Today, Wednesday, May 10, 2023, we celebrate a special event that is particularly dear to our hearts as light workers in the Second Coming program. Exactly 49 years ago, on May 10, 1974, channeling via Yolanda, Sananda announced the birth of the I Am Nation on Earth: “You have come to this area [southern Florida, the Atlantean site of the Sun Temple near Miami] for planting a new spiritual nation. Now it unfolds to your conscious minds and memories. Let it begin.”

This new nation is of, for and by the I Am Selves of all people on Earth. Neither a religion nor a political government, the I Am Nation is a prototype for the spiritual government to come in the new millennium, when Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary return to Earth in their light bodies. Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, religion or esoteric group affiliation, everyone is a potential I Am Nation citizen.

The Sun Temple currently located in northeastern Tennessee now serves as the headquarters for the the I Am Nation. But this nation is not just a place or a series of locations. Rather, it is a pledge of consciousness and actions. I Am Nation citizens are those in every part of the world who think, feel and act as spiritual beings in a physical body. They are striving unconditionally to be the high Self, the Christ Self, the I am that I Am.

They automatically are a network of light which circles the globe sending and receiving the thoughts of faith, strength, love, wisdom, will, power, imagination, understanding, order, zeal, regeneration and elimination. Utilizing these twelve, spiritual, I Am or Christ powers, they especially radiate their spiritual thoughts to the thirteen spiritual temples, vortices or power centers located around the Earth.

Each such temple serves as a focal point for implanting spiritual energies radiating to Earth from our spiritual brothers and sisters of the Sun of this solar system and from its twelve planets. Linked together as one, these thirteen vortices of sacred light form a gridwork that spiritually electrifies, charges and uplifts all life forms on Earth and in the astral planes, which in time will lead to the rebirth of spiritual awareness and consciousness of all those on Earth who are receptive.

Sananda as the Golden One

One week ago, on May 3rd, in preparation for this I Am Nation celebration and ongoing rebirthing, Sananda powerfully overshadowed me in his golden light body, anchoring into my forcefield primarily at the back of my neck, in its adjoining muscles and then down my spine to directly in back of my heart chakra. I had been having symptoms there off and on for the last year or more, as part of my learning how to be his stand-in and spokesman.

At times, the pressure and responsibility I feel has seemed nearly unbearable, such that my shoulders have ached and cramped, and repeatedly have hunched up and nearly seemed to become part of my neck. Time and again, like all light workers, I have learned to better handle each new influx of higher spiritual energies, each new challenge to be love in action. All of us in the light worker ranks are stand-ins and spokespersons for Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary here on Earth.

Sananda telepathically conveyed to me that he was uniquely qualified to help me deal rightly with my ongoing responsibilities at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. For he had been the Earth’s primary spiritual wayshower in all his past lifetimes on Earth, with he and his twin soul Sol-O-Man being the co-leaders of the entire planet. He knew the multiple difficulties of dealing with Earthman’s negativity, but had risen above them. He reassured me that I, and all light workers, could do the same.

To emphasize this, he said to me as his disciple or spiritual son, “I Am with you always, in all ways. You and I are one in the One.” What an incredible blessing and upliftment this was! My neck and spine were fortified and empowered to a whole new level. I was ready to take the next new step forward in being love in action, no matter what others thought of or tried to do to me. Sananda also relayed that he was with each other son or daughter of God who called upon him and opened his or her heart to him. Ask and you shall receive.


Two days later, on May 5th, after sleeping deeply that night for 11 hours, which almost never happens, in my morning meditation, I came into communion with Papa Deva, the leader of all masculine devas around the Earth. Under the guidance of Lord Ariel, Lady Uriel’s masculine angelic counterpart, Papa Deva further adjusted and balanced my spiritual forcefield in and around my neck and upper back, which cleared and opened to a new degree the channelway via my spine from above to below; from my connection with the ascended masters and angels in the etheric and celestial realms, down through my neck (power center) to my heart (love center). He assisted me in the ongoing reshaping of my heart and in the dissolving of the small amount of scar tissue remaining in it that originated from the soul errors I had made long ago in past lives.

Once Papa Deva was finished, Sananda/Jesus appeared above me in his seventh or ascended light body. Slowly but surely, he began to lower himself or redescend feet first into my crown chakra and then through my third or all-seeing eye into my power center. As he descended, I focused on welcoming him and receiving his extraordinary energy and level of consciousness. Then he lowered himself into my heart center, with its new and higher ability to receive him. I started to have the impression and feeling that I was in cosmic labor to birth Sananda/Jesus on Earth. Several times, I shook involuntary and let out a few moans and yelps, kind of like a woman having labor pains.

