Make All Things New: Part IV

This is the fourth and final blog about our relationships with angels, devas and elementals in working with earth changes and catastrophes, especially at the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. Love is the key in these multi-leveled exchanges, projections and works. Love harmonizes, heals and makes all life in all kingdoms on and about the Earth whole and holy. For this have we come: To Love God and Love One Another.

Peruvian Deva

Prior to fall 2011, I had several communions with my body deva but I never was shown what he or she looked like. Sometimes my body deva seemed to be feminine, but on other occasions this deva felt masculine. I began to think that I had two body devas who worked individually and together as a team; a Seventh Ray feminine deva and masculine deva who as complementary partners balanced and harmonized my aura and physical form with all its elements, organs and systems.

My first visions of a feminine deva began when my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I were in Peru during the South America Mission in fall 2011. We arrived in Lima, capital of Peru, on October 15, 2011, and stayed there for a week.  (See map of Peru to right, with it bordering on Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. The Andes Mountains traverse the entire west coast of South America.)

During this time, we wanted to take a tour of nearby Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains, the now abandoned Inca village that is about 8,000 feet above sea level.  However, both of us have difficulty adjusting to such heights, so we stayed at sea level, with our hotel being alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Four days into our stay, in an afternoon rest period/meditation after having toured the ruins of a past Sun Temple site in the morning, Archangel Lord Uriel and Sol-O-Man/Mary lifted me into my seventh or ascended light body whereupon I “went out” from conscious awareness. Upon returning, in my third-eye, clairvoyant vision stood before me a most remarkable “woman.”

She was about 6 feet tall and appeared to be about 40 years old. She was dressed in typical, bright, multi-colored, multi-layered Incan woman’s clothing, with a billowing skirt. She was fleshy and oval in her overall shape. Her garments were studded with numerous glittering gems that sparkled with brilliant light as she smiled warmly at me. (See image to right of an Incan mother and child.)

I was totally captivated by her presence and vibration. However, I was so startled by her unique appearance that I shortly came out of this vision and back to normal, conscious, earth-plane awareness. Off and on during the following afternoon and evening, I felt her motherly presence and energy that continued to intrigue and lift me into higher consciousness.


The next day in my morning meditation, she appeared again. By now I had deduced that she was a feminine deva, who only looked like an extraordinary woman. When I asked her what her name was, she said to call her Pachamama. This is the Incan name for what we commonly call Mother Nature or Earth Mother. In ancient, Native cultures worldwide, such an Earth Mother or Earth Goddess is depicted as being fleshy, full breasted and oval in overall shape. (See picture to right/below of an Earth Mother stone statue.)

Pacha means “Earth” and mama means “mother.” Incans, who are Amerindians like their counterparts in North and Central America, conceive of Pachamama as a Mother Goddess to whom they pray for good crops, good children and a good overall life. In my vision the day before, the multiple gems in her clothing represented Pachamama’s devic supervision of, and work with, the minerals, gemstones and elements of this region of the world.

The ovoid shape represented her feminine polarity. However, she was not a goddess or Mother Nature itself but rather she was a feminine deva (a devi in Sanskrit terms). She was the chief leader of female devas gathered above the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Pachamama now telepathically informed me that since my ex-wife and I had not come to see her in her abode atop Machu Picchu (see picture below) and the surrounding Andes, she had come to see us here at sea level. She and her fellow devas were to work with, in and through us to uplift the whole region into a higher state of consciousness.

She was to help us to uplift and enlighten mankind in this area to their higher spiritual awareness and powers, such that they would lovingly cooperate with, and aid, Mother Nature and the Earth’s lower kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral), instead of misusing and abusing them.

To illustrate this, she showed me the image of a nearby building of multiple stories that was rectangularly shaped, which had almost no plant life around it. Then she took this pictured building and stuffed it down my throat, until it entered my stomach and intestines. Immediately I was nauseous and gagged out loud! I thought I would literally throw up.

She said this is how the devas feel about the mortal, intellectual, selfish, greedy, power-mongering attitudes that humans are trying to stuff down their force fields. In time, if mankind’s negativity continued, the devas would respond and there would be a catastrophe. I recalled the old phrase: “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

Auric Oneness

To show me the proper, healthy, holy coordination and linking with devas, Pachamama now transfigured over and around me — in a sense, she took me into her devic womb. She showed me how her ovoid shape was like the shape of my aura, which is likewise ovoid or egg-shaped, not round or ball-shaped. (See symbolic shape of the human aura to right.)

Devas work primarily in and through our aura and subconscious, which are feminine in nature. Our aura reflects our subconscious or soul that is the storehouse of our memories of this and past lives. Our aura is comprised of our mental, emotional and astral bodies. Our aura in large measure determines the health or disease of our physical body.

In order to birth our light body in and through our aura into and around our physical body, we must clear out the darkness and error memories in our soul. Our body deva helps us to do this. Our integrated and holy interaction with our body deva helps us to heal humanity and all life on earth, down to and including all earth elements

Think of it this way: We are a gemstone in the making. In I Am, ascended consciousness, we have mastery and power over all our four lower bodies: mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical. The healing and transmutation begins at the soul-subconscious level and then manifests or crystallizes consciously and physically.

Enveloped in Pachamama’s brilliant, shining, gem-like sparkling presence, I was at peace and in love with all life in all kingdoms. I was one with Mama God. I was an egg that carries the seed of I Am, Christ or Buddha consciousness, which in time gets regenerated and reborn. Every element in my physical body was quickened but especially those in my heart center and physical heart. “Pachamama,” I gushed, “I love you!” She responded in motherly, tender fashion: “I love you, too, sweetie.”

United Devas of South America

Over the next three days, the chief masculine deva of this area likewise contacted me, who introduced himself as Pachapapa, with his being the chief of the male devas in the area.

Map of Andes in South America

At the end of our stay in Lima, before my ex-wife and I traveled south to Santiago, Chile, in my visions of and communions with Pachapapa and Pachamama, multiple other devas and devis were with them who were linked with devic-elemental forces all along and atop the entire Andes Mountains that are located along the entire western section of South America. (See image to right of Andes Mountains colored brown.)

The entire western coast of South America is prone to earthquakes. Together with Pachamama and Pachapapa, we focused on bringing harmony and balance to this entire region, and on the unification of all the countries therein.

