Be your Son-Sun Self

Friends, fellow solar-system citizens, today, Monday, December 20, 2021, we begin our yearlong journey to son-sun, I Am, Christ consciousness and expression.

During the upcoming year, we will visit the sun and the 12 planets in this solar system. And, our space visitors from the sun and each of the 12 planets will visit us. We also will link with the 13 temples, foci, power centers or vortices on Earth that receive, anchor and radiate the vibrations of the sun and the 12 planets.

At the same time, we will continue to focus on our own 12 Christ or I Am powers, that express as 12 physical organs and/or systems in our physical body. As in the solar system, so in our physical form: Our journey to the sun is analogous to our journey to I Am or son consciousness

Solstices and Equinoxes

December 21, 2021 is this year’s winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Because the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees, as it transits around the sun, the length of days and nights expand or contract. (See picture below and to right.)

The shortest day in the North is the winter solstice. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words sol (which means sun) and sistere (which means to stand still). A solstice is the point where the sun appears to reach either its highest or lowest point in the sky for the year; thus ancient astronomers came to know the day as one where the sun appeared to stand still.

The word “equinox” comes from the Latin with the roots aequus (meaning equal) and nox (meaning night). At the spring and fall equinoxes, both the day and the night are 12 hours long, hence equal.

Thus, our solar year here in the North begins tomorrow, on December 21, 2021, and continues to December 20, 2022; a period of 12 months or 52 weeks or 365 days plus 5 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds to be precise.

Saturnalia and Christmas

In ancient Rome, the festival Saturnalia began on December 17 and continued for a week to December 23 (or some accounts say until December 25), hence a little before and after the winter solstice. Saturnalia celebrated the Roman god Saturn, who was said to be the god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation. Saturn’s mythological reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace.

As we now know from Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and intunements, Saturn is the primary center or planetary logos where the Council of Seven meets. (See picture of Saturn to left.)

This Council is composed of the seven archangels and the seven chohans, with Lord Michael as the Archangel of the First Ray, and Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray who is of the kingdom of man, serving as the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board or spiritual government of this solar system.

With the birth of Christ Jesus and the eventual celebration of Christmas, Christians designated December 25 as the day he was born, although no one knows for sure if this was the exact date or even close to it. Rather, the celebration of Christmas piggybacked on the prior pagan celebration of Saturnalia, which was a time of no work, parties, gift giving and revelry.

So, we have lots to celebrate this Saturnalia/Christmas cycle. We celebrate the Council of Seven on Saturn. We celebrate the birth of Sananda as Jesus the Christ in his past lifetime, with Sananda being the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, and hence a member of the Council of Seven. We celebrate the birth of the Christ within every soul on Earth and in its astral planes.

Be Still and Know

Starting today, and continuing all this week, please make sure that you have as much quiet, centering, meditative time as possible, even as you celebrate Saturnalia and Christmas with family and friends. Yes, this may be a bit taxing and difficult to do at times, as so much goes on during Christmas and throughout the whole holiday season through to New Year’s day.

But, you can do both: You can be in this world with its limited, Earthly views and customs, but not of this world in that you live in I Am, resurrected, ascended, light-body consciousness. Your primary gifts to friends and family will be peace, love and healing, in whatever way you are guided to physically share them. This is the “reason for the season”: to Love God and Love One Another as Sananda and Sol-O-Man have taught and demonstrated for eons of time.

First Ray Protection

One way you can celebrate and prepare yourself for your journey to son-sun consciousness is to visualize yourself surrounded in a citadel or tower of multiple shades of the First Ray of Faith, Will and Power. After all, each new step you take or project you begin always starts with the First Ray, with having faith in and of our Father-Mother Creator, with seeking and breathing in His-Her will, and then via Christ thought power putting this Divine will into action.

The Christ column of blue lights protects you and prevents any outside interference or attempts to control, hinder or harm you by the thoughts, feelings and actions of negative souls on Earth or in the astral planes. So, see yourself inside this 12-foot wide tower of First Ray power that extends 6 feet to either side of, in front of, and behind you, all around you, its outer edge being about 6 feet from your central core, your spinal column of light.

Around your head, envision the royal blue light of faith that infuses your crown chakra and cerebrum, your body’s central computer. Around your throat and chest, image sky blue light of will that anchors in and through you throat chakra and respiratory system, and energizes and protects your heart. Imagine and perceive aqua/blue-green light around your lower body that suffuses you with spiritual, I Am power that expresses via your vocal apparatus, muscles and limbs.

Be powerfully grounded with the power of the First Ray that flows down, into and through your feet into the floor and the earth elements below, which becomes holy ground.

These blue colors/vibrations/energies are your interior Christmas tree lights. Your tree of life is lit up in, and radiates, royal blue, sky blue and aqua blue-green light to one and all; in meditation or when you and others are having a great meal, or giving or receiving marvelous gifts. Let the Star of David atop your Christmas tree, symbolizing Sananda’s ship #10, shine down upon and through you to illuminate the Christ within you and all around you.

Merry Christmas! And it is going to be a fabulous New Year. It has already begun.

Be Lifted Up into a Golden Globe

Next, ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit, including Elohim, angels, ascended masters and/or space visitors who utilize hieronics or electro-magnetic space beams, to lift you up into I Am, son-daughter-solar consciousness, into your golden light body, such that you are a golden giant.

Visualize and feel the rising of your fire of light or kundalini from the lowest regenerative center, up through your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, from which you ascend into your light body. Remember, though, of yourself, your mortal, soul self, you cannot do this. Rather you affirm that is happening or will happen, you visualize it taking place; which prepares you for it when it does happen. But, you realize that it is those in the etheric and celestial planes who do the lifting. You cooperate and go along for the ride, like rising up in an elevator in a elevator shaft.

