See the Future as Now

For seven days starting today, Monday, July 12, 2021, we are going to focus for a third week on our I Am power of imagination. This attribute is the 7th of our 12 spiritual powers that we have in I Am or Christ consciousness. Jesus represents the I Am Self and his twelve Apostles portray the 12 powers, attributes or qualities that we are to develop and express in healing ourselves and others; and to birth our fourth-dimensional, etheric, Christ or light body.

Imagination externalizes via the third-eye chakra in the astral body as the thalamus in the physical body. Actually, there are two adjoined thalami, one of which is located just below the left and right cerebral hemispheres, in the center of the head. The dual thalami serve as an integrating or way station for physical nerve impulses or psychic impressions that travel to them from the physical and psychic senses. The thalami relay this information to the corresponding centers in both hemispheres of the cerebral central computer that governs and regulates the entire body.

Via our imagination faculty we receive and send out new I Am images that in time manifest in our four lower bodies: mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical. To the degree that we are clear, what we see, will be. As above so below. As within, so without.

See Interdimensionally

Jesus’ Apostle Nathanael Bartholomew portrayed the power of imagination. As disciples of Sananda-Jesus, we are to go and do likewise. Nathanael means a gift or reward of God, which is our ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Bartholomew means furrowed to receive the seeds, the new I Am images that seed our consciousness and grow into towering trees that reach to the heavens.

Via the psychic powers, we see through the clear window or doorway of our cosmic, all-seeing, third eye into the seven astral planes and into the three etheric planes. When we are one with our light form, when our conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds become melded together in our One Mind, we can demonstrate our I Am or Christ powers of teleportation, bilocation, channeling and healing the whole person, as Christ Jesus repeatedly and dramatically demonstrated during the three years of his public ministry.

As Nada-Yolanda has received, Jesus channeled the Sermon on the Mount. He healed every known disease of man, including astral possession. He removed himself from negative crowds of his detractors. He teleported himself to, walked upon and calmed the stormy waters that threatened to swamp his fearful and frightened Apostles in their boat. He empowered Peter to take a few steps on the water before he sank down into his doubts and the water, whereupon Jesus rescued him.

Via our third-eye, ESP powers, we also peer into the celestial planes, home of our angelic guardians and helpers, such as Archangel Lord Michael  of the First Ray of Will and Power; Archangel Lord Raphael of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing; and Archangel Lord Uriel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. We cannot see angels with our five physical senses and vision (see our Mark-Age text Angels and Man). Only via the clear mirror or doorway of our third-eye screen just in front of our forehead do we perceive their presence and power to guard, guide and heal us, to assist us in our restoration to holy harmony and wholeness.

The color that carries the vibrations and energies of the power of imagination is crystal clear.

Our theme for this week: See the future as now. 

Angels Ascending & Redescending

As we used as our inspiration last week, when Jesus first met Nathanael, he said Nathanael was without guile. Jesus then revealed that he psychically had seen Nathanael sitting under a fig tree before Nathanael had come into his physical presence. Nathanael had responded to this accurate psychic assessment/soul reading by proclaiming that Jesus was the son of God, the king of Israel. Thus, Nathanael was not “full of himself”, but likewise saw clearly and indeed was without guile; he was as clear as he could be at this stage of his spiritual development.

Jesus responded by saying in effect that Nathanael and others of his Apostles and disciples had seen nothing yet, at least nothing of the magnitude that Jesus went on to describe. For, in John, 1:50-51 (Lamsa), Jesus prophesized to Nathanael: “Do you believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree? you shall see greater things than these. He said to him, Truly, truly, I say to all of you, that from now on you will see the heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending to the Son of man.”

We can only imagine how uplifted but yet non-comprehending and awe-struck Nathanael and the others must have felt. It would take the next three years for what Jesus saw clearly to come to past. Jesus’ life culminated with his resurrection, and even more so 40 days later when angels guarded and guided him in his ascension in his light body.

Like the other Apostles, Nathanael was not present at Jesus’ trial or his crucifixion — he still was not fully clear. However, he did see Jesus after his resurrection and was present with the other Apostles when Jesus ascended, when he was aided and protected by his angelic helpers and guardians. Thus, what Jesus three years earlier had seen in the future, now had manifested. Jesus had seen the new image of the future, and the future became the present reality!

Having ascended in his light body into the heavenly etheric realms, Christ Jesus reestablished himself as Sananda, Prince of Peace, primary wayshower for all on Earth; where as told symbolically in Revelation, he sat at the right hand of our Father-Mother God and oversaw and directed the planet’s two thousand years or so of evolution to this moment of now as we prepare for his redescent in his light body and the spiritualization of all life on Earth in the New or Golden Age of Aquarius. What we see of this future will become now.

