Love Ya & Pa

Today, November 11, 2023, as a sweet, innocent, seven-year-old child, devote your whole, pure heart to loving your Buddhist Mama, Yasodharah, who hugs you to her body, soul and Spirit, as only a mother can. (See painting of this to right.)

In so doing, follow in the footsteps of her son, Rahula, and/or her daughter, Rahuli. They represent all children of God. Mama Yasodharah loves all boys/men and girls/women, especially those in the Eastern Hemisphere. And so does Siddhartha, her husband in that lifetime in India some 2600 years ago, who in I Am consciousness as Sananda is Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah’s twin soul, with the two of them being the spiritual co-leaders, the primary Father and Mother, of Earth.

Multiple Mothers

So, how did Yasodharah and Siddhartha come to have a son and/or a daughter? In the allegorical, mythological and largely legendary depiction of Yasodharah, she is said to have been the daughter of King Suppabuddha and Queen Amita of the state or region of Koliya in northeastern India. (See map to right; click here for a large version.)

Koliya is located about 150 miles north of Varanasi, near the border with Nepal. “Varanasi” means to shine as a city of light. As such, it is the spiritual capital of India, whereas New Delhi is India’s political capital. The Second Ray Temple of Mercury is located in and around Varanasi, extending north to Nepal and the southern part of Tibet (see map below/right; click Map for a large version).

Note that “Suppabuddha” has buddha in his name, indicating that he is capable of being illumined and enlightened. “Amita” in Sanskrit means “infinite, boundless, truth and love.” Suppabuddha and Amita, given their inherent spiritual nature and receptivity, were guided from within to name their daughter Yasodharah, which means bearer of glory. To some degree, they intuitively knew that Yasodharah was to become a loving, compassionate Buddhi.

What is not given in this traditional, allegorical Buddhist story is that Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah was the spiritual daughter of Lady MaYa, who is the twin soul of Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ, Lord or Father of our entire Solar System. MaYa is the Primary Mother of the Solar System.

Thus, “Ya” in Yasodharah’s name  refers to MaYa, who is Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah’s master teacher; whereas Maitreya is Sananda/Siddhartha’s master teacher.

“Ma” and “Ya” in MaYa both mean Mother, First Lady and Feminine Leader of the Solar System. It probably was MaYa who inspired Suppabuddha and Amita to give Yasodharah her spiritual name. MaYa watched over, protected, guided and mothered Yasodharah throughout her entire incarnation.

Four Noble Truths

As the official Buddhist canon or traditional story continues, at age 16, Yasodharah married 16-year-old Siddhartha, who was the son of King Suddhodana, the leader of the state or province of Shakya that was located next to Koliya. (See map above.) Yasodharah and Siddhartha lived together in marital harmony in the huge, protected, sheltered confines of Suddhodana’s royal palace in Kapilvastu, the capital city of Shakya.

Yasodharah and Siddhartha had all the pleasures of third-dimensional, worldly things, including money, fame, entertainment, education, everything that one could personally as a mortal being. Then, one day, when they were in their early-to-mid-twenties, they ventured outside the palatial grounds and came across an old man, a sick man and a dying man; or probably many men and women who were aged, unhealthy and about to make their transitions (die). They also saw an ascetic or holy man walking serenely with a bright smile of spiritual happiness on his radiant face. 

This experience inaugurated and represented Siddhartha’s and Yasodharah’s first major spiritual initiation of birth. For, from this time forward, they no longer lived in a veil of mortal illusion, thinking as young folks typically do that they are invulnerable, will always be happy, will live forever, and will escape the inevitable karmic cycle of birth, aging, disease and death. Rather, as summed up in the Sanskrit word “dukkha,” all mortal, third-dimensional humans feel pain, suffer, undergo stress and anxiety, become sick at times, and eventually die.

