Be Electroplated

Starting today, Monday, August 22, 2022, we are going to focus for a second week on the re-juicing, re-vitalizing and re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter, within ourselves and in Xi’an, China. During the next few days, we will link especially with J.W. of Jupiter and his twin soul. They and other Jupiterians will  “electroplate” us with golden light-energy-substance, thereby helping us to be renewed and reborn as the golden giants that we are in I Am consciousness. In like manner, we will “electroplate” the Temple of Jupiter in the east-central region of China.

J.W. of Jupiter

As received by Nada-Yolanda of Mark-Age, J.W. of Jupiter was an incarnation of Djwhal Khul, which is his I Am or high Self, Hierarchal name. Note that the second and third letters of Djwhal are “j” and “w.”

Djwhal Kuhl also  has incarnated on Earth as John Mark, who wrote the Gospel of Mark in the Holy Bible. In his recent past life, he was James H. Speed (1917-1994) who went by his spiritual name, Wains. Wains means Way In Space and Way In Spirit. (See picture of Jim Speed to right from about 1961.)

As J.W. of Jupiter, he was the primary etheric/space mentor of Gloria Lee Byrd (1926-1962), who we now know as Glo-Ria, the twin soul of El Morya. (See our Mark-Age text Life In Our Solar System that Glo-Ria channeled via Nada-Yolanda in1962, following her unexpected transition/death after fasting for 66 days).

Prior Alleged Channelings

Djwhal Kuhl as a spiritual master first was mentioned by Madame Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, in her book The Secret Doctrine that was published in 1888; this text contained mostly alleged channelings from Kut Humi of the Second Ray and El Morya of the First Ray.

Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949) originally was a Theosophist but left in 1919 to form her own group called the Lucius Trust. She claimed to have received voluminous telepathic messages from Djwhal Kuhl that were published in her twenty-four books. Leaders of other various, so-called ascended master groups from about 1950 to the present time likewise have said that they have received dictated messages from Djwhal Kuhl. Like Blavatsky and Bailey, they sometimes refer to him as Master D. K. or “the Tibetan,” because he allegedly lives in Tibet and oversees the so-called esoteric or mystery schools.

As far as I can tell, no one, including Nada-Yolanda, has received any channeled message that explains what the name Djwhal Kuhl means, or its derivation. Some have speculated that it comes from words in the Tibetan and Sanskrit languages. However, to me, it seems likely that it represents the language and nature of higher beings, including those from the planet Jupiter. In other words, it may be an approximation or Earthly translation of a Jupiterian name.

Wains, John Mark, J.W. & Jim Speed

Djwhal Kuhl first contacted Nada-Yolanda as Wains in his automatic writings through her in 1958. Included in these channelings were space language, indicating he was a spaceman; hence J.W. of Jupiter. On March 5, 1960, Wains wrote via Yolanda: “We are friends from space, on other dimensions; on other vibrations.” (See space writing to right.)

Yolanda’s first contact with J.W. of Jupiter was on May 24, 1960, who wrote: “Wains shall be manifested Monday, provided you can accept what shall be given from here to there. Wains waits a lot more anxiously than you do.”

As it turned out, “Monday” meant that Wains would manifest soon, at the start of a new cycle, like unto Monday as the first day of a week. As Jim Speed, he started attending Mark and Yolanda’s public meetings in November 1960, but they and Jim did not know that he was Wains or J. W. of Jupiter.

Moreover, at this time, Yolanda had never heard the name Djwhal Kuhl, since neither she or Mark had read the Theosophical and/or Lucius Trust literature, or other such sources.


About seven months later, on June 27, 1961, Yolanda noted in her spiritual diary: “A number of us were meditating together when representatives from the kingdom of elementals appeared and pleaded: ‘Please love us! Please understand and love what we do. We are the force which works in the natural world with the vegetables, the lower animals and the elements of Earth. We are the subterranean force that guides the oversoul consciousness for each of those realms.

“‘Until mankind begins to appreciate and learns to love every form of God’s creation, these elementary levels have limited control over their own development. Meanwhile they labor handicapped, not wishing to destroy or to harm any other part of creation. But the collective thoughts of man produce the atmosphere in which the elementary kingdoms operate. They are subject to man’s will, desires, actions and thoughts. Therefore deeds of destruction and negative thoughts of hate, fear, revenge, anger or any unwholesomeness [including greed] pollute our environment just as poisonous gases pollute yours. We are at the mercy of man’s mass thinking. Help us, love us, cooperate with us, please!'”

Jim Speed

Yolanda continued: “Following this, Jim Speed, who regularly had been attending all of our public and most of our private meetings since the past November 10th, clairvoyantly and clairaudiently received the angel Gabriel [who is the Archangel of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization]. An announcement of importance was issued. Accompanying it was a projected image of John Mark, disciple of Jesus and revered guide and teacher. [Jim, Mark and Yolanda had no conscious understanding at this time that Jim had been John Mark.]

“During the previous seven months in which we had come to know Jim he had become one of our dearest friends and strongest supporters. His new age background was a combination of Mark’s spiritual science; the occult; yogic meditation techniques; psychic research and developments; and health, food and natural diet. [In other words, he was skilled and compassionate in working with the elemental kingdom.] He commanded with quiet authority and seldom offered any suggestion unless directly asked. When one gave him the opportunity he revealed his mastery over many subjects, both spiritual and material. All of us at Mark-Age had come to love and to respect him.”

John Mark

The first communication from John Mark via Nada-Yolanda was on May 10, 1961 during the initial question-and-answer session, which sessions would continue until October 4, 1961. John Mark was a frequent communicant throughout these sessions. Mark-Age published these in a series of six booklets. From 2006 to 2017, they were re-published in our I Am Nation Newsletters.

At the initial May 10th meeting, someone asked: “When and where are spaceships mentioned in our Holy Bible, if at all?” In response, John Mark channeled: “There was mention of it as far back as the stories of Moses, Elijah, Isaiah and in the stories of the birth of the Christ [which referred to the Star of Bethlehem, Sananda’s ship #10].” (Note that this answer was given by John Mark who as J. W. of Jupiter was/is a space visitor to Earth, and who thereby knew all about the spiritual space program.)

In a second question at that same meeting, another person asked: “Please distinguish the difference between the seven bodies you mentioned.” John Mark replied: “Each of the seven bodies vibrates at a different rate, and each of them has a different function. All of them are part of the auric field which you are, and each of them has the capacity to express in a different body. One is your physical body. Two is your astral body. Three is your mental body. Four is your emotional body. Five is your etheric [light or electric] body. Six is your God consciousness [resurrected or magnetic] body. Seven you know not of yet [ascended or transcendent body].” (Note that this delineation and understanding refers to J. W. of Jupiter’s talents as a spiritual scientist as trained and expressed on Jupiter.)

