Be Clear

Starting Monday, July 5, 2021, and continuing for seven days, we are going to focus for a second week on our I Am power of imagination, the seventh of our 12 Christ powers.

Imagination manifests or externalizes via the third-eye chakra in the astral body as the thalamus in the physical body (see the previous blog See and Be for a drawing of, and explanations about, the thalamus). Imagination is our picturing power–what we see, will be.

Jesus’ Apostle Nathanael Bartholomew portrayed this power of imagination.

The corresponding color that carries and radiates this power is crystal clear.

Our goal and theme for this week is: Be clear.

Have No Guile

In John 1:47 (Lamsa) we read: “Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him and he said of him, Behold truly an Israelite, in whom there is no guile!

“Nathanael said to him, Where do you know me? Jesus said to him, Even before Philip called you, while you were under the fig tree, I saw you.

“Nathanael answered and said to him, Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the king of Israel.”

Metaphysically interpreted, Israel represents a group or nation of spiritual thoughts and ideas. Nathanael means a gift or reward of God, this gift being the ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that function in and through the third eye chakra and thalamus.

Bartholomew symbolizes one who is furrowed to receive the new I Am images that are seeded in and through one’s crystal-clear receiving faculty, the diamond-like doorway between dimensions.

See Clearly

The key point in this exchange between Christ Jesus and Nathanael is that Jesus says that Nathanael has no guile. Dictionary definitions of guile are cunning; artifice; duplicity; deceit. Thus, Nathanael sees clearly, without any marring or irregularity, distortion or discoloration of his mirror-like imagination faculty. He clearly sees that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah. He sees the Christ in each other son of God, including himself. Nathanael is clear!

Moreover, Jesus demonstrates his own Christ clairvoyance, seeing Nathanael under the fig tree, even before Nathanael physically came before him. Furthermore, at a distance, Jesus saw rightly and clearly that Nathanael had no guile–he accurately saw into the depths of Nathanael’s mind and soul. He did a soul reading or intunement for Nathanael.

Go and Do Likewise

We are to follow in the footsteps of Sananda-Jesus and Nathanael Bartholomew, to see as they did, which we are fully capable of doing since we too are a child of the Divine, created in His-Her image and likeness.

We are to cleanse and transmute and quicken our third-eye mirror, window or doorway via which we see beyond the physical into the astral and etheric realms; into our own soul record of this and past lives and into the soul memories of others; into the fourth dimensional or heavenly realm wherein live the ascended masters; into the celestial realm such that we perceive and see angels that cannot be seen with our physical eyes and sight.

So, what is it that you still need to review, rebalance and reprogram in your mind, soul and physical habits, in the still dark regions of your subconscious mind? No one of us on Earth or in the astral realms is perfect, is totally without guile. We are all on the road to this fourth dimensional perfection, but until we are fully in the light body, to some degree and in some way we still see through a glass darkly.

See the Christ

So, then, what are we to make of Jesus’ evaluation of Nathanael, that he is without guile? Perhaps Jesus was saying that Nathanael was as clear as he could be at the current stage of his re-evolution into I Am consciousness; not that he was perfectly clear as he would be when he completed all of his seven major initiations.

Moreover, Nathanael buttressed this interpretation in that he rightly saw that Jesus was fully clear, as only someone in full Christ consciousness could be. Nathanael was humble enough to not let Jesus’ pronouncement about him “go to his head” or to think that he had “arrived.” Yes, Nathanael was an Israelite, but he saw that Jesus was the “king” of Israel, whom he was to follow and emulate; that Jesus was the Prince of planet Earth, its true spiritual leader and wayshower.

Indeed Nathaneal’s clear receiving and pronouncement that Christ Jesus was the Son of God, that he represented the son-of-God consciousness inherent in all of us, was proof positive of Nathanael’s being without guile. After all, how many people of those times would clearly see Jesus in this way? How many people correctly see this now?


