Make Nevada New

Seventeen days ago, on January 22, 2023, El Morya and Glo-Ria, his twin soul on the First Ray, jointly overshadowed me; he to my right (conscious), she to my left (subconscious). El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray. Together, he and Glo-Ria are the co-leaders of Neptune that demonstrates and radiates the First Ray of Will and Power throughout the Solar System. The Temple of Neptune on Earth is at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, in eastern Russia.

El Morya telepathically instructed me: Insert the sword of truth in the state of Nevada in the United States. He then referred to 26 million years ago when the political/governmental capitol of the Cains was in the area of what is now Lake Tahoe that straddles the border between California and Nevada.

He also pointed out the need to transmute the now legal gambling and prostitution activities in Nevada, with their being over 20 casinos in Reno, 75 casinos in Las Vegas, and a total of 339 casinos in the whole state.

(To left, see an image of the book cover of How To Do All Things with a copy of a drawing of El Morya on it; note the royal blue color of the First Ray).

Begin Anew

Glo-Ria next strongly exhorted light workers to “move forward.” She advised us to no longer pay any attention to her channelings prior to when she made her transition (died) in 1962, because they were “tainted” by her arrogance, willfulness and refusal to follow the Second Coming program as rightly and correctly given via Nada-Yolanda. Glo-Ria powerfully proclaimed that she did not want these earlier channelings to be published in a book form. To emphasize this, she firmly conveyed to me and all fellow light bearers: “Let the dead bury the dead.”

In other words, there is a time for review and transmutation of the past (for example, when Glo-Ria was incarnated as Gloria Lee Byrd). But once this is completed, we take out our sword of truth, point the way forward, walk the new spiritual power walk, and do not look back. To use Christ Jesus’ allegorical teaching, we remove all the old, outworn, no-longer-functioning-furniture (imbalanced thoughts, feelings and memories) in our house (consciousness), and then we put in new furniture (new ideas, emotions and soul talents); if not, worse than the old will come into the house (our four lower bodies). We let the cleansed past be in the past, dead and gone. We faithfully move forward and upward in rightly governing ourselves, and in visualizing and calling forth spiritual government at the area of Lake Tahoe and all of Nevada; which will radiate around the world, including to the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Lake Baikal, Russia.

Glo-Ria next guided current light workers to read Mark-Age’s present book Life in our Solar System, which succinctly covers her past and contains her accurate channelings via Nada-Yolanda as she evolved following her transition (death) through the higher astral planes to the etheric planes, and from there to her visits around the Solar System. (See picture to right of the Vera Leeper 1962 painting of Glo-Ria that is on the cover of this book; note the aqua color surrounding Glo-Ria in the painting and the middle or sky blue hue around the painting — which are other shades of the blue of the First Ray.)

First & Seventh Rays

El Morya and Glo-Ria together proclaimed and re-emphasized that to uplift the Earth from the third-to-the-fourth dimension, the 144,000 elect must use both First Ray Will and Power (wield the sword of truth) and Seventh Ray Peace and Love in equal, complementary ways. For, these two rays are twin rays. Rightly employing the balanced use of these two rays, following the example and command of Sananda-Jesus as given in the Book of Revelation 21:5 in the Holy Bible, we light workers on Earth and in the astral planes are now “to make Nevada new.”

We can think of it in this way: Nevada is to become NewVada. A new Vortex of light is to be implanted in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area. Via the new Vortex, spiritual, Hierarchal, Abel government will be implanted on Earth, supplanting the former, ancient Cain government.

Background of Nevada

This above guidance from the two First Ray masters was so unexpected that I immediately started researching the state of Nevada. As given in an Wikipedia article (click Nevada to read it), the name “Nevada” comes from the Spanish adjective nevada that means “snow covered” or “snowy.” This refers to a small portion of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (the Carson Range) that is in the state of Nevada just north of Lake Tahoe. (See state map to right.)

The capital of Nevada is Carson City, located about 20 miles east of Lake Tahoe. This city is named after the mountain man Kit Carson. The town began as a stopover for California-bound immigrants, but developed into a city with the discovery of the Comstock Lode of silver in the mountains to the northeast of the city. It has been the capital since 1864.

