Be a Vulcan Vortex

Each one of the thirteen spiritual temples or power centers around the world is a vortex of sacred light. The English word vortex comes from the Latin vertere, meaning “to turn or whirl.” Physically, a vortex may be a whirling mass of water, as in a whirlpool (see image to right); or a powerful eddy of air, as in a whirlwind or a tornado.

A vortex of etheric, sacred light is similar in shape to a funnel. Higher, fourth-dimensional energies pour down into it and funnel into our seven chakras; and into the Temple of Vulcan in southern Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City.

When looked at in two dimensions, a vortex appears as a letter V. When seen in three dimensions, a vortex is in the shape of a downward-pointing cone.


When spiritual energy pours down into the top, widest part of the cone or vortex, and then slowly descends to each chakra, it does not come down in a straight line. Rather, it travels in a swirling, spiraling fashion, gradually lowering itself all the way down to the base or apex of the vortex; from the crown chakra at the top half of the head down to the regenerative chakra at the base of the spine. (See image below.)

During this spiralling descent, we experience two steps of expansion in consciousness in each chakra or psychic center; and then one step back to transmute any lower attitudes, feelings or memories that surface and swirl into the open center of the vortex — hence into our conscious awareness.

In focusing on the re-opening of our own Temple of Vulcan and that of the Temple 12 in southern Vietnam, it will take about 28 days for the full re-birthing of this 12th vortex. This current blog on November 29, 2022 is only day 9, so we still have 19 more days to go before fully re-energizing Temple 12, within and without.

Step By Step

Here’s my example of this step-by-step process: Starting on November 21, 2022, with my first blog, titled Be the 12 that You are, the initial anchoring of the whirling, cone-like, Vulcan vortex entered the top central portion or vertex of my head. Vortex and Vertex, the two co-leaders of Vulcan, oversaw and directed this initial entry into my crown chakra.

I first was mostly aware of Vertex, as the feminine or subconscious representative of the team. She was above me and anchoring herself down and into my head. She quickened my faith faculty that expresses via the two cerebral hemisphere of my brain. My crown chakra and cerebrum were electrified. I had renewed faith that what I perceived was indeed true.

The next day, November 22nd, Vortex was with Vertex above me. I could not see them but I sure could “feel” them; by faith I perceived them. Around the perimeter of my crown chakra, which looked like a golden ring in the shape of a 12-sided dodecagon, 12 lines of force or coaxial, interdimensional cables linked into my golden crown and then down and into 12 primary centers in my cerebrum. Six female and six male Vulcan co-workers and associates of Vortex and Vertex locked into my brain. (See drawing to right/above of the positioning of the 12.)

Symbolically and literally, one Vulcan became positioned at each of the 12 faces of my dodecagonal shaped Christ column of light. On the left side were the 6 Vulcan ladies, on the right side were the 6 Vulcan men.

I had not fully understood what was happening with me during these two days — at this point I was content to go with the flow. Only with hindsight did it make sense. So, in like fashion, you may have become more aware that during those two  days, November 21-22, you began to experience the implantation of Vulcan consciousness in your cerebrum. Maybe you even even the presence not only of Vortex and Vertex, but of other Vulcans. Or you may have dreamt about them. In some new way, your mind that functions through your cerebrum, expanded in consciousness. By faith, you became a 12.

One with Vulcan

Later that morning, still on November 22nd, Vortex and Vertex, plus their associates, lowered a brilliant white sphere into my crown chakra and cerebrum, which was about 3-4 feet in diameter. The sphere symbolized, and carried the vibrations of, Vulcan, as if I was seeing this planet from outer space high above it. It was the most brilliant image that has ever been presented to me, other than the Sun, which was fitting for the 12th, highest vibrational planet.

With its implantation, my head was totally electrified. In response, my whole body involuntarily shook, trembled and jerked as the higher Vulcan frequencies poured down from my cerebrum via my nerves into every other part of my body. A couple times I gasped involuntarily and let out a yelp or two. Eventually, I became settled and secure in this new Vulcan implantation. I was now one with Vulcan and Vulcan was one with me. I felt like I was there on Vulcan and yet still here on Earth. I was in Vulcan heaven on Earth.