Finally his feet were inside and around my feet. He and I were standing together as one on Earth, father and son, mentor and disciple, both of us being of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love.

New Appearances

When I was finally able to hold his whole forcefield in and around mine, when we had become as one heart in the Heart of God, he said that his cosmic plan in the remainder of this current spring cycle is to reveal himself and appear to light workers in all of the twelve spiritual centers around the Earth. He will visit anyone who truly is trying to Love God and To Love One Another; in other words, to every I Am Nation citizen. With this accomplished, his hope is to appear also to the various power-mongers worldwide, to show them what spiritual power truly is and how it is to be used to uplift, not to harm and degrade, each other child of God. He will show them the power of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

In each part of the world, he will appear as he had been in one of his past lifetimes, such that each person of every religion or mortal belief will be able to see, feel and commune with him; in dreams, visions and inner exchanges, like unto his appearances to Saul on the road to Damascus.

Sananda’s past lifetimes are: Melchizedek (at the time of Abraham, 2,000 BCE); Zarathustra (~18th to 6th century BCE); Moses (1619 to 1271 BCE); Elijah (9th century BCE); Buddha (563-483 BCE); Socrates (470-399 BCE); and Jesus.

Thus, with Chinese light workers and Xi Jinping, he will show himself as Gautama the Buddha (Kut Humi as Lao-Tze may also appear with him). In Russia, Sananda will reveal himself as Christ Jesus to all light workers there, as well as to Vladimir Putin and his cronies. In Iran, his appearance to its leader, Ali Khamenei, will be as Zarathustra (also called Zoroaster). In North Korea, he will be the enlightened Buddha in his visitations to light workers there and to its leader, Kim Jong Un.

Golden River of Liquid-Light

All this is part of the timing that goes back to Sananda’s lifetime as Christ Jesus. Forty days after his resurrection, he ascended in his seventh body to the etheric realms. His ascension this year will be celebrated in Western Christian Churches on May 18th, just eight days from now. Then, ten days later, on May 28th, we in the West will celebrate Pentecost, which is said to be the pouring out of the Holy Spirit, meaning all that is holy and spiritual. However, the ongoing outpouring of Spirit on all flesh will continue to the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which this year is on June 21st.

However, please note that in Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches, depending on the their various locations and denominations, ascension will be celebrated on May 25th and Pentecost on June 4th. And please remember that these are somewhat arbitrary, manmade dates that change every year. The key point is that in the six weeks to come, starting now on May 10th, Christians worldwide will be celebrating both ascension and redescent, since redescent in many ways is a form of the redescent of our light bodies, the pouring out of our ascended or seventh body into our astral and physical bodies.)

To prepare us as light workers for these upcoming events and experiences, Sananda next showed me an astonishing vision of golden liquid-light pouring down from the three etheric planes, through the seven astral planes to all on Earth, whether they be spiritually awakened or not. This golden liquid-light was not like a small stream but rather more so like a wide river, so vast that it took up my entire inner vision. Sananda explained that he had called upon Seventh Ray light workers in all dimensions and throughout the Earth to work together in this outpouring and implantation of golden energy-light-substance into the whole planet. Elohim, angels, devas and visitors from other planets likewise will add their Seventh Ray peace and love to this influx and infilling of cosmic light.

In my case, the golden energy now descended first into my crown chakra and cerebrum; then down into my third-eye and thalamus; next to my power center and vocal apparatus plus my muscles and limbs; on down to my heart chakra and heart, liver and spleen; and then slowly all the way down into and through my feet into the Earth elements themselves. It was the greatest outpouring and infilling of golden liquid-light that I have experienced in this entire lifetime. It was all I could do to receive, hold and radiate it out to others.

Sananda then told me that this was to our my primary function as light workers for the remaining years of our lives here on Earth: To be clear vessels to receive, incorporate and radiate golden light to the 144,000 elect and to all others on Earth. This will continue to prepare the planet for Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s return in their ascended light bodies, whereupon they will usher in the New or Golden Age of Aquarius. Finally, the Earth will become the golden or Seventh Ray planet of peace and love that it long has been destined to be.

