See Summalt & Somma

Eight years ago, on March 5, 2015, Sol-O-Man/Mary overshadowed me and ushered Summalt/Peter into my forcefield. From aboard his city-sized spacecraft #7423, he is the etheric commander of light workers in the Eastern Hemisphere. In a prior life he was Jesus’ apostle, Simon Peter, who represented the I Am power of faith that manifests through the crown chakra as the cerebrum of the brain, the body’s central computer station.

Summalt then introduced Mary Magdalene to me (see painting of her to right). Together, they revealed to me for the first time that they were twin souls.

Her name “Mary” signifies her close, deep bond with, and service to, Sol-O-Man/Mary. “Magdalene” means that she was of or from the village of Magadan. She was Christ Jesus’ most devoted feminine disciple/follower; just as Peter was Jesus’ first masculine apostle to be called and the first to recognize and affirm that Jesus was the Christ or Messiah.

Peter portrayed masculine faith whereas Mary Magdalene represented and enacted feminine faith. Together, as co-equals, symbolically and literally, they operated in and through the conjoined two cerebral hemispheres of the brain.

 Seven Steps, Seven Rays

Christ Jesus cast out seven “demons” or darkened parts of Mary Magdalene’s feminine soul/subconscious. This symbolized the spiritual cleansing and purification of her seven major chakras, as well as the seven steps or initiations everyone must enact in becoming I Am love in action. Her devotion to Christ Jesus became so pure that he appeared first to her, not to Peter, after Jesus emerged from his tomb. (See the above/right painting of this.)

Thus, the resurrection and rebirth of our fourth-dimensional, superconscious, etheric, light body first takes place in and through our subconscious/feminine/astral body, before it then manifests in our conscious/masculine/third-dimensional/physical body. In this way our I Am, male-female faith is fulfilled. We, whether we are in a male or female body, become a rock of faith on which we build our temple, church or light form.

In my ongoing meditation this same day, a huge, golden, number 7 appeared on my third-eye screen. It symbolized that Summalt and Mary Magdalene are twin souls on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. For many years, I had intuited that this was so, but this was the first time that it directly, dramatically and specifically had been confirmed by Mary Magdalene and Summalt/Peter.

Soul Mates

The next day, March 6, 2015, deep in my morning meditation, Mary Magdalene again overshadowed me and stood to my left. She was about 7-feet 7all, and filled with brilliant light and love. She guided me to think about and vocalize the 23rd Psalm, especially the verse saying “he restored my soul,” but as I did so, she directed me to substitute “she” for “he.” This indicated that she had come to assist me in my next step of transmuting and restoring my soul from my past karma in Atlantis and Lemuria.

As a lady ascended master, her work focuses on the cleansing and transmutation of the soul of man, upon moving from subconscious doubts, fears and lack of trust to true, abiding, rock-solid, conscious faith. As Christ Jesus said, “By your faith, you are healed.”

As prompted from within, I lifted my left hand such that it faced palm-forward, and then placed it flush with Mary Magdalene’s left, opened hand. When our hands/palms met, a tremendous amount of Third and Seventh Ray love poured from her I Am Self through her to me. As this occurred, the realization came that her high or spiritual Self name started with the letter “S,” just like in Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Summalt.

Heart to Heart

Via thought transference, Mary Magdalene now explained that she and I were soul mates. Thus, we had incarnated together many times in multiple roles as friends, siblings, parent and child, and fellow light workers, always in service to Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their seven lives together here on Earth. Her Third Ray pink light and love was from this strong, personal connection and love for me as a soul mate. Then, to my astonishment, she shared that in my next lifetime on Earth she will be my mother.

As stunning as all of the above was, in this moment of my ascended I Am consciousness, it felt totally right to me in my heart of hearts. For many years prior to this, I had felt a special bond with, and love of, her and Summalt/Peter. Now it made more sense. Now my love expanded and rose to yet a new and higher level.

Nonetheless, I took all of these revelations into the sacred silence of my heart, did not share them with anyone, and waited as patiently as I could for verification and confirmation.