Wains Here as Liaison Officer

On March 31, 1962, Mark began to understand that Jim Speed was the incarnated Wains, and thus also the disciple John Mark. After discussing this with Yolanda and seeking confirmations, one week later, on April 6th, they shared this with Jim. Thereafter, as noted below, it was confirmed in communications channeled by various masters.

While Jim was not one of the cofounders of the Mark-Age Unit on the physical plane, he had been one of the guiding forces from his high Self consciousness. As given above, the name Wains means Way in space and Wain Spirit. However, I (Dr. Robert) have come to think it also means Way in science, given Jim Speed’s scientific bent and mastery, as well as his superscience training and expression on Jupiter.

As El Morya/Mark noted in our Mark-Age booklet Spiritual Awakening, (now out of print), which contained Yolanda/Pauline’s automatic writings and drawings from March 11, 1958 to July 2, 1960, he, Yolanda and Jim Speed did not know until mid-1962 that Wains and J.W. were incarnations of Djwhal Kuhl. His name Wains as Way in Space referred partly to his functions as J. W. of Jupiter.

On September 5, 1962, John Mark channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “I have come again, to bring you many of the leaders and rulers of various other places, dimensions and planets and to act upon the group consciousness or race in the physical as liaison officer for this Hierarchal Board in our solar system. You will hear much from me in this way. I come to you with still another name; have come through mental communication to many. Here then is my announcement: call me by any name which is of love for God, in service to man, as Djwhal Khul, John Mark or Wains.”

Note that love for God, in service to man relates to the Way in Spirit. That Way especially was taught by Sananda in his incarnation as Christ Jesus in Israel; by Sananda in his lifetime as Gautama Buddha in India, whose teachings were carried to China; and by Kut Humi as Lao-Tze in China, the founder of Taoism. The term “Way” has commonly been used to denote the teachings of these three ascended master demonstrations here on Earth. The Way is that of loving God and loving one another.

Steady As She Goes

All of the above goes to show that when the ascended masters, angels and space visitors give new information and guidance to any of us, it typically comes over a period of time, in multiple dreams, reflections, communications, visions, clairsentient knowings and outer events. In Yolanda’s case it took four years before she, Mark and Jim knew all the relationships and interactions of Djwhal Kuhl’s three known incarnations.

Phillel and I have had numerous such experiences in which the “pieces of the puzzle” are gradually put together over a period of many months or years to form one composite picture. As the saying goes, you have to walk before you can run.

Northeast Tour

Previously, on October 11, 1961, Yolanda recorded in her diary: “Friends in New York City invited Mark-Age to come there to help balance out conditions in that affiliated group. . . . We accepted the invitation and began to plan a coordination tour to visit a number of other key units or groups working in the hierarchal plan.” Then, five days later, on October 16th, she noted: “Individually, Mark and I each had received intuitively that Jim was to accompany us on our coordination tour. We were both amused and pleased when he attempted to tell us he also had received the same thought, for he did not want us to think him presumptuous.” (See picture to right of Jim, Yolanda and Mark during the October 1961 visit.)

It was at this time that Mark and Yolanda were guided from within and by the Hierarchal masters to designate Jim as the third leader or director of Mark-Age. This was formalized in 1962 when Mark-Age was legally incorporated as Mark-Age MetaCenter, Inc., a not-for-profit, spiritual-educational organization. In the By Laws for the corporation, the three Corporate Directors were listed as Mark, Yolanda and Jim. In 1963, the Internal Revenue Service granted Mark-Age tax exempt status.

Glo-Ria/Gloria Lee Byrd

In mid-1960, Mark and Yolanda started corresponding with Gloria Lee Byrd, a Hierarchal channel who had established the Cosmon Research Foundation to promote acceptance and cooperation with space visitors. (See Gloria’s picture to right.) Her primary etheric mentor was J. W. of Jupiter, who channeled numerous messages through her, some of which she had published in 1959 in her book Why We Are Here. 

In December 1960, she visited Mark and Yolanda, and stayed for two weeks at MetaCenter. During this time, it was revealed that Gloria and Mark were twin souls. Although this threesome was now united in Spirit, Sananda channeled via Yolanda that the way forward with them would be fraught with much difficulty, even misunderstanding and conflict.

Indeed, Gloria wanted Mark to come to California where she lived to help her with her work at Cosmon, but neither Mark or Yolanda felt this was the right thing to do. Later, Gloria objected to Yolanda’s channelings that Sananda/Jesus was the Prince or primary wayshower of Earth. She claimed that the space visitors would descend and direct the planet.

In February 1962, Mark, Yolanda and Jim attended the Oakland Peace and Space Convention. In the next two weeks or so, they often visited Gloria as well as the leaders of other light groups. But, although Gloria was friendly on a personal level, she refused to cooperate with any effort by Mark and Yolanda to develop a co-operative and coordinated plan to bring the Hierarchal program to other light workers and the masses. Again, she thought that the space visitors would dictate any such plan.

New Roles & Functions

On June 16, 1962, Yolanda received her and Mark’s high Self names: Nada and El Morya, respectively. Neither of them previously had heard of these names. However,  they did not share them with Gloria, who was becoming more antagonistic. A few months later, it was revealed and confirmed that Jim Speed was an incarnation of Djwhal Kuhl who also was J. W. of Jupiter. But Mark, Yolanda and Jim never shared this with Gloria, because they knew she would not accept it. Gloria had met Jim when she visited Miami in December 1960, plus he and she had talked several times after the Oakland Convention in February 1961.

Despite all the difficulties and confusion, ideally the Hierarchal plan still was for these four leaders to work out their differences and to be the four primary cornerstones and cooperative co-participants in the Second Coming program as presented through Mark-Age. But, Gloria persisted in her own separatist ways and personal beliefs. Finally, on December 2, 1962 she made her unplanned, tragic transition (died) following a 66-day fast. Right to this end of her physical incarnation, she never consciously knew that J. W. of Jupiter was another incarnation of Wains/Jim Speed.

Eight days after Gloria’s death, she contacted Yolanda. This began a long series of communications from Gloria about her going through the transmutation of her past mistakes while she was in the astral planes, and then graduating to the lowest of the three etheric planes. These were published in our Mark-Age text Life In Our Solar System in 2008. Meanwhile, from 1963 onward, Glo-Ria, as she is now known in I Am consciousness, often channeled via Nada-Yolanda. In this and other ways, she picked up her role as one of the four cornerstones for presenting and promoting the Second Coming Program. (See above picture of Glo-Ria by Vera Leeper.)

Fifth Ray

Moving forward, on August 16, 1967, in Nada-Yolanda’s soul intunement for Wains/Jim Speed, she received that one of Wains’ main functions and challenges this lifetime was the integrating and expression of the best aspects of each of his past incarnations, as well as his other solar system works as Djwhal Kuhl. Jim is a Fifth Ray worker, who serves under Hilarion, the Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray of Integration, Unity and Healing.