Be a Vincent

I spent the rest of this day and all the next one, May 4th, doing my best to incorporate this river of golden liquid-light in my mind, soul and body; and to project it out to others worldwide. As so often happens, however, although I successfully did so, I still had some lingering doubts about what I had received from Sananda. When I am in such experiences, one with him, all doubt disappears. But when I come back down to daily life with all its problems and challenges, I typically have lingering questions, wonderings, concerns and such about the validity of what has been given to and through me. And yes, almost on cue, I felt some discomfort in my neck and shoulders as I reflected about all of this, but it was relatively mild as compared to such symptoms that I have had in the past.

So, I asked Sananda for any further input that might help to clarify and purify what I already had received from him. On May 5th, I dreamt that I was someplace in northern or central Mexico, where I was talking with a group of local people. I tried my best to explain to them how a spiritual, highly evolved man named Vincent was watching over and working with them spiritually, but they could not grasp or accept what I shared. I tried likening Vincent unto higher astral Amerindian chiefs such as War Cloud and Black Cloud, but this too did not enlightened the small group of Mexicans around me.

In the next scene, I was in a high rise building of many floors, seemingly on its fourth floor where I knocked on the door of an apartment there at the end of the hall. A young Mexican man opened the door, with his being in his 20s or 30s. Peering inside, I saw what at first appeared to be a one-room apartment, which was somewhat messy. The young Mexican refused to let me in to look around, since he seemed to be concerned about the sloppy, disheveled condition of the room.

In a following dream segment, somehow I had gone into the kitchen and dining room of this apartment, and had appeared in the midst of the prior Mexican I had talked with, as well as his friend. The two of them were friendly, obviously educated, kind and loving in a personal sort of way. Therefore, I tried to explain to them how I had now “appeared behind closed doors to them,” like unto when Jesus had appeared to his Apostles in the Upper Room following his ascension; but they basically did not listen to or believe me, despite my demonstration. I also likened my being at the dining room table with them to the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, but again with little response by them. Then, the second Mexican asked me if I knew Doug Grant, formerly a Fourth Ray staff member at I Am Nation headquarters. This second young Mexican had come across Doug’s writings online about universal, cosmic laws and was intrigued by them. I responded that yes, I knew Doug and then I began to awake from the dream.

As I was still in the inbetween state of the dream and waking consciousness, pondering especially who Vincent might be, what flowed into my mind was that the letter “V” in Vincent was a key. “V” stood for a vortex of energy, as in a spiritual temple. “V” also stood for the Virgin of Guadalupe, where Sol-O-Man had appeared five times a few miles north of Mexico City in 1531; this is her only such apparitions in the Western Hemisphere that the Catholic Church has sanctioned, referring to her as the “Mother of the Americas.” Finally, “V” stood for victory of the light in these Latter Days. I also noted that the name Vincent had seven letters in it, thus symbolically one letter for each of the seven major chakras. Each of us was to be a Vincent.

Western Hemisphere Unification

After getting dressed and eating some breakfast, I went to my computer to record this dream and my beginning understanding of it, but I still really did not grasp its overall significance. So, I felt inspired to look up the derivation of the name Vincent. It means “to prevail.” It comes from the Roman name “Vincentius,” which was derived from the Latin “vincere” that means “to win or to conquer.” This name was popular among early Christians, and it was borne by many saints. As an English name, Vincent has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it did not become common until the 19th century. Currently, it is quite popular in the United States, being in the list of the top 100 names in the USA. It is primarily a masculine name, although there are a few versions of it that are feminine.

The definition of Vincent as “to prevail” particularly struck me. Like Vincent, it has seven letters, hence of the Seven Rays of Life, seven chakras and seven major initiations. “P” stands for power and peace, whereas “v” as the fourth letter indicates the fourth or love chakra — we are about to experience the downpouring of Seventh Ray golden light into and through our love center. “L” at the end of “prevail” symbolizes the principle of above to below, along the central spinal column of light. And finally, our challenge in the remaining days of this spring cycle is to “prevail,” to keep on keeping on, to hold solid and have both feet on the ground. Vincent is primarily a man’s name, hence it refers to the conscious mind or masculine part of us.