This became the beginning basis of Siddhartha and Yasodharah discovering what they would call the Four Noble Truths: 1) all third-dimensional, mortal life is suffering; 2) the cause of suffering is attachment or craving for mortal, third-dimensional pleasures of this world; 3) the end of suffering comes with detachment from mortal impermanence and focusing on immortal, permanent spiritual truths and realities; and 4) in meditation, by keeping one’s eye single on cosmic, fourth-dimensional reality, one awakens from one’s mortal dream, and becomes awakened, enlightened, illumined (as represented by the ascetic, holy man). One experiences the inherent happiness of being in I Am, Buddhic, spiritual consciousness.

Patriarchal Bias

As given in the “official” Buddhist teaching, it was only Siddhartha who had the above experiences with the sickly, impoverished, about-to-die individuals. But even if he was the first to see third-dimensional life for the way it actually is, he certainly would have talked it over with his wife, who was his best friend and confidant, his twin soul.

No one else in the palace would have listened to, or understood, what Siddhartha or Yasodharah said and believed, for however well-meaning they were, they were still somewhat clouded by their pursuits of selfishness, self-power, self-importance and self-aggrandizement. They suffered to one degree or another from the misuse and abuse of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause, which stemmed all the way back through Atlantis and Lemuria to the days of the fall of man into third dimensional matter; and the following battle between Cains and Abels, when the selfish Cains prevailed.

Moreover, it may well have been that Yasodharah was more psychic than Siddhartha. She no doubt had numerous, clear and prophetic dreams, visions and inner feelings that came from her I Am Self and from MaYa, her master teacher and mother, which led to her spiritual awakening and then contributed to that of Siddhartha’s. Her awakening may have come more so from within, whereas his came more so from observing the world and consciously thinking about it. As such, they complemented and cooperated with one another, merging the female/subconscious with the male/conscious aspects of our one mind, thereby preparing themselves for superconscious, I Am Self awakening, rebirth, wisdom, compassion and beingness.

But in those days, continuing even to now, the Indian and other Eastern societies were strongly patriarchal. Most of the stories that grew up about Siddhartha and Yasodharah had a decided masculine bias, emphasis and orientation. Thus, it was said that only Siddhartha who discovered the four Noble Truths and became enlightened, Yasodhara simply stayed at home and continued her mortal, womanly ways.

Many of these tales probably were written by Buddhist monks long after Siddhartha and Yasodharah made their transitions, by those who only partially understood Siddhartha the Buddha’s teachings and knew very little about Yasodharah. Moreover, many of these stories were primarily symbolic and allegorical, based on only a few facts and a lot of fanciful imagination by well-meaning, but partially “blind” monks.

Rahuli & Rahula

The official story continues until Siddhartha and Yasodhara at age 29 became the parents of a son, whom they called Rahula. Of course, given the masculine bias and tradition, Siddhartha and Yasodhara were said to have only a son, and not a daughter. For, only a son in those ancient times could become a spiritual leader, an ascetic, one who leaves home and becomes a Buddha. A daughter would stay at home and learn to take care of the family, just like her mother. She would be considered less than, and less spiritually capable than, a man.

So, in my meditations over several days of pondering all of this, Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah guided me (Rahula/Dr. Robert) that I as a modern light worker was to upgrade this allegory, such that it is a more truthful and balanced story. The strongest idea that came to me was as to how to do this was that Yasodharah gave birth to so-called fraternal twins, with the first birth being that of a daughter, followed by the birth of a son. Imagine that!

In Sanskrit fashion, we might call the daughter Rahuli, with an “i” at the end of this  Sanskrit name, which indicates the feminine polarity; and name the son Rahula, thus with an “a” at its end which denotes the masculine polarity.

After all, half of all Hindus/Indians were men and half were women. So why discount and demean the feminine polarity? Why not equally love Mother and Father God? Why not welcome boys and girls as equal, but complementary, children of God, each of whom are capable of experiencing enlightenment, as Siddhartha would teach following his baptism with fire? Why not bring this ancient allegory into the present time, with our present consciousness regarding the law of polarity, with how we now are to treat men/boys and women/girls as being co-equal but opposite polarities that are to work together in one peaceful, loving, cooperative and coordinated partnership?