Jim became the director of the Health Department of Mark-Age, which in 1972 was renamed and refined as one of the five major divisions of Mark-Age, which is called Healing Haven under Hilarion. Hilarion’s incarnations include those as Plato the Greek philosopher, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore, who with his wife Myrtle co-founded the Unity Church of Practical Christianity. (See picture of Charles Fillmore to right.)

In Nada-Yolanda’s intunement, she spoke of Jim’s continuing efforts to cleanse and heal his lifetime as John Mark. In that incarnation, he had worked with Paul the Apostle, but had argued with him and left him to do what he thought was right and good. This is noted in Acts:36-41 of the Holy Bible as follows:

“Some time later Paul said to Barnabas, ‘Let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing.’ Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work. They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Barnabas took Mark and sailed for Cyprus, but Paul chose Silas and left, commended by the believers to the grace of the Lord. He went through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches.”

John Mark’s refusal to follow Paul the Apostle, who was an incarnation of Hilarion, arose again within the Mark-Age unit. On several occassions, Jim chose to follow his own, allegedly clear spiritual guidance that he felt came from Hilarion and others rather than follow the true Hierarchal guidelines given via Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and Mark’s clairsentient inspirations. As a result, in 1973, Archangel Lord Michael instructed Nada-Yolanda to dismiss Jim from his role and function as one of the three Mark-Age directors and the head of the Health Department; which she reluctantly did. Jim left active participation in the Mark-Age unit. He remained on somewhat friendly terms with Mark and Yolanda, but rarely visited them. More importantly, he never acknowledged or cleansed his mistakes and improper actions. In 1994, he made his transition.

Interdimensional Coordination

I (Dr. Robert) first met Wains/Jim Speed when my first wife and I visited Mark-Age Metacenter in 1970-71 during the Christmas holidays. At the time I was a third year medical student at Upstate Medical School in Syracuse, New York. I already had read much of the Mark-Age literature, including Nada-Yolanda’s spiritual diary, having been introduced to it by my yoga teacher, Margaret Coble. During that visit to Florida, I concluded that Mark, Yolanda and Jim were indeed the “real deal,” that they lived and demonstrated what they believed about the Second Coming program, that they were who they said they were. From that time on, I wanted to join the Mark-Age Staff, but I knew that I first had to get my M.D. degree.

I especially felt a rapport with Jim, due in large part to our common interest in healing. I felt a deep bond with him, like I had known him before; and I had, for I later would receive that I had trained under him in my sojourns on Jupiter and the Fifth Ray planet Uranus.

In this and my wife’s following twice yearly visits from 1971-1973 to Metacenter, Wains introduced me to radionics, which is a technique that involves the use of one’s psychic senses in conjunction with a physical instrument to measure the frequencies of all four lower bodies and the seven chakras in the astral body. No other technique can do this in such a spiritually scientific way. (See picture to the right/above of me in 1977, sitting at my radionics instrument.)

Jim had coined the term hieronics, a combination of the words Hierarchy and radionics — hieronics linked the electromagnetic space equipment aboard spacecraft with the radionics operator and equipment on Earth. Thus, hieronics is higher plane instrumentation linked with Earth instruments. In effect, our body with its brain, spinal cord and nerves also is a hieronics instrument.

Change in Plans

From the first visit and meeting with Wains, I was determined to become a radionics practitioner after I graduated from medical school. Therefore, he linked me with Mark Gallert, ND, one of the foremost radionics operators of that time, who though he was an American then lived in Great Britain, where radionics was more accepted and practiced. In summer 1973, after completing one year of my psychiatric residency and thereby becoming a licensed medical doctor, my wife and I trained with him there.

A few months after returning to Syracuse, NY where we lived, I dropped out of the psychiatry residency program and set up my own medical/radionic/holistic healing practice. Sometime in the fall of that year, I had the first distinctive clairaudient experience in this lifetime. While clearing the table of dishes after lunch, I clearly heard inwardly: Wains has jumped ship!

At the time, I knew nothing of his karmic troubles and challenges within the Mark-Age Unit, so I was shocked by, and doubted, this message. A few days later, however, in a phone call with Mark and Yolanda, they shared that Wains/Jim had been dismissed from the Mark-Age headquarters unit. I was devastated. Over twenty years later, in 1994, I dreamt that Jim was preparing to soon make his transition. Six months later he died from brain cancer.

Healing & Resurrection

Four years later, on October 5, 1988, when Nada-Yolanda was in Singapore on the Eastern Hemisphere Mission, El Morya contacted her: “Be not alarmed. Be not fearful. Be at peace. I am with you every step of the way, just as I have been on every other similar mission in this hierarchal program. We are one/won. [See picture of El Morya/Mark to right.]

“Greetings also from your friends and associates from Mark-Age who now are transmitted to my dimension and my control/command post. Those are specifically: William Bird; Zan-Thu/Holdon Lindsay; Glo-Ria/Gloria Lee; Holomaday/Patricia Chambers; Wains/Jim Speed, who has contributed considerable expertise of his own individuality and soul’s experiences. All of them are with you constantly, as they are aware of the importance of this mission and your life’s contributions to the entire hierarchal plan and program.”

Shortly after this stop in Singapore, Yolanda traveled with Corinne Thorsell, then a Mark-Age Staff member, to China, including stops in Beijing and Shanghai, plus sailing on their cruise ship along much of the coast of China. From these locations, Yolanda projected peace, love, cooperation and coordination to all of China, including to Xi’an that is the central site of the Temple of Jupiter. Yolanda in particular worked with the device-elemental forces in and around China, to alert and authorize them to begin the Earth changes that were shortly to come. Overall, this was the first step or stage in the re-juicing and re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter.

Note that Wains/Him Speed was with her from the highest or seventh astral plane, where he had been assigned following his transition four years earlier. In those past forty-eight months, he had transmuted the majority of his Earth karma from his past life on Earth. He had fully re-aligned himself with El Morya/Mark, Nada/Yolanda and Sananda/Jesus.

About two years years later, on April 20, 2000, El Morya channeled and reiterated through Yolanda: “I am honored to serve with you and have never left you abandoned from our covenant to Sananda and the Hierarchy. Glo-Ria, Wains and all the other previous staff members, plus loyal Family members who had made the transition–included also your father, Harry, and sister, Leonora–are now with me in congregation.

“All are humbled by this tremendous battle plan for the light and salvation of all fellow beings who use the Earth planet as a school in the university of life. None on Earth can comprehend the number of our astral army for the Lord God. The figure is astronomical, and we shall win this last great battle in the War of Armageddon. You know you all are my divine loves.”

