Pink the Creeks

About thirteen years ago, on April 9, 2010, my 64th birthday, Lanto and Lord Chamuel transfigured me with brilliant but soothing pink light that encompassed my entire aura and especially anchored in my heart. This experience was part of a series of communions with Lanto, but it was my first conscious contact this lifetime with Lord Chamuel. What a fabulous birthday present this was!

Lanto is the masculine Chohan or Director of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Service, with Anna being his feminine twin soul. In Lanto’s one known incarnation, he was the Italian Renaissance painter Paolo Veronese (1528-1588) of the Venetian school, whose specially was using pink paint (that he had developed) in most of his colorful paintings. See Paolo’s self-portrait to the left.

My first contact with Lanto this lifetime was three years earlier on December 17, 2007, when he and Sananda overshadowed me in columns of pink (Third Ray) and white-and-gold light (Seventh Ray). At that time, Sananda had proclaimed: “I, when I be lifted up, draw all others unto me.”

Historical Roots of Chamuel

Lord Chamuel is the masculine Archangel of the Third Ray, with Lady Chamuel being his feminine angelic counterpart (Chamuel is pronounced Sham-u-el). As will be shared later in this blog, she has commissioned you and me to call her The Pink Angel: the word “The” indicates her role as The primary leader of all pink, Third Ray, feminine angels in this Solar System.

The name “Chamuel” comes partly from the Hebrew words Hammu el that mean “God has warmed.” Pink Third Ray love energizes and “warms” our mind, body and soul; fills our heart with fiery personal love for all created forms; and uplifts us into zealous, devoted service to a higher cause, such as the Second Coming program.

Chamuel’s name is not given in the accepted, official Old or New Testaments of the Holy Bible. However, in the Kabbalah of the Jewish mystical tradition, Chamuel is listed as one of twelve angels that oversee and direct the manifestation of God in our astral and physical bodies (and in all physical life on Earth), by way of a so-called Tree of Life. This symbolic tree has 10 interconnected power centers (shown as circles) that in some ways correlate with our 7 major and 5 minor chakras (see image to right).

Note that there are two, equilateral, downward pointing triangles in this Tree of Life, showing how God’s Creative Energy descends into and expresses in and through us, as initiated by the Elohim and directed by the angels. This “tree” imagery originated in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, with the trunk of the tree symbolizing the spinal cord; and the roots and limbs representing the nerves in the body. In the drawing of the Tree of Life to the right/above, the higher energies come down from the crown chakra by way of the spine to the heart chakra; then from the solar plexus center down to the regenerative chakra.

Seven Archangels

In the apocryphal text Corpus Areopagiticum of the 5th or 6th century AD, Chamuel is listed as one of Seven Archangels: Michael, Hophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Zadkiel and Uriel. These are the same names that were given to Nada-Yolanda by the Seven Archangels who on October 19-28, 1971 individually channeled through her our Mark-Age text Angels and Man on October 19-28, 1971; which was published in 1974.

At that time, she also received the correct Rays of Life that each Archangel directs; with Chamuel being the Archangel of the Third Ray, whose corresponding color is pink. When she received this information, Nada-Yolanda never before in this lifetime had heard of the name Chamuel, or that of some others of the Seven Archangels.

The Roman Catholic Church officially recognizes only three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. The Protestant Anglican Church honors Chamuel, as seen in a stained-glass window at St. Michael’s Church in Brighton, England (see image of it to the right/above).

Individualization via Love

On October 19, 1971, Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power, channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “The angelic realms are created for the sole purpose of managing, directing and co-creating with God the forms that exist in and throughout all space and eternity. . . . Celestial energies are created in order to sustain life forms derived from thought patterns.” (See Angels and Man, pages 9-11.)

On October 26, 1971, Nada-Yolanda received from Lord Chamuel: “[I speak] for the third aspect of God’s activity, which is individualization via love. These steps or procedures, which bring about your own forms and future progresses, are related to the divine laws [Seven Rays of Life] which operate throughout all kingdoms, for all areas of expressions, and for the entire evolutionary pattern which permits such. You are not to try to precipitate matter in your own plan and configurations but are to follow the divine workings-out or purposes.

“This is where error has crept in and that is why I have had to replace that one called Lucifer, the fallen star and the archangel who had been in charge, until his descent into matter, of this individualization love aspect.” (See Angels and Man, page 72.) 

The name Chamuel symbolizes and embodies this Third Ray individualization of personal love. The “C” in Chamuel stands for the Christ or I Am Self that is the individualization of each child or son/daughter of God. “h” stands for the heart via which personal love expresses; we are to love one another, to have a healing heart; with love being the key to all healing. “am” in Chamuel stands for the I Am Self, as in “I am who I Am”; we are created in and with love by our Father-Mother Creator whose nature is love. “u” stands for Uriel, the feminine archangel of the Seven Ray of God, which is Divine Peace, Love and Rest. “el” stands for God the Good. The names of all Seven Archangels end with the letters “el.” Thus, the Archangels are of God, just as we are.

Pink Ascension

Returning now to my above April 9, 2010 communion with Lanto and Chamuel, as it progressed, the pink light around and suffusing me gradually morphed into an upward-pointing, pink, equilateral-triangular-thought-form that totally surrounded my mental, emotional, astral and physical bodies. (See image to right.)

Via the vibrant pink triangle, Lanto and Lord Chamuel lifted me above my physical body into and through the seven astral planes, and from there into the lowest of the three etheric planes. After resting and becoming comfortable in this higher realm, Lanto and Lord Chamuel slowly lowered me back to Earth and personal, mortal consciousness.

I had no conscious awareness of it at the time, but with this and other such telltale experiences, I was in the third phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent. This third, minor phase resonnates with and represents the third major initiation of transmutation via personal love. My third phase culminated when my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I underwent the Costa Rica Mission. This was the first of twelve such spiritual missions around the world from fall 2010 to spring 2015, in which we focused on anchoring the mantrum of Love God and Love One Another in the 12 spiritual, planetary temples or power centers around the globe, thereby opening them to another degree or level on Earth.