Gold was found shortly after silver. Even today, Nevada produces two-thirds of the gold in the USA, which ranks it fifth in production behind China, Australia, Russia and Canada. Silver is the second largest producer of silver in the United States, behind only Alaska; Nevada produces 5.5% of the world’s silver.

The Lake

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which is the largest alpine lake in North America. The lake is 6,224′ (1.2 miles or 1901 meters) above sea level. The mountains that surround it are from about 9000 feet to the tallest, Free Peak at 10, 891 feet.

Lake Tahoe trails only the five Great Lakes as the largest by volume in the United States. Its maximum depth of 1,645 feet (501 meters) makes it the second deepest in the United States after Crater Lake in Oregon. (See image of Lake Tahoe to right.)

Lake Tahoe is about 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. It was formed about two million years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin, and its modern extent was shaped during the ice ages. This lake’s English name comes from the Amerindian tribe called the Washo (also spelled Washoe), which means “the people,” or “people from here;” the Washo lived around and near Lake Tahoe going back thousands of years. The Washo called this large body of water “The Lake” (hence, Dáʔaw in Washo), because this huge lake was the most important and sacred site in the whole area in which they resided.

Cave Rock is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada (see photo below). It originally was the neck of a volcano vent. Today, it is still considered sacred to the Washo Amerindians and is what they call “The Lady of the Lake” because from the water you can see the profile of a woman’s face in the rock structure, thus the “Lady.” (This is not evident in the picture to the right.) This “Lady,” at a deep spiritual level, may be thought to refer to Sol-O-Man/Zolanda or to Archangel Lady Uriel, both of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love.

The Washo considered this site to be of such spiritual power that only their trained shamans or medicine men were permitted to go there, where they communed with their ancestors in the higher astral planes and with so-called nature spirits or water babies (devas and elementals) who bestowed medicinal/healing knowledge and power that the the shamans in turn used to help their fellow tribesmen.

Regrettably, but typical of white culture since Europeans came to the Americas, in 1931 and 1957, despite protests by the few remaining Washo Amerindians in the area, two tunnels were blasted under Cave Rock to make way for Highway 50 that traverses much of the east side of Lake Tahoe. Previously, the road was carved into the side of the mountain to the east of it. Moreover, in years past, rock climbers climbed the face of Cave Rock, whose rocks the Washo considered to be so powerful that only those of spiritual consciousness should touch them with their feet or hands. In the last 20 years or so, rock climbers have officially been forbidden to climb the rock face of this sacred site. But visitors can walk a trail to near the top of it.

(Incidentally, Cave Rock is very similar in structure and as a sacred site to Shaman’s Rock at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, which I visited in May 2013 on the East Asia Mission. As noted earlier, Olkhon Island is the site of the First Ray Temple of Neptune.

(Like at Lake Tahoe, Native peoples on Olkhon Island considered Shaman’s Rock to be the primary place where shaman’s lived, communed with the astral grandfathers and grandmothers, and worked with the devic-elemental forces. See photo to right/above of Shaman’s Rock at the edge of Olkhon Island, in Lake Baikal.)

Cain and Abel

After reading several online articles about Lake Tahoe, I then reread Nada-Yolanda’s intunement in late 1966 about mankind’s ancient history on Earth, as found in our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man, pages 9-17. To order the book and learn more about Mark-Age, Inc., click Evolution. For those of you reading this blog who do not have this extraordinary, classic book, following are major excerpts from it, so that all the pertinent information is on this blog to help us to understand the past and to make Nevada new.

Yolanda received and wrote: “The allegorical story of Adam and Eve and of Cain and Abel is partly a spiritual and a metaphysical teaching concerning man’s own nature and creations. But it is historical in that it is based on the long struggle between two factions of the Elder race, the golden giants spoken off in the Holy Bible and other scriptures.