Three as One

“Rahula” in Sanskrit means efficient; conqueror of miseries. The syllable “Ra”  in Rahula means fire, thereby symbolizing one’s I Am, etheric, fiery Self and light body. “Ra” also connotes the Sun of the Solar System, which likewise symbolizes one’s I Am Self. Thus, “Ra” is primarily of the crown chakra/cerebrum/head, whereby one connects with one’s own superconscious and fire-filled I Am Self and fourth-dimensional light body.

In Hierarchal terms, “Ra” also represents Archangel Raphael of the Fifth Ray of Integration, Unity and Healing. Integration refers to the unification of male/conscious and female/subconscious polarities within us, of the linking together of the two hemispheres of our cerebrum (brain), which leads to superconscious integration that brings harmony and healing. (My soul mission as Robert Knapp, MD is on the Fifth Ray as the Director of Healing Haven.)

“H” of “Hu” symbolizes the heart, hence the feminine, feeling or subconscious side of us that expresses via our astral body, here on Earth and in the astral planes. “H” is also for the integration and unity of feelings and memories of our feminine subconscious with the thoughts and actions of our masculine conscious mind and physical body; with the integration of these two polarities being represented by the two vertical poles of the “H” that interconnected by one horizontal pole.

“H” with its upper and lower halves, additionally represents the astral doorway between the physical and etheric realms by way of our subconscious and third-eye. Furthermore, “H” stands for Hilarion, Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray and the Etheric Director of Healing Haven, and for his feminine twin soul, Harmony. “U” in “Hu” partly represents feminine Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray. “U” also stands for the Divine Uterus or the Divine Mother’s Womb, hence again the feminine polarity.

“L” in “La” is for elder and elder consciousness, with the bottom of the “L” pointing to the right, hence the expression of light, love and elder, I Am, Buddhic consciousness on Earth, by way of the conscious mind and physical body, whether that body is masculine (thus the letter “a”) or feminine (the letter “i”).

“Ra” in Rahula also links to the “ra” at the end of Yasodharah’s name when it is spelled in Sanskrit fashion as Yasodhara (without the “h” that I have added at the end of it).

Thus, in the final, simple, straightforward summation,  Rahula and Rahuli mean that they (and we) are the son or daughter of Yasodharah and Siddhartha.

Birth to Baptism

Going back now to the story/allegory of Siddhartha and Yasodharah, and the birth of their single child or male/female twins, Siddhartha and Yasodharah now became parents. Before this, they lived mostly for themselves. Now they were responsible for a child or children. In their newly re-awakened and ongoing reborn I Am consciousnesses, they also became the potential spiritual parents of all sons and daughters of God in India and throughout the East. Thus, the birth of their son and/or daughter symbolized their completion of the seventh phase of their first major initiation of birth. They now were father-mother-son/daughter as one trinity, who followed and demonstrated the Holy, Cosmic Trinity of Father-Mother-Child.

Moreover, Siddhartha and Yasodharah not only birthed their own I Am Selves, but they also realized that they were part of a greater whole, an entire spiritual family of men, women and children. As such, they birthed universal Buddhic consciousness on Earth. This took them about 4-6 years to complete, which is the typical time that it takes any initiate to complete all seven minor phases of his or her full, first major spiritual initiation of birth.

Now came their second major initiation of baptism with fire and water. As parents, both Siddhartha and Yasodhara felt inspired to discover and develop the best talents, pathways and teachings to rightly raise their child or children, to help every other man or woman to become spiritually awakened and reborn; to be good parents, sons and daughters. After Siddhartha and Yasodharah had many discussions and quiet, meditative times together, Siddhartha finally felt guided from within to go off in search of masculine/mental enlightenment as an ascetic, hoped to be holy man, while she intuited that she was to stay home and with loving feeling and devotion tend to her hearth and home.

One in the One

Their separation was only physical, for she had his back and he was entirely devoted to her, with both of them loving their young child or children. Siddhartha and Yasodhara thus were one in Spirit, bonded together in love with one another, which transcended mortal consciousness and expression. After all, they were twin souls. They had come to show all men and women the direct, straightforward, easily understood Way of Wisdom and Love. They had come to simplify the overly complex, mysterious, rambling, multilayered and confusing teachings of Hinduism, with its huge pantheon of gods and goddesses, who were carryovers from the days of Lemuria.

