Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nada-Yolanda-Pauline! On September 1, 1925, Nada incarnated as Pauline Sharpe, so if she was still here today she would be 97 years old, or I might say say 97 years young. But, she made her transition (died) in 2005 and ascended into the etheric realms. You might say she was born again there! Happy Birthday, dear Nada, Happy Birthday.

During her incredible life, as Nada-Yolanda, she birthed the Hierarchal Second Coming program, a prodigious and glorious feat. We have her to thank for all the extraordinary information about the Hierarchy; the ascended masters; the Seven Rays; the evolution of man on Earth for millions of years; the anchoring and birth of the light body; the work with angels, devas and elementals; the spiritual space program; and so much more. We bless and love her for her demonstration of all seven steps to Christhood. We follow in her footsteps, just as she followed in the footsteps of Sananda/Jesus.

So, yes, beloved Nada-Yolanda-Pauline, with all our hearts, we wish you a most blessed day of your ongoing rebirth in your perch now in the etheric or Christ realms of life. God bless you. We love you. We are one with you in birthing the I Am Nation on Earth!

India and Tibet

In regard to our current focusing on the re-opening and re-juicing of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, which will affect all the Eastern Hemisphere, here’s what Yolanda wrote in her Autobiography of a Prophet, pages 37-38, about her past births and lifetimes in India and Tibet:

“This series of incarnations was rapid in succession and never too clearly defined. But all of them were revealed to me by Jesus.

“When he was Gautama Buddha, circa 563-483 B.C., I was a close and loved disciple, but whether male or female never has been revealed. (Received from Paul the Apostle on March 12, 1958.) [Both Phillel and I (Dr. Robert, also were disciples of the Buddha, so we probably knew Yolanda at that time.]

“In a female body in India, I was extremely poor; in fact, lived in the streets. But my reputation for healing and other saintly acts was widely known, and people came from great distances for healings and guidance.

“After this I experienced in a male body in either Tibet or India, where I was a priest-adept. There I took the vow of total silence and worked with the hidden, secret mysteries of occult knowledge passed down from civilization to civilization.”


Continuing, Yolanda wrote: “More clearly revealed was a life experience as a male in China between 600 and 530 B.C. I was a government official who was accused of misappropriating government funds. My father in the present lifetime, Harry Sharpe, came to my aid and acted as my protector during the scandal.

“Many individuals who reincarnated as members of the Sharpe family [who were Jewish] were known to me, and persecuted me in China. For the first eighteen years of my spiritual development (1956-1974), almost all but Harry ostracized me from family affairs. This is not uncommon in Jewish families. Any mention or acceptance of Jesus, except perhaps as an unimportant minor prophet, is an anathema to them.

“Christians have only themselves to blame for this. In a turnabout of race or group karma, they have hounded and persecuted the Jews unmercifully since coming into predominant acceptance as a religion, and gained most of the political power on Earth. First, the Jews persecuted the Christian followers of Jesus. Then, instead of applying the law of love and forgiveness which he taught, the Christians applied the old Mosaic code of ‘an eye for an eye.’ So it will continue until the new commandment of Love God, Love One Another is fully accepted here.

“By June 1977, near the end of Mark’s and my second European Mission, I became reconciled to all the living members of my paternal family; although, truthfully, it was not because of my life as a prophet and a missionary for the Second Coming.

“In China, Harry was a devout disciple of Lao-Tze, who lived from 604 to 531 B.B.; although some legends claim Lao-Tze lived to be 160 years old. (See painting of Lao-Tze to right.)

Upon his transition on May 4, 1971, Harry returned to his functions on the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. This ray comes under the chohanship or direction of Kut Humi of the Hierarchal Board, who had incarnated previously on Earth as the philosophers Lao-Tze and Aristotle, [plus others including John the Beloved, Leonardo da Vinci and as the thought personality or light body projection Babaji of India]. At present I continue to enjoy yearly progress reports from Harry, working on the astral planes with my sister, Leonora.”

