Yearn for Yin

Today and for the next three days, in completing our work in re-juicing and re-opening the Temple of Jupiter in and around Xi’an, China, and in ourselves, we are going to focus primarily on two ascended lady masters, as represented by Nuwa and Kwan Yin, both of whom are mythological goddesses, rather than being specific, physical, human beings and incarnations.

Nuwa is the eastern hemispheric code name of Ella, the twin soul of Kut Humi of the Second Ray, who had incarnated as Lao-Tze; whereas Kwan Yin is the eastern representation of Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary of the Seventh Ray, who is the twin soul of Sananda with whom she had incarnated in India hen he was Gautama the Buddha, the Enlightened and Compassionate One.

In Taoist terms, as a whole, China has an overabundance of masculine “yang” power, and a relative lack of feminine “yin” power. Thus, China’s political, military and business leaders are primarily men who are overly competitive, power-mongering, self-powered and self-willed. To complete the re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter, in ourselves and in Xi’an, we are going to focus on and call forth the Divine Feminine or Mother Yin aspect of God in all Chinese men and women, which Nuwa and Kwan Yin portray, each in their own unique ways.

With balanced yang and yin energies, with a balance of our conscious and subconscious portrayed in the Taoist yang-yin symbol (yang is white, yin is black), there can be the full re-birth of the son/daughter, I Am, Buddha/Kwan Yin or Lao-Tze/Nuwa Self in all in China; and the full re-birth of the Temple of Jupiter on Earth in Xi’an. In the yang-yin symbol above, the circle represents the Tao or God, the superconscious Self in each son or daughter of Him-Her. Tao represents the Middle Way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Nuwa Appears

On January 28, 2011, I (Dr. Robert) dreamt that I had walked nearly up to the highest point on the wooded, undeveloped part of our I Am property. Above me, about 10 feet away, was a huge snake crawling down towards me. At first, I was frightened but the snake was friendly.

Interpreting this upon awakening, climbing up to near that top of property was my next step in ascending into I Am Self consciousness. The snake represents the serpent power or kundalini that rises up our spine during ascension and down on spine with redescent. This entire process can be scary and frightening at times, because of the new and higher power being introduced into our mind, soul and body, that at times feels foreign and overwhelming to us. It takes time to adjust to and assimilate this I Am power.

About two months later, on March 20, 2011, upon awakening, a verse from an old song rang in my mind: “Yellow is the color of my true love’s hair, in the morning, when I rise,” as sung by Donovan. It repeated several times and lingered in my mind and moved my heart/soul. I had not heard it for decades, so I wondered why it was so prominent in my thoughts and feelings now.

Deep in my following meditation, descending to and standing in front of and partly to the left of me was a brilliant feminine being whose aura was a sparkling light yellow in color. Upon my asking for her name, she replied that she was the twin soul of Kut Humi, Chohan of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, whose corresponding color is yellow; hence the yellow reference in the song and her being my true love, to which I was just re-awakening. She said that for now I could call her Nuwa, which was a Chinese name I had never heard before — she spelled it out for me. With a warm smile,  Nuwa then guided me to read about her online, saying that it would contain key literal and symbolic information about her. Then she disappeared from my psychic view.

Eastern Mother Goddess

It turned out that Nuwa was the primordial first woman or goddess in Chinese mythology and folk religion, prior to the days of Buddhism and Taoism. In the various accounts of her, sometimes she is said to be a goddess, whereas in others she is referred to as a woman. As a woman, she was like unto Eve in the Judaic-Christian allegory of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman.

The name Nuwa means “mother goddess.” The letters “Nu” are commonly used at the beginning of the names for other, later, lesser Chinese goddesses. “Wa” represents Nuwa’s specific, individual identity as THE mother goddess. “Nu” means mother and “wa” means the mother principle incarnated specifically as “wa.” Nuwa thus is the primary mother goddess who was incarnated as the first, most powerful, most spiritual goddess of China. (For a Wikipedia article about her, click Nuwa.)

Note also the following two correlations: “N” in Nuwa is like unto “N” in Nada, whose name means “the Nothingness or Divine Womb out of which all manifestation comes,” hence the pure soul, the  feminine subconscious, the divine vessel that births outer creations and forms. “Wa” is like unto the “Way” that Kut Humi as Lao-Tze taught, wrote about in his book Tao Te Ching and demonstrated in his long life. It is the “Way” of Wisdom. The Wise soul follows the Way of loving God and all of His-Her creations. Jesus likewise followed and taught the Way, as did the Buddha, Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary. Thus, Nuwa means “a woman who follows the Way and becomes a spiritual goddess, a feminine I Am being of light and love.”