“Love of God” comes mostly under the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. “Love of One Another” expresses mostly the Third Ray of Personal Love and Dedication to a Higher Plan or Purpose. In Christ-Jesus’ third major step or initiation, at the wedding in Cana, he first came forward and demonstrated his Christ powers when he transmuted water to wine, his blood into Christ life flow.

Pink Transmutation

On March 13, 1963, Lanto had channeled via Nada Yolanda: “It must be the balance of the Third and the Seventh [Rays], to bring about cosmic realization. That is why the Third Ray function has been the primary function of your greatest statesmen, politicians, artists, doctors, missionaries and those who have brought forth all forms of religious zeal.

“You cannot love one another without loving God in truth and in fulfillment. . . .By loving one another through the love of God, in relating Third and Seventh Ray functions, you truly may experience what it is to feel the love of God within your fellowmen and all forms of creation while you love the form and the expression that one finds in this time of the present.” End Quote.

Following my current ascension-and-redescent experience, my thoughts and feelings turned once again to my childhood, in which my beloved baby sister, Rosalie, died of a mysterious disease when she was just six months old. My mother, Aleta, who is my twin soul whose spiritual name is Serena, got so depressed by this that she had to be hospitalized and have electroshock therapy (EST). I was nearly seven years old at the time.

It was not until about 12 years later that I dreamt that I was watching my mother being taken away in an ambulance to the mental hospital at the time when she was depressed following Rosalie’s death. I was so hurt by Rosalie’s and my Mom’s losses that I decided never to love anyone again, because it was too painful to love and then lose her or him. I have worked every since then to transmute and heal this soul scar tissue in my heart, right up to the present date; including all of its past life antecedents. From a one-life perspective, this past emotional trauma is a major contributing cause of my current Afib, an irregular beating of my heart.

Transmuting Cain Consciousness

I also reflected after this present experience with Lanto and Chamuel on my negative soul karma going back to the days of Cains and Abels. As it was given to me in a series of dreams, visions and meditations, I initially had been an Abel who trained under Sananda at the Third Ray Temple of Venus in the current Teton Mountain and Yellowstone areas in northwestern Wyoming. I had gone with him to Alaska, the site of the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn, but there I had allowed my doubts, fears and insecurities to make me vulnerable to the selfish entreaties of nearby Cains to not follow Sananda.

As Summalt/Peter revealed to me prior to my going on the Shasta-Alaska Mission from August 26 to September 13, 2014, when I was with Sananda in Alaska, I had “flinched” just as Peter had when Jesus was arrested and brought to trial prior to his crucifixion. I did not go with Sananda to Mt. Shasta to confront the dominant Cains.

In a series of dreams over the years in this lifetime, I recalled that in those ancient days, I had allowed the Cains to symbolically put a collar around my neck and to control and dominate me on a leash like an animal or slave. In other dreams, my submission to them and fall from grace allowed the Cains to “cut off my head at the neck” — I thereby became a Cain. My lack of Third Ray devotion to Sananda was the residue of the key, ancient, Cain consciousness karma that I was transmuting when Lanto and Chamuel in 2010 lifted me into ascended, I Am consciousness; which was the oldest cause of my Afib.

Thus, positively, no matter what sin or error we have committed, going back eons of time, we can by the grace and goodness of God and His-Her agents transmute our negative past and rise above it; and then redescend to Earth in order to help others do the same thing. We can rise again as the Abel or true golden giant that we were prior to our downfall.

Powerful Pink Foursome

As I have shared in prior blogs, I first came into contact with Lady Lanto, Lanto’s feminine twin soul on the Third Ray, in a dream on September 28, 2010, during which so much pink light emanated from her eyes that it knocked me backwards and down onto the floor. For the next four years, despite a number of vivid visions and dream communions with her, I only called her Lady Lanto, as she guided me to do. Time and again, I especially felt her behind me, supporting me, loving me, lifting me ever upward and forward, loving me in exquisite motherly or grandmotherly fashion. She “had my back.” Only in 2015 did she reveal her specific name to me as being Anna.

Two years earlier, during the Teton Mission from October 1-9, 2013, Lanto and Lady Lanto overshadowed and worked through MariLyn and me a number of times. They had prepared us ahead of time that they would be with us so often and so seamlessly that we would not be able to discern where they began and we ended. And that turned out to be the case.

In one of the most evident communions with the two Lantos, on October 2, 2013, Lord Chamuel appeared with them with a host of other Third Ray angels, both masculine and feminine pink angels. Amongst the feminine Third Ray angels was one who was the leader of this group of lady angels. She was Lady Chamuel. However, she then did not specifically contact me and identity herself, nor did I have evidential confirmation of her presence; so I never publicly shared this experience until now.

Throughout the Teton Mission, Lanto, Lady Lanto, Chamuel and Lady Chamuel poured their pink light of personal love and energy into the forcefield of the Temple of Venus at the Tetons, helping to open it anew, such that it was rebirthed on Earth. Its powerful pink vibrations radiation out 500 to 1000 miles in all directions, including about 580 miles to Lake Tahoe, which had been the approximate governmental site of the Cains in ancient days.

Healing of My Neck

In my deep meditation on January 23, 2014, I had my first specific, conscious communion with Lady Chamuel, the feminine, angelic counterpart of Lord Chamuel. Although I did not “see” her, I did distinctly feel her powerful, loving presence behind me, working with me to transmute my soul past. Once adjusted to her forcefield, I asked her for her specific name, but she did not reply. She only indicated that for now it was best to keep things simple and call her Lady Chamuel, much in the same way that for five years I called Anna by her generic name of Lady Lanto.

