June 25, 2021: This site is now up and running but it will take months to tweak and flush it out. Meanwhile, I (Dr. Robert) will publish my upcoming blogs on it, even as I improve the site. I usually publish one blog every Monday.

If you wish to subscribe to this blog, you can do so by going to the right to my picture, scrolling down to the next box, in which you can add your email address and then click on the Subscribe button right below it. You will shortly receive a return email that says you have subscribed but that you have to confirm this. It will have a button that says Confirm Now. Go ahead and do and select this. Then you will get a second email that says you have successfully subscribed to the blog.

You or they have to do this. I cannot do it for you or them. You/they have to confirm that you are doing this from your computer with your email address. Otherwise, anyone could subscribe to the blog and put your name and email address on it. Then you would get all kinds of unwanted emails and such.

Once subscribed, you will get my next blog on the Monday following the day you have subscribed. Until then, there is nothing else for you to do.

Let me know if you have any trouble with your subscription. I will see that you have subscribed or if it the process has not worked, because I get a listing of everyone who subscribes. 

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By the way, the next blog I post, I will be sent out to you from my current/old blog, which is on Typepad, which I have used for the last 13 years. But after that, Typepad will no longer send such blogs as it is doing now with Google’s Feed Burner service. This function of Feed Burner will be shut down on June 30, 2021. There is nothing that you have to do about it now.

In the future, I will keep my Typepad blog, because it has over 700 past blogs on it. Until I can transfer the best ones of these on the 12 Powers and the Seven Rays to my new GoDaddy/WordPress blog, I will keep the Typepad blog up and running. You can always go to it at to see any of these former blogs. I will probably keep it up and running for about a year.