In The Beginning

Moreover, Jesus’ prophecy about ascension and redescent, as overseen by angels, harkened back to the experience that Jacob had been given as related in the first book, Genesis, of the Holy Bible. The word Genesis means beginning, origin. The rebirth of the core belief in One God, our cosmic Creator, began with the spiritual conversion of Abram, who was renamed Abraham. (Prior to Abram’s spiritual awakening or rebirth, Sananda in his incarnation as Melchizedek, “king of Salem and the high priest of the most high God,” had visited and blessed Abram — Genesis 14: 18-20 KJ).

The name Abraham metaphysically means father (source, founder) of a multitude. Salem means whole; complete; finished; peace; friendship. Salem was thought to have been the same city that was later called Jerusalem, which means habitation of peace.

Thus, from the very start of mankind’s re-evolution into I Am consciousness on Earth, as recorded in Genesis, Sananda-Melchizedek saw the future as now. In time, what he saw clearly manifested when as Jesus he demonstrated his crucifixion and resurrection, and his ascent in his light body in Jerusalem.

In these current Latter Days, the United States of America (USA) serves as the New JerUSAlem that is described by John in his revelation on the Isle of Patmos. What we in the USA and around the world now see is the upcoming redescent of Christ Jesus in his light body, thereby completing his seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. When 144,000 light workers clearly see it, it will take place. And yet, no one knows the hour when this will occur.

The First Step of Spiritual Rebirth

In communion with God, Abraham received that his wife Sarai was now to be called Sarah, which name means princess; noble woman; noble lady. At age ninety, after being barren all her adult life, as initiated by the Divine, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son whom she and Abraham named Isaac. In other words, Isaac was born of the Spirit. His name means He (God) laughs; laughter; joy; singing; leaping. It signifies the joy of the new birth and the new life in Christ awareness. Man rejoices greatly in his privilege of once again expressing as a son or daughter of God. (Abram’s conversion to Abraham and Sarah’s giving birth to Isaac represents the start of the first major initiation of birth that would be symbolized later by the impregnation of Mary by the Holy Spirit  of Jesus in his virgin mother Mary, his twin soul; and his birth nine months later.)

Isaac repeated this rebirthing pattern at a new and higher level of spiritual awakening. At age 40, Isaac married Rebekah (spelled Rebecca in Romans 9:10). Her name metaphysically interpreted means tying firmly; fastening; binding; grace that enraptures (don’t you love this last meaning!?).

Like Sarah before her, Rebekah initially had no children for a long time. Not until twenty years later, after Isaac prayed to the Lord for her, did she became pregnant, thus signifying again the first step or initiation of spiritual awakening. (Genesis: 25; 19-24 KJ). She gave birth to twins, Esau and Jacob, with Esau being the first born. Jacob means supplanter; leaving behind; bringing to an end; recompensing; rewarding.

Jacob Deceitfully Gains Birthright

When Jacob’s father Isaac was old, blind and near death, to gain his father’s blessing and the birth rite of the first born, Jacob cunningly and deceitfully, in concert with his mother Rebekah, deceived his father by serving him a meaty meal like the ones that Esau served him, and wearing hairy goat skin on his arms and hands to make it seem like they were those of Esau, which were hairy. Therefore, as was the custom of those early days, Isaac blessed Jacob as his first born and gave him all that he had, and left nothing for Esau who as the actual first born was entitled to this gift of his father (Genesis: 27; 18-29 KJ).

Needless to say, Esau was livid and plotted to kill Jacob (talk about sibling rivalry!). Jacob fled to Mesopotamia to live with and serve Laban, who was the brother of Rebekah, hence Jacob’s uncle. Nathan symbolically means white; clean; pure; gentle; clear; transparent; shining; glorious (especially note the word clear).

Jacob’s Ladder

On his way there, as related in Genesis 28: 11-17 (KJ): “He lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night . . . And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. And behold, the Lord stood above it, and said, I am the Lord God of Abraham . . . and Isaac: the land whereupon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed; And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth; and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. . . .And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place. . . this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. ”

After Jacob arrived at Laban’s place, who warmly welcomed him, he eventually fell in love with Rachel, one of Laban’s two daughters, the other one being Leah who was the eldest of the two. Jacob entered into a supposedly binding agreement with Laban that he would work seven years under Laban in order to marry Rachel. Her name means migrating; journeying in droves; ewe: sheep; lamb.