In our ongoing travels throughout South America, when we visited Santiago in Chile, Cordoba and Buenos Aries in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia and Manaus in Brazil, I had communions with other devic-elemental forces, as well as with the indigenous, Native peoples (Amerindians) of each place. Usually, the first contact was with a feminine deva who appeared to me in a symbolic, oval-shaped body, like unto Pachamama. Then I dreamt about or had visions of masculine devas.

These devic communions were especially prominent and definitive in Cordoba in south-central  Argentina, and in Manaus in the center of the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. Nothing yet had been received via Nada-Yolanda, Phillel or me about a spiritual temple or power center being located in these two areas. I only realized that the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus was in and around Manaus after returning home to the I Am Nation headquarters/Sun Temple in northeastern Tennessee. The correct location of the 10th spiritual temple wherein the vibrations and energies of the 10th, higher dimensional, hence invisible, planet in the solar system was not given to me until fall 2021; with this temple being in, around and south of Cordoba, Argentina.

By the end of the South American Mission, the devas throughout the South American continent had been linked together under a pentagonal shield of etheric light and energy. Under the guidance of the angels, all devas had been newly united and integrated into one coordinated network for the upliftment of the elementals and elements in the twelve states that comprise South America.

Linking of Thirteen Temples

Prior to going on the South American Mission, in March 2011, Phillel had received that his master teacher, St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal, had linked the solar logos with the Earth logos, grounding this in and through Phillel. A logos is a spiritual entity manifesting a stellar or a planetary body, such as a solar logos or a planetary logos. This implantation and anchoring of the solar logos into the Earth logos occurred first at, and via, the thirteen spiritual temples or power centers around the planet.

This was the first channeled reference to these thirteen temples since Yolanda had received information about them way back in 1966-67. (Click here to read St. Germain’s channeling via Phillel.)

Thus, outside of my conscious awareness, I was already being conditioned to work with these thirteen sites, two of which are in South America. The higher plane forcefield of each such site consists of angels, ascended masters, space visitors from the planets they are linked to, and devic-elemental forces. Moreover, I was being prepared to consciously link and work with the devas at each of these thirteen spiritual temples of sacred light.

In 2012, prior to the East Asia Mission that year, Phillel received that Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia was the site of the First Ray Temple of Neptune; I had correlating and confirming dreams and vissions about this location. Previously, Nada-Yolanda in 1966-1967, had received the location of three other temples: the Sun Temple in Miami, FL; the Earth Temple in central Long Island, NY; and the Temple of Venus in the Teton Range of mountains of northwestern Wyoming. All of the other nine temple locations were given to me during the four and one-half years from late 2010 to early 2014 when my ex-wife and I traveled around the world three times, with three such locations being updated and corrected in fall 2021.

Coordination With Devas

Even when my ex-wife and I were in places around the planet that were not specifically spiritual temples or power centers, we still had numerous connections with devas and elementals. With each new mission, I became more skilled and confident about such communions.

On December 8, 2013, prior to going on the East Asia Mission in March 2014 during which we visited Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and India (see map to right), I dreamt that MariLyn and I were in the backseat of a large limousine. Between us sat a woman in her twenties or thirties whose body was ovoid-shaped. Exuding love and wisdom beyond her years, she taught us how to use a new Pentax camera that was more sophisticated than our prior one. Not only could we take still photos and movies, but we also could project new images via the camera to others who were nearby or even hundreds of miles away.

Upon awakening, I immediately interpreted that this woman was a feminine deva, as represented by her ovoid shape like that of Pachamama.

My first camera in college had been a Honeywell Pentax, made in Japan. In Greek, the word penta means “five.” During the upcoming mission, in our light bodies (limousine), I was to become more adept at  receiving and broadcasting new images of Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing.

The backseat of the limo portrayed the subconscious. These images and impressions would be imprinted upon and projected out via my third eye screen in front of my forehead, which is at the soul-astral or subconscious level. In particular, the new I Am images would be sent to the devic-elemental kingdoms who have absorbed the negativity of the peoples in these various countries over the centuries.

Shinto Ito

In the afternoon of the last day MariLyn and I were in Hawaii, Sol-O-Man ushered into my forcefield and conscious awareness a highly evolved astral being who was dressed in the traditional robes of a Shinto priest of Japan. (See image of Shin to priest to right.)

He gave me his name as Ito, which is the sixth most common family name in Japan. He said he would be our primary astral guide in his country, our next destination. From his place in the highest or seventh astral plane, he was the primary leader of the Japanese astral forces.

Ito was comparable in many ways to Amerindian shamans, who are especially skilled at working with devic-elemental forces; to Siberian shamans to the east of Lake Baikal, Siberia; to so-called witch doctors in Africa; to medicine men and women in the Amazon Rain Forest; and to kahunas in Hawaii.

Shintoism is the most prevalent religion in Japan, with Buddhism being the second most popular. Only a small percentage of the Japanese population are Christians or members of other religions. There are over 100,000 Shinto shrines or temples throughout Japan. (See image of a Shinto shrine to the right.)

Afterwards, researching the name Ito, it means “string.” Thus, Ito came from a long line (string) of Shinto priests, who typically receive spiritual training from their parents or other close relatives. Shinto is the indigenous religion of Japan, the “way of the gods who are of God.” Later, Ito informed me that his preferred full name was Shinto Ito, which signified that he was the personification of the best of Shinto.

Mop Up The Mess

MariLyn and I arrived in Narita, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan on March 17th. The next morning, Summalt-Peter, aboard his mothership #7423, locked a space beam on my crown chakra/brain. With him were Uriel, Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Shinto Ito. They placed a dome of light over Japan, into which flowed peace, love, cooperation and coordination. I also felt the presence of Serena, my twin soul and Eastern counterpart.

In a vision afterwards, a corpulent, ovoid-shaped woman appeared. Dressed in white with some gold accents, she had a sweet face and a loving vibration. She was a janitor at what looked like an airport or a spiritual temple. She was mopping up the mess people had created in their travels through, and activities in, that building/temple. A Seventh Ray deva under Uriel’s command, as symbolized by her white and gold dress, she was transmuting the residue of negative thought forms in Japan after hundreds and thousands of years of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian fighting with one another here and nearby. Now, in my present meditation and later ones, I added my peace and love to hers.

