Rebirth the Earth Temple

Today, June 10, 2023, our primary focus is the planetary Earth Temple in south-central Vermont, northeastern United States. This temple, power center or vortex of sacred light anchors and radiates Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest. In the map to the right, the core boundaries of the Earth Temple are in the shape of a 7-sided heptagon that symbolizes the 7th Ray energies that are to be manifested and crystallized therein. (Click here to see a large map.)

In meditation, wait until you are still, centered and at peace in your own individual Earth Temple. Then, link in I Am consciousness with the masculine EloHim of the Seventh Ray; with Ariel who is the masculine counterpart of Archangel Uriel; and with Sananda who is the Seventh Ray co-leader of the planet, along with his twin soul Sol-O-Man, who was King Solomon of Israel, and previously was Zolanda, the Atlantean high priestess of the Earth Temple that then was located in what is now central Long Island, NY (see picture of Sananda/Jesus to right/below).

7th Ray Love in Action on Earth

Yesterday, you called upon and communed with the Seventh Ray feminine EloHer, Uriel and Sol-O-Man. With their help, you purified and expressed peace and love mostly at your feminine, soul, subconscious, astral level. Today, you link with the Seventh Ray masculine beings in the higher planes, because they will help you to consciously and physically re-manifest more of the Earth Temple at its physical, earthly site.

In Atlantis, the Earth Temple’s radiations and forcefield extended from central Long Island west to New York City, NY, and north to southern Vermont and Boston, Massachusetts. However, this Seventh Ray temple has now been relocated northward to southern Vermont and its surrounding area, because New York City has become so encrusted with greed and negativity that it has to be decrystallized and cleansed. Under the commands of the angels, the devas of this region already have put into motion those new thought forms and energies that will lead to earthquakes and floods that will submerge and sink New York City. Southern Vermont is 1,000 feet in elevation, so it will not be affected by this upheaval and cleansing.

Seven Golden Steps

One in I Am consciousness with your higher plane Seventh Ray masculine teammates, radiate white-and-gold light to southcentral Vermont. Affirm: the new Earth Temple is filled with 7th Ray liquid-light. Or, if you are visually gifted, see an image of gold-and-white energy on your third-eye screen, which you project to the core heptagonal forcefield of this power center.

Keep with this speaking of the word via affirmation, decree, visualization and realization. Slowly see the core forcefield extending outward in a symbolic series of seven heptagons, with the first heptagon being the central site of the Earth Temple. (See map above/right). The full sevenfold forcefield extends north into Canada, east into the Atlantic Ocean, south to Maryland and Washington, DC, and west to western New York.

The Earth Temple is re-manifested, re-crystallized, rejuvenated and rebirthed on Earth to a new and higher level and degree. From it, gold-and-white light radiates to all the other 11 planetary temples around the world, and to the Sun Temple here at I Am Nation headquarters in northeastern Tennessee. Via this gridwork, all on Earth are suffused with the gold-and-white light of the Seventh Ray. (See image of golden Earth to right.)

Thank You, Father-Mother God Who did this rebirthing in and through us. Amen.