Love Lord Lattice

As I shared in my prior blog, Meet Mother Matrix (click Matrix), a little over a month ago, on February 17, 2024, when I was parked in my car at Hicks Cemetery in nearby Newcomb, TN, Lady MaTrix of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest fully transfigured and surrounded me in her wondrous, motherly, feminine peace and love, in which I fully rested. This completed seven days of cosmic contacts with her, such that I now felt reasonably confident of, and comfortable with, her presence and reality. She was fully anchored in my heart chakra/heart/thymus gland. She was/is my Elo Mama!

Then, my attention turned to her spiritual counterpart, the male EloHim of the Seventh Ray. Until now, although at times I sensed and felt his powerful, loving masculine presence, it was not strong or vivid enough to be verifiable. Moreover, as of yet, he had not revealed his spiritual code name to me. Therefore, I humbly asked him once again to give me his moniker. Then I thanked him ahead of time for his doing so, when it would be right, good and in divine order. As always, God’s will be done.

Lady and Lord

Shortly after this, so much additional power built up around my upper body, from my head to my heart, that I fell asleep or “went out” into the etheric planes. Upon redescending and returning to conscious awareness, the name Lattice was brilliantly front and center in my mind’s eye. Here was the spiritual code name of MaTrix’s male counterpart. He was Lord Lattice and she was Lady MaTrix. Confirming this, it was if the overall vibration of their combined presence was now doubled or more within and around me. It felt like I might burst.

Via my clairvoyant vision, MaTrix now appeared and stood in front of me, the clearest image she yet had shown to me of herself. Her most distinguishing feature was that her overall forcefield was oval in shape, without many specific details, which appeared to be something like a thick, white cloud. Lattice, however, clearly now stood within and toward the front part of this motherly matrix of white light, such that I could see him. His “body” was much more compact and distinct that her “cloud.” Moreover, he had a distinctly masculine, powerfully loving feel about and within him. Nonetheless, he and MaTrix were so intermixed and united in this combined one overall forcefield that they appeared almost to be just one Elo.

The diffuse image of MaTrix was similar to our own auric field that extends two-three feet away from our physical form; which is composed of our astral, emotional and mental bodies, and is said to be feminine, hence of the subconscious. By contrast, Lattice looked more so like a specific, human, physical form or body that is symbolic of the conscious, masculine mind. MaTrix and Lattice were two who were one. They also were one who was two. It all depended on how I looked at them.

Framework or Gridwork

So, what does the name Lattice symbolize and signify? The most common dictionary definitions of a physical “lattice” include: 1) a framework or gridwork formed of crossed wood, metal or plastic strips; 2) a window, door, or gate having a lattice frame or mesh-like screen and 3) a network or design resembling a lattice.

Thus, beneath and alongside of an elevated porch or deck of a house, this area may be covered by a lattice. (See to right/above, and image below/right.) This is a decorative feature but it also prevents unwanted larger animals from entering under the porch/deck.

Note that the lattice is composed of two crossed strips at right angles to one another, with all the strips forming a series of squares. Symbolically, one such strip can be seen as being masculine, and the other crossing strip can be seen as being feminine; like with MaTrix (hence the “x” in her name) and Lattice. Note, too, that this physical lattice extends down to the ground, thus from above to below.

Three-Dimensional Infrastructure

The fourth dictionary definition of a lattice, however, is the best one to help us to understand who Lord Lattice is and how he functions in his role as the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. This fourth description is as follows: “a lattice also may be a regular geometrical arrangement of points or objects over an area or in space; specifically the orderly arrangement of atoms, ions or molecules in a crystal [my bold].”

See to right the schematic drawing of a salt crystal that is composed of sodium ions (Na+) that are charged positive, and chloride ions (Cl) that are charged negatively. Each crystal, such as a quartz or diamond, has its own lattice.

Thus, a lattice that is composed of crossed strips, as described at the start of this post, is mostly two-dimensional in form, with it having height and width, but very little depth. However, the lattice of a  crystal is three-dimensional — it has evident height, width and depth.

Lattice Lines of Force

In the above drawing of the salt crystal, the lines represent the filaments or lines of force of a lattice that are composed of higher vibrational, God energy/substance, within and around which the individual sodium and sodium ions are arranged and positioned in a regular, orderly pattern. So, the lattice is the higher dimensional framework or infrastructure around which the physical atoms, ions or elements coalesce, materialize and manifest on the third dimension. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Thus, by analogy, Lord Lattice provides the internal, spiritual, higher-vibrational, lattice-like framework via and around which we as light workers physically anchor and manifest our I Am Self and seventh or ascended light body here on Earth. We do not create this framework, but rather we work within its existing structure.

Lady Matrix provides this framework at the subconscious/feminine/soul level. Lord Lattice provides the correlating, intermeshing infrastructure at the conscious/masculine level. In I Am consciousness, we already are a spiritual a Godly gem. With the aide of MaTrix and Lattice, we manifest and crystallize our I Am gemstone-consciousness on Earth.