As to the traditional account of why Siddhartha physically left Yasodharah and Rahula/Rahuli in the middle of the night to seek enlightenment, according to early, monkish-biased misinterpretation, the name “Rahula” came to to mean fetter, indicating that Siddhartha’s newborn son was a fetter, bondage or impediment to his fully seeking spiritual illumination in the forest/wilderness. Thus, it was said that Siddhartha abruptly left and went out into the wilderness, without any seeming regard for his wife and child.

In truth, however, Siddhartha left because he knew he would be a fetter to his son/daughter/child, plus his wife, unless he discovered the masculine way to overcome mortal anguish, pain and suffering. He knew, and Yasodharah assured him, that she and Siddhartha’s mother and father, plus their servants and helpers, could rightly raise his child, until such time he could return in an enlightened, spiritual-father state of consciousness, to continue his I Am or Buddhic parenting. In other words, he temporarily left because he loved his wife and child.

Baptism with Fire

Thus, Siddhartha at age 29, as inspired by his Sananda Self and Lord Maitreya, became a wandering ascetic or holy man in the masculine Hindu tradition, one who gave up the ways of the world, meditated in the woods, ate of the fruits and vegetables of the land, lived simply, and meditated day and night, seeking enlightenment.

Meanwhile, Sol-O-Man and Maya guided and reassured Yasodharah to stay at home to nurture and raise her beloved child or children, to make him/her/them number one in her thoughts, feelings and actions, as all good mothers do. In other words, in this way, she lived up to her name as “the bearer of glory.” A large part of her glory was her son, daughter or both. To Yasodharah as a spiritual mom, he, she or they were glorious beings of light and love.

However, when her child or children were perhaps a couple years old, Yasodharah also ventured beyond the walls of the palace and selflessly served the poor, the downtrodden, the sick, the malnourished, those who were “the least of these,” including the so-called “untouchables.” Siddhartha’s mother, whose name was Gautami (also spelled Gotami) totally supported Yasodharah in her community work, and often went with her. They were two of a kind, mothers who loved all children of all castes and positions in life, women who saw through male, competitive dominance and mortal/conscious/intellectual delusion, who looked past the caste system and saw each soul as a child of of the Divine.

Step Two

Thus started Siddhartha’s and Yasodharah’s second major initiation of baptism with fire and water that lasted about 6 years. During that time Siddhartha visited and studied with every well-known and honored spiritual teacher for many miles around Kapilvastu, which is the capital of Shakya where the royal family’s headquarters was located.

All these teachers were helpful and inspiring to some degree. All assisted him in seeing and experiencing more of the truth, in becoming somewhat more enlightened. But Siddhartha knew from within that he had not found or experienced his full truth, path or dharma, meaning the pathway he was looking for to end his and others’ suffering.

Finally, all by himself, at about age 35, one with Maitreya and  Father God, he sat under the huge Bodhi tree, where he was baptized by the fire of Spirit, thereby becoming illumined and enlightened (see painting to right/above).

Afterwards, from out of all his six-to-seven years of training, experiences, revelations and enlightenment, he developed and codified what he called the Eightfold Path, which is the simple, direct, practical, straight Way to enlightenment that all men and women can follow.

Fire & Water

Meanwhile, after Siddhartha left the palace compound, Yasodharah took off and put away all her jewels and other adornments, dressed plainly, ate simply, and devoted herself to loving service. She meditated every day, received new guidance from her I Am Self, MaYa and Lady Uriel, and intuned with and lovingly supported Siddhartha in her prayers and projections. She embodied the truth that Mother God is everywhere, in Mother Nature and right in one’s home. (Unless Spirit guides us to do so, we need not go into the wilderness, up a mountain or into a church, temple or mosque to become enlightened.) By the time that Siddhartha had his enlightenment, Yasodharah had had her own unique experience of becoming a newly enlightened Buddhi.