“The conflict between the Abel and the Cain groups of fourth dimensional man concerned their responsibility toward that part of the race which had descended, or had fallen or had been entrapped, into the third dimensional or physical matter of Earth. This third dimensional segment of man had devolved into the human or the subman form to use the Earth plane as a schoolroom for experimentation and exploration. Becoming entrapped in matter, it lost the use of spiritual and psychic senses and became confined to experiencing only through the five physical senses.

“The Abels, particularly their leader Sananda, desired to teach their human brothers the powers and uses of the light or fourth dimensional body so as to raise them into the spiritual consciousness of the Elder race from which they had fallen. But the Cain clan was of the opinion that those in the third dimension had been placed on Earth to serve the Els, to be slaves. Since the life of the Cains was so pleasant and easy, they believed God preferred them and that all they thought and did was favorable to Him. . . .

 Governmental Cain Capital

“The social structure [of the Cains] was truly communistic, in that no one owned anything. But their society was a class system, separated according to spiritual evolution and talents. The seat of one of their great tropical civilizations was a planned society developed around an inland sea now known as Salt Lake and the Salt Lake desert. [This civilization included what is now the state of Nevada.]

“Their settlements were built around the sea in circles or tiers, for grading or segregating purposes. The higher mountain ranges were set aside for spiritual retreats, schools, and training centers for priests. There the golden giants, the sons of God, grew in self-esteem, self-satisfaction and conceit.

The governmental capital of the Elders was in the area now known as Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada [Robert’s bold]. The capital was built in concentric rows, according to their favorite custom. This was most suitable, due to the high ranges which completely closed it off and prevented the humans from entering the seat of government. This physical inaccessibility in no way hampered the Elders, who functioned in the fourth dimensional body. They could enter or leave either physically or in the light body, since they had control over both third and fourth dimensional frequencies. . . .

Sananda as Leader of the Abels

“When the [governmental] council of the fourth dimensional race determined to eliminate any representation or consideration of those on the third dimensional frequency vibration, Sananda championed the concept that the Elder race was responsible for the human race and was supposed to teach the humans higher and proper uses of their inherent spiritual nature and powers, otherwise the latter could not evolve from the density of Earth plane matter. Arguments and strategies took possibly thousands of years, developing through one or more incarnations and societies toward the actual planning and execution. But the present Lake Tahoe area is where policies were determined and decisions were enforced [Robert’s bold].

“In this argumentation, Sananda was not one of the governmental leaders but was at the spiritual headquarters of this race of golden giants. This was located in what is now the Grand Tetons of northwestern Wyoming, covering the Yellowstone Park area. [See map to right/above for the location of the Teton Mountain Range, which has about 12 peaks, the highest of which is called Grand Teton.] It was the approximate center of their spiritual retreats and schools. Like the governmental capital, it was built in concentric circles encircling a desert and an inland sea.

“The main source of light and energy for the Elders at that time was the [Third Ray] Temple of Venus, located in these mountains. To this day those who are spiritually intuned can feel the special radiations of brotherly love and mortal sacrifice that emanate from this focal point.

[See the photo to the right of some of the Teton Mountains. The tallest one in the middle of the range is Grand Teton.]

Alaska and Mt. Shasta

“More and more the Abels and the Cains became separated in viewpoint and purpose, until finally some of the Abels, under Sananda’s leadership, determined to lead an expedition across the inland sea covering what now are Utah and Nevada. They moved to the northwest, crossing the Cascade Range in northern Washington, through what is now British Columbia to what we know as Alaska, which then had a temperate to semitropical climate. [The Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn was/is located in central Alaska at or near Mt. Denali, which now is the highest peak in North America.]

“The last battle between the two dissenting forces took place near the foothills of Mt. Shasta, about two hundred miles northwest of Lake Tahoe. [See above map for its location in northcentral California; according to modern geological findings, Mt. Shasta is only about 10 million years old; hence it did not exist as such during the days of the Cains and the Abels, but the general location is accurate.]

“The Cains, in the majority, tried to prevent Sananda and his band of disciples and a small group of humans from leaving their control and rulership. This so-called war was fought on a higher level than the physical as we understand it. The battle was one of spiritual talents and wills. Some of the records of this titanic struggle have been transmuted into crystals of an etheric vibration and now are locked in the third dimensional frequency inside caves or tunnels around Mount Shasta in northern California.

