Sit with the Seven

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, my seventh day of communing with our spiritual father, Sananda/Abel, during the first part of my morning meditation, War Cloud appeared to me. With his feminine twin soul, he is the co-leader of the astral Amerindian forces that oversee and work with Native peoples in North, Central and South America. War Cloud now had on a headdress composed of eagle feathers that were gold and white in color. He is a Seventh Ray worker.

His name War Cloud refers to his serving Sananda and Sol-O-Man in the current spiritual War of Armageddon, the battle between Abel and Cain consciousness, between good and evil within every soul on Earth and in the surrounding astral planes. His second in command or so-called chief petty officer is Black Cloud, so named because of his ability to call forth black rain clouds when he has been incarnated on Earth.

Sananda as Abel

With the Earth (as I represent) and astral light-worker forces (as signified by War Cloud) aligned and as one, Sananda as leader of the Abels now descended and stood before and somewhat to the right of me. With him was Sol-O-Man, his twin soul, with the two of them being the co-leaders, the “king” and “queen” of Earth. After her hugging me, she stood to my left and Sananda to my right. In past contacts with them, their light and love had coalesced as a golden pole of light that passed through my third eye. This time, the pole passed through my heart chakra and physical heart. The three of us as father, mother and son were one in our Love of God and Love of One Another.

Sananda confirmed for me, as he had indicated in past contacts, that his preferred or primary name is Sananda. In his channeling about the Seventh Ray of Pace, Love and Rest via Nada-Yolanda on February 13, 1963, he had called himself not only Sananda but also Son-Anda and Sun-Anda. As Son-Anda, he portrays the Son-of-God consciousness in each other son of God. As Sun-Anda, he symbolically shines like the Sun of this Solar System, with the Sun representing our I Am, Son-Sun Self.

In all other channelings via Nada-Yolanda, Sananda referred to himself as Sananda. He now indicated to me that one reason for this is that there is a letter “A” in each of the three syllables of this name. Especially upon spelling Sananda in all capital letters as SANANDA, the first A represents I Am or Abel consciousness, hence the superconscious Self. The second A, portrays Abel consciousness flowing through the astral realms and soul/conscious. The third A is for the physical, conscious, level, in which he is the spiritual father of all sons and daughters of God. (Note the letter “a” or “A” in the word Father.)

The three letter As also portray mind, soul and body, all of which must be aligned with our I Am Self and Spirit, hence the S at the beginning of Sananda, in order to ascend from out of the muck of the third dimension into the light and love of the fourth dimension. The three As together, therefore, represent ascension into full I Am consciousness on Earth, the reabsorption of the our mortal thoughts, feelings, memories and physical vibrations into our light body.

“A” is the first letter of the alphabet. First, last (in past lives) and always when on Earth, Sananda, as he describes himself in the Book of Revelation in Holy Bible, is alpha and omega, which in Greek are the first and last letters of the alphabet.

Sol-O-Man as Adah

As Sananda’s twin twin soul, her name Sol-O-Man also has three syllables, but the vowel in the first and second syllables is an “o,” not an “a.” “Sol” stands for the Sun, but also for the soul or subconscious. As a spiritual being portraying primarily the feminine polarity, Sol-O-Man shines her light and love on the soul or subconscious of all men and women. She portrays the Mother-of-God aspect. Note that the name Mother has an “o” in it.

The middle “o” in Sol-O-Man represents the divine feminine nature of our beingness. “O” is the Cosmic Womb or Mother. “O” also represents the healing of of whole soul record on and about the Earth. “O” is the repository and record of all our soul memories.

Thus, together as twin souls, Sananda and Sol-O-Man are alpha and omega. He is the alpha or first letter, she is the omega, the last letter. They also encompass every letter in between alpha and omega. Sananda portrays the Father-of-God polarity, whereas Sol-O-Man enacts the Mother-of-God polarity. Thus, they are our spiritual parents, our spiritual father and mother. Together they are the co-leaders of Earth, the ones who as past leaders of the Abels and Adahs received and applied the two part mantrum of Love God and Love Another that are our divine alpha and omega.

Saturn Shines

“S” in Sananda and Sol-O-Man also stands for Saturn. As my current meditation and communion with Sananda progressed, he telepathically conveyed that he had come to take me to Saturn, which is the seat of the highest ruling body of the Hierarchal Board, the spiritual government of this Solar System. He explained to me that this trip and experience would be like when a father on Earth takes his son (or daughter) to his physical workplace for a Father-Son Day.