A New Name

About wo months later, on May 1, 2015, Mary Magdalene again totally transfigured me. Her presence was so powerful and loving that my breathing and heart rates accelerated, and copious tears of joy flowed down my face. Once I had adjusted sufficiently to her presence, she said that for now I was to call her Suma.

“S” in Suma stood for Spirit, Sananda and Sol-O-Man. “U” symbolized Lady Uriel. “Sum” symbolized her twin soul relationship with Summalt, whereas “ma” represented her connection with Sol-O-Man/Mary and with MaYa, the twin soul of Maitreya who is Sol-O-Man’s master teacher. “Suma” also represented her deep or great love at the soul/spiritual level for Sananda and Sol-O-Man, like in the Latin word “summa.”

Mother, Daughter, Son

Seven years passed without much in the way of new input from Suma/Mary Magdalene, other than at times my feeling a special love for her and her radiating her precious love to me. Especially when I was wrestling and doing battle with my own soul doubts, disbeliefs and fear of failure, she was there to comfort me, to hold my hand and/or give me an etheric hug. But, her presence was more so as one watching over me in the silence, rather than in some direct, dramatic, overt way.

Then, on December 10, 2022, while I was eating breakfast at a nearby Shoney’s Restaurant, sitting in a secluded, corner booth, Sol-O-Man overshadowed me in her aspect as Mary, mother of Jesus. She reminisced with me about her first having appeared to me at Shoney’s, prior to the South American Mission in 2011.

She had told me then that she would be with me every step of the way during the upcoming five major stops/cities throughout South America, including in many public places like restaurants, hotels, churches, shops, hotels and historic sites; and so she had done so. This was to prove that Spirit is with us always, in all ways, at home, in a church or temple or mosque, or out in public amidst other people. Lo, as Christ Jesus said, I Am with you always, in all ways. And so is Sol-O-Man/Mary, whether we are her spiritual son or daughter.

Now, in 2022, her exchange with me felt normal and almost commonplace, whereas in 2011 I always had had my doubts and wonderings about my accuracy and clarity in communing with her. What a difference 11 years had made! Yes, she was my spiritual Mom and I was her spiritual son. Our heartfelt bond was tangible.

Suma to SoMa

At this point, Solo-O-Man/Mary welcomed Suma/Mary Magdalene to my breakfast booth, wherein she sat down across from me as Sol-O-Man watched over us. Suma proceeded to direct me to now call her Soma. Suma, with a “u,” was more so her soul name, whereas Soma, with an “o,” was her I Am or high Self name. Soma then informed me that the best spelling and capitalization of her name was SoMa, with a capital “M.”

“O” was for the Divine Feminine aspect, the so-called Divine Womb, the Nothingness out of which all things are manifested. Thus, literally and symbolically, the inside of a letter “O” is empty and thereby has nothing in it. The capital “M” and “Ma” was for Mother God and Sol-O-Man/Mary who portrays the Mother-of-God aspect, that of the Cosmic Womb or Void.

The “O” in SoMa also represented her co-equal, twin-soul relationship with Summalt, with her being feminine and he being masculine, and the two of them complementing and supplementing one another. Thus, SoMa was a feminine power unto her Self, a whole, holy human being of light and love. But, when she was wholeheartedly with Summalt in spiritual love, their total forcefield was exponentially multiplied.

Michael & Maitreya

Ten months later, in my morning meditation on October 29, 2023, in I Am Soliel consciousness, I linked with Summalt and his ship #7423 that was positioned over Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India and the epicenter of the Second Ray Temple of Mercury. This ray and temple express and radiate spiritual understanding and wisdom.

At one with Summalt, the inspiration came that the “S” in his name, like in SoMa’s name, stood for Spirit, Sananda and Sol-O-Man. “U” was for Lady Uriel and for his soul linking with Suma. Two letter “Ms” in his name represented Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power and Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, with Maitreya being the Christ, Lord or Father of the entire Solar System. Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the spiritual Hierarchy.

“A” in Summalt was for I Am or Abel consciousness. “L” was for Elder consciousness and its expression physically on Earth. “T” was for the anchoring of one’s light body down through the crown chakra and spinal column of light, the faith-filled birthing and manifesting of I Am consciousness on Earth.

