Re-Open the Door

As given in The Second Book of Acts, Sol-O-Man had the allegorical, spiritual code name of Adah during the spiritual war between the Abels and the Cains, at which time she was the leader of the Adahs. The letter “A” in her name and that of her twin soul, Abel, who was the leader of the Abels, is the first letter in the English alphabet. “A” also stands for the seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent.

Today, September 1st, we travel from “A” to the 26th and last letter of “Z.” We move from the days of Abels and Cains 26 million years ago to the end times of Atlantis, which was about 26,000 years ago. We shift our focus from Sol-O-Man/Adah to Sol-O-Man/Zolanda, who was the high priestess of the Earth Temple that in Atlantis was located on present-day Long Island, NY. Currently, it has been moved to southcentral Vermont.

Close the Door

Nine days ago, on August 23, 2023, at our noon Hierarchal Board Meditation here at the Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, Sol-O-Man appeared above me as Zolanda, the former high priestess of the Earth Temple, and instructed me to “close the door.” This meant partly that I was to take sufficient time to rest in the peace of my I Am Self.

At a deeper level, however, to “close the door” referred back to 1985 when Sananda informed Nada-Yolanda that he aboard his ship #10 was at the North Pole. Over the next 30 years or so, ship #10 encircled the globe from north to south in a downward, spiraling, counterclockwise direction, one major meridian per month. Not explained in 1985 was that Sol-O-Man and her ship #01, from her position on the opposite side of the globe, also would be doing the same.

The purpose for this partly was to weave a Christ cocoon around Earth that would prevent those in the lowest, most negative astral planes from incarnating on Earth. By so doing, no longer would their negativity have such a deleterious effect on Earth, as it has for 26 million years. Moreover, in due time, such negative souls would be shipped out of this Solar System, to begin anew in some far away place.

Since the the completion in 2015 of the weaving of this fourth-dimensional, Christ cocoon around the Earth, the two master ships have circled around the globe at its equator, and will continue to do so until the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary.

Within and Without

Sol-O-Man/Zolanda also was telling me as her spiritual son to close the door to my own past, to all the memories stored in my subconscious that originated in the days of Cains and Abels and have been carried forth through Lemuria and Atlantis to this moment of now. She said that I now had cleansed and transmuted my past. Therefore, I was to stop focusing so much on it, fearing that I might repeat it, and worrying that there was still something negative hidden from my conscious view.

To use the analogy that Jesus gave, I had removed the furniture in my soul/home, but now it was time to put in new furniture, new I Am ideas, new peace and love; or something worse would invade my soul. Moreover, all light workers were to do the same. It will take the rest of this year, to the winter solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, to fully complete this process, to close the door to the negative karma of the past so that we can rise into a new octave of Christ consciousness and Seventh Ray peace and love. Upon doing so, we will still remember the past, but only in a short, capsulated form.

Our goal, therefore, in looking back to the lifetimes of Sananda and Sol-O-Man is not to overly concentrate on or to wallow in the past, but rather just to note the highlights of those past days and incarnations, both the mistakes and the good deeds of those times. Our goal is to shed any remaining soul negativity and to harvest the good we have done, even as we move forward and upward, and continue to ascend in our own I Am, Christ or ascended light body, just as Jesus and Mary did at the end of their lives. While closing the door, we simultaneously open a new door into a new dispensation and cycle, a new passageway from Earth through the astral planes to the etheric planes. In so doing, we will become an individual, enlightened Earth Temple, one with the Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont.

After Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary return and usher in the Golden Age of Aquarius, the Holy Bible will be condensed from its current 66 books to perhaps 1 or just a few books. This new version will cover the highlights of mankind’s time on Earth starting 206 million years ago, contain an outline of all the lessons we learned in this long span, until by passing through seven major initiations, we rose again from the third into the fourth dimension. This new version will be neat, compact, clean, short, to the point, just the highlights and lowlights. In like manner, this is how we will see our own soul record and about the Earth.

