Be a Yellow Gem

Today, May 25, 2023, which is the second of three days of focusing on rebirthing the Second Ray Temple of Mercury on Earth, your yellow flame will congeal and crystallize as a yellow diamond gemstone. This will help you to anchor your personal Temple of Mercury. Your goal is to manifest and express Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom in some new, practical, down-to-earth way.

In your meditations and visualizations today, begin by becoming centered once again in the inner core of the Second Ray yellow flame around and within your four lower bodies: physical, astral, emotional and mental. Sit serenely in the Silence. Affirm and know that you are one with Father-Mother God, Who is All-knowing.

Two Angels

Then, imagine Archangel Hophiel (also spelled Jophiel) of the Second Ray descending from the celestial realms and standing a few feet in front of you. In the picture to the right, he hardly looks like he appears to me in my third-eye visions of him. But this painting is one of the few depictions of him in which he is wearing clothing and has wings that are shades of yellow. The brown colors around him indicate that he is capable of standing here on Earth, right before you.

His “wings” are symbolic depictions of his auric field. So, see his aura extending forward and connecting with the front border of your aura. As a result, feel a quickening of your understanding and wisdom faculties. Sense Hophiel beginning to realign and remold your aura and physical body, such that you sit straight and your spine and nerves are strong, steady and stable as they hold and radiate yellow light.

Behind you, envision Lady Hophiel, who is Lord Hophiel’s feminine angelic counterpart (see the symbolic image of her to the right/below). Her “wings” are extended halfway around your back. Her yellow angelic energy especially quickens your astral and emotional bodies, whereas Lord Hophiel’s celestial energies quickened more so your mental and physical bodies.

Lady Hophiel protects you from any negative emotional and astral infiltration that is being sent your way by those of lesser, mortal consciousness. In other words, she has your back. She also helps you to have soul recall of the essence of your past lives in which you communed with her. Thus, she feels so familiar to you, like a loving friend. Her wise, motherly angelic presence is a healing balm to your soul.

Two Second Ray Masters

To the left of you, feel the presence of the Second Ray feminine ascended master, whose code name is Ella. The two side-by-side letters “ll” in her name symbolize her twin soul relationship with Kut Humi, who is the Chohan or Director of the Second Ray. The two of them are the co-rulers of Mercury. Ella thus is the wisest woman in the solar system. Therefore, she knows and understands you as well as any woman. In ancient Greece, she was symbolized by the goddess Athena.

Some eleven years ago, on January 23, 2012, in a vivid dream, I was in a huge forest of trees taller that Sequoias. From out of the trunk of the tallest of these trees, an old, smiling woman opened and walked out through a door. She looked like a grandmother who was wearing simple, plain clothing that was mostly yellow in color. She introduced herself to me as Ella and warmly told me how happy she was to see me again. Who is this lady, I wondered. In follow-up dreams and meditations, she shared and confirmed her name as Ella. (See the cartoon to the right of a wise, charming granny with yellow clothing symbolizing understanding and wisdom, and with pink items that represent personal love.)

So, in your current visualization, see Ella standing to the left of you as a charming, smiling, happy, wise grandmother dressed mostly in yellow and radiating yellow light. Feel the joy of remaking your acquaintance with her. Know that at any time you can seek and receive wise counsel from her.

Once you have reconnected with Ella, picture Kut Humi standing to your right. His past lives include: Lao-Tze (China), Aristotle (Greece), John the Beloved (Israel), St. Francis and Leonardo da Vinci (Italy), Shakespeare (England), and Babaji (an etheric, light-body projection of himself in India). A painting of Babaji is to the right.

As described in the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, Babaji’s twin soul in India is called Mataji. Babaji means “beloved father or grandfather” and Mataji is a “beloved mother or grandmother.” In Yogananda’s accounts of them, Babaji resides primarily in a cave high up in the Himalayas, whereas Mataji lives mostly in an underground cave or structure below the Ganges River (with this dwelling place indicating the subconscious).

Babaji is by far the better known of the two. His mission is to unite Hindu teachings with those of Christ Jesus, to link the East with the West. However, Ella’s projections and appearances of her light form on Earth as Mataji are equally important in transforming the Hindu soul of India, that is represented by the Ganges River. (See the painting to the right of these two masters meditating together in a valley in the Himalayan Mountains.)

Since the Temple of Mercury is in northwest India and Nepal, connect today primarily with Kut Humi as Babaji, who you see and feel to the right of you. Connect with Ella as Mataji, who you feel to the left of you. Imagine that you are meditating and communing with them in ascended, I Am, mountain-top consciousness. So be it.

Four Wise Beings

Thus, you now are surrounded by two angels and two ascended masters of the Second Ray. These four beings will now assist you in anchoring your light form in and through your four lower bodies, which activity comes under the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. (See the image to the right, in which you are in I Am consciousness at the center of their combined forcefields.)

Envision Lord and Lady Hophiel, as well as Kut Humi and Ella, reaching up with their arms and hands, wherein is a large yellow diamond. Diamonds are the hardest of all gems, and come in multiple colors, although the most common ones are crystal clear.

The diamond you see descending over you, however, is a yellow one that holds and radiates the Flame of the Second Ray. This diamond is etheric in nature, hence not seen with your physical eyes or by those of mortal consciousness. You see it with your all-seeing, cosmic, third eye, by way of your I Am power of imagination. Slowly but surely, the yellow diamond anchors into your seven chakras and corresponding organs, starting with the crown chakra and cerebrum at the top half of you head. With its full anchoring, it is about 10-12 feet in diameter, with the bottom of it being below your two feet and the top above your head.