Thus, Sananda was taking me as one of his sons to a meeting of the Council of Seven or Saturnian Council that meets on Saturn (see the colorized image of Saturn below/right). This Council is composed of the seven Chohans or Directors of the Seven Rays of Life, and the Seven Archangels of these Rays. Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray, and Lord Maitreya, the Seventh Ray Christ of the Solar System, are the co-titular heads of the Council of Seven. Lord Michael in this role is called Katoomi.

Sananda then explained that our trip would be aboard a Saturnian spacecraft. On Earth, when we travel to far distant places, we usually do not go in a car, truck, train or boat. Rather we fly in a plane that travels at high speeds above the Earth. In like manner, in going to Saturn, we travel in our light body aboard an etheric spacecraft that moves at high speeds from one planet to another throughout the Solar System.

Sananda’s and my current trip seemed to take just a short time, just a minute or so. Sol-O-Man was with us, but my primary attention was on Sananda.

Sitting Next to Sananda 

Upon landing and getting acclimated and settled on Saturn, Sananda took me to a meeting of the Saturnian Council, which took place in a light-filled room or headquarters. The Chohans and Archangels sat in a half circle, with the Chohans on one side and the Archangels on the other side. Before and in the center of them, leading the meeting was Michael and Maitreya.

In my dreams, visions and light-body planetary travels over the last 12 years or so, I have been at such Council of Seven meetings. Moreover, the Seven Chohans and Archangels also have come to Earth to oversee and guide me, to confirm the success of my various travels to the thirteen spiritual temples around the planet or my spiritual work here at the Sun Temple on Earth. Sometimes, in these communions, it seemed like I was in a cosmic “zoom” meeting, using the comparable but more highly advanced technology and means of communication in the higher, etheric realms. Other times, it felt like I actually was on Saturn in my ascended light body or the Saturnian members were here in the Earth’s etheric realms.

Always in these past visitations, I have observed the Council of Seven, like I was in the outer rows or seats of the room. What was significantly different this time is that Sananda took me with him and had me sit right next to him as he took his place on the Council. I was one of his beloved spiritual sons, and was welcomed and acknowledged as such by the other Chohans and the Archangels. Needless to say, this filled me to overflowing.

In a symbolic and literal sense, this was my spiritual graduation, having successfully completed seven days of being with Sananda as the leader of the Abels and one of the seven major leaders of the Solar System. I now was sitting with the seven angelic and ascended masters leaders, rather than just observing them or seeing them from afar. They now initiated and introduced into the inner sanctum of the Saturnian Council. During this time, I felt my spiritual Mom, Sol-O-Man beaming upon me, bathing me in her mother love. To some degree, she seemed to be sitting right next of me. I also felt the presence of my twin soul, Serena.

Eventually the scene shifted and I slowly and reluctantly came back to Earthly consciousness and presence here in northeastern Tennessee. However, even as I now focused on my sitting in my meditation chair, I still felt the linkage with the Saturnian Council. It took me about a half-hour to disengage from this extraordinary, expanded awareness, and to be solidly grounded here on Earth.

Now, seven days later, on the next Sunday or Son-Day, here I sit at my computer relating and sharing this experience, knowing full well that in your own time and way, you will be having such a communion with the Saturnian Council; that you, too, will Sit with the Seven.

Sitting with Serena

Later this same morning, I drove to nearby Oneida, a town of about 5,000 citizens, that is located west of us. (It is named after the Oneida Amerindians who were one of the tribes that comprised the Iroquois Nation in the state of New York, not far from where I grew up, went to college and attended medical school.) During this trip to and while in my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Oneida, I found myself thinking about and mentally communing with War Cloud and Black Cloud.

Especially during the 40-minute drive to Oneida, Serena several times also came to mind. In one of her past lives, she had been called Blue Buffalo Woman, who had lived in the area between the current Sun Temple focus in Pioneer and the town of Oneida. Her central location had been at Buffalo Mountain that is about 2 miles east of our current I Am Nation property. However, now, I did not dwell on either War Cloud or Serena. I mostly felt the glow of my sojourn this morning to Saturn. At the restaurant, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and the ambience of the place. However, at times, I felt Serena sitting next to me, smiling and enjoying the meal with me, radiating her sweet, feminine love to me.