Mariel & MaYa

Then, SoMa/Mary Magdalene overshadowed me. Now, however, the name SoMa no longer felt just right. Rather, she directed me to spell it as Somma, hence with two letter “Ms,” just like in Summalt. Only this time, the two “Ms” in Somma represented Lady Mariel, the feminine angelic counterpart of Michael, and MaYa, the feminine twin soul of Maitreya.

Somma revealed that this progression of her name correlated with her growing from the highest or seventh astral plane (Suma), to the lowest of the three etheric planes (SoMa), and then to the highest of the three etheric planes (Somma). As Suma/Mary Magdalene, she was devoted to Jesus and Mary. As SoMa, she served Sananda and Sol-O-Man on and about Earth. As Somma, she was dedicated to Mariel and MaYa of the Solar System

In a similar way, in my being intimately involved with all of the above spiritual beings, I was evolving in my relationship to Summalt, Somma, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Michael and Maitreya; from being Rahula to being Soliel at the lower etheric level and Sol-I-El at the higher etheric level.

Thus, spiritual growth is always ongoing, no matter how far one has risen in consciousness, no matter what name we may or may not use to symbolize the various levels. There is always a new insight and realization to be experienced and demonstrated. There is always another spiritual awakening, enlightenment and illumination. We never arrive, but rather we are always on a journey, two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward, ever moving upward in and along a spiraling Way.

Mother Gotami

Eight days later, on November 7th, deep in my morning meditation, Somma transfigured me. To my total surprise, she then revealed that she had been incarnated as Gautami, who, according to the traditional legend, story or allegory about Siddhartha and Yasodhara, was Siddhartha’s aunt who became his step-mother.

In the Sanskrit language that is used primarily by those of the Brahmin, highest, priestly, elite caste in Hinduism, Siddhartha’s foster mother is spelled as Gautami. However, in the Pali language, which is used by the common people in the other three major castes, Gautami becomes Gotami, thus with an “o” rather than an “au.” Once again, “o” represents the Feminine, the Womb, the Mother God aspect of our one consciousness.

Gotami was of the 2nd highest or Kshatriya caste that is composed of warriors, kings, queens, and princes and princesses of royal families, whose primary function is to administer and promote material welfare within the whole society/country that they lead. King Suddhodana, Siddhartha’s father, likewise was of the Kshatriya caste.

“Gau” in Sanskrit means bright light, whereas “tama” or “tami” signifies darkness. Gautama (masculine) or Gautami(feminine) indicate one who dispels darkness (ignorance and third-dimensional suffering) by his or her brilliance (spiritual, fourth-dimensional knowledge, understanding, wisdom and compassion); hence one who becomes illumined and enlightened, and sees and serves the inherent Buddha Nature in all other souls.

Mother Maya

In the traditional account, Siddhartha’s birth mother was said to be Maya, the older sister of Gotami, both of whom were married to King Suddhodana. Maya supposedly died seven days after giving birth to Siddhartha, after which she ascended to the heavenly realms as described in Buddhist texts, from where she watched over and guided Siddhartha. With Maya’s death, Gotami, who was Siddhartha’s aunt, also became Siddhartha’s step- or foster-mother, and raised him as her own. Thus, Gotami was the only mother that Siddhartha had known. (See painting of them to right.)

Siddhartha so loved Gotami and felt so loved by her that sometime after his enlightenment or completion of his second major initiation of baptism with fire, he took on the honorific name of Gautama (or Gotama), which is the masculine form of Gautami (or Gotami). Thereafter, he was at times called Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, or Siddhartha Gotama the Buddha in Pali. Thus, we might say that Siddhartha was a “mama’s boy.” He deeply loved his mother, Gotami, and followed in her footsteps. He did not name himself after his father, Suddhodana, although he loved him too.

What are we to make of all of Siddhartha’s names? One interpretation is that Siddhartha represented his masculine/conscious/physical body, Gotama symbolized his feminine/subconscious/astral body, and Buddha portrayed his superconscious, I Am Self and fourth-dimensional light body. At the soul level, in Sananda’s past lives as the leader of the Abels, the leader of the Noahs, Melchizedek, and Zarathustra, he had always demonstrated the transmutation of mortal darkness with I Am, immortal light and love. Now, as Siddhartha in India, at a soul/physical level, he was doing this same thing.