Later in the day, after visiting the nearby Buddhist Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, I came into communion with the masculine counterpart of the Seventh Ray deva who I had perceived this morning. He shared telepathically that in the past it had been difficult for him and his masculine devic cohorts to work with Japanese men, given their longtime macho mind-set in which women were treated poorly as subordinates. However, he reported that men in Japan and throughout Asia were beginning to open their hearts and to treat women as equal, loving partners.

The Buddha Is Reborn

The next morning, March 19th, Lord Uriel directed me to breathe in the four-step Christ/Buddha matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination, and to breath it out and into every part of the dome of light over Japan and nearby Korea. I did so for 15 minutes, and then “went out.” When I came back to conscious awareness, an incredible vision filled my third-eye screen.

I saw that the new thought form of the Christ/Buddha matrix had coated all third dimensional forms within the dome, including every mineral, vegetable and animal, as well as every human, physical body. The etheric film of fourth dimensional energy would serve as spiritual nourishment. The spiritually awakened youth of the region especially would incorporate and benefit from this “manna from heaven.” It might take them and all light workers in this area ten years or more to put the new matrix into mature action, but we were to see many positive changes before then.

Then, clairaudiently rang a cosmic pronouncement: “The Buddha is reborn in Japan and Korea. Wisdom and compassion are regenerated in these lands, which now need to be nurtured and protected.” (See picture of golden, standing Buddha above/right, his hands in the Abhaya mudra.)

Negative Blowback

Then, in a following vision, I peered at some nearby farmland where new plants were pushing up through the ground. Four small, dark, grotesque goblins waited nearby to eat the green shoots as they grew. Their feet were a few inches down into the ground. (See image of negative goblin to right/below.)

The four goblins represented the unredeemed, error-tainted aspects of the four lower bodies of mortal, third-dimensional man: mental, emotional, astral and physical. The four goblins also denoted negative souls in the four lower astral planes, who reach down with their “feet” to Earth and attempt to stand in and possess humans, or at least to negatively influence them.

However, these goblins also portrayed and symbolized so-called evil devas who had been tainted by mankind’s eons of selfishness. Moreover, these darkened, nasty goblins, with their feet implanted down and into the ground, may have symbolized the elementals who have come under the dominating influence of the negative humans and devas. These elementals who supervise the elements were reacting adversely in a resistant fashion to the implantation of the Christ/Buddha matrix. They represented the “blowback” or negative response of those entities of the devic-elemental kingdoms who resist and reject change. Such forces want to continue to be in control, to dominate the earth and all life upon it.

I called upon Lord Michael and El Morya to link with MariLyn and me, and all light workers, in order to wield the sword of truth to neutralize, defeat and uplift such negative thoughts and feelings within mankind in this region, including those in the adjoining lower astral planes; as well as to deal decisively with the negativity in the devic-elemental kingdoms. With First Ray Will and Power, we worked to transmute “goblins” into “Godlins,” those who are filled with God’s peace, light and love. That work continues even today, some nine years later.

These experiences in Japan nicely illustrate and example all aspects of how we as light workers are to work with the devic-elemental kingdom, in conjunction and partnership with elohim, angels, space visitors, galactic visitors, ascended masters and higher astral plane leaders as one united, integrated, holy, powerful team.

Rest, Review & Regenerate

During all of these four and one-half years of global travel, I was in the fourth phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, although I did not realize this consciously until years later. The fourth phase is that of Fourth Ray manifesting and demonstrating ascension and redescent in physical, public actions.

Then came a rest period, a decrystallization of the residual doubts, fears, wonderings and worryings about whether or not what I had received, shared and done were fully accurate and helpful. Nothing new was given for about the next three-four years. It was a time of darkness, a dark night of the soul, so to speak. But even as the Fourth Ray decrystallization and dissolving of my past was taking place, I was starting the overlapping fifth phase of my seventh initiation, which is that of transfiguration, healing and harmonization.

With sufficient, review and healing during my fifth phase, I concluded that I had been about 80% correct in rightly receiving the locations of all the remaining nine temples. This was an excellent percentage, given the multiple stresses and strains of traveling so much, and so often, to the various sites. Nobody on Earth is 100% accurate in his or her channelings and psychic receiving.

By way of an analogy,  I had been like an explorer who is mappiing out new territory, or a scientist investigating a new substance or treatment method.  At first, such pioneers only get a large part of their mapping or searching right. It takes time and further experiments to correctly see the whole picture. So, I knew intuitively that in time, when I was fully rested and rebalanced, Spirit and the agents of Spirit would show me those needed corrections and fine-tuning about the various temples. All was well and in divine order. I was therefore at peace.

See, Be & Do

Two-and-one-half years into my fifth phase, on July 13, 2017, I dreamt that Nada-Yolanda came to visit and advise me. She talked about and helped me to adjust to and rebalance the recent opening of my third or all-seeing eye. Her body was ovoid in shape, with extra flesh on her arms and legs which she had not had when incarnated on Earth. I remembered in this dream that this was the second time that someone recently had helped me with my third-eye opening.

I felt much better and more balanced with Nada’s help. Fifth-phase healing and integration centers around the third-eye chakra with it being the site for receiving and sending out new I Am images, seeing into the past and future, and peering into the invisible planes of life. When Yolanda was on Earth, she had played a key role in training me in rightly using this third-eye talent and power. Now she was continuing this training and assistance from her perch in the etheric realms; thereby linking etheric, astral and physical planes in one continuum.

Upon awakening and reflecting on the dream, I was struck particularly by Nada’s oval body. This symbolized her role as chief of the devas when she was incarnated as Yolanda. As such, she was teaching me anew how I was now to perform as the acting earth-plane chief of the devas, under her and Sol-O-Man’s guidance, as well as that of Uriel.

In my review of the four-and-one-half years of my traveling around the world, I still wondered if I actually was the current chief of devas and elementals. Nothing official ever had been given to me about being this. It just seemed logical and evident that as a Seventh Ray worker at the Sun Temple in Tennessee, who had trained under Nada-Yolanda, that I was such a chief. However, I had some lingering doubts and anxiety about this. All I knew at this time is that I had worked time and again with devas around the world; and with good results.

Lady Raphael

Six days later, on July 19, 2017, I dreamt that I was in a higher dimension, where I was in a classroom. My teacher was a feminine being whom I clearly perceived but could not clearly see. Eventually I realized that it was Uriel, who was with Lady Raphael, the Fifth Ray counterpart of Lord Raphael. Lady Raphael especially showed me how to work with various forms, how to combine them and move them around in order to make new, better forms.