About one year after Siddhartha’s enlightenment and his beginning to teach his early followers the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, he returned to his former family home in Kapilvastu to visit his beloved parents, wife and child, who welcomed him with opened arms and tears of joy. This visit signified the beginning of his third major initiation of transmutation with personal love, in which one initially steps forward in public, demonstrates one’s teaching and spiritual powers, and transmutes blood (water) into wine (Christ/Buddhic life flow). After a delicious vegetarian meal, such as would be served upon one’s being married, he gave a talk about spiritual awakening via the Eightfold Path. As a result, many young men joined his sangha or spiritual community, and became Buddhist monks.

Afterwards, he spent private time with Yasodharah and thanked her profusely for her steadfast inner support, for her love, for her persistence in becoming a Buddhi. However, the traditional account says that he only spent a small amount of time with her, but that sounds unlikely to me. For, how could he not spend ample time to catch up with his wife, to share their spiritual insights and experiences, and to bond together anew at a higher, even more loving level? Were they not in this together?

A Boy’s Birthright

As part of the traditional account, as Siddhartha and his disciples first entered the royal palace, Yasodharah and Rahula, who now was seven years old, stood on a balcony and watched as he and his fellow monks walked past them. Yasodharah shared with her son that Siddhartha the Buddha was his father, and she directed him to go and ask his father for his birthright as his son. (See painting to left.)

When Rahula later did so, Siddhartha replied that he would give him the gift of enlightenment. Then, when Siddhartha departed, he took Rahula with him to reside fulltime in his sangha or community of Buddhist devotees, all of whom were men.

Steady as She Goes

If any of this account is true or even partially true, can you imagine what it must have felt like to Rahula when he so abruptly was  taken away from his loving mother? At the tender age of seven, a boy still deeply needs and is strongly attached to his mother. To suddenly lose her feminine presence and love, as well as that of his grandmother, would have been deeply traumatic. In fact, the traditional account says that Rahula cried himself to sleep every night for many months after he moved to live with his father.

So if Siddhartha did rather precipitously and somewhat foolishly take his son away, what are we to make of it? One possible interpretation is that this represented baptism with water, which always follows baptism with fire. Aflame with the fire of illumination, Siddhartha may have allowed himself to think that he was the full answer to his child’s personal and personal development. In other words, Siddhartha, despite his enlightenment, still thought and acted to some minor degree like a mortal, intellectual, belittling-woman-kind-of man. However, there can be no doubt that Siddhartha had the highest intentions for his son, and that his son deeply and profoundly benefitted from being with his father. But still Siddhartha’s action left something to be desired. It was not fully loving.

Moreover, Siddhartha not only hurt his child, but think how Yasodharah must have felt, losing her precious child. So, as the story goes, Siddhartha, to make amends and make things right, established a rule that from that time forward, no boy under the age of 18 could become a permanent resident in his sangha. Siddhartha thus washed away his past error and misjudgment in the water of baptism. This was a completion of his second initiation of baptism with fire and water, and the overlapping start of his third major initiation of transmutation via love.

There But for the Grace of God

Looking back at our own spiritual development, which one of us has not made similar mistakes when we were in our own second major initiation or in the second or baptismal phase of any of our other major initiations? After periods of enlightenment and spiritual acceleration, we too may have let our fiery light get out of hand, such that it temporarily clouded our common sense and wise judgment, thereby revealing our superiority or inferiority, or any number of other flaws. We may have gone off in a number of unwise and unwarranted directions, only to flame out and end up in the wilderness, facing our soul/mortal temptations as Jesus and Siddhartha did.

But, hopefully sooner rather than later, we saw and corrected our mistakes and developed more compassion for ourselves and others. We realized anew and in greater depth that all spiritual growth is two steps forward in fire, and one step back in water. We learned to be strong, straight and steady as she goes. We did our best, and left the rest to Spirit. We went from a mistake to a new take. And we continue to do this now.

Moreover, if you or I were to rewrite and update this allegory, the new version would say that upon Siddhartha’s initial return, he and Yasodharah talked for some time together, and probably many more times over the months and years, about how to raise their beloved son/daughter. They found ways for Rahula/Rahuli to spend time with both of them together, as well as just with one or the other. (And that is what Yasodharah told me did occur.)