Is your darkness and soul blindness because of lingering fear, shame or guilt that colors and distorts the images that you receive and send to others? Do you deeply doubt that you can receive clearly?

Do you feel inferior or superior to others rather than know that each person inherently is an equal, beloved child of our Father-Mother Creator? Do you still seek fame or control of others (especially of your “enemies”), rather than seeing them free to choose and be who they truly are, beyond perhaps your current view and evaluation of them?

Do you still at times try to force things, to get your own way, to think that you are in the driver’s seat when in fact it always is best that you call upon Spirit to do and see all things through you?

Do you still try to predetermine the time, way, manner and place that your new I Am image will manifest, rather than turn your healing and that of others over to God Who alone knows what is best for you and all concerned?

Whatever it is that now comes to your conscious attention, spend this week clearing it out of your mind and soul, and replacing it with a new and higher I Am image, one given to you by your I Am Self, ascended masters and/or angelic guardians.

Half and Half

Remember, too, that about half of light workers tend and favor to be visually oriented and talented, and thereby see visions and have an active dream life filled with new images. The other half of our spiritual brothers and sisters do not “see” things visually but operate more so from clairsentience or intuition, and prefer it this way.

Moreover, hardcore metaphysicians who favor clairsentience decry any use of the psychic senses, such as in past-life readings (soul intunements) and/or vocal channeling, claiming erroneously that these forms of receiving always are a trap or a pitfall that ensnares both the channel and those reading the channeled discourses in false, limited, distorted teachings. And, of course, given the large number of unclear psychics and alleged channels, this does happen if one is not careful, discerning and clear.

However, the point to emphasis here is not how you receive your spiritual guidance but rather whether or not you receive it clearly. When done properly and masterfully, channeling and soul (past-life) intunements can be immensely beneficial, uplifting, revealing and inspiring. They can and do reveal information about prior incarnations; higher, invisible realms; visitors from other planets; the Second coming program; and the spiritual Hierarchy that rules our solar system.

Therefore, we are wise and just not to judge a book by its cover (the way it is received) but rather by its content (whether or not the channeled material or intuitively derived information uplifts and transforms you, and adheres to universal, cosmic truth principles).

Be Both

The word “clair” in clairvoyance and clairsentience means clear in French. So, whether your receive clear new I Am images or clairsentiently perceive something beyond the physical level is not the point. Rather, it is the clarity of each way of receiving that is the most important consideration in evaluating your imagination faculty.

Moreover, the goal is to be both clairvoyant and clairsentient, even though you favor and are better at one or the other; to use the two talents together in one seamless, integrated way to receive new images and inspiration. Herein is the balance and the mastership that we all seek, that we all need to have in order to be guileless, to be as clear as we can be at this current stage in our ongoing ascent into full light-body consciousness and expression. 

Moreover, we also can hear clairaudiently, smell scents beyond the physical, and feel the touch or presence of those who contact and work with us from the higher planes. Thus, we may hear a clear voice that is not of this world.

We may smell the uplifting scent of roses when Sol-O-Man/Mary contacts us or others nearby, as many have sensed in her multiple appearances or apparitions around the world (see her picture to the right, created and copyrighted by Hartmut Jager of Australia).

We may “be in touch” with those in other planes and dimensions, perhaps feeling a pressure or a tickling sensation on our forehead during contact with the masters.

Again, the point is to do both: To hear, smell and feel with our physical senses the things of this dimension, even as we also psychically note subtler sensations emanating from the physically invisible realms. Be both here and in touch with there. Be holistic. Be clear!

See the Truth

Consider this also: Being psychic and seeing all kinds of visions does not necessarily mean that one is more spiritually advanced than those who do not see such images. Psychics who do not fully align themselves with and under the direction of their indwelling I Am Selves and the ascended masters can be as blind and self-important and glamor-seeking as those who have no visions.

Moreover, such psychics may receive guidance primarily from those in the higher astral planes, which can be helpful as long as it is intuned and consistent with higher cosmic, universal truth principles. Or they may receive astral guidance that is no more advanced than what is available in any good book of teachings about metaphysics and spirituality.