See your light body as being above your head and begin to enter into it as represented by a large, golden sphere or ball or globe of Christ light. This golden, I Am, light-body sphere has always been above you, with you, around you, but until now you have been only so familiar with it and comfortable being in it.

Yes, in last year’s work with your 12 Christ or I Am spiritual powers, you became more and more adept and comfortable in your light form as it overshadowed, transfigured and anchored into your thoughts, feelings, memories and physical form. But now you start a whole new level of being a golden, solar giant; of being in Elder or I Am or Abel consciousness.

See the globe that is above you and that you are rising into being about 12 feet in diameter. Thus, it fills up nearly the whole space inside your Christ column of protective blue lights. You are lifted into this ball or sphere of golden light, and encased and protected by it. You slowly ascend into I Am, sun-son consciousness.

First your head rises into the golden, 12-foot globe, then your throat, then your heart and chest, then your abdomen, then your sacral and and regenerative organs, and finally your legs and feet. All around your aura, your seven major chakras or psychic centers (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative), and all your four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral, physical) is the golden light of your light body.

Be at peace. Feel and radiate love. Know that you truly are a divine, holy, balanced, healthy, happy I Am, golden being of son-sun, Christ light. Realize anew that all is in divine order. I am that I Am. I Am that I am.

Then, the golden globe descends down your Christ column of powerful light, until the bottom of the globe enters the earth below your feet and anchors into it for about a foot or two. The top of your golden globe now is about four feet or so above your physical head.

Thirteen Temples of Light

Once your golden I Am globe of love and light is firmly anchored into each and every part of you, ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit to lift you up above the Earth, slowly, gradually, smoothly, until you are high enough in the atmosphere, say at 40,000 feet or more, such that you can look down upon the whole planet. You can begin to see various ones of the thirteen especially bright centers of light or power focal points around the golden planet, such as the Sun Temple that is located here in northeastern Tennessee, at our I Am Nation headquarters; the Earth Temple on central Long Island, NY; the Temple of Venus in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming; and the Temple of Uranus in northcentral Brazil in South America.

If you are in the Eastern Hemisphere, peer down upon Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, the location of the First Ray Temple of Neptune; the Temple of Mercury that radiates the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom which exists in northeastern India, where Sananda incarnated as Gautama the Buddha; and the Temple of Jupiter in central China, in or near the ancient city of Xian.

Begin to discern that all such thirteen temples or spiritual foci or power centers are linked together as a huge gridwork of light, thereby lighting up the whole planet, which appears to you as a golden, Seventh Ray globe.

Be One with the Earth Logos

When you look down upon the Earth, become aware not only of the physical planet but of its “auric field” or astral energy matrix, for the surrounding seven astral planes are part of the Earth’s vibrational force field, just as our astral body integrates with and enlivens our physical body.

Moreover, be aware of the devas and elementals around the planet, who as etheric beings under angelic guidance oversee and guide the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. You cannot see devas and elementals with your physical eyes and vision, but you can view them with your all-seeing third eye in I Am consciousness.

Above and beyond the seven astral planes are the three etheric planes and the celestial realm, wherein ascended masters and angels reside, respectively.

Finally, begin to sense even above and within the physical, astral planes and etheric planes the presence and power of a huge, global, etheric guiding force, a spiritual entity that manifests the entire Earth complex of etheric, astral and physical vibrations. This so-called spiritual entity is called the Earth logos.

The term “logos” comes from the Greek word that has been translated into English as the “Word.” This is referred to in the Gospel of John, that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and was God, and the Word was made flesh. The term “Word” means the thoughts or ideas of God the Father, who speaks them to initiate the seven-step process of creation, via the Seven Rays of Life. The Father speaks the word or ideates, then the words-ideas-thoughts enter the Mother polarity or aspect of our One God.

In the Mother’s Cosmic Womb, the words grow and gestate, surrounded in and fed and energized by the feelings of Divine Feminine love. Then, to use the human analogy, nine months later, the Word is born on the physical dimension. The Earth logos gives birth to, or manifests, the physical planet with its accompanying astral and etheric planes. The Word becomes flesh.

The birth of Jesus represents this birthing of the Word in its full, cosmic, Christ vibration. Jesus is the Word made flesh. So it is with each of us as we birth that Christ that we are, always have been and always will be. Yes, indeed, Merry Christ Mass, one and all!

Love the Earth Logos

In terms of a succinct, specific definition, El Morya/Mark, following the channeled communions via Nada-Yolanda, wrote the following short definition of the word logos: “a spiritual entity manifesting a stellar or a planetary body, such as a solar logos or a planetary logos.” Thus, the sun likewise has its own logos, as do each of the 12 planets in the solar system.

However, by the word “entity,” we are not to think of a planetary logos as necessarily looking like a human body or an astral body. Rather, no description or delineation of a logos has been given via Nada-Yolanda that points to what this “entity” may look like. However, it may appear to us in multiple ways: as a specific body or much more likely as an amorphous forcefield or matrix of light and power. By whatever shape or form, the Earth logos encompasses and interpenetrates the entire Earth; whereas the solar logos radiates and exists throughout the whole solar system. In either case, the logos must be some huge being or configuration of global or solar energies.

Since all of the above is rather nebulous and far-reaching, the best way to perceive and understand the Earth logos is to unite with and have a deep experience of oneness with it. Thus, in one of my meditations years ago, Nada, with Sol-O-Man, descended and appeared in her light body behind me, much like a mother standing behind her young child.

Then, Nada guided me to visualize the Earth before me, such that it was only 2-3 feet in diameter. Then, with her light body arms, she moved my light-body arms such that I reached all around the planet and gave it a loving hug — I hugged the Earth with my light-body heart. And in so doing, I came into communion with the Earth logos, an extraordinary sensation that I consciously had not felt before in this lifetime. I experienced the fact that the Earth is a living, breathing, vibrant, magnificent, multidimensional body or sphere or being of light, life and love.