The more I pondered all of this in all its multiple meanings and aspects, the more a deep, loving, conscious re-connection with Ella/Nuwa took place. She was my beloved “mother, aunt or older sister,” someone whom I had served, learned from and been with in multiple, consciously not remembered, past lifetimes. Seeing and being with her was like waking up and coming home.


According to Chinese mythology, Nuwa as a Mother Goddess created the first animals and then the first men and women. Nuwa was lonely living on the planet with just the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, like unto the Garden of Eden. So, she took up yellow earth or clay (note the color yellow) and sculpted it into animals, one animal per day for about a week. But Nuwa was still lonely, so she next next created a man and a woman, and then many more such humans of both genders, by molding the yellow clay in her hands and radiating life into the male and female forms.

However, this individual creation process was lengthy, so she next took a rope and dragged it along the ground, whereby it picked up and was coated by gobs of yellow dirt/clay/mud. When she twirled and swung the rope around her, the gobs were released in all directions and became men or women. The earlier created humans that she sculpted by hand were said to be the precursors of the nobility class of Chinese people. The smaller gobs flying from the rope created the ordinary, common class of Chinese individuals.

Nuwa also was credited with fixing and healing the partial downfall of heaven (the sky) which had been held up by five pillars. When two male gods fought with one another, the pillars were damaged and the sky partly fell down. Nuwa took stones from the river, melted them and patched the hole or rupture in the sky. She used the cut-off legs of a giant tortoise to repair and replace the five pillars, thus reconnecting the sky with the earth and making it possible for men and women to live here in relative harmony and peace. “Five” refers to Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing, united heaven and earth via the astral planes.

All of this Chinese symbolic, allegorical depiction is similar to mythological creation tales around the world. The two male gods who fought were like Cain and Abel. In the ancient days of the Cains and Abels millions of years ago, the proper connection to the sky, hence the etheric realms and fourth-dimensional beings, was damaged and is still in the process of being repaired. Man of Earth is still transmuting and repairing his negative attitudes about animals, plants and minerals, as well as about other men and women.

Fuxi as Father God

Having created animals and humans and repaired the earthly connection with the sky, Nuwa then became the sister and wife of Fuxi, the first man or masculine, godlike being. He exhibited the yang principle, whereas Nuwa exampled the yin principle, hence the positive and negative, Father-Mother God polarities and portrayal. The several depictions of Fuxi generally do not explain how he came to be, although they suggest that Father-Mother God created him just as He-She created Nuwa. Thus, as given in Genesis of the Holy Bible, it is written that God created man and woman in His-Her image, and told them to go forth and populate the Earth.

Nuwa and Fuxi became the first married couple. (Click Fuxi for a Wikipedia article about him.) He then created other animals and humans to help populate the Earth. In common carvings and paintings of Nuwa and Fuxi, they are depicted as being half snake-like (remember my above dream about the friendly, loving, huge snake) and half human. (See painting to right.)

Fuxi and Nuwa are joined together at the waist, with one common heart shown as a descending yellow triangle, with its three sides indicating the Third Ray of Personal Love and Feeling. (However, another interpretation is that the triangle is the space between the interlocked arms at the level of the heart.)

Nuwa is on the left or subconscious side, Fuxi is on the right or conscious side. The fall or descent of a segment of mankind (the downward pointing triangle), as given in our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man, occurred because of errors on the Third Ray, hence selfishness, self-power and self-love. Etheric, fourth-dimensional men and women became entrapped in third-dimensional, animal, physical bodies, hence the two snakes, descending through the lower three chakras: solar plexus, sacral and regenerative power centers.

Nuwa holds in her upraised hand what looks like two prongs or rulers, whereas Fuxi has a T-square for measuring and building things. In other paintings, Nuwa holds a compass or several compasses in her hand. The T-square represents male energy used in building and grounding a solid, earthly, foursquare foundation; and square or rectangular houses in which to live. The compasses are round and measure the four directions; they show the interactions and positions between people, animals and cities, and hence are more so feminine.

The two entwining snakes that are below the two bodies represent the rising kundalini or serpent power that is composed of ida (yin) and pingala (yang), hence female and male energies, subconscious and conscious aspects of mind. The two snakes also indicate that Nuwa and Fuxi have taken on animal bodies, like unto the fall of a segment of mankind 26 million years ago, when they took on physical, animal forms. Fourth-dimensional men and women descended the spine in a downward spiraling fashion, moving down ever lower until they became separated in conscious awareness and control from their light bodies; and took on lower vibrational astral and physical bodies.

The circle or globe above Nuwa and Fuxi represents the sun (sky, yang) whereas the circle or globe below is the moon (earth, yin). Spiritual men and women of the etheric realms (sky) descended through the astral realms (moon) until they became partly animals, spiritual beings trapped in third-dimensional, animal forms composed of the elements and minerals of the earth. However, they can rise again from the depths, from their lowest regenerative centers, flowing up the spine, ascending above the head; hence the upward positioning/pointing of the two rulers/compasses and the T-square. This is the seventh step of ascension that repairs the past breach of the sky with man’s fall into matter.