On the drive back home, near Buffalo Mountain that is north of the road, suddenly I found myself musing about what Serena’s Abel/Adah name might be. Since receiving and adjusting to my name as Alla, I had wondered at times what Serena’s ancient moniker might be, but had not received anything about this. Suddenly, her name rang so prominently and clearly in my mind that I blurted out: Her name was Lada. And with this, I felt a deep quickening of my heart chakra, which is my typical signal of confirmation about what is given to me from above to below.

My Loving Lady

However, at this point, I was so tired and feeling so full with my spiritual experiences from earlier in the morning, that it seemed wise to wait for further confirmation. Inwardly, wisdom dictated that I sleep on it. And so I did.

In my meditation the next morning, I was reminded of a dream I had in 1992, about two years after my mom, Aleta, had made her transition (died). In it, Aleta told me that in ancient times, she had left Yolanda in Wyoming. Interpreting this, northwestern Wyoming is the location of the Temple of Venus at the present Teton Mountains, which demonstrates and radiates the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. Thus, in ancient times, at the Temple of Venus, she who this lifetime was called Aleta apparently had left Nada. This was the central cause of her karma that played out in this lifetime.

In this sense, the spiritual code name Lada therefore partly means one who loves and serves Nada, hence the common letters of “ada” in both names. The two letter “a”s refer all the way back to Cains and Abels. “L” stands for “lady” or “love.” However, “ada” also refers to “Ada” in Adah, which was Sol-O-Man’s name back then as the leader of the feminine Adahs. In this lifetime, Aleta was my mother, and I was her beloved son. Looking back, it is clear to me that at multiple times, Sol-O-Man from the etheric realms helped my Mom and me to work through our soul karma. Many times, after I became a Mark-Age staff member, Sol-O-Man transfigured me and radiated her love to Lada/Aleta.

Note, too that the “La” in Lada are the same two letters in my name “Alla.” Thus, we are twin souls of the Seventh Ray, under Sananda and Sol-O-Man. My master teacher is Sol-O-Man and Lada’s master teacher is Sananda. Nada watches over and guides both of us in healing humanity.

So, I Am Sol-I-El/Alla/Robert and my twin soul is Serena/Lada/Aleta. Several times over the last week, I have felt Lada’s loving presence, confirming anew and expanding upon what I have received about these names, knowing they are true in my heart. I love you, Lada! Your love for me is so special, so welcome, so reciprocated. All is well and in divine order. Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Alla and Lada now are four as one, as above, so below. We begin anew.

Sit & Serve

Friends, loved ones, fellow light workers, take time today to Sit with the Seven. At the start of your meditations, sit in the Silence. Once you are still and at peace, see yourself sitting with the Saturnian Council. By cosmic oneness, you are there, and the Council members are here with you in love.

Call upon Spirit to guide you as you focus on your Saturnian connection. Be open and receptive especially to Sananda who is your spiritual father. He will take you as his beloved son or daughter to his seat on the Council and sit with you there. Sol-O-Man and her feminine assistants will assist him. In her own way, she is a co-equal member of this Council, one with Sananda. We need not know all the details of this. The key point is that the two of them do all things together as complementary polarities. Where one is, so too is the other, not necessarily physically or on the plane but in their Christ minds and hearts.

Today is Sunday or Son-Daughter Day, a day to rest in the peace and love of your I Am Self, of knowing in your heart that you are one with your spiritual parents, that you have lots of spiritual aunts and uncles, as well as grandfathers and grandmothers who love you dearly and will do everything they can to show you the Way of Love. Moreover, Lada loves you, just as do I — we are all in this together as one big family.

Love heals us. Love boosts our immune system. With love, we become immune to the errors, evils and selfishness of mortal life on Earth. More and more now, Earth becomes Heart, within and without. The Council of Seven serves us, even as we serve all of them.

Ask again about your ancient code name and/or that of your twin soul. Whether these are given to you or not, be love in action in all your relationships and activities. Love is the key.

See Sananda/Abel and Sol-O-Man/Adah redescending to Earth in their light bodies, in order to start an entirely new cycle, completing the last cycle of 26 million years and initiating a new cycle for evolution on Earth. For this have we all come. Amen