Tour Director

Eleven years later, during which I had felt no conscious contact whatsoever with Wains/J. W. of Jupiter/Jim Speed, on Mary 9, 2011, I was doing hands-on-healing with my second wife, MariLyn. Suddenly, a large, craggy, spaceman’s face appeared above and before me in my psychic vision. I was stunned by this apparent extraterrestrial man, whom I initially did not recognize.

When I asked his name, he only replied telepathically that it now was time to announce to the Mark-Age Family membership that my wife, MariLyn, and I were planning to go on the South America Mission. This space being then announced that he would be our Tour Director for this 40-day mission, the first such consciously planned major mission that MariLyn and I would take over the next 3-4 years. (Previously, in fall 2010, we had gone on what later was called the Costa Rica Mission, but we had thought ahead of time that we only were taking a delayed honeymoon.)

After the healing session, when I shared the above with MariLyn, it suddenly dawned on me that this spaceman was J. W. of Jupiter, who had been Wains and John Mark! I still felt his smiling etheric presence above me.

J.W. then relayed telepathically that he had fully rehabilitated himself, and thereby was once again put in a position of authority in the higher planes to help coordinate, under Hilarion, the Healing Haven works here on Earth. Hilarion had authorized and directed him to share all of this with me.

Phillel Channels J. W.

However, this entire exchange and revelation was so utterly unexpected and so new that I did not share it with Phillel until much later, (See picture of Phillel below/right.) Before my doing so, on June 1, 2011, Phillel was contacted by J. W. of Jupiter who channeled: “You may surmise, as well, that I am able to bring further resolution in consequences of my actions in most recent phase as Jim Speed through this unit, having left undone certain factors that were mine to bring into action in those early days.

“Alas, we all have loose ends to tie up in this Latter-Day cycle; and by this communication through this hieronic manipulation I am able to achieve a happy ending, for a new beginning in solar system work in this Second Coming plan from this etheric dimension. So, we all can rejoice in the resurrection of Spirit that operates through each and every child of God as we step forth into the Golden Age [Robert’s bold].

“In the Hierarchal councils I am at one with the trinity of Sananda, Nada and El Morya through operation of this unit, in order to finalize this interdimensional integration of my aspect through this force field.”

Afterwards, I shared my prior communion with J.W. with Phillel, and we marveled at the co-receivings that we had received from him, which confirmed what each of us had been given. (Click here to read J. W.’s full channeling via Phillel, plus to hear a podcast of this.)

Gold Crown

During the fall 2011 South America Mission, MariLyn and I visited five major cities throughout South America, with its twelve countries. During the last stop at the Anavilhanas Lodge near Manaus, in northcentral Brazil, which is located in the the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest, under the primary guidance of Archangel Lord Raphael of the Fifth Ray and Hilarion as Chohan of this ray, we linked and integrated together all sections of South America; and then united South, Central and North America in the Western Hemisphere. Later, after returning home, I first realized that Manaus and its surrounding area was the central location of the Temple of Uranus that exemplifies and radiates Fifth Ray energies to the whole planet.

During our visits to the five primary centers, J.W. of Jupiter contacted me several times, bringing with him other Jupiterians and Uranians. In following Missions, he likewise was our tour director and guide. To my total delight, we were fully reunited in cosmic oneness at a whole new, interdimensional level. Often I felt hieronic space beams that he initiated, or were directed by St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal from aboard his spacecraft #1235, in which Dr. Hannibal paced us as we traveled throughout South America and returned home to I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. J. W. was with Dr. Hannibal aboard this craft. In J.W.’s lifetime as Jim Speed, he had had numerous communions with Dr. Hannibal in their combined work with hieronics.

On November 19th, our last day at the lodge, Sol-O-Man, appeared before me, shining with gold and white light of the Seventh Ray, looking like the “woman clothed in the sun, who had twelve stars around her head,” as described in Revelation. (See artistic image of this woman to right.)

Sol-O-Man placed on my head a gold crown, a band of golden light affixed with twelve five-pointed stars, with five representing healing. My cerebrum that is the central computer of my whole body was totally electrified. It transferred this golden electricity via my spinal cord and nerves to all of my other chakras and corresponding physical organs and systems.

With love, as my master teacher, she confided: “You now are an I Am healer who is clothed with the sun. [Note: This was prior to my receiving on August 24, 2012 my high Self name as Soliel of the Sun, which was given to me by Archangel Uriel of the Seventh Ray.]

“This is your graduation, following  a job well done to bring forth Fifth Ray unity and integration to all of South America, as symbolized by the twelve five-pointed stars of your Christ crown [with one star for each of the 12 South American countries]. As you selflessly have used your crown chakra/cerebrum and twelve I Am powers to transfer unity and integration to others, so now this is done by me unto you. As you give, so you receive. This is the cosmic law.”

When I Be Lifted Up

Looking back now over the years since then, I often have wondered how I was able to do what I did, in this and other Missions, plus continuing with these blogs and light-body projections. I have no doubt whatsoever that in large part it was/is because of the help, guidance and support that I have received over the years from Hilarion, El Morya, Nada, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, J.W. of Jupiter and many others. Time and again, they have lifted me into I Am, golden consciousness, so that I in turn might uplift others.

Mark unexpectedly and tragically had made his transition in 1981. Thus, of the four cornerstones of the Mark-Age incarnated etheric, ascended masters, Gloria died in 1962, Wains left Mark-Age in 1973 and Mark made his transition in 1981. Only Yolanda persevered and demonstrated Christ light and love all the way through to the proper end of her physical life at age 80, and completed all of her seven major initiations. I so admire and honor her for what she did by herself while here on Earth, although the other three watched over and assisted her from the higher planes of life. And yet, I also deeply love and admire El Morya who has been so helpful in assisting me here on Earth since his transition.

Love One Another

So, what are we to make of all this? First, none of us can rise into I Am consciousness without the aid of such beings in the higher astral and etheric realms. They, angels and space visitors lift us into Christ awareness and consciousness, if we so choose to rise, shine and do the necessary day-by-day work to accomplish this.

Second, life goes on despite what happens and who aborts their spiritual missions, in our times of sickness or health. Our job is the keep on keeping on, to look forward to new interdimensional relationships with those who have passed over to the other side; to stay centered in our task to heal humanity; to deal decisively, yet lovingly each day with the darkness in us and others.

Third, it is hard for anyone to live a good, spiritual life here on Earth, which currently is a hellhole, an insane asylum, the lowest vibrational planet in the entire solar system. If the above three ascended masters fell from grace and removed themselves from Earth, then if we do not stay disciplined, discerning and loving, we too may descend into darkness. As Nada-Yolanda received way back in 1966, there is no one on Earth who is not self-deceived to some degree. But like her, we, too, can make it through all of our initiations and be divine love in action right here on the planet.

Four, given the dangers and difficulties of serving here, we also must be sure to be kind to ourselves and others. Things are tough enough without us getting on our own case or that of others. If and when we make a mistake, we learn from and correct it, without punishing ourselves or wallowing in our excessive guilt or shame. We keep our sense of humor. We are compassionate and loving with one and all. We love all kingdoms, including elementals and the elements that they oversee. Even a little love goes a long way!