Elementals & Elements

The lines with multiple little round white circles to each side of the couple represent when Nuwa first created animals and then mankind from yellow earth or clay, especially when gobs of the clay attached to a rope flew off it when she whirled around and became men and women. In part, the little circles thus represent the elementals who oversee and supervise the elements of Earth. In Chinese, the syllable “wa” also means circling, swirling, creating a vortex, like unto the helical, spiraling structure of DNA in our physical body, which directs the formation of all body organs and systems.

In a previous blog, I shared that in a recent vision I was shown several small white circles or globes sitting on the ground that represented elementals. Elementals are those intelligent entities supervising the elements that comprise manifested form in the Earth and astral planes, under the direction of the devas for those forms; with devas being guided by angels. At the time I received this vision of the small globes, about 6 inches in diameter, I did not recall any other visions or dreams about elementals.

Then, about a week ago, when looking for other things in my spiritual diary, I came across my dream about 2 years ago on August 25, 2020. In it, I was on a large, open, grassy, green property with no buildings or roads, standing on a high knoll. It reminded me of the seventh tee of the Brae Burn Golf Course in my hometown of Dansville, New York, which is the high point of that 9-hole course. (The name Brae Burn refers to the Scottish origins of golf, with “brae” in Scotland being a hillside and “burn” being a stream; both of which my golf course had — it was a green wonderland of trees, bushes, flowering shrubs, lakes and streams. I had loved being there.)

In my leadership role, while standing atop the knoll, I was directing nearby people in their spiritual work in this green, lush, natural setting. However, these workers in my judgment were not giving it their all or doing their best in those tasks before them. At one point, they all scattered from view to other sections of this large area. All that remained were several, small, white balls or globes that were about six or seven inches in diameter. Inspecting them, I saw that they were some kind of creature who had a round, whitish head that had humanlike features (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.); and two tiny, about 1-inch-long legs but no other humanlike body parts. I was annoyed with these entities because I thought that they, too, were not rightly doing their spiritual, healing work and function.

In the next scene in the dream, I was on yet a higher knoll or hill sitting on a chair. Sananda descended in his light body and sat next to me in a bigger, taller chair. I did not see many of his specific features, but his presence and power were undeniable and clearly discernible to my psychic/dream senses. He proceeded to sternly correct me. He said my attitude and judgment about the human workers and especially the little, round creatures was not wise or just judgment. Rather, these little entities were following the negative thoughts that humans had projected to them.

I was to stop thinking negatively about them, but rather to love and appreciate them, to help them do their rightful work and functions. I was to stop referring to Earth as a hellhole, or saying how hard it was to live in this God-forsaken place; or to imply that the negative environment on Earth was causing my physical symptoms and illnesses. Instead, I was to more purely love all kingdoms and all creatures of Earth, humans and elementals included. To which I responded: Yes sir!

As Christ Jesus had said in Revelation, those that I love I rebuke. I had just been rebuked by the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the co-leader and wayshower of Earth! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for loving me enough to point out my remaining flaws, so that I might become conscious of, transmute and heal, them.

Love the Lower Kingdoms

Upon awakening and deeply pondering this dream admonition, I realized that the seventh tee on the green golf course represented my Healing Haven Fifth Ray (green) functions as a Seventh Ray worker. Being of the Seventh Ray, with a Fifth Ray mission, I had a well-developed talent for working with the devic-elemental kingdoms, but there was room for improvement. The further we rise in consciousness, the more thorough we must be in transmuting any negative remnants in our soul or in our conscious attitudes and constructs. Moreover, my negative thoughts and feelings were impeding the work of the devas and the elementals. They were not at fault, but rather I was to some degree.

The round-headed, small creatures or entities symbolized elementals who oversee the elements of earth. I was not being like Nuwa who melted rocks (earth elements and minerals) to fix the breach with heavenly, I Am, superconscious awareness. She had fixed the lowering or fall of the sky to the earth, thus mankind’s fall into matter, because man had mistreated and dominated the lower kingdoms (animal, vegetable and mineral), rather than assist, love and help them to grow and evolve. Nuwa loved the elementals and elements and used them to patch the hole or passageway to heaven.

Such elementals in my dream are depicted as having small heads and almost no bodies other than two short, little legs. In other words, they are not of this earth, but rather are intelligent, higher planes, spiritual entities. The legs mean they walk the walk of right, positive, correct supervision of the elements, but because of mankind’s negative thoughts only do so at a limited level, hence the two tiny legs. Being primarily just a head means that they are at the head of, and supervise, the elements that comprise the minerals of Earth.

