Hug with your Heart

Starting Monday, June 21, 2021, and continuing for seven days, we are going to focus a fourth and final time on our I Am attribute of power. This week, our emphasis will be on crystallizing and manifesting our Christ power as it works seamlessly with our first five spiritual powers: faith, strength, love, wisdom, and will. We will put our power into loving action.

Our theme for these seven days is: Hug with your Heart.

As given in prior blogs, Jesus’ Apostle Philip portrayed the I Am power attribute. Lord Michael is the Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power. El Morya is the Chohan or Director of the First Ray, and Glo-Ria is his twin soul. This foursome will guide, assist and empower us in our manifesting, crystallizing, demonstrating and physically promoting our power this week.

The corresponding color of the power characteristic is deep aqua, similar to that of the turquoise gemstone.

Spring to Summer

June 20th was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. It marks the end of the spring cycle and the start of the summer cycle in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the North, we go from a reaction cycle to an action cycle, whereas those in the Southern Hemisphere do the opposite.

In the next three months in the Northern Hemisphere, we will begin and put into motion new programs and projects. We will feel a decided shift in our focus and functioning.

This week’s emphasis on physically demonstrating power paves the way and protects us as we move forward in the lap-over transition between the spring and the summer cycles. In the Southern Hemisphere, Christ power paves the between the fall and winter cycles.

HHH: Hug with your Holy Heart

One way that we manifest and demonstrate our I Am power is by hugging one another. Although this is a physical action, it works most powerfully in healing others when we hug with our whole, holy heart; when we open our heart and let loving power flow unimpeded through our mental, emotional and soul-astral bodies into and through our heart to the person that we hug.
Sometimes, our demonstration of hugging love-power is accomplished physically. But, sometimes we “hug” people from the distance in our healing visualizations and projections. In both instances, there is a meshing and interconnecting of our aura with that of the person before us.
We even can hug the whole Earth in our power-love projections.
What we truly want to hug is the I Am Self and light body in the other person or place. We wrap our physical, astral and light-body arms around the individual, the soul at a distance or the globe. Our power-conveying arms and hands can reach anyone, near or far, friend or foe, personal family or all of humanity. In I Am consciousness, we powerfully can love all of God’s creations.

Cardiac Muscle

Generally, when we talk about the type of muscle that portrays the I Am attribute of power, we are referring to skeletal or voluntary muscle that we consciously can control and utilize (as was discussed in previous blogs). However, specialized muscle also is found in the heart, which is mostly outside our conscious, voluntary control. This is called cardiac muscle.

Cardiac muscle has been adapted to meet the special needs of the heart. With skeletal muscle, we have cycles of contraction and relaxation of the muscular fibers, but only for short periods of time, minutes or hours at a stretch. Then, these muscles need to relax for a long time, or they will develop cramps, inflammation, pain and discomfort. We can only walk, run, jump or “pump iron” for a certain length of time that varies with our physical conditioning.

Love in Action

With heart muscle, the heart keeps on beating and beating and beating, contracting and relaxing rhythmically throughout the day and night, with an average of 60-90 beats per minute. The heart never stops beating or within a few minutes the body dies.
Moreover, with each beat, the heart pumps blood out through the arteries, arterioles and capillaries to each and every cell in the body, thereby bringing its love vibration, oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other key substances to the whole physical organism. The heart truly is love in action, power in action, love-power in its glorious manifestation of cosmic principle and practice.

This is what we do when we hug somebody, any other person throughout the whole body of mankind the world over, as well as in the astral planes. We hug them with our whole, heavenly heart. We give them a light-body hug that is filled with love and power. We heal humanity, beat by beat, hug by hug, day and night, in sickness and in health.

Doc to Doc

Recently, on June 14, 2021, I dreamt: “I was in a room in an unknown building, which had a similar room that adjoined it. A doorway connected the two rooms. I looked through the open door and saw my friend, a fellow physician and light worker, lying on his back in a bed and resting or sleeping with his eyes closed.

“(In waking life, he is dealing with a serious, life-threatening health condition that in part is due to a dysfunction of his thymus gland and the rest of his immune system, which currently requires him to rest and sleep for log stretches of time, and greatly reduces his power to move with his muscles.)