At the end of the dream, my angelic mentors told me that this was training to work at a new and higher level with devas, who under angelic guidance work with such forms. I was elated at this, and I told someone nearby about it with much enthusiasm. Upon awakening, however, I could not remember any details about how to work with devas to create new forms. That conscious training would occur in the following days, weeks and months.

Fifth and Sixth Phases

These two above experiences also prepared me for the start of my sixth phase of crucifixion-resurrection. Six months earlier, in January 2017, MariLyn had filed for and received a divorce. She thought I had “lost it” and never would get well, that I was so dysfunctional that I would have to be institutionalized in a nursing home, the huge expense of which she would have to help pay from her savings. I tried to reassure her that I would get well in God’s time and way, but to no avail.

In November 2017, she moved back to her hometown in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Six months or so earlier I had dreamt that she already had moved there, so I was not too surprised when it happened. But I still allowed it to break my heart. About six weeks later after she left, I developed atrial fibrillation of my heart, which is a fast and irregular heartbeat.

Talk about a crucifixion! In time, I rose above my heartache and pain, my four “dark goblins” of loneliness, feeling betrayed and abandoned, anxiety that I never would get well, and my desire for revenge; all of which had their proverbial “feet” in the four chambers of my heart, causing its Afib.


Eventually, I dreamt that MariLyn and I had come together, had danced our dance together in wondrous ways, and both willingly had decided to go our separate ways, with no recriminations of ourselves or each other.

It took me a couple years to fully believe and act upon this I am or superconscious reality and guidance; to forgive her and myself; to let the past be in the past (to let the dead bury the dead); to live in the present moment with peace, love, humility and compassion; to transmute my “dark goblins” into “light-filled Godlins” that helped to heal my heart; to kick up my heels and jump for joy. (See image to right/above of a dancing, reborn, green-healing Godlin.) Thank You, Spirit and all agents of Spirit. Thank you angels, devas and elementals!!!

My sixth phase culminated in my full resurrection in late 2021 and early 2022. Now, in resurrected/ascended consciousness, I was ready once again to tour the thirteen temples, only this time it was to be in my ascended light body while physically remaining here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters.

So, that is what I have been doing all this year thus far, sharing with you my journeys and linking with you as you, too, work wholeheartedly with this inspired and Hierarchically directed project, no matter what challenges in mind, soul and body that each of us encounters.

My heart remains in Afib, but overall, inwardly, it feels so much more healthy and filled with so much more pure love, happiness and joy. In time, it will be healed fully. God is Good and He-She loves me and you. Love heals. So be it.

Seventh Phase Fulfillment

As best as I can tell, subject to further confirmation and demonstration, my seventh phase of the seventh major initiation started a couple months ago. It was announced by Lords Michael and Maitreya, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and Nada in separate visitations and dreams, as I have shared in past blogs.

As part of this seventh phase, on July 28, 2022, while I was eating my breakfast here at Hilarion House, Nada suddenly and strongly overshadowed me, taking my breath away, filling my heart to overflowing. It was the most loving communion I have had with her this lifetime. Her presence was near physical and her features were clear. She had a huge, loving, joyous smile on her face, and was so happy to be with me. (See photo below of the two of us in the late 1990s.)

She then telepathically told me that she had come to officially announce, designate and confirm me as the chief or leader of the devic-elemental forces on Earth, a role that she had enacted when she was Yolanda on Earth. I burst out into tears, overwhelmed by this unexpected proclamation. Here was the verification of all I had been feeling and sensing since the time that she had made her transition and ascended into the etheric planes.

To have Nada announce this meant the world to me. It was a fulfillment of multiple lifetimes in many past eras, but especially this lifetime in which I had served and loved her while I was on staff with her for 31 years. Finally, I had done things right, had cleared my karma and fulfilled my mission to heal humanity. Nada’s announcement rang back in my soul for millions of years. All the past was gone in the blink of an eye.

Yes, there were still some loose ends to complete and heal, hence my heart issues. But in this moment, my heart felt whole in a completely new way and octave, which would manifest physically in time.

Mother Deva

The next morning, July 29th, deep in my meditation, I felt stimulation of the left side of my head. This progressed downward to the entire left side of my body. It was like little pinpricks of light were inserted in and through my astral body to my physical form. I had the feeling that some being or entity was lowering his or her light form into my left side, which is symbolic of my feminine, subconscious nature. However, I did not know who this angel, ascended master or deva might be, even though I thought it probably was another new, feminine deva.

This experience was so dramatic and definitive that I went right to my computer and noted it in my spiritual diary. While writing it up, I had the most amazing revelation: This visitor was a new female deva who was the leader of all feminine devas around the planet. She was like unto Sol-O-Man/Mary being the feminine leader of all feminine light workers on Earth and in the surrounding astral planes. I never once in this life had ever conceived of there being such a feminine devic leader, nor had Nada-Yolanda or Phillel ever had received such information.

Therefore, I noted the above in my diary, but “put it on the shelf” to await further flow-through about and confirming or negating of it. I went into my kitchen to prepare a yummy breakfast. While there, Nada overshadowed me so strongly that I nearly fell over in her powerful presence. Sol-O-Man was with her, observing and approving and assisting as my master teacher this descent of, and communing with, Nada in her blazing, love-filled, light form.

Once I recovered and stabilized, mentally, emotionally and physically, Nada said she had come in this dramatic fashion to confirm and support what I previously had received about the devic feminine leader of all feminine devas worldwide. She said that it was only appropriate that she, as the previous leader on Earth of the devic forces, would introduce me to the chief feminine deva of all the feminine devas around the planet. How could I be the earth-plane chief of the devas and not have this connection with the feminine head deva?

Still, all of this was so new, so out of this world, so mind-blowing that I decided to let it be and wait for confirmation. I was not about to even share it with Phillel until I had more definitive verification. I let the whole thing rest in my loving heart and went about my day, trying my best to be “normal” and well-grounded.


The next morning July 30th, after a deep, long sleep, I felt refreshed and clear. As always, I said the Lord’s Prayer and focused especially on asking for and letting God’s will to be done. I entered into a wonderful, peaceful space of being receptive to whatever it was that Spirit wished to show to me.