Unify Head & Heart

The symbology of the dream also indicates that to some degree I still live more so in my head than in any other symbolic part of my body, hence too much so in my mental body and too little in my emotional and astral bodies. I think I have things in order, that it is proper to have corrective thoughts and analyses about other people and other kingdoms, rather than loving and uplifting them. But, to use a Biblical story, I am not to throw rocks or stones at one who has prostituted himself or herself. I am not to cast rock-like aspersions on the elemental kingdom who follow the thoughts and examples of mankind.

Thus, I need to correct this overly mental, falsely Second Ray, human understanding and attitude about my work with the lower kingdoms. I need to have more heart and less head. I Am to love one another, including all kingdoms. Even rocks have consciousness in that they are created by Father-Mother God via the angels. Especially now that I am in my seventh major initiation, I am to correct even minor defects in my mind, body and soul, such that I radiate only love to all the lower kingdoms and to all humans whose bodies are composed of the elements of the Earth. As El Morya once channeled via Nada-Yolanda, I am to be positive, positive, positive; to promote healing and harmony.

I Am back to the beginning, to 26 million years ago when I first fell from grace as a Cain. I am now once again to fully become the Abel that I Am in I Am consciousness. In my work with the Eastern Hemisphere that I would visit on various missions after this dream, I was to be as Nuwa and Fuxi in following the Way of peace, love, cooperation and coordination. I Am/was to help others there to make all things new, to transmute the past and to create new thought forms that in time will manifest on Earth, in the East and in the West. The Earth is our home. Let us rightly treat it as the heavenly home that it was created to be. Amen!

Looking back now, this dream was also preparing me for the various Eastern Missions, during which attention an prayer was directed to the devic-elemental kingdoms. This was a new step upward in right using my I Am powers. So Sananda was saying that before going on these tours, I needed to correct even minor flaws and doubts about my right use of spiritual in uplifting all life forms on Earth.

Love One & All

The more I pondered this dream, however, the more it seemed that there was another, higher interpretation of it, another key insight. Sananda so sternly correcting me seemed over-the-top, much ado about not very much. My attitudes about and actions with the lower kingdoms, including the elementals-elements, were not that imbalanced.

So, I revisited the dream and interpreted it as being about me, not as being a visitation by Sananda to me. This is the first principle in interpreting dreams: All characters in the dream represent parts of the dreamer’s consciousness. Sananda represented my I Am or high Self. The elementals represented the way I treat my physical body that is composed of the elements. The golf course represents the orderly ways in which I go about my spiritual growth, symbolic steps one through nine. Playing golf is a game, a time to enjoy the outdoors and to relax, not a time to get all worked up about one’s alleged, horrendous, shortcomings and mistakes. The seventh tee and hole represent my seventh major initiation in which I am to be at peace, love fully and rest in the light and power of my I Am Self.

Thus, to put it simply, I often tend to put myself down, to overly worry that I am not doing things right, to fear excessively that I am going to fail again as I did in my past. I, therefore, think I have to be overly stern or corrective in my consciousness. I make a much bigger deal out of relatively minor flaws and imperfections than they deserve. I engage in too much “negative self-talk.” That’s what the dream meant.

Sananda in the dream could just as well have said to me in a direct but loving way that I was to stop getting so down on myself, to just upgrade my love aspect without making a big deal of it, to have more love in all that I do on Earth including with the elementals. That is my right attitude. Granted, I am to continue paying full, disciplined and honest attention to any lingering errors in my thoughts, feelings and actions; and to correct such. At the same time, in my seventh step, I am to rise above my mortal faults and to let them go, and then to let Spirit show me the next, wondrous step in my spiritual growth; to relax more, to have more confidence in my Self, to love and be the love of my Self and let It and the ascended masters to flow through me.

I Am to follow the Middle Way, not too stern, not too lax. I am not to expect too much of my soul-mortal self nor too little of it. In this, I do not need to get on other people’s case, nor on my own. I am to judge wisely and act truthfully and humbly, to know and believe that it is Spirit doing all things through me. Why suffer excessively when we can go with the flow, be your Selves and love others. If we need to speak up and correct others, do so simply, directly, lovingly, wisely. Spirit will show us how you are to do so.

Love the Earth. Love your body. Give thanks for it and all its wonders. Then you can be love in action. Amen!

Wu Wei

Clinching this interpretation as being the best one, I remember how in the late 1990s, in a question-and-answer session by Nada-Yolanda through whom Sananda gave his responses to United Staff questions, I asked Sananda about what more I could do to serve him and the Second Coming program. Mind you, at the time I was doing 20-30 talks, workshops and seminars per year. You might say that I was going full throttle.