Commune Heart-To-Heart

In a second learning lesson, Nada with Sol-O-Man again was behind me, assisting and teaching me, showing me what she had done when she was still with us here on Earth. This time, she directed me to go in my light body into the center of the Earth. Physically and astrally, such a voyage would be impossible. Only in I Am, light-body consciousness and form could I do so.

When I entered the Earth’s core, to my horror and dismay, I felt incredible pain in my heart of hearts, such that it doubled me over and took my breath away.

The realization came that this soul-searing pain was due to the accumulation over millions of years of mankind’s selfishness, superiority, self-power and feeling separate from God. All of this negativity had been deposited and programmed into the supercomputer-like records of the Earth logos. And this is the pain caused by the Third Ray errors of mankind down through the ages that we as reborn golden giants have come to Earth to cleanse, transmute and reprogram in these Latter Days or End Times, prior to the Second Coming of Sananda-Christ Jesus. Love conquers all!

Having had these two experiences with the Earth logos, I never again could feel separate from it. Its pain was my pain. Its heart was my heart. As a mother and father feel transcendent, all-encompassing love for her or his newborn child, so I felt this for the Earth logos, even as I sensed the love that the Earth logos had for me as one cell in the whole body of Christ of this planet. God bless you, solar logos. I love you. I Am one with you!

Step By Step

After your reading the above and trying out similar visualizations and meditations, this may be enough for the first two or three days of this week. In other words, in days 1-2, perhaps you focus primarily on rising into the 12-foot golden globe or sphere that you are, and then expressing this golden light and love in your daily activities here on Earth. While you are doing so, however, some imbalance or difficulty in one or more of your chakras and corresponding organs may come to your attention. So, you need to concentrate primarily on healing these dis-eases and dysfunctions.

Once you have done so, then and only then are you able to rise in your golden globe to high above the Earth and to look down upon and feel love for the planet, its thirteen temples, all its life forms, and the entire Earth logos. And again, as uplifting and inspiring as these communions may be, they may stimulate some old, previously hidden soul imbalances or limited, conscious attitudes that require your healing attention. Two steps forward, one step back.

Then, in the next two steps forward, you can focus on traveling to the sun in your golden globe “spacecraft.” You can begin to visualize this, say in day 4 or 5, although you may already have started doing so in the prior 3-4 days of the week.

So, as you can see, there is a normal, typical progression of steps and experiences that one demonstrates along the way to full I Am, son-sun consciousness. However, each person is unique and each progression follows its own best way for you. Go with the flow.

To the Sun and Back

In the third major step or level, you may begin to envision yourself traveling by way of your golden globe from the Earth all the way to the sun. You can think of your 12-foot golden globe that encases and protects you as being like a small spacecraft. It may even expand from being 12 feet to becoming 24 feet in diameter.

Before attempting this journey to the sun, you may find yourself thinking and feeling, not to mention fearing, that you, simple soul that you seem to be, are not capable of making such a journey. Or you may think in mortal consciousness that if you go to the sun, your body or bodies will be burnt up in the fiery light of the sun. But of course, you cannot travel to the sun in mortal consciousness nor in your physical, three-dimensional body. Rather, to go to the sun, you must do so in your light body in I Am, sun-son consciousness. That is why you have to go through the two prior major steps.

As one final consideration, you may feel all alone when you first contemplate any possible trip to the sun and back. So, how in the world are you to make such a cosmic journey? Well, the answer is that you first must find and align yourself with whomever is going to lead you there and protect you on the way. You need a competent, masterful tour guide or several such guides and helpers.

Solar Tour Guides

So, who will this solar guide(s) be? Well, in my case, one of my major guides may be El Morya. You will remember that in my last blog, I shared how El Morya had overshadowed me on November 15, 2021 and said, “I am going to take you home.” At the time of this communion, I wondered if this meant that he would take me to his home planet of Neptune that is the solar system center for the First Ray of Will and Power — El Morya is the leader or primary wayshower on Neptune. I have a clairsentient, inner awareness that I have trained under El Morya on Neptune, in preparation for this lifetime.

As another possibility, I thought that El Morya would take me home to I Am or Christ consciousness. My weakest Ray application is that of the First Ray. So, El Morya will help me to fortify my faith, to do God’s will, to speak the word; as he long since has been doing with me during this incarnation, but now with still greater power and mastery.

As I was preparing for and starting to write this blog, yet another interpretation came clearly to me: El Morya was going to take me home to the sun, which, as Nada channeled via Yolanda in 1970, was our first home when all of us initially came into this solar system, eons ago. Moreover, as Soliel, which is my high Self name, the syllable Sol stands for the sun — I have had much training and spiritual development on the sun.

For at least 26 million years, El Morya has been the Director or Chohan of the First Ray. Moreover, he is now in training under his master teacher, Archangel Michael, to one day take over Michael’s role and function as co-titular head with Maitreya of the Hierarchal Board. As part of his training, he has to be a master of all the planes and the realms of all the planets. So who better than El Morya to be my, and your, primary tour guide, the leader of my/our team of solar travelers?

Master Teacher

Another major tour guide for me will be Sol-O-Man/Mary, who is my beloved master teacher. At each step on my journey to I Am, resurrected and ascended, I Am consciousness, she like a mother has watched over me, cleared the way, protected me from outside interference, nudged me to do this or that or some other thing that I never would have done on my own. So, she will show me the current way to the sun.

Note that in her name Sol-O-Man, Sol stand not only for “soul”, for she represents the soul or feminine side of mankind; but it also represents the sun. (See her picture to left.) Thus, she, as a master of son-daughter consciousness, is well versed in going to and being on or about the sun.