Love God & Love One Another

“It was here that Sananda met and passed his great test of this period. Through divine love he discovered the key in the vibration and mantrum known as Love God and Love One Another. Use of this key raised the crystals and hid them beyond the selfishness and the spiritual pride and ego of those who did not want this racial history preserved or made available to future generations. This initiation gave Sananda the foothold and the authority thenceforth to preside over the Seventh Ray of Divine Love, Peace and Rest for all third dimensional mankind during the dispensation which followed. Eventually it led to his Hierarchal Board appointment as Prince or spiritual ruler of Earth.

“Yet in spite of having passed through this grave trial Sananda as leader of the Abels was overpowered; Cain slew Abel. This prevented him from taking command then and there over the future evolvement of the third dimensional race on Earth. The human subrace thus lost its opportunity for direct, in-person training in a peaceful, constructive, brotherly pattern.

“The Hierarchal Board then banished all the golden giants to Venus, home of the Third Ray functions and aspects in our solar system, for their further cleansings and greater dedications. Although they had made mistakes and had lost a golden opportunity to express greater love for a less evolved race, they were not lost or punished in the mortal sense of the term.” [End of this intunement from Evolution of Man.]

Center of a Tropical Civilization

On November 19, 1966, Yolanda received from her Nada Self that Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and parts of Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico “had been the center of the tropical civilization of the race of golden giants two hundred and six million years ago. [See the above map of western USA for locations of these states. This intunement and the following one, originally published in the Mark-Age booklet New JerUSAlem: III Land Changes and Prophecies, currently are out of print.]

“Therefore in terms of balancing-out karma we must consider the present state of these two extreme eras, as it affects both man and the devic kingdoms. Given a tropical paradise and misusing it, the same souls return to compensate for their abuses. This is seen in their vast struggle now to overcome the land and the hostile forces, and in their disappointments and tremendous labor, while at the same time holding the faith that this is the right place and Spirit is the one and only power for bringing forth their good in the situation. [Physically, Nevada is the driest, most arid state in the United States.] . . .

“Once more man is at the crossroads, once more he must make a choice. [Will he now be constructive or destructive as he was in the past.] And as he chooses now, so will he make decisions binding upon thousands of life episodes before him.

“One important thing to understand about this great north and central western area is that the reason it is so sparsely populated is because it is to be among the first of the areas to be changed tremendously through natural cataclysms. [Nevada is the the 32nd-most populous of the fifty USA states; with it having about 3,100,000 citizens.] The only reason for man occupying it at all is to anchor light and love and to stake claim to its future potential. But huge segments of the race are not attracted to it physically, because of the impending land changes. . . .

“Much karma will be paid off by those individuals caught in the midst of the upheavals. Some who appear in this life to be nothing but gentle farmers and goodly citizens may, millions of years ago, have had tremendous command over the devic kingdoms and misused and abused their powers. Now, in this critical and climactic life stream, they can repay or balance debts by being grounding rods or individual focuses of light in the race of man for when and where the changes must occur.

“There are now being born those volunteering this type of service in these regions; purposely coming into incarnation to work with the devic kingdoms so those forces have proper direction, through the consciousness of the race of man, and do not run wild during the great cleansing and upheaval. A great renewed interest amongst the younger generations of Amerindians [including the Washo at Lake Tahoe] will occur within the next three to seven years. We will hear of outstanding examples when they once more remember their control and command, through proper spiritual intunement and understanding, over the forces of nature.” [End of this intunement.]

Dissolve Dissipation

On December 10-11, 1966, Yolanda noted: “The call went out from Nada to Lord Michael and his band of First Ray workers on December 10, 1966 to dissolve the corruption and the disgraceful dissipation of energy and supply in the state of Nevada, as exemplified in one of its typical cities, Reno.