Thus, our task is now to consciously prevail with our spiritual dedication and work during the ongoing influx of the golden liquid-light. We are to be particularly dedicated and determined to stay steady, to persist, to not deviate from our goal, to prevail in being love in action. Otherwise, all the upheaval in the East will wash over and overwhelm us. We are to prevail even during the upcoming Earth changes that have been prophesied and that typically happen during periods of heightened spiritual influx of etheric energies. We are to win the battle between good and evil within us and within all on Earth. We are to be victors, not victims.

Compassion & Humility

In reading about the various Catholic saints named Vincent, I was particularly struck by Saint Vincent de Paul (1581-1660). (Click VicentdePaul for a Wikipedia article him). He was a French Catholic priest who was inspired by Paul the Apostle (an incarnation of Hilarion, the Fifth Ray Chohan) and the early Christians (hence Vincent’s name “de Paul”) to dedicate himself to serving the poor. In 1622, after working for a time with imprisoned African galley slaves in Paris, he became the superior or leader of what is now known as the Congregation of the Mission, or the “Vincentians,” which he co-founded.

These Vincentian priests, with vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and stability, devoted themselves entirely to the people in smaller towns and villages. Vincent was zealous in conducting retreats for clergy at a time when the local clergy’s morals were flagging. He was a pioneer in seminary education, and he also founded the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. He was renowned for his compassion, humility and generosity. Vincent was canonized in 1737 and is venerated as a saint in both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion.

In present terminology, we can easily see and say that Vincent de Paul was what we call a dedicated light worker. All of us could do well to be more compassionate, humble and generous, especially with those less fortunate than us, men and women alike; to prevail in serving the least of these.

Temple of Pluto in Paris

Please note that Vincent de Paul was a French priest, who worked in Paris and other nearby areas, with Paris being the site of the spiritual Temple of Pluto, one of the six planetary temples, vortices of sacred light or power centers in the Western Hemisphere.

In my communions the day of my dream with Vincent de Paul, he contacted me and shared that he now was in the seventh astral plane where he can oversee and work with light workers on Earth, especially those with a background similar to his, and particularly those who are in the spiritual vortex that is the Temple of Pluto. Vincent, from his position in the higher astral planes that serve as a doorway from the etheric realms through the astral levels to those on Earth, is totally devoted to Sananda/Jesus and his Second Coming; as are numerous other Catholic saints.

That is partly why in the symbology of my dream of a man named Vincent, I shared that he was watching over two young Mexican men, who like most citizens in Mexico no doubt were Catholics or at least had a Catholic background. Former Amerindian chiefs likewise have incarnated in the higher astral planes to assist the transfer of etheric energies, down through the seven astral planes, and then to Earth — Mary as the Virgin of Guadalupe had appeared to two Aztec Indians who had converted to Christianity; she had looked like an Aztec queen.

The two Mexicans in my dream, given their reference to Doug Grant of the Fourth Ray, presently seem to be located in the fourth astral plane, hence the fourth floor of the apartment building I visited. They are ready to be awakened to and to enter the fifth astral plane, the first of the three spiritual astral planes. That is one of the goals of this spring cycle, to awaken those in the astral planes and those on Earth who are in fourth astral plane consciousness, to the fifth astral level.

Six Western Spiritual Temples

Still, with all these insights and associations, I still felt like something was missing. But then, in a flash of insight, it all came together. In our current focus on Ascension Day and Pentecost, we are to concentrate especially for the next week or so on the Western Hemisphere. In the previous weeks, we have focused mostly on the Eastern Hemisphere and the power mongerers there, especially Vladimir Putin (note the “V” in Vladimir) in Russia and Xi Jinping in China. Now the emphasis shifts to the Western Hemisphere, from the subconsciously oriented East to the consciously oriented West.

Thus, Vincent de Paul was of the Temple of Pluto in and around Paris, France, hence in Europe, which is one of the six such spiritual temples in the Western Hemisphere. Pluto exemplifies and radiates the combination of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization and the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and healing (hence including the spiritual awakening from the fourth to the fifth astral plane consciousness). The codenames of the two etheric co-leaders of the Temple of Pluto are Plouton and Ploutana.

The other five such temples are in the North, Central and South America: the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn at Mt. Denali, Alaska, USA, whose two etheric leaders are St. Germain and Lady Violet; the Third Ray Temple of Venus in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming, USA, under the guidance of Lanto and Anna; the Seventh Ray Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, USA, directed especially by Sananda and Sol-O-Man; the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus in Manaus, north-west Brazil in South America, overseen by Hilarion and Harmony; and the 10th Temple in and around Cordoba, Argentina, South America, whose co-leaders are Apollo and Diana.