The next two days, November 23rd and 24th, my focus was on my second Vulcan blog titled Be a Vulcan-Earthling. This blog used the visualization of a letter V to depict in 2-dimensional terms/lines the re-birth of Vulcan consciousness in and through my cerebrum. The descent of the V or 3-dimensional-vortex of sacred Vulcan light slowly descended a couple inches down deeper into the bottom section of my cerebrum, wherein it became fully anchored. My focus on, and work with, my uppermost or 7th chakra was now complete. (See image to right.)

Again, you no doubt had your own experience and version of initially grounding in Vulcan consciousness in your crown/cerebral center. Think back now and see what new understanding comes to you as to how it happened, what occurred that still sticks in your mind, how your mind expanded and your heart swelled with Vulcan light, what effects it had on your whole body.

Third-Eye Implantation of Vortex of Vulcan

On November 25-26, as per my blog, Welcome Vortex of Vulcan, you and I focused on communing with, and feeling the presence of, Vortex of Vulcan, the masculine co-leader of that etheric planet. In my case, he appeared before me in a blaze of Vulcan light, as seen and perceived via my all-seeing, third eye. This indicated that the V or vortex of sacred Vulcan light had now begun to anchor into my third-eye chakra, in the forehead region and the center of my head, in my two thalami that sit just below the two cerebral hemisphere of my brain.

Then, during the next two days, November 27-28, our focus was on my blog Welcome Vertex of Vulcan into our third-eye chakra, as seen by our ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers. Thus, I clairvoyantly saw her before me, and even perceived the outline of her light-filled body.

In your case, maybe you too had some image of her before you, or perhaps you just intuitively sensed her there. Maybe all you felt was a further quickening and activation of your third eye.

During her presence with me for these two days, the apex V or Vulcan vortex descended into the hypothalamus, the organ just below the thalamus, still in the center of the head. The hypothalamus relates to the subconscious programming in our soul; hence to Vertex as the feminine co-ruler of Vulcan.

Moreover, during these four days, November 25-28, eventually 12 more Vulcan associates surrounded your my Christ columns of cosmic light that is in the shape of a dodecagon; making a total of 24 Vulcans. Literally and symbolically, 2 Vulcans positioned themselves at each of the 12 faces of the dodecagon, making 12 male Vulcans to the right of us, 12 to the left of us. (See image to right.)

In other words, our forcefields were doubled in size and in Vulcan peace and power. Our Christ column of light expanded from being 12-feet wide to 24-feet wide. The apex of the V or downward whirling vortex was firmly embedded in our third-eye center, our second chakra as viewed from above to below. As it descended, it widened our Christ column of cosmic light. With this new empowerment, we first made the right-handed Vulcan salute, then the combine right-and-left-handed dual Vulcan salute and blessing.

Beware the Blowback

During this time, you may have had a “blowback” dream or outer experience, a negative reaction to your growing in Vulcan consciousness. In my such experience, I dreamt I was on the second floor of a brightly illumined building that was not of this Earth. Two crafty, professional thieves/pickpockets approached me and tried to surreptitiously rob me of my cellphone. But I caught them and held onto the phone. In the next scene, however, they somehow had managed to steal it. I went to the two masculine security agents to report this and to elicit their help. They said they were aware of what had happened, but rather than help me, they went off to do something on their own that they thought was more important. I woke up totally annoyed and dismayed.

The second floor represented the astral planes, those that are above the Earth but still interconnected with it. The thieves were from the lower astral planes. My cellphone represents my ability to communicate with those in the higher astral and etheric planes, including Vulcans. The lower astrals do not want this to occur — they do not want to be exposed as being the selfish, nasty thieves that they are. The two security men were 7th-astral plane light workers who were assigned to help protect me, but as evolved as they were, they got caught up in their own residual selfishness and left me in the lurch.

Upon awakening, I called upon Vortex and Vertex, plus their 24 assistants, to reinforce my protection. I also called on Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria. In time, my forcefield was sealed anew, stronger than ever. In the process, I also transmuted my own doubts and fears about whether or not I was receiving correctly, if I really was “good enough” to handle my responsibility and work with communicating with Vulcans.

Throat Chakra

Today, November 29th, our 9th of 28 days of focusing on the re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of Vulcan, within and without, the Vulcan vortex begins its descent into our throat chakra. This is the primary center for expressing First Ray Will and Power. It manifests via the vocal apparatus, respiratory system and muscular system. We breathe in the will of God and express it via our speaking the word and moving our body, especially our limbs with His-Her power.