Lady Chamuel then focused on and helped me to disperse the “scales” or layers of “soul scar tissue” around the back of my head and neck (my power center), which I had seen and worked to disperse during previous recent weeks. As shared above, this scar tissue was due to my having allowed the Cains, and my own Cain consciousness, to “leash me” and “to sever my head from the rest of my body.”

Lady Chamuel telepathically explained that when I had tried to compromise and make peace with the Cains in ancient days, I had given away my power and my connection to my own I Am Self. In effect, by my wanting to be beloved by the Cains, by not having faith in my own I Am Self, I had made myself vulnerable to their selfish powerplays; I had put my neck on the “chopping block” and they had  “beheaded” me. In their superior delusions, they had told me that this was “good” for me, that they were helping me. In other words, according to them, Sananda was self-deceived and it was best to “cut me loose” from him.

As Lady Chamuel now worked with me, my neck loosened and relaxed — it felt the best and most free of anytime in the prior few weeks. This deep soul-physical healing was my proof that indeed she was with and helping me. Previously, I had worked diligently to harmonize my neck, but with only minimal good results. With Lady Chamuel helping me, however, my neck loosened up and I found more of my own voice, the voice of myself as a reborn Abel. Get thee behind me, all you Cains; follow me, as I now follow Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and I will help you to become Abels!

Angelic Counterparts

Lady Chamuel now guided me to change my proposed itinerary for going to Alaska and Mt. Shasta for the mission to these two key sites, scheduled for August 2014. Initially, I had thought it best to go to Alaska first, then to Mt. Shasta, following in the footsteps of Sananda. But Lady Chamuel corrected me and guided me to first go to Mt. Shasta; then next to Lake Tahoe that was the seat of the former Cain government; and only after that to Alaska.

Unfortunately, however, after not being able to make easy, reasonable flight connections to Lake Tahoe, and due to the proposed additional time at Lake Tahoe that would have added additional costs, the Tahoe part of the mission got cancelled. Ever since then, I have regretted not going there. Now, however, I am going there in my light body, even while physically I remain here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern Tennessee.

Eight months after the work by Chamuel to heal my neck and throat, on August 1, 2014, I came into communion for the first time with the masculine, angelic counterpart of Lady Uriel, the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love; his name is Ariel.

Two days later, on August 3rd, Lord Michael clamped in his characteristic way onto the back of my head and neck. With him was a feminine, First Ray angel whose power stimulated my mouth and caused my lips to quiver, which was her contact signal with me. Michael revealed telepathically to me that she was his angelic counterpart or “twin angel.” She then introduced herself to me as Mariel. She conveyed that she had come into my conscious awareness to better augment within me, at my feminine or soul level, the speaking of the word that I would demonstrate during the upcoming mission.

These two new angelic contacts were the first time that I began to deeply believe and to trust that the Archangels all have feminine or masculine counterparts, just as the Chohans have such feminine or masculine twin souls. This conforms to the cosmic law of polarity that governs all life throughout the Solar System. However, Nada-Yolanda never had received this about the archangels, nor had Phillel been given anything about it.

Nonetheless, renewed confidence now welled up within me that Lady Chamuel indeed had been working with and contacting me; and that she was the feminine, angelic counterpart of Lord Chamuel. Still, however, she did not share her specific name with me. Therefore, I did not publicly share this contact in any of my writings.

Put On Your Pink Robe

After the Shasta-Alaska Mission, then a final mission to Veracruz, Mexico in March 2015, I entered into a four-year cycle of resting, reviewing, integrating and transmuting any errors that I had made during the prior four-and-one-half years of touring the world to reopen the 12 spiritual temples or vortices of sacred light; during which I was in the fourth phase of my seventh initiation. From March 2015 to fall 2019, I had no specific communions with angels or ascended masters; or hardly any new spiritual input. It was my time to rest, to decrystallize past errors, to integrate my four lower bodies with my light body; and to be healed in mind, body and soul.

Then in 2020-2021, I began to come forth again in an active, outward way, re-commencing my blogs. In December 2021, the guidance came to focus about one month on each of the 12 spiritual, planetary power centers or temples around the globe, working in my light body along with you to re-open them yet another notch or degree.

In my morning meditation, on March 29, 2022, while focusing on the re-opening of the Temple of Venus in the Tetons and Yellowstone, Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel distinctly and powerfully overshadowed me for the first time in about seven years. A week or so before this, I had been guided to focus on the opening of a pink rose of Third Ray personal love and devotion in my heart chakra.

Now, however, on my third or all-seeing eye screen appeared a vision of a large closet with an opened door in my Hilarion House living quarters, which I never had seen before and did not exist physically. Walking into the closet, to the left part of it hung a glorious pink robe on a hanger. This was the robe of a priest or spiritual leader, or that of a king. Putting on the robe, which fit me perfectly, I glowed with pink light/energy that suffused my entire aura. I was newly “in the pink;” at a new and higher level.

(See to left the image of a pink robe that I found online, that closely resembled my visionary robe. Note the multi-layered pink heart in the center of it, over the heart chakra. )

Upward Spiralling

Thus, my third-eye chakra had been opened anew, another veil over it had been removed by those in the higher planes; as had my heart center. The pink robe being in the left part of the closet represented visiting my soul or subconscious records of this and past lives, going back eons; both my positive credits and remaining negative debits. The masters and angels announced that this newly seen pink robe was symbolic of the robe I had worn in the days of the Cains and Abels before I had flinched and fallen from grace, before I had gone from being an Abel to being a Cain.

In the image of the pink robe shown above, the cross on all four sides of the pink heart represents the crossing out or transmutation of the past, then the resurrection into new, purer, pink power, peace and love. Always, spiritual growth is an upward spiraling process, two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward.

Moreover, as part of this ongoing transmutation, in my vision, once I became comfortable in wearing the pink robe, I looked again into the darkness of the closet and saw that there were many dark, evil, nasty beings there, representative of the superior Cains of the past, as well as those in the present who are still self-righteous, self-powered and filled with the residue of self-love; who are selfish, but who are in denial of their past. Moreover, many such dark souls are those in the lower astral planes who are attracted to our light at each new step of the way; who want to destroy us and prevent us from revealing their soul errors.