Moreover, it is hard to imagine that Yasodharah, being an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, would have allowed Siddhartha to basically “kidnap” their son and keep him away from her. After all, she was no pushover or wall flower. As the strong, enlightened, powerful soul that she was, she would have wielded the sword of truth!

Be a Son or Daughter

Fifteen years ago, on May 24, 2008, Sananda in his aspect as Siddhartha the Buddha, appeared before me and said: “You are my beloved son, Rahula.” He explained, as confirmation, that my given names this lifetime had Rahula encoded in them. For in speaking my name, Robert, the “Ro” is pronounced as “Ra” (hence with an “a”) and not as “Ro” (hence with an “o.”) My given, personal, middle name is “Hugh” that is pronounced as “Hu.” From having been Rahula, I now was Ra-bert Hugh.

From the start of pondering this possible soul recall, I carefully weighted in my mind whether this revelation was to be interpreted literally or symbolically, or perhaps both. In other words, instead of actually having been the physical son of my father, Siddhartha, I was his close and devoted disciple who was as a son to him and Yasodhara. Over the years, I have gone back and forth in my ongoing analysis, discernment and wise of these possible two sides of one coin.

Mostly, I concluded that it did not matter all that much if I had been the physical son of Siddhartha and Yashodarah, of if I was as a son to them. What bonded us together was our love for one another, not our physicality. Of that I never had any doubt. Always through the years, however, Siddhartha has been s a special father to me and Yasodhara has been my dearly beloved mother. I have not felt this unique, intimate, loving, personal, powerful bond with any other ascended masters, although I love all of them.

Mother Yasodhara

Moving forward to the present, at our Hierarchal Board Meditation here at Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters on November 1, 2023, I spent most of my meditation surrounded in, and reinforcing, my Christ/Buddhic column of light, wherein I felt whole, at peace and solidly grounded. Then, my forcefield strongly quickened and accelerated, lifting me into a new and higher state of I Am, Soliel consciousness. Above me, inside the newly brilliant but fully clear column of light appeared Sol-O-Man in her aspect as Yasodharah. Her presence was so powerful, electrifying and uplifting that I could not move or take my eyes away from her; I could not think a single thought. I was totally transfixed on, and in loving awe of, her.

Then, in a loud, strong, totally authoritative voice, she proclaimed to me: “I bore you!” By this, she meant that she physically had bore me when she was my beloved mother Yasodharah. Clearly and definitively, this was no symbolic representation. This was her telling me that indeed I had been the blood of her and Siddhartha’s blood, the flesh of their flesh, that I had gestated in her womb and been born from it via her birth canal, like unto the column of light in which we now were, with her above me and my being below her.

All I could feel for the rest of the day and following days was how much I loved her as my Mama. All I wanted to do was to go to her and give her a huge hug, and to feel her hugging me, like I had when I had been a little, seven-year-old boy in India. And she conveyed the same to me, saying that her birthing and mothering of me in my early years had been one of the great joys of her life as Yasodharah. I was her glory. She had bore me. This sharing and bonding was nigh on to overwhelming.

Father Siddhartha

One week later, at our HBM on November 8th, Sananda totally transfigured me. With him was Sol-O-Man, but it was mostly Sananda who directed me to raise both my hands, through which he and Sol-O-Man projected glorious, powerful peace and love to the world. After this projection ended about ten minute later, he telepathically strongly restated and conveyed that I was his son when he was Siddhartha, and then added that I now am still his son as Soliel, and that I will continue to be his son.

He said all this in a way that was so authoritative, powerful and deeply impactful that I took it to be so. Upon his ascending back to the etheric realms, my entire chest, and extending out a foot or two from it, was filled with a brilliant white sphere that had no flaws or darkness in it. It symbolized that what I had experienced and felt was indeed purely and rightly perceived.