Sananda replied in what at first I thought was enigmatic fashion. He said that my question was the most ridiculous question he had ever heard! He went on to say that the only way I could do more or better was never to sleep, to do talks every day of every week, to travel continuously around the USA and Canada giving workshops. In other words, I was already do more than enough, even too much without sufficient rest periods. And I was still doubting myself and beating myself up. It was like he was saying to me: My Son, you need to relax, for all is well.

In my above dream, Sananda’s talk with me was along these lines. That was me talking, not him. It was over-the-top, overly focused on my remaining weaknesses and way too much about way too little. Sananda never had talked with me so sternly in the past. or in Nada-Yolanda’s channelings by him through her about me. He had at times pointed out my faults and asked me to correct them. But, it had always been done more masterfully and lovingly; he didn’t stick his sword in me and then twist it around. As I pondered all this, I felt him above me, smiling and radiating his approval. I basked deeply in his love.

What I had dreamt was a form of “reverse receiving.” I had been in contact with Sananda who was teaching me about my upcoming work with devas and elementals. However, my own soul fears had garbled his message to me. Soulwise, I was afraid that he still needed to correct me in a severe way. So that is what I dreamt. I turned his loving message and guidance upside down, inside out. I received it in reverse. I had learned about this phenomenon from Yolanda who had many such reversed receiving episodes when in communion with Sananda and others; and in her dreams.

To finalize this new insight and interpretation, I remembered that in the dream when I backed off from commenting negatively about the ball-like elemental before me, this round-headed elemental breathed a sigh of relief and said he could finally rest and relax; after which he would be empowered to do even more good things in working with the elements. He could let go and let God do the work, whether that meant resting or being active. And so that is what I decided to do, to rest and relax, with good results. Thank You, Spirit. Thank you, Sananda. Thank you, Lao-Tze and Nuwa, who taught and demonstrated the very same principle of the Middle Way.

To put it yet another way, previously I had had an abundance of mortal, mental understanding and ideas about myself and others, many of which were too negative. Now I had moved into a higher level of wisdom. Thus, Lao-Tze had pithily taught that when we are going for a walk, we are not to pick a particular destination or how and when we are to get there. Rather we are take it as it comes, to go with the flow. He called this process wu wei, which means to live from within to without, not the other way around; to be in the moment; to see Tao in all things and entities around us; to have Tao walk in and through us.

Tao-Spirit-God will get us to our physical and spiritual destination in the best possible way with the least amount of strain and effort, without our getting caught up in any mortal dreams and desires, such that we love one another, even unto the elements of the Earth which make up our physical body and all life forms. Love heals. We are to be the love that we are in I Am consciousness, to love our Christ Self, and to share this superconscious love all around the world. Amen.

Brother Love

About two and one-half weeks later, after my first contact with Nuwa, on May 28, 2011, in my morning meditation, Nuwa descended and appeared off to my left side. Her features were more discernible this time, but still not fully distinct. She had come in answer to my request that she help me in my dealings with my brother, who is four years older than me. He is an intellectual, with lots of conscious understanding but not sufficient feminine/spiritual wisdom. He loves to read lots of books and to talk about what he has read. Hence, he has read Eastern spiritual literature, such as the Tao Te Ching, but he does not practice the principles therein. He has read about meditation but does not meditate. He reminds me of many of my teachers in college. My art history professor in a course about Buddhist art talked about Gautama Buddha and his teachings, but clearly did not follow and practice them. It was just a head trip for him.

At the time of this current etheric visitation by Nuwa, my brother had recently visited me here at I Am Nation headquarters. We got along well and had good times together until one day I gingerly mentioned that he might like to start reading the Mark-Age literature. He responded in a huff that he would never read any of it, nor become in any way part of the organization. He was adamant and over-the-top about this. I thought to myself, how in the world can I have a relationship with such a person, whether he is a blood relative or not? I knew to forgive him and to love the Christ in him, which I had done for over thirty years. But what was I to do differently and specifically to now help him?

Simple & Sweet

Nuwa said in essence: Keep it simple. Do not try to give him too much information, or he will just try to engage you in an intellectual discussion in which he always will that that he knows better than you do, including about spiritual matters. Rather, tread lightly and wisely, always saying less rather than more. Wait for him to ask you questions, which he seldom has done; and then give him short, pithy answers (a word to the wise is sufficient). Be as wise as a serpent, as gentle and loving as a dove. Share artwork with him, suggest that he might want to read some poem or short story, see if he wants to talk about anything in the Tao Te Ching, which after all is not part of Mark-Age literature but presents the spiritual truth principles in symbolic, poetic, cosmic, short and simple ways.

At the core of Nuwa’s advice and guidance was that I was to follow Lao-Tze in his pithy, poetic, symbolic imagery and sharings in the Tao Te Ching, which I have always loved. I was to be like him, as well as her. Amen to that!