Herein, then, was the characteristic “blowback” that commonly occurs with each new step forward into our higher, I Am ascended powers. And I definitely felt it over the next few days, with trouble sleeping, being emotionally on edge, doubting what I had been shown; all the typical responses that we have to battle as we move forward and upward into pink light. During these trials and tribulations, I repeatedly called upon and thanked Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel for their ongoing help; and I also asked for and received First Ray protection from Michael, Mariel, Morya and Glo-Ria.

I especially reached out to Anna and Lady Chamuel, because of their feminine pink vibrations that were so helpful and empowering in the healing of my soul. In particular, I felt Lady Chamuel’s distinct, recognizable, glorious pink presence. I asked once again for her name, but she did not respond.

Dream Lovefest

Then, two days later on March 31st, I dreamt that I was with a woman who once had been on staff at Mark-Age headquarters. Nada-Yolanda had revealed then that she was a Third Ray worker. After she willfully left the staff, she developed a life-threatening illness, which in 2014 I had tried to help her to overcome. During one of the healing sessions with her, I received soul information about her own selfishness and self-denial of her past errors; going back to the days of the Cains. At first I did not want to share this with her, but El Morya insisted that I do so — he said that the truth eventually would set her free. But a few days later, when I revealed this information and soul recall to her, she got emotionally upset, rejected what I shared, and never consulted with me again.

Now, eight years later, in this current dream, this same woman told me that what I had previously shared with her was indeed true, and that it had changed her life for the better. She said she could not thank me enough for what I had done for her by revealing her soul errors of this and past lives. As the dream progressed, like an innocent child, she snuggled up to me as a father-figure, sitting next to me on my left side as she and I sat on a couch. She joyously put her loving arms around me, as I held her close to my heart. Selfless, Third Ray personal love now suffused both of us. I woke up feeling transformed and renewed.

Interpretation & Confirmation

Interpreting the dream as it relates to me, this Third Ray lady represents my own soul, including my past soul errors. Now these karmic debts had been transmuted and healed to an entirely new degree, hence my loving exchange with this lady, with her being to my left or soul side. In other words, I had indeed put on my new/old pink robe and had used pink light and consciousness to heal my soul. Herein was my confirmation of the prior pink-robe vision and communion with the ascend masters and angelic guardians of the Third Ray.

As it relates to this lady and others that she represents on the feminine polarity of the Third Ray, this dream signals a deep soul healing that is taking place in others. In this lady, after appropriate physical treatment to augment the spiritual healing through me, thereby following a holistic approach, she made an unexpected recovery and still is alive today.

This whole experience reflects and examples the truth that I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me. Thus, although there had been no outer communication whatsoever with this person, and still has not been to this day, she had benefitted from my own soul healing and my Third Ray transmutation work with her. Her full healing may not take place until a following life or lifetimes. For now, as a result of my pink exchange with her, she had put on her own pink robe! Thank you Anna and Lady Chamuel!

Personal Transmutation via Love

One year later, just ten days ago on March 1, 2023, I dreamt that I was observing President Vladimir Putin of Russia in his private living quarters (see photo below/left of him). Some man of higher spiritual authority, presumably from a higher plane, gave Vladimir one page of paper on which were written about twenty self-examination questions, based on universal spiritual principles.

The light-filled spiritual teacher proposed that Vladimir read and meditate about these cosmic truths as part of his own self-evaluation and spiritual growth. Willingly, positively and respectfully, Vladimir took the paper and began perusing and pondering the questions, even writing down a couple comments. The dream ended, but I later dreamt it a second time, as if to indicate that it indeed was a valid dream communion.

Going back to my two visits to Moscow, Russia in 2012 and 2013, Spirit has commissioned me to work with Vladimir Putin. El Morya and Sol-O-Man especially worked through me back then to lift this Russian leader into spiritual awareness. In a final vision during that time, President Putin had morphed into a young child who crawled up and onto my lap and put his arms around me. I was to be his beloved spiritual father, to help him in any way that I could, as long as he was receptive to what I had to share. (I had two lifetimes in Russia, one in the 1200s and the other in the 1550s-1600s, that had prepared me for this special work with Mother Russia and its governmental, military and religious leaders.)

Final Judgment

Recently, as everyone knows, about a year ago, under Putin’s devilish guidance, Russia foolishly and selfishly invaded Ukraine. For the last 12 months or more, I still have affirmed and seen the Christ in him, but have had no indication that I was reaching him — he was a “prodigal son.” Most of the time, my spiritual guidance was to stand back and not project anything to him, for it would possibly only exacerbate his power-mongering activities and plans. But I was to keep the faith that with love all things were possible. For the key to Russia’s and all of Europe’s healing is having faith in love, not in personal, military, us-versus-them power

Now, finally, with all our current work in pinking Lake Tahoe, it appears there has been a crack in Vladimir’s long-crystallized attitudes about Russia’s misuse of power. Without any specific pink projections to him, it appears that our powerful pink love has indeed reached him and he has responded, at least in an inward way. As isolated and alone as Putin is, he may well now be realizing that he indeed needs a “Daddy” who truly loves him. Nonetheless, there seems to be no outward evidence that this is so. But I definitely trust my dream guidance, as it seems to have come so unexpectedly; and it deeply resonates in my heart and soul.

Moreover, my intuition tells me that unless Putin now “shapes up” and changes his course to align himself with God’s will, his own negativity will cause his downfall and possibly even some fatal illness. The divine law of cause and effect is immutable: Putin will reap what he has sown, unless he changes his ways. He has ordered and directed the brutal killing of Ukrainians, tried to subject them to his personal will, and although he claims to be religious he has not loved or forgiven others, even those in Russia who oppose him. He is a bully in the worst way and with far-reaching results.