Be One With Jupiterians

On March 7, 2013, in the most definitive contact and communion yet with J. W. of Jupiter, he appeared before me in my morning meditation. He brought with him, and introduced me to, a group of twenty fellow Jupiterians. Ten of them were men and ten were women. Of the ten men, one was the leader of them. One Jupiterian woman likewise was the leader of the female contingent.

To help me feel comfortable, in my clairvoyant vision, they initially appeared as average Earthlings. As our exchange developed, I felt a growing familiarity with them, as if I were waking from sleep and remembering old friends. After I became fully at ease, the masculine leader, who also was the leader of the whole group, morphed into a larger body with a huge, craggy face, like unto two years previously when J. W. of Jupiter first had appeared to me. This current Jupiterian had larger ears than humans like unto when Ashtar Gabriel first had appeared to Nada-Yolanda in 1964.

I did not know who he was. However, his vibration was strong and unique, and I knew I would easily recognize him in future contacts. (It is only in the last week or so of this year that I have understood that he was Lord Jasper, and the feminine leader was Lady Juno, who as twin souls are the masculine and feminine co-leaders and wayshowers of planet Jupiter.)

When I shared my experience with MariLyn, she reminded me of two extraordinary dreams she had had about Jupiter. On November 25, 2008, she dreamt she was on Mars, the Fourth Ray planet, taking classes. After their completion, she was going to Jupiter. In another dream on February 16, 2013, three weeks before my Jupiterian group contact, she was with two Asian men. The three of them were instructing each other about places throughout the solar system. Using a book with pictures and text, she taught her companions about Jupiter.

Her two Jupiterian dreams and soul recall go to show that many light workers have had past sojourns on Jupiter, which they are remembering in these Ladder Days. Now that this week we are focusing a second time on the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, you too may have dreams or visions about having visited the planet Jupiter in the past. After all, everyone of us is a solar system citizen.

Be “Electroplated”

Ten days later, on March 17, 2013, after I had gotten accustomed to the group of twenty Jupiterians, who off and on appeared in my forcefield, the Jupiterian group leader, with J.W. of Jupiter, directed me in my meditation to focus on the gold ring around my crown chakra and cerebrum, which Sol-O-Man had placed there at the end of the South American Mission.

The masculine leader of the group plugged a type of etheric cable into my golden ring. Then, with separate cables or wires, the other nineteen Jupiterians each connected themselves to specific sites of the ring, until the whole ring was linked. I felt totally electrified, about twenty times as much as I had when Sol-O-Man first had placed the ring around my head. Golden, electrical, etheric energy and particles flowed down from my brain, into and through my spine and nerves to all parts of my aura and physical body. I was a golden being of light, a golden giant that shone like the sun.

The next morning, clairaudiently I heard the word electroplating. This physical process occurs when electricity is passed through a solution containing a metal salt, so that the metal attaches itself to, and smoothly coats, the surface of another metal submerged in the solution. For example, gold is electroplated onto a silver wire to make it a better conductor of electricity. Some copper wires or cables in computers and other electrical instruments have gold-plated tips or connecting points, to enhance the flow of electricity from one circuit to the next.

Analogously, using their highly developed Mind Power in conjunction with their advanced, spiritual-scientific instruments, the Jupiterians were “electroplating” the super-elements of MariLyn’s and my light bodies onto the lower vibrational elements of our astral and physical bodies. (Gold commonly symbolizes the light body that is also called the electrical body; whereas silver represents the astral body.) In so doing, they were reconnecting us to our higher, spiritual talents and powers we had developed in our past-life sojourns on Jupiter.

It took three days for this “electroplating” to be completed. On March 20, 2013, I felt like a new, balanced person. During the East Asia Mission from May 10-June 16, 2013, multiple times, but especially in Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, China, the Jupiterians guided MariLyn and me to electroplate these areas and all areas in China with golden, Christ light and energy.

Gold Heals

Following this Mission, I thoroughly researched the element of gold, which is found in only small amounts in our physical body. Nada-Yolanda in her intunements had received that gold is the most healing of all elements. In scientific studies, gold has been found to be an excellent treatment for skin problems. Gold salts also are used to successfully treat arthritis, although in high doses they are neurotoxic. Later, I dreamt several times that various people needed more gold in their bodies to help them heal their hearts of heart failure and/or arrhythmias. I read the studies by one medical doctor who used colloidal gold (which is very tiny particles of gold in solution, not gold salts) to treat a wide variety of disorders. I started taking his colloidal gold supplement in pill form. I felt better, had more energy and felt more grounded and balanced upon ingesting the gold.

Five years or so later, the doctor died and his gold supplement was discontinued. Moreover, recently I could find no more studies or information in the medical, scientific literature that documented the use of gold to heal the body. Just in the last month, however, I have had the strong spiritual guidance to restart taking colloidal gold as part of my overall holistic treatment of my heart. Upon doing so, ingesting a new colloidal gold supplement, I have felt better physically.

It is as if the gold helps my physical body to anchor in the golden light and “electrical” energy of my golden light body, which in turns leads to greater balance and harmony in all of my four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. My heart definitely feels and is better — I sense anew that I have a “heart of gold.” Only time will tell if this is indeed the case. I will keep you posted about this and write about it in greater detail.

Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune

Upon returning home from the Eastern Hemisphere, I also researched the Mark-Age literature to see what it had to say about the planet Jupiter. On January 7, 1961, John Mark channeled information via Yolanda about Mark and a light worker named Gene who was visiting MetaCenter: “Gene and Mark have spent many incarnations working things out together, particularly in the scientific fields. . . . [They] have served on certain planets: Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Particularly they worked on transmutation. . . . [They] are going to be able to work out scientific explanations of transmutation based on what they will remember; not necessarily conscious, but subconsciously recollect the problems you already have solved from other physical dimensions.” (See Visitors From Other Planets, page 30-31.)

On December 23, 1962, Glo-Ria channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “Occult is a term pretty much understood on the Earth and is a highly developed science in the more highly evolved planets, particularly those of Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn. Venusians do not use as much of the occult science as they do of the more physical sciences, as Earth plane knows that. That means the metaphysical or the speaking-of-the word aspect and of working mental and spiritual healings and balances, decreeing and invocations. This is closer to what the Earth plane is coming into now.

“Mars is still working on a very physical aspect, as we understand physical. But their knowledge of the superscience of physical travel, physical expression is so superior that anything we have on the Earth could more or less be absorbed in this; and it will, in time.”

Martians in particular are experts in the development and use of electromagnetic, hieronic space instruments and space beams. On Mars are gathered with Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization,many of the most advanced spiritual scientists from throughout the solar system.