Yet another master tour guide may be Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, since he is the etheric director of Healing Haven and has guided me here on Earth in my function as director of Healing Haven for over fifty years from his perch in the etheric realms. His past lifetimes include Plato, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore.

Phillel on the other hand, during every one of his visits throughout the solar system this lifetime, has been watched over, protected and guided by his master teacher, who is St. Germain of the Sixth Ray. (See Phillel’s photo to right.)

And as for you, it seems likely that your master teacher will be one of your major solar guides. But if you do not consciously know who that is, then you always can call upon El Morya and Glo-Ria, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Hilarion, Lords Michael and Uriel, and other ascended masters and angels, to guide you, to help you, to inspire and protect you.

Solar Assistants

On December 14, 2021, in my afternoon rest period, I fell asleep. When I awoke, I remembered a brief dream in which a refined male being of light appeared to the right and in front of me. At first, I had no idea who this might be, but eventually thought it could be Helios of the sun, who has visited me in the past. Helios and Vesta, his feminine counterpart, are the representatives or leaders of the sun. (Next week’s blog will be devoted to our linking with them.)

The next day, December 15, 2021, at our weekly, 3 PM, Hierarchal Board Meditation (HBM), deep in my meditation after a strong build up of higher energies, two spiritual, light beings, male and female, appeared in my inner vision, standing to the front, right area before me. The male, etheric entity was the same one who had been present in my dream of the previous day. Both he and his female cohort had a very high, refined, loving vibration and seemed vaguely familiar to me. Initially, they just stood there, beaming their love and light to me. (Painting to left is by Hartmut Jager.)

Finally, I asked them who they were. In response, they smiled but initially did not say anything. Eventually, via telepathy, they relayed that they were emissaries from the sun, assistants or disciples of Helios and Vesta. These two solar emissaries had been instructed to come here and then to take me back home with them to the sun, where I would commune with Helios and Vesta. (Phillel had an unique, confirming experience in his meditation.)

Helios and Vesta

Way back in August-September, 2014 when MariLyn (my ex-wife) and I went on the Shasta and Alaska Mission, Helios and Vesta first had appeared to me; and I had a series of communions with them during this mission. Then, more recently, in June and July 2021, they again contacted me in specific ways. In these and other contacts with them since 2014, they always had come here to Earth to contact me, which required that they lower their vibrational frequencies such that their incredibly powerful presences would not “burn up” my body’s nervous system circuitry.

Now, it seems like I have evolved enough such that I can be taken to the sun to visit them in their own extraordinary “high voltage” home and headquarters. What an incredible homecoming that is going to be! All in God’s good time and way. Ever since Lord Uriel revealed my I Am Self name, Soliel, to me in August 2012, I have longed to re-visit the sun. Now eight years later, this seems to be the time to do so. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit.

Our Home of Homes

Let’s return now to Nada-Yolanda’s channeling mentioned briefly above, which revealed that all of us came from the central sun to the sun of this solar system, and then to Earth. Here is this message from Nada, given via Yolanda on August 16, 1970, which is in our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man, pages 44-45:

 “You all have been in the center of creation wherein your souls were formed and your bodies made manifest, wherever you experience life and form. You all may recall this coming forth, in days hence, as it is part of your unfolding and the rending of the seventh veil which is to be rent throughout this solar system before the cycle of this time of now completes itself. . . .

“All of us, who were sons of God in the spiritual sense of it, came unto this solar system along with those of the devic and elemental kingdoms to produce a haven for all life-form experimentation. We drew upon our experiences in and through the fire or the element of being which is the etheric consciousness.
“Our setting forth from the central sun then was naturally into the sun of this solar system. Therefore, all who are part of this particular solar system and the solar systems relating to the central sun of the many solar systems which surround the central sun have come from the same source or level of creation or beingness.”

All Learning is Remembering

In Sananda’s lifetime as Socrates, he taught that all learning, especially of spiritual truths and realities, is remembering. In other words, over the ages and eons, we have had enumerable experiences, for good and not so good. We are to reincorporate the positive remembrances and release the negative ones. We are to remember that we came from the sun.

So, please note in the above channeling the phrase: “You all may recall this [your past on the sun] coming forth, in days hence, as it is part of your unfolding.” In other words, each and everyone of us is capable of remembering this ancient past, which until these Latter Days has been buried deeply in the recesses of our soul-computer record.

Remembering this cracks open our mental-psychic doorway such that we can move into a new understanding and acceptance of who we are, where we came from, and how all of us have lived on or around the sun of this solar system! All we have to do in order to go to the sun and son-sun consciousness is to recall and retrace our past steps. Then we will return to the sun, which is our original “Home of homes” in this solar system.

Here is the link to Phillel’s description of his fabulous journey to son-sun consciousness, his visitation to the sun and the central sun, which occurred thirty years ago, on July 12, 1991; please be sure to read this:

Then, on November 10, 2009, Phillel posted the following blog about visiting the seven planets that are the primary centers in the solar system for each of the Seven Rays of Life; again a must read:

Solar Cross

The next, higher step in my ongoing journey to son-sun consciousness occurred on November 16, 2010, when MariLyn and I were in Costa Rica on what we thought would be our delayed honeymoon, but which also turned into being a spiritual mission, the first of 12 such missions around the world from November 2010 to March 2015.

In meditation that morning, asking Spirit for guidance about how to unify and heal the seven countries that comprise Central America, a circle or sphere enclosing an equilateral cross appeared in my third eye. The circle represents wholeness, oneness and completion. The cross is for crucifying error, but also portrays the four steps of peace, love, cooperation and coordination that make up the Christ matrix. In Costa Rica, MariLyn and I symbolically were at the center point of the cross, thus located between North and South America. The plan was to unify the whole Western Hemisphere.