“Psychically, he felt my auric presence, woke up, got up and walked through the door into my room.  He appeared healthy, vibrant even, years younger and maybe six inches to a foot taller than he is in his current waking life. He had a big smile on his face and was so happy to see me, just as I was to see him.

“He came to me, opened his arms and gave me an incredible hug, filled with love and joy, the love of me as a whole being, the love of my I Am Self.

“I felt the love pour out of his heart into mine, with my heart chakra thereby opening wider, even as my love poured out to him in equal measure. We melded into one another, heart to heart, I Am light body to I Am light body. What an incredible, delicious, uplifting, transcendent, powerful, loving feeling and experience this was!

“Then, he pulled back and gently, lovingly but powerfully chided me for my doubting my healing previous visions of him, in one of which I had plunged a sword of truth into him; and for not fully believing that he would be healed, in God’s good time and way.

“It was the truth, not only for me but also for him, for he had the same wonderings and worryings and wanting verification of our long distant healing exchanges. We comforted one another, knowing that each of us was doing the best that we could. What were friends and colleagues for, after all, but to love and hug one another?”

It took hours after my awakening before I began to absorb and comprehend this love-power interaction, a process that has continued now for seven days and I am sure will grow and expand. My heart has pulsed with new love that has not and will not stop. As I had given my love and healing power to him, so he had now returned it. As I gave, so I received. As we gave to one another, so did God and all agents of God give unto us, for the good of everyone.

This extraordinary night vision and light-body exchange prompted the writing and titling of this blog.

East-West Linking and Loving

Our hug was especially meaningful to me in that even though I am the Director of Healing Haven under Hilarion for the Hierarchy, almost no other doctors have honored, loved and trusted me over the past 40 years or so. I have been a healing prophet crying out in the wilderness, like so many prophets before me and like what most of us light workers devoted to the Second Coming program experience.

To paraphrase Christ Jesus, a prophet is not honored in his own town or profession. The very people we have come to serve often are the ones least likely, it seems, to love us and respect us and join together with us in healing humanity or in serving in any other capacity or function.

To be loved by a fellow doctor, therefore, was especially uplifting and transformative for me, a healing of my feelings of professional loneliness, isolation and rejection. It was particularly powerful, too, because this fellow doctor in my dream lives and works in the Eastern Hemisphere, halfway around the world from me, hence one interpretation of the two rooms in my dream.

Despite the vast physical distance between us, a psychic doorway connects him and me, just as it does with every other person on and about the planet. In our prayers and projections, we can hug anyone, anywhere, any time, just as Sananda-Jesus and the other ascended masters hug us, heart-to-heart, from their realm in the etheric planes; and as Jesus “hugged” everyone with his love-power when he was incarnated here on the planet; just as Hilarion did in his incarnations as Plato, Paul the Apostle and Charles Fillmore.

What we two Earth-plane doctors had experienced was a planetary hug, a hemispheric love fest, a honoring of the healing Self within the two of us and all healers that we represent in the East and the West. Where two or more are gathered, there I Am in the midst of them, so said Christ Jesus, the greatest healer of all time.

Atlantis Revisited

My given name is Robert Hugh Knapp. I am named after my father, Hugh Burrell Knapp. Since my spiritual awakening and becoming involved with Healing Haven, I have noted how symbolic it is that my middle name begins and ends with the letter “H” that stands for healing, Healing Haven and Hilarion.

Moreover, there is karma involved with my Dad from the days of Atlantis. In our lifetime together in that prior civilization, as revealed to me in a dream in 1976 or 1977, my father Hugh was a physician who used an instrument like radionics, which involves the utilization of one’s psychic senses in conjunction with a physical apparatus in order to diagnose and treat disease. I was his son and trained under him.

However, in that prior lifetime, Hugh thought that he was 100% accurate in using the radionics-like equipment, when in fact no one employing the psychic senses is ever 100% correct. Therefore, he misled and mistreated any number of people rather than lovingly and wisely helping them.

He failed to seek confirmation with physically-based procedures and investigations, and to serve to as a clear, humble, pure vessel for his I Am Self, higher astral planes guides and etheric mentors. In other words, he was not holistic.

Of course, in this he was hardly alone as a majority of healers down through the ages have tended to be arrogant, self-powered and self-important. They have thought that they “knew it all,” and thereby misused their power to control, manipulate and dominate others.