Nuwa then telepathically shared that she was one of my brother’s primary spiritual teachers. She even seemed to indicate that she was his primary master teacher. What my brother lacked, which is feminine wisdom, is what she demonstrates and portrays. She said she would work behind the scenes with him and work in and through me in dealing with him. She indicated that as a result he would have a spiritual awakening — it was his time shortly to do so, even though he was nearly 70 years old.

Three years later, in a phone call, my brother shared his recent dream/vision with me. Awakening in the middle of the night, still in the inbetween state between the invisible and visible worlds, he clairaudiently had heard a powerful, loving masculine voice say: Follow me! Shortly after that, he realized and knew that it was Jesus talking to him, just as Jesus talked to Saul on the road to Damascus. From that time forward, my brother started following a spiritual path. He began praying and meditating. He joined a meditation group. He got involved with a 12-step program.

Of course, along the way, he tried to teach me about meditation and spirituality — how comical and typical this is of newly awakened spiritual folks. Moreover, even unto today, he only has read our Mark-Age text How To Do All Things, which he liked and tried to implement. He has not read anything else from Mark-Age, nor does he want to talk about any of it. So, I continue to go slowly, to be wise and not cast my pearls before swine, to use Jesus’ admonition; to remain detached and pray for him from the distance, without a lot of outward exchange.

In this healing and forgiving process, I recently have had vivid dream recall of our karma going back to ancient times in Africa, which I will share on my later blogs about the spiritual temple or power center there at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Meanwhile, all is well in my head and heart in my brotherly relationship with him. As I often say and affirm, it will all work itself out, in God’s good time and way. Or, even simpler, all is well. And so it is.

Free Will

About a week later, on July 6, 2011, I dreamt that I was with Nuwa in a higher dimension. She instructed me to work with mass consciousness, hence all my brothers and sisters on the planet. First, together, Nuwa and I would call forth, anchor and establish the right to vote in everyone worldwide. Second, we would work to alleviate poverty and to provide adequate housing and the other basic necessities of life on Earth. When people are so poor that they cannot provide food for themselves, they cannot think about spiritual matters. They tend to have all kinds of mental, emotional and physical diseases.

Awakening, I realized that here was Nuwa’s wise judgment about how I and other light workers were to work with souls incarnated in China and other places in the East. Despite all the improvements made by the Chinese government in eliminating poverty and starvation, an estimated one-to-two million or more Chinese citizens still live in poverty, without the fundamental basics of life. Moreover, the Chinese governmental leaders deny people the right to vote, to have freewill choice to do as they are guided from within.

So, here again, this was Nuwa’s wise advice to keep things simple, sweet and spiritual. As Jesus put it, as we do unto the least of the Chinese, so shall it in time be done unto us. Love one another, and we will be loved. Be love in action.

Tree of Life

About six months later, on January 23, 2012, I dreamt that while taking a hike I came upon a forest of huge, tall trees, like unto redwood trees but even taller. I walked up to the tallest tree of this group and saw that it had a door in its trunk. The door opened and out walked a grandmotherly-looking woman dressed in ordinary clothes. She smiled and walked right up to me, put out her hand and said: Hi, my name is Ella; I am so happy to finally be seeing and meeting with you. Welcome to my home. Then I awoke in a daze, like I was still in this forest with this unique, charming, older, loving lady who lived inside a huge tree trunk.

In my following meditation, Ella overshadowed me and said that she was the twin soul of Kut Humi of the Second Ray. She explained that Nuwa was her name or identity in her Eastern series of incarnations, but in the higher realms as an ascended master, Ella was her I Am Self moniker. The “E” in her name represented the Elder race and the I Am or Elder consciousness on the female polarity. The two letter “l’s” represented her twin soul relationship with Kut Humi.

The two l’s also portrayed the spine, with its two sides, represented symbolically in the East by ida and pingala. It was like she and Kut Humi stood back to back, with their female and male spines joined together as one, complementary whole; each one had the other’s back. The letter “a” in Ella was for Abel or I Am consciousness, which expresses through the “tree of life” like unto the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. This tree is composed of memories of our multiple lifetimes on Earth, in the astral and etheric planes, as well as on other planets. Ella was the tallest of the trees in the forest, with these trees representing other Second Ray female masters and disciples who worked under her leadership.

Over the next weeks, months and years, I had a number of confirming dreams and visions, overshadowings and contacts with Ella. She was the first feminine master teacher and twin soul that had made herself fully known to me, other than Sol-O-Man/Mary. So, I had gone slowly in becoming comfortable with my identification and exchange with her. But there were so many verifiable fruits of such communions that I came to conclude that indeed she was with me in many ways, guiding me. Had not my brother spiritually awakened as she had told me he would?