Indian/Hindu Names

When Great Britain became involved with India in the 1800s, they tried to say that Gautama was Siddhartha’s middle name, like unto Hugh in my name as Robert Hugh Knapp. But Indians did not use this naming system– people in India did not have middle names. Siddhartha was just called Siddhartha. His later adding Gautama to describe himself simply honored his mother, with his mother representing his purified soul or subconscious.

Buddha, moreover, is not a name per se, but rather a title, like unto Christ referring to Jesus being the Messiah, hence Jesus the Christ. Buddha means anyone who has become illumined or enlightened. Each of us can become a Buddha (masculine) or Buddhi (feminine), thus Siddhartha the Buddha or Yasodhara the Buddhi. In one’s baptism with fire, each of us can awaken to, realize and demonstrate Buddhic, Christ or I Am consciousness.

MaYa & Maya

So, who was Maya, his birth mother and why did she die so early? What MaYa, who is the twin soul of Maitreya, has told me multiple times in unique ways, is that she as MaYa (with a capital Y) did not physically incarnate as Maya (with a small y), Siddhartha’s alleged birth mother. Rather, MaYa, remained in the etheric planes, watched over, guided, assisted and protected Siddhartha and Gautami, who was his actual birth mother.

Maitreya is Sananda/Siddhartha’s master teacher, hence his spiritual father. Thus, MaYa is Siddhartha’s spiritual or etheric mother, who watched over him and Sol-O-Man/Yasodharah, as well as Gautami. MaYa especially aided, supported and guided Gautami/Gotami in her birthing of Siddhartha. She continued to protect, love and uplift Gotami and Siddhartha for a literal, or probably a symbolic, seven days, with seven represented fulfillment and completion.

In the traditional version of the birth story, Siddhartha was born in Lumbini in modern-day, south-central Nepal, when Maya was traveling from Shakya to neighboring Koliya to be with her parents during her labor/birthing, as was the custom of the day when children were to be born. However, Siddhartha’s birth unexpectantly occurred along the way to Koliya. When Gotami was rested and refreshed, it perhaps took her with her newborn son, Siddhartha, seven days to return to Shakya.

Apparently, over the following years and centuries, this series of steps got mistranslated, distorted and downgraded into saying that MaYa was Siddhartha’s physical mother, and died one week later. Actually, Gautami was Siddhartha’s birth mother.

History versus Allegory

Scholars know that this traditional story or allegory of Siddhartha’s birth did not surface until 400-500 years after Siddhartha and Yasodhara made their transitions (died). So there is no telling who actually made up the story, colored and distorted it, mistook one plane of consciousness for another, or confused an allegory with actual facts. Nonetheless, it is still the story that now prevails and that most Buddhists officially believe and teach.

Moreover, in Hindu teachings, the word “maya” as commonly used means the illusionary, unreal nature of Mother Nature, which is said to be a trap to be avoided on one’s spiritual journey, rather than to love, serve and uplift Mama Nature and animals, plants and minerals. Hindu ascetics and holy men thereby tend to mistreat Mother Nature and to avoid her completely.

As a result of this negative portrayal of Mother Nature and the physical world, India has become a physical hellhole, filled with pollution, without enough physical food to feed its people, the means to house them, and/or to provide them with proper, holistic health care; thus the basics of life. The spiritual truth is that we are not here to get off of Mother Earth as our home, but rather to lift the lower kingdoms into a higher vibration and expression. Instead, once again, continuing now, patriarchy rules.

In part, this is why in her revelations to me, Maya has and does spell her name as MaYa. The capital Y indicates the divine feminine polarity, the soul reaching up to Spirit. To deny the feminine, the Mother-of-God Nature within each man and woman, is to abort one’s spiritual birth and enlightenment.

So, let us love Mother Earth, which symbolically and literally nourishes, serves and provides shelter for us as we heal humanity. Let us love our feminine soul and the soul of man, just as Sol-O-Man does. For, only love will lift us and all others into I Am, spiritual, golden consciousness; into I Am, spiritual sonship and/or daughtership.