On Jupiter, there appears to be an even more advanced form of electromagnetic equipment or a higher use of it. As explained above, Jupiterians use such equipment to “electroplate” humans and all other life forms on Earth. In my contact with the twenty Jupiterians, that is why they used the analogy of Earthly electroplating to explain what it is that they as superscientists do, how they use it to bring about spiritual transmutation and upliftment into the light body.

On Earth, alchemists are said to transmute base physical elements to gold. On Jupiter, spiritual alchemists superimpose golden energy or superelements over the physical elements to elevate these elements into higher vibrational expression. Thus, Earthly scientists and alchemists work from below to above, typically with limited results; whereas Jupiterian superscientists work from above to below, from the superconscious down through the subconscious to the conscious, with excellent results.

Occult Melchizedek Order

On April 30, 1961, Sananda channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “In ancient history of this race it was brought to the attention of those traveling the path of enlightenment that the universe is made up of many signs and sciences. Man, who was endeavoring to uncover the meaning of God and of the universe, His creation, went forth in uncovering and in analyzing and in exploring these various signs and sciences.

“You use, and has man through the ages, the popular word for covering this subject matter. It is called the occult sciences. Such was the Order and is the Order of Melchizedek, not only for the race upon this planet but throughout this particular solar system. It is unique to this solar system; that is, the Order of Melchizedek is confined to the solar system. . . .

“Among your occult sciences are the sciences of sound vibration, color therapy, chemical transmutation, astrology, numerology, and the mental hypnotic or the control of the brain or reflexes by mechanical means. These are some of your known occult methods, as well as certain ways of breathing and eating. You know from your history and the history of ancient civilizations long lost that man has used and has abused the occult. . . .

“In the Brotherhood—often called the White Brotherhood but known to other channels and known in others ways [hence the Hierarchy or the Hierarchal Board]—the main method of teaching and of exploring the universe and the basic Creative Energy of that universe, which is only the end result or the product of Creative Energy or God, the methods promoted or consigned have been those methods of creation with the original or Divine Energy principle: positive thinking, creative thinking, energy of mind power, you have many terms.

“This was my mission. In all my philosophy and in all my teaching I tried to sum up, in the life I lived as Jesus of Nazareth, the science of mental power; which is Creative Energy or God Energy or Mind power; which is, after all, what God uses. The earlier lives I have expressed were for the time element and for the expression man needed in his own mass evolution. It is not wrong to explore and to use the occult, but it is better to go directly to mind power. The occult is a by-product and the mental power is the direct current.”

Past Incarnation

Sananda had incarnated as Melchizedek. In the Holy Bible, “Melchizedek” means king of righteousness or my king is righteous. He was the king of Salem, which was the precursor of Jerusalem. He was also called the priest of the most high God. He first is mentioned in Genesis 14:18-20, where he brings out bread and wine, and then blesses Abram and God. To use our present term, he “electroplates” Abram, who transmutes into Abraham, the father of the new nation of Israel.

In Christianity, according to the Epistle to the Hebrews, Sananda/Christ Jesus is identified as “High priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.”


Occult simply means “hidden” or “mysterious” or “not well known.” Unfortunately, however, the term “occult” has taken on a negative connotation. The occult world and mindset is said by many to be weird, “woo woo,” out of this world of reality, and that of mentally and emotionally imbalanced people. As Jesus said in his channeling above, many such people in so-called occult practices are somewhat imbalanced, impractical, disturbed, not well-grounded people, including those with mental illnesses. Therefore, I prefer the term “superscience” to describe what has been called occult sciences. The occult sciences are more so of the subconscious or astral level, whereas superscience is that of the I Am, superconscious or superscience realm, as Jesus demonstrated it.

As one example, consider the present practice of astrology on Earth. It has some truth to it in terms of general principles, such as that each planet magnetically and vibrationally affects each other planet. But current astrologists, for the most part, have no conscious understanding of how each planet demonstrates one of the Seven Rays or some combination of these Rays. Mars often is called the warlike planet, whereas in truth it is the primary center of Fourth Ray Crystallization and Manifestation in the solar system.

Many of the current astrological signs have animals that portray their qualities. So, Aries is a ram, Cancer is a crab, etc. But man is not an animal, although he has taken on some “animal” characteristics; rather he is a spiritual being expressing in and through four lower bodies.

Man’s nature or talents are not determined by one’s birth time and date, but rather by those credits and debits he has accrued in multiple past lives, on Earth and throughout the solar system.

Thus, Nada-Yolanda has channeled that astrology as presently practiced is not valid. However, for someone who lives on Jupiter, he or she might study solar system astrology and see how all the planets work together and influence one another, for better or worse. Thus,  Jupiterians study the superscience of astrology. Superscientific Jupiterians use their I Am or Christ Mind power to electroplate their fellow solar system citizens here on Earth with golden light, energy and superelements.

Solar System Sound

Let’s say that you love to sing, have a “good” voice, or play a musical instrument as part of lifting yourself or others into higher consciousness. Maybe you sang in the choir at church when you were growing up; or still do. Perhaps you were a member of a singing group or band. Maybe you chanted mantras when you got involved with yoga, Hinduism or Buddhism. Perhaps you have become a music therapist. As a parent, maybe you sang to soothe your young children, to help them go to sleep, to get over their tantrums. Now, however, being self-conscious and lacking confidence, maybe you mostly sing in the shower.

But especially if you are a good vocalist, you may have sharpened and shaped your vocal talent on various planets throughout the solar system. Perhaps when you were on Venus you studied the musical arts in all their many variations, as Nada-Yolanda has noted in her intunements about various ones who have been on Venus. This planet is the primary demonstrator of the Third Ray of Personal Love and Feeling. Loving family interactions are part of Venusian training, as well as the use of music, singing and all the arts.

Listening to someone singing a love song here on Earth lifts us out of our sorrows, loneliness and hurts, such that we soar again into I Am awareness and consciousness. Just the sound of someone’s “out-of-this-world” voice, without even paying any attention to the lyrics, will often lift us out of our depression, anxiety, fear and worries. As noted in the Old Testament, David played the harp to soothe King Saul.

The Sound of Science

On other occassions, you may have lived on the Fourth Ray planet Mars and studied the physical science of sound. As Serapis Bey has channeled via Yolanda, every atom, element, cell and organ has its own unique sound. Healthy cells and organs sound one way, diseased or cancer cells sound another way. Therefore, a healer can intune what sounds a person needs in order to restore any part of the body to healthy functioning. Physical, scientific instruments will be developed to do this, to decrystallize cancer cells without disturbing or destroying nearby healthy cells. What an incredible advance this will be in cancer therapy, given the often ravaging side effects of radiation and chemotherapy!

