Be a Seven in a Circle

On January 2, 2024, deep in my early morning meditation here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, my four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral and physical) suddenly quickened and filled with fourth-dimensional energy. Then, one by one, seven Pleiadean light-and-love-filled-ladies descended and formed a semi-circle around the left, symbolically subconscious side of my forcefield. (See image of seven Pleiadean star ladies in the sky.)

Each one of them was about 8 feet away from me, but they were close enough together such that they held hands, thereby forming an united circuit. In response, my left arm tingled, itched and mildly ached, thereby confirming their powerful group presence.

Six days earlier, when Sol-O-Man had introduced these Seven Sisters to me at Shoney’s, they appeared mostly as oval-shaped beings of light, without much in the way of specific features. This time, however, these star ladies looked like beautiful, vibrant, healthy Earth women who smiled lovingly at me. Each sister had unique, distinct features, but all of them bore resemblances to one another, thereby indicating that they were family members. Their overall vibration was of Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

Seven Brothers

Then, to my total surprise, seven Pleiadean men descended one by one and stood to the right or symbolically conscious side of me, thereby forming a second semi-circle. Each of these male Pleiadeans had unique, discernible features in their bodies of light, but overall they mostly looked like human males who were brothers. Evidently, they, like the seven sisters, had lowered their vibrations so as to look like humans on Earth, thereby making me feel comfortable with their powerful, other-worldly presences.

These seven star brothers, like their seven sisters, held hands with each other; and the two brothers at the ends of the semi-circle held hands with the two star ladies at the end of the sister’s semi-circle. Thus, all fourteen Pleiadeans formed a circle around me. Like their sisters, the seven brothers also embodied and radiated Seventh Ray peace and love

I was in the center of them, with my being a Seventh Ray worker. Upon my becoming adjusted to, and comfortable with, these fourteen Pleiadeans, the image of a seven in a circle came to me, which is the symbol and motto of Mark-Age, Inc., and of the Latter Days. (See right.)

To rend the final vestiges of the seventh, final veil that separates mortal man of Earth from spiritual awareness and consciousness, we as light workers, regardless of what Ray of Life we primarily work upon, or what initiation we are enacting, are to be love in action.

Male and female light workers, as co-equal but opposite polarity partners, are to encircle the entire planet with white-and-gold light of the Seventh Ray. The Pleiadeans have come to help us do this, and thereby to make the way clear for Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary to redescend to Earth in their light bodies; to usher in a New or Golden Age of universal sisterhood and brotherhood.

Seven Boys

After my first contact with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades on December 27, 2023, I had researched the worldwide mythic descriptions of, and stories about, them. These teachings and beliefs had developed long before the Greek myths about the Pleiadeans had spread around the globe; and western astronomers had named this seven-starred cluster as  being the Pleiades.

The Cherokees of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, the Iroquois of New York, the Blackfoot of northwestern USA and parts of Canada, and the Ojibwe who live around the Great Lakes taught that seven boys, not seven girls, became the seven major stars of the Pleiades.

In the Cherokee, Iroquois and Ojibwe versions, seven boys tired of doing their assigned chores and began singing and dancing. They became so happy that they floated into the sky, and from there to the Pleiades. In the Blackfoot story, the seven boys were orphans or “lost boys” who felt unloved and out of place; Father Sun helped them to ascend to, and become, the seven bright stars in the sky.

Seven Girls

However, both the Kiowa Tribe of the central plains and the Lakota Amerindians of North and South Dakota, USA teach that seven girls, not boys, were chased by bears, so they climbed a low rock. They begged the rock to save them, and it grew higher and higher until they were pushed up into the sky. (This huge rock formation in Wyoming is called the Devil’s Tower; see to right.) The seven girls became the Pleiades and the grooves on the Devil’s Tower were said to be the marks of the bear claws.

The Berbers of the Sahara Desert in northern Africa, refer to the Pleiades as “the daughters of the night.” In Ukraine, according to the legend, seven maidens lived long ago. They danced the traditional round dances and sang the glorious songs to honor the gods. After their deaths, the gods first turned them into water nymphs, then took them to the sky, and from there to the seven stars of the Pleiades, where they dance the round dances to this day.