Buddhist Nuns 

Along these same lines, it was Gotami that became the first Buddhist nun in Siddhartha’s sangha or spiritual community. Until this occurred, all of Siddhartha the Buddha’s disciples and followers were men. This was the prevailing custom of the day, the belief that women could not become spiritually awakened and active, that they could not be enlightened, that they would distract and tempt men to leave their spiritual calling and practice, that they therefore were to stay in their homes.

As the story goes, about five years or more (depending on which version of the story that one reads) after Siddhartha’s enlightenment and establishment of his sangha in multiple locations, Gotami’s husband, Suddhodana, who was Siddhartha’s father, died. During the previous five years, along with Yasodharah, Gotami had followed Siddhartha’s teaching of the Dharma or spiritual path to enlightenment that he had explained when he had visited the royal palace.

Now, as strong-willed and loving as Gotami was, as devoted as she was to her son Siddhartha, she felt inspired from within that this was the time for her and other women to become nuns in Siddhartha’s sangha. So, by herself, she visited and talked with Siddhartha at one of his several spiritual centers.

She reminded Siddhartha that he had taught that women as well as men could achieve enlightenment. Moreover, she asked him: Did I not selflessly love you and teach you true compassion prior to your enlightenment? Was it not time, therefore, for you to return my love by ordaining me as a nun and lovingly welcome me in your sangha? Of all women, am I not the most qualified woman to be the first Buddhist nun?


Nonetheless, Siddhartha did not honor her request, saying it was too early to do so, that it would cause too much disruption within the sangha and would bring forth the wrath and disapproval of others outside the sangha, especially by those who already disapproved of him and his teachings.

Rather, she gathered together many other women who likewise wanted to be nuns. All of them shaved their heads, removed their fine clothes and wore simple robes, and did not take their chariots but rather walked several miles to where Siddhartha was staying and teaching. By so doing, when they showed up at the Buddhist center where Siddhartha was, they proved that they were ready, determined and able to live the life of women renunciants.

Gautami once again petitioned Siddhartha to form a Buddhist nunnery. This time, apparently due to some new enlightenment of his own, some internal recognition that the time was right, Siddhartha accepted her and her women associates into his sangha. However, when Siddhartha asked his major disciples for their input and advice about this, these monks suggested several rules and regulations that basically made the nuns subservient to the monks. For whatever reason, wisely or not, Siddhartha agreed to these restrictions. Seemingly, patriarchy reared its head again.

Father, Mother, Son

Yashodharah was not part of this first contingent of women to become nuns. Gotami and she decided ahead of time that Yasodhara’s presence would cause too much commotion and disturbance. After all, Yasodharah was Siddhartha’s wife and none of the monks had wives. Gotami as Siddhartha’s mother, therefore, would be more welcome. For which monk did not have a mother? Moreover, the monks would not wish to get married to and have sex with her.

Within a few years, however, Yasodhara did join Gotami, her mother-in-law, in the Buddhist nunnery. Yasodhara became Gotami’s foremost disciple and helper. When Gotami made her transition (died), Yasodhara became the feminine leader of the Buddhist nuns. During this time, she had much contact with her son, Rahula, who was as thrilled to see and be with her, as she was with him. All three members of the family now were reunited at a new and much higher level.

In time, Yasodhara became a Buddhi, one who has become fully enlightened and illumined in the Buddhist tradition. However, historically, continuing to this day, the official description is that Yasodharah only became an arhat, one who is highly spiritually advanced. After all, according to this masculine-biased theory and teaching, only Siddhartha could be the one, supreme Buddha. Here again, we see the evidence and influence of male superiority and blindness to cosmic truth.

(By the way, in Second Book of Acts, there is no mention or description of Yasodharah becoming a Buddhist nun in Siddhartha’s sangha. Rather, all that Mary allegedly said was that Siddhartha only came to see her once following his enlightenment. Thereafter, she stayed at home. Needless to say, this is not true. Even the traditional Buddhist writings and accounts say that she became a Buddhist nun.)