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

In late summer and early fall of 1998, Nada-Yolanda and Narathusa/Corinne Thorsell (then a Mark-Age staff member), traveled to strategic points in the Eastern Hemisphere to anchor urgent projections of fourth dimensional energies.

At 7 a.m. on October 7th, before landing at the Beijing, China airport, Lord Michael contacted Yolanda: “Be not alarmed. You are in our protective devices. This is Michael. Much is to be intuned and much energy is to be disseminated in this capital of the world’s most populated country. But we are confident it can be done without unbearable strain to you and Narathusa/Corinne in a short span of action. . . .

Love conquers all things, Nada; so, be love in action at all times and in all circumstances. I am Michael with Maitreya and Uriel for this activation period. Om!

“[At 7:15 a.m.], upon landing in a fog much denser than is customary here, I clairaudiently heard: ‘Welcome home.’ I had had an incarnation as a male government official, accused of mismanaging or stealing funds. Harry, my father in this incarnation, had vouched for me, thereby saving my life.”

That day, Yolanda and Corinne went on a tour of Tiananmen Square: “While there, Yolanda watched a group of twenty or more students, about seven or eight years old, with their teachers as their pictures were being taken. They all insisted that the Western woman with grey hair, sitting in a wheelchair, be part of their group photo. (See picture to right/above of Yolanda with the Chinese children.)

“‘Suffer the little children to come unto me,’ Sananda/Jesus commented approvingly. ‘Remember, concentrate on the children, for they will save the planet and this current hierarchal plan and program.'”

The Forbidden City

Following this, Yolanda and Corinne toured the Forbidden City where several dynasties of emperors had lived in seclusion. The emperor, considered a Son of God, was protected by this city, which housed one thousand members of his family and high-ranking government officials. The huge palace was used for official ceremonies.

(The Chinese emperors considered the Forbidden City as being the center of the known world of that day, which they had conquered and ruled by divine right. This is an ancient attitude and belief that still persists today in current Chinese Communist/atheist political and military leaders. They think it is their right and purpose to be the primary power center in all of the Eastern Hemisphere, even extending to the whole world. In other words, as power-mongers, they have delusions of grandeur. Like the emperors, they deny Chinese citizens the right to make their own freewill decisions. They believe that Taiwan is part of China, despite the fact that the Taiwanese have chosen not to be so, but rather to be their own country that is a democracy where free will, as given by God, is honored and practiced.)

While Yolanda’s tour guide was showing her some of the courtyards where the governmental officials had lived with their families, she suddenly experienced deja vu, recalling her life in one of these houses at the time she had been financial advisor to one of the emperors. (See picture of Forbidden City.)

That evening, Yolanda and Corinne boarded their cruise ship Crystal Harmony in which they sailed along China’s east coast to Shanghai. Along the way, ongoing powerful spiritual projections were radiated to all of China, which continued once they were docked off the coast of Shanghai. These projections in Beijing and on the cruise to and at Shanghai were the first thrust in re-opening and re-juicing the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China; even though Yolanda did not visit there physically. In this sense, Nada-Yolanda, with Narathusa-Corrine, birthed the re-empowerment and re-juicing of the Temple of Jupiter, which has continued progressively to this time of now.

One With Nada

In our prayers and projections this day of celebrating Nada-Yolanda-Pauline’s birth and for the next four days of imaging the rebirth of the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, we link strongly with Nada, Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray and a member of the Karmic Board of this solar system. With her, we radiate the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination to Xi’an and to all of China with its 1.4 billion citizens. We also visualize God’s will and power, not mortal, power-mongering will, being done in Beijing and throughout this vast country.

One with Sananda, Nada and El Morya, we see the Temple of Jupiter fully birthed and anchored on Earth. Happy Birthday, Nada. Happy Birthday China. Amen!