Research revealed that this symbol, found in ancient cultures around the world, is called a solar or sun cross. The circle represents the sun as the source of light and the Son-of-God consciousness, as demonstrated by Sananda/Jesus. Moreover, the cross represents Sananda’s ship #10, which is shaped in the form of an equilateral cross. By this sign or image, MariLyn and I were instructed to keep our eye single on the Christ and to call it forth in all governmental officials throughout Central America.

Although I did not comprehend it fully at the time, thinking about and projecting via the solar or sun cross imagery stimulated and accelerated my own son-sun consciousness, my spiritual identity as Soliel of the Sun.

Astronomically, the sun cross is the symbol representing Earth, whereas the sun itself is represented by a circle with a dot in the center.

Solar Disc

After we had returned from Costa Rica, about two weeks later, on December 1, 2010, Sananda and Sol-O-Man brought two light-filled beings into my auric field, who seemed to be from the sun. They lifted my arms above my head in the form of a V, into which they lowered a golden solar disc about three feet in diameter.

Around its perimeter were 12 symbols, written in a space language like unto the automatic writings of Nada-Yolanda in the late 1950s. The symbols represented the 12 planets. In the center of the disc was a symbol of the sun. I slowly lowered the disc, which at times was a sphere or ball of light, into my crown chakra/cerebrum.

I had no idea at the time that this solar disc also represented my Soliel Self. For, I have trained throughout the solar system, as given in Nada-Yolanda’s 1972 intunement for me; experienced in numerous dreams, especially one in August 2012, in which I was told that I had traveled throughout the solar system and served 12 masters, one for each planet.  Plus, I have been on the sun, which as we know now all of us have been.

Moreover, the 12 signs of the 12 planets indicated that MariLyn and I, starting in 2012, would travel around the world as part of stimulating, empowering and reopening the 12 temples of the 12 planets, starting out our journeys from here at I Am Nation HQ, which serves as the Sun Temple.

Sananda of the Son-Sun

On March 30, 2011, in my early morning meditation, Sananda/Jesus totally transfigured me, as he had in my dream of this morning, and anchored himself around and through me as a huge sphere of golden light. Via this disc or ball of light, he and I radiated love and healing to a circular area that was about 50 miles in diameter, with its center being I Am Nation HQ, although the light projections also extended out another 200 or so miles. He inspired me to reread his channeling about the Seventh Ray of  Peace and Love via Nada-Yolanda on February 13, 1963 in which he referred to himself not only as Sananda, but also as Sun-Anda and Son-Anda. (See our Mark-Age booklet Seven Rays of Life, pages 20-28.)

Sananda called me his son. And he beckoned me to begin to remember more about my sojourns on the sun and throughout the solar system. In this communion, it felt like he actually took me to the sun in order to stimulate my memory recall. And when I came back, I did so by way of Mercury and Venus, which are between the Earth and the sun; radiated solar light and consciousness to them; and linked them with the solar logos, the Earth logos and the rest of the planets. However, all of this was rather vague and not fully pictured or understood.

Solar Logos Impregnates Earth

That afternoon at our Hierarchal Board Meditation, Phillel was contacted first by his master teacher, Dr. Hannibal, and later by Lord Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray, who is in charge of all kingdoms of the Seventh Ray planet of Earth.

St. Germain channeled via Phillel that he had overseen and directed the solar logos energies that had been implanted on Earth via its thirteen temples or focal points, which represent the temples of sacred light of the twelve planets of this solar system and the sun.

Please do read these two superb and impactful channelings, and including Phillel’s description of what he experienced prior to and during them:

This is the first channeled information via Phillel in which the thirteen temples had been mentioned. Plus, other than a vague way, I had not previously received anything about them, other than what I had received this morning in my meditation. Phillel’s channelings explained in detail what I only had glimpsed in capsule form. In our unique ways, we had served as co-receivers of the Hierarchy’s instructions and information, confirming and supplementing one another, two sides of one coin.

Note, too, that this reference to the thirteen temples occurred prior to MariLyn’s and my fall tour in 2012 to South America, and after that to the entire world. Costa Rica was not the site of one of the thirteen temples, but rather we would visit such sites or vortices or power centers from fall 2012 to March 2015, during which she and I circled the globe three times.

Soliel and Soleil

On August 12, 2012, I dreamt that I was in France attending a lightworker conference. There I met a man who was an expert on UFOs or spacecraft in France and the surrounding European countries. This man, not identified by name, appeared different from other men, filled with light. He had written an in-depth report about these spaceships, which he had titled SOLIEL. I never saw the report or the spelling of SOLIEL, but heard this name/title clearly. I definitely wanted to read the report and share it with Phillel. Then I awoke.

Online, looking up the name Soliel (with an “iel”), I discovered that only a very few women, primarily in France, had this name; and even a smaller number of men worldwide. The name “Soliel” meant bright or sunny, based on the Latin word “sol” and the French word “soleil” (with the spelling “eil”), which means sun.

However, Google then redirected my name search to the word “SOLEIL.” There were a few more ladies and men named this, hence with the spelling “eil” rather than “iel.” But still, it was an uncommon name.

However, lo and behold, online I discovered that in a south-western suburb of Paris, France, is located a large synchrotron (particle accelerator) facility called SOLEIL (thus with an “eil”). This name is a backronym for Source optimisee de luminere d’energie intermediate du LURE. (See picture of this facility to right.) SOLEIL covers fundamental research needs in physics, chemistry, material sciences, life sciences, earth sciences and atmospheric sciences. (Click SOLEIL for Wikipedia article.)

Therefore, I wondered if perhaps originally in my dream I had heard the name Soliel wrong, that it was properly spelled Soleil and pronounced that way. However, the French name Soleil is pronounced “Sowl-EY” (S as in “see “; OW as in “oak ; L as in “lay ” ; Ey as in “ate.”) In my dream, what I heard was Soliel, pronounced “Sol-i-el” with the accent on the first syllable, Sol. So, this whole thing was confusing and I did not know what to make of it at this time. I asked Spirit to enlighten me about all of this.