She assured and showed me that I had trained with her in multiple lifetimes going back to Atlantis and Lemuria. However, no specifics of this were given. I also began to realize that I had been with and instructed by her in my sojourns on other planets, specifically on Mercury, which examples and radiates Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom to the whole solar system. In MariLyn’s and my mission to India in 2014, Ella had appeared to me several times and wisely guided me in working with the Temple of Mercury there in the northeastern section of this country, extending northward into Nepal. When MariLyn and I were in China in 2014, I connected more so with her in her Nuwa aspect.

Nuwa told me then that she had been incarnated when Kut Humi was Lao-Tze. In his mortal personality as Li Er, he had been married. But Nuwa did not say that she was his wife then. It may have been that she was his mother or sister. All that Nuwa revealed about this was that she had been with him then. And that afterwards, he and she had continue to oversee the spiritualization of China and the re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an.

Kwan Yin

Now we move to the second Lovely, Wise Lady who works with and for China and the Temple of Jupiter there. She is Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary, who in China is known as the mythological goddess Kwan Yin. Thus, Kwan Yin is not an actual physical incarnation or woman, but rather she is a symbolic representation of the Mother-of-God aspect that Sol-O-Man has portrayed in her multiple incarnations on Earth.

During and following the lifetimes of Gautama the Buddha and his wife Yasodhara the Buddhi, there lived a male Bodhisattva whose name was Avalokitesvara. He had attained full enlightenment but had chosen to remain on Earth to help all men and women who still were suffering in mortal consciousness — thus he was a bodhisattva. In paintings and statues, he is depicted as having multiple arms and hands, as many as one thousand. He listens to the prayers, petitions and pleas of those facing various earthly trials and torments, then reaches out his arms and hands to them, to convey higher light, love, compassion, power and mercy to them.

When Buddhist teachings  came to China, Avalokitsesvara gradually morphed into the feminine goddess or Bodhisattva whose name is Kwan Yin (also spelled Quan Yin and Guanyin). Kwan Yin is a shorted form of a name that means “one who always observes and pays attention to the sound of suffering; she who hears and responds with compassion to prayers.” In this sense, she is like unto Mary in the West, who by Catholics is called the Mediatrix between Earthlings and Christ Jesus. According to this theory, all prayers to God and Jesus first go through Mother Mary in her aspect as Mother of God.

Jesuit priests in China were the first to call Kwan Yin the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, which is how most people in the West now refer to her. In some paintings and sculptures of her, she is shown holding a baby in her arms, like Mary held Jesus. Thus, Kwan Yin is the soul, feminine, mother, subconscious within each of us, in and through which our I Am or sun-son Self is gestated and born.

Note the letter “Y” in Yin. This Y reaches up to God and those in the higher realms, and receives the descent of the Holy Spirit or I Am Self. Hence, Nada-Yolanda of the Sun portrayed this subconscious part of our overall mind.

Kwan Yin Statues & Temples

Small statues of Kwan Yin are found on the altars within many Chinese homes, often sitting next to a statue of the Buddha, for she is revered throughout this vast nation. Also, there are a number of large Kwan Yin statues and temples that are devoted to her.

One such prominent, huge statue and temple is located atop Mount Putuo on an island off the coast of eastern China. (See picture to right.) This is considered a major sacred site for disciples of the many branches of Buddhism in China and for Buddhists and other religious devotees from around the world, who come here on pilgrimages. Kwan Yin is said to be the “bodhimanda” or the most powerful or primary representative goddess/bodhisattva of this island, which has multiple Buddhist and other spiritual temples on it.

When Nada-Yolanda was in Singapore on October 5, 1988, during the Eastern Hemisphere Mission, Sol-O-Man channeled: “I am often represented in the East as Kwan Yin. So you will see me with my son (in his last incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth) represented as Gautama the Buddha. Easily shall you translate the spiritual concepts which these fictional figures and actual incarnations have represented in the minds of mortal men.

“Be careful not to indulge in fantasies and to project erroneous powers through such myths. It has been done for centuries of man’s history of all cultures and civilizations. But now is the time when we must break down and set aright all truths and specific attributes. You have no more time for symbology now. All must be clarified very clearly as to who is responsible for what and when.

“Go in peace, because this is not a horrendous undertaking any longer. The time for men to war with each other because of mythology and mistaken interpretations is finished. We come in peace, but we bring the sword of truth and the word of God. I am Sol-O-Man/Mary.”

(See picture to right/above of a 354′ tall statue of Kwan Yin on the south side of Hainan Island located off the coast of southeast China. Note that the two colors of this statue are gold and white, the colors of the Seventh Ray. She stands on a platform of three gold decorated levels, which represents a lotus. For another meaning of the name Kwan Yin is “she who stands or sits on a lotus.” Note, also, that in this second statue she holds a scroll of Buddhist writings in her left, feminine-side hand; with the scroll also representing the Book of Life of one’s past incarnations. Whereas in the first statue shown above, she holds a globe or compass in her left hand, like Nuwa does.)