Negative Reactions

Given my ongoing communions with Siddhartha, Yasodharah, Summalt and Summa, it probably was just a matter of time before some “blowbacks” or negative responses would come from those in the astral planes and on Earth who resist change, do not believe what I had received and shared, or who do not want to face and deal with their own negativity.

Indeed, on November 9, 2023, I dreamt that I was in a higher dimensional, but not fully-lighted room. Standing on a platform before me was a man who obviously saw himself as a great spiritual teacher, metaphysical minister and/or enlightened one. Looking down his nose at me, he somewhat pompously proclaimed that I was too negative. Off to my right, a male light worker on Earth smugly nodded his head in agreement. Neither of them recognized all the good that I was doing to heal humanity. Both of them felt superior to me, even that I was a major cause of mankind’s negativity and disease.

By way of interpretation, the room represented the highest or seventh astral plane, wherein souls are about 90 percent in their light bodies, but still 10% in the soul/astral bodies; hence in the dream it was not fully lighted and not of the etheric planes. The two men (and of course they are competitive, superior-minded men, not women) think that they have “arrived,” when in fact they still have residue of their Cain or selfish consciousness in their souls.

As Jesus put it, they see and try to remove the small speck in my eye, while they still have a pole or plank in their own eye. Even some highly evolved light workers on Earth likewise have this same difficulty and challenge. For, no one on Earth or in the astral planes is perfect.

(Those in the seventh astral plane, though highly evolved, may still not know anything about, or believe in, the spiritual Hierarchy and the Second Coming program, or even that Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary are the spiritual co-leaders of Earth. Furthermore, such astrals may not know much about the spiritual space program or life on other planets. At the doorway from the seventh astral plane to the first of three etheric planes, Summalt/Peter teaches these seventh-plane astrals about these higher truths and realities. Unless they accept and understand these teachings, they remain in the seventh astral plane.)

Physician, Protect & Heal Thyself

After consciously pondering this dream, I went into meditation, surrounded myself anew in my Christ column of light, called upon Lord Michael and Lady Mariel for their protective assistance, and then hailed the Christ in these two self-righteous Judases in my dream. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. What they sow, they will reap. I let them go to God.

However, I had enough humility and wisdom to review my own thoughts and soul tendencies (the speck in my eye), and found some minor ways in which I was indeed too negatively focused. As a good physician, I spent sufficient time and energy to heal myself. Then, I continued my forward and upward movement into I Am Soliel consciousness. I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me, if they so wish to rise with me.

See the Future as Now

The next morning, November 10th, I was giving a talk about Siddhartha, Yasodhara and Gotami that was attended by about a dozen people. One man who was about 40 years old seemed to listen respectfully, even as he kept a certain mental and emotional distance from me, as shown in his body language. After I concluded my talk, in the sharing afterwards, he still gave no outer indication that he was moved by what I had shared, or even if he agreed with it. He kept quiet.

However, as he walked away from me, I heard him say to himself with deep emotion that he would really miss me when I died. In other words, he had taken in and had been uplifted by what I had shared. However, outwardly, he remained somewhat “lukewarm” about my teachings (thus neither hot nor cold), more or less stayed on the fence about applying them in any outer way, and was reluctant to give me any outer credit for what I had presented to him or to ask me any questions.

As to my interpretation, on the one hand, this 40-year-old man represented many light workers who say the right thing but do nothing to walk their talk, or who go to spiritual talks and/or read spiritual literature and do nothing to implement what they have been shown. They don’t offer their services to any spiritual project or donate any money to support the work of those who selflessly serve the Second Coming.

On the other hand, this man in my dream also symbolized those who hear the word, are moved by this, but will not manifest it until some future time, in this life or future lives. Our prayers and projections as light workers reach and inspire vast numbers of people around the world, none of whom we know personally or will know in this lifetime. Jesus said that our reward as light workers will be in heaven or heavenly, I Am consciousness. For now, we are to realize and have faith that we are sowing spiritual seeds that may not grow and blossom until some later time.

Spacecraft Confirmation

From the time that it became clear that Mary Magdalene was Summalt/Peter’s twin soul, and especially after she gave me her names as Suma, SoMa and Somma, my strong, repeated intuitive impression was that she had her own etheric spacecraft, just as Sol-O-Man does. However, even though I asked Spirit and SoMa/Somma for verification of this, no confirmation was given.