However, on his wedding night, Laban returned Jacob’s prior deceit in falsely obtaining his father’s blessing and birthright as the first son: Laban, unknowingly to Jacob, substituted Leah for Rachel, such that Jacob was officially married to Leah. Talk about the law of cause and effect — as we sow, so do we reap. Jacob’s prior deceit had come back to haunt him. Laban, whose name means clear, pure and transparent, likewise was deceitful and decidedly not clear in all ways.

Seven More Years

Laban explained that it was not the way of the people in his area to marry off the younger daughter before marrying off the older daughter. Of course, he could have told Jacob this from the start — no doubt Lathan also had his deceit and cunning returned back to him at some later time. However, in the meantime, Lathan and Jacob agreed that Jacob would work for Lathan seven more years and then Lathan would give him his daughter Rachel in marriage, which is what did happen.

Imagine all this: Jacob had clearly seen in his dream a stairway or ladder that went from the earth (man’s mortal consciousness) up to heaven (man’s I Am, spiritual consciousness and light body; the etheric realms), as guarded and guided and facilitated by angels who had descended to help him gradually ascend. And yet, Jacob met up with, and succumbed to, the deceit of his alleged loving uncle who basically betrayed him!

How Jacob could not have recognized that Leah was not Rachel is not described in the Biblical account. But you have to wonder if Jacob’s own deceitful tendencies had clouded his inner and outer vision on his wedding night. In any case, this whole episode goes to show us that in our first major initiation of birth with its seven minor phases, usually the four to six years after our initial spiritual awakening, we are just beginning to clear our psychic mirror, our doorway between dimensions, the gate between mortal and immortal consciousness. At times, we still proverbially are as blind as a bat.

Seven Steps to Christhood

What is this ladder that Jacob saw clearly in his dream? The ladder symbolizes or represents our spinal column of light, via which we ascend in seven steps or major initiations from the lowest sexual point, the regenerative chakra, up through each of the other chakras to our highest or seventh chakra, our crown chakra and cerebrum, in and through which we ascend into our light body. The crown chakra is the gate to heaven, to our heavenly I Am Self and ascended light form, to the etheric realms inhabited by the ascended masters.

Following are the seven steps up the ladder to full Christ consciousness and the corresponding chakras where each of these initiations are centered: 1) birth (regenerative); 2) baptism with fire and water (sacral); 3) transmutation via personal love (heart), 4) transfusion (solar plexus); 5) transfiguration (throat and third-eye), 6) crucifixion-resurrection (third eye and crown), and 7) ascension-redescent (beyond the physical, when all seven chakras are fully opened and aligned).

(The seven major major initiations as demonstrated by Jesus are described in a channeling by Nada via Yolanda on April 7, 1969, as found in our Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius, pages 254-259. These seven major initiations, each of which have seven minor phases, will be covered thoroughly in our upcoming Mark-Age text Seven Steps to Christhood: Opening Seven Seals in Seven Major Initiations that we hope to publish in 2022. This book of over 400 pages will detail Nada-Yolanda’s demonstration of the seven steps as she followed the universal pattern given by Christ Jesus and will help the reader delineate his or her own ongoing demonstration of the seven major initiations. Each one of Nada-Yolanda’s initiations previously were presented in seven booklets from 1989 to 1995, which have been revised and updated in the upcoming book. )

Jacob’s 12 Sons

Jacob had two wives, each of whom had a slave attendant. By Leah, Jacob had six sons, and by her slave/servant he had two sons. By his preferred, beloved wife Rachel, he had two sons, the first of which was named Joseph, and by her servant he had two more sons; thus making a total of twelve sons, each of which became the father and forbearer of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, who in turn became or were represented by the 12 Apostles of Christ Jesus.

Initially, like Sarah and Rebekah before her, Rachel was barren. Only after Leah had given birth to six sons did God answer Jacob’s and Rachel’s heartfelt prayers that she become pregnant and bring forth sons.

Note too that Jacob’s pattern and demonstration was hardly pure, clearly or fully seen, and demonstrated. After all, he had two wives, not one. And he had children with the slaves of each of his two wives, in a sense repeating the pattern of the Cains and the Abels in ancient history, whereby the fourth-dimensional golden giants amongst the Cains descended in consciousness and expression in order to have sex with and have children by the third-dimensional daughters of the fallen physical race of man on Earth (see our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man). At least, however, to his great credit, Jacob did father twelve sons, whose sons and daughters and following generations would pass through the second to the seventh initiations in bringing forth the I Am Nation on Earth, the 144,000 elect who are to uplift the whole race of man on the planet.