Crystal Clarity

Adding to the overall picture and time, MariLyn and I were scheduled to fly in 4 weeks to Paris, France on September 5, 2012, where we would stay for 4 days, before departing on September 9 for St. Petersburg, Russia. From there, we would eventually go to Moscow, Russia, then Odessa, Ukraine on what was called the Eastern European Mission. So, I tentatively concluded that during this whole mission, space visitors under the title of Soliel or Soleil would be working in and through us, which is what did happen; and that such space visitors were solar system scientists, hence the synchrotron facility in Paris.

Nearly two weeks later, Spirt answered my request for clarity in this entire matter. On August 24, 2012, in my morning meditation, Lord Uriel, my guardian angel, telepathically conveyed that Soleil was properly spelled Soliel, with a “iel” instead of a “eil,” because Soliel is my I Am or high Self name, which also can be spelled Sol-I-El.

“Sol” refers to the sun as well as to my being like a “son” or spiritual disciple of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. “I” is for the I Am Self in one and all children of God. “El” denotes the Elder race of the golden giants in the days of Cains and Abels. Plus, “el” also indicates my work with the seven archangels, whose names all end in “el,” such as Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. As Soliel, I shine like the sun-son.

Before this, I had thought that Zan-Landa was my I Am or high Self name, with it meaning “one who is devoted to the spiritual Hierarchy (Zan).” This name was given to me way back in 1975 and then explained by Sananda via Yolanda, with “Zan” denoting the hierarachal chain of command, “land” referring to the Earth elements, and “a” standing for Atlantis. In Atlantis, I had not followed my hierarchal leaders and thereby had incurred karma that it had taken me thirty years to correct in this lifetime.

Thus, Zan-Landa was my soul name, comparable to Yolanda, whose I Am Self name is Nada. Soliel is my I Am Self name, with “Sol” referring to my training and experience throughout the solar system, in my service to and preparation for Sananda/Sun-Anda/Son-Anda and his redescent in his light body.

Solar System Scientists

Soliel also refers to the interplanetary Soliel forces of Seventh Ray light and love with whom I have worked and have been a spokesman for many ages, those who are devoted to Sananda and his Second Coming. The headquarters for this group is a huge etheric spacecraft or group of such craft. They are composed primarily of Seventh Ray workers, but also others of all the other rays, with most of these workers being solar system scientists and healers, like unto myself here on Earth.

This was the meaning of my dream about reading the report about UFOs, whose title was “SOLIEL.” Confirming this realization, interpretation and application, nine months later, on May 2, 2013, I dreamt that I was being taken to my major etheric spacecraft that was the principle headquarters for the Soliel forces of light. I was telling others all about this, explaining to them what the ship was, its number, and my travels to and from it in my ascended light body. In the dream, I knew this number of the ship, but upon awakening I could not remember it. Over the years since, I have had several dreams and meditations about this spacecraft, but no further details about it have been given.

Present Journey

The above brings me back to my story, started above, about my current journey to son-sun consciousness. To recap this, on December 14, 2021, I dreamt about, and later came into communion with, a light-filled, masculine being who stood to the right of me. I did not know who he was, nor did he convey any information to me. What I did suspect was that something new was about to happen.

The next day, December 15, at our weekly HBM, two light beings appeared in front and to the right of me. One was the male who had appeared to me the day before, and the other was a female. When I asked them who they were, they conveyed via thought that they were emissaries from Helios and Vesta of the sun. They had come to take me with them to the sun or to sun consciousness.

Two days later, on December 17, in my early morning meditation, my intent was to begin my actual travel to the sun, comparable to Phillel’s past experience. After surrounding myself in a Christ citadel of protective First Ray blue lights, I said the Lords Prayer and linked with El Morya and Nada, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and Lords Michael and Uriel.

Then, the inspiration came to sing some Oms as part of my visualizing kundalini fire rising up my spine, above my head and into my golden globe, my light body. In years past, I had on many occassions sounded such Oms, but this time they were much fuller and richer, and more powerful. I sounded one Om for each of the seven major chakras, with each note being the next note up an octave of eight such soundings, with the eighth one being above my head in my golden light body.

Then I started back down my spine, with the hope and intent that in my light-body resdescent  I would find just the right note to sound in my heart chakra, which would stimulate my physical heart healing and help to bring my heart into normal, sinus, regular rhythm (my heart is still in Afib.)

To my delight, when sounding the note at my heart, I could feel its vibration around, in and through my physical heart. I felt like I finally had been able to descend from my head (where I am most comfortable) to my heart (my love center and feeling nature). I felt like I had come home to my heart. Spirit had given me my heart sound and song.

This uplifted me so much into higher, Seventh Ray love consciousness, that I “went out” for a brief time. When I came back to conscious awareness, within my heart appeared a vision of a mouth, with lips and teeth. And this heart mouth was singing Om. Moreover, this seemed to be not just me singing, but others in higher planes singing in and through me in a chorus of Oms. Oh, my, what a glorious feeling this was!

Voyage to Venus

Later that morning, when taking a brief nap, I dreamt that I was in a building that looked much like Hilarion House here at I Am Nation HQ, but was not this building. There were several workers there doing remodeling and new construction. A young man showed up there, maybe in his early twenties, with refined, delicate, physical features. He asked me if President Biden would intervene in some dispute taking place in the USA. I said, no, that was not the President’s proper function, which was news to this young man.

As we talked, I became more and more curious as to who this young man was, and why he was so naïve about governmental matters. Finally, I asked him. Initially, he just smiled, his face lit up anew with light. Then, silently, in thoughts that struck me like a bolt of light, he revealed to me that he was a Venusian! I awoke, and struggled to come back to conscious reality.