Then, perhaps you traveled to and took up residence on Jupiter, where you studied an even higher vibration and functioning of sound, music and more advanced instrumentation. You learned anew at a higher level how to channel your I Am Self in and through your astral and physical bodies, which then electroplates not only you but those around you. This is the superscience of sound therapy and expression, from above to below, from your oneness with your golden light body, down through your astral body (which is hidden from and mysterious to most people) and into your physical body.

You may channel so-called heavenly music. You have the voice of an angel, as it is commonly put. Now, back on Earth from other planets, you rebirth your I Am or Christ voice to heal humanity, to call forth and help everyone to rebirth their golden light bodies.

Forty Chinese Jupiterians

Coming back now to my story and recent experiences, as I wrote in the last blog, in a dream on May 3, 2015, about forty Chinese individuals, half of which were men and half of which were women, came down from the mountains and high hills around our property and walked along the road right to Hilarion House. They were dressed in colorful outfits, looking like Taoist priests/priestesses, native Chinese healers and alchemists. But it became obvious that they were not fully of this world.

They had descended from the etheric realms (atop the mountains), down through the astral planes (walking down the road), and now were here on Earth. I later discerned that they were Jupiterians, some of whom had incarnated recently in China. During the Mission to China and the opening of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, they had been uplifted, reawakened, re-juiced and reborn. Some of these astral Jupiterians and those now on Earth, who comprised the forty or so visitors, looked more like boys or girls; hence they were less evolved than their parents, but still were reborn Jupiterians — or they were more recently incarnated here. It is especially the youth of China who are going to eventually bring forth the transmutation and healing of this vast nation.

The loving, joy-filled presence of these forty Jupiterians confirmed to me that the Temple of Jupiter was indeed in Xi’an, as I long since had believed. Moreover, this group of forty was twice as many as in my prior vision before going on the East Asia Mission when there were twenty Jupiterians. Thus, the work to re-open the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an had been a resounding success. Moreover, twice the amount of Jupiterian power or juice now flowed through me and other light workers here on Earth.

Double Again

A little over seven years later, beginning about August 7, 2022, I began thinking about, connecting with, and focusing on the next, further re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China. Instead of physically traveling there, I visited there on multiple occassions in my light body. In my dreams and visions, in a series of steps, I came into communion with the two co-leaders of Jupiter, who gave me their names as Jasper and Juno. They had been the masculine and feminine leaders of the ten men and ten women from Jupiter in my vision back in 2013 prior to going on the East Asia Mission, which included multiple stops in China, including Xi’an. (See my previous blog.)

I also began communing with Ashtar Gabriel, the Jupiterian pilot of Sananda’s spaceship #10. Ashtar Gabriel introduced me to his feminine twin soul, who likewise was in the etheric planes, associated with Sol-O-Man, and at times was aboard Sol-O-Man’s own sister ship. I will share this set of experiences in my next blog that largely will be devoted to these two Jupiterian visitors.

At one point, Ashtar explained to me part of the reason for the way his twin soul’s presence and name were revealed to me: It indicated that the influx of Jupiterian energies would double in the next week or so. Ashtar Gabriel and his twin soul working and being together was a doubling of their energy fields, even more. As Jesus put it, where two or more are gathered, there I Am.

On August 17, 2022, at our Wednesday Hierarchal Board Meditation (HBM), prior to the meditation itself, I shared Ashtar Gabriel’s guidance that the higher, Jupiterian energy input was about to double from its previous level. Phillel and I would feel this first, but shortly all light workers would sense and experience this doubling. This will not occur suddenly, all in one fell swoop, but will progress incrementally on a day-by-basis. We are to take it as it comes. We no doubt will have some minor symptoms as we adjust to this ongoing ramping up of the higher light frequencies. But we know how to stay steady, to harmonize our minds and bodies, to keep on keeping on, to keep bringing things into new harmony and balance with each new step of the way.

In my meditation at the meeting, I was prompted from within to focus on the gold ring or crown around my head. This time, it was much wider than before, maybe even double the size of what it had been since returning from Xi’an, China in 2013. After adjusting to this, a large group of space visitors, male and female, appeared above me. They were Jupiterians. Each one linked into one section of my expanded, golden crown chakra. It took five or ten minutes to do so and for me to being to adjust to this. The electrical, light-body, golden Jupiterian energy was right at the top of my tolerance level to hold and anchor it.

For the next fifteen minutes, I concentrated on letting the new and higher frequencies pour through me, down and out my nerves to the rest of my body, all the way to and through my feet to the elements of the earth here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. It dawned on me that there were about eighty Jupiterians who now were bonded with me, double the number of forty Jupiterians who had visited and linked with me in my dream on May 3, 2015.

Moreover, this time, I was fully, consciously aware of these precious eighty ones, half male and half female. Indeed, the influx of Jupiterian power and I Am juice was now beginning to be doubled. My own male (conscious) and female (conscious) aspects were sufficiently at one, and the combined two were one with my superconscious, Soliel Self, so that I could be an effective channel of light. My own individual Temple of Jupiter was beginning to be open another degree, let’s say from forty units of light to eventually eighty units.

Once I was centered and grounded anew, in my third-eye vision, planet Earth appeared before me, being about seven or so feet in diameter. I put my arms and hands to each side of the planet, as I looked upon its Eastern Hemisphere. Xi’an, China was right in front of my heart chakra. A cosmic stream of golden light/juice/energy poured through my heart to the Temple of Jupiter in and around Xi’an. Eventually, I envisioned Phillel, who was sitting about eight or so feet in front me, having his arms around the Earth’s Western Hemisphere. We two had the planet covered and embraced in golden light. He later reported that in his vision, he had lowered an image of the planet Jupiter over and around Earth, thus imbuing Earth in Jupiterian consciousness and vibrations.

J.W.’s Twin Soul

It took me the better part of three days to fully absorb and ground the new influx of higher energies that had begun at the HBM. Then, on August 20th, in my morning prayers, several ascended masters overshadowed me. At first, I did not know who they were, but in time it became clear that they were Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Ashtar Gabriel and his twin soul. Together as one, they placed a gold chain about my neck. Attached to the bottom of this chain was a gold solar cross, the symbol of Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s united spacecraft, with his craft being ship #10. This solar cross rested on the center of my chest, in my heart/love chakra.

Once I had assimilated this new implantation and blessing of golden, solar light, off to my right, I saw Wains/J. W. of Jupiter standing there. Beside him to his left was a beautiful, light-filled, radiant lady. It was his twin soul!

This was my first conscious contact with her. It was relatively brief, enough to alert me of her presence but not to reveal her name.For now, I just call her Lady J. W. or Lady Wains. As Spirit guides it, more details about her, including her name, probably will be shown to me. Thy will be done.