Nonetheless, despite Jacob’s guidance and efforts to spiritually guide his twelve sons, at times they fought with one another, and acted upon  their personal, mortal desires. Out of envy and jealously, eleven of them sold one of their brothers, Joseph, who had clear prophetic dreams and visions, into slavery in Egypt. Again, all of this shows symbolically and literally the problems that light workers encounter in their first major initiation of birth when it comes to rightly birthing their imagination faculty or power, as well as their other eleven powers.

Biblical Evolution to Christhood

When Jacob, his wives, their slaves and his sons returned from Mesopotamia to his original homeland, God appeared to Jacob: “And God said unto him, Thy name is Jacob: thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name; and he called his name Israel. And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins; And the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land.” (Genesis 35; 9-12 KJ) Thus Jacob, reborn as Israel, was the father of the nation that would become Israel in these Latter Days, whose capital is Jerusalem.

Israel means who prevails with God; a prince with God; dominion with God; rulership with God. In Israel consciousness, we become full co-creators with our Father-Mother Creator. Via our imagination faculty, we see the future as now and we bring forth the I Am Nation on Earth, whose leader or father is Sananda-Jesus the Christ.

Second Major Initiation of Baptism with Fire and Water

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, we see the ongoing evolutionary progress of the race of Israelites, the light workers of those early days, in a series of five additional initiations or steps after Jacob had made his transition. The second step of baptism with fire and water was portrayed symbolically by Moses, another incarnation of Sananda, who led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt (the subconscious). Atop the fiery peak of Mt. Sinai, Moses received the Ten Commandants (new images), and went on to guide his unruly, contentious followers through the difficult forty years of cleansing (the water aspect) in the wilderness.

Moses had his blind spots or character imperfections in those forty years, allowing his anger to overcome him at times, getting totally frustrated and annoyed with the ongoing challenges, and wondering if he and his disciples ever would make it to the Promised Land, as he had foreseen it. But he prevailed to the end. However, because of his past faults, including killing an Egyptian even before he led the Israelites out of Egypt, he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land, but rather Joshua led this charge into Canaan.

Third Step of Transmutation

King David represents the third major initiation of transmutation via personal love and dedication to a higher cause. The name David means beloved; loved; well-loved. David and his soldiers, being devoted to God and His-Her laws, conquered all the peoples of Canaan, the promised land.

As was true of Jacob and Moses, however, David was not fully clear and righteous in the use of his imagination faculty and his other eleven spiritual powers — he did not rightly follow the Ten Commandments.  Lusting after Bathsheba, who was married to the soldier Uriah, David assigned Uriah to go to the front lines of battle where he was killed; thereby David could and did marry Bathsheba.

Do we have similar love challenges in our third initiation? You can count on it. But David prevailed and brought forth the early form of Israel and its boundaries. Eventually, Jesus would come out of the house of David, as one of David’s descendants, and purely would demonstrate and teach both Seventh Ray divine love and peace and Third Ray personal love and devotion to a higher cause. He would love God and love one another, a mantrum or creed that he first had received and enacted 26 million years ago, in the battle of the Cains versus the Abels, with Sananda leading the Abels.

Fourth Step of Transfusion

David and Bathsheba’s son, Solomon, who was an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, twin soul of Sananda, portrayed the fourth major initiation of transfusion, which symbolically was the fourth of seven rungs or steps on the ladder up to full I Am or ascended or heavenly consciousness. Solomon, who in a dream asked God to give him the wisdom to be a good and just ruler, directed and oversaw the building of the temple in Jerusalem (the temple represents our fourth-dimensional light body).

Solomon ruled for forty years, befitting of the fourth step that comes under the direction of the Fourth Ray of Crystallization and Manifestation. In this fourth step, all of the previous experiences, teachings and spiritual growth of the Israelites manifested physically as the huge temple that housed the Arc of the Covenant, in which Sol-O-Man placed the two tablets of the Ten Commandments. Throughout the forty years, peace and prosperity reigned throughout Israel.

However, Solomon’s sins (marrying foreign women and worshipping lesser gods) set the stage for decrystallization, the fall of of Israel and the destruction of the temple with the invasion of the Babylonians. Not so much Sol-O-Man but rather following kings and leaders of the twelve tribes succumbed to so-called foreign influences and less than One God teachings, and fought with one another like Jacob’s twelve sons had done; which led to the downfall of the whole country.

Fifth Step of Transfiguration

The overlapping fifth major initiation of transfiguration set into motion the healing of the past errors, the reimaging of them, the seeing  the future return of the exiled Israelites to Israel, the rebuilding of the temple, and the coming of Jesus the Messiah. This was the time of the great prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, who kept their all-seeing eye single; who saw clearly what was to come; who did their best to prepare the Israelites for the upcoming future events — to see the future as now; who implored them to follow divine laws, to purify their souls, to purely love God and all of His-Her creations.