The Aborigines in western Australia say that seven sisters fled from the unwelcome attentions of a man represented by some of the stars in the Orion constellation. These seven sisters went to what we now call the Pleiades.

Thus, as the above and many other worldwide stories, myths and legends indicate, we have been and are now being visited not only by feminine but also masculine light beings from the Pleiades, hence seven sisters and seven brothers. This makes perfect sense, as befitting the divine law of polarity. (To read more details about the above and other mythic accounts relating to the Pleiades, click myths.)


In the waning days of Atlantis, when it became known that it would fall due to selfishness, Sol-O-Man/Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple whose epicenter was in what is now central Long Island, New York; and I was her direct disciple. Zolanda trained the race that was to become the Amerindians about spiritual, universal, Hierarchal teachings that they were to spread throughout the Americas to prepare the peoples there for the current Second Coming program.

Moreover, in the latter days of Atlantis, the Earth Temple, along with the Sun Temple near what is modern-day Miami, Florida, were the only two spaceports that still welcomed visits by extra-terrestrials. Therefore, as Sol-O-Man has told me, she knew about the Pleiadeans and had multiple contacts with them.

All of the above helps to explain why so many Amerindian tribes have stories about either girls or boys traveling to, and becoming, the seven major stars of the Pleiades. Sol-O-Man, being the spiritual co-leader of Earth along with her twin soul, Sananda, knew all about the law of polarity

Moreover, many  Amerindian Tribes, including the Cherokee, Ojibwe, Lakota, Cree and Zuni, believe that “Star People” from “Star Nations” or cosmic tribes have visited Earth, and are continuing to do so; and that their ancestors originally came to Earth from the Pleiades or other stars. Thus, when seven Cherokee boys ascended and went to and became the seven major stars of the Pleiades, they returned to their original galactic home. (Click here7 to read Phillel’s excellent post about Star Nations/People.)

All this correlates with what Nada-Yolanda has received: Mankind originally came 206 million years ago from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun of our Solar System, which is a star. From it, we came to all twelve planets of the Solar System, including Earth. (See our Mark-Age textbook Evolution of Man.)

Welcome Two Sets of Seven

In your meditations for the next four days, begin by surrounding yourself in a protective Christ column of First Ray blue light that is wide enough to hold 14 Pleiadean visitors. Call especially upon Glo-Ria and El Morya of the First Ray to help you to do so. Glow like Glo-Ria. Be of the Om Ray like Morya.

Since you are about to link with two sets of seven Pleiadeans, sisters and brothers, call also upon Ella and Kut Humi of the Second Ray to help you understand and become wise about your Pleiadean sisters and brothers, and your past and present kinship with them.

When you feel settled, secure, clear-minded and at peace, remember what it has felt like when the seven sisters have visited you in the past four days; when you may have thought about them but not psychically seen them. In some unique way, via your feminine subconscious, they likely have made their presences known to you. At the very least, you now consciously understand something new, and have become wiser, about them.

Then, welcome your seven Pleiadean sisters and brothers into your home: “me casa es tu casa” that means my house is your house. The seven sisters are in a semi-circle to the left or subconscious side of you; the seven brothers are in a semi-circle to the right or conscious side of you. Maybe you become aware that Sananda, instead of Sol-O-Man, introduces the seven brothers to you, whereas Sol-O-Man has introduced the seven sisters to you.

Circle of Seven

See these fourteen Pleiadeans holding hands and thereby forming a circle that encases you in their divine, Seventh Ray peace and love. They are two sets of seven, two sides of one coin or circle. Their coming to visit you examples galactic, universal love in action.

Be a seven in a Pleiadean circle. Be filled with divine, sacrificial, pure Seventh Ray love that rends the veil over your heart, and lifts you anew into I Am, ascended, Pleiadean consciousness.

One with the Pleiadeans, radiate peace and love to friends, family, foes and all peoples and nations of Earth. This will help to remove the last vestiges of the seventh veil that surrounds the Earth. See the planet surrounded in the golden light of the Seventh Ray.

Thank the Pleiadeans for coming and for being such loving galactic sisters and brothers to you.

Be love in action!