Fourth Ray Focus

In that prior lifetime, as was given to me in a later dream, Dad was crystallized in his error ways. His home ray is the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization whose Chohan is Serapis Bey; and Dad had succumbed to the misapplication of that ray of life. He needed to be decrystallized so that he could recrystallize anew the higher truths of healing and hugging (loving) one another.

He had all kinds of good talents and attitudes, but he needed to shed his arrogance and self-centeredness so as to be reborn in his new “skin,” such that he could touch and hug others with I Am love-power rather than harm them.

I came to realize this in Atlantis, and Dad and I had our differences to the point that I went my own way. But, in my present incarnation, I still was not completely whole and healed myself of my own arrogance and lack of humility, which has had to be dealt with, decrystallized, transmuted and healed under the guidance of El Morya-Mark and Nada-Yolanda, with etheric mentoring and guidance from Hilarion, Sol-O-Man and others. Physician, heal thyself.

Hugh the Non-Hugger

As a child in this incarnation, I did not feel close to my Dad. He was distant emotionally, and as my mother noted, he was not good with or comfortable around children. His own dad had been dictatorial, domineering and detached emotionally in dealing with him and his two brothers. And God knows how far back this went in Knapp fathers in past lives.

His father was a farmer, and each of his three sons left the farm as soon as they could. From being a highly respected physician in Atlantis, my Dad this time around was a lowly farmer, who became a grade school janitor for most of his working life, who served all the grade school children around him. It was karmic restitution.

I do not remember my Dad ever hugging me, or even gently placing his hand on my head or shoulders, or any other outer, physical display of affection. However, looking back through my family album of photos, he apparently did do so, if only in a posed picture (see photo to left). My brother is to the left in the picture (to Dad’s right) and I am to to the right. It was taken in 1950 when I was 4 years old and my brother Dick was 10.

Of course, as a general rule, when I was growing up, most men did not hug men, fathers did not hug their sons. Moreover, as to being a good father, on the positive side of the ledger, Dad worked hard at three jobs, provided for his family, made sure that we had enough food and clothing, good shelter and such; and paid my way through college. He did not overtly or regularly lie or cheat. He didn’t smoke, drink, philander or become a dogmatic religious fanatic as so many fathers do.

He was basically a good man. Yet, like a typical teenager, and not until I had my spiritual awakening at age 20, I had little respect for him.

The Name Hugh

The morning after my above dream about hugging my doctor friend in the East, I found myself meditating about my middle name Hugh. Suddenly, it dawned on me that the word “hug” was right in the name “Hugh.” If I ever had thought of this before, I did not remember it now. I almost broke out laughing. Imagine that: Hug was my middle name, embedded right in the middle of me, my very center, in my soul. Yes, indeed, Spirit has a sense of humor!

I looked up the name in the various baby-naming books listed online, and discovered that Hugh means “heart, mind, spirit.” Amazing! The name Hugh comes from the old French, “Huges,” with roots also in old German. (Another variant of the masculine Old French name “Huges” is Hugo.) The name Hugh spread to England and Ireland–there are several Irish saints  named Hugh. The name also spread to the United States.

In the US, until about 1903, the name Hugh was in the top 100 names in terms of its popularity and use. After that, it nosedived, such that now it is only in the top 1,000 names, hence not common at all. Growing up, the only other Hugh I remember was Hugh Downes, the popular American radio and TV broadcaster, announcer and programmer.

My mother’s first name was Aleta, likewise quite uncommon, even more so than Hugh. This was one reason why my mother named my brother and me Richard (Dick) and Robert (Bob), two of the most common, popular English names. Little did she consciously know that naming me after my Dad had such a karmic past and meaning in the present.

Be Holistic

After my spiritual awakening in 1967-68 and while in medical school and one year of psychiatric residency in 1972-73, part of my extracurricular healing education involved using various forms of healing with loving touch. These included foot reflexology, acupressure, massage, chiropractic and hands-on spiritual healing, as well as what I came to call “hug therapy.”

How simple and yet how powerful these methods were in demonstrating that loving touch heals! And what a contrast to my medical and psychiatric training in which a physician rarely uses the arms and hands to transmit any kind of healing energy; but rather relies primarily on medication, surgery, chemotherapy and the like. You might say that conventional docs are “out of touch” with the reality of healing, loving touch.