Another of these major prophets was Elijah who was an incarnation of Sananda. In one stunning demonstration of his spiritual powers, Elijah summoned 450 prophets of Baal, a lesser god made up by man, and challenged them to produce fire. These false prophets failed to do so, but Elijah, as guided by those in the higher realms, in touch with the Divine, did call forth fire. However, he then seized the worshippers of Baal and had them executed. On the one hand, symbolically this was a great triumph of light over darkness, but on the other hand it was a misuse of power. After all, was it not Mosaic law that said do not kill? Is not the point to transmute others with loving kindness and steadfast adherence to the cosmic law that we are to do unto others as we would have done to us?

Nonetheless, Elijah, at the end of his life, having transmuted his errors, ascended in a fiery chariot, which according to Nada-Yolanda’s intunements was a spacecraft; thereby foreshadowing and helping to clear the way for Jesus’ upcoming resurrection and ascension.

Sixth Step of Crucifixion-Resurrection

As recorded in the four Gospels of the New Testament, Christ Jesus demonstrated the sixth major initiation of crucifixion and resurrection, in which he clearly saw the past and future, and fulfilled all that had transpired before him in mankind’s ascent up the mountain to the peak of I Am consciousness. As a master and Christ wayshower, he no doubt remembered his past lives as Melchizedek, Moses and Elijah. As Moses, he or his close followers under his direction had written the account in Genesis, including that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; so he remembered Jacob’s dream in which Jacob had seen a ladder that reached up to heaven, via which angels were ascending and descending.

(By the way, this account of these ancient days was probably given primarily as an allegory, although it was based at least partly on historical fact. But, teachings in those long-ago times were presented primarily in allegorical stories and descriptions, not just as physical facts and occurrences. Each outer experience carried with it a universal lesson and application that applies to every light worker in ancient times as well in the modern times of now. It is not just physical but also metaphysical, like in Charles Fillmore’s interpretation of the Bible in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. Thus, we all have a “Jacob” aspect that sees angels ascending and descending.)

One Continuum

Thus, when Jesus encountered Nathanael Bartholomew, he said that Nathanael, like Jacob, would see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man, on all sons and daughters of Father-Mother God. Jesus and Nathanael were the summation, the fulfillment, the next step up the ladder in mankind’s re-evolution into I Am consciousness, with Jesus representing the Christ in each soul and Nathanael representing the I Am power of imagination within each child of the Creator.

What an incredible overlap and cosmic drama — what a wonder to behold! Just thinking about all of the above stimulates the opening and clearing of our all-seeing eye and helps us to see the vast panorama of who we are, who we have been, what we have done in our past incarnations during past Biblical civilizations, and where we now are going into a glorious future. The past may be past, but it often needs to be recalled to correct and heal it. But, our main focus is to see the future as now, just as we no doubt have done in the past, and will continue to do until Sananda-Jesus returns in his light body, and in and through the upcoming two thousand years of the Age of Aquarius.

A minimum of 144,000 light workers, the so-called elect, need to enact the full sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection, in order to birth and anchor enough light to lift all mankind on Earth into the sixth phase of their first initiation. This will prepare the necessary groundwork and produce the sufficient Christ energy focus on Earth to make it possible for Sananda-Jesus to redescend in his light body to Earth, to lead us into the New or Golden Age, in which we will make all things new on this, our beloved home, Earth, which is to finally be restored to being the primary Seventh Ray center or focus of peace, love and rest in this solar system.

Seven Meditations

For each of the seven days of this week, focus on one of the seven steps, the seven initiations, the seven rungs on the ladder that carries you up to each new level of heavenly, I Am awareness and consciousness on Earth.

Day 1: Be reborn this day, be awakened anew, begin anew to see the future as now. Be like Jacob who dreamt about angels ascending and descending, which represented the ascension of his higher thoughts and ideas, the better nature of the angels within him, as Abraham Lincoln famously spoke of in his first inaugural address.

Be like Jesus who was born of the Holy Spirit, by way of the pure womb of his mother Mary, who was an incarnation of his twin soul, Sol-O-Man; which represented Jesus’ first major initiation of birth and spiritual awakening. Upon his birth, angels filled the sky around Bethlehem and appeared to the shepherds to alert them to his wondrous birth, to the birth of the Messiah and of Christ consciousness on Earth. Hear the angels in the sky above and around you, softly signing lullabies  — hallelujah, hallelujah, praise be to God in the highest.