To sum this up, as explained previously, both Nuwa and Kwan Yin are mythological goddesses, whereas Yasodhara and Mary were actual, physical incarnations of Sol-O-Man, she who is the twin soul of Sananda/Jesus/Buddha on the Seventh Ray of peace and love. We are to link with Sol-O-Man in the final three-four days, starting now, as we project peace and love, plus superscientific wisdom to the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China. We are to see the feminine-yin energies blossom anew in all of China. This will help to complete and finalize our work in re-juicing and re-birthing the Temple of Jupiter.

Lord Michael Wields His Sword

On September 31, 2022, at our Hierarchal Board Meditation here at Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, Phillel and I focused on the ongoing re-opening of the Temple of Jupiter. He was guided to use the image of a golden sphere coming over him and this temple, for he dreamt this morning that he had a long talk with Nada about his work in this gold sphere. When doing so, he was contacted by Conrad who hieronically assisted him in grounding all the energies and vibrations of the Temple of Jupiter into I Am headquarters, and all the new connections with the Jupiterian masters that had been made recently.

I had expected to link with Jasper and Juno, Ashtar Gabriel and Astara, J. W. of Jupiter and his twin soul. But, on the way walking over to Trinity House where we meditate, the muscles of my right jaw had tightened and cramped. Then, in my meditation, my attention was drawn to my right where a great light shone. In the center of this light was a pillar or shaft of brilliant light that coalesced and became a huge sword that came down from above. It was Lord Michael’s sword of truth. That’s what had caused my jaw tightening.

Michael telepathically relayed that he had come to “pin down” the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China with his power-packed sword of truth. I was to witness and aid this process, which then occurred. I felt the sword simultaneously descending down my spine and into the floor and ground below me. The Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an was anchored into the forcefield of the golden dome or sphere over our I Am Nation property, even as it was firmly implanted and secured in Xi’an.

Then, Lord Maitreya, the other co-leader of the Hierarchal Board, appeared above me to my left side. He radiated Seventh Ray peace and love into and through my forcefield, even as he did the same at the Temple of Jupiter power center or spiritual vortex in Xi’an. First and Seventh Rays worked together as one, each complementing and supplementing the other. This was Jupiterian superscience and wisdom, the right use of our spiritual powers in healing and uplifting humanity and all life forms throughout the planet.

Maitreya and Michael then conveyed that it would take 3-4 more days to solidify and fully anchor this major step in completing the re-juicing and re-empowering the Temple of Jupiter, within and without.

Following this, I was shown a horrific vision in which a large amount of black liquid gunk poured down between the two cerebral hemispheres in my brain. This infusion made my head “spin” and hurt. It was a bit terrifying and very disturbing. Finally, it was explained to me that it represented the blowback especially from those in the seven astral planes, particularly the lower ones. All hell was breaking loose there, and it was reflecting down and into the earthly, physical level, hence the area between my two cerebral hemispheres that together represent the physical and astral planes, and their interactions and interconnections. Therefore, we light workers are to be highly aware of, and work with, our spiritual protection via First Ray truth and Seventh Ray love.

Moreover, this inflow of black nastiness and negativity might outpicture as natural disasters in China, as well as adverse actions by the Chinese government and military forces. So, we are stand in our truth, wield the sword, and continue to project peace, love and healing to all in China.

Four Final Days

For this have we come: to link with Nuwa and Kwan Yin, who are symbolic representations of Ella and Sol-O-Man, with Sol-O-Man being of the “soul of man,” including those who reside into the astral planes. In the symbolic linking with Nuwa and Kwan Yin and the literal unification with  Ella and Sol-O-Man, we are to finalize the re-birth of the Temple of Jupiter on Earth. Like a mother, we are to love the darkness into oblivion! To electroplate it! To disperse it!

In doing so, we also link with Ming-Xi and his twin soul in the highest/seventh astral plane, where they oversee those souls in seven astral planes and their interactions with those of us on Earth; particularly with those in China. Note that the letter “M” in Ming may represent his devotion to Michael and Maitreya, with Maitreya being the master teacher of Sananda.

As we do this, we link also with Lord Michael and his feminine angelic cohort, whose name is Mariel. The next morning after the HBM described above, in my meditation she overshadowed me and linked into me especially in the area of my upper left lung (will) and my heart. Her feminine power presence smoothed out my aura from the jaggedness and disturbance I had been feeling from the blowback from China. Mariel had coated me anew with First Ray feminine will and power. I felt whole, balanced and protected.

Please do spend your next four days in completing in similar ways the re-birth of the Temple of Jupiter within you and in Xi’an, China. So be it.