Be a Jupiterian Flame

Today, June 11th, we start our three-day focus on the rejuvenation and rebirthing of the Temple of Jupiter, within and around us, and in and around Xi-an, east-central China. This temple exemplifies and radiates the combined flames of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom whose color is yellow, and the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization whose color is crystal clear.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system but less than one-thousandth the mass of the Sun (see satellite image of Jupiter to right/above). It is named after the Roman God Jupiter, who was the king of the gods (in Greek mythology he was Zeus.) Juno was the wife of Jupiter. The spiritual code names of the co-leaders of Jupiter are Jasper and his feminine twin soul, Juno. Note the letter “J” in Jupiter, Jaspar, Juno, Jesus and Jehovah God. Our goal today is to be a joy-filled, rejuvenated, Jupiterian-Earthling.

Crystal-Clear, Light-Yellow Flame

In your daily meditation(s), after becoming one with your I Am Self, call upon and link in ascended I Am consciousness with Jasper and Juno. Know that they or some of their Jupiterian associates are with you. Commune also with the elohim, angels and ascended masters of the Second and Fourth Rays. Ask and receive. Affirm and know.

Become aware that there is a small Jupiterian spaceship that is positioned high above your location. You may feel a hieronic, electromagnetic space beam emanating from this ship, which clamps onto your forehead and/or temples, as well as down your spine. You also may see and feel this as a tube of light-yellow, crystal-clear energy that encases you in a cylinder of Jupiterian light and consciousness, which surrounds and protects your aura and physical form. In any case, affirm and realize that you are one with your Jupiterian brothers and sisters who have come to serve and assist you. What a joyful reunion this is!

Inside the Christ column, see yourself surrounded in a light-yellow, crystal-clear flame that encases your aura and suffuses your entire auric field and physical body with Jupiterian consciousness. In a sense, your aura is such a flame, with its mental, emotional and soul-astral bodies extending 2-4 feet beyond your physical body. You do not see your aura with your physical vision. To your everyday conscious awareness, it appears to be crystal clear (invisible) and thus not perceived by your two eyes and interpreted by the visual centers in your cerebrum. But you can and do see it with your third- or all-seeing eye that functions in and through the forehead region of your head and the thalamus of your brain.

Two Flames/Rays as One

When you combine the middle hue of yellow of the Second Ray with the crystal-clear emanation of the Fourth Ray, your aura becomes a light yellow that you can see through. Symbolically, it may look somewhat like a light-yellow, oval-shaped, etheric diamond (see image to right).

However, it always is best for you to ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit to show you what your aura actually looks like; or to give you a clairsentient sense and/or feel for it. You see the color of this flame, but you also see right through it as it shifts forms. Moreover, in various meditations, your flame may be many different shades of light, crystal-clear yellow.

In Revelation 21:19 in the Holy Bible, John the Beloved, who was an incarnation of Kut Humi, who is the Chohan or Director of the Second Ray, recorded the following: “And the wall [of the New Jerusalem] was constructed of jasper; and the city itself was pure gold, resembling clear glass.”

Herein, symbolically, is the comparable imagery of a crystal-clear, light-yellow flame around you that in time will manifest and crystallize in your thoughts, feelings and actions. Combine the middle range of yellow light with crystal-clear light and you have your light-yellow, crystal-clear flame or aura around you that suffuses your physical body with its energies. You become an individual Temple of Jupiter, now descended like the New Jerusalem to Earth and your earthly body.

Be Joyous

Affirm, decree, see and know: I Am a light-yellow, crystal-clear flame of fourth-dimensional light. I Am one with Jasper, Juno, and with other Jupiterian brothers and sisters who have come to Earth to help us. I Am rejuvenated, re-manifested and reborn as an individual Temple of Jupiter. I shine Jupiterian light on one and all. Together, we jump for joy!

God is Good. God bless You/you, One/one and all. Amen.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

For a detailed discussion of Jupiter, Jaspar, Juno and the Temple of Jupiter in Xi’an, China, click on and re-read my blog Re-Juice Jupiter that was posted on August 14, 2022. See image below of Jupiter, the eight other physical planets, and the Sun; and their relative sizes and positions in the Solar System.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.