Suddenly, a vision came of a huge, double doorway before me, which was about 10 feet tall and wide. Then the two adjoining doors, which had been closed, slowly opened outward to me, such that a tremendous amount of cosmic light poured through them into my mind, heart and body, quickening my consciousness. Through the open passage way walked the most extraordinary feminine, devic being I ever have seen; who initially appeared as if in a flame of light. Eventually, she became somewhat ovoid in shape. However, she was so dazzling and sparkling in brilliant light  that I could only barely some of her features. Slowly, she began to manifest more definitively before me.

My mouth dropped open and without any aforethought I blurted out: “Mama Deva!” Yes, she was the chief feminine leader of all the feminine devas around the globe. She was THE Mama of all the mama devas. She was their mother, their leader, their shining star, their beloved mentor, teacher and wayshower. I was absolutely thrilled and honored to see her, to be with her, even to begin to remember that I had been with her in the past, in this and past lives.

She gradually stepped forward, wrapped what appeared to be her arms around me, and gave me a delicious, divine, devic hug. She engulfed me in her ovoid body in cosmic oneness. My ovoid aura and her ovoid devic forcefield were one. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!


Eventually, after a few minutes, Mama Deva pulled back. Slowly, gradually, as I continued to adjust to her brilliant presence, I became aware of a masculine being standing behind her. Slowly he stepped around and stood by her side. He happily and lovingly announced that he was Mama Deva’s masculine, devic counterpart. He was the leader of all masculine devas. He was Papa Deva.

Then he projected an image in front of me of a red triangle that was about 7 feet long in each of its 3 sides. Papa Deva then placed the bottom of the triangle on the ground with its apex pointing upward. The bottom line of the triangle represented the physical, conscious grounding of masculine devic energies. The two upward lines represented the united masculine and feminine, conscious and subconscious aspects of male and female devas, who together lift the planet and its forms and elements back into the fourth dimension. The triangle being red represented rebirth, regeneration, resurrection, renewal, re-empowerment; including within me.

The triangle also symbolized the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. It was mistakes a segment of mankind had made in employing Third Ray love that had caused them to fall into physical matter eons ago. To a degree, some angels (Lord Lucifer and his fellow Third Ray angels) and the devas following their lead had contributed to that fall from grace.

Now it is time to close the door to those past mistakes that have been repeated time and again down through the ages. Mama and Papa Deva direct all those devis and devas who lovingly serve mankind and all the lower kingdoms. Following their example, it is time to put our love into righteous action, to Love One Another, which will uplift all life on and about the Earth.

The triangle also represented the three-partner relationship of angels, devas and elementals. They are to function together as one seamless team or upward-pointing triangle, in cooperative and coordinated actions with humans.

I felt totally at one with Papa Deva, with his masculine energies lifting me into higher, ascended consciousness. I knew in my heart that in time I would assume my proper role of directing and assisting all masculine and feminine devas in their work to lift up all of the lower kingdoms into fourth dimensional vibrations; to assist the elementals in recharging all the elements of Earth; to help each and every soul on Earth and the astral planes to rise anew into spiritual, ascended, I Am consciousness.

Nada & Rama

Two days later, on August 1st, while preparing lunch, I felt a sudden welling up within me of joy and happiness. Initially, this spontaneous elation seemed to be coming only from Nada, who was so happy with the new level of our interdimensional relationship. However, shortly in my third-eye, clairvoyant vision, Rama appeared. He is Nada’s masculine twin soul or Eastern counterpart. They looked incredibly happy together. Both were filled with light and love.

(See portrait of Swami Rama to the left/above, which was his incarnation on Earth from 1925 to 1996. He was the founder of the Himalayan Institute, with its headquarters in Pennsylvania.)

During their lifetimes as Yolanda and Swami Rama, originally from India, they had corresponded just once by mail, but never met or talked with one another. Their prior soul histories together had been filled with troubles and disagreements that prevented their coordination this lifetime.

In Atlantis, at the Sun Temple, Rama wanted to hide the spiritual teachings from the masses, whereas Yolanda wanted to share them. In the days of Moses, he was Aaron, his brother. Again, Aaron chose to hide the higher spiritual truths that Moses, an incarnation of Sananda, had received. Thus only the physical laws and interpretations of the Ten Commandments were offered to Moses’ followers.

In India, as Swami Rama, he followed the typical Indian approach to keep the higher, yogic, Hindu teachings from the masses, sharing them only with a few, select disciples. Still, in these and other incarnations he did much good, so much in fact that he and Nada are scheduled to become the twin leaders of Earth around the year 4,000 AD. (See MAPP to Aquarius, pages 276-80; 282, 299-300.)

Nada announced clairaudiently to me that Rama had recently graduated from the first or lowest of three etheric planes to its second plane. He had transmuted and healed the lingering threads of his past mistake. As a result, he and Nada were now working cooperatively and harmoniously together to uplift light workers in the West and the East. That is why Nada was so happy in this communion with her and Rama.

Love In Action

Rama then telepathically shared with me that my soul was healed of the love blockages that had caused my heart’s Afib. However, now I had to put my new and higher vibrations of pure love into specific actions to complete and manifest the heart healing. It was not enough to feel the new love energies, but they had to be consciously and deliberately manifested in and through my physical body.

As I have shared many times in my past blogs, in order to heal my heart, I have to help others heal their soul/heart blockages. I am not to wait until my heart is fully healed, but rather to do what I now can to help others heal their hearts. I cannot just focus on myself or I once again will backslide and become selfish, self-centered, and separate from others in Cain-like fashion. As a reborn Abel, I am to lay down my life for my friends. Therein is the key to full healing, just as Sananda has demonstrated in all his lifetimes. This holds true for all light workers, whatever physical dysfunctions or illnesses they currently have.

As the masculine representative of the Seventh Ray, it is Rama’s rightful and well-earned responsibility to show and teach me and others how to do this. I readily accepted his offer to help me, although I still reserved my final judgment of him. For in the past, I had known him to be arrogant as Swami Rama and that he had sexually abused several of his female disciples (click here to see Wikipedia article about this). However, in this current exchange with him, I saw and felt no traces of arrogance within his etheric forcefield. Moreover, Nada assured me that all was in divine order. So be it.

