Radiate Yellow Light

Today, Friday, May 26, 2023, which is our third and final day of focusing primarily on the Temple of Mercury, from our own yellow diamond crystal, we are going to radiate Second Ray yellow light of Understanding and Wisdom to northeast India, Nepal and southern Tibet. This is the location of the planetary Temple of Mercury.

On the map to the right, this site is shown as a yellow circle. To see a large map of this region, click here, and then go to your download file to select and view it.

In Sananda’s incarnation as Siddhartha/Gautama the Buddha, he was born in Lumbini in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, which is now in southcentral Nepal, near the border with northeastern India. Lumbini is the epicenter of the Temple of Mercury, with this power center’s core vibrations flowing out for about 250 miles in all directions, to include all of Nepal and a southern part of Tibet, as well as most of northeast India through which the Ganges River flows.

Four sites are sacred to Buddhists: Lumbini where he was born; Bodh Gaya where he attained enlightenment when sitting under the Bodhi Tree; Sarnath where he gave his first talk about the Four Noble Truths; and Kushinagar where he made his transition when he was eighty years old. See map to right for their locations.

During that lifetime, Sol-O-Man, his twin soul, was incarnated as Siddhartha’s wife, Yasodhara, who eventually joined his Buddhist sangha or community of spiritual disciples, wherein she became a primary leader of the Buddhist nuns or devotees. Sananda became a Buddha, a man who is enlightened, awake and illumined. Yasodhara became a Buddhi, a feminine, fully enlightened master. So link with her even as you link also with Sananda. They are the spiritual co-leaders of Earth.

Let Your Yellow Light Shine

In your meditation(s) today, sit serenely in the Silence and know that you are one with your I Am, high or Buddha/Buddhi Self, via which you one with Father-Mother God. Be like Gautama the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree. See your tree of life having a yellow trunk, and yellow limbs and leaves that surround your entire auric field. All of your mind and nervous system now lights up with yellow light. You slowly become enlightened, illumed and at peace. You are a yellow flame that shines on one and all, but especially to the spiritual temple, power center of vortex of sacred yellow light that is the Temple of Mercury. (See image to right that symbolically depicts this experience.)

Next, as you did yesterday, see the yellow flame congealing and eventually crystallizing as a yellow diamond that is about 10-12 feet in diameter, which is now all around you. You become still more more grounded and anchored in Second Ray yellow consciousness, that of Understanding and Wisdom. You become more aware of those in the etheric and celestial realms who are assisting you in this gemlike manifestation and crystallization. They include Archangel Lord Hophiel, Lady Hophiel, Kut Humi and Ella; and their co-workers and assistants.

They also include visitors who have come from Mercury to Earth in their ventlas or spaceships to assist all light workers in their re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of Mercury. Perhaps you sense a Mercurian spacecraft above you, with its hieronic spacebeam clamping onto and stimulating your two temples, above and in front of your two ears. Maybe your spine and nerves become charged and accelerated, with your feeling warm, almost on fire. (See artistic image of a “Mercian” craft and its spacebeam.)

Settle into this and welcome your Mercurian brothers and sisters who add their energies to your individual Temple of Mercury. As you do so, maybe you have glimpses of times when you have incarnated on Mercury.

Finally, link also with the Second Ray Elohim of Understanding and the Second Ray EloHer of Wisdom. They and their associates also are part of your interdimensional team for broadcasting yellow light to the Temple of Mercury in northeastern India, Nepal and southern Tibet.


Before you, see the yellow vortex of light that is the Temple of Mercury in and around Lumbini. From you as a yellow diamond, radiate yellow light and energy to this power center or vortex. Visualize a huge diamond crystal being lowered over and around this spiritual temple. At first the yellow crystal may be five-to-ten miles in diameter, but as you continue to radiate yellow light to it, it grows in size, reaching 50 miles in diameter, and eventually 500 miles; thus encompassing the entire Temple of Mercury.

As you do this, become aware of the scores of Mercurian spaceships that are above this whole area, as well as multiple angels and etheric ascended masters. See and connect with all the 2nd Ray guides in the higher astral and etheric realms who likewise are radiating their yellow light to all the light workers who live within and near this circle of 500 miles.

Etheric, Astral, Earth

The leader of the higher astral plane workers calls himself White Tiger. The Bengal tiger, which is the national animal of India, usually is orange with black stripes. But rarely, a white tiger with black stripes is born. Indians especially refer these white tigers as spiritual beings, just as AmerIndians in the West revere the white buffalo. (See white tiger to right.)

So many of India’s current problems and challenges are deeply influenced by those in its surrounding lower astral planes (first through fourth), with there being 100 times more of souls living in the entire seven astral planes in their astral bodies than those incarnated on Earth. White Tiger, and his feminine counterpart oversee those in the higher astral planes (fifth through seventh) who spiritually help, rather than hinder and harm, those on Earth.

In the higher astral planes, link also with Jawaharlal Nehru, who ruled India from 1947-1964; and with his daughter, Indira Gandhi, who was Prime Minister of India 1966-1977 and again 1980-1984. They work together with the other former Prime Ministers of India who now are in the higher astral planes, all of whom shine their light especially on governmental leaders of India on Earth, including the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Finally, link with Mahatma Gandhi and his primary friend and associate, Badshah Khan who was a Muslim. Both are still active in the higher astral and etheric planes in uplifting India and its Temple of Mercury into a new and higher I Am vibration.

Shine, Shine, Shine, Shine

Remember, too, to link strong with Summalt/Peter, who aboard his mother ship #7423 in the Eastern Hemisphere oversees and inspires all light workers through this half of the world. In conjunction with him, link with SoMa who is his twin soul.

Then, as guided from within, continue to shine your yellow light to the Temple of Mercury until it crystallizes there and helps to manifest and anchor this temple on Earth. See a tube or cable or “nerve fiber” of light emanating from you to there. Link the two sites together in one network or gridwork, just as the spinal cord and nerves do this throughout your physical body.

Know and realize still more deeply that with the manifestation and crystallization of the Temple of Mercury, its Second Ray energies will radiate north to Lake Baikal, Russia (Tempe of Neptune); east to  Xi’an, China (Temple of Jupiter); south to southeastern Vietnam (Temple of Vulcan); southwest to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa (Eleventh Temple); and west to Jerusalem, Israel (Temple of Mars). This will enhance, energize and strengthen the gridwork linking all six temples that are in the East.

Yellow light now surrounds the whole Eastern Hemisphere and radiates from there to all six planetary temples and the Sun Temple in the West. With Pentecost that we officially will celebrate in two days on May 28th, with the ongoing pouring out of Spirit upon all flesh, the Earth is enlightened, awakened, spiritually quickened and illumined. So be it.

Thank You, Spirit, our Father-Mother Creator!

*    *    *    *    *

For additional information and details about radiating yellow light to the Temple of Mercury, click on my blog about this, which was posted last year on March 17, 2023. Click here2.