Enter Eden

Three weeks ago, deep in my morning meditation on January 7, 2024, the day after celebrating Epiphany in the West, a brilliant, light-filled woman descended and stood to the left of me. She eventually introduced herself as being the feminine leader or “mother” of the Seven Sisters. She instructed me to call her Pleia, which was her code name. It sounded like “Plee-ah,” with the accent on the first syllable.” She was Mama Pleia.

After we telepathically talked for awhile and I became increasingly comfortable with her loving presence, the Gospel song “In the Garden” began flowing through my mind. It’s about Christ Jesus appearing to a man in a garden, when the dew is still on the roses. The lyrics in this song include: “He [Jesus] walks with me, and he talks to me, and he tells me I am his own.” The lyrics I inwardly heard, however, were in the feminine gender: “She walks with me, and she talks with me, etc.

I was especially moved by “she tells me that I am her own” when it rang in my heart. The most amazing feeling flowed through me that Pleia had been my mother or as a mother during my sojourns in the Pleiades. I had suspected for days that the Pleiadeans were able to contact me partly because I had been with and trained under them in preparation for my current lifetime. But this was the first time that it felt so right, so deeply loving in my heart. It was like I was actually on one of the Pleiadean stars. In I Am consciousness, I was at home in the Pleiades, with Mama Pleia. Here on Earth, tears streamed down my face.

Early Space Contactees

Afterwards, while eating a snack in my kitchen, Mama Pleia responded telepathically to my questions about Billy Meier, a Swiss farmer who in the 1970s claimed he was in contact with space visitors from the Pleiades. He had publicly shared alleged photos of spacecraft from the Pleiades, sound recordings of these ships, plus channelings by Pleiadeans via him. Since then, however, scientists and most ufologists have concluded that Meier was a fraud. (Click Meier to read a Wikipedia article about him.)

Mama Pleia now told me that Pleiadeans indeed had contacted Billy Meier, but that over time he had gone off on tangents, colored his receivings from them, and gotten caught up in his own self-importance. She said that he was like most UFO contactees in the 1960s and 1970s who had valid contacts with visitors from within and beyond the Solar System, but who eventually misinterpreted and distorted what they experienced. Because of this, space visitors had not been able to land on Earth, for there was not sufficient clarity or receptivity by enough light workers on Earth for their doing so.

Transmute the Record

Nada-Yolanda was one of the few UFO contactees who received clear guidance from galactic visitors as well as from other planets in our Solar System, as shared in our Mark-Age text Visitors from Other Planets (see her picture to right). She correctly received that the space visitors had come to Earth to help Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their Second Coming; that Sananda’s city-sized ship #10 was the Hierarchal headquarters for Earth. Most early space contactees, including Billy Meier, made no mention of Sananda or Sol-O-Man, or of the Hierarchy’s Second Coming program.

Despite Nada-Yolanda being a clear Hierarchal channel, she did not receive anything about, or receive channelings from, the Pleiadeans. Nor has Phillel, who has concluded from his studies about Meier that he did have some valid contacts from Pleiadeans, but he strayed and made things up about them and their alleged messages; just as Mama Pleia explained to me.

Mama Pleia shared that in time I was to publish the correct information about her and her Pleiadean cohorts, thereby transmuting and correcting Billy Meier’s story, and preparing the way for the Pleiadeans to land on Earth.

Go into Your Garden

In your meditations and quiet moments during the next four days, after spiritually protecting yourself inside a cocoon of Christ light, see yourself in your own Edenic Garden. It is the early morning hours, because the dew there is still on the pink, white and gold roses. It is still dark enough that you can see the seven major stars (Seven Sisters) of the Pleiades (see to right).

When Mama Pleia contacted me on January 7th, it was only two days earlier, on January 5th, that Sol-O-Man had brought Anna, the twin soul of Lanto who is the Chohan of the Third Ray of Personal Love, to be with me. Anna and Lanto are the spiritual co-leaders of Venus, which examples and radiates the Third Ray to the whole Solar System.

With Anna were Ros-A-Lee, who as Rosalie had been my baby sister this lifetime; and Serena who had been my beloved Mama whose name was Aleta, with her being my twin soul. (Click Rosie to read my recent blog about this, titled: Love One Another.)

Ros-A-Lee is a Third Ray worker (pink), whereas Serena is of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love (white and gold). Their loving, feminine, transcendent-but-vivid-contacts with me, plus those of Sol-O-Man and Anna, prepared the way for my above contact with Mama Pleia. Pleia is of the Seventh Ray, but her Third Ray pink love of me was, and still is, deeply and profoundly personal. To this day, when I think of, and connect in thought with, her, I commonly have goosebumps, my body shutters and I am moved nearly to tears.

Perceive & Believe

As for you now, let go any doubts that may surface within you, any feelings that you are not capable or spiritually evolved enough to have contact with Pleia. Rather, confidently imagine and visualize that you are walking with her in your glorious Garden. Perhaps in your clairvoyant vision she looks like a radiant, loving, Earthly woman, as she did to me. Maybe she wears flowing gold and white clothes. Maybe you are dazzled by her smile.

She looks upon you as a mother or grandmother does to her beloved son, daughter or grandchild. As you hold hands with her, walk in the Garden of God with her. In your higher mind, talk with her via thought transference. Listen as she says that “you are my own.” In some unique, believable way, she makes it clear that she indeed is your Pleiadean Mama or Grandma.

Especially feel her loving presence in your heart. This may be all that you experience. Feeling her in your heart-of-hearts is your verification that indeed she is with you, that you are not just making this up and going off on a tangent.

The joy you share as you now tarry there in the Garden radiates to friends, family and people worldwide. Soon, all others will know the love that Mama Pleia and her Seven Daughters have brought to us.

Give thanks unto Father-Mother God!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

To listen to Anne Murray singing “In the Garden,” click Eden. Imagine that it is Pleia singing it to you. Note that Anne’s daughter, Dawn, is singing back-up with her.