Back in those days, there was a common motto: Hugs are better than drugs. And certainly, that is true, then and now. With all my spiritual friends and associates in that earlier time, I freely gave and received hugs.

There even were some initial medical studies that proved that hugging and touching one another with love had a discernible healing effect, that people who were isolated and without physical contact with loved ones had more illness than those who were part of a loving family and a circle of friends who physically cared for one another.

Hugging Dad

After joining the Mark-Age staff at MetaCenter in Miami in October 1974, I usually spent either Thanksgiving or Christmas each year visiting my family in Dansville, New York. From the start of these sojourns, I took every opportunity to touch and hug my parents. Mom was a ready, appreciative receiver of my hugs. Dad was typically more reserved.

Mostly, I gave him neck and shoulder rubs/massage that he greatly appreciated. While I seemingly focused on the outer contact with my arms and hands, inwardly I opened my heart and radiated love to him. I had no doubt that he was moved by this exchange on all levels, much more so than anything I repeatedly tried to tell him about spiritual matters. After all, a hug is worth a thousand words!

In the above picture from the late 1970s, I am doing pressure-point therapy on his shoulders. Note the big smile on his face and how happy he looks!

Florida Hugs

It was not until many years later, after my Mom had made her transition in 1990 and Dad had moved into a condo in nearby Boynton Beach, FL that the opportunity arose to start regularly and routinely hugging my Dad. Every time I visited him, we would say hello and then I would give him a big hug. In time, he got used to, welcomed and reciprocated my hug, almost “squealing” in a low voice his delight in the exchange; but always doing the man thing of patting me on the back as he hugged me, and pulling back after a short time.

It was during these later years of his long life–he made his transition (died) in 2008 at the age of 95–that we fully worked through the kinks and difficulties in our relationship, in which we both learned to hug one another with our hearts. We had become a loving father and his loving son, two Hugh’s who were joined together as one holy Hugh, two H’s who represented Healing Haven in the healing of humanity.

After all, if I could not hug my Dad with my whole heart, how could I expect to be healed or to heal anyone else?

Many times, I marveled at this long-evolving transformation, which had started for me back in 1976 when, under Hilarion’s guidance, I had begun to see Dad before me in my meditations, to visualize Christ light and love pouring through me to him, to hug him with my heart; and finally to having this inward transfer of love manifest physically some twenty-five to thirty years later when we physically exchanged loving hugs. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit.

Slow Transformation

Father God and my spiritual “fathers” in the higher astral and etheric realms, especially Sananda and Hilarion, had “hugged” me all those years, patiently, persistently, without fail; and now I had hugged and forgiven my physical father in the same way. Life definitely is good!

It had not been an easy, sudden journey, as through those three decades, Dad periodically but persistently felt like a “thorn in my flesh,” an unwanted challenge and responsibility on my part to put my love into action. How I wished at times that my Mom, whom I had loved dearly, had not died in 1990, and Dad had not lived another 18 years; that it had been the other way around.

And yet in hindsight, and when I was seeing clearly as it was transpiring, how karmically appropriate this was, what a splendid challenge/opportunity it was to love unconditionally, rightfully, no matter how the other person was a “pain in the neck” or worse. As Nada-Yolanda often wrote and lived according to her mantrum, “Love conquers all.”

Hug your Hugh

In your meditations and visualizations this week, focus first on that family member, whether it be your father, mother, spouse, children, cousins or in-laws, who is still a thorn in your flesh, who still presses your buttons, so to speak; who you still find it hard to love with your whole heart.

Ideally, you have or have had two loving parents, although that seems these days to be the exception rather than the rule. If you have or had such good parents, however, you still can hug them more often and give them even more love.

Maybe your parents are still alive, or they may have made their transition recently or long ago. Whether here or on the other side of the veil, you still may have unresolved, unloving memories of one or both of them or of other family members, past hurts that you have not released, prior painful episodes that you have not forgiven fully, ways in which you are unable or unwilling to hug each of them with your whole, holy, heavenly, healthy heart.

Picture such a family member a few feet before you, so that the edge of your aura and his/her auric field touch and intermesh. Then, when you are ready and so guided from within, reach out with your arms and hands, wrap them around this individual, and give him or her a holy hug, a loving hug, a whole-hearted hug.