Putting the two above experiences together, it struck me that in attempting to travel right to the sun, I first had entered Venusian, Third Ray consciousness or actually had visited the planet Venus.

It was to Venus that in my ancient past, I with all other fallen golden giants had been banished. In that time and subsequent visits in following times, I had trained in the Temple of Venus, including the use of the arts and music. I suspect that I had learned sound therapy therein, which I was now recalling and reintroducing. Thus, in order to go to the sun, I first had to quicken my Third Ray, Venusian consciousness and expression. I had to sound a love note. For love is always the key! This was part and parcel of the “remodeling” and new construction in construction of my four lower bodies, under I Am Self guidance and light workers in the higher planes.

Sing and Dance It

The next day, December 18, 2021, in my morning quiet time, I hoped once more to finally travel to the sun, but given the prior day’s experience, I had given up all my expectations about when and how this might occur. Thy will be done!

Once again, I followed my routine of surrounding myself in a 12-foot wide citadel of First Ray power and then said the Lord’s prayer, even singing some of it and adlibbing and adapting some of its lines. Then came the sounding of Oms, starting at the base of my spine in my regenerative chakra, rising up each other chakra, sounding a Om keynote for each one in an ascending scale.

This time, the Oms were still more powerful than the day before, more expressive and vibrant, more  resonant with rich harmonies. Then, back down the spine I came, without stopping at any one place.

After this, inwardly rang in my mind the Negro gospel We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, so I sang it at full volume, with each step of the ladder being one of the seven chakras. I even got up and walked and danced around to express the joy I felt while climbing this ladder or stairway to the stairs. I also ablibbed song lines about Christ Jesus redescending down the ladder in his Second Coming. There words and sounds were particularly powerful and resonant.

At this point, those in the higher planes lifted my arms in a V shape and each hand took on the form of a J sign, which represented Jesus with my right hand and Mary with my left hand. The realization came that Sananda and Sol-O-Man were singing with me as one. We were three as one, Father-Mother-Son. That’s why the singing was so magical and powerful. Copious tears of rapturous joy flowed down my face.

While still lifted up in my light body, I looked down and saw an incredible vision before me: My four lower bodies shattered into what looked like a million tiny pieces of substance and energy. This shattering was due to the cosmic singing Sananda, SoI-O-Man and I had done.

With this decrystallization, I was no longer Robert, the conscious, physical being; or Zan-Landa which is my soul name going back to my karma in Atlantis, hence my subconscious and astral body. My four lower bodies were dissolved such that they could be reabsorbed and recrystallized back into my light body, out of which they had been created, in conjunction with the fallen Third Ray angels, going back millions of years. I was Soliel in my superconscious aspect and light form.

One with the Sun

Now, with letting go of all my past mortal thoughts, conceptions, fears and physical expressions, it was time to journey to the sun in my son-filled light body, as I had been expecting and preparing to do for the last week.

Indeed, before me appeared the image of a brilliant sun of multiple colors: whites, golds, yellows, oranges and reds, all the ways and colors that we here on Earth see it. It was not just the physical sun, for around it was a brilliant aura that nearly “blinded” me. I felt especially connected in my heart to this multi-dimensional sun or solar logos. I expected, therefore, to travel from my heart to the sun, like taking a spacecraft there.

Instead, I remained here, aware of my still sitting in meditation, even as I was lifted into I Am, golden, Soliel consciousness and light-body powers. What happened was that my heart and the sun became one. The sun was not “out there,” and I was not just “here.” Rather, we were together, one being, one presence in the One. In a sense, as I later thought about it, I was bilocated in my light body, which is one of the powers we have in I Am consciousness. I was “here” on Earth but also “there” at the sun.

Not only was I being taken to the sun that physically is about 93 million miles away, but also the solar logos had come to me, just like physical sunlight radiates from the physical sun to every place and planet in the solar system, with sunlight taking about 8 minutes to travel from the sun to Earth. And this solar logos was incredible, way beyond anything I had felt before, enough to make me feel like I might explode and lose my grounding here on Earth. It was more than enough to lift me into an ecstatic state of awe, wonder, love and peace.

The solar logos is the master coordinating focal point for all sons of God within this solar system. The radiations or forcefield of the solar logos or spiritual entity envelopes and incorporates all planes and planets of our solar system. As Phillel wrote in his blog of March 24, 2021: “The great sphere of spiritual light emanating from the solar logos is a mantle of divine love and protection for every life form in our system.”

Son of the Sun 

To finalize and ground in my new comprehension and consciousness, a large letter “S” superimposed the sun. The “S” was for the Sun, capitalized here to indicate the solar logos. It also stood for Sananda/Sun-Anda/Son-Anda; and Sol-O-Man, with “Sol” in her name symbolizing her love for and obedience to the sun and son-daughter consciousness. “S” also stood for Soliel and for my twin soul Serena.

Sananda then proclaimed, “I Am the Son of the Sun. I Am the way back home to I Am or son-sun consciousness, individually and collectively, for one and for all. Come unto me and I will give you the peace, power and love of the solar logos, our ancestral home, the place of our divine heart. And then I will redescend and come home to Earth in my sun-son, light body. Love God and Love One Another!

Together, in conjunction with El Morya and Nada, Michael and Uriel, Lord Maitreya who is Sananda’s master teacher, the two representative light beings sent here by Helios and Vesta, we sent out this message to everyone on Earth and in the astral planes. Be born again. Come home, our friends, come home to Christ, I Am, son-sun consciousness!


El Morya indeed had led me home to the sun, in that he had initiated the process and finalized it by taking me home to my master teacher, Sol-O-Man, and to Sananda, who are of the Seventh Ray. The First Ray serves the Seventh Ray and the Seventh Ray loves the will and power of the First Ray. However, I initially had thought that El Morya would lead me all the way to the sun, like in a trip such as Phillel had taken. But my trip was unique and different, not better or worse, but one of many ways to visit son-sun consciousness. In my case, the sun in essence came to me even as I went to it.