Pondering this, I realized that she had been part of the original twenty Jupiterians that had visited me prior to the East Asia/China mission. She was a member of the eighty Jupiterians that had linked with me at the prior HBM. She had been with me on multiple other occassions, working behind the scenes, unknown to me. Now, I sensed, saw and felt her unique, loving, feminine, Jupiterian vibration. It was heavenly. I so look forward to getting to know her better. Come on down, my lovely Lady. “Mi casa es su casa.” Now, I find that I cannot think of J. W./Wains without also thinking about her.

Three As One

During my nap the next afternoon, August 21st, I dreamt that I was with J.W. and Phillel in a brightly lit room not of this Earth. We were having a loving talk about all the new spiritual developments with the three of us, how wonderful it was for us to be reunited, and what we planned to do next. J.W. appeared to me much as he looked when he had been Wains/Jim Speed, only of a higher vibration and filled with greater love and light. Both Phillel and I had known him back in the early 1970s. Now the three of us had been fully reunited at a new and higher octave. Time was compressed. Fifty years had merged into the present. Our current sharing seemed so natural and normal in the dream, so loving, so much like we were family, with him being like a beloved uncle.

Upon starting to awaken consciously from this subconscious meeting somewhere in the higher realms, perhaps in the highest or seventh astral plane, the exchange with J.W./Wains/ Djwhal Kuhl was still so real, so wondrous, that I initially could not reorient myself to being back here on Earth in my darkened bedroom. I was still more so “up there” with him and Phillel. It took a good five minutes or more before I was fully grounded back here on Earth. I was aglow with love that lasted the rest of the day. Wains was in my heart! I had the thought that the next time we meet, his feminine counterpart or twin soul will be with him. Time will tell.

Be a J

In your prayers, visualizations and quiet times over the new few days, begin to commune with J.W. of Jupiter and with his twin soul, even though we do not yet have a name for her. Where J.W. is, there is his twin soul in his heart. The two are united and integrated together as one, no matter where they as individuals may be physically, astrally or etherically located.

As always, begin by surrounding yourself in a protective, Christ cocoon of cosmic light, with an opening at the top of your head, via which you can ascend to heaven via a Christ column of light. Be still and ask that God’s will be done in your connecting with J. W. As you ask, so shall you receive, all in God’s good time and way.

To help you connect and align yourself with J. W., picture in your mind’s eye a huge, golden letter “J.” This letter stands for Jehovah God and for Jesus as the golden son or child of God, which we all are.

“J” also stands for Jasper and Juno, the two co-leaders of Jupiter whom J. W. serves. “J” likewise stands for John Mark, one of Djwhal Kuhl’s other incarnations. “John” means love. J. W. of Jupiter certainly has a refined, glorious love vibration, as I experienced it in my recent dream with him, and as you too shall feel. As does Lady J.W.

Be the “J” that now superimposes around and through you. Note how the J is formed. Usually, in most fonts, a capital J has a short horizontal line at the top of the vertical pole of the letter. (See J image above.) That horizontal bar of the J represents the etheric realms, high above us. The vertical pole represents the descent of Jesus/Jupiterian energy and consciousness down through the astral planes to Earth; down your spine, in and through your seven chakras and corresponding organs, all the way to and and out through your feet into the earthly elements, those in all parts of your body and in all physical life on Earth.

Affirm: I Am a J. I Am one with Jehovah God and with Sananda/Jesus, the Prince of Earth who portrays the son/daughter consciousness within each of us. I Am one with J.W. of Jupiter. I Am united with his twin soul, his joy-filled, feminine Jupiterian companion and counterpart.

See it. Feel it. Know it. Be it. I Am a J, a Jupiterian re-born and re-juiced anew as an Earthling. J.W. and I are one in the One. So be it.

Be a W

Shift your attention now to the letter “W”. This letter represents the Way of loving God and loving one another. As Jesus said, I Am the way, the truth and the light. So, in like matter, affirm for yourself: I Am the way, the truth and the light. I Am the Way of Love.

“W” stands for Wains, J.W.’s recent incarnation as Jim (another J) Speed. Affirm: I Am the Way in Spirit. I Am the Way in Space. I Am the Way in Science. I Am a Jupiterian superscientist reborn on Earth. I am that I Am, one with I Am God, the Great Superscientist. (See W image to right; its colors represent multiple Jupiterian soul talents.)

“W” stands for Wains/J.W. and his twin soul, united together as one unit, with double or more the energy that each one has as a whole individual.

One downward pointing V in the W represents Wains/J.W. descending to Earth. The other V portrays his twin soul who likewise is coming on down. They initially anchor into the right and left cerebral hemispheres of your brain, by way of a golden light ring around your crown chakra. When one or both of them, or other Jupiterians, link with you, you are electroplated with golden light/energy/substance. Alchemically, from above to below, you become more of the golden giant that you are in I Am consciousness, in your golden light body.

“W” is for welcome. As in Welcome Visitors From Other Planets, including Jupiter. So, welcome J.W. into your heart and home. Have a wonderful reunion and talk together, catching up on old times, discussing what to do next as an interdimensional team. Look forward to his twin soul joining with you in her next, consciously perceived visitation.


Together with J.W. and Lady J.W., do the Jupiterian Jig. First, stand up and raise both of your arms above and to the side of you, which form a V that points up to J. W. Then above and in front of you, visualize him as one who looks looks like a light-filled James Speed. He slowly descends as you lower your arms, until he stands right in front of you, his feet on the ground. Give him a hug and receive his hug. Then pull apart and dance the Jupiterian Jig together. Make it up as you go along. From a waltz to a boogie woogie.

Then, put up your arms and hands again, turn all the away around. See Lady J.W. above and before you, who then slowly descends until she stands right in front of you, filled with love and joy. All along, she has had your back, has been waiting patiently to be recognized by you. She now is so happy to see you. So, yes, do give her a big heart hug even as she hugs you into heavenly consciousness. Then step back and do another version of your Jupiterian Jig, maybe even something like Appalachian clogging together or some slow dance in which you signal and portray your love for one another. Maybe you sing a favorite love song like “I Will Always Love You” or “You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings” or “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” Maybe you listen to Lucy Thomas sing one of these as you join in with her. Heavenly!

And then see J.W. to your right and Lady J.W. to your left. Together, you do a three-member, unique new version of the Joyous Jig, three as one, all of you kicking up your heels and having a grand time together. Talk about good exercise! Talk about fun! Talk about joy!

Love Xi’an

Visualize the whole Earth before you, and wrap your arms halfway around Her, your current beloved home. From your heart flows golden light, juice, power and joy that radiates especially to Xi’an, China, which helps to re-open and re-birth the Temple of Jupiter. As you do so, be aware that 20 or 40 or 80 Jupiterians are joining with you in your projections, more so each day.

Give thanks unto Father-Mother God for the re-opening of your own Temple of Jupiter and the re-juicing of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China. Jump for joy as you do so. For All is well. God is All Good. And we all are His-Her Good, beloved Children, no matter what planet or plane we live on.

Amen. So be it. Om!

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