Furthermore, many, if not most of his grievous errors, come under the heading of the Third Ray: He is selfish, self-powered; he does not follow Jesus’ command to love one another. He puts his faith in, and is in love with, personal, physical, military power; rather than in love, which alone can heal him and others, protect Russia and make it “great.” Unless he transmutes his errors, he runs the risk of being deported out of this solar system. This is the time of the final judgment, as given by Jesus in the days that he walked the Earth. Putin either now “puts up” or he will be “shut up.” He either “shapes up” or he will be “shipped out.” He can no longer have his cake and eat it too.

Follow Sananda’s Examples

Let’s follow in the footsteps of the wise spiritual being in my dream who brought President Putin the self-examination questions — it may well have been Sananda-Jesus who visited Vladimir, just as he had appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus, prior to his conversion to Paul, one who has been humble and made little. Regardless of the specific identity of this higher plane mentor or teacher, he was a Christed being who treated Vladimir with love and respect — he saw and loved the Christ in Putin, no manner what grievous things he has done. The spiritual teacher obviously had forgiven him. And so shall we. But, on the other hand, we will not tolerate Putin’s ongoing “temper tantrum.” Enough is enough. Change or be removed!

I Am reminded of a classic story in Sananda’s lifetime as Gautama the Buddha. A murderous soul then had terrorized and killed hundreds of people, for no seemingly good reason, except that he enjoyed doing so and having power over them. When Gautama was out walking by himself one day, this murderous man walked up behind him and announced himself, but Gautama did not flinch or show any fear. He calmly and lovingly talked to the man, gently but firmly corrected him, and then welcomed him to come into his sangha or group of spiritual followers. The murderous man was dumbfounded but overwhelmed by this — he eventually fell to his knees and repented. In time, he became one of the most devoted of the Buddha’s disciples. As Sananda-Jesus has channeled via Nada-Yolanda, those who have sunk the lowest can rise to the highest!

So, there is ample precedent for anyone’s pink conversion, from Saul to Paul, from being a power-mongering murderer to being a compassionate lover of peace and devoted service to others and to the spiritual leader of planet Earth. Therefore, please pray for our son and family member, Vladimir Putin. Do not flinch in your efforts to see him transformed. Rather, continue to see him filled with pink light, and having a pink, peak experience of coming into communion with Jesus and Mary, Lanto and Anna, Chamuel and The Pink Angel; as well as his own indwelling I Am or Christ Self. As we see President Putin in the pink, so shall it be.

After all, now that Lake Tahoe has been mostly pinked, we as light workers have ever greater pink power to reach even such major power-mongerers as Vladimir Putin. Will he change as a result? No one knows. What we know is the transformative power of pink love, that without love he will find it almost impossible to change. But, what he or others do is up to their free will. May President Putin make the best possible choice. May he thus remain part of the family of man here on Earth and in this Solar System. So be it!

The Pink Angel

After my awakening from and pondering this above dream of Vladimir Putin, I sat at the side of my bed. Higher energies poured into and suffused me with their powerful light. My aura and physical body became sheathed in golden light that protected me and brought me anew into peaceful consciousness; with this golden energy-light coming from Lady Uriel and Lord Ariel of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

The realization came that this Seventh Ray gold light was now needed to balance and harmonize the pink light of the Third Ray, for both rays must work together. In this golden energy, despite all the prior thoughts about and connection with President Putin and all the poor souls suffering due to his power-mongering, I was at peace. I was able to let go of him, to let myself be in the bosom of my Father-Mother Creator, as His-Her beloved son. It was not me, but Father-Mother God doing the work through me, that would uplift Vladimir.

In my ensuing morning meditation, however, instead of seeing golden light, a beautiful, sparkling pink light descended over and around me. The overshadowing and inrushing of personal love was so powerful that my body shook involuntarily a few times as I did my best to adjust to this tremendous inflow and suffusion, which felt feminine in its polarity.

Slowly, it dawned on me that this glorious pink light presumably was emanating from Lady Chamuel whose presence I especially felt behind me, holding me in her heart; but who at times also was all around me and before me. Slowly, for the first time, I began to see her basic, overall form, with its multiple pink hues, including its aura that past seers have confused as being “wings.” Later, upon researching “pink angels” online, I found the picture to the right of a pink angel, which in some general way looked like how Lady Chamuel appeared to me. (See image to the right.)

I asked this pink angel to confirm that she was Lady Chamuel, which via telepathy and activation of my heart chakra she strongly affirmed, such that all my doubts about her identity at that moment disappeared. Then I asked her for her specific name. After a few minutes of becoming still more comfortable with her extraordinary, feminine, angelic presence, she telepathically indicated that for now I was to call her The Pink Angel.

Major Planetary Step Forward

As noted previously in this blog, the word “The” in this name indicates that she is the feminine leader of all the feminine Third Ray angels in the Solar System — thus, she is rightly designated for now as “The Pink Angel.” She is “pink” because she is of the Third Ray, whose color is pink. And of course, she is an angel. So the name nicely fits her and gives her more of a specific identity than as Lady Chamuel. However, as usual, this name is a code name that represents her various functions and talents.

This was by far the most specific and powerful contact with her yet. I was so deeply moved by her exquisite feminine loving presence that I could barely keep myself grounded, balanced, focused and contained. Voluminous tears flowed down my cheeks, my heart filled with exquisite love, my joy was almost unbounded. In this lifetime until now, I never had felt such deep, feminine, personal love. I thought to myself: This is what I have been missing my whole life, going back to the death of my baby sister, without my really knowing it. She is not only a Pink Angel but she is my Mother Pink Angel. I was ecstatic and yet at peace. I was definitely more so in the pink than ever before!