[In 2022, all Nevada casinos brought in $14.8 billion in gambling revenue — a new annual record, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Prostitution in Nevada began to be legalized in the mid-1900s, and is the only state to have done so at this time. A large percentage of money waged at casinos is lost, which casino goers understand but still go ahead and try to be one of the few who actually beat the odds and make money at these gaming centers. Moreover, by all reports, mobsters ore so-called criminal element own part or all of many casinos; although of course casino owners firmly deny this.]

“The following day Lord Michael replied directly through Nada and El Morya, briefly stopping at the state capital of Carson City, that the law of compensation had been and is being continually violated, and must be resolved and disbanded or redistributed by the state officials in control and power. The sword of truth and the will of God then was invoked for this purpose [Robert’s bold].

“The ways and methods will not be outlined, but the universal law of right actions and proper usage of energy and supply according to the law of compensation must be satisfied. ‘What you sow, so shall you reap.’ Those who suffer from displacement and deprivation will be those who have reaped this karma, as the law is exacting, to the dotting of every ‘i’ and the crossing of every ‘t’. But the opportunity will be presented for all to make amends or to convert properly by transmuting error into good. This is the last chance in these latter days, and will be apparent as it is played out on this state level.

“Many in the United States will desire the federal government to force Nevada into certain action and will ask the central agencies, as representing all the people of the nation, to alleviate the hardships of the state by helping it convert to a higher and more constructive activity. But it will not be within the jurisdiction or proper balancing of cause and effect for the majority of people to pay for the mistakes and misuses of the few. This refers not only to present errors but for the entire history of development of this particular territory.” [End quote.]

Insert the Sword

With all of the above as our background and spiritual guidance, for the next several days, even a week, we individually and collectively are going to insert the sword of truth into Lake Tahoe, the area of the former governmental capital of the Cains some 26 million years ago. The thought forms from that ancient time remain embedded in the atmosphere, the water and the physical/ground elements of this area. Their persistent negative influence are the key cause of the aridity or dryness of Nevada, the driest state of the United States of America, the New JerUSAlem; dry because they are  not receptive to Spirit and Its healing waters of life. Moreover, there are those in the higher astral planes who still cling to their remnants of Cain, selfish consciousness, whether they are consciously aware of doing so or are in a state of denial.

Following El Morya’s and Glo-Ria’s guidance and guidelines, we are now to leave the past behind us, to let the dead bury the dead. All last year, in Touring the Thirteen Temples, part of what we did was to remember, review and reprogram our own soul records, to deal decisively with the residue of Cain craziness and selfishness within us, which we all have to some degree. At the same time, we focused more so on bringing forth our higher, I Am Self talents and in re-opening and reinforcing the worldwide spiritual gridwork of the 12 planetary temples and the Sun Temple.

Now, we start down from the spiritual mountain that we successfully climbed last year. Already in the last month, we have linked anew, and felt the presence of the seven pairs of Elohim of the Seven Rays; and of SolTrex and SolTran, the co-leaders of the Sun. Therefore, we now have their help as well as that of others in the celestial, etheric and high astral planes. Having ascended to a new and higher degree of Christ consciousness and become more one with the Sun and our own son-sun-daughter Self, now we redescend. This is moving forward, although symbolically we are coming down our symbolic mountain. Moving forward means to do more to love one another!

Our current focus and activity is like unto Sananda when as Moses he climbed Mt. Sinai, received the Ten Commands (the divine laws of God) and then came back down the mountain to give them to the Israelites. Yet, in the forty days that he was gone, when the top of Mt. Sinai glowed with fiery light (hence that of the sun), the Israelites at the base of the mountain had created a golden calf that they worshipped; and they basically had a sexual orgy. Does this sound similar to what is now happening in Nevada with its casinos that basically rob people of vast sums of money (nearly 15 billion dollars a year) and with a thriving, legal prostitution industry?

This all goes back to when the Cains decided to enslave the fallen humans, when some of the hypocritical Cains descended from their spiritual perches and had sex with the daughters of third- dimensional men and women. Today, Cain consciousness still rules the vast majority of countries around the Earth, with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea being the worse offenders; with each such government denying its people freewill expression that has been given to them from the beginning by our Father-Mother God.


