Christ Celebration Time

Today, October 18, 2022, we enter the 7th and final day of physically re-opening and re-birthing the 10th Temple on Earth, both our own individual Temple 10 and the Temple X (10) or power center whose epicenter is in and around Córdoba, Argentina in the lower half of South America. This final, seventh step comes under the Seventh Ray and the Seventh Major Initiation of Ascension and Redescent, whose corresponding colors are white and gold.

The Tenth Temple in us and in the central section of Argentina examples and radiates the combined energies of the 2nd, 5th and 7th Rays. Today, the primary focus is on the 7th Ray component of this triune activity. This is our day to be love in action on Earth, seven in a circle, re-generated and re-born.

Earth & Astral Alignment

 Following is my (Dr. Robert’s) experience one week ago on October 11th: In my early morning meditation, I pictured myself inside a decagonal-shaped, ten-sided Christ column of light, that extended from below my body, up through and around my seven chakras (seals or psychic centers) and their corresponding organs, and above my head. I ascended within this protective column, being aided and empowered by etheric masters, angels, higher astral plane guides and space visitors with their hieronics instruments.

On this upward journey in my ascended light body, I entered into and passed through the astral planes. Therein, I met and linked with my twin soul, Serena-Aleta, my mother in her past lifetime with me, who is currently stationed in the seventh astral plane; and with Hugh, my former father, who now is in the fifth astral plane. I linked with the Amerindian Chief Golden Eagle and his feminine partner, who are stationed in the seventh astral plane above our Sun Temple/I Am Nation forcefield here in Pioneer, TN, guiding all other Amerindians therein and throughout the sixth and fifth astral planes.

I also felt reconnected with War Cloud and Black Cloud. War Cloud is named after the War of Armageddon, in which he serves Sananda as the Golden One in Amerindian lore. His name “cloud” refers to the astral realms, which are above the earth, inbetween them and the three higher etheric planes; just like physical clouds are above the physical earth in the sky, which clouds at times block Earthlings from seeing the Sun. War Cloud in the seventh astral plane is the chief of all astral Amerindian forces connected with North, Central and South America. Black Cloud is his chief petty officer or second in command. His name “Black” comes from his ability when incarnated on Earth to call forth black rain clouds.

Finally, in the higher astral planes, I perceived and linked with Juan and Eva Perón, formerly of Argentina, who still are working with this country’s upliftment from their perch in the astral realms. Juan is in the sixth astral plane, Eva is in the seventh astral plane, the doorway to the lowest of three etheric planes. Nearby, leading them, is El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray, who after his transition (death) in 1981 was positioned in the overlapping region of the 7th astral plane and lowest etheric plane. He is the leader of all light workers throughout the astral realms.

Astral & Etheric Interactions

From the highest or seventh astral plane, I further was taken up in the Spirit to the etheric realms, just as John the Beloved was taken up on the Isle of Patmos and receive his Revelation as given in the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. In the etheric realms, I came into communion with Apollo and Diana, the co-leaders of Planet Ten, who now are stationed in the etheric realms above Córdoba, Argentina. With them were K-El-Pa and Lu-See-A from the 12th, highest vibrational planet in the solar system, which we currently call Vulcan (whose Earthly temple is located in southern Vietnam).

I also reconnected with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, my master teacher; with Maitreya and Maya, also of the Seventh Ray, with Maitreya being Sananda’s master teacher; and with Hilarion and Meta of the Fifth Ray and Kut Humi and Ella of the Second Ray. In so linking, I became 257 in consciousness and expression. I also communed with the Archangels of the 2nd, 5th Rays and 7th Rays, and the devas that serve under them in working with the elementals.

Now I was filled to the very brim, to the greatest degree yet, with Temple 10 vibrations, energies and consciousness. It was like coming into command in my prior visionary dream of having 400 small, cubic diamonds in my chest. It was the full linking of the third dimension with the 4th dimension in regard to Temple 10, within and without. It took me a good hour to anchor this in, to be comfortable with it, to be my own Temple Ten on Earth, one with Temple Ten in Córdoba.