I also remembered that in medical laboratory tests in 1971 at the Menninger Foundation, he voluntarily stopped his heart from pumping blood for 17 seconds. He did this by increasing his heart rate to 300 beats per minute so that the ventricles stopped pumping and the atria just fluttered — he consciously, through mind power, produced atrial fibrillation. Then his heart, under his direction, return to a normal rate and rhythm. Therefore, he might well be especially qualified to help me to consciously correct my own Afib. Thank you, Rama! I love you! We are one in the One Heart of God, the only place there is!!!

Galactic Visitation

Two days later, I was eating lunch at about noon when divine love suddenly welled up in my heart. It was Sol-O-Man with Nada who were overshadowing me. With them was Mama Deva, who telepathically shared that she was so happy to now be able to contact me directly and consciously on my part. She had waited a long time to do so, even lifetimes or longer. Her love and joy were deeply palpable and near overwhelming. Tears welled up and flowed down my face. I immediately went and laid down in bed, and tuned into her and whatever additional message she and the others wished to give me.

About ten minutes later, once I had became aligned and receptive to this triple team of cosmic mothers, Mama Deva showed me an image of the Milky Way Galaxy, like unto one that Phillel uses in one of the portraits of himself. (See image to right.) I started thinking about his amazing voyage to the central sun of our galaxy back on July 12, 1971. (Click here to read this.)

Then Mama Deva seemed at first to teleport me in my seventh body out into the center of the galaxy, to or near its central sun, although I remained fully anchored in my physical form here on Earth. Then, she clarified my feelings and sensations, saying that a galactic devic representative from the central sun had come here to Earth, who was anchoring his/her energies into and through me. It was an extraordinary feeling and vibration. It took me several minutes to feel comfortable with this galactic devic visitor.

Gradually, I pondered anew Yolanda’s channeling from Nada on August 16, 1970 about how mankind had come from the central sun to Earth 206 million years ago, arriving first at the sun in our solar system and eventually traveling to and populating all of the twelve planets therein. (See Evolution of Man.)

Mama Deva now relayed to me that angelic and devic forces had come with us back then. All planets throughout the solar system have devas who work under the angels. Just as we can commune with space visitors from these planets, so can we come into contact with galactic devas.

Adjustment & Harmonization

I was totally electrified and could only hold this galactic devic visitor in my forcefield for a couple minutes. It felt like I might burst. Then Mama Deva, in conjunction with Sol-O-Man and Nada, and with Lord Uriel whose presence I now felt, gently and lovingly lowered me back into my astral and physical bodies. As a group, they instructed me to share this experience in due time on a blog (as I am doing now).

I took all of this in with the best balance and composure I could maintain. However, afterwards, I began to have wonderings and doubts about it all. It was so new, so “far out,” so mind and heart expanding that I knew that it would take some time for it to be verified. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made logical sense. It wrapped up 206 million years of my soul history on Earth.

For hours after this experience, my heart chakra was still highly accelerated in an unique way, with the galactic and solar energies going down deep within me, into the very depths of my being, to a degree I never had felt before this lifetime. I felt totally changed, in every cell and element of my body, in every part of my mind and soul. Of that, I was sure!

In time, I knew that Spirit would provide additional details, explanations, fine-tuning, and verifications. The point now was to apply in practical ways here on Earth what I felt as an earthly, solar and galactic citizen.

Full Grounding of Earth Temple

I also realized that I now was to apply and work with all these new recent contacts with Mama and Papa Deva, Rama and Galactic Deva in completing the work with fully anchoring and grounding the new Earth Temple on Earth in south-central Vermont. In particular, I thought of all the dreams, visions and channelings about the upcoming destruction, flooding and sinking of NYC and probably of nearby Long Island where the Earth Temple was centrally located in Atlantis.

In the spring issue of Alternate Perceptions, as part of a series of articles, Dr. Lora Little compiled Edgar Cayce’s predictions of massive geophysical, political, social, and spiritual change for the period 1958-1998. Cayce was a so-called “sleeping prophet,” for he went into trance while lying in bed; he was a trance medium, not a conscious channel. (See picture of him to left/above; he was born in 1877 and died in 1945.)

His many startling psychic visions for the future included: 1) “Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the U.S”; and 2) “Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear.”

Dr. Little added: “These catastrophic geophysical changes were mentioned in many of Cayce readings as part of a process that would being in 1958 and fully manifest during the years 1998-2001. However, as discussed in her last article, Cayce stated that the future is not set and can be altered by changes in man’s inner beliefs, attitudes and actions.

Questions & Answers

In Mark-Age meetings, Yolanda often opened herself to take questions by attendees. On April 8, 1961, someone asked: “Is it possible . . . that some destructiveness is coming along, some form of cataclysms? Can you say, on the eastern surface of the U.S., we are going into any particular cataclysms in the near future?”

Dr. Hannibal replied: “To answer your question about cataclysms and destruction: we are aware of great changes on the Earth planet. That is why we are here to help you–and in some cases prepare you, and even evacuate some. But there is no time specified in nature. As has already been stated, we work from moment to moment. Spirit Itself changes the pattern according to what the mass consciousness brings that pattern to be. It is the mass consciousness that will decide what changes will take place on your continent, and on your planet, and on your lands and on your seas–and when.

“No one knows the answer to this entirely. There are definite feelings that many of your great sensitives have given you. And many of them correlate, because the mass consciousness, dating back for many, many, many thousands of your years, has been building up certain causes that will effect certain changes. Therefore, when you are given the idea that great parts of your world will sink and other parts will rise, these are true prophecies. But where and what area exactly, what time and when–all of these specifics–no one, only Spirit, knows.

On July 19, 1961, another question was asked: “Someone last year made a prediction of an earthquake in New York, for November of 1961. Is this so? (See image of NYC to right.)

Answering, John Mark channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “No prediction, no impending event is an absolute and final conclusion, because all things that occur upon the Earth planet are results of Earth mental conditions.

“If the mental or mind power can be reconverted and rechanneled to a positive outlook, a negative condition can be averted. If it is not we cannot do anything about it. Each race or group or mass consciousness on each level is responsible to that manifestation of its level for what does take place upon it.”

No One Knows the Hour

Thus, when Cayce prophesied that the NYC destruction would occur by 2001, he was just giving a possible long-term date. Obviously, no major earthquake yet has happened in NYC and the surrounding area. NYC has not sunk or disappeared.

