Be a Seven in Heaven

On February 8, 2024, I went into town to eat brunch/lunch at Shoney’s. My favorite, often secluded, side room that can seat about fifty people in booths and around tables thankfully was empty, so I had a back, corner booth and the whole room to myself. After leisurely finishing my delicious meal, Sol-O-Man contacted me, accelerating especially my heart chakra. We proceeded to have a mother-son interdimensional chat. (See painting to right of Sol-O-Man/Mary in her appearances at Beauraing, Belgium in 1932-33.)

Sol-O-Man telepathically confirmed that my past contacts with the Pleiadeans, including Opens-Lids, Wide-Set-Eyes, GalacTos and GalacTia, and Papa and Mama Pleia, were accurate. Sol-O-Man also shared that she had been deeply involved in engineering this twelve-year series of Pleiadean communions. My heart swelled anew with love for my beloved master teacher. Her verification meant the world to me.

Mama Pleia & Friends

Shortly after this, Sol-O-Man ushered Mama Pleia into the room, who explained to me that she wanted to see and be with me in a public place, after only having previously contacted me mostly at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. Moreover, she no doubt knew that her presence with Sol-O-Man at Shoney’s would be welcome authentication of her prior contacts with me. I was surprised, yet thrilled, to be with her.

Mama Pleia was “down home,” extraordinary and yet ordinary. She had flowing long hair and wore a unique gold-and-white gown, somewhat like the one pictured above of Sol-O-Man/Mary. She had a sweet, beautiful, loving face and eyes. After a few minutes of my adjusting to her magnificent presence, she turned sidewise and swept open her left arm, thereby introducing me to a whole group of her feminine Pleiadean associates, who filed into the room and filled up most of it.

At first, it seemed to me that there were twenty-four (24) of them, like I had been shown in prior visionary contacts with them. But then it became clear that there were more of them. In fact, there were thirty-four (34) of them. At first, their combined presence was nearly overwhelming. However, after several of them introduced themselves and said hello to me, I began to feel at ease with the whole group.

Eventually, Mama Pleia and the thirty-four other Pleiadean ladies said goodbye and faded from my conscious, clairvoyant view of them. I was sad to see them go, but I still felt interdimensionally connected to them. It was like each one had connected a wire or cable into my auric field, especially in and around my heart chakra.

Papa Pleia

While returning to headquarters on the back, deserted road through the Royal Blue Wildlife Sanctuary, the strong impression came that in time Papa Pleia and thirty-four (34) of his masculine Pleiadean assistants would contact me. If and when he did so, that would make seventy (70) total Pleiadean visitors: Mama Pleia and her 34 feminine co-workers, hence 35 feminine Pleiadeans; and Papa Pleia and his 34 masculine associates, thus 35 total male Pleiadeans. 35 plus 35 equals 70.

After returning home, I laid down in bed to meditate and/or take a nap. About fifteen minutes into this, Mama Pleia appeared above me and placed a protective golden dome all around me. Then she showed me images of multiple white spheres of light coming from the Pleiades all the way to Earth and into my inner vision and heart. There were hundreds of these spheres, maybe even a thousand or more. Together, they looked like the tail of a comet, whose front or head was comprised of Mama and Papa Pleia.

The key point of this symbolic imagery was that even seventy (70) Pleiadeans would not be the full number of Pleiadeans now visiting Earth. Rather, “70” was symbolic of 700, 7,000, or maybe even more Pleiadeans who were or will be visiting Earth to assist light workers in Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s Second Coming program.

Seventy (70) also would represent the completion of the current wave of Pleiadeans coming to my conscious attention. It portrayed the completion of seven (7) steps of creation and the Seven Rays of Life, as they applied to this Pleiadean project. The Seventh Ray is that of fulfillment of the six prior Rays of Life.


This same evening, in my living room, when I was eating my supper and watching a movie on TV, to my left, I once again felt the loving, etheric presence of Mama Pleia. She sat down beside me, conversed with me, looked around the room and complimented me on my ongoing renovations of it, and felt and behaved very much like an Earthly mother visiting me, her son. Indeed, she is my (our) Pleiadean Mom, whom I love dearly. She stayed maybe fifteen minutes and then ascended back into the etheric realms.

Her visit with me symbolized that our connection and coordination with one another was now complete for this period of time. She was in my “home” and it now was her home on Earth. To my amazement and delight, it all felt so normal, not out-of-this-world as it had when she first had started contacting me. I now had been able to lift my vibration such that I could welcome and be with her, and she had lowered her vibration so as to be with me. All was in divine order.

Ask & Receive

In your meditations and other quiet times for the next several days, make a place in your mind and heart whereby Mama Pleia and her thirty-four (34) feminine Pleiadean co-workers can contact, visit and be with you. In your thoughts, talk with one or more of them as if they are already with you. In your heart, love Pleia as your Pleiadean Mom, and welcome her feminine associates as your Pleiadean aunts and feminine cousins.

Imagine these thirty-five lady Pleiadeans standing in a semi-circle primarily around the left side of you. Or, for now, you can see them standing around you in a full circle, which would represent their contacts with you coming full circle, hence to completion.

Ask them to show themselves to you in some unique, distinct way that you can discern, whether it be in visions, dreams or clairsentient knowings. Maybe they will contact you in some specific fashion, such as the acceleration of part of your crown chakra and brain, especially the left (feminine) side of it. Or, perhaps you will feel a characteristic feeling of love when one or more of them are with you, which is accompanied by shivers and goosebumps.

Mama Pleia has told me is that now that she has made a solid connection with me here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, she and her co-workers can spread out around the world and make their presences known to you wherever you live in the West or the East, in the North or the South. So be ready; be hopeful; be protected but open.

Be a seven in Pleiadean heaven!



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  1. Reading this moved me deeply. As I did, I uttered wordless exclamations! Careful reading confirms the won/oneness of our works in the Mark-Age family. For example, my son, William, and I have made good progress in our individual missions. Glory to God as the season of Lent and soon Blessed Ramadan prevails for the transmutation of humanity 🙏 ✨️ ❤️

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