One Afrika

For today, October 30, 2022, visualize all 55 countries of Afrika being united and functioning as One Afrika. The above image is in the center of the flag of the Afrikan Union. To read about the Afrikan Union, the central governing body of an united Afrika, click here.

Green is for Fifth Ray Unity, Integration and Healing, under Hilarion and Meta, and Lord and Lady Raphael. Gold stars and white rays of light are for Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest, under Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Lord Ariel and Lady Uriel.

The above image is the Emblem of the Afrikan Union. Note again the two predominant colors: green and gold. The seven overlapping red rings represent the re-birthing of the Eleventh Temple on Earth, via the opening and uniting of seven seals or chakras or psychic centers. This re-birthing is under the etheric direction of Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka of the Eleventh Planet, and Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings of the seventh astral plane..

Use these two images to visualize the unity, integration and healing of all 55 Afrikan countries and all 1.4 billion souls in them. Fifth Ray Green Unity and Healing will lead eventually to Seventh Ray Gold and White Peace and Love.

See the soul of Afrika being healed. See a new, prosperous, flourishing, healthy, green, spiritually awakened Afrika being reborn. Be one with our Afrikan brothers and sisters in the One Family of Humanity.

As we see it, so shall it be!