The Tree of Knowledge

Five days later, deep into my morning meditation on August 28th, after spending an hour centering myself within my octagonal Christ column of light, seeing and calling forth and feeling the spiritual protection of the 8 blue/First Ray protectors and the 8 gold/Seventh Ray protectors, Sol-O-Man appeared at the top of my octagonal elevator shaft or Christ cylinder, in her past identity as Zolanda, the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis. Above her was Archangel Lady Uriel of the Seventh Ray. Above her was the EloHer of Seventh Ray peace, love and rest. However, my attention was primarily on Lady Uriel, who is my guardian angel, along with her angelic counterpart, Lord Ariel.

Uriel prompted me to recall and reread her channeling via Nada-Yolanda on June 26, 1968: “Before man begins to build his spiritual body he creates [his] tree of knowledge, and plants it firmly into the dimension upon which he wishes to incarnate. . . . All energy enters in and leaves through the spinal column for mankind on Earth. Here is the pivotal point around which he builds his third dimensional body and from which it gains its full nourishment and supply of life. . . .

“Your narrow and straight path is the spinal column within each individual form, upon which hinge the flesh, the form, the substance and the opportunity for reaching out and beyond the limitations of the form you are aspiring to perfect. It is through this straight and narrow pathway, the spinal column, that you reach out into the etheric consciousness and bring down into the mortal awareness the light that is all around you and in you as one.

“Your go up out of it and you come down into it, all through this column of light. And out through this column of light you reach into the substance or the column of the light body, the Christ, which is always with you in all ways, inside and outside of this physical and mortal awareness. “Lo, I Am with you all ways, ” sayeth the Christ, Spirit, God. I am Uriel, who guards this gateway and opens the door to truth.”

Strength, Stability & Steadfastness

The three Ladies — the EloHer of peace and love, Lady Uriel and Sol-O-Man/Zolanda — implored me to stay firmly centered in my Christ column that encases my physical, astral and etheric bodies. Uriel telepathically instructed me to stay strong and steady, assured that I Am one with her and filled with First Ray faith she is one with me within one pillar or Christ column, in the symbolic trunk of my tree of knowledge. The branches, leaves and fruits/seeds of this tree represent all my memories of past lifetimes in the East and West, in Lemuria and Atlantis, and in this present 26,000-year cycle. Uriel said: Be Sol-I-El of the Sun. However, she cautioned me that it would take me 3-4 days to complete this centering and strengthening of my Christ, I Am, solar identity.

For the rest of this day’s meditation, I did my best to follow Uriel’s instructions. For the next two days, August 29th and 30th, my whole focus in my morning meditations and during the day continued to be centered in and around my spinal column of light. Time and again, Jesus’ profound statement came to mind: I, when I be lifted up, draw all others unto me. Thus, when I be lifted via my Christ column of light, up my elevator shaft, I draw all others unto me who chose to follow in my footsteps and passageway.

On August 29th, when researching Nada-Yolanda’s diary, I came across Jesus’ message to her way back on February 5, 1963: “Have no mercy or pity for anyone in this Mark Age who does not make the right choice or who does not make the effort for a higher manifestation for good (God). All on the planet have had enough training up until this time and mankind’s evolution to know the divine law and to be able to make proper decisions based on evidences of that law. As one teacher you can only point out the way, the signs of the times, and be an example of these laws. New and higher truths are not being taught during this period. Instead, all men must demonstrate the applications of the truths already established.”

Dream Confirmation

In my meditation on August 30th, I fell asleep (“went out”) and dreamt that I was in a large room that was like the living room of my apartment here at Hilarion House, but bigger. About 30 light workers were gathered therein, some who had recently awakened spiritually and others who have been in spiritual work for many years. All of them had now come to hear what I as a representative for the Hierarchy had to say.

I began talking about Zolanda of Atlantis and what her name signified. But most of my audience barely listened to me. Some got up and walked around, others talked with those near to them, others seemed to nod off, with only a few connecting deeply with me even as love flowed through me to them. I tried a couple ways to bring them to order, to keep their attention, but it became clear that this would not be possible. Eventually, I got up and left the room.

