Go with GalacTia

On Sunday, January 22, 2023, our 7th and final day of Dwelling in the Darkness, we welcome the extraordinary Mother presence of GalacTia, who is the feminine partner of GalacTos. Together, they are the co-leaders of the many Galactians who have come to Earth to help us rise from the third-into-the-fourth dimension.

My first conscious contact this lifetime with GalacTia and GalacTos was in 2015. In meditation, I was taken in my ascended light body to aboard Sananda’s ship #10. Therein, Sananda introduced me to a male Galactian, who eventually asked me to called him Galactos, which was a code name that I could understand. Initially standing behind him was his feminine counterpart, who then stepped forward but did not reveal her name. Rather she conveyed that for now I was to call her Lady Galactos.

GalacTos & GalacTia

Seven years later, in my wondrous, other-worldly dream/night vision on January 7, 2023, Sol-O-Man/Mary, my master teacher, took me in her ship #01 to the Sun of this Solar System. There, we rested and got acclimated to the higher vibration of the Sun.

Sol-O-Man, prior to this trip, had told me that I was capable of traveling to and becoming balanced at the Sun because of all the work of the prior year in Touring the Thirteen Temples; and because I had been there in past sojourns. (See image of her above/right.)

The next “day” or several days later, Sol-O-Man ushered me into the spaceship of SolTrex and SolTran, the co-leaders of the Sun. My reunion with them was joyous beyond belief — it was so good to be “home,” for I had been there in past times. Still, it took all my power to stay composed, balanced and “grounded.”

Then, Sol-O-Man, SolTrex and SolTran re-introduced me to Galactos, the masculine leader of the multitude of Galactians who have come to this Solar System, including to Earth, to assist us in our light work to prepare for the Second Coming. With Galactos was his feminine counterpart, who shared for the first time that her name was Galactia. Only she spelled it with a capital “T,” thus GalacTia. Moreover, Galactos then spelled his name with the same “T” capitalization, hence the coded, Earthly-comprehensible names for the two of them were GalacTos and GalacTia.

The capital letter “T” in their names stood for trans or across, just like the “T” in SolTrex and SolTran. GalacTos and GalacTia had come from various parts of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun of this Solar System. Therein, they were welcomed by SolTrex and SolTran, who themselves at times had traveled from the Sun into the Milky Way Galaxy.

Moreover, SolTrex and SolTran helped GalacTos and GalacTia, and their Galactic cohorts, to step down their vibrations so that they could function on the Sun and travel to the 12 planets of this Solar System. So, “T” represents this crossing or transference from one place to another, from one level of consciousness and expression to another.

Into the Milky Way Galaxy

Following another interlude, GalacTos, GalacTia, SolTran and SolTrex explained to me that they were about to take me beyond this Solar System into the adjoining regions of the Milky Way Galaxy. In particular, we would visit those planes and planets in this Galaxy where I had lived and trained in past times.

They also shared that this voyage was overseen, authorized and recommended by Lords Michael and Maitreya, the Co-Titular Heads of the Hierarchy. Its purpose was to expand the consciousness of those on Earth whom I represent, such that light workers on Earth would remember and reincorporate their past Galactic travels, going all the way back 206 million years when we came from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun of this Solar System, and then to the twelve Planets therein.

The four teachers/mentors/leaders further cautioned me and others that we of Earth could not take safely undertake such a journey by ourselves. Rather, we had to have teachers, leaders and wayshowers who knew the way, who already had done what I was about to do. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous, like being an explorer going into a jungle, confronting all the earthly beasts there and possibly losing his or her way, thereby not being able to return.

Moreover, this travel would take time, with sufficient stops and adjustments along the way. Like in all spiritual growth and experience, it would be two steps forward, one step back and two more steps forward. Thus, although one could peer out through the portals of a spaceship all the way to the Central Sun, one could not go there in one, straight, direct, short time or manner. In similar fashion, when we are at the base of a mountain, we can see its summit. But, it takes many days to get there. Unless we goes slowly and carefully, resting along the way, we will develop altitude sickness; and even die.

Solar System Membrane

Once I was sufficiently briefed and prepared, off we went in SolTrex’s and Sol-Trans’ spaceship, with Sol-O-Man coming with me and overseeing my experience. For she had traveled many times throughout multiple parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.