Lake Tahoe, like all bodies of water, is especially capable of receiving, holding and radiating the higher, fourth-dimensional frequencies that we will project into it. Once the waters are imbued with spiritual energies, due to evaporation, the water rises into the atmosphere, forms clouds that eventually rain down on a vast area around the lake.

Moreover, Lake Tahoe is more or less the epicenter of the western United States, extending also out into the Pacific Ocean where ancient Lemuria partly was located. So, our projections will go from Lake Tahoe to the Western United States, up into Canada and down into Mexico; and also to the whole Eastern Hemisphere, particularly to those sites where spiritual temples, power centers or vortices are located; such as the First Ray Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal.

Surround yourself yet once more in a Christ column of protective cosmic light that cannot be breached by those of lesser, mortal, Cain consciousness, as it extends into and through the astral planes to the celestial and etheric planes. Make this Christ pillar be at least 13 feet in diameter, symbolizing your I Am oneness with all 13 spiritual temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light that are located around the globe. Moreover, with your Christ tube being this wide, there is room for angels, ascended masters, Galactic visitors, higher astral plane guides and body devas to descend into the area around and next to you.

Four First Ray Visitors

First and foremost, commune with your own I Am or Christ or high Self. Take your time in doing so until you feel fully at peace, filled with love divine, and one with the will of God. From this centered Christ consciousness, envision all the First Ray forces and helpers around you. Archangel Lord Michael is before you and his co-working angelic partner, Lady Mariel, stands behind you. See image to the right.)

If you do not “see” them, try to feel their powerful presences with your higher, ESP, psychic senses. Whatever happens, just know that you are one with them and that they and their First Ray angelic co-workers are here with you to guide your way in rightly using the sword of truth.

To the right of you is El Morya. He typically contacts me by activating the right side of my head and neck. Glo-Ria is to the left of you, with her contact signal with me being acceleration, pressure and stimulation of the left side of my head and neck. Lord Michael typically causes stimulation and activation at the back of my head and neck, whereas Lady Mariel accelerates my lips and the area around them, which produces a tingling or tickling sensation. You may or may not have some of these same contact signals. If you do, take note of them. If not, then simply affirm that this foursome is with you in cosmic oneness.

In consciousness and intention, connect also with the EloHim of the First Ray of Will, and the EloHer of the First Ray of Power. He is to your right, she is to your left. Remember that what we are doing comes under the direct guidance of the spiritual Hierarchy. So, all the necessary and proper visitors to assist us are indeed linking in with us, just as we are reaching up to and becoming one with them. See it. Feel it. Know it. Welcome it. Be it to whatever extent and way that you are able to manifest now.

Amerindian Astral Guides

Commune, also, with War Cloud and his twin soul, whose name has not been given to me or others; they are Seventh Ray workers. He is the leader in the seventh astral planes of all former Amerindians on Earth who have made their transitions (died) and repositioned themselves in the three higher astral planes: the fifth, sixth and seventh astral planes. His name “War” represents his focus on the War of Armageddon, the battle between good and evil within every soul on Earth and in the seven astral planes. “Cloud” symbolically indicates the astral planes, as physical clouds form above the Earth. War Cloud’s primary co-worker and “chief petty officer” is Black Cloud, so called because of his ability when on Earth to bring forth black, rain-filled clouds.

Be aware, too, that there may well be masculine former Washo Amerindians who are aligned with War Cloud and Black Cloud, as well as their feminine counterparts. For the Washo lived in and around Lake Tahoe and therefore have a great affinity for this area. They, like War Cloud and Black Cloud, are particularly adept at working with the devic-elemental forces. On Earth, they may well have been medicine men or shamans who prayed and performed their rituals at Rock Cave on the southeastern coast of Lake Tahoe.

In the past, before the white man came, the Washo prepared the way for the unification of Amerindian forces and the European settlers, which however did not go well outwardly. But in the higher astral planes, Washo Amerindians still have tremendous influence over this whole region. And many Washo, Paiute and Shoshone Indians who lived in this general area may now be awakening spiritually on Earth, as Yolanda previously intuned. And they in the higher astral planes and on Earth now have gathered together as one in order to anchor the sword of truth in the 12-by-32-mile “The Lake” that is dear to their hearts. The lake is so huge that it will take a whole group of Amerindians and others to project peace and love into its deep waters.

