Let It Be

Here’s Anne Murray singing¬†Let It Be.¬†Needless to say, I will always associate this iconic song with Paul McCartney of the Beatles. But no matter who sings it, it always lifts my spirits and brings me back to peace within. And Anne sings it beautifully. Partly, it is because with the many challenges in her own life, she indeed practiced the principle of this song. You can hear it in her singing voice.

Sol-O-Man/Mary the Mother is with us, for us, always holding and loving us in her divine heart. Let us realize that this is so!

Paul McCartney originally wrote and sang this song as a tribute to his personal mother whose name was Mary. She had made her transition (died) several years before this, but she appeared to him in a dream when he was facing the impending break up of the Beatles, and lovingly guided him to let things be, to be at peace and everything would work itself out. Which it did.


DJ Doc K