn at Mt. Denali. Decree it, believe it, do it. Give thanks unto Mother-Father God that it is so.

Go Forth and Multiply

As long as the violet liquid-light pours into you, continue to transfer and anchor it down and into the violet hexagon. See it growing to about 600 miles in size. (See map to right.)

It flows into more lakes, more people, more animals and plants, and into the elements that comprise all physical life forms on Earth. The whole area glows with the violet flame of transmutation.

After sufficient time, when so inspired from within, see the hexagon widening until it is 1200 miles wide (see map below/right). As such it covers all of Alaska, its lakes and the ocean waters around three sides of it; and all of its animals, including huge white polar bears and white wolves, who symbolize the Bear and Wolf clans of the physical and astral Amerindians, who are aligned with the Second Coming program.

Settle in with this. Take your time. Maybe this is as far as you go in this meditation and visualization. Perhaps you pick things up again at a later time, like when you take a nap or take a walk out in nature.

As always go with the flow, work from above to below, from within to without. Give thanks that Alaska is now violet. Know that it is so. The Temple of Saturn is now reborn. Amen.

Thirteen Temples are One Network

Now emanating and radiating from the hexagonal violet temple are 12 lines of force that carry violet light to each of the other 11 planetary temple, powers centers of vortices of sacred energy; and to the Sun Temple. To image this, you may wish to use the map below, showing a violet, 12-sided dodecahedron, with its 12 sides being a multiple of 6. Each line emanating from the center of this temple flows out to a different temple around the world.

All of the planetary gridwork is now imbued with violet light and energy. All around the planet the 144,000 elect are becoming more violet, more cleansed and more thoroughly transmuted into greater I Am consciousness and powers. They in turn radiate violet to all people of Earth and all kingdoms of Earth.

Our beloved present home, Heart-Earth is now surrounded by and imbued with violet light. For this we give our thanks to Spirit and all agents of Spirit who have contributed to this ongoing step of planetary transmutation.

As we affirm, decree, visualize and realize it, so it is. All seven Chohans and seven Archangels who comprise the Saturnian Council or Council of Seven that meet on Saturn, with Lords Michael and Lord Maitreya being the co-titular heads of this highest governing body, now celebrate with us. All is well and in divine order. Hallelujah. Amen. Om. Om. Om. Om. Om. Om!