It was not until the next day, however, while I was out on a drive atop nearby Pine Mountain, at its highest elevation in northeastern Tennessee, that it suddenly dawned on me that Sananda specifically had said that I was his son, not his disciple. While pondering this, Sananda’s presence became evident, with him smiling down upon me, blessing me, his arms reaching down to me. Yes, I was on the literal and symbolic mountain top, able with Sananda’s assistance and blessing to ascend into I Am Son-Soliel, light-body consciousness, having partly been prepared and trained for this when I had been Rahula, his physical son.

Rise & Shine

Rahula in me now had risen. I, in my ongoing ascension, will draw all other sons of Sananda and Sol-O-Man unto him and her. For all of us who comprise the minimum 144,000 elect are Sananda/Siddhartha’s and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah’s children. We are his and her beloved, glorious sons and daughters, and they are our beloved spiritual parents. We on the Earth and in its astral planes are preparing the way for Christ Jesus and Mother Mary to redescend in all their glory to lead us into a New, Golden Age of peace, love, and brotherhood/sisterhood.

My own example serves primarily as one, physical, actual representation of this truth. I tell it primarily to hopefully inspire you to have your own experience of ascended, loving oneness with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, for you as a Rahula or a Rahuli to rise into your and their combined glory. What one does, all others can do. That is the teaching of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, which I know to be true. Amen.

Am I one hundred percent sure now that I was their physical son? No, at times, there is still some lingering doubt about it. Maybe I am about 95-98% sure, but as long as I, or anyone, remains physically incarnated, there will always be the chance that I have made something up, that I do not see and know the full truth. Not until I am fully in my ascended light body will I be able to see without any distortion.

But I do say this: I feel more loving of them than ever before. And their love for me is beyond description and moves me to the very depths of my heart. For which, I can only say bless you and thank you, Dad and Mom!

Be Your Glory-filled Self

In your quiet times, walks and meditations over the next three-four days, focus primarily on being Rahula or Rahuli. One way to do so is to sound “Ra” in your head, “Hu” in your heart, and “La” or “Li” (it sounds like “Lee”) in your sacral and regenerative centers.

Affirm: I Am Rahula, the son of Siddhartha and Yasodharah; or I Am Rahuli, the daughter of Yasodharah and Siddhartha. Speak and sound it, believe it, be it. Superconscious, subconscious and conscious in you become one holy sound and glorious reality. Be born anew in Trinity love, light and life.

Focus the first day or two mostly on Yasodharah. She represents the Divine Feminine, the Y consciousness that reaches up to Mother God, Lady Uriel, Lady MaYa and to all feminine ascended masters, feminine space visitors and feminine angels in the etheric and celestial planes.

Say Ya or Yes to Yasodharah’s presence, her love for you, her being your mother, your Ya Ma. See her walking toward you, and your walking toward her, with the two of you giving each other a loving hug when you meet and meld together as one. You are as a seven-year old who loves his or her Mama.

By day two or three, focus mostly on Siddhartha. He’s your spiritual father, your loving Dad, the father you have always wanted, the spiritual Father of fathers. Hug him, too, and feel his arms around you, holding you to his glorious, golden heart.

As a seven-year old, follow the guidance of Siddhartha and Jesus who say to come unto him, for unless you are as a little child you cannot enter nirvana or heaven. Come also unto Lord Maitreya (your spiritual grandpa), Lord Ariel and to Father God.

As Rahula or Rahuli, you may feel guided to link with your own twin soul, whether or not you know who he or she is. He or she is with you in I Am consciousness. In my meditations, I often put out a chair alongside of mine for Serena, my twin soul, and think of us as having been the fraternal twin children of Yasodhara and Siddhartha. Whether we were or not, the two of us love our Mama and Papa. Of that there can be no question. So try out this same visualization and see what happens.

Especially follow your own I Am guidance as you link anew each day with Ya (Yasodharah) and Pa (Siddhartha). Make sure that you are spiritually protected before you do so. Then ask that Mother-Father God’s will be done. As always, go with the flow. Let go and let God. Be the glorious spiritual son or daughter that you are. One with Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah, radiate your glorious love and light to one and all.

So be it. Thank You. Amen.