Ponder these first initiation events, and ask Spirit to give you a new I Am image that you are now to birth in your life. Ask and receive. Receive the image or inspiration in meditation, in a dream or night vision, when walking around in nature, when talking with someone whom you are trying to help. See it, intuit it, ponder it, birth it, be it. Know that what you see, will be. See the future as now.

Day 2: Be like Moses, who led the Israelites out of bondage. What are you still bound to, what still enslaves you in negativity and self-doubt and selfishness, in superiority or inferiority? What are you now to cleanse with water and to rise above into the fire of your indwelling, ever-present, I Am Self.

Seek and you shall find. Knock on the door of your third-eye and it shall be opened unto you. Receive the new image that will release you from bondage to mortal consciousness and self-imposed limitations, from your fears about how other people see you, from you allowing others of lower consciousness to control or manipulate you. Be baptized with fire, with the Holy Spirit, as Jesus was by John the Baptist, in Jesus’ second major initiation of birth. See and know, hear clairsentiently that you are a beloved son or daughter of God, in whom He-She is well pleased.

Be not dismayed, however, if within a short time, even within hours after your meditation, your baptism with fire is followed by baptism with water for your cleansing. Remember that spiritual growth always is an upward spiraling staircase of two steps forward and one step back. Moses, when he came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments, discovered that his followers were worshipping a golden calf. He angrily threw down the Ten Commandment tablets and broke them. But, later, after he had cleansed his anger and self-righteousness, he went back up Mt. Sinai and received them again. We have similar experiences when we persist in our soul cleansing, in our ascent up the mountain to ponder and learn anew how to apply, cosmic, universal laws of God the Good.

Jesus, after his baptism by John, went out by himself into the wilderness for forty days in which he was tempted by Satan, meaning all of his own past weaknesses, soul indiscretions and incomplete demonstrations as Melchizedek, Moses and Elijah, as well as his incarnations in Greece as Socrates and in India as Gautama the Buddha. But he continued to hold to the new image of himself as a beloved son of God, as the one who represented the God Self in each other soul, in whom Spirit was well pleased. He continued to see the future as now, until at the end of forty days and nights, it was now and he first stepped forth into the public.

Go and do likewise, receive your own new image or inspiration or visitation by your guardian angels, whom you see with your newly opened third-eye, clairvoyant vision, who minister to you and lift you anew up your ladder to the next rung of I Am Self expression. They are with you always, in all ways, whether you see them or not, for they are your guardians and have been for eons of time since a segment of mankind fell into matter. Know this. Accept this. Feel their “wings” around you, their angelic forcefields enclosing and inspiring you. Rise up on the wings of eagles, on the wings of angels.

See the future as now, when all on Earth and in the astral planes, whether they are awake or asleep,  will “see” angels ascending and descending. What a day that will be! And what a day it already is in our minds and hearts!! Amen.

Day 3: Let your heart be open. Let your heart be healed. Let your heart be a clear channel of personal love and dedication to the Second Coming. Ask your I Am Self, angelic guardian and master teacher in the etheric realms to give you a new image that in time will lead to this heart healing, to this realignment of your physical heart with your already holy, sacred heart in your light body. See it and be it. Know what you are to do next to facilitate and cooperate with this ongoing healing transmutation.

Do not focus on what now is wrong with your astral and physical hearts, and try to fix that. Concentrating on what is wrong only keeps you fixated there, focused on the past that created the problem in the first place. Yes, you have soul shortcomings in your love aspect that need to be reviewed so that they can be felt and then reprogrammed. But living in the past and dwelling on the hurts that have carried over to the present, or worrying about the malfunctioning of your physical heart only extends the time that it will take to heal and transform these imbalances. Rather, see your golden heart, your sacred heart, the heart as it is meant to be, the new image of your heart that is holy and whole. See your heart being healthy and harmonious, beating rhythmically and happily. See the future as now.

Even when you make mistakes as King David did, which we all make to one degree or another, do not dwell excessively on these miscues and misuses of your love nature, or on how awful your feel about them. By all means, see the problem, feel it out, so that you can learn from the past, which prepares you to see the new image of what is to come in the future. Take whatever proven physical remedies, drugs or nutrients or herbs, that will contribute to your physical healing. But, put the majority of your time, energy and concentration primarily on the new heart, the healthy heart that you already have in your mind, in your new image. See it. Feel it. Love it. Be it. Be the loving heart that you are. See the future as now.

Be like Jesus at the wedding in Cana, where he demonstrated his third major initiation of transmutation via personal love. His mother Mary asked and directed him to turn water to wine, but Jesus initially rejected her motherly, divine feminine, twin-soul advice, saying it was not yet time for him to demonstrate his spiritual powers of materialization and transmutation of the elements of Earth. But recognizing his error, he relented and transmuted water to wine, which represented the transmutation of mortal love into Christ life flow.