Such lesser psychics and channels may attract a large number of followers and believers, who think that this psychic is the “latest and greatest.” But in reality, this psychic and his/her disciples are only the “blind leading the blind.”

Know them by their Fruits

How are we to know if we or others are receiving clearly? As Jesus taught, we know them by their fruits, by the manifestations that come from the application of the new images or intuitive impressions that we have received. This takes time and discernment to delineate, to prove to ourselves and to others that we or they have received accurately.

Do you become a better person, have more love and compassion, speak and act more truthfully, according to cosmic laws: This is the key to determining whether or not you are being a clear channel, a clear conduit for any new I Am images or inspirations that are given to you.

Discern & Verify

It helps to keep a diary or journal, so that you can plot the progression of the image as it becomes outer manifestation. For it make take several days or longer before the image materializes or does not outpicture properly or at all.

Your verification may come in later dreams, when reading spiritual literature, while taking a walk or from what others receive without their having had any knowledge of what you have been given. So, always ask for and seek verification of what you receive. Ask and receive. Use good discernment and good common sense. Be careful and cautious. Be clear, without guile.

Know, too, that you may get part of the message accurately whereas some aspects of it are discolored or distorted by your negative expectations or your lack of clarity due to your selfishness in one form or another. In other words, like when you look into a mirror, part of it may reflect a true image, whereas another part of the mirror may produce some distortion or misrepresentation of that which it reflects.

If so, keep the good, incorporate the accurate receiving, build upon it in later, clearer images and additional inspirational input. And, cleanse and clear and transmute the distortions and disfigurations that ideally are only a minor part of the overall image. Sometimes, you even may have to start all over again, as you see that what you have received does not meet the test of time and of good fruits

It Feels Right

In time, you will come to recognize, if you have not already, what a highly accurate and positive image feels like in your “gut” and what its best interpretation is. There is a quickening within you as the image is given and then evaluated–it just “feels” right, you just know from within that you have received as accurately as you can at this point in your climb up the mountain to the peak of full clarity.

But even with this inner faith and assurance that you have received correctly, maintain your humility. If not, something will occur that humbles you and brings you back to the reality that you still have a ways to go before you can call yourself a clear channel or conduit.

Even Nada-Yolanda, in the later stages of her seventh major initiation, still proclaimed and acted upon the recognition that she was a “clear” channel but not a perfect one, that she was about 90-95% accurate, that everyone still had to take what she received and test it out for themselves before they believed it. And she was/is the teacher of channels in this solar system!

Keep the Faith

Only when we have ascended in our light body and no longer have a physical body and astral form can we be said to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect.

Despite all of the above cautions, however, be sure to proceed with faith, strength, love, wisdom, will and power as you quicken, uplift, clarify and rightly utilize your imagination faculty. By all means, learn from your mistakes but do not wallow in them or give them excess attention or use them as a excuse not to keep moving forward and receiving ever better new images. Learn from your mis-takes and take a new tact, receive a new I Am image to replace the old, tarnished one. Rest assured once again that Spirit can do and will see all things through you as a beloved son or daughter of God.

You/you can do it. Indeed, you can become You. You can be evermore guileless and see evermore clearly angels ascending and descending within you. Affirm it, see it and be it!

Cleanse and Clear Others

Having transmuted yourself and become empty of any remaining subtle craftiness or deceit, turn your attention to the healing of others. Ask Spirit to bring someone to your attention who needs to become like Nathanael, without guile or guilt or glamour. See this person standing or sitting right before you, a few feet away from you.

As always, however, first surround yourself in a Christ cocoon of impenetrable protection, within which you are as clear a conduit as you can be. Affirm: not my will, dear Lord, but Thy will be done. Wait until you feel calm, centered and filled with the light of your I Am Self and that of your etheric teachers and angelic guardians in the higher planes.