In like manner, for many years, Nada-Yolanda repeatedly was told by the ascended masters that the Second Coming of Jesus would occur on or about the year 2000 AD, which however did not take place. Sananda shared via Nada-Yolanda that so many light workers had aborted their spiritual missions that he now estimated that he would not be able to return until 2020-2040. Here it is 2022, and the required spiritualization of the planet has not occurred. His return seems likely to happened sometime closer to 2040.

It may also be that Cayce at a subconscious level felt that Jesus’ Second Coming originally was designed and hoped to occur about 2000 AD. (He did talk about Jesus’ Second Coming but he gave no date for it.) So, although Cayce’s prophecy did not come to pass yet, it still may be an overall accurate prediction. Just the dates have changed.

Demonstrate I Am Consciousness

On October 8, 1966, speaking as Nada of the Karmic Board, Yolanda received this intunement while on a Hierarchal Board tour with El Morya/Mark, in the New York City area:

“Misuse of power and pollution of air, land and water have to be rectified. Unless there is a radical spiritualization of the Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. area, nature forces will have to cleanse by water, causing a break in the land transportation and communication facilities between the two points. It would not be complete destruction, since water routes still would be available, but it would create a great disruption in the present flow between them. . . .

“The overall picture from North of Boston, Massachusetts, along the east coast to the nation’s capital indicates this whole commercial, industrial area must become spiritualized, otherwise the nature forces will not be able to maintain a balanced condition. This is not retaliation. But when man corrupts every element in his natural environment, as he has been doing for monetary and selfish gains the last fifty to seventy-five years, he has to recognize that those forces and elements of nature, which normally are delicately balanced and in harmonious relationship with one another, are thrown into such a state of confusion that they are unable to find a proper, secure, balanced interrelationship.

“Man literally has driven the devic kingdom crazy, made it sick. In the attempt to throw off poisonous conditions which man has caused by his unnatural methods, the elements will react as our own bodies react when trying to throw off toxins and foreign matters.

“Man initially has been given the responsibility over the animal, mineral and vegetable life forces. If he poisons, alienates or starves them from their balanced state of interrelationship and interdependence which took thousands of years to achieve, he must face the consequences of his acts when these very elements strive to find another form or plateau from which to rebalance themselves within and regarding one another. This is the divine law of balance and harmony. When a balance is destroyed, when the harmony is ignored, we must expect the symptoms of that improper state.

“In a divinely intuned society, man will understand and will respect the needs of his natural environment and forces and will work with, not against, them. So it must be done here. As this stretch of settlement in the last three hundred years has served as the basis of our nation’s historical foundation, established on respect, love and freedom (free will), so it must be rebalanced and rededicated on another higher evolutionary level.

“The area south of Washington, D.C., to north of Boston Massachusetts, has birthed the industrialization and materialization of a nation. Now it must become spiritualized consciously by man; or be dissolved by nature. The law of righteousness and balance is perfect but impersonal.

“Therefore, it is most important for all light workers to hold these thoughts in proper consciousness and to give spiritual strength and energy to the entire eastern coast of the United States. Many times since the Amerindians lost physical control of the Long Island area, their spiritual focus has been threatened with industrialization or misuse. But strong concentration and energy from the astral planes by those Indian forces working through the devic kingdoms have counteracted that, keeping it as a fulcrum or balance so the elementals still can operate in those highly materialistic centers lying to the north and south.

“In recent decades, mankind has done much to heal and to balance the environment. Great effort has gone into correcting conditions in the northeastern United States. Yet mortal resistance, selfishness and misuse of power persist. Now is the time finally and fully to dispel this dark cloud of negativity and to replace it with light.”

Dream of Flooding

In December 1974, Phillel dreamt: “I was with Robert in England. . . . Later in the dream, [he] and I returned to New York via ship. Coming into New York Harbor, I noticed the city appeared as it must have in the 1700s. I especially remarked the belfry of either a church or the town hall. Also, the city was flooded and in the middle of the harbor we waded the rest of the way in on foot. The person next to me, possibly my own high Self, was demonstrating to me a levitation technique of walking on the water.”

Disperse the Darkness

On May 24, 1993, I (Dr. Robert) dreamt that Spirit lifted me high above the northeastern United States. Looking down, I saw a huge, dark cloud over New York City. I realized it represented the dark, selfish thought forms that originated in Atlantis. If this cloud of selfishness was not dissolved and replaced with light, it would migrate all the way south to the state of Virginia. Light workers, therefore, were to disperse this darkness and to implant God’s will on Earth. Toward the end of the dream, I shared this vision with Nada-Yolanda, who she said she had received the same thing.

Catastrophic Destruction of NYC

On May 19, 1997, Nada-Yolanda dreamt: ” I was . . . on a vacation in New York City when, clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently, I knew without a doubt: New York City, in 2002, will experience a sudden but complete, catastrophic destruction: earthquakes, fires, and finally, a tidal wave.

“As Nada, I asked for mercy and forgiveness. But I was informed by the high Self that these events could not be averted, in spite of the splendor and the creative achievements of art, finances and philanthropy. Most power for running these areas of expression, and the behind-the-scenes authorities who make them function, are so corrupt that they have sown the seeds of their own demise.

“Weep not these. All things must be renewed, transported and elevated to new and better standards. No amount of prayers and postponements can halt the wave that is fast approaching via the cosmic trends. It now has become inevitable.”

However, 2002 came and went, with no earthquakes or tidal waves occurring in New York City that year or since then. Remember, this revelation about the upcoming destruction of NYC came in Yolanda’s dream, with dreams almost always being symbolic. So 2002 may just have indicated that the catastrophe in NYC was coming soon. No one, not even Nada-Yolanda, knows the time and hour this will occur. But it may well be that she did correctly see the decrystallization and cleansing of this key city, which is the financial, media and cultural center of the entire world.

Moreover, research by modern seismologists who study earthquakes has proven that six fault lines exist under Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of NYC. The New York City area is in the middle of a huge tectonic plate and therefore has what are called intraplate earthquakes. These tend to be smaller and happen less frequently that those where one tectonic plate abuts another tectonic plate. However, based on historical records, an estimated category 5 earthquake shook NYC in 1734 and 1884. (See map of fault lines below.)

Seismologist predict that another such earthquake, even as high as a category 7 on the seismic scale, may occur soon. Such a category 7 earthquake would cause massive damage and lost of life. A category 8 or 9 quake would be totally devastating. But nobody knows when or how large such an earth disturbance will occur.