Moreover, the enormity of her presence appearance via me to man of Earth struck me deeply. For the error of mankind that originally caused him to fall from spiritual consciousness into being in a human with a physical-animal body was primarily due to a distortion and misuse of the Third Ray — it was due to self-power, self-love, feeling separate from God; in essence, selfishness. Then, the Cains had exacerbated this Third Ray distortion with their treating the fallen ones basically as slaves. Finally, now, here was The Pink Lady, representing deep healing of the soul, who has come to our conscious awareness. It signals an entirely new step and degree of Third Ray transmutation and Fifth Ray healing of the whole planet, preparing the way for the redescent of Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their ascended light bodies.

 Complete Tahoe’s Pink Transmutation

To confirm and add additional meaning to this moniker, The Pink Angel now gave me the title of this current blog: Pink the Creeks. In my prior reading about Lake Tahoe, I had briefly noted that it was fed by a large number of creeks that flowed down alongside the multiple mountains that surrounded the whole lake. But I had not made much about this information, other than to note it in passing.

Now, by “Pink the Creeks,” The Pink Angel was guiding you and me to pour forth pink light from atop the mountains all around the lake, which locations represent the etheric planes and a high state of ascended I Am consciousness. This pink light gets imbued and anchored into the melting snow and/or rains that carry it down the sides of the mountain, hence symbolically down through the seven astral planes. Pink liquid-light in the creeks then enters into the lake, which represents the physical planes of Earth. This pouring forth of pink creek liquid-light will complete the pinking of Lake Tahoe for this present cycle!

Following this contact with The Pink Angel (Lady Chamuel), I reread the Wikipedia article about The Lake (click here to peruse it). The article noted that there are 63 creeks (with creeks generally being being smaller than rivers) that empty into the lake. However, on further research, I found a great map that shows that there actually are 64 such creeks, which supply about 50% of the lake’s inflow of water, with the rest coming from rains directly over the lake. 

(See drawing to right of Lake Tahoe and its tributaries. Click Tribs to see an enlarged map on which you can see details, and which you can download and print out if you so wish — hopefully this will work, as I cannot check and confirm this ahead of time, but only after this blog is posted. Note that elevations of the mountains in the lower left-hand corner are given in meters, not feet. 1 meter = 3.28 feet. Thus, many of the mountains are in the 9,000 feet range, with a few above 10,000 feet.)

Mostly Pristine Lake

The Lake is about 12 miles wide and 22 miles long, with about 72 miles of shoreline. So, this means that there is 1 creek per every 1.125 miles of the shore. About 75% of these creeks and their watersheds are in national forest land, covered by the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the United States Forest Service. So, these creeks are not polluted by mankind’s dumping of toxic items into them. Moreover, most of the water that slowly enters the creeks first gets filtered as it flows through the dirt and the vegetation. Only a little dirt is eroded along the way, gets into the streams and thereby discharges into the lake.

However, some creeks flow through several towns and cities around the lake, and through areas that are farmed using synthetic fertilizers that get carried into the lake and tend to cloud it, because some of the fertilizers feed and stimulate algae growth. In years past, one could see 100 feet into the depths of the lake, whereas now one can only see down about 70 feet. Still, Lake Tahoe is one of the purest lakes in the United States.

Truckee River

The only outflow from Lake Tahoe is the Truckee River that is 121 miles long (see map to right). It exits from the western, California side of The Lake, flows northeast through Reno and Sparks, and then turns north and empties into Pyramid Lake that is located on the Northern Paiute Indian Reservation. (Northern Paiutes originally lived north of the Washoe Amerindians who lived around Lake Tahoe; Shoshones lived to the east of the Washoes.) Pyramid Lake has no outlet, so all dispersal of its water is via evaporation.

The Truckee River was named after a famous Northern Paiute Amerindian chief, who guided early white emigrants through this area during the California Gold Rush in the early 1840s. During these travels, this chief often shouted the Paiute word that sounded like “Tro-Kay.” It meant that the guide felt that everything was going well, that all was in good order; he was assuring the travelers of this. However, he used this word so frequently that the travelers thought it was his name, which they spelled as Truckee. In honor of him, whom most travelers highly respected, they named the river the Truckee River. Moreover, there is also a town named Truckee of about 15,000 inhabitants that is located on the west side of this river in California.


Amongst his peoples, Truckee was widely regarded as a seer, medicine man and prophet, with his beliefs widely influencing the peoples of the Sierra Nevada’s and Western Nevada. Truckee received in vision prior to the white man’s arrival that a great change was about to occur with the Amerindians, and that to survive they had to become friends to the white settlers who would come to and through this area. (See a drawing of Chief Truckee to the right.)

Truckee believed and taught that the white men/women and the Amerindians were descendants of a Common Ancestor, whom the whites called God, but Native Americans commonly named the Great Spirit. According to Truckee, the two groups of people were finally being reunited after many long years and ages of being apart. This sounds much like what Nada-Yolanda as Lobo-Tan had received and taught in the 1500s in the current Arizona and New Mexico areas of the United States. (See my previous blog about this.)

Thus, it would not be surprising if it was War Cloud, or especially Black Cloud, who gave Truckee his visions. Moreover, it seems likely that Truckee now is in the higher astral planes, working with War Cloud and Black Cloud to oversee and participate in the pinking of Lake Tahoe. That is how it inwardly feels to me, although no specifics have been given to me about this.

Meanwhile, during and after Truckee’s lifetime, many white travelers and settlers basically drove the Amerindians off their ancestral lands, cut down their pinion trees for wood (pinion nuts were a major source of food in the winter), overfished the creeks and rivers, and destroyed the Amerindian way of life. Similar residual soul scar tissue still needs to be healed throughout the Americas, where indigenous peoples have been treated as second class citizens and shipped off to reservations. In our prayers and projections, we can envision what Truckee saw: The brotherly and sisterly coming together of the two races as equal children of the One Great Spirit, our Father-Mother Creator.