Name & Nature

As to the symbolic, spiritual meaning of the seven letters in Lattice, “L” stands for EloHim. “L” also represents manifestation, with the L’s bottom, horizontal line pointing to the right, hence to the conscious and physical aspect of materialization and crystallization here on Earth.

“L” also portrays or symbolizes Love, befitting of the fact that Lord Lattice is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. It is God’s love, as expressed via the Elohim, that has created the spiritual lattice, gridwork or architecture that is all around and within us. Lord Lattice loves and serves us!

“A” in Lattice represents our All-Knowing, All-Powerful and All-Loving God, with Lattice and MaTrix being of the Godhead. “A” also stands for the I Am, Ascended, Abel or God Self within each person, with which Lattice works. “A” also portrays the angelic kingdom, who function under the guidance and direction of the Elohim.

The two “t’s” in Lattice stand for the juxtaposition and complementary interrelationship of him and MaTrix, who together form the template for mankind to manifest his seventh or ascended light body on Earth; thus his own individual Sun Temple. The two “t’s” additionally symbolize our heart chakra and its corresponding thymus gland that regulates our immune system. When we rightly love, subconsciously and consciously, we are immune to all dis-ease of the third dimension.

The seven letters of Lattice stand for the Seven Rays; the seven major chakras and their corresponding seven endocrine glands; the seven bodies of humans; and the seven steps or major initiations we undergo to become an I Am ascended master on Earth.

See & Be a V

In your meditations over the next few days, begin by resting in the Stillness of Spirit. Surround yourself in a protective Christ column of sacred love and light. Then ask Lord Lattice to show himself to you, to come on down into your mind, soul and body.

Below is one way for you to initiate or work for and with your initial conscious communion with Lord Lattice; I often have used this visualization that always has helped me to focus on Lord Lattice, so maybe it will work for you, too:

Lift your left arm above and to the left of your head to Lady/Mother Matrix, whose loving presence you began to feel and discern over the last week. The left arm is the subconscious, symbolically feminine side of you. As you reach up to her, ask her to reveal still more of herself to you, to help you bring forth your I Am Self and light body. She is your Elo Mama. You still are gestating and taking shape within her womb.

Wherever she is, there, too, is Lord Lattice. So, reach up your right arm to Lord Lattice, your Elo Dad. Your right side is the conscious/masculine half of you. Your two arms now form a large V that symbolizes the descent of Lady Matrix and Lord Lattice into your forcefield.

Seven Centers, Seven Steps

1) Place the capital letter L in your crown chakra/cerebrum/pineal gland, which is the first and primary point of contact with the Elohim, including Lattice. Your faith becomes quickened. Faith is said by some to be the belief in things unseen. But via your perceptive faith, you now begin to see, feel and sense the lattice lines in and around your two cerebral hemispheres. You welcome the presence, power and love of Lattice, your Father Elo. Give it a few minutes for this to coalesce.

2) Once the L is firmly positioned and anchored, place the letter A in your third eye/thalamus/pituitary gland, in the area of your forehead, temples and center of your head. Ask and receive new I Am ideas and images as they relate to your cosmic, loving relationship with Lattice. Clairvoyantly see him.

3) A few minutes later, the first letter T appears in your throat chakra/vocal apparatus/thyroid gland. When it solidifies, affirm that you and Lattice are one in the One, and that Lattice’s power is your power. Together, he and you will do all things by having Father God do them through you.

4) The second T goes in your heart chakra/heart/thymus gland. Here is the site of love ignition and electrification, of knowing the wondrous, expansive feeling of Lattice’s love for you and your love for him. In time, this Lattice love may feel nigh on to overwhelming when it wells up in your heart. But it will be just the right amount of love for you to absorb into your blood stream, which will change it to Christ life flow.

5) A capital letter I next descends into your solar plexus/digestive system/pancreas. See it there. Feel it there. Affirm its presence even if you have no image of it. This is the step of absorption, of taking in the lattice of Lattice, of feeling it begin to coalesce, congeal and manifest in your whole body.

6) Place C in your sacral center/adrenal glands, below your solar plexus and above your regenerative center. C is for pure Christ consciousness, also for crossing out anything in your mind and soul that is less that this. Give it time. Let go and let Lattice’s peace and love flow. As with the placement of the other letters, focus on this placement for a few minutes.

7) Finally, the E enters your regenerative center, reproductive organs and either your testes or ovaries. Now you birth the combined Elohim/human that you are. E is for God. E is for Creative Energy. E is for Eureka.

Seven as One

Feel Lattice all around you and within you. His energy flows down through your legs and feet into the elements of the earth below you. His spiritual gridwork amplifies and solidifies your own unique Christ lattice. As this occurs, rest more deeply in the peace and love of the Seventh Ray.

God bless you, Lattice. God bless you, MaTrix. God bless us all and all life on and about the Earth, which is a Temple of Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest. Amen.