My first unexpected experience was seeing what looked like a clear membrane at the outermost boundary of the Solar System. It was as if it was the boundary placed there by the Elohim who comprise the solar matrix or logos. The membrane literally and probably more so symbolically indicated that the Solar System as a whole is a complete organism, unit or place of spiritual growth; one overall university with many classrooms (planets) of life. Only those highly advanced beings of the Solar System could travel through this membrane into the next solar system or plane of consciousness, into the adjoining regions of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Extending from this membrane, it appeared that there was kind of a tunnel or tube via which our spaceship would travel to the next portion of the galaxy. Sol-O-Man likened it to the womb of a mother, inside of which a fetus grows in a protective sac or covering. Then, at the appropriate time, after months of development, labor begins and the cervix of the uterus dilates. The child then passes through the cervix, into the vagina and out into the world. So, the tunnel in my vision was like unto the vagina, a passageway from one realm to another.

Return & Readjustment

Eventually, aboard SolTrex’s and SolTran’s spacecraft, we slowly passed through the tunnel  into adjoining parts of the galaxy. From there, we visited various places and planets that were familiar to me, which were mostly those close to the Solar System. Eventually, we returned via the way we had gone and re-entered the tunnel. Somehow during this, however, I became disoriented, seemed to be separate from my teachers, and got lost in space (I had “altitude sickness”).

I was bewildered, even terrified, feeling like I was losing my mind and never would make it home to Earth, until SolTran and Sol-O-Man came to my rescue and explained what was going on. It was common, they said, especially on such a first galactic visit to feel disoriented, discombobulated and lost. Again, it took me time to adjust to the magnitude of what I just had experienced.

When I awoke from this dream/night vision, I was completely disoriented, not knowing where I was, what time it was, even what my name was. I always sleep in a pitch black room, so when I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw nothing but darkness. Gradually, I felt my bed, parts of my body and realized that I was back on Earth, in my own bedroom here at headquarters.

However, I now felt like I was suffocating, with pain and tightness in my chest, shortness of breath and discomfort throughout my body; like I was deep under water. Once again SolTran and Sol-O-Man assisted and “nursed” me. They shared that my consciousness had been so expanded during my galactic voyage that I no longer could function in my past levels of thinking, feeling and doing. I had a kind of membrane all around my body, which was composed of my past thoughts, emotions and memories. Slowly SolTran and Sol-O-Man helped me to cut open this membrane and to remove it from my aura and physical form.

Amazingly, upon doing so, all my symptoms disappeared. I felt free, refreshed, full of energy, ready to meet a new day here on Earth in my new galactic consciousness. Above me, still watching over and helping me was GalacTia, our galactic Mama. I thanked her profusely for her abiding, motherly presence and all that she just had done for me, not only in this current experience but during my sojourns throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. She was/is my Mom of Moms. I was humbled done to my toenails, feeling blessed beyond belief. And I was a puddle!

Take Your Time

Upon composing myself, I realized that this readjustment process, with its symptoms and their dispersal, was proof positive that I had not just imagined or “made up” this entire experience. There is no way I could consciously have produced the disturbing symptoms that I had felt no tangibly. Nonetheless, wisdom dictated that I give myself time to absorb and discern all that had been given to me. Usually, after such an experience, I wait at least seven days before sharing it, even with Phillel. As it would turn out, this time I waited two weeks before writing this blog.

And even now, my advice to all who read this account is to take what I have shared with a few grains of salt. For, no one on Earth is 100 percent accurate. If I have been 90-95% accurate, I will be thrilled. Mostly, I have concluded that the gist of and the overarching lessons in my dream/night vision are mostly accurate, but some of its details and specifics may not be. Time alone will tell what is what.

On January 20, 2023, deep in my morning’s meditation, GalacTia appeared above me and began to lower herself into me. Her presence and forcefield were so powerful that it took me at least 15 minutes to adjust to each step of the way, as she entered  and anchored herself in each lower chakra. My body involuntarily shook several times during this time.

When she finally was fully transfigured over and around me, she announced that I now was in her galactic womb or uterus, in which my galactic identity, understanding and “body” slowly would be reconstituted. It might take as much as a year for this to be fully accomplished, at which time I would be reborn as Solios of the Sun, one who has evolved even beyond this Solar System. It may take all this year, working in galactic consciousness in shining new light into all the thirteen spiritual temples or power centers, before my full galactic birth is accomplished.