Two “Physical” Planes/Planets

Suddenly, in a flash of inner knowing, Spirit gave me a new revelation about how to see and conceive of the entire solar system as being one complete whole, with its Sun and Twelve Planets; and its physical, astral and etheric realms.

In this new cosmic view, symbolically, Earth and Venus are like unto the physical body or realm or plane of the solar system. Thus, Earth is the lowest vibrational planet, mired in the third dimension, with light workers beginning to rise into and lift the planet into the fourth dimension. Venus is the second lowest planet, the one most similar to Earth. Venus is mostly fourth dimensional, such that our space probes do not detect physical life there, but it has a third dimensional base. (In image to right of solar system, Pluto is not included.)

We light workers have trained in past lives on Venus, in order to learn those Venusian spiritual methods that we can now re-express and re-birth here on Earth. Planet Earth is comparable to those on Earth who are not yet spiritually awakened. Venus symbolizes those on Earth who are spiritually aware and are moving from the third to the fourth dimension. Thus, symbolically, Earth and Venus represent the overall physical realm of the solar system.

Seven “Astral” Planets

Planets from 3-9, hence comprised of 7 planets, all have physical elements like unto those found on Venus and Earth. But on these seven planets, souls express in an ever higher level of spiritual consciousness. Although these planets have physical elements that we can see with our telescopes and space probes, we cannot physically see their life forms in the higher planes around the planets.

We have little information about the relative level of consciousness on each of these seven planets. All that has been given is that Mars focuses primarily on the “physical” level of science by way of its development and use of hieronic instruments. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and others function primarily with spiritual scientific methods and consciousness. But which planet is higher or lower in vibration than the others is not known.

However, to continue our above symbology, planets 3-9 are like unto the 7 astral planes around the Earth. In other words, these planets still have physical elements and vibrations but souls live there in the fourth or higher dimensions in higher dimensional bodies that are invisible to our third dimensional senses and instruments. Thus, planets 3-9 might be seen or categorized as “astral planets.” Hence, they are growing and evolving at ever higher levels and dimensions, but they still have a physical substrate. There are not yet 100% 4th dimensional or higher.

Three “Etheric” Planets 

Planets #10, #11 and #12 are symbolic of the etheric or heavenly planes, of which in the case of Earth are 3 in number. In other words, these 3 higher vibrational planets are fully beyond the third dimension with it physical elements. They still have “elements” but they are fully fourth dimensional or higher. Thus, they are fully invisible to third-dimensional methods. We might say that they are “out of this world” and heavenly(etheric) in nature.

Thus, when we connect with Apollo and Diana, the co-leaders of Planet 10, we feel and experience their higher vibrational frequencies. It is a whole new and higher level, more powerful than those radiations and contacts with those from planets 3-9. This helps to account for why I have had so many new and higher experiences in the last three weeks, and why there has been so much resistance and blowback coming to me from others (and you, too, have had similar experiences). And guess what: This is going to notch up to another degree when we start our upcoming focus on Planet #11. But we will be ready and able to handle this, as we slowly have been opening wider and growing more spiritual day by day in the past until now.

Meanwhile, the Sun of this Solar System is a star, not a planet. It is the 13th plane or level. It is the master coordinating center for the whole solar system with its 12 planets. The Sun represents our own I Am or Sun/Son/Daughter Self.

All of the above correlates with the information given in our text Angels And Man that there are thirteen planes or realms or levels throughout this solar system. They consist of 2 planes for Earth, consisting of those who are not spiritually awakened and those who have been re-born as children of God; 7 astral realms, with 4 of them being called lower astral planes, and numbers 5, 6 and 7 being called higher astral planes; 3 etheric planes; and the Sun, with it being number 13 in this way of thinking of it and the planets.