Feel I Am love and power pouring down and through you from your own high Self and from your guides, teachers and guardians in the higher astral, etheric and celestial realms. Hug your “Hugh,” whatever his name or gender is, whether your Hugh be a man, woman or child.

If this soul is still alive and nearby, ponder new ways in which physically you can hug this person; how you can touch this fellow potential spiritual healer in some tangible way, if only through loving touch as in the laying-on-of hands or massage, which eventually will evolve into a whole hug. Feel the comfort, the joy, the upliftment that will come when you are able, and the other person is receptive to, doing this. As you see and feel it, so it is.

Beware & Be Wise

A word of caution: In touching and hugging others physically, especially those outside your extended family, sometimes it is wiser and best to keep a certain distance from the individual, to be wise as a serpent and gentle and loving as a dove. A handshake, a hand on or around a person’s shoulder, even a neck rub may be the best way to transfer love to some people.

With others, it may wise to only “hug” them from the distance. For, hugging may bring to the surface all kinds of imbalanced soul feelings, which may entrap you or the other person in a web of negative personal power and/or mortal desires for a romantic, physical relationship. With those who are not receptive or who are competitive or nasty, do no cast your pearls before swine, as Jesus put it, or they will try to turn and rend you.

Especially with those of the opposite gender, long hidden sexual desires may arise and tempt you or the other person. How many light workers down through the ages (like King David with Bathsheba of the Old Testament, with David representing personal love), many of whom have been in spiritual work for multiple years, have succumbed to and acted upon these sexual feelings, to their detriment and downfall, and that of others.

Be careful. Be cautious. Use good, wise judgment. Look a long time before you leap. Keep your feet solidly on the ground — talk the talk and walk the walk.

Love unconditionally, without any thought or desire for what you are going to get out of this exchange. Love with your whole, holy heart, not with a hole in your heart due to past, uncleansed unholy thoughts, feelings and actions.

Love a Leader

Net, be guided by Spirit to hug a religious, political, economic, business, social or psychological leader or counselor, who is nearby in your community or in some far away country.

Go through the same process of picturing the person in front of you, connecting aurically with him or her, opening your heart chakra even as you are firmly grounded via your legs and feet, and pouring love-power to this soul. Give him or her a loving hug. Hug this individual with your whole, holy, loving, pure heart.

From the distance, you safely and securely can hug even those nasty, dictatorial, outwardly powerful individuals. Your love and that of others of us of like mind and heart can reach any soul on earth with our love power, and thereby help him or her to awaken spiritually. So be it.

Do this for no more than five to ten minutes per session. As you are guided, you can repeat this heart hugging and imaging several times a week, for this current seven day cycle and beyond.

Be sure when you are done with each session that you re-wrap yourself in a cocoon of Christ light, such that you are immune to any untoward reaction by those whom you have touched aurically with your I Am love-power.

Hug the Whole Earth

In another healing exchange, picture, feel and experience the presence of Nada or Sol-O-Man/Mary behind you, supporting and instructing you, adding her love to yours. In front of you, see planet Earth, now shrunk in your imagination such that you can reach out with your arms and hands, encircle the globe with them, and give it and all people, animals, vegetables and minerals upon and within it a holy, heart-felt hug, one that conveys faith, strength, love, wisdom, will and power.

Hug especially the 144,000 elect, some of whom are in countries around the world. They need your love, just as you need theirs. See each one who has elected to serve the Second Coming program lit up with love, with glory on his or her face.

Perhaps you will have a dream, a so-called “night vision,” in which you link with one or more light workers on the other side of the Earth. Like in my dream with the Eastern doctor, you may know someone in the other hemisphere whom you can hug, even as this soul hugs you. You are two gathered as one, East and West, lighting up both sides of the globe.

Know that Sananda and Sol-O-Man, El Morya and Nada, Hilarion and Meta, Lords Michael and Uriel, and other ascended masters and angelic guardians and space visitors likewise are hugging these light leaders, are augmenting your love as they join with you in hugging these souls in the forefront of the War or Armageddon.

See every one on and about the Earth being in the heart of God, the only place there truly is. Realize that God is hugging every one of them.

Amen. And so be it.

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