The two emissaries sent by Helios and Vesta from the sun also enhanced this process, but again not as I had expected it. They were part of the overall grouping of masters, angels and space visitors who were guiding this whole process. Moreover, to go to the sun, I first had to return to Venusian consciousness, to retrace all of my soul history, to be one with Venusians who were taking me home to I Am, son-sun consciousness and expression.

All of this goes to show how we cannot know ahead of time what will happen, when or how it will happen, or what our dreams and visions actually mean on multiple levels. In hindsight, it seems clear but in the step-by-step preparation and works, we cannot see the whole picture. We have to take it as it comes, one day and one step at a time, keeping the faith that God knows what is best for us, even when we do not yet know this. In other words, all is in divine order.

Rest in Peace and Love

For two days after my communion with the solar logos, I felt like a brilliant, all-consuming flame of light was in my heart and all around me, which burned so bright that I could barely hold it and anchor it. At times, I felt discombobulated, unable to think clearly, ungrounded and unsettled, like at any moment I might go up in smoke. The love I felt was near overwhelming, such that time and again tears poured down from my eyes and I was rapturous with divine joy.

Moreover, light and love radiated out through me to the whole planet, with which I felt an entirely new oneness. I was one with the Earth logos, awash in its peace and love vibrations, as well as in the cosmic vibrations of the solar logos.

Finally, this morning, December 20, I awoke at peace, having slept well during the night. I felt “normal,” or at least my new normal. I was comfortable being the new me, with my new level of being Soliel of the Sun. All was well.

In my meditation, going through my routine, I eventually saw myself surrounded in the 12-foot globe or ball of golden light that I had visualized so many times in the past. Then it dawned on me that this globe not only represented my light body but it also represented the sun itself!

In other words, all this time, I had mostly thought of the 12-foot golden globe around me as being my own light body of golden light. Now, it was clear that the globe also represented the sun and solar logos, which also was all around and within me as one. The two were not separate but rather were parts of the One Power, the One Presence, the One Mind of God.

And in this consciousness and awareness, I felt fully at peace and grounded, my feet firmly on the ground, my head still in elevated son-sun of I Am consciousness, in the sunlight of the solar logos, my heart overflowing with love. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit. Thank You!

Go and Do Likewise

So, dearly beloved ones, what can we learn from the above experiences that I have shared about Phillel’s and my son-solar travels?

First of all, the journey to son-sun consciousness takes time, it goes in step-by-step fashion. You just do not think about doing so and then have it happen, in the time and way that you hope it will. Therefore, go with the flow. Know that you are a unique child of God, and your journey will be along the same lines and principles as ours, but will be suitably different and appropriate to your own spiritual identity and development.

Note that in my recent journey, it began on December 14 and ended this morning on December 20. So that means it took seven days! It followed the seven steps of creation, the Seven Rays of Life. Only on the seventh day did it all fit perfectly together and did I feel I was the master of it. Only on the 7th day did I rest in I Am, son-sun consciousness.

During your seven days this week, you may or may not have visions, dreams and conscious contacts with the ascended masters, angels and space visitors from throughout the solar system and beyond. You may just know about and feel their presence without receiving a lot of details. Again, be comfortable with your way of receiving and being. Always know that Spirit is in control of this entire process, that you are a beloved child of our Father-Mother God. His-Her love and power will light the way.

Be sure to watch as many sunrises and sunsets as you can this week, such that you have a physical anchoring point and image to take into your being.

Sunrises and sunsets have a unique vibration. Hardly anyone can watch them without marveling at the majesty of the sun. Just watching them “teleports” us into son-sun consciousness.

For One and All

In your meditations, see the sun right before you and merge with it. Or, see yourself traveling in your light body to it. Or receive another I Am image of how you are to proceed. Give thanks ahead of time that your master teacher, angelic guardian, solar emissary, Venusian brother or sister, space visitors or any other such guides will take you home to our first Home, that of our divine heart, that of the sun.

In your meditations or during the day, you may or may not want to sing and dance, as a way of expressing your I Am, cosmic power, your ability to speak the word and dance the divine dance. See how you are directed by the still small voice of God within you. But, singing and movement enhance and anchor in the experience of being one with the son-sun consciousness.

Remember, too, that we are in the Christmas energy cycle, wherein everyone on the planet is feeling the influx of the higher thoughts and vibrations. When you journey to the son-sun, be sure to radiate love, light, peace and God’s will to one and all everywhere around the globe. You will be especially empowered during this cycle to do so.

Remember, too, that when you are lifted up, you lift up all others unto you, especially those whom you represent. And remember, also, that you are preparing the way for Sananda and Sol-O-Man to return in their light bodies to Earth.

52 Weeks

Finally, remind yourself that this coming week is but seven days long, which is not that long a time to actually journey to son-sun consciousness. What we are doing this week is just getting started in what will be a year long series of travels around the solar system, to each of the 12 planets, 9 of which are physical and 3 of which are of a higher dimension and thereby not perceived by physical telescopes and space probes.

Not until the end of this year will be have the final climax or full experience of traveling to the sun, of being the son or daughter of God that we are, of being a solar system citizen. This week, we are mostly cracking open the doorway and first entering a new room in our Father’s house, with many other rooms in this solar mansion to explore as we go along.

God is good. All is well. Peace, love, cooperation, coordination. Here comes the son-sun. Amen!

#    #   #    #    #    #    #

As you feel inspired from within, please do share any of your experiences with me this week by emailing me at solielro[email protected]; or by adding a comment in the Comment box below.

Steady as goes, my solar friends. One glorious step at a time. All is in divine order. So be it!






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