With this realization and explanation, I felt a whole new degree of being a solar system citizen and what this truly entails. I spent the rest of my 2-hour morning meditation just soaking this in, and giving thanks unto Father-Mother God for it.

This is something all of us can contemplate on this 7th day of re-birthing the 10th Temple on Earth: We are a solar system citizen; our “family” is huge beyond our Earthly imagination; the whole solar system is one complete entity with thirteen parts/planes, like unto the Sun and the 12 Powers of our I Am Self; and that we on Earth who serve in the Second Coming program are served by so many around the solar system who have come to help and uplift and protect us. So, be one with this one solar system and all within it, even as you are one with the One God Who is Its Creator! Physical, astral and etheric planes/realms are one trinity in the Trinity of Father-Mother-Son. So be it.

Keep your Feet on the Ground

As expanded and full as I felt, in the second hour of my morning meditation, the primary spiritual guidance was to keep grounded, feet solidly on Earth, even as I was expanded out and into the whole solar system. Nothing more was given to me in this hour, so I thought that maybe this would be the end of my receiving for this seventh step in re-rebirthing Temple 10.

Afterwards, I had a yummy breakfast and took some food supplements that helped me to be more grounded. But, I still felt so “out there” that I laid down on my back in bed, thinking that resting and hopefully sleeping would help me to be “normal” and balanced. About 10 minutes into my rest period, I “went out”, up and into the etheric realms in my ascended light body. Hence, outwardly, physically, I appeared to be asleep, not consciously aware of myself.

About 10-15 minutes later, back I came into what had been my pitch-black bedroom, since it was early morning and my windows were covered so as to not allow any light to come through them. But, to my amazement, when I opened my eyes and got adjusted to being physically oriented, my bedroom was filled with a soft, ethereal light that was other worldly. Hey, I thought, who turned on the light!?

I closed and opened my eyes several times, trying to see if I was making this up. But the higher dimensional light remained. Although I did not understand this at first, I was in heaven on Earth. Formerly I was blind, but now I could see!

Two Visitors

Then, from amidst this glow, on the right side of my bed stood Lord Michael, his “feet” on the floor, just standing there in all his magnificent power. It was the clearest and most powerful “view” of him yet. I could see the outline of his forcefield/body with its multiple hues of vivid, electric, blue light. It was this angelic light that was suffusing my bedroom.

Then to my left appeared Lord Maitreya, the Christ matrix for this solar system, he who has not a scintilla of selfishness in him, he who is greatest because he serves and helps all others the most, the most highly evolved being in this solar system. He, too, was standing on the floor, feet on the “ground,” fully descended to Earth, representing his descending all the way down my spine to my regenerative chakra at its base, and from there down to my physical feet. His light likewise lit up my bedroom and consciousness. (Click here to read Phillel’s past blog titled Maitreya Implants Peace.)

Michael and Maitreya were “reborn” on Earth, as was I. They had come as co-titular heads of the Hierarchy to announce with their very presence that Temple 10 was now fully reborn on Earth, from above all the way to below. As it was in me, so it was in Argentina.

Two Moms

Basking in the combined First and Seventh Ray vibrations and energies, feeling empowered and loved in a whole new way and degree, slowly it dawned on me that Lady Mariel and Lady Maya likewise were present. Lady Mariel, First Ray angelic partner of Lord Michael, stood alongside the head of my bed; whereas Lady Maya of the kingdom of man, twin soul of Maitreya, was at the foot of my bed. Here were my two Moms! My, oh my, oh my, oh my. Hi, Moms!

However, I did not so much as “see” them as I felt their feminine presences. I could definitely feel them “hugging and “holding” me in their “wings” and arms. What can I say: MaMa hugs are something else! They are divine!

Still, my main focus was on Michael and Maitreya. They are of the male polarity, so they represent the physical, conscious grounding and re-birthing Temple on Earth. But without Moms, such birthing could not take place.