Thus, now begins the next level of the gradual, day-by-day expansion of a total of 12 more feet in the diameter of our Christ column of powerful light, such that by day 4 of this throat chakra focus, November 12th, it will be 36 feet in diameter. As it expands and widens, new Vulcan associates will be added to our forcefield, until such time that there will be 36 such co-workers of Vortex and Vertex assisting, guiding, inspiring and protecting us — 18 ladies on our left, 18 men on our right. Today, begin to see this as already being done, and then over the next four days grow into this new reality and experience.

Please realize, however, that these are not absolute figures and numbers but rather they are as much symbolic as literal. The point of using these visualizations and numerous descriptions is to add understanding and clarity to the process of the descent of the Vulcan vortex. Thus, you may or may not have conscious awareness of all the details of what is happening. As always, the most important thing is that you change and expand in consciousness, that you slowly, day-by-day, grow into more of your Vulcan power, into more of the interdimensional teamwork and exchange that you have with Vulcans.

Find your own unique way of doing this. Follow your own I Am guidance. You may be visually oriented, or perhaps you will receive intuitively and clairsentiently; or some combination of both. Just be more and more the Vulcan-Earthling that you are, with all your own unique, wondrous ways and talents.

Follow Me

As for me, Vortex, Vertex and the other Vulcans already have given me two new commands and insights. Yesterday, they inspired me to say to my various detractors and resistors here on Earth, especially those in the health professions and sciences: Come and follow me. I spoke this as Soliel of the Sun, from my I Am Self identity and Solar power. I added: What I am doing, you, too, can do, and more.

Thus, rather than ask or tell people to change, to thereby focus on their faults and limitations and resistances, and get all caught up in their mortal/soul dramas and soul resistance, I Am to speak the word: Come and follow me, not me the individual or mortal personality, but me, Soliel who shines like the Sun/Son. In turn, I am following Sananda-Christ Jesus, who spoke these words of following him on several occassions.

This morning, November 29th, Sananda briefly appeared to me and gave me a one-word verification: Lead! In other words, I Am to use my First Ray will and power to lead those who are willing to follow me, to walk the walk. If I lead them, they then can make the decision to follow me. If I don’t lead them by my example, they may turn and try to rend me; they may try to get me to follow them, to impose their will on me, due to the residue in them of Cain consciousness, which everyone on Earth has to some degree.

Thus, for four days, you and I are to powerfully step forth in I Am, Vulcan consciousness, on our journey back to the Sun-Son-Sananda-Vulcan-I Am consciousness.

Speak & Do

In your meditations and quiet times for the next couple days, picture the apex of the Vulcan vortex of sacred light descending first into your crown chakra, then down and into your third eye chakra, and finally down your spinal column and into your throat chakra, which is your will and power center for speaking the word and positively moving via your muscles, especially those of your upper and lower limbs.

Ask Spirit to give you new, I Am images that you can utilize to bring still greater re-opening and re-empowerment of your own Temple of Vulcan. See your crown, third eye and especially your throat chakra filled with Christ light. See and call forth the Christ in each person around you, near and far away, friends and foes alike — see them Vulcanized.

Find a new way to put your I Am power into action, to speak powerfully but humbly and lovingly to others, to walk your Vulcan-Earthling walk, to lead those whom you represent, to keep moving forward and upward. Some will follow you, others will not. Leave behind those who continue to refuse to change despite your best efforts to help and lead them. Keep ascending to light the way to Vulcan consciousness and solar system citizenship even while remaining firmly grounded on Earth. Where you go, hopefully many others will follow. Rejoice in this.

When your personal vortex is firmly positioned and anchored in your throat center, shift gears and spend sufficient time radiating love, light, and power to Temple 12 in southern Vietnam. See it being re-born yet another step. Visualize the Vulcan V or vortex being more deeply implanted within its sacred forcefield. (See artistic image to right of the Vulcan vortex in southern Vietnam.)

As you, I and all other re-awakening Vulcan-Earthlings see it, so shall it be in God’s good time and way. Come hell or high water, acceptance or rejection, we forge forward and lead the way in re-birthing Vulcan heaven on Earth. Om.