The astral Amerindian forces come especially under the direction of Sol-O-Man/Mary from when she was incarnated at the Earth Temple on what is now central Long Island, NY, at which she was the high priestess called Zolanda. With the knowledge that Atlantis was about to fall, Zolanda prepared the race of those who would become Amerindians throughout the Americas, giving them the higher spiritual teachings and the awareness of how especially to work with the devic-elemental kingdoms.

Along these lines, link also with your body deva, who oversees the functioning of your physical form and that of all physical life on Earth. You may become aware of both a masculine and feminine body deva, or may just sense one or the other of them. To me, in my dreams and visions, they almost always appear ovoid in shape, but with human features. They have their own unique vibration that you can learn to identify, however it is that they present themselves to you.

Three First Ray Images

In your meditations, see which one of the following three new images that may come to your conscious awareness as part of your projecting love and power to Lake Tahoe and all of NewVada.

The first is the blue sword of truth. To the right is an image of such a blue, energized, powerful, brilliant First Ray sword that you first can see and feel being anchored into your crown chakra, then down your spine, and in and through your feet to the floor or ground below you. This rightly empowers you to take the next step, in which you take this huge sword in your hand while hovering in your light body over Lake Tahoe, and thrust it into this huge body of water.

Lord Michael & Mariel

You, also, can first connect especially with Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power. In most of my trips around the world to visit the 12 planetary temples, it was most often Lord Michael who thrust his incredible sword into each temple in order to initially open it further. Usually slowly, the sword descended until its tip anchor deep into the water or ground.

In the case of Lake Tahoe, see the tip of his sword anchoring down and through the water to the lake’s deepest depth at 1,645 feet. In other words, Michael has a huge sword.

Good images and paintings of angels are hard to find online or elsewhere, as usually angels are depicted as being glorified humans. The painting to the left is one of the best ones I can find online of Michael, with his blue clothes, holding his sword in his right hand, about to use it to “slay” Satan who is under his foot, indicating Michael’s power over the so-called Devil or negative consciousness and actions; to slay mankind in the Spirit, as it is commonly called.

So, see Michael inserting his sword into Lake Tahoe in similar fashion, to slay the remnants of Cain consciousness and government in this region. (See the image to right of a blue sword being implanted on Earth, by Don Hanis.)

To me, Michael’s forcefield is almost always the hardest one to hold in my consciousness. But he never surrounds and anchors in me more spiritual power than I can handle. Nada-Yolanda and Phillel have had similar experiences. So when you feel his power, welcome it and employ it to not only fortify yourself but especially to help others, including everyone in NewVada.

Lady Mariel

To help you link with Mariel, as she has repeatedly given her name to me over the years (Phillel calls her the Blue Angel), you may want to take a gander at a painting of her to the right/below. Again, it is the best one I can find, given the blue clothing, the symbolic wings that indicate her auric field, and the sword in her left or feminine hand.

Notice that she is sitting and resting, rather than being overtly active. So, there are times to use the sword and times to step back and sheath your sword. Always ask Spirit when and how to use this feminine power of speaking the word and wielding the sword to especially cut out error at the soul/subconscious level. I assure you, however, that when she contacts me, she is just as powerful as Michael, but in her own unique way as befits her feminine polarity. Words that come from her to and through me are “out of this world” in their magnificent angelic power.

Even as you connect with Michael and Mariel, link also with War Cloud and those Washo Amerindians in the higher astral planes. Like also with the devic and elemental forces in and around Lake Tahoe and all of Nevada. For the angels work with the devas and elementals, and thus are especially connected with the astral Amerindians, who specialize in working with these kingdoms.