That light comes down and into the top of your crown chakra-cerebrum (your faith center), into your third eye-thalamus (your imagination faculty), into your throat chakra and out through your arms and hands (your power attribute),  into and through your legs and feet (your power grounded on Earth), and finally to your heart chakra-heart (your love pump).

Then, connect the outer edge of your aura with that of the person that you see or feel before you. You psychically can see and/or feel this intermeshing of your two auric fields, such that you become one continuous aura. You two are one in the One.

New Image or Inspiration

Call upon Spirit and the agents of Spirit to give you a new image for this precious soul, this beloved son or daughter of God before you. Just seeing and perceiving that he or she is such a spiritual being goes a long way to facilitating this individual’s healing and upliftment.

See the Christ in this soul. Affirm: Hail to the Christ in thee! See it. Be it. Know it. It is.

If you are blessed with the ability to receive new images, then await such to form in your inner vision, the area in front of your forehead, your third-eye screen. Let go of any expectations you have of what this might be, and let God give you the best and highest new image that you are to transmit to the person before you, to imprint upon his or her aura, which eventually will manifest physically.

However, all you may receive is a new idea, a new inspiration, a new clairsentient knowing of what you are to transfer to this individual before you. Thoughts are things, whether they form images or not. Direct your thought form into the auric field of the one you needs healing. So, maybe you just know from within that the person needs to have more faith, to be more forgiving, or to realize anew that he is a beloved, glorious child of God.

You may be guided to use your light-filled arms and hands to manipulate, maneuver and and manage the implantation of this new image or inspiration. For example, you may place your charged hands upon a particular part of the aura, or on a specific part of the physical body if the personal is physically present. Maybe you sweep away the “gunk” or the auric debris that prevents the new image from fully being implanted and activated.

At the end of the session that typically lasts ten minutes or so, surround the person anew in a Christ cocoon of etheric light, a Christ chrysalis in which he or she now will undergo metamorphosis, letting go of the old (caterpillar) and resurrecting into the new image and reality (butterfly) that you have been privileged to see and implant.

Stand Back & Give Thanks

Then disengage your two auras and return fully within your own cocoon of Christ beingness and clarity. Stand back and like a parent watch and wait and support the ongoing transmutation and healing that is taking shape within the child of God that you have seen before you.

Await confirmation that what you have received is accurate or at least partly accurate or hopefully mostly accurate. If the person is present, ask him or her what they received during the healing transfer, as often this individual will have had some experience that verifies or clarifies or adds to your impressions.

If this individual physically is far away from you, even on the other side of the planet, email or write to or call him or her to solicit this person’s input and response. Wait for later dreams or insights that may come.

Write it all down in your healing journal so that you will have a definitive record to refer to in later times to see how, in what way or to what degree the healing has taken place; or has not met up to your hopes and expectations.

Always end each session by giving thanks to Spirit and all the agents of Spirit who have done this cleansing and healing work in and through you. Rest assured that as you have given, so shall you receive. As you have served as a healer, so shall you be healed and cleared and lifted another step in your climb to the mountain top. Amen.

New Planetary Projections

Do the same new imaging work for the planet and all life forms upon and around it.

Connect with the 144,000 elect and feel your loving oneness with each one of them.

See crystal clarity in the minds and hearts of planetary leaders and in the whole planet’s populace.

See the whole Earth imbued with crystal-clear, clarifying light that disperses the darkness.

Be a clear conduit or channel of light and love, healing and harmony, peace and prosperity, cooperation and coordination.

Be clear and be well. Know that all is well, because all are in the All. And so it is.

I Am clear!

#  #  #  #  #  #  #  #

Please read some more of, and apply anew, the crystal-clear metaphysical teachings and the uplifting visualization given by Nada-Yolanda in the “Imagination” chapter of our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body; and to learn more details about the thalamus that I (Dr. Robert) have included in the medical/physical section of this chapter. (See picture to left of Yolanda and me in 1998.)

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