New Earth Temple

On January 8, 2009, angels and ascended masters took me (Dr. Robert) in my light body high above the southern region of Vermont, about two hundred miles north of central Long Island, NY, where the Seventh Ray Earth Temple had been located. Below me, I saw a vast open field of green grass, shrubs and other plants; there were no houses, buildings or roads. However, a single huge white culvert or drain pipe lay on the ground, indicating that new development or construction was about to begin.

A few days later, I had a flash of cosmic insight: With the coming decrystallization of the negativity of New York City, plus predicted flooding of the Northeastern U.S. coast due to Earth changes, the Earth Temple’s focus would be moved from Long Island to south-central Vermont, which has an average elevation of one thousand feet above sea level. (See map to right/above.)

On September 5, 2012, when MariLyn and I embarked on the Eastern European Mission, we flew first to New York City. Departing there, as we flew over the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to central Long Island, Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power with Lord Maitreya of the Seventh, overshadowed me. In a vision, Michael showed me that he and Maitreya, plus their co-workers, had suffused the entire Atlantean Earth Temple area with such brilliant cosmic light that it had been “made new.” He gave no indication of the time or the manner that the resulting physical destruction, cleansing and renewal of the New York area would occur.

At the end of the June12-24, 2014 Earth Temple Mission, the New Earth Temple in south-central Vermont was opened and reborn in south-central Vermont. During the last 4-5 weeks of this year, all of us in this blog network have focused on the next and higher degree of opening this spiritual temple, power center or vortex of sacred light. This week we complete this re-energization and re-empowerment of this Seventh Ray Earth Temple for this time of now.

With this new love-power flowing into the renewed and repositioned Earth Temple, it seems likely that soon the very physical elements in this region will respond with all matter of upheaval and catastrophic change. We now wait and watch to see how this shake-up will manifest, within and without each person in this region, down unto the elements themselves, as guided and directed by the angels and devas.

Be Oval

In your meditations over the next few days, begin by surrounding yourself in a cocoon of golden light, which is oval in its overall shape. See a strand of white and golden light a foot or two below your feet, and then wind it around your aura and physical body in a counterclockwise direction to construct the gold-and-white, sparkling cocoon. The edge of the cocoon is about 2-3 feet away from your physical body, thereby encompassing and protecting your entire aura.

Leave an opening in the cocoon above the top of your head, where via a Christ column of light you rise into your I Am Self and seventh body, your ascended body of light.

In I Am consciousness, commune with Archangel Lord Uriel, Sol-O-Man who was Zolanda the high priestess of the Atlantean Earth Temple, Nada who is co-chohan of the Seventh Ray, Mama Deva who is the Seventh Ray co-leader with Papa Deva of all the devas of Earth, and your own body deva. Perhaps you also commune with higher astral plane Amerindians. Be aware that female galactic visitors also may be included in those who overshadow you.

Call upon all of them to help and assist you. Ask them to lift you up so that you may become more of the individual Earth Temple that you are. Feel their connection especially in your heart or love center.

Then, as a team, radiate Seventh Ray peace, love and rest to south-central Vermont, which spreads out for at least a couple hundred miles in all direction. These radiations include the NYC area, which you see suffused with cosmic light, just like what Lord Michael radiated to this area in 2012, as noted above.

Call upon all angels, devas and elementals of this region to assist in the uplifting of all life in NYC and the surrounding area. See the elementals being recharged and renewed such that they in turn recharge all the elements in this area.

Do not envision earthquakes in New York city and the surrounding region, but rather see this whole area being reborn in fourth dimensional light and love. Affirm: All things are being made new in New York City; all things are made new in south-central Vermont; all things are made new throughout the entire northeastern section of the USA, all the way north to Canada and south to Washington, DC.

As all of us call this forth and see it happening in this moment of now, so shall it eventually be. Amen!

Be Triangular

In other meditations as the days progress, picture yourself inside a golden pyramid of light that is composed of four triangular faces that rest on a square that is grounded on Earth. The pyramid is about seven to twelve feet tall at its apex. This pyramid of Christ light protects you and suffuses you in golden and white light of the Seventh Ray.

Once ensconced, settled and secured, and fully anchored in your light body on Earth, rise up into the top or apex of the pyramid. From there, lift up and through a Christ column of cosmic light into your seventh or ascended body, wherein you commune with and feel the presence of masculine angels, ascended masters and devas who are descending to you.

Link especially with Lord Ariel (Uriel’s masculine counterpart), Sananda, Rama (Nada’s twin soul), Papa Deva and your own body deva, individually and collectively. If you do not feel their presence, simply affirm and know that they are with you and for you, and they love you. Your heart glows and swells with their combined divine masculine love energy.

Maybe you do not feel or note their presence in this meditation, but later you dream about one or more of them. Maybe they show up in your kitchen or dining room, or when you take a walk in a natural setting. Maybe it is enough just to think of them for now, to open up your mind and heart to the possibility that they will connect with you in some future time. No one knows the time this will happen. God’s will be done.

Whether you definitively sense their presence or not, ask them to inspire you to find new ways to put your love into specific, earthly, concrete actions that help and uplift others and the lower kingdoms. Love your neighbors as yourself. Lay down your life for a friend in some new way.

Forgive your enemies. Write one or more of them a loving letter or email; give him or her a present; apologize for any wrongs you have committed against any one of them, even as you also may tell another enemy that you are not going to put up with his-her negative nonsense any longer. Goodbye dark goblins. Hello peaceful, loving, healing Godlins.

See your pyramid of light expanding until it is sufficiently huge to anchor over all of New York City and its 19 million inhabitants. Yes, your heart now goes out to them because you see the cataclysmic destruction to soon come. However, your remain divinely detached, while still being fully compassionate. You see all of the New York City folks being regenerated and made new, whether on Earth or in the astral planes.

Radiate peace and love all the way down and into the elementals and the elements that comprise the bodies of humans, animals, plants and minerals. Whereas financial folks in New York City and Wall Street focus excessively and greedily on material wealth, on increasing their gold in the form of money, you now see them being golden in mind, body and soul, eventually to become golden giants of spiritual light.

See all things made new not only in New York City but also all of the eastern seaboard of the USA. See the descent of the New JerUSAlem in this entire area.

As we see it, it is done. The Earth Temple is renewed, regenerated, re-empowered  and reborn. Hallelujah. Om. Om. Om. Om. Thank You, Spirit!