Then, on November 13, 2023, I dreamt that I was talking with Phillel, who was filled with light and love, and was aglow with I Am enthusiasm. He shared how he had recently had communion with Soma aboard her own spacecraft. Phillel described in detail what it looked like, within and without, who was there, how it functioned and where it currently was positioned.

Then, I dreamt this same dream another 3-4 times, which typically indicates that what I am shown in a dream is indeed true. Usually, I may dream something twice as part of the verification, but this time it was 3-4 similar dream reports/episodes, thus emphasizing the validity of the dream.. However, to my dismay, when I awoke, I could not remember any details from the dream, but rather only that SoMa did have her own spaceship and that Phillel had been in it.

At a personal level, Phillel/Philip represents the quickening of my own spiritual attribute of I Am power, for Philip means “a lover of power.” In other words, I deduced that I was being “powered” up at a soul level (hence Phillel, which is his soul name) so that shortly I would be able to be taken aboard SoMa’s/Somma’s craft.

Outwardly, Phillel is a master of the spiritual space program, under his master teacher, Dr. Hannibal/St. Germain, who is the etheric director of light workers in the Western Hemisphere. Thus, it makes sense that he would know about, and be able to visit, SoMa’s spacecraft. Moreover, my dreaming about him doing so served as strong confirmation that what I had intuited about SoMa’s space function with Summalt was indeed true. Furthermore, at a conscious, so-called Western level, the dream seemed to indicate that I, too, was about to consciously enter her craft.

Phillel and I had a great sharing and bonding about this, even though consciously he had no overt indication that he actually had been aboard SoMa’s craft.

Mother & Son

Off and on throughout this same day, I felt Somma’s presence and input, but nothing specific was given by her to me. I just knew that she was with me and watching over me, and I hoped that she was preparing me for joining her aboard her spaceship. However, as always with each new step, I affirmed that not my will, Dear Spirit, but Thy will be done.

I slept deeply that night. Upon awakening, my entire body was accelerated with higher energies. My skin itched in numerous parts of my body, especially around my lower legs and feet. It was like I was grounding in the higher energies of a hieronic spacebeam, being prepared for “blast off” like an astronaut aboard a rocket into the higher realms.

After having breakfast, in my morning meditation, almost from the start, Somma descended and totally enclosed me in her etheric forcefield, like she was my etheric mama and I was her child growing in her womb. This evolved until her seven chakras surrounded and suffused my seven chakras. Thus, her crown chakra encased my own crown center, her third eye was around my third eye, her throat spiritual center was encircled and suffused my astral throat chakra, and etc.

Seven in Seven

As this occurred, the realization came that as a helpful visualization I was to see each of the seven letters of Somma’s name as Gautami in each of my seven chakras. This would help me to consciously anchored in, welcome and faithfully believe in her cosmic, motherly presence around and in me. So, “G” was in my crown chakra, “a” was in my third eye center, “u” was in my throat chakra, “t” was in my heart, etc.; all the way down to “i” being in my seventh or lowest regenerative center.

Doing this, I stayed in and adjusted to Gautami’s light body for at least 15-20 minutes, adjusting to her ongoing input into each of my seven centers, staying focused only on her and my oneness with her. When all was firmly and securely in order, my ascent began.

Somma began to lift me through a Christ column of light, in and through the seven astral planes, and unto the etheric planes wherein was located her spacecraft. She showed me an image of it, with its being like a round disc, with its perimeter having large windows around it. There were perhaps 40-50 such windows.

Her craft looked a little like the image to the right, although her craft was much bigger. The round white lights around the perimeter of the craft in the above picture were similar to the many windows around her craft. These windows were in the form of a square or a rectangle.

360 Degree Radiation

Somma explained that the windows represented her and the craft’s ability to radiate peace, love and light to every part of the Eastern Hemisphere. Its projections were mostly of feminine faith and love, to have faith in one’s soul in cosmic laws and truth, and to Love God and Love One Another.