See it. Feel it. Anchor it. Be it. Be the yellow diamond that you are in I Am consciousness. This diamond represents your own Temple of Mercury. With its crystallization, understand anew how you now are to manifest greater understanding and wisdom in your life.

Understanding is more so of the conscious mind, whereas wisdom is more so of the subconscious mind. Conscious and subconscious need to be joined together, in other words to be married to one another. Then this combined unit can be linked fully with the superconscious Self and light body. It is this second marriage that brings full I Am wisdom into your conscious and subconscious awareness and functioning.

Once the yellow diamond is completely anchored and manifested, ask Spirit to give you one specific, practical way that you now can apply your understanding and wisdom to help others to grow spiritually, just as the two angels and two masters did for you. Perhaps you are guided to select one person and see this individual being surrounded in a yellow diamond that enlightens him or her, and inspires this individual to be of service. Whatever your guidance is, be as a mother or father, a grandmother or grandfather to this fellow traveler on the Way, but above all be a friend to his child of God.

Above and Below

Yesterday, May 24th, at the start of my morning meditation, even before I could visualize it, I almost immediately felt surrounded and imbued with the yellow light and energy of the Second Ray. Shortly thereafter, I especially felt Kut Humi to the right of me and Ella to my left. Some new guidance flowed from them to me about how to write yesterday’s blog.

Then later, in the second part of my meditation, suddenly, to the left and above me, a brilliant yellow sphere appeared that burst open and radiated gorgeous yellow light in every direction, especially to me. Pondering this, in time it came clearly to me that this was a new image, vision and communion with Ella in all her I Am, ascended splendor. It was the most moving, impactful and powerful such connection with her yet. Peering again at the brilliant sphere, I could begin to see some  features of her ascended body. But I could hardly fathom how magnificent her yellow light was.

After writing my blog that morning, especially during the day when I took a nap, I asked if there was more input or understanding that I was to have about this experience. Finally, it began to dawn on me that it was not just Ella that I had viewed, but rather that her incredible brilliance was due in part to Lady Hophiel standing behind her, which I now began to inwardly sense and see. It was Lady Hophiel’s celestial energies, combined with those of Ella, that had nearly overwhelmed me. Before this, in years past, I had some general sense of communing with Lady Hophiel, but mostly I had connected with Lord Hophiel. Now, with this connection with Lady Hophiel, I was in awe and on cloud nine for the rest of the day. Yes, she was with me, watching over me, filling me with yellow light. Oh my!

The next morning, which was this morning, I dreamt that I was in what looked like a large department store. It was a place I previously had not visited or seen. I went to the jewelry section of the store, and started looking at various gemstones, especially yellow ones. The lady who waited on me seemed to be in her 20s and I was about in my 40s. She was very professional, simply dressed, beautiful in appearance, and very calm and down to Earth. The more I talked with her, the more I was attracted to her. This was not sexual at all, but just untainted love of a charming, delightful lady. I found myself wanting to ask her if she wanted to go out to dinner that night with me, but I hesitated. She somehow picked up on this and indicated by what she said in subtle ways and in her body posture that she was open to my doing so, even desirous of this. I was about to ask her when I woke up.

My goodness, I thought, who is this young woman and why is she so familiar to, and loving with, me. I will admit that at first I now had some typical human feelings about her, which I did my best to dismiss. Then, in a sudden bolt of insight, I knew who she truly was: Ella! Yesterday, she was a burst of yellow light in the heavens, shedding and sharing her glorious yellow energies with me. Today, she was down to earth, looking like a fellow human, showing me her feminine understanding and wisdom, especially about gems, but also treating me as the gem that I Am.

Her being in her 20s represented her being of the Second Ray. My being about 40 symbolized the upcoming linking with the 4 beings (two angels and two masters) in my morning meditation and writing this blog. In time, I took all of this dream as confirmation of what I had experienced yesterday and had now grounded into my conscious understanding. And the next time I go out to eat, I will invited Ella and Lady Hophiel to join me, and I hope they will do so. No matter, I will feel their abiding presence that now is seared deeply into my soul. Maybe I will purchase some kind of yellow gemstone to celebrate all of this.

I share all of this primarily to show my own example of how all of us have many levels of understanding and wisdom, and how the masters and angels contact us and find unique ways to verify their presence and input. Note how at first, in both my vision and my dream that I did not fully understand what I was receiving and experiencing. I had to take the time to consciously analyze all the input, and then to ask Spirit for even more insight, to give me the I Am wisdom about all of this. That is how it always works. We go slowly, step by step, analyzing and confirming as we go, and finally ground all of it fully in our thoughts, feelings, memories and physical actions. From a yellow flame we become a yellow gemstone.

So, all of you are now invited to come with me to my favorite restaurant that serves “manna from heaven,” so we can tell one another our stories of communion with Lord and Lady Hophiel, Ella and Babaji. And to raise a toast to the four them and all other Mercurians who are working and being with us.

God is Good! Thank You, Mother-Father Creator, and all of your Second Ray agents for leading, guiding, protecting and uplifting every one of us. To You goes the Glory. Amen!

*    *   *   *   *

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