Pink Planetary Starburst

In our Hierarchal Board Meditation (HBM) later this same day, on March 1, 2023, here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, I shared with Phillel the gist of all the new information that had been given to me by The Pink Lady and about the pinking of the creeks around and flowing into Lake Tahoe. We used this imagery as a key focal point for our meditation and projections.

In my meditation, The Pink Lady appeared high above me, at the top of the golden, protective dome over our 89 acres of land here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. She took on the form of a huge disc or sphere of deep-pink light, which reminded me of an etheric spacecraft; like unto a large Venusian mothership. From the sphere emanated in all directions arching rays of brilliant, light-pink light that flowed out, down and into every part of the dome; thereby “pinking” it, much in the way that we are to pink Lake Tahoe.

Thus, from here at the Sun Temple, under direct Hierarchal guidance, Phillel and I as pink partners pinked this Sun Temple vortex or power center and linked it with the area in and around Lake Tahoe. From this transmuted lake, pink liquid-light would flow to all the twelve planetary spiritual temples around the globe, starting with the Temple of Venus at the Tetons and Yellowstone in northwest Wyoming; which is about 580 miles from Lake Tahoe.

Already, the pink light had flowed from Lake Tahoe all the way around the globe to the First Ray Temple of Neptune, at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. That is what had stimulated and enabled the possible new openness and change within President Putin in Moscow, Russia; which is its political, economic and military capital.

The pink energy of the Third Ray can now flow freely to all of the twelve spiritual, planetary temples or vortices of sacred light because in the past year, we in this network of light via these blogs have linked all of them solidly together in one integrated circuit; kind of like the diagrammatic imagery in the Kabbalah of the Tree of Life, mentioned earlier in this blog. As a result, power-mongerers, such as Vladimir Putin, will be pinked, and thereby challenged to give up their selfish, superior, Cain attitudes and actions.


Given the magnitude and power of the inflow and radiation of pink light worldwide, it seemed likely that I would experience major resistance, rejection and negative reactions to this new development. Indeed, over the next two days, my nose ran, my sinuses were clogged, my throat tightened, I coughed many times — all indicating the willful and self-powered thoughts and feelings of power mongerers world wide. Moreover, my nerves were on edge, my low back and joints ached, I had trouble sleeping, and in general had times when I suddenly felt annoyed, anxious, upset and angry, for no good known outer reason.

Of course, by now, I long since knew how to deal with this, by calling on the four First Ray workers (Michael, Mariel, Morya and Glo-Ria) and the four Third Ray workers (Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and The Pink Lady). But still it was an ongoing battle and challenge to stay focused, at peace, grounded, forgiving and willing to rightly wield the sword of truth; to keep on keeping on.

On March 3rd, I dreamt that I was leading a new group of about 50 light workers who had come from around the world to hear what I was sharing about this ongoing “pink project.” At first, they were receptive to what I outlined for them, but then various ones of them starting talking amongst themselves, while others got up and left to “do their own thing.” As much as I tried to keep the meeting flowing and in order, time and again some disruption occurred. Even my feminine co-worker and spiritual partner in the dream started trying to tell me how to handle this meeting; and even tried to take it over, despite my protestations and strong statements that I knew what I was doing from much long experience.

Looking back a couple days later, in my dream I was like Chief Truckee, affirming time and again that all was well and in divine order (one of my favorite affirmations from El Morya/Mark in his premier metaphysical text How To Do All Things. But many did not believe me.

This has been a common dream with me when new information and energy flows through me to others. There always is an adjustment period, with some who attend the meeting moving forward and outward, and others being blasé or even antagonistic. At a personal level, this reflects my own fears, concerns, worries and such about whether or not I have received things clearly and about how I am to share this new input via my blogs. As applied to others, this dream reflects the residue of underlying, still-to-be-transmuted Cain attitudes in even the light worker ranks, not to mention in power mongers worldwide and in the astral planes. Even those who seemingly are closely aligned with us may go through a cleansing that tests our patience and persistence, our devotion to the Second Coming program.

A Pillar of Peace

On March 4, 2023, I finally had a good, long night of sleep and felt refreshed upon awakening, with a deep peace coming over me. In my morning meditation, all of the six feminine counterparts, plus Lord Ariel, of the Seven Archangels contacted me as an united group. I especially noted Mariel, The Pink Angel and Uriel with me, but all the other four major angels also briefly but definitively touch based with me. I knew then that this work with pinking the creeks applied not just to Lake Tahoe, but that I also was to see and experience pink liquid-light pouring down upon all the mountains around the Earth, flowing down their slopes as streams or creeks of pink light into lakes or rivers, from from them all the way out to the oceans. The entire globe was to be bathed in pink liquid-light of the Third Ray.

With this realization, The Pink Lady stepped forward and appeared clearly to me, soothing my forcefield and continuing to harmonize my heart. Once she finished, I was shown a tube that was about the width of a pencil, one part of which was embedded in the right side of my heart, in my right ventricle. Oozing out from and through it was a dark, viscous substance that looked oil. This black liquid came from deep within my heart, and represented the remaining soul darkness in my love nature. It was now coming to my conscious attention, hence the right or conscious side of my heart so as to be dispersed.

Initially dismayed by this, I eventually gave thanks for it being revealed such that I could heal it. As long as we deny the past and keep it hidden from our conscious awareness, we cannot transmute, heal and rise above it. There is still a part of me that is subject to the temptation of wanting to be loved by others; plus at times I still want to blame others for my plight and do not forgive them. At least in the above imagery, it was just a small tube, and only a small amount of soul gunk was surfacing, and yet it still was contributing to my Afib. I felt like I now was scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Thank You, Spirit.

Relaxing fully, while lying on my back in bed, out I went into higher, ascended consciousness. When I came back to conscious awareness, an astounding vision was shown to me: There was a Christ column of brilliant white light implanted in the center of Beijing, which is the capital and governmental center of China. The column was perhaps a mile wide and rose all the way from the ground, up through the atmosphere, in and through the seven astral planes into the etheric planes. This was totally amazing, something I never had thought about envisioning.