Here it was in living color in my dream: We cannot change others or make them listen and learn. We only can change ourselves, speak the truth and walk the walk. Rather than our getting upset with others who want to go their own way and to “party” like they did before the Flood that submerged and cleansed Atlantis, we have no mercy on them. We see the Christ in them but we let them go to God. We stay solidly centered in our Christ core or tree trunk. We keep moving onward and upward in a spiralling fashion, as we open door after door into new levels of our own I Am awareness and consciousness. We follow in the footsteps of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, even as they descend to be with and inspire us.

Sol & Zol

Meanwhile, what does the spiritual code name, Zolanda, signify? The letter “Z” is composed of two number 7s. To write a capital Z, we start by drawing a horizontal line from left to right, which represents the etheric/superconscious level. From this, we draw a downward slanting line to the left. This represents the descent through the seven astral planes and seven levels of our subconscious/feminine self, as well as our seven major chakras in our astral body.

Then, we draw another horizonal line at the base of the 7, this time from left to right, thus completing the Z. The top, horizontal line and slanting line form an upright number 7, whereas the bottom line and slanting line form an upside-down, mirror-imaged number 7. From the etheric realms, we descend into the astral and physical realms to Earth, then we ascend back up the same pathway, retracing our prior descent.

Nada-Yolanda also received that the letter “Z” represents materialization and dematerialization, crystallization and decrystallization, which are of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. The corresponding color of this ray is crystal clear. Our soul/subconscious/astral body must be crystal clear, without imperfections or cloudiness, in order to receive and to manifest our etheric, fourth-dimensional, superconscious light body in the astral planes, and from there to incarnate on Earth in a physical, third-dimensional body and conscious level of mind. As above, so below. As below, so above.

Thus, Sol-O-Man laid down her life to incarnate and manifest on Earth as Zolanda, the high priestess of the Earth Temple, which is the primary site on Earth that demonstrates and radiates Seven Ray peace, love, divine sacrifice and rest. She taught her followers how to be a “seven” by enacting seven steps or major initiations during their/our ascent back to Christhood. She came down, taught, and when it became clear that most Atlanteans would not listen or learn, she closed the door of that lifetime and re-ascended back through an open door into heaven or the etheric realms.

Like Nada-Yolanda (note the correlation of “Zol” with “Yol,” with Yolanda being the high priestess of the Atlantean Sun Temple), Sol-O-Man closed this two-way, cosmic path and doorway, and under the guidance of the Elohim and angels, prepared Earth for its forthcoming cleansing with water during the Flood. She also taught spiritual knowledge to the race that would become the Amerindians, who would carry over the higher spiritual teachings to the Americas after the days of the Flood. Thus, all was not lost but rather a new Hierarchal plan and dispensation followed, which is culminating now in these Latter Days prior to the Second Coming.

Space Visitor

Prior to Sol-O-Man’s taking on physical form as Zolanda, she had been aboard her etheric mothership #01. When she first appeared to Nada-Yolanda in 1958, she called herself Zolanda. She said she was a captain of a huge spaceship, aboard which were those from around the Solar System and beyond who like her focused primarily on soul/subconscious/feminine healing and upliftment of men and women; who concentrated on the Mother-of-God polarity. (See symbolic depiction of her to right.) It was not until 1962 that Zolanda revealed to Yolanda that she later had incarnated as Mary, and that her high Self name was Sol-O-Man.

In the Second Book of Acts that Yolanda updated in modern language and retitled Seven Lives of Mary and Jesus, Mary does not refer to her Atlantean lifetime as Zolanda. Partly, this was because when she was Zolanda, Sananda, her twin soul and co-leader of Earth, was not incarnated with her. She was the high priestess of the Earth Temple, but he in the etheric realms aboard his ship #10 was its high priest. From above, he assisted Zolanda below. Thus, twin souls do not always incarnate together or function in the same realm. When Sananda incarnated as Moses, Sol-O-Man supported him from her spacecraft in the etheric realms. My twin soul, Serena, is now in the 7th astral plane, after having been my mother Aleta of this lifetime.