So what does central Mexico in my above dream have to do with all of this? Well, take a look at your globe if you have one, or click on 13Temples to see a map with the locations of all the spiritual power centers around the world, especially those in the Americas. Especially note that Mexico City, where Sol-O-Man/Mary appeared as the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Mother of the Americas, is located about midway from Mt. Denali, Alaska and Cordoba, Argentina. Mexico, along with the countries in Central America are the connecting point or bridge between North and South America. As the crow flies, Mt. Denali is 3861 miles from Mexico City; Cordoba is 4209 miles from Mexico City. Moreover, Mexico City is 3660 miles from Hawaii, which is the gateway from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere; and Paris, France is 5714 miles from central Mexico but only 3627 miles from New York City and the Earth Temple in south-central Vermont. Thus, Mexico City is more or less the epicenter of the all six spiritual planetary temples in the Western Hemisphere.

Transmute the Western Hemisphere

Also, Mexico’s northwestern state of Sinaloa, especially its capital city of Culiacan, is the primary location of the major Mexican drug lords, who transport their contraband especially to the United States. (See map to right, with Sinaloa in a light tan color;  click Sinaloa for an article about the drug lords.) Culiacan is about 650 miles northwest of Mexico City.

St. Germain in his role as Dr. Hannibal is the etheric commander of light workers in the Western Hemisphere. Channeling via Phillel on November 16, 2010, when my ex-wife and I were in Costa Rica, Dr. Hannibal gave an overview of the transmutation of the entire Western Hemisphere, and referred specifically to the drug cartels in Mexico. To read this channeling, click on Transmute-Western-Hemisphere.

The other thing that struck me was that nearly all my spiritual contacts in this series of experiences from May 3rd to May 7th, other than the one with the Virgin of Guadalupe, were of the masculine vibration: Sananda in two contacts, Papa Deva with Lord Ariel, two Mexican men and Saint Vincent de Paul. In other words, they likewise pointed to the work with the masculine, conscious, western aspect of mind, and hence with the six planetary spiritual temples in the West.

Once I comprehend all of this and put all the pieces of this grand puzzle together, I felt wholeheartedly grateful to Sananda and others of the Hierarchy for giving me such an exquisite set of experiences to confirm what I had received. There is absolutely no way I could have consciously concocted such a series of clues that finally sealed the deal for me that all was in divine order. And that, now I rightly and in the right time could share all this with you.

Inflammation of Spine & Nerves

And then, after this cosmic insight and giving thanks to Spirit for it, the outpouring and downward flowing of the golden liquid-light picked up yet another notch. As it did so, and I thought about linking all the temples from Alaska to Argentina, my spine, but particularly my low back, suddenly started aching. When I got up from the computer after writing the gist of the above in my spiritual diary, my low back suddenly and without any known physical cause, hurt so much that I could hardly walk or bend over. My very own body, with these symptoms, served as final physical proof that all that which has given to me in the last 4-5 days is accurate and in good order. It has taken the better part of three days for my low back to recover. Writing this blog has played a big part in my recovery

By way of further explanation, the last time such major low back symptoms occurred, without any apparent physical cause, was when in 2022 I had received that the 10th Temple was in south-central Argentina and that I was to link it in one gridwork with the other planetary temples in the Americas. My back hurt for two weeks that time, and Spirit and the agents of Spirit repeatedly told me that my physical symptoms were proof of the positioning of the 10th Temple in and around Cordoba, Argentina; hence at the bottom of the “spine” of the Americas, meaning its mountains from Alaska all the way down to the southern tip of Argentina. My spine and nerves were inflamed during this time, gradually getting better as I became more grounded and strengthened in my ongoing spiritual work.

Once again, now, with the linking of the six Western Temples from Alaska to Argentina, from the Tetons to the Earth Temple, from the Americas to Paris, France, my nervous system has felt inflamed and nearly overwhelmed, with the worst discomfort at the base of my spine. And still, despite my physical suffering, in a real sense, I have welcomed this as my confirmation, even as I have wondered why in the world do I seem to have so many symptoms.

All I receive about this is that every light worker will have comparable experiences, not necessarily to the degree I have had them or in the same way or place, but each in his or her own manner. It is part and parcel of transmuting and uplifting ourselves and the whole planet. It is part of the two steps forward, one step backward, and two more steps forward process. And it is as nothing compared to what people in mortal consciousness worldwide are about to go through and already have experienced this spring.