Seventh Ray Peace and Love

This extraordinary Christ or Buddhic or Taoist column was pure white in color, which at first confused me. Why was it not pink? What flowed through me from the ascended masters and the guardian angels was that in atheistic, Communist China, there is no love of God. This distorts the views of Chinese leaders who are devoted in a Third Ray fashion to their country, but who do not see other nations and peoples being equal children of God. They thus lack Seventh Ray white light, with white also symbolizing purity.

However, throughout Beijing, with its 21.5 million inhabitants that make it the second largest city in the world (second only to Shanghai, China with its 29 million citizens) are numerous light workers who function primarily behind the scenes and out of the reach and control of the government. Now, with the pinking of China and its Temple of Jupiter in Xi-an (whose name means “perpetual peace”), such evolved and newly awakening souls will have more direct access to the ascended masters and angelic guardians, plus the visitors from other planets, including Venus.

Such a pillar of love and peace never before has been established in China during at least the past 3000 years of its developments. Those in the astral planes surrounding China have held a firm grip over incarnated Chinese citizens. Much of China’s present problems and power mongering stem from the lower astral planes; just like in Russia.

Pondering this, I felt the presence of Lords Michael and Maitreya as co-titular heads of the Hierarchy. They shared that this implantation and grounding of the white pillar of peace had been under their direction and power. It was this work with the Christ column of light that had led to many of my symptoms over the last three days.

Following this, Michael and Maitreya showed me that they were working with, and would continue to direct others to work with, the anchoring of a white column of Christ/Buddhic light in Tehran, Iran and Pyongyang, North Korea. Thus all of the major power mongering nations (Russia, China, Iran and North Korea) were the sites of the ongoing light work to uplift the Eastern Hemisphere and the whole planet. Our united work as light bearers and projectors has paved the way for this new major step in the Latter Days program to uplift all mankind from the third-to-the-fourth dimension. Thank You, Father-Mother God.

Spirit guided me to not  share any of this above information about the pillars of peace in the East with Phillel prior to our Hierarchal Board Meditation on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. In it, Phillel was shown a vivid vision of pink light coming down and into all the bodies of water around the Earth, including into the oceans. Herein was the partial confirmation of what had been given to me about new step of pinking the whole planet.

Be Pink

Friends, fellow light workers, brothers and sisters in the Third Ray pink light of personal love and service, now that you have read this long, thorough, multi-dimensional blog, begin to see what part or parts of it speak most potently to you. There are multiple ways, as discussed above, of how you can continue to work with this pink project, to complete the pinking of Lake Tahoe and then to extend pink light to the whole planet. We will devote at least the next week to this Hierarchal plan and project.

First, call upon and link especially with Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and The Pink Lady (Lady Chamuel). Ask them to show you your unique contribution to this pink project, how you first can apply it to yourself and then in what ways you can radiate pinkness to Lake Tahoe and other places worldwide.

You may want to see yourself putting on your own pink robe, of walking into your newly opened closet and seeing your pink garment within it. If so, imagine putting it over and around you. Or you may wish to symbolize this by wearing pink physical clothing.

Feel how good it is to have this new level of pinkness within your mind, body and soul. Feel especially the pink energy and personal love consciousness in your heart. If this or other visualizations and experiences expose some underlying soul gunk still in your heart, bless it, embrace it and love it into oblivion. Do the same for others near and dear to you.

In other meditations, imagine that you are standing atop one of the mountains that surround Lake Tahoe. Link with visitors from other planets, especially those from Venus. Call upon the two Elohim of the Third Ray, the masculine EloHim and the feminine EloHer. They direct the pink angels in transmuting the final residue of past governmental Cain consciousness in and around this lake. Pink light flows down into and through you, down the mountainside and into the lake. For those who have the eyes to see, this body of water glows with ethereal pink light.

Be at one in your heart with all the Amerindians who have gathered at Lake Tahoe from all around the Americas for this ongoing pink powwow. Be a Pau Wau or medicine man, a seer and healer like Chief Truckee. Unite with War Cloud and Black Cloud and their feminine counterparts. Black Cloud brings forth dark rain clouds, but the rain is imbued with pink light.

Be like Chief Truckee in affirming repeatedly that all is well and in divine order for the pinking of The Lake, for the uniting of peoples of all races and nations in one family. Affirm yet again that everyone who loves the Great Spirit is an Indian. Be the Indian that you are as you work with the devas and elementals at Tahoe, who come under the guidance of the angels.

From Tahoe, see pink light radiating to the Temple of Venus at the Tetons and Yellowstone, and from there to all the other eleven planetary power centers, foci or vortices of light. See it especially flowing to the Eastern Hemisphere — to Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

In prior projections we focused on the spiritual temples in each of these countries. But now, from these centers, such as Olkhon Island in Russia and Xi-an in China, see pink link going to the corresponding governmental centers such as Moscow and Beijing. The current leaders of China think they can continue to control people and think for them, that religion and worship of God is nonsense. But a new day already is dawning in China. (To symbolize this, see a photo of a sunrise over the financial district of China to the right/below.)

What these self-important, mortal leaders do not yet realize is that a huge, white column of spiritual light has now been anchored in Beijing. More and more Chinese citizens, especially those of the youth, will find new ways to rise in consciousness via this column, through the the surrounding astral planes into the etheric planes. This in time will change and uplift the whole country and its 1.3 billions citizens. With China being the most powerful nation in the Eastern Hemisphere, as it changes it will lead to changes through the East. Imagine that!

Hold the whole planet in your loving pink heart. Feel at the deepest level that this is your beloved home. This is your heartland. This is your beloved sphere in the Solar System. See it being pinked, through and through, over and under, all around and within it. Earth is now pink!

See all on Earth following the mantrum: Love God and Love One Another; balancing Seventh Ray divine love with Third Ray personal Love. So be it!