Even as Somma shared this, I was shown an image of a smaller version of her craft being positioned about the top of head, thus in and around my crown chakra, my faith center, with faith being my perceiving power. Then, the energy went down into my heart. Somma said that I was likewise to radiate light and love to all four major directions, to before and behind me, to the left and right of me; to all 360 degrees around me. To do so, I had to stay centered in my own spinal column of light, from my brain down to my feet.

For a brief time, I was aboard her craft, but I was not shown any details of how it looked or what it contained. This was just my first conscious visit. It was enough to know and realize that I was there. Ongoing visits would add the details. I was just like a newborn child, who sees his or her mother, but does not recognize much in the way of specifics about her.

And then, down I came, being slowly lowered back into my physical body, which had been protected by my masculine and feminine devas, under the direction of the angels (I will share more about devas in an upcoming blog.)

Somma then shared that she did not want to give me and others too many details about her ship, now or in the future. Rather, it was enough for me and others to glimpse it, to know that it is there. She recommended that the full attention of light workers on Earth is to be primarily on Sol-O-Man’s ship #01, for Somma serves Sol-O-Man, who is the feminine co-leader with Sananda of Earth.

Prepare for Ascension

In your meditations and musings over the next few days, begin by being centered in Seventh Ray Peace and Love. Surround yourself in First Ray, blue protection.

Ask Somma to show herself to you in some unique, verifiable way. For the only way for you to know if what I have shared in this blog is accurate is to have your own experience of it. Remember and affirm that Gautami (Gotami) is your beloved Buddhist/spiritual Mother. More than likely, you have been a Buddhist in one or more of your past lives, whether you consciously remember this or not. Maybe now you will. On the other hand, you may feel more connection with Mary Magdalene than with Gautami.

Picture each of the seven letters in Gautami’s name in your seven chakras. This will prepare the way for you to feel her presence all around and within you, like you are a growing fetus in her womb. Take your time as you do this, focusing a few minutes at each of your seven astral chakras.

In many such meditations, you are at home in your own spiritual temple or meditation room, not under a Bodhi tree. However, at times, you may want to take a walk in nature and sit under an actual physical tree. Wherever you are, Mother God is. Wherever you go you may feel at one with Gautami. Bless her. Love her. Welcome her. Feel your heart swelling with her cosmic love of you. Be just like her as you become a Gautama or a Gautami.

Be in the Present

Be ready to be lifted in consciousness, in your light body, via your Christ column of light, up and into Somma/Gautami’s spacecraft. Of yourself, you cannot make this happen, but you can prepare yourself for it to happen in God’s good time and manner.

Moreover, it may be just enough in this current meditation to acknowledge that it Somma’s ship does exist. Maybe tonight or in following nights, you may have a dream of doing. See what comes. Go with the flow. Give thanks ahead of time for what you are about to receive.

In the meantime, one with Somma, radiate love, light and peace to all in India and all throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. See all women therein being treated as the beloved spiritual children as they are, fully capable of becoming enlightened.

These women, and you if you are a woman, do not have to be ordained, shave their heads or wear orange robes to be a feminine Buddhi in the making; or to kowtow to any male Buddhist who tries to impose his way and will on you. That was the old way, going back 2600 years ago; back then it probably was necessary and appropriate to do so. But now, as we enter the New or Golden Age, we are to bring core, true Buddhist teachings and practices into the now, to update and refine them. So, be a Buddhi or a Buddha now, right where you, with no rituals or rules to follow other than to Love God and Love One Another.

Perhaps your true Buddhist teacher and leader may well be aboard Summalt’s or Somma’s spacecraft, capable of contacting you in any place in the East or West, North or South. A Buddhist is one who is understanding, wise and compassionate, who continually seeks fourth-dimensional I Am consciousness, who sees the Buddha Nature in one and all. There are Buddhists all around the planet.

Get into your Christ/Buddha elevator. Somma or Summalt, or one of their associates, are therein with you. When the entry door closes, this guide and teacher presses the elevator’s up button. Up you go, all the way to one of their two spacecraft. Down you come in a newly enlightened, awakened and illumined state of consciousness.

Thank You, Mother-Father God.