Golden Western Hemisphere

In your meditations during the next week, concentrate especially on being grounded, in command of your thoughts and feelings, and finding practical ways to express your spirituality. In other words, focus on the purification and right expression of your conscious mind and physical body, your so-called masculine self, regardless of whether you are in a male or female body. Stay steady. Stay focused. Prevail!

As a visualization, see each of the seven letters of “prevail” in your seven chakras: “p” in your crown, “r” in your third eye, “e” in your throat, “v” in your heart, etc. Concentrate especially on the letter “v” as a way to solidify your own, personal vortex of sacred spiritual energy, your own I Am power focus or spiritual temple.

Envision and feel the inflow of the golden liquid-light that is pouring down and into you from the etheric realm, by way of the astral planes. Take in this spiritual food/substance/energy. Breathe it into your being. Go slowly and steadily in this incorporation. Then radiate it out to wherever and whomever Spirit directs you to send it.

Focus especially on the six spiritual temples in the Western Hemisphere. For the most part, in the West, most countries honor freewill expression via their democratic governments and laws. In the East, however, many power-mongerers still rule and think erroneously that it is their right and best function to manipulate, dominate, control and manage others; to deny them freewill expression. And the majority of Earth’s nearly 8 billion citizens live in the East.

So, daily, shore up, stabilize and strengthened the network or gridwork of the power centers or vortices in the West, such that all in these areas can more readily hold the line, not deviate into darkness, or not give in to the negative vibrations emanating from the East. Steady as she goes. One step, one day at a time. Persist, practice and prevail! And be sure to protect yourself spiritually every day from the blowback from those in the East, as well as in the West.

Call upon all those in the higher planes who are assisting you as you are doing so. At times, as a spiritual light worker, you may feel all alone, for there are only a few of us who are truly dedicated to the Second Coming program. But, in your personal, mortal loneliness, remember that you have scores of friends, teachers and coworkers in the higher astral, etheric and angelic realms, as well as numerous space visitors from around the solar system and beyond. Be at one with them. Welcome them. You are not alone, but all one with so many ones in so many realms.

Children of God

And please remember the young children in the West and the East. On May 9th, finishing the flow through for this week’s work/blog, I dreamt that I was with a small group of children and their feminine teacher. There were about a dozen of them. And each one was sitting at his or her square-shaped desk, rapt with attention. The teacher was telling and instructing them about the four-step matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination, which was symbolized by the square desks. All these children, who appeared to be about 8-10 years old, were totally open and receptive to their teacher’s loving guidance. Each one was a bright light. What a joy it was to see and be with them.

As Jesus said, let the children come unto me. Well, for each of us, let us come into communion with the children around the world, the future light workers and I Am Nation citizens of the planet in these Latter Days. And remember always that all men and women, despite their ages or where they live or what their religion may be, are first and foremost children of our One Father-Mother God.

See the six planetary spiritual temples in the West united and integrated together as one unit, one gridwork, one network of golden light. Feel this occurring in your heart. Know that it is so. Affirm it time and time again. Phillel and I at the Sun Temple join with you in this key project, this anchoring anew of the four-step Christ matrix. Together, all of us are one in the One. Together, we birth anew the I Am Nation on Earth. In time, the West and the East will be as one, two sides of one coin. So we see it. So it will be.

Thank You, Spirit, Who does all things through us!




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  1. It was about this time last year when I was going through the most severe back problem ever. It was weeks before normal movement could be resumed but I remember it felt like I was ‘wearing’ a pyramid with the point over the top of my head and the bottom points on either side from my feet. As long as my spine was kept in a straight beam, it didn’t hurt as much but I did my best not to focus too much on it but rather on trying to manage my life. I seem to recall going on walks to see if it would help and it did. But meanwhile the laundry piled up…lol! No bending and no picking up for more than 2 weeks! Like you I sometimes feel the aloneness of it all but then I remember our wonderful spiritual family and the few people like yourself who ‘prevail’! As for the golden liquid light, years ago my interior was flooded for months and I thought it was a sinus infection…lol!!! Lost 10 lbs too!!! Take care of yourself. xox

  2. My dear Soliel! WE’RE SO THANKFUL for what you do. We will all do our part and Prevail day by day in every way. Much Love in Action all-ways, Jane with family and friends ♥️ ❤️ ? ?

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