See this transmutation within the elements of your mind, soul and body. Call forth the “wine” of your I Am Self. Drink of the elixir of the Divine. Transmute one of your problematic personal relationships with someone in your life, someone to whom you are interconnected or “married” in darkness, with whom you are bound in negative feelings. See this person as a beloved one, with whom you give and receive the wine of love. Forgive and be forgiven. See the future as now.

Day 4: Call upon Spirit to grant you the wisdom to direct and govern your four lower bodies, such that you manifest God’s good laws on Earth. Make love of God and love one another the two tablets of your arc of the covenant that you have with Him-Her. Seek a new way to put your love into action, which will help you to build and to manifest your light body in and through your four lower bodies. Beware of spiritual pride, superiority, overdoing, not being centered. Bring forth peace and prosperity for yourself and for all those around you.

Follow in the footsteps of Christ Jesus who demonstrated his fourth major initiation of transfusion during the three years of his public ministry. He healed the sick, forgave the sinners, taught the truth, walked on water and promoted peace on Earth. So, what are you to do now in your healing ministry? What is your next step and demonstration in the healing of your mind, body and soul, as well as being a healing channel for others? Receive a new I Am image for manifesting this healing work. See a new way to share, to teach, to enlighten others about their spiritual identity and the Second Coming program. See it, believe it, demonstrate it.

Remember, however, that in each of your meditations this week, you may not receive anything or be inspired to do something new. Rather, you may need a day or two to rest, to absorb what already has been given to you, to give things time to work out in God’s good way, manner and time. Moreover, each day you may not follow the prescribed seven steps that are presented here. You may have a new birth experience on day six, a baptism with fire on day four, and so on. Go with the flow. Take it as it comes, always turning to Spirit for your guidance, always decreeing that God’s will, not your will be done. It will all work out, if you let Spirit do the work through you!

Day 5: Ask to be transfigured by your light body. See it as a pyramid of light that descends from the heavens and anchors all the way down and around you to the ground. Visualize it as a bell that transfigure its clapper, with the bell being the light body and your physical body the clapper. Ask the Divine to reveal whatever past lives you now need to review and reprogram and reincorporate. Be shown a vision of yourself lit up in light and love, as you will inevitably be sometime in the future. See that future radiating in and through you now.

As Jesus did in his fifth major initiation of transfiguration, see yourself climbing up a mountain to its top, whereupon you are transfigured by your light form and by ascended masters and angelic guardians. With your newly opened third eye, see and sense and feel the presence of your guardian angel. With you all-seeing eye opened, your whole body fills with light. See it. Give thanks for it. Bless your guardian angel, your etheric teachers, the space brothers and sisters who are assisting you. See all on Earth one day experiencing this interdimensional coordination and integration and unity, which will heal the whole world. See this happening now.

Day 6: Envision a cross of light whose horizontal pole travels through your two temples in your head, thus right through the thalamus in the center of your head. This is to reveal and help you to cross out, to reprogram and to rise above the remaining error patterns in your soul. In this sixth step, you next will experience the descent and rebirth and resurrection of your light body, which travels down the vertical pole of the cross of light that you have visualized. Even as you go through crucifixion, keep your eye single on your upcoming resurrection. See this wondrous future event as happening now. See yourself walking around, demonstrating and healing in the light of your cosmic Self, your eternal light form.

Jesus enacted his sixth major initiation with his crucifixion and resurrection, setting the pattern for all light workers to follow in the two thousand years to come, in this future time that is happening now in the End Times or War of Armageddon. We are not to die on a cross as he did, but the crucifixion we go through may be equally painful and difficult, mentally, emotionally, soul-astrally, and physically. He stayed the course, he saw his upcoming resurrection, and it came to pass. Nothing would or has been the same when he accomplished this extraordinary feat. We are to go and do likewise. See yourself resurrected, with thousands following in your footsteps. See the future as now.

Day 7: Rest in the peace of your I Am Self. Rest in the love that flows through your golden, sacred heart to one and all. Be love in action in all that you think, feel and do. Be as a conductor who directs a major orchestra with all its various instruments and even its chorus of hundreds of singers. Be a master on Earth, of the Earth, for the Earth and all who live on and about it. Be healed. See this seventh step taking place right now, in the midst of all the insanity, all the upheaval, all the mortal resistance, all the negativity on Earth. Be the beacon of light and love that you are! Right now. This moment. This day. This meditation. Now is the time, here is the place to be your Self.