The letter “O” in Zolanda refers to the divine feminine or Mother-of-God aspect. Note how “Sol” became “Zol” in her name as Zolanda. “Land” stands for the physical realm with its third-dimensional animals, plants and minerals. Seventh Ray workers are especially adept at working with the devic and elemental kingdoms.

“A” at the end of Zolanda stands for Adah, Ascension and Atlantis. The name “Atlantis” comes from the Greek and means the Island or abode of Atlas, who as penance for his errors carried the weight of the world on his shoulders; thus symbolizing the past fall from grace that originated from the days Abels and Cains, continued through Lemuria and Atlantis, and then manifested on Earth in the present 26,000 year cycle. It is time to remove the weight of our soul suffering from our shoulders, to close the door to Atlantis, and from there back through Lemuria. As a symbolic Atlas, we become once again an Abel or Adah, an Alla or Lada. In so doing we are flooded with light and love, peace and rest, power and grace. We are not burdened by the past, but enlightened and happy in the present, doing our spiritual work to uplift the whole planet.

Thus, we now are coming full circle, as represented by the O in Yolanda and Zolanda, and especially by the O in Sol-O-Man.

Up & Down We Go

In your meditations during the next few days, see yourself entering into your eight-sided elevator shaft and its cabin. Press the open-door button, and the door to the cabin opens. Then press the close-door button, and the door shuts. Inside, feel the surrounding presence of your eight blue, First Ray protectors: the EloHim of Will, Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya, Gloria, Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear. Know from within and affirm that God’s will for you is to rise anew into a new and higher level of I Am, Christ or Atman consciousness. Ask and affirm that God’s will be done with His-Her power pouring into and through you.

Once you feel secure and safe within the cabin, it begins to fill with Seventh Ray white and gold light. As it does, ask to be protected by the EloHer of peace, Lady Uriel, Lord Ariel, Lord Maitreya, Lady MaYa, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, and your astral guides that may include War Cloud, Black Cloud, Golden Eagle and their feminine counterparts. Feel yourself once again becoming the golden giant that you are in I Am consciousness.

Then press the Up button inside the cabin, and up you go. As you ascend, come into communion with Zolanda, the former and still high priestess of the Earth Temple, who meets you about at the halfway point of your upward journey through the astral planes to the etheric and celestial realms. You rise to her and she descends to you. With her is Lady Uriel.

With them, up and up you go, slowly and steadily, confidently and calmly, your heart filled with peace and love. When your cabin reaches the top of the elevator shaft, Uriel and Zolanda press the open-door button. To your total delight and awe, it opens into a new room in our Father-Mother God’s mansion, with this light-and-love filled place being in the lowest of the three etheric planes. You may even end up being aboard Sol-O-Man’s ship #01.

Thus, now you have closed the door to the past in which you were not able to rise back into I Am, etheric, fourth dimensional, Solar System consciousness. With the aid, assistance and love of your guides, guardians, space visitors and ascended masters, you have re-opened the doorway to the etheric realms. Now you are a capital Z, one who can zoom upward and then return or redescend to the physical realms of Earth.

A New Heaven on a New Earth

Upon returning, focus your attention and projections to the site of the new Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont. The old temple on Long Island, whose forcefield extended to New York City and Boston, is about to experience strong earthquakes and flooding that will decrystallize, cleanse and wash away the compacted errors of these past areas, like unto the Flood that swamped Atlantis.

Love the Christ in the astral and physical realms of this former Earth Temple focus. Know that Spirit will take care of them. Have no mercy for them who have refused to change. Moreover, as for you, keep your eye single on the ongoing re-opening of the new Earth Temple and on all those light workers who choose to be a part of it, no matter where they live around the Earth.

Be the individual Earth Temple that you are. It is not just Zolanda in this new temple, but it is primarily Sol-O-Man redescended to Earth. Let there be peace and love on Earth and let it begin with you and Sol-O-Man as one. Love God and Love One Another. So be it.