I basked in the ethereal and celestial glow of these four Ms. As many times in the past when I had felt their presences, singly, two or four at a time, this was the peak of such communions with them. Slowly, maybe ten minutes later, they disappeared and left, but not until we all had celebrated this spiritual re-birthing to a new and higher degree of Temple Ten on Earth. And we were not alone. For Apollo and Diana were with us, as were so many others in the higher astral, etheric and celestial planes, even though I did not “see” them.

For me, it was a hour before this birth-day party/celebration was over. But I glowed in its abiding presence for the rest of the day, marveling at the wonders of Spirit and our beloved Father-Mother Creator. How Great Thou Art! I still feel awed and humbled by This as I write this blog now, one week later.

Be Reborn as a “10”

In your meditations and other quiet times today, tune in with and link first with your own, indwelling, ever present I Am Self. See yourself inside a ten-foot wide, decagonal- shaped, Christ column of light. Link with those in higher astral, etheric and celestial planes, who lift you to them. Affirm: I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me.

Be at one and commune with your higher astral plane guides and mentors. Link with War Cloud and Black Cloud. If you know your twin soul is now in the higher astral or etheric planes, link with him or her there, or on Earth. Connect in with Apollo and Diana, and with K-El-Pa and Lu-Cee-A. Especially be one with the four Ms, Lords Michael and Maitreya, and Ladies Mariel and Maya.

Let not your doubts and fears cloud your judgment about your ability to have such communions. Remember that you are a beloved child of God, that Sananda and Sol-O-Man are your spiritual “parents” here on Earth, such that Maitreya and Maya are your spiritual “grandparents.” What Grandpa and Grandma would not want to visit their beloved grandchildren, including you! And what guardian angel would not want to guard you and love you and hug you in his or her “wings”, to take you under his or her “wing.”

Give up any idea of your being small, incompetent, unworthy, incapable or other mortal delusions. Enough already. Be the glorious child of God, the light-filled solar system citizen, that you are. Have a cosmic family reunion!

Go with the Glow and Flow

Do not try to outline what is going to now happen. Spirit is in control. He-She will bring to you just the kind of communion with higher beings that are best for you. You may or may not have visions of this. It may seem that nothing happens. Maybe you just feel oneness with those in higher planes. Maybe you have a telltale dream during a nap or during the night. Maybe you feel at one with Mama Nature during a walk. Maybe a deep feeling of awe and humility comes over you. Whatever happens, keep your feet solidly on the ground. Walk your walk. Dance your dance. Be happy!

Whatever or however your solar family reconnection happens, be at one with your spiritual brothers and sisters in Córdoba, Argentina and the surrounding area, including all of the southern half of South America. Rejoice with them that the Tenth Temple there has now been re-birthed. It’s a Boy, you say. It’s a Girl, you say. It’s the birth of the Christ in Cordoba! His/her name is “Ten” or “Deca.”

Divine Dance

Celebrate. Do a little jig. Enjoy the music of the spheres. Sing. Smile. Chow down. Laugh. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Go over to Maya or Diana and ask one of them if you can have this dance with her. And she will smile and say: Well, I have been waiting a long time for you to ask me that. Let’s stroll out there on the Dance Floor and trip the light fantastic.

Or do the same with Maitreya or Apollo. Ask and you surely will receive. And yes, it may look to those of mortal consciousness that you have lost your mind as you two swirl around together, one of you physically visible, the other not. But you smile and laugh, and respond by saying you have lost your mortal mind but found your Spiritual Mind.

And no, you are not hallucinating, but finally are seeing things clearly as they are. After all, you are in Tenth Temple consciousness. You are etheric, one with the astral and physical realms. You are a solar system citizen.

All together now, as part of One Family, trumpet the truth:
The Tenth Temple is now re-born on Earth. 
Be the 10 that You are!


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