In his seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, Jesus ascended in his fourth-dimensional light body and took up residence once again in the highest of the three etheric realms, often aboard his city-sized ship #10, which is the Hierarchal Board headquarters for Earth. From there, he directs our ongoing evolution via seven steps to Christhood, via seven major initiations in which we climb Jacob’s ladder, step by step by step, always guided and guarded by angels and ascended masters and visitors from other planets.

As the Negro spiritual goes (adapted and updated), we sing:

We are climbing Jacob’s ladder; we are climbing Jacob’s ladder; we are climbing Jacob’s ladder; soldiers of power and peace.

Ev-ry rung goes higher, higher; ev-ry rung goes higher, higher; ev-ry rung goes higher, higher; soldiers of peace and love.

We are ascending higher, higher; we are ascending higher, higher; we are ascending higher, higher; soldiers of Sananda.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *  *

We are climbing up to Sananda-Christ Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary as they and the Twelve Apostles climb down to us, to all of us, to everyone on the planet. See Sananda-Jesus’ Second Coming as happening now. See the second coming of Christ or I Am awareness in everyone on and about the planet occurring now. See it and it shall be.

See the future as now. Now is the only time there really is. So be it!

#   #   #   #   #   #   #

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8 thoughts on “See the Future as Now”

  1. My “Day 1” experience:

    Going on the suggestion to be open to and to receive a new image for this new cycle of spiritual birth, I lay down for a brief nap/meditation; and I immediately received the thought idea of “courage”, the courage of and as a Spiritual warrior of Light, birthing greater courage in facing challenges and opportunities, a new courage in allowing a purer and clearer manifes-tation of the Christ light in and through me, particularly in the specific area of proper use of spiritual energy, i.e. spiritual energy exchange, not only with others, but first and foremost with my own Christ Self. I fell asleep for a time, and I awoke with a sense of well-being and thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you Jonathan, I look forward to hearing about any other experiences you have this week. I love it: Courage, of and as a spiritual warrior of Light! Robert

  2. “Day 2” –

    For me, following through with yesterday’s thought of “courage”, what came to me this morning is the idea of “stepping forth”, not only as a gesture of social interaction (which is valid, also), but more importantly, the stepping forth as an expression and outpouring of the Christ Light in and through me, despite the tendency to hold back because of my innate introversion, my shy nature, and more poignantly, my fear of rejection and ridicule. Courage inwardly and courage outwardly, the balance of spiritual demonstration, the truth of really being “love in action”.

    My “action” for this moment is to break the habit of fear, to step forth with newfound confidence that all is well.

  3. “Day 3” –

    Continuing my focus on “courage”, here’s what came to me today:

    My new image for today, a reinforcement of my focus on courage, is “steadfast”, meaning to hold true to the One, no matter what. And, of course, the primary personal relationship focus for healing is on my past marriage. The healing continues, spiraling ever upward, and for this I am truly grateful.

  4. “Day 4” –

    Initially, when I read the Day 4 entry, I felt no immediate inspiration, so I decided to “wait on the Lord”, so to speak. Now it comes to me. Part of my morning activities was a drive to the Post Office to mail in my monthly donation, and I see now that that act is a crystallization of my personal commitment, perhaps like Day 4 = 4th Ray of crystallization/manifestation. Sounds good to me.

    Here are a couple of quotes that speak to my inner growth and progress, the first from me, the second from Mary Anne Radmacher.

    “Selfless service is the true resurrection.”

    “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”


  5. “Day 5” –

    I don’t often receive spiritual inspiration via specific images or visions, more by an inner knowing. But I was able to follow and experience your imaging and visualizing in today’s meditation.
    During a moment of introspection, I ‘heard’ in my head the voice of what seemed to be a small child, saying “What if in all the world, we loved each other; imagine what we could do.” !!!

    I think that says it for me today.

  6. “Day 6” –

    My thoughts focus on overcoming of all those elements within me – lack of confidence, lack of self-worth, self-esteem issues – that keep me from bringing forth my true I Am identity. The letting go and the rising up, and that takes a genuine fearlessness, true courage in the face of whatever mortal obstacle I find on my path, presented for my review. That’s the name of the game, my challenge for the moment of Now.

  7. “Day 7” –

    And so, it is One.
    In my morning meditation, I gave thanks for all that has come to me in this past week, all that I have seen within and around me that defines my true courage, the Christ courage that is my essence. Knowing that I have always been and will always be protected in God’s light, I bring forth into my life and into the world, in and through the mortal expression that has been ever-nurtured and sustained by Christ love, the fearlessness that defines a true son of God. Amen.

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