Morya & Glo-Ria

Shift your focus and receptivity now to commune with El Morya and Glo-Ria of the kingdom of man. Again, their powerful energies and the thrusts of their swords are powerful almost beyond belief. They are qualitatively different than those utilized by Michael and Mariel, but still enormously profound and powerful. Link with both of them, together and individually. You may well feel more comfortable and confident with one or the other of them. Or, again, you may not feel their specific presences or have any psychic visions of them, but just accept that they are with you.

You can use their pictures as one way to connect with them. To the right is my favorite picture of El Morya when he was Mark of Mark-Age on Earth, which was taken, I believe, in the early or mid-1960s.

The picture to the right/below of Gloria Lee Byrd from 1960 is one that Phillel, with the help of Hartmut Jagger, made into a composite picture of her being out in the solar system and cosmos. Since she is now residing in the etheric planes, and has traveled throughout the Solar System, this seems only fitting as a good setting. But she will find her own way and image via which to contact you in vision, dream, inner knowing or clairsentience, or even calling out your name to you, as if she was right in the room with you.

The picture helps to make you feel more confident that she is capable of being with you and you are capable of communing with her. Welcome her. She is such a special lady, or should I say Lady, to indicate her ascended mastery in the feminine employment of power. Her sword likewise plunges down into the depths of Lake Tahoe.

Blue Vortex

Here’s a second image you can utilize. What we individually and collectively are doing is inserting a vortex of sacred, blue, First Ray light and power into The Lake. Lake Tahoe is not one of the twelve major planetary vortices or foci of power, but we might consider it as a minor global vortex, especially given its past history as the seat of Cain government on Earth.

So, envision a swirling blue vortex being lower from the angelic and etheric realms, down through the astral realms with the help of War Cloud and former Washo Amerindians now in the higher astral planes, into the vast waters of Lake Tahoe. (See the image below of a blue vortex.)

First, however, you can use this imagery for yourself, seeing a blue vortex descending into your crown chakra and then down to each lower chakra until its tip or apex is anchored into the ground. Then see the same for the region of Lake Tahoe and especially the capital of Nevada at Carson City, which is the current center of political government in this state.

It is the government that has authorized and promoted casinos and prostitution, in large part to make money for the government and to attract all kinds of tourists who spend oodles of money there. As they saying goes, the physical government robs Peter to pay Paul. Rather than truly help the state’s citizens, it floods them with mortal nonsense, the pursuit of the golden calf and the improper use of sexual exchange. What they sow, they will reap.

The blue vortex is what transforms Nevada into NewVada, with a capital V at its center, which indicates its rightful openness and receptivity to spiritual government on Earth, within and without. V is for the vortex or victory of the light!

Blue Ankh

Finally, you next may feel guided to anchor a blue ankh into the mountain waters of Lake Tahoe. Already in the past blog, we focused on such an ankh, so we are now ready to use a more specific image of it, for ourselves and for others, for the whole Earth that will feel its Hierarchal power.

See the brilliant blue ankh being lowered all the way down into the lake, with the bottom of its vertical pole being stationed at the deepest part of the lake, its upper section and loop being above the water. The anchored ankh symbolizes the rebirthing of true Hierarchal government at this key place on Earth. Once anchored, its light will radiate all around the world. This prepares the way for the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, who will institute righteous, selfless, spiritual government on Earth, capping off 26 million years of horrendous Earth history.

However, please be aware that as always, there is bound to be negative blowback in response to your/our work. When a surgeon uses his or her knife to cut open an infected abscess, pus comes spurting and flowing out. Thus, all the “pus” and negativity of the past of this area, which have been buried under the surface in humanity’s  subconscious, may well spew forth not only into the thought atmosphere but also in physical, catastrophic events that we all feel, no matter where we now live.

This is especially so because we will be dealing with those souls in the astral planes and on Earth who in ancient times were Cain leaders and part of their governing body in this region. There’s no telling what will happen, but we are prepared, ready, confident that we as an united network or gridwork of light can hold steady, not be overwhelmed by the negativity that is likely to spew forth, and willing and able to use First Ray Will and Power to maintain order and heal humanity.

God is Good. We love you, Lake Tahoe. All is well all around our beloved planet whose waters are blue. We and the whole globe are blue through and through. Amen! Thank You, Father-Mother God.