Love Where You Are 

Pondering all this, it came clearly to me that my subconscious dream/night vision had prepared me for this current, conscious experience of rebirthing my galactic consciousness. The night vision was some combination of actual experience, memory recall and symbolic thinking, as are all dreams and visions. In contrast, this current experience of GalacTia’s presence was literal, occurred in this present time, and was something that therefore I could trust and see for what it is in the here and now. This was not a memory of the past or a symbolic enactment of visiting places in the Milky Way Galaxy in a vision or dream. This was an actual contact and communion, right here on Earth.

Deep in this realization, I “went out” (lost conscious awareness). When I came back, I was no longer centered primarily in my head, thinking things through, having new insights and revelations. Rather, my central focus was my heart chakra. Before me was an extraordinary image of the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy, clear as day, brilliant beyond imagination. The realization came that I was not only here on Earth but there at the Central Sun. I did not have to “travel” there to experience this cosmic oneness. I only had to be centered in my heart, in love with God and all of His-Her creations, which include the Milky Way Galaxy.

In time, in this or following lifetimes, I might well “visit” the Central Sun, but for now I was required to put my divine love into action right here on Earth in these trying and troubling Latter Days. Otherwise, this whole set of experiences and my communions with GalacTia and GalacTos would be for naught.

Moreover, the final proof of any experience or realization in expanded consciousness is not just talking the talk but in walking the walk of the Way. After all, the Galactians have come here to help Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their upcoming Second Coming. We are to do the same, whatever our degree of remembrance or experience of being out in the Milky Way Galaxy. Let our walk be our talk: This is the order of this day, for now until forever.

Moreover, if what I have received is true or mostly true, then later experiences will confirm it or add new clarity to it. One experience is almost never enough to be sure that something is true or not. It takes a series of experiences, before the whole picture becomes clear. Each experience thus is only one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

Merge with Mama GalacTia

Today, January 22nd, let’s use the same visualization that we utilized in communing and bonding with SolTran. In other words, once you are wrapped securely in a Christ cocoon of light, with a cosmic column of energy/power extending up and through the astral planes into the etheric and celestial realms, begin to place each of the eight letters in GalacTia in your seven chakra centers.

Symbolically, note that GalacTia has eight letters, with the eighth one indicating that she is not of, but rather beyond, this Solar System. So, in placing and imaging the first letter, “G”, see it two or three feet above your crown chakra and head. Thus, “G” stands for Galaxy. (See image above/right.)

Then put the letter “A” in your crown chakra/cerebrum, the letter “L” in your all-seeing eye chakra, the letter “A” in your throat center, and so on, all the way down to your lowest or regenerative chakra.

Be visualizing this, you send a powerful image into the deepest depths of your subconscious, wherein you have ancient memories of having been beyond this Solar System, out in the adjoining regions of the Milky Way Galaxy. Seeing leads to believing. What you can see will in time be, but the timing and the manner of this occurring is entirely in Spirit’s hands.

Love Our Mamas

Let go of your doubts about this, any feelings you have of being inferior or inadequate or any other such mortal nonsense. Remember always that God loves you just as you are, no matter what you have done, no matter how far you have climbed up the I Am mountain. Anyplace along your ascent, you can look up and see the Sun. Seeing the Sun, you can easily imagine and know that life exists beyond the Sun, all the way to the Central Sun.

For now, simply start the process of reconnecting with and remembering your deepest memories of your galactic past. We all originally came from the Central Sun to the Sun of this Solar System. So, it is just a matter of recalling this.

And repeatedly affirm that you have seven Mamas to help you do so: Sol-O-Man, Nada, MaYa, Lady Uriel, Mama Matrix, SolTran and now GalacTia. They love you. Know that they are with and for you. You are their beloved child! That realization alone will teleport you out into outer space and into inner space.

Welcome Mama GalacTia in your heart of hearts. Then let go and let it happen. Thank her ahead of time, as well as all the other Mamas. Above all, thank and humble yourself before Father-Mother God, our Creator. Remember that of yourself you can do little or nothing, but that Spirit, One Mind, I Am Who I Am does all things through you.

Love God and Love One Another. And regardless of what you receive, find some new way to put your love into action. Walk it. Be it. You are It. Om.